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First of all: Happy Birthday, dear.🦩❤
 I really hope you have the best day! Even if celebrating with friends is a little critical these days…

It got quit long, so I put it under the cut

So here for you:


Birthdays are a huge thing in Dressrosa, especially if it´s the birthday of a Donquixote member!
The citizens from this vivid island show their appreciation through sending gifts to the palace and organizing street festivals In order to celebrate the member of the royal family.

You and the rest of the family do join the festivities, but the real party is held in a small circle.
While there will be a grand ball the next day, your birthday is celebrated with the most important people only.

Not just yours, but the Birthday of every member is celebrated in the same fashion.
The Name “Family” suits you guys very well, even if it doesn´t appear like this all the time, all of you treasure the bond you have.
Every member experienced loneliness, despair and much more at one point, but the moment you become a member, all of them will make sure that you´ll never feel anything like that again.

Since you are Doflamingos Wife, your birthday starts off with him waking up next to you for once.
Since he is a busy man the days you wake up next to each other are rare, but always worth the wait.
He treasures the days with you and would do anything to wake up next to you on your or his birthdays.

Every breakfast (or meal in general) ends up more like a banquet everyday, but the obligatory birthday brunch still feels different.
The meal is not prepared by servants on this days, neither did servants decorate the room. On special occasions the family members come together to prepare the food, and the decorations themselfes.
Every single one contributes something for the brunch.
Jora cooks most of it with the help of Dellinger and Sugar (though both of them spent most of the time fighting).
Trebol, Diamante and Pica Decorate the Dining Table, more or less succeeding.
Lao G and Buffallo take care of the background music. (Though it´s probable that Buffalo only helps to prevent Lao G from putting on his Martial Arts Workout Playlist)
Baby 5 usually switches from member to member, offering her help here and there.
All in all, it ends up in a huge chaos, but under Diamantes Supervision (which he really wants to get credit for) it all works out.

Waking up on your birthday is the best thing, really.
You woke up and scrunched your eyes at the warm rays of light shining on your face.
The first thing you really noticed was the pressure on your hips, looking down you smiled for a second.
He always made sure to hold onto what was his, even in his sleep.
Doflamingo constantly asserts his dominance, subconsciously being afraid to loose it how he lost it when he and his brother were tortured back then.

Turning around in his tight grip, you cautiously watched him. He laid on his side, head propped up on one of his forearms, which was outstretched, previously serving you as a pillow as well.
His other arm was slung around your hips, clutching you tightly. His impressive height combined with his long extremetys always astonished you.
The arm that held you in place reached all around your torso to the hip that laid on the silky, ivory sheets.

His face looked peaceful for a change.
Your husband looked so different without his shit-eating grin or angry expression, unusual calm, but different from most people, never defenseless. Doflamingo was always wary, always one step ahead and he made sure that people knew.
His whole deameanour aims at perfection and superiority, even in his sleep he looked like he had the upper hand.

You cuddled deeper into his warmth, pushing your face against his chest. It felt familiar to you, he was your personal cuddle corner. His height was actually pretty great for that and he always enjoyed your attention to the fullest, always gave it back with pleasure. The great Doflamingo Donquixote was not afraid of anything, especially not loving his wife and if anybody would ever say something about sharing his affection with you….well this person would regret it.

A loud clatter woke him up, you loved the family, but there sure was chaos wherever they went!

Doflamingo rose up slightly, taking you with him into a sitting position.
The hand that laid on the pillow before now rubbed his eyes, while a groan rumbled in his chest, revibrating through your body as well.

“I swear someday I´ll……”

His voice was still groggy from sleep. You giggled softly.

“Haha. They can be rather sweet sometimes. Can´t they?”


Still not fully awake he moved backwards to lean again the headboard as he shifted you til you sat in his lap, facing him.
With one of his large hands he pulled you closer to him until his lips ghosted over the soft skin under your ear, his other arm held you close by slunging around your lower back.

“Happy Birthday”

He kissed the exposed skin lightly, softly cupping your cheek as he moved upwards towards your mouth.
The kiss was a lot sweeter than what you were used to, but it slowly but surely turned more passionate.

The kissed his way down your face, to you neck, to you neckline, deeper down until-

The sounds of two pairs of feet came closer to your shared bedroom.
Groaning he pulled back and let you down beside him, just in time.
The door opened and the two children peeked in with smiling faces.

Dellinger rested his hand on a protesting Sugar as he shouted in his usual cheery voice.

“Happy Birthday! Come on get down we made breakfast for youuu!”

Smiling at the two children you obliged, putting on your robe and pulling a still groggy Doflamingo after you.
As soon as you came down you found yourself being squished against Joras Chest as she wished you a happy birthday. The members all impatiently waited to congratulate you

The Brunch was (like every meal was) versatile, filled with everyone´s favourite dishes and drinks. You ate, laughed and ate more.
After having the Brunch you got ready and went out to see the festivities. It still amazed you how much appreciation the townees had for the royal family.
You as well, even if you joined them much later and weren´t one of the heros that saved the Citizens from the late Kings rampage.

The streets were even more colourful and vivid than usual, balloons, confetti and people in festive robes filling the wide roads.
Peoples cheers and Congratualtions almost predominated the sound of music.
After a while you left the festival to get a breather on the sunflower fields.

