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aviationgeek71 · a month ago
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"You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can't, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don't give up."
― Charles "Chuck" E. Yeager
Yeager: An Autobiography (ed. Bantam, 1986)
Photo: 1st Lieutenant Charles E. Yeager with “Glamorous Glenn II,” at USAAF Station 157, Raydon, Suffolk, England, 17 October 1944.
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whisperofpetrichor · a month ago
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47/110 days of productivity.
one day my mentally and physically hard work will pay off
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lovelybluepanda · a year ago
How to fix any mindset
Initially I wanted this post to be how to be more positive but I realized that what I'm about to write works for anything.
First of all, you have to want to change and to be persistent. You don't become motivated, positive, open minded etc. just by wishing. It's an ongoing process. No one is positive because that's how they are (unless they're kids, kids are really positive beings). Usually if someone is positive that means they try to be/stay that way.
Step 1
Figure out what you want to change. Be more positive? Be less judgemental? Be motivated?
Step 2
Catch yourself when you're anything against your goal. If you let your thoughts to run wild for too long, you'll get even more into whatever state you try to change.
Realize when you're negative, insecure, unmotivated etc.
Step 3
Get some paper and write at least 3 things to "cancel" the negative thoughts. You can also try to think them but seeing them on paper makes everything quite real; seeing those things kind of gives them "weight".
You think you're pessimistic? Write 3reasons why you shouldn't be like: I should try the thing before deciding it will have a bad outcome. I have the skills to achieve whatever I want; I just need time to figure out what to do. What bad could there be if I try?
Tip: try to avoid negations like don't, won't, shouldn't etc. Using the affirmative version makes everything a little bit better.
Step 4
Repeat the previous steps until you do them instinctively.
People are so used to allow negative thoughts to control them that it takes some time to learn new habits and new mindsets. Just keep trying. ❤️
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kindledshadowpoetry · 3 months ago
Fire that ignites me
Surges on inside me
Kindling my soul
Try to tamper, tread, or tame me
You can not restrain me
With an inner luminosity
Blinding like the sun
Flames crackling with energy
Burning to escape me
You may try to douse me
But I do not extinguish
I'll always be the true me,
To my burning core
This and so much more
So I do decree
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dapricamoslobodi · 3 months ago
"Ja sam nutrina puna rana.
Idem k svom ozdravljenju.
U nadi slobode odlazim kamo želim, kad želim!
Ja sam slobodno biće.
Slobodno letim u svoj svojoj slobodi.
Srce je lako, radosno!
Idemo se igrati!"
Nutrina puna rana.
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Tumblr media
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od 1. do 6. mjeseca ove godine bila sam pacijent psihijatrijske bolnice Sveti Ivan u Zagrebu
to je bio prvi put i moj prvi pravi pokusaj da budem bolje, da ozdravim, da saznam u cemu je zapravo problem, da ga shvatim i prihvatim i naucim kako pomoci samoj sebi
bilo je bolno, bilo je cudno, bilo je lijepo
bila sam medu "svojima", 4 mjeseca dijelila sam krov, sobu i tajne bez straha od osudivanja
kad sam dotaknula samo dno, prvi, drugi, deseti put uvijek sam naisla na ruku koja je nudila pomoc
u 6om mjesecu sam ponovno zavrsila u bolnici, izasla sam sredinom 7og mjeseca
sad kad sam vani, borba traje, svaki dan, svaki sat i minutu i oporavak je sve samo ne ravna linija, on je krvav i tezak put tokom kojeg se covjek jos 100 puta slomi i padne prije nego se opet digne, a cak i nakon toga padamo, to je neizbjezno, samo s vremenom naucimo kako pasti, odnosno kako se podici, kako prezivjeti dane i noci za koje mislimo da ce biti nas kraj, naucimo se nositi sa svom boli i tugom koju nosimo u sebi, naucimo cijeniti male stvari i brojati male pobjede isto kao i one velike, naucimo kako biti bolji ljudi i kako biti u miru sa nama samima i vjerujte mi, koliko god oporavak boli, vrijedno je
vrijedi boriti se
vrijedi zivjeti
moja borba je zaista jos daleko od gotove, ali ovaj put ne odustajem i ne posustajem, molim vas, nemojte ni vi
izborite se za sebe i pricajte, pricajte, pricajte o onome sto vas muci i boli
pricajte o jedno te istoj boli toliko dugo koliko vam treba da je prebolite i da krenete dalje
pricajte svoju pricu
pricajte s ljudima koje volite, koji vole vas
osvijestite svoje probleme i brige, ne bjezite od njih vec se suocite s istima
ako imate prijatelje koji se bore i koje boli, provjeravajte ih, niste ni svjesni koliko ce njima znaciti jedno vase iskreno pitanje 'kako si' ili 'tu sam za tebe' ili zagrljaj, ma vec i sama vasa podrska
razbijmo stigmu oko psihickih bolesti i oko trazenja pomoci i najbitnije oko psihickih ustanova
nije sramota traziti pomoc, niti je sramota biti pacijent u nekoj od ustanova, ne morate ispuniti nicija ocekivanja osim svojih, na kraju dana, imamo samo sebe i ako se mi necemo za nas same izboriti i potruditi ko ce?
za kraj vas jos jednom molim, borite se, koliko god tesko bilo ne odustajte od sebe, ne odustajte od svijeta, ne odustajte od srece, bolji dani vas cekaju na drugoj strani ulice, samo treba pronaci snage za preci tu ulicu
*nekoliko slijedecih objava biti ce moji tekstovi koje sam pisala u bolnici, pisanje je bio i jos uvijek je moj nacin da se izborim i da ublazim bol koja me znala gusiti
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leoslander · 7 months ago
A Letter From Neil Perry
My Lovely Muse,
Keep going. Keep fighting. Do what I couldn’t. Oh to struggle against great odds, to face enemies undaunted. If that’s even the correct quote, but whatever. Do not be daunted. Relish in your life and what you have. The sunlight that protrudes from the sun into your window. The sweet song of the birds on the trees. The feeling grass under your feet. Live for it all. I love you.
Forever yours, Neil Perry
This came to me because I had the feeling someone would need it. I love all of you, keep going. Carpe diem
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mentalhealth---awareness · 10 months ago
To anyone who is transgender, I just want to remind you that are loved, you are worthy and you matter. ♡ I hope you have a great day.
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mrzastudies · 3 months ago
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🍀 I recognize that sometimes it’s just not possible to achieve your dreams. 
📚Take these two quotes from Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime' for instance: 
✨“People love to say, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” What they don’t say is, “And it would be nice if you gave him a fishing rod.” That’s the part of the analogy that’s missing.”
✨“We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.”
🧠 Aside from your personal situation, if your mindset is your only obstacle then it’s time you changed it.
📝You’re not too old. 
🤷🏻‍♀️It isn’t 1830 (when life expectancy was around 40 years) anymore, people on average live longer now.
🌬The time will pass anyway so you might as well spend it doing what you’re passionate about. ⏳🍃
💭Of course, this means different things to different people. For some, it’s studying medicine; while for others it’s having a family or quitting a job that brought them no joy and starting a small business.
🫀Whatever it may be for you, don't stop yourself from getting to your dreams by giving up before you even try. You owe yourself more than that.
✨ So dream big my friend and have the audacity to try.💭
Follow me on Instagram: mrzastudies (if you want to! ☺️)
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