leather-butch · a day ago
I tested positive for Covid today and can’t work bc of it, working is my only source of income and without a job I can’t eat. I’m a trans butch lesbian living in a not so great area for ppl that are visibly gnc. Grocery delivery is expensive where I am. If anyone has some extra change any little bit helps, if you can’t donate please reblog/spread it. My cashapp is $diarmuidl (lowercase L) and my venmo is @ Diarmuid-Laurion, message me for my PayPal.
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guljerry · a day ago
Help for this month
I’m sorry to post again about money issues but it’s been a rough time this month. My grandma sent us a little bit of money but it didn’t cover all of our bills. I’ve only gotten one job this week which earned only 28.00. So, we don’t have all of our bills covered this month, and other things are adding up too.
I know with our situation this is kind of a luxury, but we would really like to be able to get our cat cremated so she can go with us when we plan to move (after we both get our disability and are able to save up for awhile). Kazi passed away on Sunday. She was a really good girl. She hated technology, liked to chew on cell phones, and liked to paw at your face to get food or wake you up for pets.
It would cost 155 to cremate her the cheapest way possible.
Other than this, today we went to Walmart (yay food stamps) but we thought we had enough left on our cards to get gas, but turns out we only had $5 and it only gave us barely enough gas to get us home. My wife still has to go to dialysis three days a week and as it is she’s not going to have the gas to get there for the whole rest of the month.
Any donations would be really appreciated and will put it towards gas for my wife’s dialysis first and foremost. Her health is most important and we can figure out what to do about bills later.
If anyone can help a couple out here is my paypal [email protected]
If you can’t help out, please rb so more people can see this post.
Thanks everyone<3
I have one more doctors appointment the social security office is sending me to next month, and hopefully after that, they will make a decision on my disability.
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cottaegecore · 3 months ago
abortion is a human right. my partner and I have compiled an exhaustive document with links to abortion funds and pro-choice organizations to support during this time, including state-specific resources. please consider donating + sharing!!! 
linked: here
HERE is where you can share it on twitter
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ethannku · a month ago
to my usamerican people:
here is an article that details the status of abortion rights in each state. roe v wade being overturned does not mean that abortion is illegal across the u.s., just that it is now determined on a state by state basis. please stay safe and stay informed.
the un-hyperlinked link is under the cut
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smokesgrass · 10 months ago
 donate to the Wampanoag people!
“The Wampanoag Nation once included all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island, encompassing over 67 distinct tribal communities...With the European settlers came much adversity for our tribe - disease that virtually wiped out whole villages, systems of government that bore little resemblance to our tribal practices and values, missionaries intent on converting us to Christianity, and private models of land use and ownership that conflicted with our tribe's own communal practices and values. The vast majority of these tribal communities were killed in battles initiated by colonists to secure land. Today, only six visible tribal communities remain.” (Wampanoag history)
donate to the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project
donate to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Chappaquiddick Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Native Land Conservancy 
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kassareo · 5 months ago
hi everyone!
my name is yeliza, i’m ukrainian, living in kyiv. funny story but currently we have a 150k+ army of russians all over the ukrainian borders, as well as an ongoing shelling from uncontrolled territories that has been averaging more than 1000 strikes daily. more fun facts - we are currently in a state of emergency, and it’s of high probability that russians will start a major invasion pretty damn soon. kyiv will be one of the first to be hit :)
i wanted to use this as an opportunity to spread the information about the whole situation, but also ask you to help me disperse it further: you can get the main points about the russo-ukrainian war and current escalation here. also PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO OUR ARMY - the link is here. any amount would be helpful - even some of your pocket money. we are in the dire need for the global support, truly.
much love and appreciation for your help!
if you have any question regarding the situation, i’ll be glad to answer as long as i’ll be able to! stay safe!
UPD. the national bank of ukraine has also opened a donation account for ukrainian army, the number of the special account: UA843000010000000047330992708. Proof here. PLEASE DONATE
UPD 2.0 - the national bank of ukraine has opened another donation account, this one is for humanitarian aid for ukrainians suffered from russians aggression. the link is here, it’s proof itself; more specifics are mentioned in the link.
please donate!!!!!!!!
