doodleswithangie · 9 days ago
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just a thought i had watching the movie again, with the knowledge that mirabel and camilo are both 15.
[image description: a three panel comic of mirabel, dolores, and camilo madrigal based off a scene from the movie. mirabel calls dolores her favorite older cousin, and dolores points out that she is (technically) her only older cousin. camilo is annoyed in the background and insists on his and mirabel’s six week age  difference.] 
Transcript: Mirabel: (to Dolores) You know how you’re my favorite older cousin? Camilo: (annoyed in the background) What. Dolores: (to Mirabel) I’m your only older cousin. Camilo: (angrily in the background) Um, excuse me? Mirabel: (cheekily) Okay, you got me. Camilo barely counts. Camilo: (shouting in the background) Six weeks is still six weeks!
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bfuzine · 9 months ago
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🍕 TREAT YOURSELF PREVIEW: @doodleswithangie🍕
Pre-Orders for Treat Yourself: It’s Worth It + Connect the Dots: An Unsolved Artbook are now OPEN until May 23rd! All proceeds from these Worth It & Buzzfeed Unsolved (BFU) fan zines benefit ACLU SoCal!
👻Preorder Today! | connectthedotszine.bigcartel.com 📸
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lil-tachyon · 2 years ago
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Ezra and Adelaide from the awesome comic that @doodleswithangie made
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ghost-in-between · 2 years ago
Day 24 - Galaxy
The future that Clockwork had shown him wasn't one he had liked. Everyone knowing who he was just because the world had almost ended - it simply didn't feel right. Tucker as mayor of Amity Park? Definitely not, Tucker was destined for much greater things, Danny knew. Sam and him becoming a couple was probably the weirdest thing, though it wasn't the worst.
That spot had proudly been occupied by Vlad being abandoned in outer space.
Danny couldn't help it, whenever he looked up at the sky, his eyes would focus beyond the stars, searching for a galaxy far away. He imagined that in a different world, one perhaps parallel to his, Vlad might be drifting through that galaxy right now.
The idea was stupid, not only because that distance took an eternity to travel, but because the Vlad he knew lived close enough that he could visit him anytimr he wanted - not that he did. The Vlad he knew also was a person just like him (halfa, ghost, human, person?) and - fruitloop or not - deserved a second chance.
Danny had been given one by death, another one by Clockwork himself and probably more by life in general. He believed in the best in people, even though his temper got the best of him often and he didn't like Vlad one bit, Danny respected life, half or not.
Spending it in space all alone, in the cold empty void, left behind by the only friend you'd had - that wasn't life, it was worse than death.
That option wasn't one he'd liked.
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coolcolorofpurple15 · 9 months ago
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Different outfits for The Professor!
Artist @doodleswithangie
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freekshow17 · a year ago
♡ Tag 9 people you would like to get to know better ♡
First of all sorry I’m a shit and took so long to do this. Tumblr doesn’t give me notifications on time and I get distracted easily
I was tagged by @beepbeepbuckaroo 
Top 3 Ships: Honestly I don’t usually obsess over couples, but when I do it’s HARD
1) REDDIE - Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak, ya’know the love birds from the clown movie... yes I’m still and will forever be obsessing 
2) Leyton - Lucas and Peyton from One Tree Hill - I mean I know they really shouldn’t have been end game but it works and they were happy and I just really love Peyton and I wanted her happy. 
