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#dont see the time if u are still awake
reputaytion-xiii · 2 months ago
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winterrose42 · 16 days ago
I'm gonna go off on a tired tangent here for a sec but isn't it just so incredibly lovely when people make you like things you didn't used to just because they enjoy it? Just appreciation absorption turned into everytime you see this certain thing you think of that person and smile and now there's a little section of day that's just them, and a little section of the world that you now find to be absolutely beautiful all because of them. Loving things because of people and loving people because of things is wonderful I think.
#winter speaks#yellow ued to be my least favorite color. i just liked cool colors more and yellow never really seemed to add anything#but yellow is one of my friends favorite colors and now i add it to more things and wear it more and use the color more#bc tbey like it and it makes me happy to think im adding a small part of tgem into things#and yes this is you andy hush no awws from you if you read this#and i am...i have a healthy fear of the ocean. and birds. specifically chickens#but my partner loves both of tgise things so anytime i see anythibg about either i dont so much think ''oh boy fearTM''#its more i hope kits chickens are doing well and purrs getting sufficient snuggles from them bc i know that makes purr happy#and i hope i get to see kit smile by the ocean someday bc kit sent me a picture of kit by tge beach once#and they looked so happy so i think maybe i could brave the ocean.....'s beach- far up om the beach- to see that irl#i saw a post the kther day..i think it was yesterday actually idk time isnt real...where you pick up peoples#mannerisms sometimes like a sponge. and tge amount i have picked up from people that i still have and tgen the new ones#idk it just makes me smile tge point got awag from me i tgink#love people for what they make you notice i guess is maybe the point hdbdkd i am very tured#random people stumbling on my blog join the half awake madman as he goes back and forth between#loving everything about the world around him to being a depressed shit that wants to live permanately under his bed#this november is sucking so far but you know what im drinking a jar full of coffee#thinking about my friend that prefers tea and wishing i could make some for them while i enjoy the madness that is espresso
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garlique · a month ago
the way i have been hanging out w so many disordered eating bitches lately...... im really boutta fall back into it huh
tw in tags for ed and weight loss talk :3
#ed tw#like really pls dont read this if itll trigger u im boutta talk v frankly abt my ed#my boy andrew the one i was gushing about last night literally Every time i see him is like#ooooh i haven't eaten today!! hehe oops and every time im like andrew that is Bad. that is Not Good#and hes like yea i know....#and the horrible ed part of my brain is like why cant i be like that >:|#god u know what is really the fucked up thing abt my disordered eating is its completely changed like#the way i engage with other fat people too#which is so awful and i feel terrible but it used to be that like i viewed gaining weight as a typically good thing#and losing weight as a typically bad thing !! which like r all blanket feelings n i knew i needed 2 b more nuanced#and now i can't view gaining weight as a good thing anymore because people keep commenting on me losing weight#in a really positive way :( like i got weighed at the doctor and had gone down something like 40 pounds#since i was last there and she was like wow!! that's amazing !!! like ok#and even just like. people that i see. have started to be like wow you lost weight !! like ok#and i really think my being on adderall is not going to do good things for my eating#ive been awake for almost seven hours i woke up hungry and i still have not eaten yet :/#and listen i know everything im saying is Not unique ok. i know that this is typical of most eds#but it is so scary. like genuinely my ed thoughts are so fucking scary#the longer i go feeling hungry the better i feel about myself. like wtf#well i got the task done that i was using to withold food from myself so i ordered food :3 good for me#idk. like i just need people to stop talking abt ed stuff around me but also i dont want to say that#because its helping my ed and its got its horrid little claws Deep in my skull#and also the number of people who don't believe me when i say i struggle w restricting is :(((#the thing is though like im not ready to recover#i dont want to be recovering rn. i want to be in it because i want to be losing the weight and i want to feel the hunger#ugh. idk. im gonna go keep working on my novel its making me happy today
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opens-up-4-nobody · 8 months ago
#@me: literally no one expects u to comletely reformatt all ur data by monday#u can put wip data into the grant. the just want to see thst ur making progress#and u still have to rewrite the body of the work plus do hw#also me: fuck u fuck u fuck u. i will everything done if it fucking kills me#i want to see these fucking results#i only have like 4 more charts to make#later now: it only took me all fucking day but i made the charts#and i did it in like half the code it took me the 1st time. if i learned to make loops for nested data i could make it even shorter#but no time for that now. i still have hw and fellowship editing to do#even later now: tomorrow is gonna suck. still have hw to do plus compeletly overhauling the body of my fellowship i guess??#like im resubmitting so its like the same as i did last time but also i have to change it but its like its the same project so...?#ugh i dont want to read papers. my mental state is v fragile rn#also i feel fairly sick atm. prob just stress but whatever#ugh theyre prob just gonna reject me on this stupid fellowship and then wtf am i gonna do? i dont even kno#ugh i need to stop procrastinating and get my <6hrs sleep. yay#cant wait to be awake again....#literally why did i do this to myself? i new i was making horrible Choices and yet here i am. suffering#who would have guessed. me. i would have#ugh im not even tired now. gotta try to sleep. am slightly delirious#the next day: i was right. today did suck#i submitted my proposal but i met my pi this morning and she ended by saying see u in an hr#and i was like oh god i forgot to read a paper for her class#so i had to read a paper and manifest 9 question in an hr. luckily it was done by a person i kno on a topic i kno#now i just have to write a lab report for tomorrow#and prep for the rest of this garbage week#i feel so horrible. like real sick#lab report = done#but like fuck literally everything rn#why do i do this to myself???#unrelated
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leafeonb · 8 months ago
drawing. o)-<
#wait i ended up talking in the tags about a dream i had today 🏃#lulu.txt#i wish i could shoot a beam on my laptop and that would make the drawings ideas appear immediately on the screen. 💀#also thinking about 999. 999 good.............................................🚶i miss the characters#wait the tags will be a compilation of things from today now 💀 akdhehfjdhfjg#i took a nap on the afternoon but i dont think it was rly a nap bc i could tell i was still awake bc i could still hear the people in the#house but i was dreaming so. okay. and i had a dream that i was playing an evil fucked up version of everything looked the#same. it was kind of normal but it was a bit uncanny bc i couldnt rly read what stuff said and. there were extra npcs that were just shadow#......and u couldnt interact with them they wouldnt rly do anything but it was. kind of unsettling to see them there 💀 and the game had a#weird shadow on the screen like on the corners....and for some reason there were two chat boxes at the same time on the screen but one of#them would tell u what u were supposed to do in the game but. it was so weird i was scared.......💀 this second chat box was glitching all#the time. HELLO okay wtf evil fucked up g.enshin i.mpact from my dream. why did that happen#im also 😔 fave class of this semester got canceled bc the teacher decided that he would stop lecturing at the college..........o(-<#he was the teacher for a lot of other classes i wanted to 😔
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xixolotl · 8 months ago
*ahem* which jjk characters would fuck your thighs while you're sleeping bc they're horny but dont wanna wake you up 👀
this...this is...yes. I hope you like this, bc I love writing in this format SO MUCH so ENJOY!! also, everything is 100% CONSENSUAL, THIS IS NOT DUBCON AS IT WAS AGREED UPON BEFORE THE READER WENT TO SLEEP!! reader and their partner have discussed beforehand that waking up the other in sexual situations is okay!! i only picked the characters that really stood out to me, i hope that's okay!! and everything takes place in my au where jjk takes place as a college instead of high school d*rk blogs/consumers dni!
💎 Gojou Satoru: Gojo had tried to wake you up, but you just..wouldn't wake up, sleeping through him eating you out/sucking you off through two orgasms. So he takes a little video as a surprise for you when you wake up. and of course he's not gonna share it with anyone but you
"Look at my pretty baby, such a mess...too bad they wouldn't wake up, I had to start fucking their thighs..." "my little mochi is so cute, look at them trying to grind against me...they're so hard/wet, wish they were up so I could touch them and look at their pretty eyes." "ooh, are you cumming, baby? cumming in your sleep like a slutty little thing while I fuck your thighs, so precious..."
🌊 Getou Suguru : Geto's hands are moving up and down your body while he grinds against your thighs, softly humming at the pleasure. You're so adorable, he wants to just shake you awake but teasing you awake is so much more fun, plus he wants to keep hearing you moan until you wake yourself up, begging him to put his dick inside you.