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iwriteaboutfeminism · 3 months ago
Some of the abortion funds you can donate to:
Abortion Care Network
The Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts
Whole Woman's Health
Repro Legal Defense Fund
Jane's Due Process
Cobalt Advocates
New Orleans Abortion Fund
Baltimore Abortion Fund
Kansas Abortion Fund
The Afiya Center
Yellowhammer Fund
Lilith Fund
Texas Equal Access Fund
Holler Health Justice
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund
Roe Fund of Oklahoma
New York Abortion Access Fund
Chicago Abortion Fund
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kjcolland · a month ago
Tumblr media
VENMO @Lucid1997
CASHAPP $Lucid1997
#helpifyoucan #donate #donations #charity
 #fundraiser #blessing #frontpage #tumblr #donations
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twinsfawn · 4 months ago
help a trans woman leave her abusive household
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi y’all. this is my girlfriend, ciara. she currently lives with a parent who is financially and emotionally abusive towards her. ciara is currently getting her undergraduate degree and working part-time but she needs to leave her current living situation asap. i’m writing this post on her behalf because she’s not super active on social media. any help would be appreciated. if you can’t donate, please at least reblog instead of scrolling past. her venmo and paypal are linked below. thank you ♡
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cosmic-noir · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I literally just got this message TODAY and I have literally NO WAY to secure a one month deposit + rent + moving expenses in such short notice! I was already struggling with physical therapy and I NEED HELP FR
This really hit me like a freight train and my anxiety is now on 1000000 I can’t believe this is fucking happening it’s making me ill
Venmo: DarlingNik
I don’t even know what to do anymore
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miraculers-for-ukraine · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Attention Miraculers! We are hosting a fandom charity event to support Ukrainians in protecting their homes from Russian invasion.
We want to rise to the occasion and use the values Miraculous has taught us to help.
In this event, fans can donate to commission an artist, writers, or other creators.
Donors will be able to choose from a selection of charities selected by the team that focus on 4 action areas:
Military Aid + Support
Medical Response
First Response and Evacuation
If you are interested in donating or contributing your talent, follow and stay tuned for updates!
And remember to reblog and share this post!
Glory to Ukraine!
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allgoodthingschrisevans · a month ago
Don't Forget - Help If You Can
Hey! I have been donating to a bunch of GoFundMes this past week. There are so many victims of last week's shooting still in the hospital. We seem to forget and move on from these mass shootings.
I know that times are tough but if you can help some links below.
Stay safe and healthy!
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myownprivatcidaho · 11 months ago
if we’re energized enough to be angry over city of austin using its tax dollars to give a grant to jared padalecki & copaganda show walker then we’re energized enough to be helpful to the people being hurt the most by this.
Austin funds:
Casa Marianella is an Austin shelter solely dedicated to immigrants
Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas  is an organization for trans latinas in texas
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) Austin shelters
RAICES community funds
Black Trans Leadership Austin
Austin Mutual Aid
Austin Workers Defense Project is a community organization for low-wage immigrant workers in the Texas construction industry fighting for the right to be paid a living wage and protected in their work.
Inside Books Project is an Austin-based volunteer organization that sends free books and educational materials to prisoners in Texas. Works to promote reading, literacy, and education among incarcerated individuals and to educate the general public on issues of incarceration
related funds:
Detention Watch Network is a national coalition set on abolishing immigration detention in the united states
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is a prisoner-led committee with allies and supporters devoted to abolishing prison slavery
Help the Quileute Tribe move to higher ground
Help the Blackfeet Nation in acquiring resources and namely food during COVID-19
Please reblog. additions with more resources are encouraged and people of color are welcome to link individual funds.
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froggy-ocd · a year ago
"Hi, please stop scrolling if you are tired of Africa being ignored"
If you ever considered yourself an ally to POC and specifically movements like Black Lives Matter, share this information with your followers.