3) The Belchers - Bob and Linda from Bob’s Burgers - Seriously if I ever find a love half as open, honest, and comical I will count myself blessed
Lipstick or Chapstick?: I am allergic to most chapsticks actually, if my lips are dry I just use vaseline. But I love a good lipgloss/stain 
Last Song?: Yikes, idk Played intentionally? probably Jack’s Mannequin Mixtape but I’ll sing anything that comes on the Mayday Parade station
Last Movie: New Movie? umm... probably Rob Zombies 3 From Hell, Last movie I’ve put on either StepBrothers or Sausage Party.. can’t remember 
On Amazon Prime: Superbad .. I had it on DVD, lost it somehow somewhere, needed Hader with glasses back in my life so I bought it and have been watching it at least twice a week since
On cable: Cable?! LOLS hard lols I am 24 years old, the mom to 5 furbabie plus a foster furbaby plus a rat baby plus a full time student plus a full time MA, I work to netflix and go to bed to hulu. (bonus: I pay for none of my own subscriptions except WOWPresents) 
Last book: How to Suck Less by Willam Belli, but I read a lot of poetry RH Sin, and other than that probably anything by Ellen Hopkins
I feel weird tagging people, I feel like who am I to tag someone. But ...  @xeliza-rosex @rttozier @caliceal @doodleswithangie @billdenbrough
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lumanae · 2 years ago
Reverse uno card: who do you associate yourself with?
oh shit. honestly when pressed i cannot give names but like. there’s sentiments. kingdom hearts bastard, persona nerd, homestuck slut, overzealous memelord, realbutchhartman, that one cooking blog i followed before the tungle purge was neat i think, also waystrong has very nice art and i think about them a lot, midnightshadows, danphantom0, going dead who i refuse to talk to, trash prince, the 12 people with “fandom” in their urls, the tog grab bag, ladylynse who i should talk to more because theyre a very fun and neat person, all 12 of tali’s other blogs, the bitch with the exact same icon as danphantom0 who really throws me off, the person with the freakshow icon, doodleswithangie who is damn lucky their art is so good because i keep forgetting to blacklist it and if i see another it post im gonna lose... uh., avatar regressive or whatever, the 12 people with cat or kitten in their urls, zelda clout, nothing personnel bird, amber and mya when they show up and ever so often scorchle. lilly if youre reading this i promise im just taking a break from the video
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dxntasies · 2 years ago
Who are your favorite blogs/people?
ok so i love all of my mutuals and i’m gonna mention as many of them as i can here (and other blogs that i really really like)
first i wanna mention @achievingdanandphil and @danhowellscurl because they’re two of my closest friends and i wouldn’t have gotten to know them if it wasn’t for tumblr. they’re both amazing and i love them so so much, and i’m so happy they’re in my life. i honestly don’t know what i would do without you guys @danhowellscurl makes beautiful art, so please go check it out if you have time!)
now, let’s get down to business..
@memeboyfriends @cakephil @enbydnp @rwdaf @anenergeticwarrior @psychicmoth @alphalester @shamewaddle @infinitylester @phastelpink @alwaysdan @dip-the-pip @dyxnamic-art @glittergradient @neondnp @floraldnp @lesterdreams @martisun @danielhowall @cakescenes @danmatian @phloridas @fondestphan @ithurtsnotolaugh @shibadannu @moonchair @yourbirdnose @lesthowells @lestarz @howellz @amazingphiw @rodants @astronautdan @australianditl @whiskered @marigoldan @dnpsuck @pseudophan @phannie @boncasphan @akilahthegreat @tragicyans @awrphil @dannuhowell @angeryphil @eclipsemyheart @skybars @phiru @deathclassic @formsprings @scifiphan @instarbuckswithdan @philester @wispyphil @aforeverhome @phansterdam @pinoffs @libraerie @huphilpuffs @shinyphan @golddustphan @dansucc @cuddleshowell @rosypatch @salviarose @panrophantic @creamphilled @snekdan @arcticlester @doodleswithangie @koreinkorein @oops-phan @danhowellgifs @articulatehowell @demonphannie @danyphil
