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#dont take it too seriously

A poem I wrote about Achilles, anger, heroic flaws, and my writing. Kinda slapdash and unedited, but enjoy anyway.

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Sadly, Masayoshi Son pulled the funding for the FunkoPop ice cream project after it was found that the flash-freezing 3D printer with robotic arms to add the gumball eyes afterwards would cost $45,000 each - too expensive after paying for the Hollywood intellectual property licenses.

I still dream of that lost world where every FunkoPop is destroyed almost immediately after being created.

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Lewis Hamilton: A very very nice beanie from my favourite brand. He has an expensive and amazing style.

Valtteri Bottas: A camping coffee mug. He loves coffee and nature and understands the importance of coffee when hiking.

Max Verstappen: The old christmas decorations i got from my grandparents when i was 5. Just chaotic.

Alex Albon: An U2 vinyl. He seems like someone who alsy like the wannabe indie retro person who enjoys vinyls.

Sebastian Vettel: The army-grade clock my dad got me because he thought it was cool and wanted to push his own interests on me. A  dad vibe.

Charles Leclerc: All the gift boxes from Rituals and The Bodyshop that makes your bathroom overflow with body butter and body wash. He seems like someone who just asks the shopping assistant to choose something for everyone in the family.

Lando Norris: Nintendogs for my DS. Because it’s a very nice gift that i loved and gamer u know

Carlos Sainz: He would forget and say it’s coming later. (Evidence,  Landos birthday)

Daniel Ricciardo: All the socks I ever got. I love getting socks so i don’t need to buy them myself. And Dan has a very strong sock game.

Esteban Ocon: The Paris theme chocolate I got because the couple forgot to buy something when they were in Paris over Christmas and bought something at the airport. He wants to give something but his chaotic make me think he could be quite forgetful.

Sergio Perez: He would call my mom and ask for something I wished for. So every present I have ever gotten from my uncle.

Lance Stroll: The copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley I got because my middle name is Mary. Thoughtful and cute.

Daniil Kvyat: A copy of War & Peace. We know he loves those russian classics.

Pierre Gasly: A nice sweater. Nice but basic.

Kimi Räikkönen: Money. I Am happy and he doesn’t need to put in any effort

Antonio Giovinazzi: The glitter tornado lamp I got when I specifically asked for a lava lamp. rip. thoughtful but just wrong.

Kevin Magnussen: The dvd box of The Bridge. He’s danish idk lol

Romain Grosjean: A The Clash T-shirt my dad got me because he likes them. But I am glad because now we can listen to them and vibe together. The dad vibes again.

George Russell: I got the harmonica because I had a weird idea of learning how to play. I think George would support my impulse interests.

Nicholas Latifi: Maybe my most expensive gift ever, my first phone because he do be rich.

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The wind whipped hard across what was left of the wooded graveyard. carying smoke and ash.

In front of one of these graves stood a man with pink hair, that fell into hardened grey eyes.

He was focused on a grave, his gaze narrow and cold.

His freezing hands were shoved into the pockets of his hoodie, and his feet shuffled, to attempt to nurture warmth where there was none.

This had been the first visit, the only visit.

And the only thing he could think to say, as he slowly turned his head to gaze over his shoulder, to stare at the sky. Which was covered in black forbodding smoke, blocking out the stars, or the sun, the man wasn’t entirely sure anymore, no one was. 

His eyes slowly traced back to the grave, and a tiny, proud smirk appeared on his lips.

He didn’t come to pay his respects, he came to say something that he had been itching to tell the old man for years, many, of them.

“I told you so, impudent fuck.” His voice cracked from disuse, not sadness, for he felt no remorse for this soul. 

This was all the man said, before turning his back, and decending the small hill, where the grave he had pinpointed sat. There was no point in being sad for this dead person.

After all. The man walking away might have been an pain.

But he did try to warn you. He had every right to say “He told you so.”

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Vic, Gar & Rachel are eating and looking like they’ve all seen a ghost.

Rachel, in monotone: Pass the cheese please.

Vic: *passes the cheese without making eye contact*

Rachel: Oh my god, you can’t even look at me, can you?

Vic: No.

*Dick and Kory walk in, holding hands*

Dick: Hey, what do you guys think of making that beach trip an annual thing?

Vic, Gar, & Rachel: NO!!

Kory: Alright, that’s it you guys, what happened out there?

Rachel, nervously chuckling: What? We took a walk, nothing happened! I came back with…nothing all over me.

Kory: Come on!

Dick: Come on! What happened, Vic?

Vic: *hesitating*… Alright!

