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#donquixote doflamingo
mastomysowner · a day ago
Tumblr media
From OP log5 by まわり
1: “We hate you two!!“
2: “What’s the matter? Leave them be. It's just kids’ talk. Don't worry about it, fufufu.“
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one-piece-aus · 3 hours ago
finding out the Warlords tickle spot and how ticklish they are.
Discovering The Warlords Ticklish Spot and How Ticklish They Are (Headcanons)
Tumblr media
Doflamingo's ticklish spot is right behind his knee
With those tall stick legs that is a vital spot for tickling
He's very ticklish there but you never got to bring him to his limit because he'd always take away his legs not long after you started tickling him
You'd get him to start laughing and that's when the fun ends
Get the kids to help hold him down while you tickle if you want to see how ticklish he really is
Tumblr media
Jinbei's ticklish spot is behind the ears
But he's not very ticklish
You'd get a smile and a small chuckle at most
At least it puts him a good mood
You do it whenever he's feeling down, it always puts a smile on his face
Tumblr media
Kuma is a cyborg, there's not many places to work with since most of his body is turned into metal
I can say that his hands are still flesh so if you were to try to tickle him go there
Specifically in between the fingers
You don't get much of a reaction
But he does try to give you a smile for attempting to make him laugh
Tumblr media
Mihawk does not have a tickle spot
Trust me, Shanks tried a million times
He still does
You do try to find his non-existent ticklish spot, he'll just question you
"What are you trying to do, [Y/n]?"
Tumblr media
His horns
Moria's ticklish spot is by his horns
Good luck trying to reach it though
You did one when he was sleeping
He's extremely ticklish there
Tumblr media
Crocodile's ticklish spot is on his neck
Specifically his collar bone
Every time you try he will flinch and try to move away from you
It's a vital spot and he doesn't like being vulnerable
If you tickle him by mistake, he'll break out a smile and gently remove you from the spot
Tumblr media
It's her underpits
Boa gets very flustered every time you tickle
Her face just explodes in red
She scolds you tickling her
She doesn't like being tickled but it works on her
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Hey babe how are you?
For kinktober, could i ask for doflamingo with prompt n* 15 / 28 / 3 (y/n receiving)? Feel free to choose between them please and thank you of you do it.
Have a nice day ❤
You're welcome, I don't get to write for Doffy as much so I hope you like it!
Day 15: overstimulation
(This work includes: gender neutral!reader)
(NSFW under the cut as always!)
"Fuffuffu," The tall man snickers to himself, sunglasses adorn on top of his head and wide devilish grin across his face as he lays back and watches his own handiwork at play. It only takes one flicker of his hands for the strings to tighten around your squirmy form neatly tied and presented above him - legs already spread wide open and no matter how hard you struggle you're forced to stay that way. He doesn't even have to do any work at all! All he has to do is continue to lay back in his comfy bedsheets and watch you beg and plead to let you finish, but of course where's the fun in that? What's fun finishing so soon when he can make a whole show out of it? Seeing you like this; your eyes rolled back, mouth agape in hope for something, anything to fill it, your legs no matter how hopeless to any victory you still try to fight against the restraints he put on you to clamp down on that wanton throbbing need between your legs as some sort of pathetic substitute for pleasure that only he can give you.
So once he feels done and bored with this little game, playing with you for a little bit give your spots a good lick and squeeze here and there, finally does he decides that you've been good enough; only then he will give you exactly what you ask for and then some to the point where it overwhelms and breaks you. That his favorite side of you.
Even time the switch flips it's always genuinely terrifying. One moment he'll be laid back, no engery put in his actions while letting his fruit do most of the work, but then he'll switch it up. Now he's death gripping the meat of your thighs and tugging/ripping them down from the posts of the bed roughly devouring and manhandling you his long tongue buried in the deepest part of you pounding in and out every which way that will get you to release every little bit of your soul right out of your body only to pull away and bite and suck on your most tender flesh to bring you crashing right back down to earth again until his face is stained for days afterwards with your juices and you're bedridden from not being able to walk for a week.
He repeats this process over and over and over again until he makes damn sure you crying and screaming both your love and devotion to him. No other man, woman, or person will ever make your body erupt in pleasure the way he does and he's dedicated to keep in that way until the world utterly destroyed and ruined with chaos of this upcoming era. He'll make damn sure of it.
Tumblr media
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beif0ngs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳feat. characters ranked in the TOP 50 of the Worldwide Popularity Poll (Part I)
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foorubbish · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve got no strings to hold me down To make me fret Or make me frown
( Drawing some other OP characters. Bonus: )
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mastomysowner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From ドフ鰐まとめ3(手書き) by SE
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thecatatonic · a month ago
Tumblr media
don't forget your floaties
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