#dont know which one i like the most
julvc · 29 days ago
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3 versions of the snails
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lorillee · a month ago
i do think its very funny how one piece is simultaneously more and less sexist than like 80% of shounen
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djwellsted · a year ago
Tumblr media
‘the future is bright if we ebb with the flow’
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foldingpaperflowers · 3 months ago
My friend invited me to a concert yesterday! Usually, I would say no. Usually I'm under the impression that I was invited because someone forgot that concerts have strobe lighting that'll give me a seizure. In those cases I don't go. I don't want to ruin anyone's good time and make them look after me if something happens.
She invited me though because I was telling her about a concert I was going to go to (cancled because of covid) and how I was going to go while knowing I'd be lucky if I got to see half of the show.
She was like "there's a show I'm going to in a couple of weeks, it's an outdoor event that starts at noon so I'm sure that will be a lot better in terms of lights! Plus, I know how to deal with your seizures, and you know that I'll make sure you're all right if anything happens. I'm not planning to drink anyways, since I'm driving, so worst case we can always go back early! But it would be soo much fun if you came so you totally should!"
And idk I just like, never realized people would actually know about my disability and be so chill accommodating me. She found a concert that would be ideal before inviting me, and she figured everything out so that I wouldn't be stressed, and when she invited me she did so in a way that focused on how she'd be able to help.
It just made me realize that maybe I'm not such an inconvenience to my able-bodied friends. They don't feel like I'm making them miss out on the fun times, because they want me to be included in the fun times
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davyperez · 8 months ago
maybe bold take but sometimes yall say "well he's from texas" as a way to defend and dismiss the super homophobic, racist, or sexist things jensen ackles says, and i don't like the ideas that that works off of
#anyway my mom lives in texas#i know plenty of middle aged white men from texas who DONT make weird sexist racist and homophobic jokes#this man is from AUSTIN not bumfuck nowhere#he's a grown man in his 40s with full on free will! he's not just a product of his environment#the implication that people from texas automatically get a free pass on homophobia and racism and sexism.#ok so i guess we're just gonna pretend like texas isnt one of the most diverse states in the country#please! ignore the existence of all queer people in texas. all poc in texas. all women in texas#when you excuse bigotry bc someones from the south its fucking gross im sorry#you're playing into all kinds of stereotypes abt southerners that are based on classism and racism. its gross.#yall are the same people that were making jokes abt the power outages and shit in texas like ''well they did it to themselves''#do u not understand that texas is a red state bc of voter supression. bc of white supremacy.#bc politicians have been working very hard for a very long time to dismiss and ignore the voices of poc in texas.#yall realize just bc they literally have their ability to vote stripped from them that doesnt mean they dont exist?#when you imply that texans are naturally bigoted you ignore and dismiss the experiences of queer ppl and poc in texas#who have had their rights stripped from them.#AND you further the stereotype that southerners are uneducated and stupid and entirely white#which is not only classist but ALSO has been used to fuck over appalachians for fucking ever.#anyway theres my little rant#dont remove someones autonomy on the basis that theyre from texas and so racism and sexism and homophobia are somehow simply acceptable#anyway anyway anyway#phin.spam#spn cast
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lollitree · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Halloween!! I wanted to redraw this piece from 2 years ago, but I only ended up finishing the AFO one...
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sneez · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
fairfax in 70s clothes because i think seventeenth-century men would love flares and incredibly loud shirts and questionable woollen tank tops. i don't have a better explanation than that i am afraid
#artwork#fairfax#puritan swag. the parliamentarian drip#i'm still mid-exams (which is why i havent answered my asks yet i am so sorry dear friends) so this has been my stress relief activity#it has been very effective! would highly recommend drawing historical figures in flares :-D#and belted jumpers for some ungodly reason. i looked at many 'top ten worst 70s outfits' articles in the process of drawing these#i must confess though i would wear 100% of these outfits. especially the first two he is making it work so much#to be honest i dont know if fairfax would actually wear any of these in reality but the whole cavalier/roundhead fashion divide is mostly#fake anyway (they pretty much wore the same clothes for the most part) so i like to think he would. he was a swanky guy#ALSO theres that one extant buff coat he owned which i have posted many times before which had pink silk sleeves so i am choosing to#believe that he would wear all of these. thats my opinion as a historian#anyway! i hope you are all doing well my dear friends :-D i miss you all very much#i am so close to being Fwee now..........i only have two more exams and my final one is on the last day of term so i am Almost There#i am absolutely exhausted though. i have five five-hour exams writing three essays for each and they are about as agonising as they sound#but this time next week i will be done!!! and then i will have time to draw more 70s fairfaxes (my purpose in life)#until then though i will continue crawling across the ground making horrible moaning noises until my final two exams are out of the way#eeueuuu. eueuuuuuuhh. eeeeuuuu. like that
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vakta · 28 days ago
"eat for me please" makes me want to throw up tbh
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professorxsmokesweed · 3 months ago
Chapter 1. 
