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wowtings · a day ago
Hi! New problem! My paycheck doesn’t cover my rent! Rent is $607 and paycheck is $496.64 I need $112 to cover rent, please help me if you can.
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venmo paypal wowtings
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notnotranboo · 2 days ago
Hey y’all
We’re really struggling with money rn and none of my job applications have been acknowledged
We literally do not have food in the house so if anyone could help with groceries it’d mean the world to us. Thanks
Venmo is the same vvv
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kitty-does-stuff · 2 days ago
Hey I’m not gonna lie to y’all me and my family are in a tight spot money wise, like to the point where we’re planning on selling our car so I could really use some cash. I do have some options to buy stuff, like my rph blog @kittyhelpsstuff/@kittyrphcomms and I will likely be doing friend only art commissions (I don’t have the art spoons to deal with non-friends rn).
Anyways every little bit helps and if you can’t donate (or commission me) then rebloging is a way to help
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mberchrome · a day ago
Back from the dead; Commissions open
Whoa hey I’m back from the dead, who knows what the hell I was sick with (covid, flu, virus, idk, still dealing with fevers and chills). I’m glad just to be perpendicular and awake.
But hey commissions are opened back up! But if you’d like to help us out with time lost, hit up my Ko-fi!
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synonymsforferal · a day ago
Help me keep the lights on
Hi guys. My name is Milo and I'm a 19 year old nonbinary person living in Massachusetts with my partner. Apparently, the electric company screwed us over and sent out multiple electric bills over the course of one week, all coming from earlier in the year. There's an attached screenshot.
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I have paid the following:
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Meanwhile, I am still trying to keep a roof over my head with a very flimsy plan with my landlord (about $500 every two weeks)
I am in desperate need of financial assistance.
Anything, literally anything, helps.
My goal is $650
My v3nm0: @yeetitsmilo
My $app: @yeetitsmilo
Partner's v3nm0: @QuicksilverBby
If you cannot donate, reblogs are appreciated. Please help us.
$0/$650 raised
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slowdancinginthedarcc · 3 months ago
I’m Natasha, a 26 year old Black trans woman who has fallen on hard times financially after an unexpected rent increase and having to transfer to a job with lesser pay. I’m not in a life-or-death situation right now thankfully so I’ll be okay, but it’s still putting a massive strain on my mental and physical health. If anyone can help out, here is my Cash App. If you want to help but can’t donate, even just reblogging this would be greatly appreciated.
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leonardscohen · a year ago
if u want u can help preserve the memory of a shtetl (european towns with large jewish populations that were almost all destroyed in the holocaust) by donating to fund the translations of yizkor books
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twinsfawn · a month ago
help a trans woman leave her abusive household
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hi y’all. this is my girlfriend, ciara. she currently lives with a parent who is financially and emotionally abusive towards her. ciara is currently getting her undergraduate degree and working part-time but she needs to leave her current living situation asap. i’m writing this post on her behalf because she’s not super active on social media. any help would be appreciated. if you can’t donate, please at least reblog instead of scrolling past. her venmo and paypal are linked below. thank you ♡
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queefcity · 12 days ago
i got covid Again fuck my life god damnit
ima black transwoman and ima need help making rent please since ima be out of work for atleast a week possibly two
v*nmo / c*sh*pp: Smokeyquartz
i need it by may 29th
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I decided to make a new surgery fund post with an update, anything helps.
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biteythevillain · 9 days ago
hi im bitey and i sure would like to see colors! particularly reds and greens.
im colorblind! i have protanopia, where everything kinda just looks like this
Tumblr media
when i show buddies charts n stuff like these people kinda say everything looks gross. maybe it does? i dunno! looks normal to me!
ppl kinda hype up colors a lot when u say u cant see them very well. i'd like to see them. i also have generally pretty shitty eyesight, so id like to get a pair of glasses thatd fit my prescription. i kinda only get by when i do commissions so like, eyesights pretty important.
BUT that sits around 400-500 dollars for glasses thatll let me see everything!
Tumblr media
so i wanna! i started a lil ko-fi funding for these glasses. i'm also taking commissions thru tumblr, ko-fi and twitter, so if youre interested, here's a post for that! :")
or if you just have a couple bucks to spare and wanna donate to the ko-fi directly for these glasses, heres a link for that too!
i didnt even know i was colorblind until i got pulled aside in gradeschool for coloring stuff wrong. it was a weird experience. and goin thru all these years seeing people hype up how pretty stuff is, especially in the summer with trees n flowers and all that, itd just be nice to finally see what the hype is about.
