sawasawako · a day ago
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the buffalo community fridge (new york) are currently no longer accepting monetary donations, but you can donate fresh or non-perishable food to them and money to other listed organisations
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theerealcowboy · 2 days ago
A good friend of mine could really use some community support to survive the month & can’t post himself rn for safety reasons, so I’m posting this on his behalf
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Image Description: Image has a purple background with glitter and stars. Image reads:
"Community Care Ask: Help a Disabled AfroNative Survive!
A disabled afronative bigender lesbian is urgently in need of $1,100 to cover rent, bills, and other monthly expenses!
**Rent: $700
Phone Bill + New Phone: $210
New Bedframe: $200
(Rent is most pressing!)
Cash App - $asteronauts
Pay-pal - @/asteronauts
Ven-Mo - @/asteronauts". End ID
He’s also in need of about $115 for compression socks to help manage POTs! To reiterate, rent is the priority & anything helps! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll update on what’s been raised in the replies.
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standingwithukraine · 2 days ago
The Center to Rescue Ukraine's Cultural Heritage
Global Heritage Fund or Europa Nostra
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sol-a-soul · 2 days ago
Y'all! Please help me!
I promise I won't be this pitiful person, I am just someone in the need of help. I will of course be making more pick a cards and astrology posts, but I really need money, and I will be even telling you why.
This is really personal to me, so I will be deleting as soon as I reach a secure amount. So, a few days ago I was charged for multiple things I have not made purchases for and it takes a while to get refunds. I have to pay some actual important bills and purchases to be able to live without anxiety. I cannot take care of myself or anyone else for that matter like this.
I am ashamed to admit it, but due to this I have only 10$. That's it, not more.
So please if you are in a financially stable situation where you can donate, even if it's only 1$ please do so. If not, please reblog, likes do not help.
If you feel like you should be given something for donations I am willing to provide both tarot and astrology/chart readings.
Please help a WOC out 🖤
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fruitbeetles · 2 days ago
My cat benny needs an urgent surgery to remove a tumor, and I'm raising donations. If anyone is able to chip in, it'd mean so much to me.
Please share if you're unable to donate. If you know me, you know Benny means the world to me. Thank you.
My cashapp, venmo, and paypal is @fruitbeetles if you prefer to donate there.
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gamergoo · a day ago
Does anypony want to help me pay a ticket 👉👈
Hey so I got saddled with a speeding ticket even though there were people going much much faster than me in the area, I just happened to be the last person to pass before the cop pulled out. Either way, I got hit with a $164 fine. I can pay it and be fine, but it’ll make things a little tight until I get payed next, and I didn’t work this week so it’ll be reduced. It’s not a huge deal but I’d really appreciate the help
V*nmo: @GamerGoo
P*ypal: @gamergoo
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lunpatz · 2 days ago
Hi everyone! I hate ask but I’m in need of rent and grocery money. I lost my job a few months ago and have been struggling. I need some help to pay off my credit card debt, i have nearly hit my credit limit. my current debt is $2k if anyone can i’d really appreciate it. If you can’t donate please reblog! Anything helps!
p$ypal: @ lunpatz
V3nmo: @ lunpatz
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starfoxrrys · a day ago
hey besties so i don’t normally make posts like this but i am literally desperate. i will not lie, i am Struggling a lot financially. i get good hours at work, but every single penny i have goes to bills, and now my mom’s car completely broke down. so we have 0 way of paying for it. i absolutely HATE begging for money. but if anyone could help with ANYTHING, it would be a huge help!
my p*ypal, c*shapp, and v*nmo
again. i am literally so embarrassed to be asking, but it’s a dire situation. we need $2,000 to get her car fixed, but literally any amount helps!
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feywildchild · a day ago
hello friends! i am hoping to raise a bit of money to cover some medical expenses and bills by the end of the month.
i’m happy to take writing and edit commissions of any kind!(within my ability) feel free to message me with your ideas and we can work something out.
this should be the last month i’m on here asking as i will be working in june as well as covered by benefits so i wont be paying out of pocket for so much - awaiting my status card has just been a much longer wait than anticipated. anything helps and means the world to me, so please share if you can. thank you so much
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d0gsized · 14 hours ago
Helllo! my name is Neo and i’m a 21 (almost 22!) year old trans guy living in a transphobic house. i’ve recently had to stop testosterone for fear of getting outted.
On top of that, my birthday is on Monday (May 23rd) and i currently have -3$ in my bank account.
I work as much as i can and support myself and my partner who is in college. it has been super hard and if y’all could [continue] to donate or evan just share / boost this post i’d GREATLY appreciate it :)
thank you all so much, please help my gay lil family <3
cashapp: $ kkm23 (might come up under a different tag but you’ll see my pic!)
venmo: @ princexxkai
GFM link: gofundme.com/wmf94r-kais-transition
Tumblr media
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al-norton · 2 months ago
Some reputable links to help Ukrainian military & civilians
- https://savelife.in.ua/en/
Charity fund Come Back Alive that supports soldiers on front lines and after service.
