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Me- ‘Huh, I haven’t had a breakdown in a few days. Things certainly aren’t going great, but I’m not dead yet.

Brain- ‘Oh, oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you’re due for one.’

Me- ‘… of what?’

Brain- ‘You can’t guess? Self-depricating depressed spiral of course.’

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I am a smol thing

Full of anger and rage

Surely something so angry

Cannot be allowed to exist?

Potatoes should not fill me with rage

I am a smol thing

Who just wants to be left alone

And for everything to be ok

And I am full of rage.

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Don’t wanna do Eureka 2 so have some Headcanons about Orpheus and my semi divergent AU in no particular order.

*Everything/anything is subject to change if I want to these are just the ones I’m thinking about right this very second.


-Extremely popular song writer, actor, musician and poet of Amaurot. Talented, multi-skilled in the arts and very persuasive and outgoing as a speaker.

-Orpheus was well known for breaking relationships over and over again because he would be too caught up in creating art, and had a paranoid streak to compliment his outgoing personality. Was known for repeatedly mistrusting anyone he was with and doubting their intentions or loyalty.

-A major and very public crisis in his life involved a particularly harsh breakup with another individual, one named Eurydice. From then on his musical content became much more somber, and his original popularity waned, though many still listened and ultimately pitied him.

-Was secretly inspired by Emet-Selch’s breakup with another individual (it was a popular rumor), comparing it to his own lost love. Composed many different poems and even a specific melody for them which was never shared with the public, however, he did send one of the poems to Emet-Selch anonymously. The latter never sent a reply and that’s probably for the best.

-Once Zodiark had come about and the Convocation dedicated their all towards bringing back those they had lost, Orpheus, inspired, created new music, poems, etc. surrounding the events.

-When Hydaleyn arose, he was also inspired to create pieces that contrasted against the ones he’d made for Zodiark, thus tearing what little audience he had left into opposite corners. Those who supported Zodiark, and those who supported Hydaleyn.

-When the original star was split and divided, many of Orpheus’ songs and stories somehow survived, extremely ingrained in the shards of the general populace. Over time they evolved into the popular tunes and fables we know today in Eorzea, albeit sometimes a far cry from their original forms.

-His favored instrument were the stringed ones.

-The music and art he created always had an uncanny ability to sway those who took it in, in all sorts of ways. Likewise, his ability to communicate and tell stories captured the attention of many. Orpheus was one of Astraeus’ favorite storytellers.

-One of Emet-Selch’s favorite musicians/artists to tune into from time to time. They met briefly once and expressed admiration towards each other’s respective talents.

-Orpheus considered cooking to be an artform as well, though it was one he never particularly mastered.

-Widely known for pouring all his focus into what he’s currently occupied with. Which could either be admirable or detrimental, depending on what it was.

-Held the symbol of the sun in high regard, which at the time was also used to denote the one who held the seat of Azem: Apollo, a famed or infamous traveler, depending on who you asked. Orpheus composed many songs/poems/plays/etc. about Azem’s various travels and adventures and allies (which ironically once again included Emet-Selch to some degree, as it was well known.)

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continuation from here: x

                                 —— » [ @mangher ]


Golden hues stared over at the other before approaching Ebumi where he sat. Etsugo took a deep breath, annoyed that he had to come find him as he felt like something was wrong. Normally, he would let the other blond do what he wanted; for one, it wasn’t his business what was going through his dumb mind, and two, he would just end up arguing over nothing with the older male. He really didn’t want to deal with that.

But once he heard that Ebumi had been drinking, there was no way he was going to let the other blond do something stupid.


            “Shut up, I’m here to get you out of here. So stop causing trouble and lets go.”

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