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Whenever I see one of Trump’s children adult offspring in the news, I always want the reporter to drop the truth on them, “no matter what you say, no matter how much you defend him, no matter how much you sing his praise, he will never love you.”  None of them have their own personalities, they’re all defined by the need for validation from their father.  He doesn’t love his sons, and only tolerates his daughters because he wants to have sex with them.  That’s no way to grow up; I can’t even imagine the complexes they all must have.  We live in a cruel world where this sort of emotional stunting is not only encouraged, but reinforced in both the parent and child.  I have little sympathy for them as individuals (they are irredeemable pieces of shit), but the idea of who they are is saddening.  Trump’s been screwing up the country for three years, he’s been screwing them up their entire lives.

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Self quarantining & shutting down businesses was done to FLATTEN the curve not to eliminate COVID. We needed time to prepare for increased hospitalization & obtain PPE. Many in the media are acting like we can’t open up until COVID is eliminated & that may never happen.

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I realize you’ve probably seen this a lot, but that doesn’t mean it loses its importance and it doesn’t mean I won’t post it anyway.

MLK said that riots were the language of the unheard, and he hit the nail right on the head with that one. The best way to protest a corrupt system where we value goods and services over human lives is to break in and steal said goods and services. And the thing is, historically, they WORK.

Donald Trump’s support of white people protesting about public health and safety vs calling in armed forces- “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”- against people rightfully protesting against police brutality in the face of the murder of George Floyd (as well as countless other POC at the hands of the police) makes it very clear where his views and values lie.

And if you’re going to be technical, cops weren’t originally supposed to enforce the law or what would be considered ethical. Cops were originally intended to catch runaway slaves.

They’re there to enforce the current system, not protect our rights. That is something that needs to change, and fast.

And for those of you going out and protesting-PLEASE remember to stay safe!! Both in terms of COVID-19 protection and in that ICE and armed forces have been called in, for some inexplicable fucked up reason they’re using tear gas in the middle of a respiratory disease pandemic!!

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My favorite texts from my sister in law as she watched season two of The 100:

  1. Why does that president guy look like Hugh Hefner tried to get a Wall Street job?
  2. I have a lot of opinions about this elderly cult they just got adopted into.
  3. I can see the rebellion in Clarke’s eyes and I love it.
  4. Oh, damn. Murphy’s mom sucked.
  5. [about Wells] That sucks. I feel like they made him seem pretty important to Clarke’s story and then just cast him off.
  6. I don’t appreciate what they’re doing with Lincoln right now.
  7. They just all pulled weapons on each other and all I can think of is that episode from The Office with the southern game.
  8. I think it’s pretty shitty that they would send down the 100 as a test, give them time to establish some kind of way of life, and then come down and just be like “no you stupid delinquents we’re in charge jeez” Like??? Maybe if you didn’t want them to make their stuff a hierarchy you should’ve sent an adult or two. But god forbid you risk someone’s life that you’re not going to kill off eventually anyway.
  9. The whole premise of this show is frustrating but I really like it so far.
  10. Clarke. Just. Killed. Finn.
  12. Ok but like. Clarke is pretty bad ass. I’m not going to lie. I thought she was a little annoying at first, but I really like her now.
  13. Wow. What is this. Is Murphy actually being a decent person to someone?! Did Emori actually bring out something tolerable in him…?
  14. High class Hugh Hefner survived his airless travel. I’m surprised. But he’s better than Donald Trump Jr. that’s running the show right now.
  16. Clarke’s out for blood and I love it. Spicy.
  17. Jasper is a new man. That chocolate cake changed him.
  18. Indra survived!
  19. Clarke took the whole Princess thing and ran with it. But like. A bad ass version.
  20. The new president of the bone marrow club looks like a mix of Donald Trump Jr. and Blaine from Glee. It makes me vaguely uncomfortable.
  21. Also… LEXA AND CLARKE?!
  22. I just honestly like that Clarke is independent and doesn’t rely on a relationship. … Like they don’t seem to overwhelm her character with a love story. When she has one, it’s more of an addition to her story.
  23. I swear. If Lexa just cost me MONTY’S LIFE Like. WHAT THEBHELL (I kept her typo in on purpose because it’s so funny how mad she is also that scene makes me mad too)
  24. What was the purpose. They had a PLAN
  25. Hugh Hefner has attitude.
  27. Damn. Clarke really just wiped out that entire cult. 
  29. Clarke is LEAVING?!
  30. Why did Murphy just like make himself at home and then watch a video like that?!
  31. Ohhhh Alie gives of big evil villain vibes. Oops she glitched. What was that thiiiiing?!
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