- https://voices.org.ua/en/
Charitable Foundation Voices of Children, mostly with focus on mental health and development of children in Lughansk and Donetsk region.
- https://www.peoplesproject.com/en/
Ukraine's military and civil crowdfunding.
You can also donate directly to Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, for logistical or medical support. More info here: https://mil.gov.ua/en/donate.html
Please do not ignore individual calls for aid and crowdfunding too! Whether they come in form of patreon links, emergency commissions, etc. I'd say setting up a patreon account to support creators and people in need would be the surest way to help, since things like PayPal, Ko-Fi, CashApp etc do not work in Ukraine (although some people still use them through friends or relatives in different countries). Not all circumstances are dire enough to need organizational help, but even 10$ can really help an individual person who had to evacuate from their town, relocate from a damaged building, etc.
Last but not least: CHECK YOUR INFO SOURCES!! Russia has been on disinformation pipeline since last week, and sowing panic in Ukraine and around the world is one of the worst things to do right now. Like, for real, stop with the WW3 bullshit. The conflict as it is, while obviously hard for Ukraine, is fairly localized and with your help it can very much stay that way.
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kassareo · 2 months ago
hi everyone!
my name is yeliza, i’m ukrainian, living in kyiv. funny story but currently we have a 150k+ army of russians all over the ukrainian borders, as well as an ongoing shelling from uncontrolled territories that has been averaging more than 1000 strikes daily. more fun facts - we are currently in a state of emergency, and it’s of high probability that russians will start a major invasion pretty damn soon. kyiv will be one of the first to be hit :)
i wanted to use this as an opportunity to spread the information about the whole situation, but also ask you to help me disperse it further: you can get the main points about the russo-ukrainian war and current escalation here. also PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO OUR ARMY - the link is here. any amount would be helpful - even some of your pocket money. we are in the dire need for the global support, truly.
much love and appreciation for your help!
if you have any question regarding the situation, i’ll be glad to answer as long as i’ll be able to! stay safe!
UPD. the national bank of ukraine has also opened a donation account for ukrainian army, the number of the special account: UA843000010000000047330992708. Proof here. PLEASE DONATE
UPD 2.0 - the national bank of ukraine has opened another donation account, this one is for humanitarian aid for ukrainians suffered from russians aggression. the link is here, it’s proof itself; more specifics are mentioned in the link.
please donate!!!!!!!!
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isagrimorie · 4 months ago
Typhoon Odette has devastated multiple provinces across the Philippines.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you have money to spare please donate to the following:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you're in the Philippines relief goods are needed:
Tumblr media
Drop off points for Office of VP Volunteer Center:
Address of the LeniKiko2022 Volunteer Center is at 284 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Entrance for donations is at 33 Esteban Abada St
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lemonykleonella · 3 months ago
Hey guys. Due to the situation in my country, I opened up my ko-fi donations again. I am not sure what will happen but if you can spare a few dollars, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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deepsouthdyke · 6 months ago
my last posts have stagnated and haven't gotten any donations in a couple days but ya friendly neighborhood lesbians still need help!
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I need gas in my car to get to work the rest of the week (for my role as human resources to be so important you think i would get paid more) and also groceries and supplies for our cats! I have items for the cats on my wishlist if you would like a more tangible way to help!! I'll try and add a gas card and like a public gift card as well for groceries to the list!!
I have rent due by the 5th and only have $300 of it!
My work insurance isn't that great and so that $104 out of pocket appt with my trauma therapist last week rly set me back since it overdrafted me by over $130 but i have to have the appointments or be hospitalized again therefore missing work and pay
WE FINALLY FINISHED OUR $185 WATER BILL PAYMENTS!! it was 6 months with a bill that high! Now this coming bill is only $117!! To go more in depth, our apartment complex failed to fix a leak that we input 4 maintenance requests for to the point it caused us a $700+ water and sewage bill, the water board does not make adjustments for toilet leaks and our apartment complex won't pay the bill for us so our final option was a monthly $185 payment whereas a normal bill in this area would be no more than $70
also I have my phone bill ($107) and Power bill ($149) coming due and those things will be turned off if not paid this time!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My paylinks are:
venmo: Serena-Manning
cashapp: $sailorsylvie
Thank y'all so so much for the constant support in helping a mentally ill black lesbian and her trans lesbian gf survive! community aid and care is the way we will heal our society and you're all like our guardian angels!
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chocmarss · 4 months ago
Several states in Malaysia are suffering through flash floods after days of endless heavy rain. Houses, apartments, vehicles, and properties alike have been submerged or destroyed, leaving the citizens with little to nothing to salvage. Some of them are stuck in highways for two days. Some of them are stranded on their roofs for more than 3 days with no food, clean water, electricity, and all the basic necessities they need to survive. Roads are closing and are disintegrating. Landslides are rampant.