wow this is a lot i’m sorry xhbdcjd but you’re all amazing and i love everything about you and your blogs (❁´◡`❁)
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philester · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Hello friends I just hit another milestone and I wanted to just give a shout out to some of my amazing mutuals and other amazing blogs that I love (these will just be dnp related)! If I forgot you I didn’t mean to lkajhdsljkasd. These are all amazing blogs and most of them are original content creators! I hope you check them out <3
@2009z @42minuites @3hrbreakfasts @astroidphil @adziedoodle @artsydan @amazingphiw @alittledizzy @amberisobsessed @alinaazac @analester @acurlyphil @angeryphil @ahappyphjl @astronautdan @akilahthegreat @adorableright @awrfhi @adonisphil @adorablydaniel @aforeverhome @audaw @amazingphilz @arcticlester @amczingphil @articulatehowell @aestheticallypleasingphan @beksmess @buzzbeelester @boncasphan @blackglitter-phan @burninginhelll @bfflphan @botanistlester @bloomhowell @bafflingdan @backin2009 @bakingvidz @coeurdan @cuddleshowell @cringeattack @cappuccino-howell @confuseddnp @chroniclelester @creamphilled @corgisocks @cookiephil @calmlester @crisshowell @cherrielube @counterbants @cafephan @cosyhowell @cityofdan @cloverphan @cheekyhearteyes @curlieboye @cozyotter @cutiepie-lester 
@domphil @dqnielhowell @dansleftthigh @dnpdailygifs @dorky-hufflepuff @danthelivingm3m3 @dapgos @daniellhowell @dazzlindaniel @danssparklyjacket @dabbingdan @dnpsuck @danisonfire @danyphil @danielpov @danielbear @dansmeatyarms @doodleswithangie @dailyhowell @danyuhl @dn-phl @doodlue @deathclassic @ducklingdaniel @dxntasies @domesticbanting @danhowellscurl @danfanciesphil @danhowellgifs @dawniel @dansucc @dayphil @demonphannie @danshine @danisontnonfire @dailyphan @eclipsemyheart @enbydaniel @everlxstingasthesun @etoilesdephan @energeticwarrior @espadaroja @fringegaps @freetheknee @fabergephil @fringeboyes @fireworksphil @fourandahalfhourskypecalls 
@golddustphan @gryphll @glittergradient @goldstardan @goodluckgettingtosleep @gayitl @garbagedaniel @glitterfacehowell @hopephilly @hornedhoodie @howdyhowellhey @heterophobicdaniel @http-dan @heartsponge @hey-laura @houseplxnts @hexxing-howell @huwull @huphilpuffs @honeybearhowell @iwilliftheyinsist @igirisuscones @iihappydaysii @itstooearlyfortiramisu @instarbuckswithdan @incaseyouart @ithurtsnotolaugh @ineffablepheels @karmaphan @koreinkorein @lightphilly @laughter-food-and-sex @lana-dan-rey @lesterdaily @letphilsayfuck @leftsharklester @lesterdreams @lozorhowlter @lestertrash @laudablelester @loganwantsdeath @lordphaniel @lester-licious 
@marauderlester @marigoldan @martynandcornelia @muchdan @mortallyvirtualphan @misterphilly @martisun @moonchair @multigaydom @moonbeamphan @madhurphil @mylivingphantasy @mooniva @maddox-rider @notphilseyelash @nihilist-toothpaste @nostalgic-lester @nottobeeexpectedof @nopeosphere @optimistphan @othersentencesbyphil @octoberninteenth @odnakodaga 
@phartsy @psychicmoth @philacolada @pinof9 @prettydan @p-hantasticpheels @phanic-at-the-malfoys @phillusory @philgrl @panrophantic @perhaps-trees-and-tea @plantboy-lester @poststhatonlysayphil @phiru @philsmeatyarms @pxheart @phillp @phloridas @phanboye @philtea @pinoffs @pretentiousdan @phansterdam @pinofnine @princephil @pearlphil @plestel @pseudophan @phillesterdaily @phanhallows @phillybop @phanscake @plesty @philiplestersgiggle @philestial @phantastic-dan @phantastic-youtubers @philboyante @queerly-cute @qanhowell @rozieart @retrohowell @riu-sen @rodants @rose-tinted-icicles @radtinyplanetexplorer @rippedjeansphil @rippedjeanz @rollerbladingphan @rosy-phil 
