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I’ve had an itch to try and tackle a changeling character for a while, so let me introduce you to Elban.

Race: Changeling
Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer
Background: Noble

This here would be a quick portrait I did, though I’ll definitely be working more on it, as well as make a few “masks” that he wears as well.

I wrote a quick backstory for him, probably has lots of typos and will sounds edgy as fuk no matter what, but whats the point in roleplaying if you can’t be just that at times.

Backstory: Bought as a slave from a circus for a young prince, Elban was serving the royal family Caledor from a very young age. On his 7th birthday, the prince Lumis begged his father, the king, to bring him along on a hunt, which resulted in the most tragic of events. The young prince was killed in the commotion by none other than the king himself as a result of a hunting accident. Not wishing to lose his already sick wife by relaying these tragic news to her, he hid this fact from her, and had Elban, the changeling, take on the role of the prince. He was fond of the queen, who, although did not know the truth, showered him with love. One day, when the queen got pricked by a rose bush, out of his concern for her already fragile health, his magical powers manifested and healed her minor wound like it was never there. Although even now he knows not where his power originated from, they’ve improved over time. When the queen died from her sickness, he started performing other roles for the king, helping him manage the relations and the kingdom using his ability to deceive by appearance. He later on met a royal performer - a stage actor in their service who became both his mentor and secretly his lover. However, a few people found out; many still believed him to be the prince and took offense to the actor taking the prince’s time and distracting him from courting the expected partners. His lover ended up beaten as the consequence and died soon after, unable to recover from the wounds. Some time after his own father died in a battle against the neighboring kingdom, it was expected of him to take the throne. With all the recent happenings, Elban ran away, discarding his Lumis persona. The things he did, he did for the people who took him in, even if he was just a replacement. Now that they were both gone, there was little holding him back. He left the kingdom to the lord regent to rule in his stead. He is traveling around, hiding his royal persona, still uncertain of what he really wants. He has worn so many masks for such a long time, that he is not sure what is a fasade and what is real anymore, so he travels with the purpose of finding that out.


If anyone else played a changeling, i’d love to hear about some of the personas they’ve used, as well as some cool stories you might have to share.

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Doppelgänger, This one turned out a bit messy tonight, but it felt good to get out of my head and sketch. ❤️

Higgins Inks Eternal Ink & Sakura of America Micron on Koh-I-Noor USA smooth bristol sketchbook.

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Just something short and sweet. Haven’t written a drabble in awhile so here ya go!

It was midnight when Vergil returned home, exhausted and filthy. At 12:05, he found it in his heart to give you a lengthy kiss to the forehead before trudging off to the shower. You were certain he went to bed around 12:20, as that’s when the shower turned off and he had yet to come back down. You planned to join him as soon as your show was over, as you were certain he would want some time to himself before you wandered up there and disturbed his sleep.

At 12:30, a blue demon appeared in your living room.

You looked up in surprise as the ghostly demon stared down at you. It was Vergil’s SDT, but only a light blue instead of the numerous scales with various, dark blue hues. Yet it moved just like he always did. Its’ tail swayed from side to side. Its horns were still on fire. Its teeth were just as sharp. It was almost a perfect replica and you had no idea what it was doing there.

Then, it bowed slightly and held its hand out to you.  You stared at it for a long time, uncertain what exactly it was asking. And when you did take its hand, the creature pulled you to your feet. “Where’s Vergil?” You asked. The creature’s head tilted, and you tried a different question. “Is he sleeping?”

The creature gave a bemused snort as it nodded. You were shocked at how real it was. You honestly expected your arms to go right through the thing. But as it pulled you closer, one hand at your waist and the other gently holding your hand, you realized that it was as real as you. Its tail snaked up a nearby table, tapping on the play button of your radio. A slow song started, and the creature began to sway. Mesmerized, you joined it - him? - rocking back and forth to the beat of the song. You swore you heard it humming, but it was so quiet that you couldn’t be certain. At one point, as the song reached its chorus, the creature spun you only to pull you back close and sway some more. And he was surprisingly cool considering Vergil was usually hotter than the damn sun like this. Even the flames on his horns didn’t seem to produce any heat.

But there were much more pressing questions at hand. Such as the most obvious one - was this Vergil dancing with you or someone else entirely?

Sigh from the hallway answered that question as Vergil, dressed in the pajamas you’d bought for him a few weeks prior, walked up to the both of you. “Why must you bother me so?” He said, looking up at the creature. It shrugged, not letting go of you. You looked between them, both confused and slightly amused at the staring contest between the two.

