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#dont play with my feelings like this is it HIM
aro-culture-is · 18 hours ago
Aro culture is being so confused when watching doctor shows n having a couple come in, with one in chronic pain looking for smth that can help them. Then, when told abt a surgery that is risky, but could help them, the other partner says stuff like 'it's either me or this surgery' bc of the risks. like??? Are relationships rlly like this??? I've seen these types of couples come in on the show more times than I can count n I'm worried that ppl are actually like this??? Ur rlly gonna make ur spouse suffer through pain everyday just so u can spend a bit more time with them?? It rlly seems like only one person wins here wtf
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pespillo · 8 hours ago
i dont have anything against ppl headcanoning felix as a deeply closeted repressed gay man but like there comes a point where i feel like if you see this raging alcoholic, self centered, selfish, pathetic , wreck of a guy as good material for gay headcanons like, uhm, sorry but in my eyes that would feel like playing into 60s-70s antigay propaganda about gay men ruining people´s lives and ruining themselves lfdskjfdslkjflj
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lovebiteclub · a year ago
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nebula-girl · 3 years ago
Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko: a breakdown
Expectations/Overture: Chill, relaxed happy, kinda a buildup to the rest of the album
Feelings: Lonely, looking for love, tired of being single .
What I need (feat. Kehlani): Found someone but getting mixed signals??? Why are you keeping me at a distance? Are you hiding me? WHAT DO YOU WANT???? We could be good together!!
Sleepover: I want to be with you so bad but you dont want that :( at least i can fantasize about us.
Mercy/Gatekeeper: i cant stop thinking about you and it hurts. I cant tell you how i feel because i might mess things up. I need to get away and get a fresh start.
Under the blue/Take Me In: We get together, bow chika bow wow but like cool and gay,
Curious: so you're avoiding me and you're back with your boy toy but im too cool for this so its all chill. Ps are you really with him what are we stop playing with my emotions like this.
xx: why'd you do it? vibes. No words. Confused?
Wanna be Missed: why you dont want me? You were so into me and said all those things and made me feel like this now where did you go?
He'll Never Love You (HNLY): You clearly want me, why are you with him im the one for you, we would better than you and him would ever be.
Palm Dreams: im going home. Partying and being here if you want me. Living life and moving forward. This is my place.
Molecules: youre really gone and im trying to move forward. Trying to feel again. Ive lost you.
Let It Be: i have to move on but i miss you and its hard. Feelings are hard.
This album is a story we all know in the form of 10 bops lasting 49 minutes altogether.
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pettyprocrastination · a month ago
old: din djarin is a sexy mysterious college professor who will give his students special assignments for extra credit ;)
goldl: din djarin is an exhausted anthropology professor who’s son sometimes sits in on his lessons when school gets out early, probably collects coins or something, always looks like he’s about to fall asleep but also has terrifyingly fast reflexes to the point where students have a theory that he may have worked for the cia at some point, his background on his computer is a very zoomed in photo of his son’s face 
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dyketubbo · a month ago
EDIT: Hi <3 if any eb people interact I'm killing them. Piss off tyyy this isn't for you I want you dead :D
on one hand i can see why people go "oh dont call c!tubbo gay/mlm/queer we dont know if the cc is okay with that!" because of how much c!tubbo really is just cc!tubbo being himself
but also could you imagine if someone from the outside were to look into it and see that c!beeduo are referred to as husbands and have a son and a mansion that they plan to move into together with them consistently flirting with each other and having petnames and even possibly finding the clip of ranboo saying "it happens sometimes" when tommy thought the two were making out with neither showing any negative reaction to the idea anyways, as well as saying they fell in love and the ccs often calling it romantic like. even if you take into account the times theyve said its platonic and the fact that ranboo said he would talk to tubbo about the ambiguity (which btw was before the making out thing, before they said they fell in love, etc etc)
you guys must know how it looks when you say that no, the two masculine characters that are married, have a son, want to move in together, flirt with each other and call each other petnames, likely kiss off screen, say they fell in love with each other, can not Possibly be gay or queer or mlm. even if they played completely into the non-romantic aspect, what do you think it looks like to aro mlm when you imply that the marriage would need to be romantic to be queer?
its okay to hesitate, i get it, but also if tubbo was uncomfortable with his character being seen as gay i think he like. wouldnt have his character be married to another dude and say his character fell in love with him. i know in a fandom with mostly nd people its hard to do so but its good to exercise your ability to read in between the lines- this is a moment where a creator shouldnt have to say whether or not a character is mlm because the content literally has the character be a man attracted to other men.
