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[9:22pm] Donghun’s hand clamped over your mouth, his lips against your ear as he spoke. “Didn’t I say you have to shut up?” He whispers, his hips never stopping as he drove into you over and over. “A lot of people come in and out of this bathroom. You know it’s crowded, baby.” You nod, whimpering softly into his palm as he continues to fuck you at a fast pace. You were both desperate to get off, so desperate that you’d sneak into a bathroom stall at a music show they’re performing at. “You gonna be nice and quiet when you cum?” He whispers, knowing you can’t hold on much longer. You nod again, your eyes fluttering closed as the feeling builds. He chuckles, soft lips still pressed to your ear, “Liar.”

kinktober, day 22 - public sex.

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I don’t know why I cry when making my own edits but I do😪🥺😞

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okaaaaaaay but ONLY BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. AND A.C.E.

  • much like kun, this chart is hella deceiving
  • the front is all soft and cute and uwu flower boy
  • but do not be fooled
  • ohohoho
  • he leans hard into those not soft placements
  • in fact i’m pretty sure that aries venus is responsible for 97% of his hoe antics
  • gets off on being adored
  • likes an audience
  • interpret that how you will
  • but then if he happens to not get a positive reaction
  • the illusion falls apart
  • if one (1) person doesn’t love him, no one will
  • oops time to retreat into his fantasy world where nothing ever goes wrong and reality is not an issue
  • will need a VERY strong partner to pull him out of his frequent downward spirals
  • jesus take the wheel
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Jun turns around from the stove with a straight face “Please don’t give him any ideas/ I am not trying to open a toothpaste business from home.”

Chan laughs “Okay okay… we’re getting off track. Back to you and Donghun hyung becoming friends! We need a plan!”

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