Hi my name is Charles Francis Xavier and I have floppy brown wavy hair (completely unrelated to how I got my name) and bright blue eyes that are more blue than the color blue everyone comments on them constantly and a lot of people tell me I look like Charles Darwin (AN: if u don’t know who he is get the hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gregor Mendel but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a mutant but I look exactly like a normal human. People sometimes call me Professor X (because of my mutation). I’m also rich, and I have a giant mansion in Westchester New York that I’m converting into a school (I’m 30). I’m an academic (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly cardigans. I love Oxford (the university where I graduated) and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a blue cardigan (to bring out my eyes) with a white button up, tan slacks, and black shoes. I don’t need to wear lipstick, since my lips are already so naturally red. I was walking outside the mansion. It was extremely sunny with some clouds, which I was very happy about. A lot of CIA agents stared at me. I ignored them because I am the better man. 
“Hey Charles!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was.... Erik Lehnsherr! (Magneto)!
“What’s up Erik?” I asked. 
“Nothing.” he said and then silently stared very intently at me. 
But then, I heard my students call me and I had to go away. 
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lemonlimetoast · 2 months ago
Ok so like many people have been like "oh the way ed looks at stede, the way stede looks at Ed, the way the look at each other" etc and yes very true
BUT it's important to me that they look at each other differently.
Everytime stede looks at Ed with love, it's like a look of relief and calmness and belonging (which fits with the theme of him not really feeling like he belongs as a fancy lad or as a pirate until he meets Ed).
Everytime (or a lot of the time) Ed looks at stede with love, it's a look of amazement and also just like idk how to describe this... But it makes sense because he's amazed at how much stede can bring into his life and be so new and genuine and how someone like that could care so much about someone like him.
#finally tagging this one properly bc i have no personal post attached to it#ofmd#our flag means death#stede bonnet#ed teach#i dont know what to tell u guys im seriously deep in this show#and i took lit in hs#i forgot what was actually called#i think it's also interesting how stede presents himself as emotionally mature he still has a lot to learn about himself#and how he often doesnt do what he tells his crew which is to talk about it#like a lot of his convos w ed have undercurrents of him having background feelings#like the iconic tub cry scene hes very much there for him but also like ur not still gonna kill me tho right#which is fair#and the kiss scene where ed talks about running away he seems hesistant even before he gets threatened in the woods#and we as an audience know its his own insecurities but thats ed at his completely most vulnerable#hair down no beard white shirt no cool facade and having just explained his feelings and kissed stede#and he obviously perceives it as wow stede saw me at my most me and decided that he didn't like it and left#anyways I'm feeling so many normal emotions about this show its crazy /j#midnighttalk#BTW hair up is his fancy lad mask/shield/presentation and beard is that for pirating#which is why he starts hair down then as he wants to get fancier and esp for stede its up#then abandons it for stede and to be really himself#then down again bc hes fallen apart then down still because of his emo era and him not wanting anything to do with him anymore#beard is shorter bc he abandons jt fully for stede in 9 then gets stubble following that so its like piracy slowly creeping back#then w the makeup he forces it back on amd goes whole hog for piracy again#andd then cries jt off because he doesnt want to go back to who he was and in many ways cant#ok i keep adding onto these tags my bad but it also has to do with how ed ties sm of his self worth to stede after the fine things scene#and like in general but THATS really the pinpoint yk#and stede doesn't really change like that outwardly i think#also has to do w how for stede its about belonging and and for ed its about who he is fundamentally..... and for both its about living
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two-gays-in-a-trenchcoat · 3 months ago
songs from my playlist i would make the TWST characters sing during karaoke night
no one asked for this but i did it anyways
Riddle Roseheart: Therefore I Am, Billie Eilish
Ace Trappola: Tongue Tied, Grouplove
Deuce Spade: Like or Like Like, Miniature Tigers
Trey Clover: Better Now, Blanks
Cater Diamond: Strawberry Blonde, Mitski
Leona Kingscholar: Beggin’, Måneskin
Ruggie Bucchi: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, Queen
Jack Howl: Make You Mine, PUBLIC
Azul Ashengrotto: My Heart Is Buried In Venice, Ricky Montgomery
Floyd Leech: The Cult of Dionysus, The Orion Experience
Jade Leech: The Scientist, Coldplay
Idia Shroud: Teenagers, My Chemical Romance
Malleus Draconia: Cold Cold Man, Saint Motel
Lilia Vanrouge: Problems, Mother Mother
Silver: good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo
Sebek Zigvolt: Tear In My Heart, twenty one pilots
Kalim Al-Asim: Talk Too Much, COIN
Jamil Viper: I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys
Vil Schoenheit: How to Be a Heartbreaker, Marina and the Diamonds
Epel Felmier: Babooshka, Kate Bush
Rook Hunt: Do It All The Time, IDKHBTFM