its okay to say a fictional teenager is gay i promise you that teenagers have relationships and can be queer. as long as you dont read into it sexually youre fine (and even then, its okay to acknowledge that the characters make sex jokes towards and with each other, teens can experience sexual attraction, just dont be a fuckin creep about it), i promise. even if word comes out that the characters arent married romantically, i think the aspec people (cough i am one so really i know this cough) of the community can safely say you dont need romantic or sexual attraction to be queer. c!tubbo has only expressed attraction to c!ranboo, who, as far as c!tubbo knows, is a dude like he is. its okay to say thats gay, because it literally is
aka sometime yall read as the ones giving c!beeduo friendship flowers while c!ranboo says he wonders if this is how the ancient greeks felt
#dsmp#beeduo#tubbo#ranboo#long post#i know im not mlm but id react the same if this was how people acted about a wlw couple lmao#mask mews#just like. i know in a fandom like this you wanna be cautious but if we can acknowledge that c!dream is abusive when cc!dream is not#even when cc!dream hasnt said so because we see how c!dream acts towards c!tommy#dont get mad when people say c!tubbo is mlm while cc!tubbo wants to keep his own orientation private#because c!tubbo is literally in love with c!ranboo#also something something saying a character cant be queer because their relationship with someone they say theyre in love with#may be nonromantic in nature feels grossly flippant towards aro people who may connect with c!beeduos relationship#but thats jus my own two cents i dont think the people who are concerned about this are arophobic in any way lmal#*lmao#technically w c!ranboos recent 'today i learned what gender is :D' arc c!ranboo may possibly be nonbinary or at least nonbinary coded#but for now im saying mlm until ranboos gender stuff is played with a bit more#if its played into more/he ends up being nonbinary in canon then ill say like nlm/mln or whichever though i think#its more likely for ranboo to just end up being okay with whatever than it would be for him to go right into 'they/them neutral terms only'#if only so its easier for cc!ranboo to play as his character since the cc only uses he/him and masc terms#and having his self insert be mostly like him seems to make the whole improv semi lore aspect of his streams easiest for ranboo to play wit
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sixfanarts · a year ago
JANUARY 28th is the anniversary of Henry’s deathday do what you please with that information ~ holiday anon
thank you for the information holiday anon! without you I never would have known that and I really appreciate it :3
I was originally going to draw a bad henry (because he doesn’t deserve my effort) but then it spiralled and… well, you’ll see.
*on an insta live*Aragon: Someone gave us a life-sized cardboard Henry.Parr: And since the others weren’t there for his death, we’re commemorating it today.
Tumblr media
#look i thought i was being funny because darts prick stuff they're pointy#there is a reason i'm a fanart blog not an incorrect quote one#my jokes are all silly word plays and all i could think of was them insulting him and that queenswap live where lexi was like#henry he's the biggest prick alive#and then it went to FUNNY HOW WE ALL DISCUSSED THAT BUT NEVER HENRY'S LITTLE-PRICK#and cardboard herny was originally on a dart thing for darts to be thrown at them#he just expanded because i wanted anne with a sword there im sneaky like that hehe#and then he had to be big enough to stab#and then i figured kat being a smol babey would graffiti him with hot pink#the least chaotic is aragon who threw three darts at his heart and then went off to chill#probably because cleves managed to persuade her to do it in the first place#jane i think has mixed emotions but she does like puns so#that is the main personality trait here#gosh im sorry for exposing you all to my weird sense of humor#i feel like parr is the one who started the live and aragon came over to say hi and now all the fans are watching the chaos#parr is the least chaotic today because she's experienced henry's death before and like the realisation that oh he's actually dead well#SCREW HIM is a bit less new?#wait actually no dont screw him it's a bed wed behead game with this guy good thing he's dead#SHIT I FORGOT THE TAGS#six the musical incorrect quotes#six the musical#six the musical fanart#anna of cleves#anne boleyn#catherine of aragon#catherine parr#katherine howard#jane seymour
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amatxs · 5 months ago
ix. the creation of atlas / xiao ( genshin impact ) [ the hermit. ] ( why does tragedy exist? because you are full of rage. why are you full of rage? because you are full of grief. ) a/n: quote by anne carson
in darkness lies :
REGRET: to forget the sins of the past is an act of cowardice. to carry the weight of your burdens is a trial of living, one he thinks to endure until the earth lays him to rest and the calling is heard by another. he tires of it, but the blood on his hands is a reminder of an ugly past, a haunting, and phantom ties wrapped around his wrists. 