@sunshine-dnp @soyoudonthavetobebrave @seasonalhowell @softestboyes @snowbunnylester @softgolftechniques @shizukaaoidesu @staplersaredangerous @scifiphan @snekdan @snokoplazm @stopitphan @shouldturnt @sunshinelesterr @starcatcherphan @sunnylop @shamenap @suspicioushowell @spacekiddan @subbydingdan @space-lestxr @sunnyaalisse @softestdan @that-sketchy-dude @tragicyans @tj-forphan @theamazingcorpsefreak @thelastpinof @tatinoffs @theyremarried @tatitnof @thebasket @theirforeverhome @themessafterthephanart @twinkdjh @theupsidedan @tinyplxnetexplorer @thiccphan @thepanicalarm @twizzlerdiscourse @thisguydan @teabaglester @themostfuniveverhad @vsoftboys @valentinephil @writerlester @wholesomelightheart @wavydanrises @weirdkidstories @wokephil @wokingdan @wispyphil @yourbirdnose @youregonnahavesex 
Thank you guys ily <3
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doodleswithangie · 2 months ago
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loud enough to wake the dead
​it’s truly the end of an era. in celebration of the buzzfeed unsolved finale, i’m posting my piece from @bfuzine! so many talented artists produced incredible work, and it all came together to create a love letter to an iconic show.
[image description: ryan and shane lay in sleeping bags on the floor of a large library, illuminated by the light of their phones and surrounded by bookcases of red books. they are also surrounded by ghosts from different eras: a victorian woman sits next to shane; a 70′s child and a modern teenager stand next to shane; an elementary student crouches by shane’s head;  a young newsboy sits on ryan’s back. in the background, a young girl watches a ghost cat climb the shelves, and an elderly librarian counts the books. sitting on top of one of the book shelves is a person with ripped jeans, and a couple sit on top of another. all the ghosts glow a greenish-blue color. ryan gestures to the spirit box next to him and says to shane, “how can you possibly sleep?! the spirit box is going nuts!” the spirit box is emitting undecipherable noises. unbothered, shane replies, “maybe the ghosts want you to read them a bedtime story!”]
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bfuzine · 8 months ago
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🔥 ZINE PREVIEW: @doodleswithangie🔥
Pre-Orders for Connect the Dots: An Unsolved Artbook are now OPEN until May 23rd! All proceeds from this Buzzfeed Unsolved (BFU) fan zine benefit ACLU SoCal!
👻Preorder Today! | connectthedotszine.bigcartel.com 📸
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lil-tachyon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ya just *gotta* catch ‘em all sometimes.
My half of an art trade/collab thing w/ @doodleswithangie. Do you think I could take her in a battle?
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the-awkward-hedgehog · a year ago
“If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications ✔ anonymously or not :) let’s get to know the person behind the blog ❤️” 
I was tagged by the awesome @jossea-mysme and I've never gotten one of these so thank you. 🎉
Trying to find interesting stuff was pretty difficult but here ya go,
1. I was obsessed with hedgehogs for years. I dont know why, I saw one once and thought "that is the most amazing animal ever." My mom still gets little hedgehog type gifts for me
2. I can flip my feet backwards, it's really wierd but I think it's because I broke my leg and never went to the hospital for it (the wonders of american healthcare)
3. I've always thought snakes and tarantulas are really cool and pretty. My goal is to get one of each and name them spaghetti and meatball respectively.
I tag @k-eke @doodleswithangie @dumb-shtuff-man @weeb-bee @avian-american @captainjosmy @kiyoshi-ryuu
please dont feel pressured to do it if you dont want to ^^
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jaymesdoodles · 4 years ago
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Did some drawing for @doodleswithangie dnp su!au
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trawan05117 · 2 years ago
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doodleswithangie: days 1 & 2: destiny/realizationafter an…
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tatinof-illustration · 4 years ago
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Submitted by @doodleswithangie ~ Wow! A lot of work! Thank you!