"you've always been so responsive, i didn't think my dick between your thighs would get you like this." "was that my name? don't tell me you're having a wet dream about me. so dirty, baby, thinking of me like that while sleeping when I'm right here with you." "don't you wanna wake up and move my cock somewhere other than your thighs? c'mon, baby. wake up for me."
🍵 Okkotsu Yuta: He's slow, purposefully grinding right against your sex, his cock leaking precum all over your thighs when he pushes through them. He thinks it's so cute how you try to grind against nothing in your sleep, he can't help but tease you a little bit, a little smile on his face at all your reactions.
" precious, wish you could see yourself..." "your little moans are so cute. aha, your still sleep, aren't you? are you thinking of me?" "your thighs are so soft, I love them so much...if i cum on them, i promise ill clean you up, baby."
🍧 Itadori Yuuji: Not outright fucking you is painful, but he doesn't want to wake you up. He's so fucking hard, that dream affected him more than he thought, and before he knew it, he was fucking your thighs, not caring how loud he was being.
"bunny, bunny, fuck, bunny, please. need you so bad, you're so soft, so soft, fuck-" "gonna cum all over your thighs, bunny, so fucking good, I could fuck you like this forever, god." "'m cumming, 'm cumming, bunny, I'll clean you up after, gonna fuck you again, shit, 'm cumming-!"
🍙 Inumaki Toge : Poor guy, he tried to deal with it by himself, trying to just jerk off in the bathroom of his apartment, silently thankful for the soundproofing, but it didn't work. Inumaki was drunk on lust, feeling embarrassed when he slid his aching cock between your thighs, softly moaning and whining for when you wake up and start cooing to him, he absolutely loses himself.
"oh, toge, baby, angel, you could've just woken me up if you were this needy for me..." "does it feel good? you like fucking my thighs, pretty boy? oh, you're so cute..." "gonna cum? come on, make a mess, cum while fucking my thighs, toge, please, baby."
🍥 Sukuna: Sukuna doesn't even go to thigh fucking, he skips that. No, he's biting your thighs, sucking on them before going down on you, using his tongue and fingers to prep you before shoving his thick cock inside you, humming when you moan yourself awake.
"look who awake. took you long enough diamond, I put so much effort into making you feel good before I shoved my dick inside you." "hm? you want me to move? didn't know you were such a needy mess. beg for me to fuck you stupid, diamond, let me hear how badly you want this curse's cock in you."
🔪 Fushiguro Toji: It's not uncommon for Toji to wake up in the middle of the night, cock hard in his sweats, so he wakes you up in a way you'll know his intentions. He thanks whatever god there is for giving him someone like you who would let him fuck your soft thighs until you woke up so he could pump you full cum instead of wasting it on your stomach.
"it's time to wake up, sweetheart, don't you want me to fuck you instead of these pretty thighs?" "aw, you look so confused and aroused...spread those legs for me, sweetheart, and I'll take good care of you." "did you dream about me fucking your thighs? you're taking my cock like you wanted me to fuck you awake...yeah? you want that next time? mm, I'll keep it in mind, sweetheart, now shut up and let me fuck you stupid."
💳 Nanami Kento: Nanami usually only does this when he's very very frustrated from working, coming home to see his pretty s/o in one of his button-ups sleeping, thighs out in the open. He can't help himself, softly calling your name as he slides his hard cock slowly in and out between your thighs, giving you soft smile when you wake up.
"sorry to wake you, darling, I know it's late, but I need you." "you were responding so cutely in your sleep...would you rather I be inside you? ask nicely, darling, and I'll give you what you want." "your thighs are so soft, maybe next time I'll keep fucking them until I cum. would you like that, darling?"
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nikrangdan · 6 months ago
lovestruck!enhypen x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: lovestruck!enhypen x reader
genre: FLUFF fluff Fluff
description: how enhypen would be if they became lovestruck by the reader ☹️☹️ this is such an adorable request!!!! itll vary for each member ur relationships so you’ll either be strangers or already dating etc.
a/n: idk if all of them are lovestruck exactly bc i just got carried away with the fluff for some of them and idky maknae line revolves around sleeping BUT IDC sleepy!enhypen is the best 😁
u worked at a pretty popular clothing store
and well well well heeseung had shown up dressed very much your style so u were like
Wow who is this guy....
he was alone just looking around
and there were like 10 other people in the store but u wanted to talk to him so bad so u went up like
“hi, welcome! are u finding everything okay?”
he was looking through a rack of shirts and turned around when he heard u but WOW
when this man turned around he looked even better in person u couldnt believe it 😫
his eyes got so wide u almost laughed it was so cute ☹️
he stuttered and was like “oh um im okay”
Aw man
but u said “okay then! let me know if you need any help finding anything or if u wanna use a dressing room!” and u sent him ur nicest smile u could give
his eyes were still kinda wide open and u gave him one last look before turning around😢😢
“w-wait! actually.. um....uh.. do u.. do u guys have sweatpants..?”
u giggled to urself on the inside bc u knew he just made that up on the spot
“we do! here, follow me”
while u were showing him the clothes u guys had exchanged names and had some small talk
and that was the start of something very Beautiful
and since then he has been coming almost everyday to visit u at work 🤗🤗
jay swore he found new things about u to love every single day
and today wasnt an exception!!!!
u knew jay had been really tired and just worn out from work recently so u had decided to make him his favorite meal for dinner
a nice little surprise for when he got home ❤️
and also the anime he was watching ready on the tv for u two to watch together :(
u had literally been preparing all day and u even decided to go out and buy dessert too
it was 8pm already and jay should be getting home now
u set the table all neatly and put on one of his sweaters
Fate 🔥🔥
romantic stuff like this wasnt really ur forte so this was out of the normal for u
but u wanted to do something for jay because he did stuff like this for u alot
the table isnt in view when u walk into the apartment so he wasnt able to see his dinner yet
“hi” you smile brightly and go up to hug him and give him a little kiss
he had his bad slung over one of his shoulders and he was taking his shoes off in the doorway after he closed it
“hey.. it smells pretty good in here” he gave you a tired smile while one of his arms was wrapped around your waist
“really? it smells normal to me” you giggled before walking to the kitchen area together
he stopped and looked at u with LITERAL HEARTS IN HIS EYES when he saw the table
jay: ❤️_❤️
“surprise!!! you know im not good with words but i wanted to show you that i can cook” you laugh “and that i love you very much and im so proud of you”
jay doesnt say anything but instead drops his bag on the couch and gives u the Biggest Hug Ever
ur face is practically smushed in his chest and his hand is resting lovingly on ur hair :(((
he loves u so much im so sad
“layla!!! layla where are you?” jake was yelling quite loudly in the massive park he was in the middle of
yeah jake lost layla.. uh oh
quite a coincidence you found the cutest dog you’d ever laid eyes on
and she seemed to love u very much
the dog had made u topple over and now she was excitedly playing with you while you were sat on the ground laughing to your hearts content
after a minute of playing you had got up because you knew she was somebodys lost dog and her owner was probably looking all over the park for her
“okay.. lets go find your owner before they have a heart attack” you giggle
just as you said that though, you heard a boys voice yell “LAYLA!!!!”
the dog next to you looked in his direction, tail wagging and tongue out, but she didnt move an inch from her spot next to you
it made me you laugh out loud
as you were watching the boy run up to you, you noticed how cute he actually was
Omg..... ur heart started beating a little faster
“hi..” the boy hunched over with his hands on his knees breathing very heavily “you have my dog”
“uh yeah” you laugh “sorry about that, she ran over to me a couple minutes ago and i was just about to go find her owner”
“its okay, thank you..” he trailed off to find out your name and finally looked up to meet your eyes
“y/n” you told him
“y/n” he repeated with a small grin on his face “im jake”
“hi jake” you lightheartedly give him your hand to shake and he chuckles before taking the offer
“and it was nice meeting you layla” you crouch down to meet her level and she licks your face making you fall on your butt
you laugh and jakes quick to help you up
“layla! thats not very nice” he jokingly scolds her and pets her head
after u got up u bid goodbye to the two before jake invited u to continue walking around the park AND HE EVEN BOUGHT U AN ICE CREAM
Is This A Date, Jake? 😫😫❤️❤️❤️❤️😳😛😛
“you should be more careful” you scold the boy sitting with you standing between his legs
sunghoon had apparently gotten elbowed in the face by his friend and scratched by his friends cat on accident????