“keep your distance.” the adeptus warns, but the trace of malice is drowned entirely by melancholy. an aching. his soul trembles in your presence. what will come in the future, he wonders, if you continue this?
yakshas survive loneliness by protecting others. it is all he knows. it’s better that way. safer. in his life, he has witnessed too much loss, and most of it caused by him. perhaps he had a heart, once. he simply wonders if it was taken from him or whether he rid of it himself.
( it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t. it won’t. a single beating heart would not make a difference in the world. not his. )
CORRUPTION: the sunlight is too bright an existence, too kind and gentle on his skin. it reminds him of someone, and to even indulge in the thought brings reluctance. you are too close, but he cannot distance himself, even if he tried. you find a way, you always do-- perhaps that is what draws him closer.
his head hurts. he cannot think. it is happening again. again, again, again-- 
he is weak. all these years of drowning in hatred and it is the one thing he fails to defeat. a flood of memories intertwined with violence and havoc, one that returns endlessly. he will never escape it. he deserves it, doesn’t he? he seeks logic in suffering and false redemption. this is the only way he survives.
( somewhere, there is an absence of being in him. in an eternity of life, there is much untold and too little addressed-- but sometimes, the suffering should be left unsaid.
“the warmth feels nice, doesn’t it?” you ask him. your hand rests on his, slowly, in hesitation. he likes the feeling more than he expects, more than he should. his lips part. he pauses, afraid, and answers.
“it does.” )
FORGIVENESS / re: AWAKENING: inside your heart resides a wrath. when will you put it to rest? how will you put it to rest? 
--can you? 
his soul is too entangled with those he has destroyed and slaughtered. there is no separation in existing. it is a punishment, this darkness that shrouds him. why doesn’t it frighten you? he has made what little peace he has with it; he hopes you will, as well. but you won’t. you are a force, an enigma of hope and power and everything bright. it is contagious, almost. but if he ever dares to find a way out of limbo, then he will do it himself.
“xiao.” you speak his name and he only hears love. your fingertips ghost over the markings that find home on his arm. “you are more than your darkness.”
amber eyes with a burning gaze. the ignition of a hope once lost. the yearning to live again.
( you frighten me, he whispers, his lips finding yours under the moonlight. now, he is the one closing the distance between you two. )
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moeblob · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
adsfasdf Thank you both of you!!! I’m so glad you guys appreciate the brilliant boy and how I draw him !
As for his state of happiness in the routes? I’ll take an alive Ferdinand von Aegir over fighting him any day. So as a Blue Lions fan, I will forever and always recruit him ! I don’t ever want to have to fight him. After all, he hates to lose so why not help him keep on winning? (Just steal a few of his Black Eagle friends, too, and possibly feel less guilty?)
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shotosbabe · 5 months ago
BNHA as yanderes.
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shouto:
the devotee.
He’s tired of pretending, he’s not perfect, if anyone is, it’s you.
todoroki is the devotee and you’re the deity. Shouto is so obsessive. he’s got some issues, his daddy/mommy issues have played a big role in his personality. Shouto craves love, he wants to love and be loved so unconditionally. Shouto likes to hide it, but at night, the multicoloured hair man wails at night with nothing but loneliness as his only companion.
he needs to be assured, he wants validation, he wants to feel valued... and you’re the only one that is able to make him feel like how he craves.
can you? A hint.. be careful.
Tumblr media
Midoriya Izuku:
the obsessive freak.
oh!~ how did he get so lucky???!
you, y-you are his??? how? Izuku cant understand... he can’t comprehend it.. he simply can’t... how ARE YOU EVEN REAL?!
yeah, Izuku Midoriya is that type of a lover.
He’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. He’s always been insecure, he thinks of himself as so bad, unworthy and unloveable. but, he actually felt his heart flutter abnormally in his chest when he first saw you.
and boy... was he obsessed with you? it’s always you in his mind... he closed his eyes? It’s your face. it’s always you. you have captivated him... and he’s absolutely addicted to you.
You are like a drug that he never wants get enough of.
“Y-Y/N I love you! I-I love you s-so much! Only I can love you this much! Please!~ see the flames of my love burning for you so passionately..”
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou:
the posessive one.
bakugou want to kill you. actually, how fucking dare you. Who allowed you? tsk.. okay, he was in love with you? Katsuki didn’t ask for this.
He didn’t ask for you, for you to come into his life and ruin everything. bakugou is both posessive and obsessive. He’ll never admit it but deep down he knows that he’s madly in love with you.
the one that’s ruined him.
you’ve really ruined him because when he sees you happy with someone else, he wants to rip his hair out. and whenever he sees someone even looking you... the urge to gauge that persons eyes out gets overwhelming.
but, he doesn’t mind.
after all, all is fair in love and war.
