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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Your sleepxiety was really cute without any commitment to it! but now I have to thrown Emile Picani as a potential ship too! think of all the lols you could have with sweet Emile, who is usually an instandly hit with all animals, been introduced to the cats (who he loves!) and the cats ranging from 'your not good enough for our human!' to 'your trial period starts now' ^-^;

I’m sure it’ll pass soon, Emile.


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Lyris Cypher


✎ Name: Lyris

✎ Age: 19

✎ Race/Species: Fairy

✎ Gender: Female

✎ Sexuality: Straight (sorry ladies xp)

✎ Status: Next Lucis Barrer

。☆✼★ Power

✎ Power/Ability: chaos magic and glyphs

✎ Weakness: Is pretty new to magic, so isn’t the best

✎ Limit: Can’t do complicated spells without passing out

✎ Weapons: knows how to use a sword pretty decently

✎ Special Skill: Summoning


✎ Appeared Age: 18

✎ Height:5’1

✎ Weight: 102 LBs

✎ Build: Thin, but healthy

✎ Skin/Fur Color: A lovely pale tan

✎ Eye Color: Light Blue (Same as parfait )

✎ Hair color: Black


✎ Introvert/Extrovert/Ambivert: Ambivert

✎ Type: shy, keeps to herself but loves to help others

✎ Likes: Reading, cooking, alchemy

✎ Dislikes: curses, mushrooms, alcohol

。☆✼★ Background

As parfaits niece she’s the next to bare the lucis crystal. However, she was never aware of this until recently and is extremely new to magic. After her mother, Raya, passed in the great war her father became a drunken mercenary, leaving her home by herself in their isolated home for weeks at a time.

In the Cypher AU, bill and lyris have a deal where Bill can interact and exist in her realm in a physical form, and in return Lyris is able to use Bill’s abilities freely.

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