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#donna beneviento
classyfruit16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oh dear, what a delicate situation. Of course, Bela could dissolve into her bug swarm and be free, but then again...
Finally some Beladonna food for all of you sweethearts! I had an absolute blast exploring their dynamics and headcanoning them as SO very bashful. They NEED Angie to intervene, it's in their best interest. 馃槍
I hope all of you enjoy the art AND the fall weather. Much love and take care of your health!
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villainess-supremacy3 days ago
I would just like to say that a character can be a lesbian without official confirmation as much as a straight character doesn't need one to be seen as straight.
the only difference is the homophobia
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cookiekitten912 days ago
I might draw the Halloween idea for the human au. Just Dani begging for a hotdog costume even though the Dimitrescus already have their vampire family group theme.
Alcina: "Donna already made all the costumes, Daniela, and she worked very hard to finish them on time. Halloween is a week away, she can't sew you something different on such short notice--"
Donna: (cue DEATH GLARE)
Donna: "Alcina, are you suggesting there is something I can't sew?"
Alcina: "I--"
Donna: "Dani, grab your things. We're going to the fabric store."
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haiikaiiia day ago
Thinking abt writing donna x reader rn 馃槱馃
Tumblr media
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just a lil' fluffy thought i had: imagine growing and plucking some flowers just for a bouquet for the dimitrescu ladies 馃ズ
Awwwh 馃ズ I was thinking about this ask last night.. and these were the ideas I had for their bouquets..
Alcina: Mostly red and white roses with a sprinkling of queen Anne's lace and white star flowers.
Bela: Sunflowers, of all shapes and sizes.
Cassandra: Persian lillies, night embers and queen of the night tulips.
Daniela: A plethora of wild flowers including blue bonnets, poppys, forget-me-nots and perennials.. no theme, just chaos.
Donna: Flowers from some of her favorite herbs.. spearmint, jasmine, rosemary and bee balm.. to name a few.
Sal: Water incumbent flowers.. water lillies, anubias, water hyacinth and just a touch of seaweed.
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homoo-wan-kenobi5 hours ago
imagine alcina making you sleep at donna's cause you decided to be a little shit and bite her on her ass and not softly but like really fucking hard to where she actually felt it and it left a mark and then imagine having to like explain to donna why you're spending the night with her and she's just like 馃憗馃憚馃憗, skskskksksk idk why this is so funny to me but this was one of my many thoughts I had at work 馃槶馃槶
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canonvillage2 days ago
donna hcs?
Donna will always be best girl <33
鈥 She keeps her parents and Claudia鈥檚 rooms locked at all times. She crams boxes into them so she blocks herself physically and mentally from going in and remembering anything.
鈥 Sometimes on a good day, she鈥檒l manage to hallucinate certain smells and sounds that remind her of her family.
鈥 But on bad days she will shut off completely. It鈥檒l be impossible for her to muster the energy to even talk to Angie.
鈥 Angie knows this and despite all her mischief, she will sit quietly with Donna while she works.
鈥 Donna鈥檚 cadou in her eye is painful, sometimes causing such intense migraines that she鈥檚 bed ridden for days.
鈥 She hates getting sick as she feels useless. It鈥檚 one of the times she wishes she had someone around in person to look after her.
鈥 But she鈥檚 learnt to live with her loneliness.
鈥 She welcomes visits from Alcina and the daughters but becomes very anxious when they turn into swarms of flies that come bursting through the front door.
鈥 They tend to amuse themselves while Alcina chats to Donna. Even if she can鈥檛 get much conversation out of her, Alcina accepts her sibling and feels as much of a protection over her as her daughters.
鈥 Donna gets along with all of her siblings, but clashes with Heisenberg the most.
鈥 He doesn鈥檛 understand why she will not talk and uses Angie for everything. But gradually, he learns to accept her.