“You’re mine. only mine. I’ll destroy the whole world and you if you try to leave me.”
Tumblr media
the crazy one.
you really have the worst luck in the world.
dabi as your lover... hm, the universe hates you. He’s probably the most dangerous one out of the bunch. he will and can kill you. he’s a fucking psycho.
it wouldn’t take long for him to get obsessed with you. maybe it runs in the todoroki clan. but.. dabi can’t be blamed. some events that happened have led him to be like this.
he won’t let you leave him.. he’ll fucking tie you up or cuff you to him. just don’t test him.. play your cards right.. he actually acts pretty normal but every psycho’s a charmer, and dabi’s no exception.
he’s the type to carve his name on your skin or vice versa..
poor you.
“oh no, is my doll crying? well, I love it when you cry.. I can watch you sob so pathetically forever. oh god, brings me so much pleasure. don’t stop crying. FUCKING CRY!”
Tumblr media
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fudgecake-charlie · 10 months ago
Calling you out via your favourite hermit
(Brainstormed in the Hermitblr server! Credit given.)
Grian: Wants to go apeshit. You use “feral” and “bastard” way too much Iskall: Please turn off your computer dude please it’s been on for months pl Mumbo: You either feel like a redstone genius or don’t know how a repeater works. There is no in-between. (Rest of the active hermits under the cut!)
Xisuma: I am so sorry about whatever childhood trauma you have Zed: You just wanna be a kid again, man. You’re not wrong for solving things differently I promise Impulse: You want a nice dad. Also, you wish you had that amount of motivation Tango: You want a fun dad. Get some sunlight please Joe: Ah, a Lemon Demon fan! You are absolutely Not cishet Cleo: You are Not cishet- probably a lesbian, let’s be honest Cub: You either get things done in incredibly short amounts of time, or you procrastinate and constantly start new ones. You Want To Be Him TFC: The older generation has done nothing but shit on you. Are you okay? Do you need a hug? Stress: Life is way too much. You watched Stampy and Stacyplays as a kid and you want to feel that way again xB: Hey maybe you should like. go outside and get a friend or two Etho: Tax evasion is your only joke. Please stop being a Minecraft elitist Bdubs: You’ve either been watching him since 2013 or for 2 months, either way you dont have a good father figure in your life Hypno: Insulting the person you’re crushing on isn’t a valid way to flirt. Be nice and pine like the rest of us Keralis: How does it feel to giggle at fart jokes Docm: You... you really don’t have to be that competitive Ren: You kept playing make believe until 11 years old. Please stop saying “my dude” Beef: Daddy issues part [???] False: You probably have anxiety, do you need a hug or a rest day or something Wels: You’re neurodivergent. If you think you’re not, go check Scar: I never knew someone could be such a Disney simp. You probably love the song “appetite of a people pleaser” Jevin: I don’t know why you’re here, either. You own a gamer chair and think yelling “’MURICA!!!!” at people is funny CREDIT, some partially, some fully: Amphoterism (Grian, Mumbo, Xisuma, Joe, Doc, Jevin), Nez queen (Iskall, xB, Etho, Bdubs, Hypno, Ren, Beef, Jevin), mumboisnotafk (Joe, Cleo, Impulse, TFC, Etho, False) Liz zardii (cub), Alfamangle (Stress)
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warmau · 2 years ago
helloooo !!! i've been reading your blog for quite a while now and i have to say,,, your writing is amazing ?? like how??? i aspire to be like you one day (onE dAy) also i wanted to request a nct ten hogwarts au bc that boi- o lawd,,, ilysmmm your writing is amazing keep it up !!
it was his birthday so!!! here’s some hogwarts shenanigans with him!!
“what did you do?”
you ask, arms crossed and voice hinting on annoyance 
seeing as it is almost two in the morning on a tuesday and ten has done the gentlemanly thing of teleporting you out of your comfy bed and into the gryffindor common room
he grins, still in his own pajamas as he motions to a stupefied looking yukhei on the couch
“it’s not what i did,,,,,,,it’s more like what i didn’t do,,,,,,”
you narrow your eyes and ten tries to pull out a puppy dog expression - that you admit is cute and could work on even the coldest of hearts
but not you
you’ve known him way too long to be falling for those tricks
he heaves a defeated sigh 
“i was trying to see if i could make my own truth serum, because yukhei says he doesn’t know what happened to my pet cat but i know - i just know he’s hiding her somewhere -”
you kind of feel where this is going, and you don’t like it one bit
“but you need jobberknoll feathers and those are expensive so i just used the feathers off my quill thinking it’ll do the same job but -”
ten walks over to poor yukhei, pushing at his cheek a little 
“but now yukhei won’t talk ,,,,,,, at all.”
