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If you have a big Thanksgiving party/feast and you have a lot of leftovers DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!!! YOU CAN DONATE IT TO PEOPLE IN NEED!!!

  • Give some to your neighbors or friends
  • Give some to your church (some churches donate food)
  • Go around and make plates for the homeless
  • Contact Copia -> they are a company who donates leftover to people in need

It’s the season of giving, so if you are able to give back please do.

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Olotu Global Touch Foundation. Never throw away food when you have the poor near you, remember that you are an ambassador of GOD on earth. “ A lover is a giver” BE A PARTNER👇👇👇

❤️ Visit our website:

❤️ Follow us on Instagram: @olotuglobal_ng


❤️ Account Number: 1017516018 Acct Name: Olotu Global Touch Foundation ( zenith Bank)

❤️ Visit to Like my Facebook page: Page-

❤️ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Olotu Global Touch Foundation

❤️ Share our page, pictures and videos #savealife #ngo #PLOlumumber #FAM #fefuk #channels24 #homelessuk #athens #IDP #refugees #elderlyuk #Sheltteruk #usa #uk #ukraine #unicorn #

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Anyone want to help me reach a goal of getting the most drugs? If u donate money to me I will send u some drugs let’s see how far we go and I will blog the whole journey. $thatkunt69 cashapp paypal is the email I use…let’s do this

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Hello everyone. Its been a tough month for all of us, as you all know I’ve been raising funds here for my brother’s medical needs for food and for my family to have a safer house to live. Unfortunately, my brother died last Nov 10. Even though we are still grieving, I need to move on for my mother and 8 children (my nieces and nephews who are orphans) Im sincerely asking your generousity again to continue supporting and helping my family to finish our house. I already used all the funds i gathered here for my brother’s medical needs and funeral. I only need a few more help as its almost done (thank you to everyone who make it possible) and the rest is for my mother’s medicine and the kids nutrition and education. My mother always cries at night asking how can we cope up with this loss 😭 it always broke my heart but i need to be strong for ther remaining love of my life.

Please donate if you can and i will understand if you cannot but please help boost reblog this post please to get more traction and to reach many people. 🙏🙏🙏

Please send it as “ FRIENDS AND FAMILY” in paypal payment option not as ’ goods and services’ because it deducts big amount please.

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Welcome Ladies with Swords, Men in Skirts, Enbies in Battle Armor, Cryptids of the Wilderness, and Folk of the Internet! 

I implore you to watch and share this video about a collaborative social media charity event coming up this December. It’s no secret that 2020 has been nothing less than chaotic but let’s SUPPORT POSITIVE CHAOS by donating and signal-boosting charity!

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Join #JoAnnBush of #Generation2B❤️ & #ESAudio🎤 in Donating to #Movember🧔 this #November🍁!😃

Here’s to Our #Studio Mgr “#dB"🎧 for not only growing a #Mustache for the Occasion,but a full on #Beard🧔!haha😁❤️👍

Photo:@bgb_photo 2020📸

To #Donate & Story:

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I have recently had an overdose, seizures as a result  and head injury and my insurance wont give me an MRI because they would rather treat depression even after explaining that I overdosed and my doctor desperately wants me to get one they dont think they should have to pay.

My financial aid decided not to come through after accepting me and making me go to school for 3 weeks with no books and wait just to say I cant go. I am at my fucking wits end. I am trying to get a job AND help my epileptic wife with school but I can no longer even afford groceries food my animals anything. Getting a job could put her life in danger. Lately I can’t even afford rent because her card keeps getting overdrawn and someone stole 200 from me the other day in an apple credit scam. I literally just want my MRI so I can figure out what’s wrong with me.

If someone could provide even 40 for a lyft so I can get downtown for ANOTHER appointment and try to get this MRI or a payment plan it would be so helpful. I cant stand having to beg for help anymore. Please let me know who else I can reach out to because I really dont know how to make it. My cats are out of food, my dog, my hamster needs bedding soon, I’m living off 783 a month when my rent is 710 and with my health problems I just need them to get better so I can work. I’m trying to get a car and license because my ID is expired and its winter here which is super dangerous for my wife but the ID alone cost 78 dollars and driving school costs 500. I have no idea what to do without my school money.

