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In class yesterday, we learned about a type of character design prevalent throughout the 1990s to 2000s called Edgy. Of course, there was a lengthy discussion on what the word meant and how it has changed in recent years, and how the style, once new and avant-garde back then, is now incredibly dated.

Nevertheless, our homework assignment was to take a literary character (design must be based off book’s description and not other medias) and make an edgy version of them. My gf suggested I draw Dorian Gray so now all of you must be cursed with these drawings. You’re welcome.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde

“It is quite true that I have worshipped you with far more romance of feeling than a man should ever give to a friend. Somehow, I had never loved a woman. […] Well, from the moment I met you, your personality had the most extraordinary influence over me. I quite admit that I adored you madly, extravagantly, absurdly. I was jealous of every one to whom you spoke. I wanted to have you all to myself. I was only happy when I was with you. When I was away from you, you were still present in my art. It was all wrong and foolish. It is all wrong and foolish still. Of course I never let you know anything about this. It would have been impossible. You would not have understood it; I did not understand it myself.”
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✧ kill your darlings, 2013

✧dead poets society, 1989

✧black swan, 2010

✧maurice, 1987

✧dorian gray, 2009

✧the emperor’s club

✧school ties, 1992

✧manhattan murder mistery, 1993

✧good will hunting, 1997

✧wilde, 1997

✧the dreamers, 2003

✧colette, 2018

✧little women, 2019

✧the talented mr. ripley, 1999

✧the riot club, 2014

✧the goldfinch, 2019

✧cracks, 2009

✧the paper chase, 1973

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Every year, when it comes to around spring time, I get the urge to read a book that completely contrasts with that time of the year. It always surprises me when people actually read books of the horror genre during October because I have never been able to bring myself to do the same. This book is, of course, a classic and had been on my tbr for a long time and it has been endlessly referred to as one of the best examples of the dark academia aesthetic. I ended up reading this is a span of three days and went through a bit of a rollercoaster. 

It goes without saying that Oscar Wilde is a master of his craft and his writing was so beautifully lyrical which in itself is a reason to read this book. I found the plot to be incredibly engaging and a great commentary on society’s behaviour towards beauty and how much importance we give it as well as the queer themes that were a lot more obvious than I thought they would be. I really loved this book but I do think some parts are stronger than others. I think, overall, it could’ve benefited from being a little longer. Nevertheless, I loved the ending, it was so perfectly executed. 

(kinda spoilers: I really think there was a bit of a tell-tale heart situation going on in this. I think Dorian was hallucinating the change in the portrait because of his guilt. What do you think?

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But beauty, real beauty,

ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself an exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face. The moment one sits down to think, one becomes all nose, or all forehead, or something horrid. Look at the successful men in any of the learned professions. How perfectly hideous they are! Except, of course, in the Church. But then in the Church they don’t think. A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say when he was a boy of eighteen, and consequently he always looks absolutely delightful.

Oscar Wilde- The picture of Dorian Gray

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I’ve not been sleeping well during isolation at all, and days feel aimless since I’m ultimately not in sixth form anymore. However, this gives me the opportunity to sit in the sun with black coffee, rereading my favourites; I guess there’s a silver lining.

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