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romantichorea day ago
ok but: limbo at castle dimitrescu
(was probably heisenberg's idea. laughed his ass off at alcina the entire time. moreau gets eliminated first because he can't really bend that way. daniela gets caught trying to use the flies to bend a little lower. donna is astonishingly good at it and offers no explanation, beats everyone without breaking a sweat. heisenberg fucks up his back and complains about it for weeks)
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mirandas-princess2 days ago
Tumblr media
Did nobody else realise this but me?? For this reason Donna is gonna cosplay as Sabrina from the Pok茅mon anime for Halloween (and Angie is going to look like the doll obviously)
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redoqsa day ago
I have a question
How would Donna flirt or try to pursue someone she likes? Asking for research
You think Donna would actually go for someone??? LMFAOOOO no I鈥檓 kidding, she would
Donna would be so ridiculously subtle with her affects like if you didn鈥檛 already know that she had feelings for you because of Angie you would鈥檝e thought she was just being friendly, you know, gals being pals.
She鈥檚 so subtle, it starts off with her sitting closer to you than normal on the couch. She used to sit on the opposite end completely, if she was even in the same room as you at all. Now? It鈥檚 like everyday she sits just a smidge closer, like barely a centimeter. Eventually the day comes when the two of you sit so close that your shoulders are nearly touching and Donna鈥檚 inner dialogue is 鈥渙hmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!鈥
Next she鈥檚 gonna try to touch you, starting with hand holding. It鈥檚 so painful to watch just how slow she reaches over and she barely even touches you, she locks her pinky with yours and keeps it like that for a long time, a very long time. It takes forever for her to touch ring fingers, the middle and index. Then she lays her whole hand on top of yours and eventually she gains the courage to hold your hand, loosely at first and then tightly and Angie is cheering next to her like 鈥測esssss finally!!!鈥 The hand holding evolves to shoulder touching to her laying her head on your shoulder and you鈥檙e so happy that she鈥檚 comfortable enough to be that way with you
Now flirting鈥onna鈥檚 horrible at it. She鈥檚 so bad at it it鈥檚 just as funny as it is cringey. She will stutter through a compliment. She鈥檚 trying to tell you that youre hair looks nice today but she鈥檚 stumbling over her words and blushing it鈥檚 so bad
鈥淵our, um. Well, uh, your鈥our hair *incoherent sputtering*鈥
鈥淒onna? Are you okay?鈥
鈥淵-yes! Yes, I鈥檓 fine. I just want to tell you that I think you鈥檙e鈥ou鈥檙e very鈥.uh鈥︹
*angie from across the room* oh for FUCK鈥橲 sake!!!!
Even after you two get together the flirting from Donna is so bad but it鈥檚 sweet that she tries and you always manage to know what she鈥檚 trying to say. Eventually, EVENTUALLY it gets better but only marginally. At least now she manages to make a complete sentence and awwwww did she just say she loved your smile? Now you gotta kiss her silly
Oh! Kissing! Yeahhhhh鈥he鈥檚 terrified of doing that. She wants to, lord she wants to, she cant go a day without thinking about imagining how your lips would feel on hers. She鈥檚 done everything thus far: held your hand, complimented you, essentially cuddles with you on the couch. She鈥檚 sure you know how she feels and she just鈥he really wants to kiss you but she makes no attempt to try. The most she will do is stare at your mouth when you talk and you notice. You鈥檙e the one who has to make the first move because she鈥檚 doing too much staring and not enough moving so one day while you鈥檙e cuddling, Donna on your chest, your arms wrapped around her, Donna sits up suddenly and she鈥檚 asking you something but nah you鈥檙e not paying attention and you just bring a hand to her face, stroke her cheek and slowly bring her down towards you and kiss her softly. It鈥檚 so sweet and perfect and nothing could ruin this moment
Getting off topic but to sum this all up鈥onna鈥檚 way of flirting is ultra slow, soft and incredibly subtle but she wins in the end!
