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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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i just watched velvet buzzsaw, and maybe it’s because i absolutely love jake gyllenhaal, but i kinda wish morf hadn’t died. he was the one to figure it out, he tried to get them to stop selling it, i understand that the whole point is whoever profited from the art will be punished, i just felt kinda bad for morf.

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I got thinking about Halloween and Elliot being invited to an awkward Halloween party by Darlene. He’s asked to dress for the occasion but he really hates the idea of even turning up. Especially without a hoodie to hide in. So he wears the outfit Donnie wears on halloween in the movie Donnie Darko.

Mr Robot makes an appearance as Frank to help Elliot feel at ease and because the irony tickles him a little. Of course no one else can see him, only Elliot. And sometimes pretending you’re someone else can really help with social situations. Something Elliot understands all too well.

Donnie Darko isn’t JUST about time travel. It’s could also be seen as a very early representation of both PTSD (having seen Frank run over and kill Gretchen in the “past loop” and then of course he shoots Frank in the face. The trauma of that causes Donnie to hallucinate) and/or a dissociative disorder like DID or OSDD. With that said though, PTSD and DID/OSDD have a lot to so with time themselves. In essence, trauma is very much like time travel. It takes us back to the “has beens” and forward to the “what ifs”. Flashes of things we’d rather forget or things we ought to remember in order to survive into the future.

So yeah, I think if Elliot had to go to a halloween party this year, it would be as Donnie Darko in his skeleton onesie and hoodie.

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Quotidianità (Daily Life, English below)

Mi piace questa canzone e mi piace Donnie Darko, ma non mi sarei aspettata di sentirla mentre mi trovo in coda al supermercato, attendendo il mio turno al banco formaggi e salumi. Magari è già successo, e lo trovo strano adesso soltanto perché vi presto attenzione. Comunque, in generale in un supermercato mi aspetto canzoni gioviali, leggere, e Mad World di solito mi suscita altre sensazioni. Invece, in quel contesto sembra stonare e mi fa sorridere. Mi guardo intorno, i visi paiono tesi, preoccupati dietro quelle mascherine variopinte. Tutto ha un’aria stanca, spossata. Sono le 17, fuori è già buio e c’è il coprifuoco da Covid-19. Quando esco, saluto il ragazzo africano che staziona sempre lì: un’anziana signora gli sta allungando alcune monete, chiedendogli di portarle il trolley per la spesa in cima alle scale. Il ragazzo prende il carrello e si avviano.

- - - -

It won’t be easy, but I’ll try my best to translate.

I like this song and Donnie Darko, too. But I wouldn’t have expected to hear it in a supermarket, waiting my turn at the fresh cheese and meat aisle. 

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você precisa respeitar ambos os lados do sistema político. precisa respeitar os dois partidos, e ainda que você possa discordar de muitas coisas que um partido representa, precisa tentar compreender as razões para alguém pensar daquela forma; do contrário, vocês nunca vão chegar a uma solução

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