“it wasn’t my fault! he turned around and i just happened to be in the way. and i didnt even do anything to the cat!” he whined
“i didnt say it was your fault. i said to be more careful.” you tried to sound stern
u knew ur logic was making no sense but u just thought it was so fun to mess with him
he let out a sigh and gave up, slouching over again
you were stood between his legs, wiping the blood away and applying ointment
“im just kidding, you’re so cute” one of your free hands comes up to rub his hair
a small grin pops up on his face and his arms come to rest on your waist
he looks up at you while you focus on tending to his wounds
“you know y/n” he begins
you hum in response, letting him know you’re listening
“im gonna marry you one day”
you freeze in your place
it took you a minute to collect yourself because you felt like your heart almost leaped out of your chest
“who says?” you joke
he leans up to give you a quick kiss on the lips before sitting back down
you noticed sunoo had been really tired lately and u just wanted to make him feel better :((
the boys were going out and invited you two obviously but you could tell sunoo was iffy about going
“uhh..” you trail off and look over at sunoo who was laying on the couch
“you know what guys? i think me and sunoo are gonna stay home today.. you guys have fun though!” you bid goodbye to the other boys and they all understood and left
you dont even know if sunoo knew they had left already because when you walked over to him his tired eyes were glued on the tv
“hey” you leaned against the couch and looked down at him
“y/n? are we going soon?” his eyes move to the top of his head to look up at you
you start laughing and he literally goes 🤨???
“silly, they already left! so what do you wanna do?” you plop down next to him and he was in the process of sitting up
“what? when did they leave...” his mouth drops open
“like 2 minutes ago” you giggle, leaning back to rest your head
sunoo had sat still, pondering for a moment
“why did they leave us?” he turned to look at you
your eyes met his “well i figured you didnt wanna go... you didnt, right?”
he slowly shakes his head “how did you know?”
you give him a sneaky smile and jokingly push his arm “because i know you so well”
he laughs at this and leans his head on your shoulder
“wow y/n.. im impressed” he grins, snuggling into your arm
your other arm crosses over to pat him on the head, leaning your head to rest on top of his
“but thank you y/n..” his eyes slowly close to rest “im thankful for all the little things you notice about me”
u literally go 🥺
your hand goes down to squeeze his and he falls asleep peacefully on ur shoulder ☹️☹️☹️❤️
“y/n..what is that” jungwons eyes can barely open as he tries to comprehend whats going on while hes waking up
you haphazardly tap around the bedside table trying to turn off the new alarm you set last night
and that new alarm was jungwon singing 🤗
“its you, dummy” your eyes were still closed but you turned to face jungwon and snuggled closer to him
“wha- where did you even get that???” he was almost fully awake now, staring down at your half asleep figure
you yawned before answering in your i-just-woke-up-and-i-should-probably-drink-some-water voice “remember when you sang me to sleep last week? yeah i was secretly recording you. no biggie” you pat his chest twice and leave your hand there, content with life at the moment Lol
“y/nnnn” he whines “change ittt i dont like it”
“you’re kidding.” you deadpan, shocked he would say such a thing!!! “jungwon you sound like an angel threw up on a field of flowers full of puppies and kittens! okay thats kinda weird maybe not that”
jungwon giggles a little and sits up so he can sit against the headboard while your head rests on his lap
“you like my singing that much?” you can hear the smile in his voice as he asks you
you finally pop one eye open to look up at him, a goofy grin in your face
“i love your singing”
his hands run through your hair and you let out a sigh at the feeling
jungwon doesnt say anything
all he does is admire you
you can feel his eyes on you so you open your eyes again (both this time🙏🏼) and meet his eyes
“i can feel you staring straight into the depths of my soul, jungwon”
he laughs at this, bring his other hand up to pinch your cheek
“i’ll sing for you whenever you want me to y/n”
“shut up sunghoon, hes sleeping” you whisper-scolded the boy
ni-ki was currently asleep on you
literally SPRAWLED all over your body and you were basically mummified
by nishimura riki
his legs were tangled in yours, his head shoved into your neck, and his arms were bent around you in ways you didnt know were humanly possible
“you literally have an alien taking a nap on you y/n” sunghoon deadpans before walking out the room
“when you’re asleep sunghoon i will send you into a spacecraft for the rest of your life so you can go see aliens for yourself”
“wowww im so scared y/n” the boy remarks and shuts the door
you half laugh and half scoff before turning your attention back to the ipad screen sitting on the bed infront of you
kind of infront of you because ni-ki’s acrobatic position was basically blocking the view
you were having a decent time watching the show playing, definitely not the most comfortable person on the planet at the moment
until you felt the body on top of you.. rumble?
you knew that feeling
ni-ki was laughing
HOW and WHY the hell was he laughing ?!!?!!?!
“what the hell?” you look down at him and his face is shoved near your shoulder but you caught a glimpse of his big smile
his laughter gets louder and you still dont have answers yet
“why are you laughing???? i thought you were sleeping?????” you try to push him off you but he was persistent in laughing in your shoulder (??)
after a couple minutes of you just letting this happen
ni-ki finally speaks!
“you’re so funny y/n” he finally pulls away from you and wipes his tears
“what are you even talking about... and how long were you awake, you sneaky kid” you poke his chest
he leans down again to hug your waist and start cuddling you again
“10 minutes”
“so you’re telling me i could’ve freed myself from that god awful demon EMBRACE you had me in 10 minutes ago???!!”
ni-ki starts laughing again and looks up at you
“thank you for threatening to send sunghoon to aliens for me y/n” he grins
you laugh, finally understanding what the boy had been going on about
“sunghoon deserved it”
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smolla-than-a-bug · a month ago
chifuyu, mitsuya and mikey with an s/o who’s always sleepy? :]
Tumblr media
tokrev boys with a s/o who’s always sleepy
ft. chifuyu, mitsuya, mikey, shinichiro
Tumblr media
[ navi | tokrev m.list | request rules ]
content — gn!reader
notes — hi anon!! HHAJKHDK im literally always sleepy so it was a breeze writing this and ofc i had to include my man i hope u dont mind 🤕
Tumblr media
⚜️ CHIFUYU has become so used to you falling asleep on him at random that he makes it a point to wear his comfiest clothes around you, so he can be your own personal portable makeshift pillow. It's not that it was ever something he had to force himself to get used to. More like, he's grown so accustomed to it that he finds himself looking forward to having you sprawled out on his lap or drooling on his shoulder as he runs his fingers through your hair. His day isn't complete without it.
⚜️ MITSUYA really wants you to adapt a healthier sleep schedule and tries to keep you awake while the sun’s still up. He knows you’ll lose all drowsiness by nightfall if he lets you sleep during the day, so when he notices your eyes beginning to droop, he'll start talking to you more, he'll pass you a glass of cold water—anything to keep you up until the time you're actually supposed to be sleeping. Though, if you seem to be extra tired, he'll guide your head to lay in his lap and lull you to sleep with the subtle hum of his voice.
⚜️ MIKEY likes taking naps with you. He's down to nap at any point in the day, and his rest becomes more fruitful if you're there to cuddle with him. He curls up next to you so casually, and having your body so close is just so comforting and warm that he just… falls asleep. He can fall asleep literally anywhere and in any position, but his favorite is either on top of you or with you on top of him; either of those work for him, and it’s a rather common sight to see. It is gonna be hell for Ken-chin when he has to wake you both up <3
⚜️ SHINICHIRO doesn't mind your sleepy habits at all. Sure, he's a little concerned because how can someone sleep so much within one day?, but he's long accepted that that's just how you are. You’re usually attached at the hip, and it’s no different when you’re asleep. He likes to hold you rather than have you laying on him, so usually, he has you attached to him like a koala. He sits you in his lap facing him with your head laid on his shoulder, and he hugs you in that position like a big teddy bear, shushing anyone that makes even the slightest bit of noise so as to not wake you up.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © smolla-than-a-bug, 2021. please do not copy or repost my works. reblogs/feedback/comments are appreciated!
tokyo revengers taglist — @victoirey
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amosthirst · 3 months ago
I hope u dont mind me sending u a fic/thirst i wrote at 3 am lol
-- (Orgy, overstim, degrading names, hand/mouth jobs, cunnilingus, two cocks, fingering)--- [ft. Zhongli, Childe & Scara]
Waves upon waves of pleasure crashed your body as you struggle to grasp were your pleasurable attacks were coming from. Blindfolded, hands tied together and fully naked, your sinful heaven begins.
