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sl33p1ng · 2 days ago
hi i’m a trans person babysitting my siblings (ages 3, 10, 11) every single day
we’re currently in need of about $300, as my mother has been sick and missed a lot of work, so we’re short on the electric bill and there’s a cut-off notice. we have like 4 days.
absolutely ANYTHING helps, from a dollar to a reblog.
p*ypal: leafyvro@gmail .com
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
ch*me: leafybb
ask for zelle
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zhijisms · 2 days ago
I’m so sorry for making another donation post but we need help paying our internet bill. It’s $98 and it’s due in 3 days. Any amount helps, even a $1. Don’t start shit on this post I’ll just block you
Tumblr media (please send via someone you trust. Otherwise it’ll be put on hold)
Venmo: @catmom934
Cashapp: $catmom934
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zevonne · a day ago
howdy doody i'm a black autistic + multiply disabled person who makes very little money and i need to buy some necessities for this upcoming month like medication, pain relievers, diapers, and other shit that i won't have enough for after bills/gas/food/etc. would appreciate any help with that, beloveds.
$piscesmadness or p*
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manimanistatue · a day ago
Please check this tweet.
I require psychiatric and medical care before my insurance runs out on December 31st, 2021.
Tumblr media
If you cannot share this here, please share the GoFundMe link elsewhere. This is mutual aid for a black disabled trans person. Please read the page in the link if you have any questions, and if you have further inquiries I can be reached by email at
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angriche · 16 hours ago
grandpa is either hours or days away from dying but either way I'll need at least a few days stay at a hotel which i can't afford.
if anyone can help
paypal is here
venmo is mustachioed
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crimeronan · 2 days ago
eta: SUPPORT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL, can comfortably get meds And groceries and probably pay back part of rent too 🥺 thank you guys
hello! kitkat crimeronan here with a new request for assistance 😔 god truly does give his hardest battles to his sexiest soldiers..... [stares mournfully into the distance]
the short version is! we cannot rly afford the meds & medical-related food i need at the moment. the financial need is short-term - the household Should be okay financially after i get paid for some upcoming freelance work, but i can’t.... really.... wait several days to get the meds and food.
venmo: @Katherine-MacEachern
the longer version is! back in september when our finances were tight because of health insurance issues and illness, you guys saved us So Much headache & stress. i hate to be making another post like this so soon after that but am Cautiously Optimistic that this is the last big struggle for a while
basically: what i Thought was an injury was actually a mad fucked up gastrointestinal issue. the first attempt to fix it Almost worked but not fully, so The Big Guns are being deployed, etc. i need to go on two different heavy-duty antibiotics and do a specialized diet for a week, and then i’ll be fine.
truly not bad, as treatments go! like. almost miraculous, as treatments go
the One problem is that i STILL don’t have the billable info for my health insurance policy - i can be reimbursed later, once i Do have the info (yay!), but for now i’ve been paying out of pocket. and it has been.... uh..... a lot of doctor’s visits. and meds. (and expensive imaging, but the hospital staff told me i didn’t need to pay upfront there 🥰)
so between that and my wife’s health insurance application Also being in process, i have paid...... [counts on fingers] ~$560 more than usual for health expenses. Just This Month. 
i do not have $560 in excess savings floating around my typical monthly income.
rafi has been covering a lot of our daily expenses like groceries to make up the difference, and they also paid significantly more than half of rent this month (though i will be paying them back when i’m able). so their funds are Also pretty depleted. i borrowed some money from my mom to replace our food after our fridge died (SERIOUSLY. THE FRIDGE FUCKING DIED. ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS.) but i ended up using it to pay for a doctor’s visit instead
all this is to say, Everything Happens So Much. just wanna buy groceries and medication, man, what gives :(
so! any help will go toward paying for my meds, my food, and general household groceries. if anything's left after that then it'll go toward the usual household bills and also reimbursing rafi for being an absolute angel who can do no wrong
as with the last time i made a post like this: Please don’t feel pressured to give if you aren’t able, and definitely don't feel pressured to give a Lot. literally anything & everything helps. i really appreciate you taking the time to read this, thanks to everyone for being so supportive and kind while i've been In The Health Shit these past few months 💕
(posted thursday, october 21, 2021)
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grayson-dick · 20 hours ago
A vet bill is coming up because I took Alfie to the hospital. Alfie has a knee luxation that has to heal by itself with the help of some chondroprotectors. No surgery is required for now🤞🏻
I'm not working right now, my dad's car broke (more money gone) and I'm supposed to get an income from the state but I haven't gotten it these past 2 months. I'm still waiting. So everything is a bit tight at home.
If anyone wants to spare a dollar or euro, here is my paypal / vicksgr
Alfie and me will be very thankful!
Tumblr media
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140cm · 2 days ago
if anyone is able to help me get some groceries tonight, i would be forever grateful. cashapp, venmo, and paypal are all @ upsette
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dkeslovewomen · a day ago
making a new donation post bc the last one lost traction ;.;
im a disabled nb bisexual whos currently unable to work. my mom used to care for an elderly woman but she recently lost that job and hasnt been able to find another full time one.
to add to all that a water pipe just burst and we need to fix it. we are rlly struggling.
please share this!
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literaltortoise · 20 hours ago
ik ive had to make a million donation posts this month but pls help if u can.