Here’s what’s happening:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The government has done nothing significant to help the people. The fire fighters are only making their way into affected towns after the flood has slowed down a bit, and what they found is the missing people, who did not survive this tragedy. They’re not properly equipped with this, even if some of the senators have warned about how bad this was gonna get back in 26/7/2021. (LINK)
The Malaysians are doing their best they can for others, hundreds of volunteers taking it into their own hands to send over food, clothing, diapers, menstruation pads, soap and shampoos, and all the required necessities to the effected towns in bulks by boats and trucks. They’re saving stranded animals who their owners, with a broken heart, are forced to leave them or did not have the chance to save them.
Here are what the Malaysians are doing:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media
#DaruratBanjir (translation: Flood Emergency) is the main hashtag on twitter that the people have used to reach out for everyone and anyone when flash floods are still on going. This is where you’ll be able to see just how disastrous everything is, just how much people are suffering. But, in the light that is the darkness, the people are doing everything they can for others, there will always be an ear or two to hear their needs and are more than happy to take action.
#KitaJagaKita (translation: We Help Us) is a hashtag for Malaysians who require help, those who want to help hands-on, or to just spread information on twitter. It’s been used since the pandemic started back in 2020, where the people have lend a helping hand to those who are in poverty and couldn’t—can’t— provide for their families, and it has also using it for the flash floods as well.
But, it’s not enough. The people are doing everything they can, and they’re not giving up. They’e still pushing through every obstacle in their paths, only exhaustion is starting to weight on them despite how hard they try to fight it. Malaysians need your help, our international friends, to participate if you can.
Here are some donations that non-Malaysians can do:
1) Mercy Malaysia
Tumblr media
The person below can help if you have any problems with geo/legal restrictions, he’ll be the bridge for your donations.
(TWITTER HANDLE: @/penatsetan)
Tumblr media
2) The Hope Branch
The Hope Branch is making donations of MYR500,000 to help the citizens throughout the COVID-19 AND flash floods, and has already reached MYR483,051. Their goal started on 13/1/2021 and is ending by 31/12/2021. Every penny counts!
Tumblr media
3) Reimena Notion Site
@reimenaashelyee has done a Flood Relief Hub where Malaysian artists are coordinating donation drives for international followers to the flood relief.
Tumblr media
4) gogetfunding.com
Ceddy Ang has set up a fundraising page for non-Malaysians. To quote him,
“I do not and will not take a single cent, I will keep everyone updated through the page. Currently capping the goal at USD $1,500 because I'm trying out this site for the first time. GoFundMe wouldn't allow a Malaysian to withdraw. :)”
Be sure to check it out!
Tumblr media
5) Thread of local hotlines
Hanna Alkaf, the Malaysian author to 1) The Weight of Our Sky and 2) The Girl and the Ghost has done a thread of hotline services to help with the reliefs. It contains everything you need to donate and help the people. If you have a twitter account, be sure to retweet the thread to help spread awareness!
Tumblr media
Please reblog this post to spread more awareness!!
It breaks my heart that I don’t see tumblr making an effort to help the Malaysians, we need everyone we can with this!
If you have any more fundraising links, you can just reblog and add on here.
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eggdesign · 8 months ago
How to help Hurricane Ida victims
While the hurricane is finally weakening, the victims are going to be impacted long after it passes. Please avoid donating to the red cross as they have been known to misuse funds. The salvation army also has an extensive history of homophobia and transphobia.  Here are some groups to support that will directly benefit local communities!
https://www.imaginewaterworks.org/ is another local organization for mutual aid and disaster prep. They’ve put together resources like the Queer/Trans Guide to Hurricane Season, Covid-19 Guide to Hurricane Season and lead the Mutual Aid Response Network
https://mutualaiddisasterrelief.org/ has a sign up form if you are able to volunteer including options that can be done remotely!
https://wck.org/ provides emergency food relief and is in New Orleans making food for shelters
https://southernsolidarity.org/ is a group that organizes food delivery, medical resources, and more services for unhoused citizens in New Orleans
https://anothergulf.com/ida/ has a frontline resource page specifically for Ida as well as a mutual aid response fund for vulnerable families
Another Gulf also has this list of indigenous communities to support:
If you have been affected by the hurricane and need support, please add your own donation links! I originally linked the cajun navy here, but some groups within the cajun navy have been linked to white supremacists. There isn’t one formal organization for the cajun navy (the two links here before were separate, unrelated groups), but because I’m unsure, I’ve removed both for now.
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rainewhisper · 4 months ago
The fact that many people (including myself) are now hearing about Arianna Delane really speaks words lmaoo
Arianna (4) was shot on New Years morning and she's alive and in the hospital and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. It took police 4 fucking hours to respond to this -_-
Her aunt is hosting a gfm and they're no where near their goal, please donate
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twinsfawn · a month ago
help a trans woman leave her abusive household
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi y’all. this is my girlfriend, ciara. she currently lives with a parent who is financially and emotionally abusive towards her. ciara is currently getting her undergraduate degree and working part-time but she needs to leave her current living situation asap. i’m writing this post on her behalf because she’s not super active on social media. any help would be appreciated. if you can’t donate, please at least reblog instead of scrolling past. her venmo and paypal are linked below. thank you ♡
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