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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Idc If you are built or chunky! Send me them ABs , show me those thighs. Let me see your hands, waist, face 🥺

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Sometimes I go to make a Tolkien Fandom Post on Tumblr Dot Com, but then I realize that I’ll have to preemptively defend every word I say unless I want to be “Well Actually’d” because a fair amount of people in this fandom can’t give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to lore or not make others cross reference five different version of the legendarium becuase their preferred one isnt yours or just accept certain underlying premises without going ‘this is cool but this letter’ or take a joke or enjoy the headcanon or understand that certain things were implied I don’t have to SPELL OUT EVERYTHING-

And then I delete the post.

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An AU/fan fiction/etc where all the Youtubers are like, small-ish children that hang out in a daycare, and the caregivers are the personifications of YouTube and Demonitization

Shitty example of a concept for this: there is a swear jar but instead of paying like, a quarter or dollar or smth for swearing, you pay your daily/weekly/etc allowance

your allowance depends on the YouTuber’s upload schedule. (I.e: youtubers who upload daily have a daily allowance)

I have many thoughts about this help me

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Deepest lore: i was so used to thinking of cat Steven as a stand in for pink pearl that I didnt notice they put Steven and Rose next to each other like the Rose and Cat Steven paintings above them


and then in Everything’s Fine they pull a classic Rose’s portrait move when hiding Cat Steven’s eyes while Steven is in denial, but once he’s confronted into “exposing” his true feelings, the bkg is now at an angle where Cat Steven’s face is visible again


The cat Steven portrait was also right next to Rose’s (because of the scale), but notice how far away she is from the Crystal Gems painting. Just like the painting of Garnet and cherubic classic!Steven is about the idea of classic!Steven, the distance between Cat Steven and the team is Steven’s distance from his family (emotional and now literal). Amethyst tricks us into paying attention to Rose’s portrait instead of Cat Steven’s by saying “it’s not the placement, it’s the frame”, but in the end both are relevant.

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Everything becomes weirdly hilarious when it’s midnight. For example

*watching king kong*

*jack then asks what the hell creature took ann*

Me: *murmuring something about a gorilla*

My brother : HHAHAHAHAHAHAH what? What did you say?

Me (again): a big ass gorilla

Both of us then proceed to laugh unctrollably for the next 8 minutes

Im sory im tired

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