you shake your head, stuck between getting ready to nag ten for playing around with potions he’s not familiar with to agreeing - because he’s one of your closest friends - to help him out in this mess
you end up doing both
reminding ten over and over that he needs to be careful with potions while also sneaking you two into the library to see if you can find any books on wearing off a silencing effect
the nightwatcher is doing rounds of the great hall so you two are pretty much free to roam 
and you get to a couple of helpful books, nothing really giving you a clear answer
until of course,,,,,,,,,,ten pulls a book from a shelf
and it wobbles from his hands, falling to the floor with a loud thunk
you pull ten over by sleeve, muttering that you guys need to get out before you get caught, get detention, and then end up in front of the headmaster explaining why it is that yukhei - the boy who has the most to say - suddenly can’t speak at all
you two dash through the halls, making way back to gryffindor tower
where yukhei is still sitting, confused himself why he can’t speak
“how about this, how about we make another truth serum and give it to him?”
ten looks at you with wide eyes
“but we don’t have any of the feathers-”
“i know where we can get some.”
ten is equal parts shocked and impressed when you return, your dormmate is a super rich heir to some old pureblood family and has a collection of quills with exotic feathers
you pluck the blue jobberknoll and think - it’s fine, they won’t miss it all
“i never knew you were a thief!”
ten joyously teases
“this side of you is exciting!”
you roll your eyes and hand him the quill, watching as he carefully lays out the other ingredients
even though ten is always getting himself into messy situations and has a taste for being mischievous 
he does have a hand when it comes to potions - he might mess them up because of what he puts into them - but he can make almost any combination work ,,,,,, in one way or another
you watch as he makes the serum, the liquid tinted blue with the remains of the feathers and you both return to yukhei
who puts a hand up to his mouth in silent protest
“c’mon dude i know i messed up the first time - but i didn’t this time i promise!”
yukhei’s eyes tell you that he doesn’t believe ten at all - so they dart to you for some kind of assurance
you give him a small smile
“do you want to be able to talk again? you’re gonna need your voice for quidditch practice.”
this seems to ease him up and yukhei drops his hand and takes the serum from ten
with one big gulp, he swallows it down and you and ten wait in anticipation
after a moment or two - you think oh no,,,,,,,it didn’t work! ten is going to be in big trouble!
but then yukhei says something
“i can talk!”
you and ten jump up in joy, looking at each other triumphantly 
yukhei sits up a bit and looks up at ten
“and as payback for silencing me, im going to spill all the truths. one - i did hide your cat ten, she’s safe with jungwoo in the hufflepuff dorms. two -…”
yukhei turns his attention to you now
“two - ten is in love with you. he’s had a crush on you since you were both-”
ten dives onto the couch, toppling yukhei over as he hisses at him to shuttup
but yukhei keeps talking, even through the muffling as ten tries to clamp his own palm over his mouth
“yeah, he told me that he’s sad these days because you only see him as a friend but he thinks you’re the most beautiful person that has ever lived-”
ten grabs his wand, trying to think up a spell to get yukhei to stop
“i should have let you just stay silent -”
“and then what? not like it would take long for them to figure out your feelings-”
you know yukhei can’t help talking now, the truth serum kicking into overdrive 
but that’s not what matters, what matters is that ,,,,,,, if yukhei says ten confessed about liking you
that means ten did do that
and you feel something warm in your chest at that thought
you pull ten back from yukhei - and yukhei takes the chance to escape back to his own dorm
you sit down beside ten who hangs his head in his hands
“im sorry you had to find out like this - it’s so embarrassing and i understand that it’s awkward-”
“it’s not embarrassing or awkward. ten, i like you too.”
he jerks up, eyes wide again 
“wait, really?”
you laugh a little and take his hand 
yours fits perfectly with his, it always has
“you think i’d let someone i didn’t like drag me out of bed and send me on a wild chase through the school to fix a dumb mistake they made? you think i’d do that for anyone?”
ten shyly blinks, shrugging his shoulders
“i just thought it was because we’re friends-”
“well we were, and now we can be something more.”
you lean up and press a small kiss to his lips
ten makes a noise of surprise, before kissing you back 
you feel him smile against your lips and it’s a perfect moment
until the door opens and you hear the nightwatchers voice go
“why were you two lovebirds doing in the library just now?” 
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