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Howdy peeps!! Guess what? I have a top surgery date!! I know everyone is struggling in some capacity rn, but if anyone could spare even a bit to help me cover my fees and get post-op supplies, I would super appreciate it ♥️ I’m a ND full-time college student and cannot get a job right now, so I need a little help. I’m going to put my Venmo and CashApp here if you’d like to help me out 🥺💜💜 thank you!!

Venmo: @ wormcorral

Cashapp: $wormcorral

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my legs got burned to the second degree, so I finally took myself to the doctor, which I was forced to pay for out of pocket because I don’t have health insurance, which basically wiped out the money I had left to live on, so I increased this 250€ for my new latptop and basic necessities such as food.

The link to my kofi is this and it’s also in my bio

I’m 25% there and I’d just like to thank anyone who has donated or rebloged this so much


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Requests will potentially be dealt with through donating (or if you just want to support us)! The tiers will be as follows:

  • $5 per 12/13 episodes
  • $10 per 25/26 episodes
  • $20 per 50+ episodes

Go easy with the 50+ episodes though. Paying ensures that we will work on your series, but it doesn’t mean that yours will be first in line to be worked on.

At this time, we will put requests before any series that we want to work on that aren’t currently airing. This ensures that your series will be capped and posted in a timely manner.

Let us know what you guys think, as we could really use the money to keep the site up and running! Yes, we do have more than just a Tumblr. I pay for a legit website and hosting, and that shit’s expensive! LOL
I will make another post at a later date

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Hi im drew im a gay trans man in a rather bad financial situation

I’ve made a few other donation posts that didn’t get much traction. But im still in a tight spot. For the past few months I’ve been struggling with getting enough hours at work, car repairs, and not having enough for rent to name a few of the issues. Things have not improved for me and my car is yet again at the mechanic. Each month is something new and stressful that is compounding daily to the point where I’m afraid of having a nervous breakdown.

Let me say that I also don’t want to be e-begging but I dont really have any other options at this moment. I dont want this post to be a wall of text so ill cut to the chase. Me and my bf dont have any food in the house. My next check is going all to rent and we won’t be getting paid until the first week of December. If you have anything at all to spare please consider donating to me. Anything would be better than nothing. Just to get the essentials, just so that we can make it until we get paid next. Please please please I know its tiresome to see the same types of posts day in and day out but please help us.

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my friend is getting thrown out in the dead of winter, please help if you can and boost if you can’t! link will be in the reblogs

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hey guys guess what 🤪🤪 i tested positive for covid and I will be out of work for 2 weeks in quarintine.

I am a black queer retail worker and I just need some assistance for food and supplies to get through the next few weeks.

Any help is really appreciated and please pray for me and my family!!

cash app: $emiddlebrooks


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here i go again e-begging. my fiancé and i are in need of help. i mean we ALWAYS are. my fiancé is on quarantine for 10 plus days or until he can get into this doctor that he HAS to see. which he still hasn’t gotten a call back from. he is suffering from addiction, and horrible mental health issues and im worried him being out of work is going to make it worse. i have income yes, but hell i ca- WE can’t survive with the little i/we make. we get threatened to get kicked out on the daily and have 2 cats so we can’t live in our car. its been so fucking tough. i feel like i get no where with these posts and then im stuck having to use my emergency/credit building credit card which i cant fucking pay the bill when it comes. im stressed to the max. im trying to pay school off so i can go back and get my certification. its like its never ending. and i feel so stuck. stuck in this never ending debt and depression cycle. im having panic attacks again. if anyone can help out i would appreciate it soo so sooo much. i do nsfw content, i can paint i just need some help to make it thru the month….

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Was bei Kleiderspenden keiner auf dem Schirm hat, sind solche banalen Sachen wie Socken oder auch Schulranzen oder Stifte, wenn ihr habt. Wenn ihr also noch Schulranzen und Stifte und Mäppchen und unbenutzte Hefte von euren Kindern habt, die die nicht mehr brauchen, oder ein paar Socken, das ihr zwar mal gekauft, aber irgendwie nie angezogen habt, spendet die Sachen, bevor sie bei euch nur rumliegen und Platz wegnehmen.

Wie ich darauf komme? Ich arbeite mit Kindern, v.a. im Bereich des Zweitspracherwerbs, also Kindern, die aus anderen Ländern kommen und jetzt erst mal Deutsch lernen müssen. Zwar nicht alle, aber viele davon sind Flüchtlinge. Die besitzen teilweise nur noch das, was sie anhaben. Dann stehen da diese ohnehin schon traumatisierten Kinder vor einem und haben im tiefsten Winter nicht mal Socken an, weil die niemand spendet und die Eltern wirklich nur noch das besitzen, was sie am Leib tragen. Das bricht einem das Herz. Ich erinnere nochmals: Es geht hier um Kinder. Man kann von der ganzen Flüchtlingsthematik halten, was man will, aber man sollte es nicht auf dem Rücken von Achtjährigen austragen.