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candiednova · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i have a favorite
#deltarune#addisons#OK LETS GO TOP TO BOTTOM OF MY RAMBLES#so i had the idea of yknow yellow literally never met spamton (drawings with spamton are my own post canon ideas so they dont count for that#that comes later shshhhhh)#so wouldnt it be funny if they are alot alot like how spamton was as an addison#so yea they want to make it big and impress all their older siblings#blue and pink proceed to be horrified because By Talos This Cant Be Happening#and orange also not really knowing spamton is blissfully unaware#onto next ones i iamgine when yellow and spamton DO actually meet (again in my own self indulgent au)#yellow is thrilled to finally meet their big brother!! and hey they got the same wing thing going on!!#and they got alot of other similarities!! and alot of things are suddenly Connecting in yellows mind!!#yellow and spamton and very talk-with-their-hands type of people! as another one!#yellow is always very freely stimming- their main stims are full arm flapping and drumming with their fingers to music!#speaking of they love very loud music and love making music! theyre favorite instrument is the drums !#and finally on the last two doodles#important to note in my post canon au spamton is able to tranform into his neo form#and yellow thinks neo is the coolest thing to ever exist and first seeing that hes like 'holy shit can we all do that why didnt you tell me'#in which theyre let down being told no all addisons most certainly CANT do that#thus it spending so much time trying to get spamton to tell them how he does that#spamton refusing to say anything besides how much yellow really doesnt want it but at some point he starts to lean into the bit of#telling yellow increasingly impossible/goofy ways it happened#ok i think i got it all out at least the base of what i wanted to#ty for reading this far and goddamnit i forgot my art tag again-#novaart#novart#again ty for reading my ideas :D
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dailypokemoncrochet · 6 days ago
I get irrationally angry when people ask me where did I get my patterns from and can I link them my resources
As unbelievable as it may be that I freehand crochet literally every single Pokemon, don't you think it would be more unbelievable if I somehow had found patterns for more than 539 unique pokemon?? Like for at least 20 of these I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's made that specific Pokemon so far! What the hell kind of magic you think I'm using to successfully find a pattern for all of these??
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hop-n-bedes-malewife · 2 months ago
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expression practice ft. the self inserts ^^
────────────── › ‧₊˚ ✦ ࿐ ࿔
ok to rb !! - Pro//shippers DNI - all self-inserts use he/they !!
Tag List: @goldfith @luvzhongli @void-kissed @suzuyalove @shinandlux @mycatsmeow @ccselfships @cherry-bomb-ships @thedragonlover @crosshairswife @hubun
(Let me know if you want to be added or removed!)
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hella1975 · a month ago
my maths exam is on tuesday and i still only really know two topics of the massive amounts that could possibly be on the test. am i revising? no. am i listening to ewan mcgregor devour el tango de roxanne? yeah
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knittinglizards · 24 days ago
victor, with his dying breath: everything i did was justified and my creatureson should be killed
walton, sobbing: yes yes you're so right
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localgardenweed · 3 months ago
I too got a little bad shit crazy on @just-call-me-bin 's aggie board
Eduardo and Tord became playboy bunnies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I've done some things Im not proud of /j
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sneez · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
titus groan by mervyn peake has been my favourite book for years, but rereading it recently has reignited my love for it and also made me realise that i have never drawn the majority of the characters, so this is my attempt at rectifying the situation :-) you want to read titus groan. you want to read it so much
#artwork#i just finished it last night actually! for like. the fifth time gfdhfg#i am not sad about that though because there are three books in the series! on to the next one :-D#i had So Much Fun drawing all of these i love them all with my entire heart even the horrible awful ones. i adore them#quite a few of them were inspired (directly or indirectly) by mervyn peake's illustrations but mostly they were inspired by his descriptions#i cannot emphasise enough how good this book is i truly think it is the best book in the english language it's unbelievable#the characters are........unlike any characters in any other book they are so tangible and alive and so incredibly unique and inspired#also i only realised during my most recent rereading that one of the characters in this book (my favourite one :-D) has i think been#more influential than any other in my preferences for fictional characters. like every character i have liked since reading titus groan for#the first time has been inspired by him pretty much......hes the blueprint :-D#i wonder if you will be able to tell who it is.......i feel like it is quite obvious because i am as we know Very Very Predictable#anyway he is i think my favourite character in anything ever. like my favourite character in All Media. a high honour indeed given how many#fictional characters i am