If I could afford to pay my school the approx. 300 I owe them I could get back into classes as well, and then use school money for my MRI and have money left over to live. What happened is one semester I failed because I had COVID, accepted me, then denied me and kicked me out last minute because I need transcripts. Anything helps. I’m on my knees. Please boost.


Cashapp : $micahsage

Venmo : @sicknng

I follow back and will reblog and boost posts several times in return. I know I’m not the only one struggling. Just please help, boost, share, ask me for anything commissions writing promos anything. I’ve given up all luxury already. I need a miracle. I can provide any and all proof.

(Reposted from side account. Updated nov. 25th)


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Hi im drew im a gay trans man in a rather bad financial situation

I’ve made a few other donation posts that didn’t get much traction. But im still in a tight spot. For the past few months I’ve been struggling with getting enough hours at work, car repairs, and not having enough for rent to name a few of the issues. Things have not improved for me and my car is yet again at the mechanic. Each month is something new and stressful that is compounding daily to the point where I’m afraid of having a nervous breakdown.

Let me say that I also don’t want to be e-begging but I dont really have any other options at this moment. I dont want this post to be a wall of text so ill cut to the chase. Me and my bf dont have any food in the house. My next check is going all to rent and we won’t be getting paid until the first week of December. If you have anything at all to spare please consider donating to me. Anything would be better than nothing. Just to get the essentials, just so that we can make it until we get paid next. Please please please I know its tiresome to see the same types of posts day in and day out but please help us.

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Okay so I’ve had a lot of bills this month and I’m really struggling for money. Ripley got sick and had a huge vet Bill - around £250. And my insurance didn’t cover it. I’m disabled and can’t work. And am currently housebound due to my risk of COVID.

So I’m offering my PayPal in case anyone can donate. But also offering some cheap commissions because I wanna give something.

£20 for a fully coloured drawing, and £15 for a torso and above fully coloured drawing.

I understand everyone is struggling at the moment so please don’t feel obligated. 🧡

But any amount helps.


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I’m so embarrassed to be posting this but really I have no other choice.

I’m a disabled non-binary person and am currently struggling to pay my rent and bills. I can’t work because of my disabilities (uncontrollable epilepsy, IIH, etc) and am housebound due to being at risk from COVID.

I don’t have family to rely on, so any amount of donation would be amazing. But I understand a lot of people are struggling at the moment, so please don’t feel obligated or bad of you can’t.

Just signal boosting this would be amazing, if you can. Though I understand some people don’t like these sorts of things on their blog.

My PayPal is:

Thank you so much for your time.

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Kind of out of options, here. I’m 22, black, nonbinary, and struggling hard. Please read and help if you can, share if you wouldn’t mind. I don’t want my deadname everywhere, but dm me if you don’t have cashapp.

  • Cashapp: $Arty2048
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#GivingTuesday is just around the corner – December 1 is only one week away!
Many people get into the giving spirit during the winter holiday season, but winter can often be a difficult time of year for those without much disposable income, consistent housing, or the financial ability to buy gifts or donate.

Whether you have the capacity to make a large one-time donations during the holidays or not, you can still support the work of your favorite organizations! Small donations are often more manageable for those living paycheck to paycheck, but these can really help – especially if they are repeated over time!

Volunteering, hosting your own fundraiser through GiveLively, and sharing content and resources can also help raise awareness, commitment, and action, even if you can’t afford to give.

Whether you give your money, your time, your platform, or simply your commitment to the collective liberation of all marginalized peoples – join us in giving on Dec. 1.

[ID: Bright blue background covered mostly by three large circles, one pink, one light blue, and one brown, all outlined in white. The pink circle to the left has white text reading “Together we give. Dec. 1, 2020.” The light blue circle in the upper right corner has the Giving Tuesday logo. The brown circle in the bottom right corner has a larger Giving Tuesday logo and the TEP logo.]

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Please share/post/boost and reblog this everywhere to help a 20yr old black trans girl get out of an VERY ABUSIVE home by donating to their CashApp:$pitfirego Venmo:@/Spitfirego

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