With your legs spread apart, Zhongli fucks your wet pussy with his two humongous dicks, stretching you so deep that you swear you can feel it in your uterus. He cums more times than you’ve count and is still going.
The dildo’s setting is at the highest speed, nestling comfortably in your asshole. It’s vibrations too showing you no mercy.
Childe is busy sucking and biting your taut nipples. Your milk spilling from your erect nipples, he proceeded to lap it all up. Greedy for more, he continued to mercilessly assault your breasts.
You were sucking off Scaramouche as he shamed you for being a whore for his dick. Calling you a slur for having an orgy with a group of guys. His slurs made you cum even more, causing Zhongli to stop his thrusts and lap your slick up with his longer than human forked tongue. It even entered you and danced in your greedy cavern.
“You like this huh, you slut?” He muses, sucking and biting your clit, causing you to scream loudly in pleasure. “Do you want more?”
You can’t answer his question, for you were pumping Scara’s cock in your mouth. As Scara cums into your mouth, you felt a warm and wet feeling spreading across your ear.
“Hey it’s my turn now, Small man,” Childe hummed at your ear, earning a growl from said small man. He was licking and biting your earlobes. You were definitely getting overstimulation but at the same time it felt so damn fucking good.
Both of them swap places. Childe tells you to suck him off as Scara pulls the gigantic dildo out and pushes his fat dick into you. Zhongli starts pumping and scissoring you with his long slender digits.
“F... fuck... your so fucking tight!” Scara moaned. He starts thrusting fast. Childe’s moans suddenly joined in as you give a good long suck. Warmth flooded your mouth.
“Swallow it, that’s a good girl.” Childe muses as you obeyed his words. “Since you’re so obedient, being our little fuck toy, maybe we should release you.”
He undo the restrains from your hands, but not your eyes. “You sure love being used huh, you dirty whore.” Scara smirked.
You moaned loudly as Scara hit your abused g-spot. “Oh? Do you want more you slut?” “Y... yes!” You moaned. “That is master to you, fuck toy, am I clear?” He demanded.
“Yes- AH- M... master!”
“Isn’t she beautiful, Xian shen? Our dirty little toy?” Childe crooned as you stroke his cock. Zhongli grunts in agreement as you once again lost your rights to speak.
cw. monsterfucking, creampie, orgy, bukkake, overstim, voyeurism, degradation
Tumblr media
MONSTERFUCKING AND ORGY??? R U TRYING TO SEDUCE ME?? 🤤 and no! i dont mind you sending thirst at all @nyangorogoro030303 <33
NO REALLY, beside getting ur holes filled here and there, i want them to cum on my face!! ^^ imagine them taking turns to cum on your face, slapping their cock on your lips to make sure you're awake! and there is no way will they ler you waste it, make sure to lick it up or you'll get punished more~
anyhow, zhongli with two cock??? yes omg?? fucking you infront of the two harbinger while you bounce on his cocks, you cry and cry— telling him it's too big, but zhongli is so sweet, kissing you all over your face; telling you it's okay. if you can't take him, how else would you learn to take two cock in one time?
childe and scara is mean btw >:( childe get his cock hard by sucking your tits, milking you dry while he fucks your sloppy cunt. he just like to see you cry, like yo see your breast grew swollen and red from his handprint. scara get off with how tight your ass are, slapping and groping the flesh into a fist while he calls you a cock-hungry whore!scara is the meanest out of the three really, he doesn't care if your legs are giving up— get up and let him fuck you again and again <3
THIS WAS A SUPER GOOD THIRST BTW !! i never thought of the zhongli + childe + scara combo BUT NOW THAT YOUVE SHOWN ME— MAKE MY MIND GOES 🤤🤤🤤💦
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sunalma · 7 months ago
can i req suna,, akaashi and iwa (and anyone else u want!!) getting jelly abt the s/o hanging out with another guy and being touchy (like the playful smacking or smth) without knowing the guy was their brother? angst to fluff bc i want the ✨ pain ✨ if u dont wanna its fine too,,
thanks bby,, love ur works so much! stay safe and healthy 😫💗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
me receiving a request : 🥰 the request including suna :🤩 tysmm bby stay safe and healthy tooo <3
Tumblr media
-> suna, iwaizumi, akaashi
-> angst to fluff
-> reblogs help a lot <33
Tumblr media
• he hadn’t asked many questions when you told him you couldn’t come over to his house in the afternoon. but now, as he was replaying your snapchat story for the sixth time, he really wished he did
• maybe if he had insisted on coming with you, you wouldn’t have let this guy - that he had never seen, for the record - act so touchy with you
• was it his fault for not making you feel special enough ? to the point that you preferred the company of other men rather than your own boyfriend’s ?
• just the thought of this was enough to make a few of his usually well-hidden insecurities bubble up - most of them due to what his friends always joked about « suna doesn’t care enough to be in a relationship, they’ll all run away after a week ! »
• so yes, suna was hurt, but you didn’t have to see that. your opinion on him was the only one he cared about, he didn’t want to tarnish it. well... your opinion and his little sister’s, who burst into his room as he was about to watch your story for the seventh time to tell him that « someone’s at the door ! »
• not feeling like getting out of bed, it took him a few minutes to drag his feet to the door before finally opening it. and of all the people he could have expected to see, you were the last of them
• « surprise ? » you smiled as you let yourself in, not noticing the surprised look on his face as you greeted him with a tight hug. « i felt bad for cancelling our afternoon together, so i asked my brother to drop me off »
• you weren’t even done talking that suna had already recognized the man in the car that was leaving his driveway. his embrace immediately softened, and a smile crept on his face as he felt all his doubts vanish in a second
• « nuh-uh, don’t take your jacket off beautiful, i’m taking you out », he told you, determined to spoil you in the way he regretted not doing sooner
• at his words, his sister almost magically appeared next to you, coat in hand and ready to go. « you weren’t planning on leaving without me, right ? » she flashed you a toothless grin, grabbing both your hand and his to drag you two outside
• suna shared a deadpanned look with you, « of course not... » you both said in unison as she was already leading the way to her favorite ice cream shop
• iwa’s trust in you was infinite. but something about the way this guy had his arm playfully wrapped around your shoulders didn’t sit right with him
• his practice had ran late and he was exhausted. but he had promised you he would pop over to the birthday party of your childhood best friend, knowing how much it mattered to you
• but your behavior looked an awful lot like an attempt at making him jealous... and it was working
• was it your way of letting him know that you two weren’t working anymore ? were you just too much of a coward to be clear about it ? he hated to think about you that way. and most of all, he cared about you too much to not step in
• « ok now you got my attention » he told you after pulling you to the side. « if you want to tell me something, go ahead, i’m listening »
• still trapped in the euphoria of the moment, you didn’t really understand how upset he was. but maybe it was for the best, because it allowed you to defuse the tension lightheartedly : « i can’t believe i forgot to introduce you ! » you let out as you dragged him back to where your brother was still standing
• his jaw still clenched, iwa couldn’t even bring himself to shake this stranger’s hand, as friendly as he looked. at least not until you spoke your next words : « he was actually telling me how excited he was to finally met his future brother-in-law ! »
• iwa’s lips slightly parted in confusion, you could almost hear the cogs turning in his head over the music. brother? well that explained a lot of things
• « h-hi, sorry i was... miles away » he apologized before finally shaking the hand your brother was holding out to him
• but once the surprise had passed, another word stuck with him : brother-in-law ? as in « my sibling speaks so highly of you that i’m willing to let you put a ring on their finger even though i have never met you yet » ?
• well, it was good to know that your brother agreed with the plans he’d had for you since day 1...
