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#donations appreciated

Early yesterday morning one of my internet friends was in a really bad car accident that’s left him in critical condition and in an induced coma. Both of his lungs were punctured, his clavicle and every rib on the left side of his body are broken, as well as some of his lumbar vertebrae. I know that not everyone may be able to donate to help his family with his medical bills, but I also know Tumblr can be an amazing place for people to come together and help those in need. So please, if you’re able, donate here to Blayden’s recovery funds. Thanks so much guys.

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This isn’t something I normally do but.. my car is close to shitting the bed and I’m unemployed. I need my car to get to and from my mental health appointments and I’m asking for a little help in raising funds. I will be selling pendulum readings for donations. Depending on the donation I will do 1 or more readings and I will soon be adding tarot readings to this post, which will come in an update. My PayPal account is

My PayPal email is.

Message me on here with you question(s) and let me know your donation amount. Yes or no questions please and thank you. I appreciate any help that I can get from all the kind souls on this app.

Thank you, Blessed Be 🌒🌕🌘 💕

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So, money is still really tight at home, and donations or commissions would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten one $30 donation so far, and I am insanely appreciative for it, and it’s going currently towards food.

I’m also currently still looking for a job as well as trying to save up for both a car and new computer, so anything at all would really help me.

I have a ko-fi linked in my bio and my paypal is

As for commissions, they are open both here and on my writing blog @ofinkandpaper and they will probably be just a tad slow as I’m having to write on my phone currently which makes it both easier and harder for me to make and see errors in my writing and I wanna give y’all the best I can.

If y’all have any questions, please feel free to contact me at either blog! Or even feel free to email me if you’re more comfortable with that using the email above.

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I have The Voice callbacks Wednesday in philly but it’s an 8 hour drive & I’m back in ohio for school SO WE HAVE TO DRIVE 8 HOURS AGAIN TUESDAY BECAUSE WE CANT AFFORD FLIGHTS lol dangit

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Shit is whack lmao. I was SO CLOSE to winning so many rounds of bingo tonight. Most recent and important: I was 2 numbers away from winning $600. My mom won $49 though.
I’m trying to buy myself an iPhone 5S. Mine’s turning more and more to shit everyday. And I need a job because I’m trying to buy myself a 325xi BMW.

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All I want is like £1,000,000 so that I can buy everything that I want and essentially have a need for from Drop Dead. 

Either that or just crazy anonymous donations that are just coincidentally everything I love and want from Drop Dead to the charity known as my closet since I have literally 3 outfits and my mother thinks I will attract Satanists and ‘get involved with the wrong people’ if I wear a dress with upside down crosses on it. 

I’ll even settle for people coming to visit me from England and bringing me house warming gifts like a shirt that says 'eat shit and die' 

okay fine yeah maybe it is too much to ask for but come on people open your hearts

and wallets

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