Rachel, running: NO! Vic, we swore we’d never tell!! *Points in front of Vic*

Gar: They’ll never understand! *Also points in front of Vic*

Vic: But we have to say something! We have to get it out! It’s eating me alive!

Vic: Rachel got stung by a jellyfish-

Rachel: Alright! *Slowly walks, patting Vic’s torso* Alright.

*The three of them walk around slowly as if they’re sharing a traumatizing story*

Rachel: I got stung. Stung bad. I couldn’t stand, I….I couldn’t walk.

Gar: We were two miles from the house. We were scared and alone. We didn’t think we could make it. *Tries to put his hands on Rachel’s shoulders but remembers their experience so he makes a disgusted face and takes his hands away*

Rachel: I was in too much pain!

Vic: And I was tired from digging the huge hole!

Gar, voice shaking: And then Vic remembered something!

Vic: I’ve seen this thing on the Discovery channel.

Dick: Wait a minute, I saw that! On the Discovery channel! Yeah! About jellyfish, and how if you-


Dick: *turns to Gar & Rachel’s direction and makes a disgusted face*

Dick: EWWW!!! You peed on yourself?!

Kory: EWWW!!!

Rachel: You can’t say that! Y-You don’t know! I mean, I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain! Anyway, I, I tried but I, I couldn’t…bend that way…..So.. *turns to Vic*

Dick & Kory: *turns to Vic* EWWW!!

Vic: That’s right! I stepped up! She’s my friend and she needed help! If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you!

Vic, voice shaking: Only, uh…I couldn’t. I got the stage fright. I, I wanted to help but there was just too much pressure. So, I, uh…..I turned to Gar.

Gar, already sitting down, covering his face: HMFSHSHDJKFL!!!

Gar: *stands up* Vic kept screaming at me “DO IT NOW! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT NOW!”

Gar: Sometimes late at night I can still hear the screaming.

Vic: *chuckles* That’s ‘coz sometimes I just do it through my wall to freak you out. *Pats Gar’s back*

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If you simp for Hawks, you need to jus… like…. grow up !! Where’s the flavour? Simping for Hawks is like saying vanilla is your favorite kind of ice cream. There’s just nothing to it. You could be simping for Shigaraki. Rokuro. Dabi. Literally any other character and yet you choose the chicken 😡

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Drop dead - a deadly poem

Put a bullet through my heart. I can’t take it anymore. I gave you my gun so please just pull the trigger.

Love and trust long gone, but still you cling to me like your life depends on it. You can’t let go of me and all I want is to be finally free.

I can’t take it anymore, I want you and me to be gone. I handed you the gun so will you please pull the trigger? Shoot right through my heart so I can finally find release. Love and trust long gone but you can’t leave me alone. You’re with me on every step I take. I see you in various places. You’re everywhere I am. Can’t get rid of you, can’t clear my head. I gave you the gun so please pull the trigger. Shoot me in my heart and silence me forever.

Took it in my own hands, shoot me in my head. Drop dead.

- unknowntoyouruniverse

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B, pointing at A: And you: bottom.

A, not listening till now: WHAT? Why does everyone always just assume that I’m a bottom?!? Like there’s nothing wrong with that! Its can be fun! But what about me says that??And why am I having this conversation AGAIN?!?

B: …. I meant …the bunk beds .?

A: …. oh.

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I don’t get it

Ive been sleeping well eating okay.

Tried changing my health..but head continues to twist and turn on me like no tomorrow.

I want to be with them. Laugh..more..get somewhat involved..but i guess people only see me as ignorant and clueless..i apologize in at the lowest of lows and choking on nothing every night.

Past week ive been having nightly crying rounds. Only thinking about freinds who by now..probably dont want me around anymore..thats fine..i just..needa hold on to the good memories and hope things turn back if not then I might snap.

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hot take: I think we should bring back #OOC, #IC and #crack so we can keep the distinction between canon and fanon, which is a WONDERFUL place to experiment and do whatever you want without canon having to follow it and so in reverse etc

edit : ok so a word we can use like we used #crack but with less bad connotations and shitty story behind ( I GOT INFORMED) 

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Ive come to the conclusion time travelers are just in need of constant stimulation

probably has adhd or maybe in the autism spectrum

Time travelers get restless when theyve completed the daily tasks and all that energy currently cant be released in these times and so they fast forward to the next day to complete the next tasks and so on and so forth

none time travelers are depressed and or have anxiety and use ac to unwind and get those feelings of sense of accomplishment from doing daily tasks and sense of socializing without fear of being judged

none time travelers because of anxiety and/or depression eventually run out of energy from doing the daily tasks so take the time to rest between sessions and are content taking their time to progress their islands

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