• it was not unusual for akaashi to think that maybe he was not good enough for you. but being actually jealous was a first for him
• he had promised himself to never be too overprotective of you. but the facts were here : it was 3am and the only thing keeping him up was this unknown feeling of pure jealousy
• if he had not been in such a hurry when he witnessed your lighthearted banter and playful fighting with this man in the afternoon, he would’ve come up to you. introduced himself. maybe asked a few questions. if
• suspecting that this unpleasant feeling would not go away unless he talked to you about it, akaashi found himself dialling your number in the middle of the night
• used to his thoughts polluting his mind at unpredictable hours of the day and the night, your ringer was always on. which is why you picked up after only two rings
• « hi angel, i’m sorry to wake you up, i just... » he started, the clarity of his tone letting you know that he had not slept a wink. feeling his hesitation, you were quick to reassure him « it’s ok keiji. what’s going on ? »
• « who were you with ? i mean- this afternoon ? i don’t think i’ve ever met that guy and i was just wondering if... maybe i should ? »
• sitting up straight on your bed, you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. if this was the only thing keeping him awake, he should be able to fall asleep in the following minutes. « i was with my brother. but i understand why you were confused, it’s a normal reaction so please don’t blame yourself for that, alright baby ? »
• the gasp you heard on the other end of the line made you chuckle. akaashi’s voice was much less tensed now : « well in that case, yeah i should probably meet him... if you’re ok with that »
• « i’m more than ok with that » you smiled, placing your phone down on your pillow « wanna stay on the phone for a bit ? »
• « that’d be nice », his voice sounded sleepy already, especially above the familiar sound of his covers being pulled up to his chin
• how could he put that in words ? he didn’t even know if he was allowed to be jealous because he knew how often you had to see him deal with his many fangirls
• and that was actually what bugged him the most : that he might have already made you feel as shitty as he was feeling now
• but atsumu wasn’t the type to sit down and seriously open up about his feelings. besides, it was much easier to look like a needy boyfriend rather than a vulnerable one
• so he resorted to what he was best at : physical touch as a way to get your attention
• sneaking up behind you, he didn’t give you any warning before wrapping both his arms around your waist and pressing his chest on your back so much that you almost had to bend over
• he really hoped you would be perceptive enough to understand that he wasn’t just being clingy, but in need of a lot of reassurance. and luckily, it was quick to come :
• « tsumu, let me introduce you my brother » you chuckled, understanding how and why he had been mistaken
• one hand still on your waist, he used the other to greet your brother. atsumu did not really seem fazed by the news. of course he was relieved to know that he had nothing to worry about, but this little experience had still been very eye-opening to him
• after your brother had left to give you two some privacy, tsumu’s grip on your waist tightened, but in a softer way
• « ‘m sorry if i ever made ya cry » he let out, completely out of the blue. you didn’t really understand the meaning of this, but it didn’t matter. your hand found its way to his cheek that you brushed lightly with one finger, admiring the how it was slowly turning red. « being jealous sucks... » he added.
• « it does », you approved, giving him a quick peck on the nose. « but there’s nothing and no one that you should worry about, i promise »
• a fond smile lit up his face. you looked sincere, and he really needed to hear that right now. quick as ever, his hands left your waist to come and rest on your cheeks. both holding each other’s faces, you stared at the other for a few seconds, wondering which one of you would give in to a kiss first
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @toworuu @catwithangerissues @miyumiya @livy384 @k0u-minamo2 @fullsundear @hsjvwq @kelsuuki @hiraeth-z @velvetvirgos @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @47meow @japanesevenom @geektastic84 @noir-blanches-blog @idontlikeyourjob @seiri-ami @atiny-grl-with-luv @admiringlove @nachotrash @kellesvt @aintyourholy @Moonlaeli @catchmewiddershins @duhsies @devilgirlcrybabiey @crystal-lilac @ijustwantfreenetflix @mimaki @maitenight
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tadashiwa · 11 months ago
karasuno boys reacting to you sending nudes for the first time
features: hinata, kageyama, tanaka, nishinoya, tsukishima, yamaguchi, daichi, sugawara, & asahi
hinata shoyo
he absolutely loses his fucking mind
you innocently texted him "guess what i bought :D" and he obviously asked to see
and there u were. kneeling in front of a mirror. in white lingerie. and its so sheer you might as well be wearing nothing.
it's not hinata's first time seeing you in a position like this, but oh my god you sent him a picture just for him to keep all for himself of you looking like this—
he's painfully hard almost instantly, sitting back against his headboard and pulling his cock out of his shorts
instantly becomes a babbling mess and cant form thoughts
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio
you didn't realize that oikawa was eyeing you like a man starved when you and kageyama ran into him
but kageyama sure did
and he wasn't gonna let it go
he didn't blame you, but he was just generally agitated until he dropped you off at home
but when his phone lit up with a text from you as he was brushing his teeth he didn't think twice about it, expecting a simple good night text
but he was met with a picture of you with one of his old jerseys on, the hem of the jersey in his mouth, your bare chest on display for him
kageyama forgot how to breathe
bestie if you dont answer his damn calls
Tumblr media
you and tanaka had been friends for a while, but you had just recently entered what one would call the "talking" stage
even when you were just friends tanaka never shied away from telling you how attractive he thought you were
and then one night you were feeling yourself, so you thought: fuck it
you texted him asking if he wanted to see this really hot picture you had taken of yourself
obviously he said yes
but what he was Not Expecting was a picture of you holding your tits in the shower, covered in soap bubbles, with your arm covering your nipples
tanaka LOST IT
he lives to serve u
Tumblr media
you're sitting on nishinoya's bed as he throws a volleyball up and down at the ceiling
you're complaining about this boy you had been talking to, and nishinoya is trying his hardest not to just tell you how in love he is with you
and then
u have the nerve
to say
"and i sent him this really good nude and he literally just sent the thumbs up emoji—"
and then nishinoya is seeing RED
not only did this prick have the pleasure—no—PRIVILEGE—to see you naked, but he didn't even APPRECIATE IT
noya's just joking around when he says "i would NEVER—" and then he starts ranting about how to hype up a girl
but when you say "next time i'll send my nudes to you" and he can't tell if you're joking
but you're CLEARLY not joking when that night you send him a picture of your naked body on display—
he tries to play it cool but hes FREAKING OUT
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
you and tsukishima had been dating for a few weeks
he's clowning you because he thinks you're innocent as hell💔💔
so obviously you've gotta prove otherwise
so you send him a picture of the tattoo in between your tits
he's not even sure if you meant for the picture to be so fucking hot but there you both are and he's looking at your tattoo and he just wants to RUIN YOU—
and he's gotta make sure you know that
Tumblr media
tadashi yamaguchi
god bless him
youre gonna actually cause him to drop dead one day
you two had done things with each other before and yamaguchi wasn't a stranger to your body
he obviously still short ciruits every time he as much as thinks about you like that though
one day, when your phone dies, you borrow his phone really quickly
but then a text from tsukishima comes through
"youre paranoid. y/n isnt gonna think u have a thing for thigh highs if u buy them a few pairs for their birthday"
and then u get an Idea.
u ordered a pair of thigh highs that night and poor yams has no idea whats coming
when they come in the mail you put on one of his shirts, the socks, and nothing else
you sit on your calves and bunch up the shirt in your hands and spread your legs juuuust enough for yamaguchi to see how turned on you are
you send him a picture and tadashi literally dies LMAO
he cant even express how bad he needs u
and u dont really grasp it until u see him again
good luck bestie
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura
you and daichi had been together for a little over a year
he was away and you hadn't seen him for a while and you needed him
thankfully, the feeling was reciprocated
daichi made this clear when he texted you from his hotel room at 2am LMAO
my boy needs u expeditiously 💔🙏
he asks if you're awake because he wants to hear your voice
when he calls you and you can hear that his voice is a bit strained you know exactly whats going on
"daichi? you're touching yourself aren't you?"
"yeah. yeah, i am, i'm sorry i just need you so bad—" he whines
"don't stop." you state bluntly
and then daichi hears clothes rustling
and then you start moaning and whining and oh my fucking god
when you hang up to go to sleep he texts you thanking you
so you bless him again
rip daichi fr fr
Tumblr media
Sugawara Koshi
you and suga were friends
yet you both knew that with how attracted you were to each other it was only a matter of time
and then one night you're both at a party and someone has the genius idea to play truth or dare
you and suga are both a bit tipsy and so obviously you agree
and then someone dares you to let suga give you a hickey
and then you're straddling suga's lap and he's sucking on the sweet spot on your neck and holy shit
he pretends he doesn't hear you whimper over the music and you pretend you don't feel him growing in his pants
eventually you both go home and by this point you're both sobered up
and holy shit is the hickey on your neck is big
you send a picture to suga to show him his work
but you intentionally make sure he can see your bare chest
Tumblr media
asahi azumane
this fucking man
has NO IDEA what he does to you
he sends you a mirror selfie at the gym holding up a peace sign because its just a little thing that the both of you do
and his thighs look so. fucking. good.
and so you decide your boyfriend deserves a shot of your glorious thighs right back
so youre wearing one of his shirts and nothing else and lay on your stomach with your ass in the air
and you look so cute
and asahi almost drops dead where he stands from arousal
its what this gorgeous man deserves for living rent free in your head like this
Tumblr media
authors note: this was fun :) send me requests!!!!