:") if you can donate, thank you!! i also really appreciate reblogs! thank u guys.
check out this bug!
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shcrtiplier · 7 months ago
Hello tumblr,
It’s me, the bisexual momma, again with a different post since I can’t edit my last post anymore, so I have to make another one. Still same situation, living in section 8 housing with two kiddos. I’ve been job searching for nearly a month now and still haven’t had any luck. I’ve officially lost count from how many jobs I’ve applied for that needed people immediately but still haven’t replied to this day. So in other words, I still need help with groceries, bills and gas. Please help anyway you can by donating or boosting this post! I am severely in debt to all you kind souls who’ve helped me through my struggling. I can’t thank you enough!! ❤️❤️🙏🏻
Venmo: malloreys
Cashapp: $MalloreyTaylor
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cadaverkeys · 6 months ago
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Hey guys! I've decided to open up a top surgery fund after a good many years. Any support is greatly greatly appreciated- if even half of you donated £1 I'd be at my goal with this! Check out my fund if u have the time!
Gofundme unfortunately uses a £5 minimum donation (trashy) so if you'd like you can toss a coin at my paypal instead, and I'll transfer those funds into the gofundme pool whenever possible.
pastable link [GOFUNDME]: gofund.me/9aad6f34 pastable link [PAYPAL]: paypal.me/shaycommander
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anexperimentallife · 4 months ago
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Jan 18, 2022: US couple in danger of being forced to leave our baby daughter overseas
TL;DR: We’re an interracial, neurodivergent US couple in the Philippines. I’m also physically disabled. A paperwork snafu left our daughter (born here during lockdown) stateless, and Immigration is skeptical about an extension to our visas while we get it sorted, meaning they may force us to leave without our daughter in MARCH.
There’s a guaranteed way for ONE of us to stay, but it costs 10K USD PLUS other fees, and we don’t have that just laying around. I cannot begin to imagine the trauma to El if they force us to leave without her, not knowing when we’ll see each other again.
PayPal Donation Link (preferred bc this one takes the lowest fees)
Secondary Paypal Link (bc some non-US folks had trouble with the preferred one--but this one takes full fees)
Details, for those who want the whole story:
(New post because the old one was getting clogged with updates.) I am autistic, and physically disabled, with several comorbidities. I moved to the Philippines in 2018, in part to make my disability check stretch further. My girlfriend joined me here later that year. Immigrating to the Philippines on a tourist visa is a fairly common practice, as you can keep getting extensions for up to 36 months, after which you have to leave the country and return to “reset” for another 36 months, so that was our plan. Of course, lockdown hit in 2020, so that became impossible.
A couple of months after lockdown hit, we found out (surprise!) that we were having a baby. Our daughter Eleanor was born in the Philippines in March of 2021, under COVID lockdown. Complications with the birth tripled our hospital bill and required a C-Section.
Here’s where it gets tricky: Zoey (aka @thesurestthing ) had gone into the delivery room with a paper on which she had written all the names we had been considering, and was so groggy from the C-Section anesthetic that she didn’t realize they were putting ALL of the names on the form, PLUS adding her last name as a middle name (which is the tradition here). I would have stepped in, but this is the Philippines, and the father isn’t even allowed in the delivery room here, so I had no idea what was going on until much later. (And thanks to anesthesia, neither did Zoey.)
You know that comedy trope of someone reciting their name, and it takes like thirty seconds to get through the whole thing? Yeah, it was like that. We weren’t happy about it, but our annoyance was overshadowed by having a baby.
Considering our newborn (and my health, and the pandemic, thanks to a letter from my doctor) Immigration granted us an additional ten months extension beyond the usual 36, which would take us to March of 2022.
That should have been plenty of time to get things sorted, but when we went to have El officially declared a US citizen, we found that the snafu on her birth certificate meant her name was too long to fit on the American forms. And the local registry office refused to submit a request to amend her birth certificate until we could provide several very specific “proofs” of using the shorter name.
In some cases it was a matter of, “You need document A as one of the three proofs. To get that, you need a copy of Document B. Oh, but you can’t get Document B unless you already have Document A.”
So took literally months, two lawyers, and a favor from a friend to get that documentation together. Among other things, we had to find a church that would hold a baptism or dedication ceremony for a baby born to two atheists (luckily, a friend in Manila’s wife knew a Bishop here, and called in a favor for us), and hire a lawyer to swear and affirm that sixteen is a higher number than fifteen (I wish I were joking there).