obsessed with#i just love all of them though. i love them all So Much#i think i mostly managed to capture them the way i see them in my head! some of them were more challenging than others#i must say i find it hard to draw swelter in a way because the way he is described in the book is.........hmm. well it's wonderful in a#literary sense but it's also a bit uncomfortable because his character is very much defined by being Fat and Evil. both those things being#quite explicitly linked which is obviously not good so i wanted to draw him in a way which made less of a moral issue of him being fat#whilst not making him skinny or anything because that would be bad also. i dont think i succeeded though :-( i wanted to stick as close#as i could to the descriptions in the book but as i said the descriptions are pretty fatphobic so it was a challenge and i dont think i#navigated it very successfully........i'm not sure i explained what i mean very well there at all but hopefully it makes at least some sense#i love swelter. evil and delightful#all of them are delightful. i just love them!!! i love this book!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love This Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#ooooooo you want to read titus groan you want to read it so bad ooooooooooooooooo
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heliotropion · 5 months ago
it just ticks me, how most birdflash fans constantly brush linda aside like it was nothing
it’s not about the ship per se, obviously- i am no one to tell you who you should and should not ship, especially if it makes you happy. but in an enormous amount of cases, to prop up dick and wally, linda and her relationship with wally is diminished, neglected or straight up erased. even if you cared enough to keep them close as friends.
and it’s not even to gatekeep or say “to be a fan you need to have read x amount of comics”, but in the best cases most of what people know about wally and his character comes from the young justice cartoon and the rebirth titans comic (don’t you even get me started on the way they changed wally’s lightning rod from linda to the team and how drastic it is to wally’s character).
trust me, i know that most of us are extemely discouraged from actually considering female love interests as characters with a complexity that can actually create interesting dynamics with their male equally complex counterpart. i mean, we literally talk about fridging, and that’s a problem that has affected comics, as a male dominated media, ever since their birth.
but i promise that linda is a compelling, interesting, complex, multidimensional and so wonderfully real character, especially during waid’s run; and i promise that her relationship with wally isn’t as simple as a classic male-superhero-and-his-woman-love-interest relationship is, but it’s gradual, and growing through lessons learned from each other is a process that goes both ways. in all honesty, linda is a character that stands on her own feet and is interesting to read, she’s independent and has so many flaws and virtues that balance each other and things she works on about herself. she fails and she wins and she makes mistakes and she grows up and she’s relatable and feels- again- real.
but you could probably grasp even a pinch of all of this, if before approaching wally’s story you tried to read even a few issues of the comics from, you know, before he got even lost and needed to come back into existance.
just say you can’t bother caring to even approach female characters if they’re not the protagonist, it’s much easier you know
#like... for real- linda was one of the best female non superhero characters we had around in comics#FOR ONCE we had a female love interest that wasnt just a doll for the male character to get his shit together and blah blah blah. ONCE#and you all manage to collectively forget about her and or act like she was the nth Strong Woman(tm). i cant i just cant#like.... i know it all started with young justice. that also has one of the most annoying wallys around. id spit in his eye. and then titan#TITANS. MY GOD. the way abnett himself managed to erase her and all that linda had meant for wally. i hate it here#also like... do any of you remember that wally was the most distant from the titans? like that his family had always been a priorities over#the titans? and not to say that the titans werent family but. unlike dick for example- who had much more of a family with the titans than w#with the bats- or roy whose child was literally growing up around those guys and always had a strong feeling of second family towards them-#wally probably bc he was the only one with a closer to traditional family- after all barry was still his aunts partner- anyway whatever the#reason may be hes alwyas had a strong separation between his traditionally meant family (even if not in the nuclear sense) and his friends.#anyways i kinda got lost in this last part and it looks like im saying he loves the flashfam more than he does the titans-which i dont mean#AT ALL- but. i think you get my point. which was actually about linda. look its like four am i dont know what im doing with my life#dc comics#flashfam#linda park#wally west#flash#the flash#nightwing#wallylinda#helene.txt#helene rants
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snakeliciousbaby · 12 months ago
Just rewatched Halloween, absolute gender episode. The main concept is literally just Buffy and Xander having paralleling gender crisises about not being a real woman/man and then getting transformed into their gender ideals. Gender performance the episode!!
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