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#donut family

im thinking of making an original art booklet somewhere around ~20p full of school girls but im not sure if anyone’s interested.. i just love drawing school uniform and girls lol;;

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My mother visited this weekend and we drove into the city this morning to visit one of my best friends. We got coffee and donuts and sat in the park, where everyone else was also having coffee and donuts and enjoying a slow weekend morning. Saw plump little sparrows, dogs in matching sweaters, and smiling toddlers. Overall 10/10 start to the day.

Fall 2020 Challenge:

Day 16: What is your goal aesthetic? I am answering these questions completely out of order but whatever
  • Clean but eclectic. Everything has a history. Lots of natural light. Candles that don’t smell too sweet. A slowly-growing collection of books and art. Colorful rugs on hardwood floors. Well-used dishes paired with cut crystal glasses. Soft fabrics and a tiny hint of perfume. Black heeled boots and a coat with big pockets. Rain-slicked cobblestone and brick. Tall trees and colorful flowers.
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Human AU thoughts


“What do you want to eat?”

“I just killed a man..”

“I heard you the first time. But life is going on for you and that means you have to eat.”

“Sir, are you not bothered that there’s a murderer in your house?”

*chuckle* “There’s always a murderer in this house.”

“I heard about grandmas feeding everyone but I had no idea grandpas-”

“One more word and I’m going to beat you down so hard you’re gonna regret that I saved you.”

“Yes sir.”

No human is good, there are just varying degrees of bad.

*throws sheet with red to brown stains over sofa*

“Hm, is that blood? Why is this sheet covered in blood?”

“Between you and me, there’s more blood on you right now than there is on this sheet so don’t play the ‘holier than thou’ card right now.”

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Ooh 👀

Well Yoshimura is there with a dead wife and a little kid (who, he found out by accident, can eat human food) with an international murder organization chasing him and he knows he can’t keep the kid. So he’s faced with three options

  1. put her in the 24th ward with his friend Noroi and basically condemn her to live in hell all her life
  2. put her in an orphanage
  3. kill her

Not that difficult a choice. He risks 2.

So he searches for an orphanage and bam he ends up finding a ghoul scent so he’s like. That’s perfect! If he’s a ghoul, he’ll have no problem dealing with a ghoul kid and since the rest of the kids are humans it means he can take care of human kids as well. Plus the ghoul had well hidden tracks and Eto would be surrounded by many humans so that way V could have trouble finding her maybe - just as much as if he had put her in the 24th ward. So he just drops her off and Donato finds a crying baby in front of the church’s door and he’s like oh fuck not again but takes her in because welp that’s what he does, doesn’t he? can’t risk blowing his cover plus it’s time for mass, he’ll think later.

And that’s how! <3

In this AU, Souta ends up at the orphanage too and they’re a very chaotic set of siblings and Donato is so exhausted all the time can they calm down two seconds - thank the Lord Koutarou is their big bro and somewhat responsible..!

Check out my tag “Family Is A Big Word“ for more on them uwu

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Donato: I’m not sentimental



ok but seriously, he’s such a good dad? like, not only does he treat the children right even when planning to eat them because hey, good quality doesn’t make itself and he’s all about quality - but also!!!! if you’re adopted!!!! like in all those AUs!!!! you don’t get the death in atrocious pain ending!!!! which means you get

  • a dad that can cook
  • a dad that is really fucking intelligent so he can help with homework/whatever issue you’ve got
  • a dad who will put your well-being above anything else because quality but also he cares, you just don’t know that
  • did I mention he can cook? And bake. And will do your favorite food just because you are his favorite being
  • a dad you can talk to!! and confide into!!!!
  • a dad who offers helpful advice when you need it
  • a dad who says Fuck the Police and actually kills cops for the pleasure
  • a dad who will fight and destroy everything to protect you, ain’t that amazing
  • a dad who loves you so, so much. because he doesn’t care - but once he does? oh boy does he.
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