It took even longer because in the meantime, I got COVID, and we all had to quarantine at home. (Thankfully El didn’t get it. That took a couple of thousand out of the donation fund, though, considering I had to be on an oxygen machine for a month, among other treatments.)
When we finally got everything they required  to submit the request to fix El’s birth certificate (middle of November), we were informed it would take four to six months to get an answer and/or an amended birth certificate from the main office in Quezon City. This means we are likely looking at the middle of May before we can get the birth certificate with her correct name. But our extensions expire in March. You see the issue? If our request for reconsideration is denied, they could force us to leave the country without our daughter unless we come up with enough for the SRRV (explained below).
And we need the corrected birth certificate before we can even BEGIN the process of having El recognized as a US citizen and get her a passport. (The US embassy here has also cut back on services, and stated they are no longer processing emergency passports, so we’ll have to wait the normal length of time.)
The local immigration office has advised me to apply for the SRRV, a special retirement visa which would give me (and only me) permanent residency, meaning I could stay with El no matter how long the process takes. Zoey would still have to return to the states without us, because she doesn’t qualify. Also, the SRRV requires a minimum ten thousand US dollar deposit, in addition to other fees. And as I told the guy at Immigration, we don’t HAVE ten thousand dollars just laying around.
One person at the local office has said there’s no chance of another extension, and that the SRRV is our only shot. Another one said they think we MAY be extended again because of the extenuating circumstances, but it apparently depends on what kind of day the person in Quezon City (who has never seen us) is having when they get our request.
The kicker is that we can’t even APPLY for reconsideration until February, and by the time we get an answer, if we’re denied, it will be too late to do anything about it.
To sum up: If we’re denied another lengthy extension (which there seems to be a 50/50 chance of), we could be forced to leave the country without our daughter, and unable to return to her until the country opens back up. And no one knows when that will be. If we can come up with the money for the SRRV, though, it is GUARANTEED that at least I can stay with her. Losing her mommy would be terrible enough; I cannot begin to imagine the trauma to El if she has to lose both of her parents until who knows when--months, years, whenever they open the country again.
Even if they DO approve another lengthy extension (again, looks like a 50/50 chance), it’ll still cost thousands. So if we end up not needing (or not getting enough money for) the SRRV, anything donated will go to that, plus paying off medical bills, taking care of needed travel--Because even if everything goes perfectly, and they extend us for as long as we need, we will still have to travel to Manila to present El in person at the embassy before they’ll affirm her citizenship, and unless they reopen the country by the end of our (hypothetical) new extensions, we’ll still have to leave behind the life we’ve built here and start completely from scratch.
For that matter, even if we come up with enough for the SRRV, unless they open the country by the time El’s paperwork is sorted, we’ll STILL have to relocate once our daughter can legally travel, because our little girl needs both her parents.
Basically, it’s all a big mess caused by a misunderstanding at El’s birth. To be honest, we need about three times what is listed on the GoFundMe when you consider the medical and legal and travel and likely relocation expenses and all, but we weren’t comfortable asking for more.
Amazing what a cascading pile of adversity can be caused by a single moment of confusion during childbirth, isn’t it?
If you actually read all that, thank you. It helps to blurt the whole thing out on occasion. If you can help, please do, because we’re running out of time, If not, please reblog.
And thank you again, especially to those who have already helped. Thanks to your generosity, we’re almost halfway to the initial goal of being able to apply for the SRRV (and we’d be even closer if I hadn’t gotten COVID). If we can get that out of the way, all other efforts go towards the rest of the fallout from this situation.
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diehardblm · 5 months ago
Yo! What’s up my fellow humans? My names Robbie Lee.. I’m currently in a possibly life shattering predicament… My PayPal is insanely in the negative because I’ve devastatingly fallen so far behind financially. I’ve ignored/dealt with my PayPal account sustaining an undesirably continuous negative balance, solely based on the fact that my hands are tied, financially speaking precisely. I’m only reaching out for financial relief now because this critically unideal situation has grown into such a catastrophically uncontrollable disaster.. leaving my PayPal account in the negative by almost $3,000.. we’ve been unable to even remotely attempt to try to pay our bills or rent, let alone be able to afford some very much needed groceries.. we also need some basic everyday essentials.. very direly need some diapers and such for my daughter.. my and my partners medications. My partners testosterone.. I’m fairly new to this ‘e-begging’ ordeal so I don’t quite know how to conclude this post correctly.. but please if ANYONE could attempt to alleviate even the slightest bit of our diabolically, detrimentally financial turmoil, please we seriously wouldn’t even know where to begin to thank you..