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jacobsnsfw · 6 months ago
thighs, sapnap
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING cc!sapnap x afab!gn!thick thighed!reader
WARNINGS somnophillia, praising, vaginal penetration, slight degradation ( the word 'slut' a few times ), thigh fucking.
SONG REC pillowtalk, zayn
NOTES pls don't read if you're uncomfortable  with the topics above<3 he has a tongue piercing in this because i said so
wattpad ao3
Tumblr media
     THE TWO OF YOU laid cuddled up against each other, you were in a peaceful dreamland while sapnap's hips rocked slightly in between your legs, silently trying to get himself off without waking you. it was around five forty-five in the morning, you had a scheduled stream at nine and you'd be getting up soon, but his hand just wasn't cutting it for some reason tonight. his mind wandered to the time you told him to in your own words "fuck me in my sleep", but he decided your plump thighs would be enough.
you stirred slightly and his hips came to a stop watching your face contort as you mumbled about something in your dream most likely. when your body stilled again and the babbling that escaped your parted lips ending, he continued thrusting his clothed erection against your bare thighs, sleeping in panties might not have been your first choice, but god was sap happy you chose them.
your thighs were pillow-like sapnap always found himself admiring them, when you walked they would jiggle. he didn't know why, but they just were so hot to him, he daydreamed about being in between them all the time. he knew if he told you how he felt you'd slap his chest with that smile that never failed to make his cheeks turn pink in a matter of seconds, the smile that was present whenever you would mention something lewd, you'd shoot at him, or when you called him 'daddy' jokingly and he looked at you shocked it was always there.
his head fell back and an unintentionally loud moan spilled from his lips that made him clamp a hand over his mouth in not only embarrassment but, in fear he'd woken you up. your eyes blinked a few times adjusting to the tiny bit of light that peeked through the blinds when your hips moved and your legs stretched out sapnap flitched. "you okay?", it was a simple question, sapnap had no clue how to answer, he hummed and pulled himself further from your touch, that made you frown in confusion, your bottom lip poking out in a pout as you shimmied your body closer to him.
something was pressed against your leg, you both knew exactly what it was too. "why's your dick out at.." you glanced at the small black alarm clock on your nightstand that displayed it was five fifty-seven am, "almost six am?" you weren't trying to make him uncomfortable, that was never the goal but what the actual fuck, was he really beating his meat right next to you, you've had sex (the best you ever had was with him) before many times, but the bathroom wasn't far at all or he could've just asked you would have gladly sucked him off.
he stuttered trying to think of an explanation, but his mouth was just spewing out words, "slow down" you spoke your hand coming up to cup his cheek with a knowing smile. sapnap sat up from how he was laying, leaning against the headboard, and pulled you into his lap, "you just looked so pretty before bed and i didn't want to wake you up, baby", his words were soft-spoken, his calloused hands came to your thighs palming the flesh.
your lips met his in a kiss, that you intended to be short and sweet but when you went to pull away his hand met the back of your head pulling you back into him.  his tongue danced around your bottom lip, asking for permission to shove the muscle in your throat. you obliged allowing him to explore your mouth, your teeth clanked together almost like he's in a rush. the cold metal of his tongue piercing brushed against the roof of your mouth.
sapnap smirked at the dazed look on your face, "you look so fucked out and i've barely touched you, baby" he pouted kissing your forehead. his hands sat on your hips and your thighs pushed together trying to gain any amount of friction you could, his shoulder muffled the disappointed whine that escaped your throat. your hand wrapped around the base of his cock, desperately trying to get him to fuck you, to ruin you until you were a babbling mess, you had no idea where this sudden burst of horniness came from, but sapnap was liking it, a hell of a lot.
the red lacy panties you had fallen asleep in were disregarded by sapnap, with a simple lift of your hips, they were on the bedroom floor soon to be joined by yours and sapnap's still worn garments. your lips met again in a kiss that was more heated than the last one. his head lolled back slightly when your fingers danced over the tip of his cock, and an almost inaudible 'fuck' passed his swollen lips. 
the thing is, he didn't want to come in your palm, definitely not, he wanted to fuck his cum deep into you so deep that you were able to feel it for hours or maybe so much as days, his hand came to stop your quickening actions with your hands, to lay you down onto the bed underneath him, and positioned himself between your thighs, his cock brushed into them smearing pre-cum onto the soft skin, making a shiver run up your spine and goosebumps arose onto your body.
he ran his fingers down your soaking slit, fishing for a reaction of any sort from you, when his fingers play and pinched your puffy clit, you practically keened and threw your head back into the pillows, "oh- sap-! please fuck me~" you ask and you shall receive i guess. in a quick motion, his cock was being pressed into your clit as he teased your wet cunt.
he stopped his movements, clearing his throat, and calling out to the alexa on your bedside table, "alexa," he paused thinking of an artist "shuffle songs by chase atlantic". the robot replied saying something about how she was shuffling the songs on his apple music. one of yours and his favorite songs played through the speakers at around level seven, 'slow down' to be exact.
his cock continued teasing you when the song lyrics started, running his hands along your thighs again, and squeezing them. his tip tapped against your pussy, pushing himself into you ever so slowly, your legs quivered from the stimulation of his skilled fingers and his dick pressed into you. your pelvises were both pressed together in no time, he had worked you through the stretch, despite having sex on numerous occasions, it still slightly hurt when he was fully settled inside.
when you glanced down at your lower stomach you could see how deep his cock was inside, he spoke up with immense amounts of pride in his tone, "can you feel me right here, baby? hm?" sapnap pushed his hand against your belly, watching your face contort in pain, pleasure, and how you were quick to try and push his hands away from the area. "my little cock slut, yeah." it wasn't a question, it was in fact a statement and true one at that.
"open", you did exactly that, and he pressed his thumb against your tongue, that you swirled around his finger treating it like how you'd treat his cock. his thrusts were slow and so fucking deep, you had barely been awake a few minutes ago, but here you are getting slowly railed to chase atlantic at six o' clock in the morning in your lover's best friend's house
you felt like you were floating on the euphoria of his hips meeting yours not too fast and not too slow. every little thing he had already done in the last few minutes or so, continued to play in your head like some broken cassette tape that was stuck on a loop, the thoughts of him playing with your pussy, him trying to fuck himself against your thighs, that and his continuous slow, antagonizing thrusts had you moaning embarrassingly loud and arching your back off the bed.
sapnap grabbed your hips and lifted them, a whole new chapter of feeling bursting throughout your entire body, just a few more thrusts into that exact spot deep within your velvety wall would have you spurting onto his cock in absolutely no time. "right there?" he asked, you couldn't get the words to leave your mouth, so instead you nodded squeezing his cock so tight that you could feel the veins and ridges on it.
he kept on brushing his cock against that spot waiting for- "cumming-! i'm coming " yep, those words, sapnap felt his release inching closer and closer, you could feel his cock twitch deep inside your walls, as he came inside, he barely moved for a few moments just groaning into your neck about how much of a good slut you were for him.
a pat on his shoulder made him sit up, and you attempted to walk to the bathroom, but as soon as you stood up your legs felt like they were going to collapse right under you. sapnap just laughed, kissed the side of your neck, pulled on a pair of boxers and old basketball shorts, and walked out the room to get you some water and a washcloth. you laid back down onto your side of the bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about you were going to cancel your stream today, maybe they'll believe the whole "i have laryngitis" thing.