Tumblr media
my phone bill got taken out two days early and now im worried abt being able to pay rent when my paycheck comes in, since it's probably not going to be v much. any amt helps, im not trying to get all the way out of the red, just reduce it. white ppl should heavily consider paying reparations.
c: $literaltortoise / v: @/literaltortoise / p:
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Could use some help paying an ambulance bill for my mother
Hello again, I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped last time my mother had a major panic attack in Walmart, unfortunately it happened again, this time during a Halloween event at our zoo was doing, my mom had taken my nephew but again, she had a mysterious panic attack (I call it mysterious, as we are unsure if that’s actually what happened, or if it was something more serious like a stoke. After multiple doctors visits the cause is still unknown) I wasn’t there, but I did get briefed on the situation via my brother (my nephew’s father)
Our ER bill was covered by a program the hospital had, but the bill from the ambulance doesn’t accept that and barely accepts payment plans as is, and they’re very aggressive about getting payment. We are still working on paying off the bill from last time, which was several hundred.
My mom suspects it’ll cost AT LEST $800 USD, due to how far they had to drive. If ya’ll have anything to donate, please consider helping my mom.
You can donate through my Ko-FI or PlayPal/Me
I can also make you something in exchange for donating! I can write a short reader insert drabble, make a comic edit, wallpapers and icons, or maybe doodle a scarecrow!
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lovelyshou · 11 hours ago
Can someone get food? I live in canada and i only have etransfer, i dont have money for groceries and i have zero food. I only have cheap coffee ive been drinking and financial support got cut off and i havent recieved any benefits from my aid. Please reblog this if you can, anything will help.
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zhijisms · 16 hours ago
okay last donation post for a while. im moving into a house very soon(most likely the end of November) and i have almost everything i need for it i just need to get a mini fridge + microwave + a cooktop, i can get all of those from walmart for $260. I have $60 right now so all i need is $200. anything helps, even a $1. dont start anything on this post i’ll just block (please send via someone you trust, otherwise itll be put on hold)
venmo: @catmom934
cashapp: $catmom934
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youpickedupaspoon · a day ago
help me pay off medical debt so i can qualify for financial aid at my local hospital!
i am disabled and i cannot work to pay this off. i’m nearing my second year of fighting for disability.
all my debt is from emergency room visits. one is from an allergic reaction i had to medication. the other was from when i was working and slammed my head into a sink. i passed out on the job and had to get checked out at the hospital to make sure i didn’t have a concussion.
please help because i’ll never be able to pay this off by myself.
this is how much i owe:
Tumblr media
c*shapp: $dandelionpunk75
p*ypal: dandelionpunk 
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gaysymbiote · a day ago
(oct 22)
I know we’re all struggling right now so just reblogging & passing this along is so, so appreciated ❤️
hi I’m Joey and I’m a poor sad trans bitch once again asking for help. this year has been horrible and difficult not only financially, but emotionally and mentally. I’m an abuse survivor actively struggling to afford the basic things that I need to live (rent, food, meds, etc). I’ve almost been homeless twice now and shit sucks so bad.
I promise I’m trying rlly hard to get my shit together but it’s taking longer than I’d hoped :(
venmo @gothicfangs
cashapp $gothicfangs
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strawberryb1onde · 2 days ago
hello! im river, im a 22 year old trans man and im 6 months on T. i am raising money for top surgery. my chest dysphoria is becoming unbearable and binding is very hard on my body due to the size of my chest (they're at least a DD but it's been years since ive been properly sized). my binder doesn't even make my chest flat. my job can also be very strenuous, so binding while at work is very difficult if not outright painful.
im hoping to get surgery from Dr. Kenneth Wolf in michigan as he has a lot of successful, aesthetically pleasing results in people w my body type.
Dr. Wolf doesnt take insurance, but the flat rate for top surgery with him is $6400. this includes a down payment to secure a date, anaesthesia, the surgery itself, and the post-op binder. im also going to need to be able to cover the flight to and from michigan, prescriptions, and money for food (since i won't be able to work while i recover). im estimating the total cost of the whole ordeal to be about $7000.
i want to try and save half of the total cost on my own, so im only fundraising for $3500! i live paycheck to paycheck on floridas shitty minimum wage, so raising the full amount on my own would take a very, very long time. my body is tired of binding, and im tired of not feeling at home in my own body, so id really love to get top surgery as soon as i possibly can.
every donation means so much to me!! thank you so much for reading. if you can't donate, please share this post! it would mean a lot to me.
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space-punkk · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello, im a black queer trans/nonbinary person asking for help once again. Please donate or share anything helps. I just…need to get stable so I can live and go back to school and pay rent. I’m trying to raise $780 to get back on track when my job starts the 29th. Please I’m so desperate…
Venmo: spacepunk
Cashapp : spacepunkk
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sherlockisthenight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A friend of my cousin needs help to pay a medical bill for her cat, please donate if you can and signal booster if you can’t!!
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respectfully · a day ago
ugh i hate remaking my post bc im desperate but. hi
Tumblr media
my bank account is currently -200 in the negative, i have no food in my house, and i don't start my new job for at least two weeks. i can't ask my mom for money help anymore and asking my dad is like shooting myself in the foot. i have been unemployed for over a year now and finally have a well paying job lined up, but i don't start any time soon since i have to do a background check and pass a drug test.
i just genuinely want to be able to eat this week, i don't know what else to do at this point.
my p*ypal is: /ezrabanksy
my c*shapp is: $luvlandfrog
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batsunemiku · a day ago
hey yall, this is kinda an emergency. we didnt get paid as much as we thought we would, so we need groceries as well as transportation money. i have a post-op appointment at 2:30 PST, and it's gonna cost at most 50$ bucks to get there and back. we're running low on groceries as well, so anything helps
Venmo: @giftofeden
Cashapp: $giftofeden
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