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dawniel · 4 years ago
can you recommend some good phanartists? my dash is so dry
anon are you sure you’re not trying to set me up, you fucking sadist i got so frustrated doing this, i tried to include every single artists that i appreciate and learn from
@maddox-rider;  @incaseyouart ; @beeken ; @vivianadichiara ; @franklyshane ; @noogaloo ; @phantheraglama ; @alinaispandi ; @creamphilled ; @melonphan ; @wavyfoxtrot ; @adziedoodle ; @bowtiewizard ; @doodled ; @backin2009 ; @mesmericphilip ;  @causeimjustateenagefangirlbaby ; @palephantom ; @vannyscribbles ; @calmlester ; @etoilester ; @plantpotphil ; @leftfringe ; @wishfullester ; @philslesters ; @moosehat ; @ironicallester ; @linlinoleum ; @getadog ; @odnakodaga ; @riu-sen ; @salviarose ; @philfreckles ; @sunnylop ; @sunnyaalisse ; @planetarylester @mortallyvirtualphan ; @makiferraro ; @mystywr1995 ; @degnam ; @doodleswithangie ; @cosmologicaldan ; @plntphil ; @michaelakindlova ; @doinganap ; @phursonas ; @cringe-attacks ; @dewets ; @espadaroja ; @mzch3y ; @the-squirrel-queen ; @nymphdan ; @queenusagiblog ; @prettyprettypretties ; @dazzlehere ; @huilens ; @dangelical ; @lightninginthenightsky ; @jstnthrfngrl 
sorry that’s all i could do i have tried my best but i’m very desperate bc of this so that’s all i could help:( sorry if i missed you i’m not good at memorising urls i memorise art style instead this is very hard for me;-;
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dxntasies · 3 years ago
A collection of nice people you recommend following? Need new people to follow, they don't have to be big blogs or anything, just need some fresh blogs. :)
well most of the people i follow are dnp blogs but i hope that’s alright :)
@dqnielhowell @fondestphan @dnpcorgis @dannuhowell @danhowellgifs @danhowellscurl @huphilpuffs @pseudophan @scifiphan @ahappyphjl @martisun @dyxnamic-art @glittergradient @tragicyans @shinyphan @phloridas @cakescenes @akilahthegreat @shibadannu @yourbirdnose @howellz @lestarz @lesthowells @rodants @amazingphiw @lesterdreams @whiskered @marigoldan @dnpsuck @boncasphan @lovely-howell @floraldnp @achievingdanandphil @livingflop @eclipsemyheart @golddustphan @phiru @deathclassic @formsprings @instarbuckswithdan @wispyphil @philester @moonchair @phansterdam @pinoffs @astronautdan @libraerie @gaykery @salviarose @arcticlester @doodleswithangie @themostfuniveverhad @demonphannie @danyphil
(and literally everyone else i follow but i can’t tag all of u guys so i’ll stop here uwu)
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slut4hyeju · 4 years ago
Tagged by:@captain-splendor
Answer 8 questions and then tag 8 people
Last movie I watched: Doctor Strange
Last song I listened to: Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar (SU end credits)
Last book I read: Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Last thing I ate: Rice
Where I would time travel to: Back to any time I was being an idiot and slap myself in the face
Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Steven Universe
If I could be somewhere else right now where would I be: At the top of a ferris wheel (IDK)
Current fandom obsessions: Steven Universe, Dan and Phil
I tag: @nettlemegg, @mistykknight, @doodleswithangie, @artsyrosie, @checkyesbraixen
You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to I just want to get to know more people :p
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cammille · 4 years ago
month late present for @doodleswithangie which i’m kinda glad for bc it’d be a shame for my first bughead vid to not have episode 10
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