Zugegeben, solche Fälle, in denen die Kinder gar nichts mehr haben, sind nicht die Regel, aber es gibt sie und ihr wärt schockiert wie oft.

Wenn ihr also sowas übrig habt: Geht zum nächsten Flüchtlingsheim oder zur nächsten Schule mit VKL (eure Kinder wissen das) und helft. Wir sagen schon Mal danke.

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its the busiest work day of the year so ofc the app crashed :) so ofc I can’t take any orders :) of course I cant work towards the bonus :)) anyway ya bitch is extremely broke and watching her chances of earning a little extra on her paycheck go right out the window……… if u have a little extra to give pls consider hitting me up on cash app $tenderangel or dm me for PayPal/venmo

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hi everyone, can i please get some help to pay for my uni tuition fees? i’m really short on money and my parents won’t be able to pay it off, and it’s really hard to get a job because covid hit my country really really bad. please consider donating at least a few dollars if you can, i’m one of the few people in my family who got the chance to go to college, and i don’t want money to ruin my chances of getting education. if you can’t donate, please reblog and boost. i need the money by dec 14th. thank you so much. 

0/$500 nov 23rd 

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I’m really hungry and I don’t have any food. Can I get 30 dollars so I can go get some food? If you can’t donate that’s okay but please reblog this!

My PayPal:

My cash app: $alycat934

My Venmo: @honeycombs93

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I’m so embarrassed to be posting this but really I have no other choice.

I’m a disabled non-binary person and am currently struggling to pay my rent and bills. I can’t work because of my disabilities (uncontrollable epilepsy, IIH, etc) and am housebound due to being at risk from COVID.

I don’t have family to rely on, so any amount of donation would be amazing. But I understand a lot of people are struggling at the moment, so please don’t feel obligated or bad of you can’t.

Just signal boosting this would be amazing, if you can. Though I understand some people don’t like these sorts of things on their blog.

My PayPal is:

Thank you so much for your time.

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Hey, I’m in a shitty situation right now?

I’ve mentioned my mother and her tendencies on here before and I’m really sick of not feeling safe in my own home. I don’t want to hide in my room in-between semesters at college!

Here’s the text from the Instagram post I linked:

Basically, I’m so afraid of my mother that I’m really regretting coming home for Thanksgiving Break. She yells and screams nonsensical things at thin air. She has violent and unpredictable mood swings. She can be physically abusive, but she changes so much that, although police have been involved in the past, they refuse to do much about it. Even if I can get myself back to the dorm soon, when they close on December 12th, I’ll be right back in this situation. I have no other options of living arrangements and my father is just as scared and trapped as I am.

So, here’s the point of this post: does anyone have any advice? If I set up commissions, would anyone be willing to buy them, and maybe I’d be able to rent an apartment on-campus until the spring semester? Would anyone be willing to donate? Does anyone want to just offer nice words and prayers? Anything right now would help.

And I’m asking the same exact thing here. If you don’t have anything to say, maybe reblog this, and the right person can find it?

I’ll answer any questions about my situations if you ask, anything that helps clarify things and maybe will get me some help. I have no idea what to do, and my father doesn’t either. I’m scared and tired.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi, the last post isnt getting notes anymore and also no donations coming in even though ive got over a thousand notes, so take three!

I’m miro, i’m 17 (18 in january) and i really need top surgery! I cant wear a binder bc my lungs dont appreciate it so i use tape, but my skin is really sensitive so im practically always covered in injuries. Plus tape is expensive, i cant afford it in the long run. But i live in a country where surgery and transtitoning is not possible so its going to be hella expensive, and i cant pay for it. My mother is unemployed, my dad isnt even in the pucture, i had to drop out of school for many reasons and my job pays me 4$ an hour. I have food and i can get a few nice things here and there but thats it - i cant pay for anything else.

I cant post the link bc i need this to show up in tags, but its pinned on my profile. I also take art commissions, info for that is on my carrd (in blog description) or dm me if you cant find it.

Telling the internet all this makes me feel extremely vulnerable but im starting to get desperate. I cant live like this, i need help. Every penny counts.

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Hey guys, I never thought I would be making this kind of post but these things happen I guess.


(CW: (family) death, hydrophobia)

On Monday, November 23, my father very suddenly passed away in an incident at a local lake. He tried to go after his loose boat and went under. His body was recovered and we will be having a small graveside service for him after the holiday.

He was our primary source of income, which means we only have his life insurance and our minimal savings to rely on until we become financially independent. I am in college, my mother and I are unemployed, and my sister relies on her own income - so we are going to need some support alongside my efforts to receive more freelance work.

More details and a contribution link are in this Ko-fi post below. (The same CWs apply.) If you have the means to contribute, I would deeply appreciate it. I will be equally grateful if you share this with others. Thank you guys.

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