"Global struggles are everyone's struggles." - no matter the cause, no matter the country.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Credit: @edwardkenwayisyourman)
[ID: a reply by the user @/edwardkenwayisyourman, reading: "in addition, black people are facing extreme racism in the Middle East, mainly in UAE and Saudi Arabia. They get hired as maids or servants and their passports get confiscated by their captors to prevent them from escaping the country and are held as slaves. Mostly non-muslim women get hired so the captors won't have to treat them well or give them prayer breaks. Many christian black women get kidnapped from their homes and brought to Saudi Arabia. You can find videos all over the internet. An arab woman literally throws the black maid from the window and records her as she tries to hold the windowsill and beg for help. She unfortunately falls down from the 4th floor but luckily survives. Many, many other maids get tortured by their captors, most of them die in captivity. How do you think the UAE built such high buildings? Slave labour. I know many people, especially on Tumblr, really don't want to say anything bad about arabs or muslims but instead of making them completely immune to criticism maybe we can recognize the fact that every racial, religious, ethnic group have bad people and must be held accountable for their crimes and atrocities? Maybe? Diversity can't come from tolerance to the intolerable. If you show tolerance to the intolerable, intolerance will come for you eventually." /ID end]
(Credit: @lesbianvenka)
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southeastsappho · 5 months ago
This women's history month, be a real ally by giving a hardworking mentally ill, black lesbian funds to survive!! 🖤
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Had therapy today and it was $104! Here is what my account is looking like now!!
Tumblr media
I also had a $149 power bill and $65 water bill due yesterday that I haven't paid yet!
Here are my paylinks!
🖤 cashapp: $sailorsylvie
🖤 paypal: [email protected]
🖤 wishlist!
Thank y'all in advance!!!
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kjcolland · a month ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE HELP ME or WOULD LOVE IF YOU TOOK 3 mins out of your time and read this.. tysm…
Hi you guys I have until August 6th, 2022 to pay to get my car back, they told I can pay 250$ maximum a week if so until I reach the 704 mark for my car , and at the moment I couldn’t work because I was handicap from a surgery, if needed proof message me and will do, if a text needed or phone number I could def do that too, please help me you guys. I have 4 days left ., thank you and god bless, anything will help even a dollar 🙏🏼 here’s my gofundme https://href.li/?https://gofund.me/14e3adc1 #gofundme #donate #cashapp #venmo #paypal (CASHAPP $lucid1997) anything else dm me pls
#go fund me #donations #signal boooooost #fundraiser #emergency #boost #finiacial #mutual
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diehardblm · 8 months ago
here’s some pictures of myself, my beautiful family & a picture of the current excessively negative balance in my paypal account.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
***UPDATE as of 7/25/22***
we desperately are in need of groceries/other everyday necessities like toiletries/supplies like diapers/milk/baby wipes&powder for our daughter. We all 3 of us (myself, my partner & our child) have been in desperate need of our individual monthly prescription medications (that we’ve been suffering w/o those meds for almost a month & a half now) but we can’t afford the copay of all of those meds since we lost our medical insurance coverage when I lost my job & now the copay of those meds have insanely skyrocketed. We also urgently need dire assistance to take care of our utilities that are STILL off atm; so currently we have NO water/electricity/gas, which means NO stove/showers/clean clothes, dishes, hands, teeth/access to clean drinking water.. & to make matters even worse, our july rent was due on 7/3. We need about $785 for our rent (was initially due on 7/3, but we got a tiny extension til 7/10, we still have nothing atm to even put towards the payment, so we begged for another extension & we still need about $269 to pay off the remaining amount due towards this months rent payment; which is WELL BEYOND PAST DUE HONESTLY, our landlord is no longer being nice about it, we were suppose to come up with it by last night, but we STILL HAVEN’T. So we need about $500 altogether to take care of everything ASAP excluding julys rent. Now the complete entire total of everything listed above AND ALSO including julys rent; therefore we’d need approximately $800 altogether ASAP
You can also PayPal us through my partners PP account, attached to the email [email protected] or you just use this link below⬇️
You can cashapp us my partner’s cashapp @ $m1597
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