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Day 2538 - I got a stimulus check, but I am fortunate enough that my hours/wages haven’t been impacted by the pandemic at all, so I donated the money to organizations that are helping people through it.

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My mom got into a really bad car accident on January 4th, she broke 6 ribs on her right, fractured 3 ribs on her left, and broke her ankle in 2 places. She’s had 2 surgery’s and will be have a 3rd one soon. Right now my family is struggling financially so I’m reaching out for help, even a small donation would mean the world to us. If you can’t donate then please share the link and post on social media.

Thank you (donate link below)

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Does anyone know of blogs that boost donation posts? I’m still trying to boost perfectionkitty’s rent post!!! Please help!

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💙 Thank u to everyone who’s donated past and present, you improved Lauren @queernuck ’s quality of life immensely and let her know that people do care about her, and now you’re doing the same for the clients of the harm reduction project her donation pool is going to 💙

🍃 That aforementioned project is funded for the month in part because of the contributions you’ve made in Lauren’s memory - they run on a shoestring budget and a little means a lot! 🌿

💖 We’re now giving donations to a related project that provides tents, food, jackets and other necessities for their unhoused clients 🌷

💜 People who use drugs are often discriminated against or forced to quit or hide their drug use to access this kind of assistance. This paternalistic and controlling approach denies their autonomy and forces PWUD to take risks that can endanger their lives 💜

💖 this difference in approach is why the harm reduction model is so vital, and why Lauren advocated for it - harm reduction approaches don’t demand anything as they see PWUD as human beings who can make their own choices 💗

If you want to contribute in Lauren’s honour you can do so here

🌻🌹🌷Otherwise please reblog and consider supporting harm reduction efforts in your area 🌿🍂🍃

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If anyone has a couple extra bucks to spare I’d really appreciate it rn


Venmo hollysklt

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So my mother is stealing from me again and now ny account is negative 40 dollars with rent and auto pay bills coming up pls help a bi black girl out if it helps in two weeks it’ll be my birthday and I’d really like to not be in the negative

Cashapp is $hopesoda

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We need donations and we need them fast. Thousands of families have been hit by the king tide. Hundreds have called for food and bedding assistance due to the heavy flood.

Many of us want to help but are doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home. You can do something. You can help.

If you are in a position to donate, all it takes is 50 MYR (Malaysia currency — roughly 12.36 USD) to help feed a family with basic essentials.

You can buy those boxes via this link:


SOURCE: kuchingfoodaid | IG

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Toledo Police credit union donation account, more set for family of Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker, killed in the line of duty

Toledo Police credit union donation account, more set for family of Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker, killed in the line of duty

Toledo police on Tuesday released information for verified sources accepting donations for the officer’s family.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A dedicated Toledo Police Federal Credit Union bank account, a GoFundMe and other initiatives have been set to benefit the family of Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker who was killed in the line of duty Monday afternoon. 

Toledo Police Chief George Kral said during…

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hello, i’m not getting paid for another two weeks and i just spent all my savings on textbooks for this semester ; it turns out that i need to buy a $137 textbook this week or i’ll have to drop the class , pls consider helping me out by reblogging or donating , thank you so much !!!

paypal: @/nicxzi

venmo: @/nicxzi

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The other extra I have available is a digital copy of my thesis process document, just for $15 ;) The contents include a very detailed take of the conception and completion of two massive glass (&mixed media) bodies of work, “Self-Vanitas” and “Anthrocopia”. The image above is a digital visualization/map of how I loaded Anthrocopia’s coloured glass. The document is 64 pages, hi-res, again for a really good price! Take a look at my page:

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hi i’m a disabled trans person who babysits my siblings (ages 3, 9, and 11) every single day and my mother can’t afford to pay me so i have absolutely no income rn, but i really need groceries and daily necessities (hygiene stuff mostly, like soap and toothpaste) so if anyone can spare a few dollars i would be so grateful !!

anything, even 1 cent or a reblog, helps. thank you ❤️

p*ypal: leafyvro@gmail . com

c*shapp: $wintersoulja

v*nmo: leafybb

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Hey I’m sorry for continuing to flood everyone’s dash but-

I managed to save up some money to order groceries but they arrive on Friday

I have no food in the house and I haven’t eaten all day

I’m NB, mentally ill and have fibromyalgia so I’m bedridden most of the time, I can’t even go out to pick up something for dinner from the takeout place across the street, it’s too painful to move

Please consider helping if you can


Thank you 💜

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For everyone that doesn’t know me, Hi I’m Sierra, I am a 25 year old, mixed race, bisexual, with a bunch of disabilities the biggest one being Ehlers Danlos Syndrome a connective disorder that give me chronic pain in all my joints, who recently broke her foot in three places.

I’m really sorry to be asking this again but on my last post I really didn’t get any help besides from a couple friends so I am here basically begging for help.

My mother and I need money for food to get us until her paycheck next Friday (1/29) her last paycheck was really bad because she wasn’t able to get in the amount of over time she normally does and because of all the days she had to take off for drs appointments for my broken foot. Plus she is gonna have to take another day off cause I’m pretty sure I have shingles again and I need her to take me to the doctor again for that for that since I can’t transport myself right now. I am unable to push my wheelchair myself partly due to low muscle mass and partly due to internal derangement in my shoulders.

Right now in the fridge all we have is dingo nuggets, deli turkey, I can’t believe it’s not butter and milk. We also need money for the laundromat and transportation to and from. After paying all our bills we only have $20 left.

It would also be a huge huge help if anyone could take a look at my wish list here. I need pillows to elevate my foot, ice bags, a new blanket (cause mine got ruined), dry shampoo, and body wipes because showering is extremely difficult right now so I am on an every other day shower schedule rn.

If you could donate anything even 1 dollar we would be so so grateful and if you can’t reblogging this helps just as much. We have been in bad spots before but it’s just.. Really dire this time and adding onto everything my broken foot. So please, I am begging, help if you can.

You can donate here:

Venmo: sierrarose111

Cashapp: $sierrarose111

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All the cuddly toys!! All of them!

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Hey guys, It’s been a couple of hard months, my whole family got sick with covid (myself included) and we had to spend almost all of our savings in medicine and doctor visits… I’m running out of money so i’m opening these commissions. 

I will draw ANYTHING (sfw) for just $2usd!!! the style will be a b&w/grayscale sketch drawing. The cost for these is at least $4usd so i’m selling them really cheap. If you want to help me by paying more for your sketch I would be really thankful. 

If you want a sketch page (2 drawings in one page) the minimum cost for that is $4usd.

I also have normal priced commissions open, in case you are interested in those. And I have a kofi page too for donations (find me as NeonRavens )

Please message me or email me ( if you are interested!! Also, reblogs help a lot!!


Thank you!!

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Black Queer 18 YR Homeless, organized by Amari Fason
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