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#dont worry hes fine

Well he did say he was doing a lot of learning korean and he said he might not upload we thought he was joking but turns out he wasn’t lol

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Bruno call poison control mista just ate a fucking bathbomb

(( with the event over, asks will be opening back up again! thanks for all the support and thanks so much for participating ))

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More stuff for my Connors:

  • The one singular thing I shall take from Shed (and then discard that arc immediately) is how the Lizard talks and how it almost seems like an intrusive thought at first. For example, my Connors will just be taking care of the lab rats and the Lozard will just be like “eat it” and Curt (assuming hes had a non stressful day and isnt being influenced by the Lizard) will immediately put the lil guy back in his cage and back away. If hes had a strssful day or the Lizard is working it’s way in his mind, well… we may need another rat and a bit of clean up.
  • ..okay that was a long one- ANYWAY for something a bit lighter: he gets ugly Christmas sweaters all the time, and he will shamelessly wear them in public. He has one (which I saw once in a store and my mom almost got as a joke for my bro) which has a raptor on it, which he got from Peter and he wears a lot.
  • He also has a scarf, a nice red one with tassels, from May Parker, since she knew that he and Petey were friends n all. He wears this all the time when its even a little bit chilly, and even when it isnt
  • This mans is touchstarved and if you were to say, play with his hair or just casually touch his face ? You now have a slightly clingy lizard man, sorry I dont make the rules… i do when it comes to this actually-
  • Hsikdjdk he might occasionally stick his tongue out like how lizards do, and sometimes it happens when hes close to someone else.. he might accidentally lick someone and then go hide under his bed from mortification
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