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crypticwanda · 6 months ago
Hi. I know this is sounds lame,but i'm very new to tumblr.i dont know how this apps works but I found ur profile last night and really love what you write. Will binge read all of them.😊 i saw you r open for request. How about y/n n wanda been dating n wanda gets jealous thought y/n cheated on her but she actually doesnt. And if u r comfortable writing this,maybe wanda accidentally blast her with her power since her power is connected to her emotion,wanda founds out she didnt cheat on her n feels bad then they made up. Really loves your works..thank u.😊
Oh my god ANGST and thank you so much! 💞
You don't trust me?
summary: wanda starts to become suspicious that reader is cheating on her and things start to get messy
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x fem!reader
warnings: arguing, cursing, little violence, there's a happy ending though
notes: can you tell I know nothing about the medical field
taglist: @myperfectlovepoem @supersourlemon13 @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m @fayhar @olsensnpm @internetsubmarines @aana4664 @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @imapotato
Tumblr media
An exhausted sigh left your lips as you closed your eyes and opened your front door. It was around 2 am and you had just gotten off of work and back to your home. It was dark in your living room and you tried to be as quiet as possible, not to wake your sleeping girlfriend. You slowly and quietly made your way upstairs and opened your bedroom door. As you slowly turned to close the door behind you, you heard the light switch flip on. You turned around to see a tired wanda sitting up in her bed, her hand still slightly emitting red showing that she used her powers to flip the light switch on.
"I'm so sorry honey, I didn't mean to wake you up." You whispered as you walked over to her in the bed. You leaned down to plant a kiss on her head as she groggily grunts in response and lays her head back down on the pillow. You walked around your bed as you began taking off your work clothes and quickly putting on your pajamas. You crawled into bed underneath the covers and wrapped your arms around Wanda's waist. She hummed softly as she laid her hands ontop of your own and you placed a soft kiss at the crook of her neck. You almost instantly drifted off into sleep as you laid next to wanda in your comfortable bed.
The next day, you and wanda were just finishing up dinner as you heard your phone chime from the table next to you. You picked it up to see it was your assistant from the hospital. "Hello?" You asked as you answered the call. "Y/N, there's a patient here who needs surgery." You heard her say on the other line. "I already left work, can't you get someone else to fill in for me?" You ask as Wanda turns her head up to look at you. "Everyone else is busy with other work, you're one of our only available." She says across the line. You sigh deeply as you bring up a hand up to your temples. "Fine, I'll be there." You say briefly as you hang up.
"More work?" Wanda asks as she reverts her eyes back to her plate with an annoyed tone. "I'm so sorry baby, it's just that everyone's busy and I'm the only available surgeon right now." You explain as you put your jacket around your arms. Wanda didn't respond as she kept her eyes away from you. "I'm so sorry." You repeat sadly as you walk over to her and lay a hand on her cheek and turn her face to look at you. You lean down and softly press your lips against her own as you heard her sigh through her nose. You pulled away and held her cheek softly. "I'll make this up to you, I promise." You whisper as her lips purused downward.
She nods softly as you turn and begin to walk out of the door. "Hopefully I can be back around 1 but, I'm not sure." You tell her as you walk out of the door. You open your car door, start the engine and pull out of your driveway as you make your way to the hospital.
Many hours had passed when your surgery was finally complete. You were now on your way home at around 4 am, completely exhausted and ready to pass out. You groan as you step out of your car and make your way up the driveway and open your front door. You hear the lock click as you push open the door and walk inside. To your surprise, the lights were on and wanda was sitting on the couch with almost an angry look on her face. "Oh, you're still awake." You said surprised as you closed the door behind you. "I was waiting for you." She breathed out as she stood up from the couch. "You said you'd be here at 1." She said, obviously annoyed as she crossed her arms. "Well, I was hoping to come home at 1 but the surgery lasted longer than I thought." You tell her as you scratch the back of your neck.
Wanda breathed harshly through her nostrils as she looked at you. "You know you've been doing these night shifts for a while now." She snapped as she turned and began walking into the kitchen while continuing to talk to you. "I know honey, and you don't understand how sorry I am for that." You pleaded as you followed her into the kitchen. "You know, I'm starting to believe that these are just more than surgeries." She hissed as she quickly turned around to face you. "What are you talking about?" You asked as your face scrunched in confusion. A few moments later you realised what she had meant. "Wait, do you think I'm cheating on you?" You asked as you pointed to your own chest. "I didn't say that!" She snapped, her volume increasing. "Wanda, I would never cheat on you." You say shaking your head as wanda brings a hand to the top of her head.
"Why would you even think that?" You ask, your volume was loud but your voice was breaking. Wanda shut her eyes harshly as she turned her body away from you. "Wanda-" you begin once again as you softly grab ahold of her forearm. Before you knew it, red power emitted from Wanda and you felt your body fly across the kitchen and your back hit the cabinets. You grunted as you heard a few glasses fall onto the ground and shatter. Your body hit the ground as a groan escaped your lips. Wanda gasps and puts a hand over her mouth as she realised what she had done. "Y/N!" She yelled as she ran over to you and kneeled next to you on the ground. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." She frantically tried to talk to you as tears were welling up in her eyes. "I'm fine." You breathe out as you push yourself up and press your back against the counter.
"Wanda, honey, I love you absolutely more than anything. You're my world and everything I want and more, why would I ever want anything other than you?" You said with tears in your eyes as you softly laid your hands on either side of her cheeks. A single tear fell from Wanda's eye as she hung her head low. "I know and I'm sorry, I trust you Y/N." She whispers out as her forehead pressed against yours. You leaned in and tilted your head as you pressed your lips onto hers. She wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you close, you could feel tears falling from her eyes onto your own skin. You pulled away after a few moments and gave her a soft smile. "I'm gonna take some time off, to be with you." You say. "Y/N you don't have to-" Wanda begins but you cut her off. "I want to." She looked up at you with a soft smile as you returned one.
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ringpop-poppy · 8 months ago
crying bc im thinking abt how if u confessed to yuuji how u wanna be fucked but where u pretend not to want it hes so against it at first :((( can't think abt hurting u that way or forcing himself on his sweet baby, kisses u in eats u out real nice to make up for the disappointment it brings u even though u respect his boundaries
poor yuuji who was so against the idea until later that night sukuna is rudely keeping him awake w images of you teary eyed and red faced, struggling against them both as u cry so sweetly when he shreds your clothes off, "dont be so fucking vanilla, brat," he'd croon, showing yuuji more visions of how pathetically adorable you'd look putting up a fight, "you're gonna deny her? you're gonna sit here and pretend your not getting hard right now at the thought of forcing that sweet little kitty into submission and taking her cunt, our cunt? her struggle would be"
yuuji hates how hard he is, how he shamefully turns his face into the mattress, "b-but i can't bring myself to do that....yet" he says softly, pitifully and shivers at the dark chuckle he can hear from sukuna, "brat," he says, full of dark things, "wanna make a deal?"
:(((( the next time you're with yuuji you've pushed that particular kink to the back of your mind, just enjoying his company as he peppers kisses all over you on your shared couch, until you feel him suddenly go still on top of you, head burried in your neck. You questioningly call out his name, only to gasp and widen your eyes when you hear a very dark and familiar chuckle and a more then threatening nip at your neck. scrambling out from under yuuji to see sukuna has taken his place, the dark marks lining him like tattoos and his eyes assessing you with a predatory interest. his grin would be full of teeth, feral and dangerous, "i suggest you start running," he says cooly, examining his clawed hands.
your thighs tremble n your heart thunders but underneath the fear you can feel it. the heat sliding between your thighs. you gulp, and spinning around, you begin to run.
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hellounicorn · 3 months ago
RHEA! Bb imma need a part 3 on that sending nudes to roommate she gets all conflicted or whatever about her feelings...DONT LEAVE ME WITH THAT LAST LINE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENS NEXT
LAJDKS OK I made this diff then what u asked for tho bc I thought this idea was funny-
Nights had passed, and not a single one was complete without you pondering on the photos sent to Draco over a week ago. While yes, it was no longer a topic in your shared apartment with him, it was clear you both were still obviously flustered about the whole situation.
You needed closure to this, so you rolled over onto your stomach and grabbed your phone from the bedside table. Taking a deep breath, you accepted the fact you weren’t actually upset that Draco was the receiver of such explicit images.
You awake?
His response came in no time, making your heart ignite when you heard the ping.
Sure am. Need something?
You bite your lip nervously, unsure how to express your feelings for him in any other way then another round of nude pictures for his memory.
I have something for you.
You cringed with each word you typed, knowing how poor of an idea this could have been seen as, but you were desperate, and your photos would have most care in the hands of Draco.
Is it something edible?
You chuckle at his dote of constant hunger, but suddenly got a bright thought for a reply that may or may not lead to sexting on your part.
