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#dont know which kind tho

tiny vent!! inconsequential in the long run!! dw about it!! it’s a non issue no trigger warnings just little pining vent! read or don’t read idc

#thinking about how even tho people have admitted to liking me after they got over their crush#ive only ever been asked out as a joke. and how i've gotten stood up multiple times even when i have asked people out#and how it kind of sucks to like. not be desired in the way it seems other people get desired. like why dont people just ask me?#im approachable? ive been called non threateningly pretty like 6 times so im like quite sure that its not bc im Too Hot#am i too visibly mentally ill? do i flirt too much with everyone?? whats going on??#i've put a lot of feet forward in my time on this earth and i've always been the starter for things and ive been rejected plenty#and idk i just think its time for me to be wooed u know? i think i should be the one who gets asked to things.#i also want dates that i dont have to plan and unexpected gifts and to be flirted with and given special affection and attention#i want to get surprise hugged and casually touched and have hands rest on my waist and have someone check up on me in groups and like#when will someone look after me? its rotten work sure but maybe it wont be to someone u know?#i think ive done enough romancing i think someone should like me enough to put themselves on the line for once.#but idk maybe i expect too much.... its not happened yet so like. rip#sorry for pining publicly. fallen into multiple romance hyperfixations and valentines day is approaching#and people keep getting crushes and telling me about them (which is cute!! i do like being in the know)#but it means i have a lot of time to think about what i want#and rn i think its mostly to be wanted
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I really do need to actually watch Ojamajo Doremi all the way through bc I never have, despite it being a huge part of my life in fourth and fifth grade. Back then as far as I could tell, Sharp was still in the process of being subbed and the rest of the show wasn’t subbed at all. I know I watched all of the original (many, many times, both dubbed and subbed), mmmooostt? of Sharp (not sure I actually finished it? im having a hard time remembering…), but I’ve never actually seen anything else except the very last episode and a few Naisho ones (the non-chan episode is going to FUCK ME UP if I end up rewatching)

i know late child me was really mad they chose not to be witches at the end, haha. I’m curious if the themes will land better with me now or if I’d still be in the “wait no I want to live a long time with all my best friends using magic” camp.

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Am starting to seriously envisage learning ASL, if not to communicating on a daily basis just so I can actually fucking communicate in the rare time where I get overwhelmed by emotion (generally being extremenly sad) because I know I just can’t speak correctly without just breaking down.

Would it actually be useful? No, since no one around me knows it, bity heck would it be easier for me to explain why am crying without breaking back into tears.

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hmmmmmm so i completely forgot in the blur that was 2020 that the tie-up movie for psycho pass s3 aired and now its available w eng subs so s3 is complete. but like, is it separate from s1/s2 for the most part??? i rly wanna watch it now that i think abt it bc psycho pass was such a good show but if its too direct of a follow-up then id have to rewatch s1 and s2 and like.. as much as i love the series s2′s gore was unbelievable i dont think i could stomach it again

#god its been so long since ive seen pp actually.....#i stopped at the 1st movie which i watched w everyone else w ripped eng subs and a raw mov#i had no idea they made more movies to bridge s2 and s3 like 4 yrs later oof#i do remember vaguely hearing abt a s3 tho??#but yea my psycho pass phase ended early 2015 would GLADLY hop back on tho#if the new content is worth it#i read the summary and it seems like its w a new cast#but if there are callbacks of any kind i most likely will get none of them sooo#damn all of them literally came out in 2019 what was i watching then that i missed all the pp content????#i feel like all the k project movies came out early that year so prolly that#golden kamuy n chihayafuru too#o actually wait that was the start of the Year of daiya no wonder i blanked on everything else#anyway im rambling but IF YOUVE SEEN PP S3 N ENJOYED IT PLS RESPOND#if i have to watch the movies b4 s3 iunno tho#the eps are already 45+mins#if i have to watch 3 1hr long movies b4 i might fall off#esp if they dont have anything to do w the sibyl system#tbh i could def watch s1 again but like#knowing what happens (what to expect gore-wise) in s2 is a turn off plus mika is annoying lmaoooo#if i could go in blind again i would give it a shot but knowing#that i would be rewatching scenes that had my stomach in knots n remembering having to pause the ep to sit n breathe is a turn off#pp is incredible w the genre tho its very psychological#anyway thats enough ill stew on my thoughts for a few days
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