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Tumblr media
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to show me yet鈥︹ She says in a voice lowered to the softest octave that padded along loose air like the paws of a stalking tiger afraid of scaring away its prey. 鈥淛ust your lips are fine for now.鈥
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cookiekitten91a day ago
In my RE8 human au, the other 3 lords plus Miranda all chip in to buy Donna a really nice eyepatch. They accidentally buy one that鈥檚 fitted for the wrong eye.
(Donna just wears it as a sleep mask)
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lucidmagic2 days ago
Chapters: 7/10
鈥‵andom: Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse)鈥
Rating: Mature鈥
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply鈥
Relationships: Donna Beneviento/Reader, Donna Beneviento & Reader鈥
Characters: Donna Beneviento, Angie (Resident Evil), Donna Beneviento (Resident Evil), Reader鈥
Additional Tags: Gentle Burn, Slow Burn, ya鈥檒l want soft? I鈥檒l give you soft (with a dash of repressed sexuality), Donna deserved better, Gremlin Angie, Eventual Smut, My God these bitches gay, Good for them, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Not Beta Read, Pinning? Pinning, Mutual Pining, reader is a botanist/phytologist because for reasons, Plot? No Plot only pinning, discussions of depression/anxiety, Slight AU in which the Lords actually care for each other, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, Discussions of autism and neurodivergency, Dealing with grief and mourning, Additional Trigger Warnings at the beginning of each chapter鈥⊿eries: Part 1 of sing to us the one with violets in her lap鈥⊿ummary: 14k babyyyyyyyyyy
Sorry for the late update and 鈥︹ I鈥檓 sorry :)
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Talk of death, talk of losing a sibling, loss of a child being talked about, grief processing, mentions illness/pandemic, general sadness and heartache, avoidance, graves, angst, general gay angst.
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lelianasbitch2 days ago
Imagine just lying in bed with Donna after waking up. Talking in soft voices about anything and everything that comes to mind. Her soft chuckles or the way she鈥檇 snuggle close. Legs tangling each other, the two of you drifting in and out of sleep. Her slow, deep breaths when she falls asleep to your hand running through her hair. When you follow suit and wake to find her smiling sleepily at you or pressing soft kisses to your forehead, cheeks, and nose because she didn鈥檛 want to wake you just yet but couldn鈥檛 resist. Her voice, already so raspy, would have to be a whisper as soon as she wakes to greet you good morning.
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kokoro--nerd8 hours ago
Random Beladonna Headcanons
When Donna visits for dinner at the castle, Angie ends up being a messenger and passes notes between her mistress and Bela- even though they are literally sitting across from each other at the table. Yep, Angie is just walking under the table, delivering notes. Bela giggles at whatever Donna writes and Donna lets out a soft sigh (not really loud enough for everyone to hear but her body language gives it away). Meanwhile, Cassandra and Daniela are pulling their hair out at this stupid, gay slow burn show.
Donna secretly likes it when Bela leaves deep, dark red hickies on her neck. Donna is covered from head-to-toe anyways and it makes her giddy under the veil. You can't see it, but Donna is smiling and blushing underneath.
Bela is such a big baby. Donna has to leave. Whimper. Donna has to stop petting Bela's hair for one second to adjust her veil. Whimper. Donna isn't giving Bela enough attention. Whimper.
Being the taller one, Bela steps into Donna's light so that the sun doesn't bother her or shine into her face. Even though the dollmaker has protection from the veil.
Donna is not a big eater, so Bela finishes her leftovers. Sometimes Donna purposely leaves out a little extra because she likes watching Bela eat.
If they take a (bubble) bath together, Donna and Bela sit on opposite ends of the tub so they can face each other. In rare occasions, Bela would lay against Donna and be spoiled in her arms (Bela will never admit this to her sisters).
Donna is the type to lick her thumb and wipe away whatever debris is on Bela's face. Bela just licks because she has no shame and it amuses her to see Donna get badly flustered.
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berrymimes13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Resident Evil Village Charm PRE-ORDERS Open!
(as well as the debut of my esty store!)
I鈥檓 very excited to finally be selling merchandise. If these do well, expect more listings to come! 馃挊
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