In a way..yes.
Oh shit, now you were in too deep.
You rolled your eyes at yourself, swinging your legs off the bed and stripping yourself bare, taking extra time to think about how Draco’s reaction would be, which in turn, made arousal begin to drip down your legs.
You brought your finger to the folds of your pussy, rubbing them lightly to get your wetness coating your digits and sloppily making a mess of your cunt.
Snapping a few shots from different angles in the reflection of the mirror, you picked the best ones, giving him a clear view of how you touched yourself, showing him how red and swollen your clit was, and finally a full body one, knowing that would send him over the edge.
You nibbled on your fingernail, realizing how utterly stupid you were for doing this and how he could potentially hate you after this. But the thought of Draco seeing you so vulnerable made you want him to be the ones you can send these photos to on a daily basis.
Holding your breath, you clicked the send button, waiting to see that he’d read the message.
You reach for your panties, slipping them back on as you tried to not eye the three dots in a bubble on the screen, indicating that he was typing a reply.
You fit your cotton night shorts snug on your hips as another ping comes.
I’m coming over, unlock the fucking door…
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ererokii · 9 months ago
Hi! I recently read the scenarios when y/n went missing and then came back, can we also do it for the warriors (also known as titan shifters) Arigato!
Hey! I hope u like them! It may be a bit different from the show so I can fit the scenario better!
Contains spoilers from manga
Tumblr media
Porco: when Reiner and Bertholdt return to Marley with Ymir; Porco is extremely upset. First he sees the girl who ate his brother, and the boy who his brother sacrificed himself for. When you’re not there with them, along with Annie, porco can only frankly care about you. He’s impulsive, ready to make improper plans to bring you back. But thanks to the war chief and the commanders, his wishes aren’t granted, forcing him to wait. Just like before, Porco always blames it on Reiner (even if he’s not there) in any way he can. Part of him, he feels terrible and wishes you were safe and sound beside him. At night it keeps him awake. After the battle at Shinganshina, you return with Pieck, Zeke and Reiner. He doesn’t even greet the other warriors and takes you into his arms, calling you stupid and how careless you were, but is happy to have you with him again.
Pieck: she trusts your abilities. She knows that you’ll be okay with the other warrior candidates on their way to Paradis. Quite the opposite of Porco, pieck knows how dangerous it would be if a emergency rescue mission was called. But that doesn’t mean she feels lonely. She’s a fairly quiet gal, only talks with her family and the warriors but very open with you. She misses when you would braid her hair as you talk about whatever came to mind. When the mission of Shiganshina takes places, she’s estatic to see you. Upon your arrival together in Marley, she doesn’t celebrate your return in public— she rather have it in private quarters, a moment only for the two of you.
Zeke: as the war chief, he can’t let idle things like this get in the way of world plans— if he tried bringing up a plan to find you, the commanders would shut him down right away. At night he goes to his quarters and sits on his rocking chair, smoking a cigarette as he watches the fumes merge with the air. Late at night he thinks what would life be if he had t inherited the beast, nor you inheriting a Titan of your own. One of his biggest things was to start a family with you. He kept it as a promise to treat that child better than his own parents treated him, maybe he could have played catch with his own son— if he would see to have one. During the next meeting to plan a raid on Paradis, Zeke is met with your familiar face as you quietly chat with Porco. He first heard that you arrived this morning while rarely anyone was awake except the guards by the gate— but that’s enough for Zeke. Not meaning to be rude, he practically drags you away from Porco so you’re both in the hallway as he stares at you for a split second before engulfing you. He lost many people in his life, he wasn’t going to let that be you next in the nearby future.
Reiner: Reiner plays it off that he isn’t afraid for your safety but when he’s alone or quiet, he’s always thinking of you. Are you okay? Are you even alive—dead? Whenever he hears your name, he can’t help but let unwanted guilt course through his body. Just after victory of the Mid East Alliance, Rei we watched the candidates celebrate their victory; pleased with their performance. He knows you would be just as proud as them. By then, it’s been four years since he has last seen you. You’re just as good as dead to everyone but there is a small flame of hope that is almost blown away. During the festival, Reiner has a terrible time paying but anything to see smiles on the kids faces. Before he can pay for another treat, he hears his name being called and there you are, not too far away from him, wearing the Warriors Coat, a red arm band with a tired yet happy smile.
Bertholdt: he’s deathly afraid of everything. You joined the Military Police wirh Annie, planning to help with the massacre of the 57th expedition— but you don’t. You’re on different orders to guide aristocracts through districts in Sina. When his identity is discovered, him and Reiner flee, separating from the scout regiment and in secret, Bertholdt is able to meet you in secret in the outskirts of wall rose. He tells you what’s going to happen, the war chief and Reiner a few feet away from the both of you to give privacy. Both of you know that this possibly will not end well. With those three working together, it doesn’t take long for them to persuade you to help them in victory against Paradis.
Annie: when you join the SC, Annie knows you’re in good hands. She does trust Reiner and Bertholdt after all. She wonders how you’re doing— she does feel some sympathy for her other comrades as well. When the fight at Wall Sina occurs, she can only think of you before her final moments prior to her crystallization. You’re a Titan shifter too, were you captured too? (SPOILERS FOR MANGA RIGHT HERE— DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN U) when the rumbling occurs and her crystal finally shatters, she thinks the first person standing in front of her is you— but instead it’s Hitch. Practically begging the poor girl for information about your whereabouts and learns that you’re with the scouts still, using your abilities to help go against Him. When you finally meet on the boat again, Annie can’t help but break down before she gets a chance to see you. About 4 years she could have spent with you were thrown down the drain, only leaving her with a year or two left with you.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @sleepysnk @jaegerbombb @reddriot @kaqinq @kingtamakimurder @tamasoft @byougen @spike-this-ass @crimsonbows-and-arrows @thicmitten @eremiie @shisoaya @bakuhoesworld @sweetdanibear @jeanbabygirl @katsuhera @erenstars @novvabeam @basket-flower-chick @theycallmeleaf1 @simpingfor2dguys @murmikaa @Izrers (add yourself to the taglist HERE)
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genshinwritings · 7 months ago
🏠 for childe and zhongli please? i dont know if i can onyl ask for one but I'm gonna do it anyway-
anyway, hope u ahve a good day and continue to be healthy byebye
- yuki
Hey hey hey~Thanks a lot!! Of course you're allowed to request stuff for two characters! I hope you have an awesome day & stay healthy 💗
🏠 Domestic Headcanon
→ Zhongli loves sleeping in whenever he has no appointments scheduled early in the morning, often going back to sleep when he sees that you are still not awake. It‘s not that he‘s not a morning person but he loves to relax when he has the time for it – a big plus when you are around. He loves when you are crawling on top of him to pepper his face with small kisses to wake him up – it‘s the most beautiful way to start the day in his eyes. He will always ask if he can prepare a cup of tea or breakfast for you as soon as he‘s fully awake – after all he wants your morning to be as beautiful as his.
→ Zhongli always knows when you’re upset – there’s no need in trying to hide it from him. He can feel his heart clench upon seeing you sad, always pulling you in for a hug before pressing a firm kiss to the top of your head. He usually asks if you want to talk about what’s on your mind; if yes then he’s ready to listen to all of your problems; if not, he won’t force you to tell him what’s wrong. Either way he will try to make you smile again, not daring to disappear from your side.
🏠 Domestic Headcanon
→ Childe loves spoiling you as much as he can whenever he has the time do to so. He loves cooking for you or preparing a hot bath for you after a long day before snuggling close to you in bed until you drift off to sleep. He leaves small notes for you in the morning before he goes to work and he always makes sure to have a random recruit deliver small gifts to you throughout the day. It does not matter whether it’s a single flower or a small note that says ‘I love you’, he will make sure you receive lots of small things throughout the day. For one because he loves to make you smile and secondly because he loves to annoy new recruits with small useless tasks.
→ Childe loves bringing you along when he visits his family in Snezhnaya. He wants you to understand that they are a big part of his life and that it is important to him is that you get along with them well. He can always feel his heart lighten up when you play around with his younger siblings – seeing their happy faces along with your loving smile fills him with joy. Seeing you like that always makes him think about the future and how much he would love to have his own little toddler with you. He will often bring up the topic of starting a family after leaving Snezhnaya – loving the small blush which appears on your face when you murmur something about it not being the right time.
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