Also here’s some pictures of myself, my beautiful family & a picture of the current excessively negative balance in my paypal account. I literally wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.. I’m truly blessed, even through all of this life shattering crisis..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
***UPDATE as of 5/26/22***
we desperately are in need of groceries/other necessities like toiletries/supplies like diapers/baby wipes&powder for our daughter, our daughters prescription medications, assistance taking care of our utilities that are off atm; so currently we have no water/electricity/gas, which means NO stove/NO showers/NO clean clothes/NO clean dishes/NO clean hands/NO clean teeth/NOT EVEN drinking water.. and to make matters even worse, our June rent is due in less than a week. We currently still need about $189 for the rest of the groceries/toiletries/basic necessities that we still need to get by for about a month; & to acquire our daughters meds, my monthly meds & my partners 1 monthly medication&their (should be) weekly testosterone injections for the month. Then we need about $398 altogether to get all the utilities turned on immediately. & we need about $785 for June’s rent (due June 3rd). So we need about $600 URGENTLY ASAP, excluding June’s rent. Now the complete ki entire sum of everything listed above, also including June’s rent; then we’d need approximately $1300 altogether ASAP!!!
You can cashapp us my partner’s cashapp @ $m1597
Or use the paypal money pool link ( the link listed below, at the end of the post) or send directly to the phone number (preferred, also listed below) of my partners, Maddison their account is attached to the phone number -
My partner’s Paypal phone # is 2168251011
Were currently using my partner’s PayPal account to receive donations at, due to the current excessively negative balance on my paypal account, i obviously cant have money sent to that account since we will not be able to access it!(picture of my current excessive negative balance is depicted above)
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urmine · 3 months ago
Help your local Native girl achieve her college program dreams ✨
Tumblr media
I will be able to pay you back at some point in february!
basically I got accepted into my dream college program and I have a week to put in the application fees. I am able to do half but I still need another $200 to be able to go.
message me for venmo
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tortellini-tankini · 6 months ago
I don’t normally do this, it’s never really came to this before, but I’m afraid I’m in need of help this time. I’m a 19 yr old trans man, and my parents are in the process of divorcing. My father has recently begun to cut off my mom financially, and they aren’t yet in the process of settling alimony, so my mother is living off of an allowance of $100 per week from him, which goes by fast because of medicine, food and dog food. She has a dental appointment this Monday (November 29, 2021), and she cannot postpone it any further, as two of her teeth are already turning black, and she doesn’t want to get them removed. The medical bill is only $120, so every dollar counts! Even if I don’t have a commission sheet set up, I’ll also be willing to open commissions (just PM for details!). If you can’t afford to donate, just a reblog is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
My PayPal
My cashapp
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harmonykore · 4 months ago
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Hey, I'm Kory (He/Him) I hate to do this but my abusive narc mother is kicking me out due to me finally being out from transitioning 💔. It was a big blow up over Christmas but she said she would wait until Valentines then doubled back because we got into a fight over my transition so it's an emergency now.
I need to be out my this Monday and I'll be in my car... I have $636 in outstanding medical bills that needs to be paid ASAP and I need money to move out now too :|...
Please like/donate/reblog if you can ❤️ I really appreciate it.
Cashapp= $KoryHarmon100
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borinquenaqueer · 29 days ago
I haven't yet been able to pay the remaining bills from this past month thanks to late fees & having to buy food on a meal-by-meal basis, and the next months' will be due soon enough. I need to get groceries on top of everything else because I haven't been able to fill my personal cabinet in about a month and the pet food is getting low.
As most everyone who follows me knows, I'm a disabled queer latinè with only my patreon earnings as regular income. Every cent & reblog helps me get through one more month.
I'm applying for disability and it is moving forward, but who the heck knows when or if that'll be a success for me.
venmo: borinquenaqueer
cashapp: $reyahwolfe
paypal: link | mireyahwolfe @ gmail.com
if you'd rather not donate directly but still want to help me out, I totally understand, and I also have wishlists on my Linktree of stuff I'm not able to get right now that would genuinely improve my life in ways I cannot fully express. And reblogs are always always always a huge help.
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cyberglittter · 10 days ago
this is f/cking hell, i don’t have a job anymore and i’m asking for help to pay for my bill
Tumblr media
the total is $96.81 but i can only pay $40 of it. so i’m trying to raise $56.81. here’s my pay-pal for any donations, even $1 can help me at this moment. and please, share this post for me.  thank you, thank you!
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