The Family got together on a blanked cushioned by a load of fluffy pillows, having a drink (Juice for the children, because underage drinking..not under Doffys watch!) and talking.
It was times like these you favoured, your life was usually so hectic. Dressrosa needed to be ruled, the family business always boomed, giving you a lot of work. Just sitting all together and enjoying each others company was way too rare for your taste.
Smiling you watched as Lao G played Tag with the children, wanting to prove that he was still as agile as he was when he was younger.
It was certainly a sight to see….and Trebol did not shy away from commenting Lao Gs Tag abilities, only spurring the old man on until Jora swatted him on the back of his head with a newspaper.

When the sun started to set, servant brought out baskets filled with good smelling food.
You ate in silence, enjoying the families antics as you watched them all, sitting in Doffys lab.
Never would you have thought back then…never would you have thought that you would ever be cherished the way you are now, by the family and your husband as well.
Doffy rested his chin on your shoulder, kissing the side of your neck before speaking.

“Fu Fu Fu..what are you thnking about?”

“Us….All of us”

He hummed, while thinking.

“We sure are lucky, dear….is this what you wanted”

You looked back at him.

“No…not really. Never thought I could want this or ever get this, but it is what I needed…even without knowing.”

He didn´t grin…he smiled softly.

“And you´ll have us. Always”

I hope this is to your liking :) 💖💕

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Corazon: *stares at the heart pirates*

Shachi: Oh my god it’s Commander Donquixote, we’re all going to die

Corazon: *starts to run*

Heart pirates: !!!

Corazon, hugging Law: LAAAWWW I MISSED YOUUUUU

Law: Hi dad

Heart Pirates: “DAD”?!?

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An AU in which Rosinante Donquixote doesn’t die.

  • Corazon points his gun at Doflamingo but struggles to actually shoot him. He then remembers what will happen if he fails to stop his older brother.
  • Doflamingo also shoots him, but his aim is off and thus Corazon doesn’t die just yet. The Donquixote Pirates retreat and later on Doflamingo dies from blood loss. The marines manage to find both Law and Corazon, managing to save the commander’s life.
  • Years later Law still becomes a pirate, because unlike Garp, Corazon doesn’t pressure him to join the marines especially since he has such a severe trauma about them. When Law gets his first bounty, Corazon is seen crying tears of joy because his son is doing so well, but he’s also sad that he and Law can’t meet publicly anymore.
  • Corazon starts to use his former spy gear again just to be able to see Law, sometimes he can’t contain himself and will jump onto the ship of the Heart Pirates just to give Law a squeeze. First time he did this the crew was sure that they’d be killed.
  • Law often breaks into the marine bases where Corazon is located to leave tiny gifts for both him and Sengoku, whom he considers to be his grandfather.
  • Sengoku often acts as if he hated the idea of Law being his grandson, but he actually has several photos of him in his office and he frequently goes through them.
  • Corazon and Sengoku gave Law a card that allows him to visit the marine therapist for free if he ever wants to have his childhood traumas be sorted out.
  • Corazon often refers to Law as his kitten much to Law’s embarrassment, but with the way he acts, it makes more sense than it should.
  • When Law became a warlord, Corazon cried tears of joy, calling the Pirate fondly his son.
  • Corazon has the habit of “accidentally” destroying evidence regarding where Law and his “friends” (aka allies) are located.
  • Corazon calls Luffy Law’s special friend because of the way how this chaotic rubber boy was able to make him loosen up a little.

Aka I need this AU and badly.

Can some kind soul please donate fics where my man Cora-San doesn’t die?

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in japanese, formality and affection are a lot less mutually exclusive than they are in, for example, english. in english, it’s expected that the closer you are to someone, the more casually you’ll address them, but that’s not really necessarily the case in japanese. basically, it doesn’t seem very weird in the original text, at least to me, that they call him by both affectionate and respectful names- they’re both ways of expressing how they care about him.

it’s also worth noting there’s also a third thing they very often call him- 若/waka, as an abbreviation/nickname for wakasama, which kind of hits the middle line between formality and affection very effectively.

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Masks needed to be uniform or the students got competitive, and the designs got flashier and more elaborate, and before you knew it someone had thrown themselves off the top floor of the school because their mask was too plain and everyone hated them. Or a revolution. A revolution was on the cards. Neither was an ideal situation.

“What was the design on Monday?” Principal Akainu jammed the end of a pen in his mouth and ground down. Craved a cigar.

“Flamingos, Sir.” Law had wanted to wear the bear paw print motif that day, but Doflamingo had been pensive, and pink usually cheered him up. It was a pretty nice mask, and Doffy had embroidered the black cloth himself with his favourite bird.




“Only white allowed, Trafalgar.” It’s not as if the reprobate didn’t know. The Donquixote family constantly flouted the dress code. Baby 5 running around with a mask scalloped like a doily. The Donquixote’s symbol imprinted all over Bellamy. Dellinger’s cover swam with fish and Gladius exploded in colour—literally. Like the cloth was manifest with hand-fluoro-grenades and cluster bombs.

It wasn’t a simple matter of the white cotton having run out.


“Yours. That bubble thing. Where’d you get it?” He asked Tsuru through his white paper mask. It was more difficult to hear Akainu now, but he was clearer than before. The angrier he was the more distinct he became.

“Associate,” Tsuru said, staring at the window rather than at the principal.

“Sengoku?” Sengoku’s masks alternated between seagulls and goats. “Where’d he get his?”



Fraternising with the damn enemy. But there was no white thread to be found. Or cloth.

“Tell ‘em I want five, pronto.” The Board of Education insisted that they be protected at all times. Saved them, saved the students.

“There’s no white cloth,” Tsuru said, “or thread.”

Read more at AO3. Title: uniform. Rating: G. Word Count: 2,047

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