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#doodle battle

“Thanks for coming over to our Christmas party!” Daniella exclaimed sitting on the couch next to Cole

“Oh please, as if I would ignore an invitation from you Dani,” Jin joked

Lotus padded over with a Christmas bad with Jin’s name on it. She took it and scratched behind Lotus’s ear. Jin carefully grabbed the tissue paper and placed it in her lap. When she unwrapped it, she saw a sweater with her initial on it and a figurine. 

“Oh look, you got a Christmas sweater,” Lloyd said, gazing over her shoulder.

“Why do I feel like there is a tradition I don’t know about?” Jin asked with a grin.

“Dani makes a sweater for everybody that they are supposed to wear on Christmas Day or any Christmas gathering that we have,” Cole explained.

“I thought it was a cute idea, and it gives me a chance to knit something,” Daniella added.

Jin picked up the box and looked thoughtfully at it’s contents.

“Lloyd told me that you collect figurines. I happened to have an extra from when they were designing them. What you have is an exclusive Purple Ninja figurine that was never released to the public.”

“Do you like it?”

@spinbitchzu​ I really hope you like this one. I know that it’s a doodle and not a comic, but I couldn’t get everything to fit in one picture, so there’s two ^^

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behind the scenes footage :)))

heyy!!!!! it’s the girls!!! you know the drill, I love them, I miss them. Also holo clothing is GENUINELY the worst thing I’ve ever had to draw and I contemplated death numerous times so we’re NEVER doing that again. ahaha ok ly @justanotherfangirlst, your turn :)))

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“So what are we doing again?”

“Taking a picture for a contest, D.”

“Are you sure I’m doing this right.”

“You’re perfect. Don’t move, we’ll win this for sure!”

In this house, we stan queens! And here are two of them ^^

@spinbitchzu your turn >:)

Please do not use my art without my permission. @spinbitchzu can use this art! ^^

Jin belongs to @spinbitchzu

Daniella belongs to me

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“Be honest, Dani, on a scale of one to ten, what’s the likelihood of you breaking up with Cole to date me instead?”

“Um, probably about a zero.”

“…Yeah, that’s fair. Your brother would kill me anyway.”

“My brother would kill us both.”

Sleepover things!!! they are,,, best fr ends 🥺

dani belongs to @justanotherfangirlst!!! i hope you like my counterstrike >:))

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Sexy with an accent? Check and check. International terrorist? Deal breaker.

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i don’t know how to finish drawings anymore, sorry

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I drew a recently introduced NPC! Sheila the Half-Elf, Sailor of the Seas!
The dialogue is not a direct quote from our DM but I could see it happening 😁

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The chip was shortened to “BallMode”

It meant CannonBall Mode. That’s not how I initially interpreted it when I got it from a Mystery Data.

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Caesar A. Zeppeli~


hellohello~ i offer quick doodle of shizarino or shizachan as to josefs vocab hehe úwù

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hi to everyone who followed me because of stormlight art my brain has latched onto a new thing (code geass) (in case you couldnt tell) but i think u all should watch code geass my pitch is that suzaku (deuteragonist) is literally kaladin gone wrong. windrunner without a honorspren. if he’d sworn the fourth ideal and gotten therapy everything would’ve been fine!!!!

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One of my main villain O.Cs I have. He’s pretty cool and seeing him in pixel form is so cool

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turned them into bfb characters because yes

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