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“H-hey!” Bruno panted, pulling himself out of the rubble. “Is everyone okay?”

Various muffled sounds of agreement came from around him. Narancia heaved himself onto his feet and promptly collapsed. Mista was helping Giorno out from under a beam. Fugo was okay, Trish was okay, and from right next to him, Abbacchio woke with a start.

“Bucciarati!” He snapped. “Where’s– what–”

“It’s ok,” he hurried to say. “Everyone’s okay.”

They both took a moment to breathe out. They’d won. Everyone was safe.

“Hey, guys?” Said Trish, scanning what was left of the building. “Where’s Doppio?”

“HERE!” A voice called. Doppio crawled out from under a piece of broken roof. “I’m here!” He sounded like a school boy late for class, Bruno remarked silently. And he himself had almost forgotten about him. But…

“Err…” Mists began.

“Yyyeah, Doppio?” Narancia said.


“You’re covered in blood.”

Doppio looked down. “Oh,” he said with an apologetic little laugh. “I am, hehe…”

“Are… Are you sure you’re alright?” Bruno said.

“Well, the blood isn’t mine.”


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Even after he decided to join Bucciarati and his gang, Doppio got calls from the boss. He’d always answer, thinking that he would tell his boss that he wasn’t loyal to him anymore, and that he was evil and that he was not going to forgive him. But every time he put the phone to his ear he was met with silence. The boss still would call Doppio. But he never said anything to him ever again. Not another word.

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Thank you for your request, my lovely💚

Vinegar Doppio common headcanons

  • Doppio wants to pierce his bellybutton so badly, but Diavolo is against this idea. Boss thinks that this kind of piercing looks way better on female body and he doesn’t want to wear it on himself
  • When Doppio got his tattoo sleeves, he was utterly happy and excited. Only cool guys have tattoos, and the fact that he got an ink pattern on his skin makes him super proud every time Doppio looks at himself in a mirror
  • Even though Diavolo smokes regularly, Doppio gets cough attacks even from the smallest puff at cigarette
  • Doppio is very lazy, he may go to sleep hungry just because he’s too indolent to cook or buy himself some food
  • He gets scared easily, nuns in a church, he was raised in, often told him stories about demons and other evil stuff and Doppio can be frightened even by his shadow, especially when he goes to get some water at the night
  • He has a sweet tooth, Doppio couldn’t have sweets as a kid, the only sweet thing he could eat was honey on Christmas, so when he grew up and started living by his own, he never denies himself in chocolate and candies
  • His English is BAD. Like, every time tourists ask him any questions like: how to get somewhere or what time is it, Doppio is just “Go front, then go to right, then go to right again, then straight” and he sincerely wants to help, but he confuses those people even more
  • Doppio likes to wear skirts. He’s too shy and embarrassed to wear the in public, but when he’s at home and knows that nobody’s watching, he puts on his favorite mini-skirt and walks around his apartment, admiring his look in all mirrors. Not a big fan of dresses because they cover his tummy, Doppio’s favorite part on his body
  • He gets freckles easily, even when Doppio spends 20 minutes on a sunlight his whole face covered in dozens of cute brown spots. He even has some on his shoulders and knees
  • As I mentioned before, he’s very lazy, and he never exercises his body. Never. Diavolo is the one to work out hardly, training his muscles and burning those calories that Doppio has eaten
  • Dipping take a great care of his body, he uses expensive shampoos and body washes, moisturizing creams, gels, regularly takes vitamins for healthy skin and nails
  • Doppio likes cartoons and movies based on fairy tails. When “The Grinch” was released in 2000, he was utterly excited, he watched it for more than 10 times and he never gets tired of it


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jojo x danganronpa art cause im cringe

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if anyone has a pic of doppio mista or jotaro with a froggy hat like my pfp, please for the love of god hand it over i need them

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☆•°Moshi Moshi, Bossu?°•☆

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