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Kingdom Hearts OC Week, Day 4: Treasured Memories | Lyro

Lyro has all kinds of treasures he cherishes dearly. Some are memories, and some are trinkets. Here are a few of them:

A friendship bracelet from a fellow keyblade weilder, co-leader of a party he has left long ago;

The morning on which he had noticed a small egg lying near a trimmed hedge in the park, an egg that was on the verge of hatching and contained a certain baby chocobo;

Story time with Locke at the lighthouse, with steaming mugs of hot cocoa and innumerable tales of adventures and treasure;

And a small feather from Locke, who claims it belonged to a phoenix he once befriended. It seems to glow with a soft light from within, and is somehow always warm to the touch.

((I know @khoc-week is over,, I’m just very passionate about my child all of a sudden- so I’ll try to keep it up even if it’s criminally late QvQ))

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Oooh Yes look at them! * w* look at my bois!

I’m thinking about making a Q&A type of thing for them, so if you wanna ask anything to them or to me, here is your chance!

Write down below or send me a dm, and they’ll answer your questions!

I was thinking about doing this for a long time now, or making a type of… Like they themselves posted, they having an Instagram or tumblr or whatev.

I see the Hazbin guys doing it and it looks like they have so much fun!

That could be nice for me to draw them more like… Doing stuff, get into the comic doing thing more easily…

Hmm… Should I focus on the comics or the posts kinda drawing? Oh man! Soooo many possibilities!

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more fun with doodles. its kind of a redraw of my avatar that i did for inktober like almost three years ago now? just something chill and non-stressful to keep the drawing vibe going. I think i burnt myself out on full pieces so im focusing on sketches for now!

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