“Is he you?” You said.

“In a way,” Vergil said. “But he does… nonsensical things.”

You snorted. “But don’t you control it?”

Finally, Vergil’s gaze turned toward you. The creature vanished, but Vergil was there to take its place. You gave him the cheesiest smile you could imagine. “If you wanted to dance you could’ve just asked.”

He glared at you, but it was soft as a new song started in the background. “It’s too late for that,” He said in a dismissive tone. Yet he swayed all the same, gently pulling you back and forth along with him.

You squeezed his hand. “It’s never too late for something like this.”

He hummed at that, but said nothing more.

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Guys guys guys!

I was weeding today (I’m a librarian, weeding is pulling old books and looking for newer editions where appropriate) and came across this book.

The guy on the cover looks very similar to my beloved Jared Padalecki, and I thought it was hilarious! Enough to add a small mole next to his nose in the name of artistic license. Take a look:



I think the resemblance is pretty close. I added the nose mole to make it stand out a bit more. Anyway, I think this is hilarious and I wanted to share it.

So what do you think, sirs? See any resemblance?

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It’s story time! Once like 3 years ago? On Halloween, it was getting dark out but not quite trick or treating level dark. Me, my grandma and cousin were sitting in my grandma’s bedroom smoking, my cousin hadn’t had her costume on yet but my cosplayer ass had to get into my handsome vampire outfit. We were talking about how these fangs I had were really easy to eat and talk in as if I were born with them and were used to them. (I no longer have them phck). My cousin was scrolling through Facebook and this account popped up on her “people you might wanna follow” thing but they had 0 mutuals so it was weird right? She clicked on the account to look at it, then she saw a picture of that woman’s daughter dressed as Freddy Krueger for Halloween and that girl looked. Just. Like. Me!! LIKE EXACTLY LIKE ME HAIR AND ALL!!! My cousin thought it was me at first and then she showed me and I almost flipped my shit!! I was like “what the ever loving fuck?!” But I couldn’t say that cause my grandma doesn’t like people (even her age) cussing suddenly. I was confused and honestly traumatized! We find my DOPPELGÄNGER on facebook, on HALLOWEEN when the VEIL OF PARANORMAL AND SUPERNATURAL STUFF THINS!! The one thing that confuses me about this post is that. It just popped into my head. Suddenly out of the blue for reason, a memory. Of halloween, while we’re getting close to halloween and i’m gonna go as a demon prince, fairly close to a vampire. Yeah new costume idea fuck that. So yeah, that’s how I saw my Doppelgänger!


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A brief but unnerving story:

When I was about 5 years old, my much older cousin Wayne, who was in his early 30s at the time, was stationed with the army somewhere in Germany, in the south I believe. I only ever really saw him at holidays but he was a big, loud, funny man who used to send me packages of German candy and such, and I loved him. One day he called my grandmother, who raised me, and asked her, “Where’s Teddy? Right now, where is she?”

“She’s playing in her room,” my grandmother said, confused by the alarmed and urgent tone in Wayne’s voice. “Why?”

“Are you sure?” he asked, instead of answering her.

“Yes! I can call her to come say hello,” she said, increasingly unsettled.

“No!” he said, and then he started mumbling to himself for a bit before explaining. He’d been walking through a small German city, entirely pleased with his day because he’d been given a slightly rare German coin as part of his change for a purchase at the store that afternoon. That was when a small girl’s voice behind him spoke, in German, but also very distinctly with my voice.

“Do you have any money, sir?” she asked, and the voice was so familiar that Wayne whirled around, stunned, even more so when the little girl standing in front of him was my exact double.

Teddy?” he blurted, and the little girl held out her hand.

“Any money, please?” she repeated, and Wayne was so flabbergasted that he actually stumbled backward, shaking his head.

“No,” he finally managed. “I’m sorry.”

“What about the coin in your pocket?” the little girl asked, and he nearly bolted into the crowd.

“How did you know about that?” he demanded, but the girl only grinned and melted back into the crowd, disappearing between the legs of commuters. That was when Wayne made a mad dash for the nearest pay phone to call my grandmother. It’s been over a decade since that incident, and to this day he swears it was true. So wherever you are, little German doppleganger of mine, guten tag.

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had a dream in which sam and dean were fighting an identical looking sam and dean, but the ones “my brain” was rooting for had their weapons handed to them by the teen actor girls versions of sam and dean from “fan fiction” and that DOES explain my thoughts on the finale actually

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