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#dorian storm
criticalroleposts · a day ago
Despite the fact that Laudna constantly frightens Dorian, he is so sweet to her
Literally their first interaction was her looking scary and him being scared of her but also when she saved him from being suffocated by a rug, he immediately thanked her for it
He carried her like a princess and she hissed in celebration for him when he landed the killing blow on Dugger
I dunno, I just love their dynamic, they’re contrasting cuties
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lorn-art · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Door ee Anne ⛈
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dungeons-and-drawing · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What is her top secret, tragic backstory? Wrong answers only. 🐸🐸
pt.5 of cr3 as chibis
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j--mno-art · 2 days ago
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Paint-over of John Mortlock of Cambridge, artist unknown
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hauntedfalcon · 2 days ago
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(inspired by)
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Critical Role Main Characters by Age
At the time of their adventures, from youngest to oldest. Plus my speculations for the C3 gang.
FCG- ??? (He could hypothetically only be a year old cuz robot, but we’ve no idea what race/how old Dancer was, when she built him, or how long he was left there deactivated.)
Mollymauk/Kingsley Tealeaf- 2 or younger (technically in his 20s, but I mean… y’know.)
Ashton Greymoore- at least 15, early 20s at most (I SWEAR to GOD I am 100% this boy is secretly a child, mark my words!)
Keyleth- 20 through 24 (BABIEST!)
Imogen Temult- early 20s (everything about her just screams Baby, but not teenager like Ashton 👀)
Percy De Rolo- early to mid 20s (BABY.)
Beauregard Lionett- 23/24 (Great! Explains having the same feral sense of martyrdom Percy has.)
Dorian Storm- mid to late 20s (it’s all about vibes yo, he may have anxiety but he doesn’t come across as Super young to me)
Veth Brenatto- 25 (wasn’t expecting this crazy wine mom to be on the babier side of the scale but in hindsight… yeah XD)
The Vessar Twins- 27 (Comparatively? BABIES)
Jester Lavorre- between 20 & 28 (so she’s either as young as Keyleth, or around the same age the twins were at the end of CR1, huh.)
Taryon Darrington- 29 (aww, he’s a man child! Lmao)
Fjord Stone- early 30s (“I am this much older than you, you think you’ve peaked?!” Asdfghhkl)
Caleb Widogast- 33 (though really, he lost 10 years to an asylum, so it’s more like he’s Beau’s age)
Yasha Nydoorin- mid 30s (as confirmed by Ashley on Talks Machina)
Shaun Gilmore- late 30s (if Essek counts Gilmore counts!)
Pike Trickfoot- 30s to early 40s (which for Gnomes is like being in your early 20s)
Grog Strongjaw- at least 43 (if he was a teenager when Wilhand and Pike adopted him after Kevdak beat him up and left him)
Orym- anywhere between 30 and 60 (no matter what he’s still undeniably a Dad, fairly young Halfling but still old enough to be a bit mellowed and worldly)
Laudna- Early 50s to 60s (prob doesn’t age physically anymore as a Hollow One, was around for the Briarwood Coup)
Scanlan Shorthalt- 70 (I thought he was younger for some reason?? Still old compared to the rest of VM but 70?!)
Bertrand Bell- late 70s early 80s (old fart, totally counts until we get introduced to Travis ACTUAL character)
Caduceus Clay- between 80 and 120 (could understand why he lost count, poor thing, early 20s by Firbolg standards)
Fearne Calloway- 112 (how tf do Satyrs age?? Idk man.)
Essek Thelyss- 121ish (ELF BABY, who made this child a SPY?!)
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viciousmollymaukery · 10 hours ago
the fact that dorian has +3 to strength is an attack on me personally.
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Orym : So how was your day?
Fearne : We were almost surprise adopted.
Orym : Wait, what?
Dorian : Someone almost kidnapped us.
Orym : Oh, Oka-
Orym : WAIT, WHAT?!
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teaweltzer · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Orym and Dorian Storm embroidered dice bags!
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criticalroleposts · 2 days ago
I am absolutely jazzed that all of the Charisma-based casters in this party are not what most people would traditionally consider “charismatic”
Dorian is chronically nervous, Imogen gets overwhelmed, and Laudna is Like That (for which we love her)
But here’s the thing: all of them are still charming
Dorian is cute, Imogen is lovable, Laudna is endearing
So it’s like their Charisma scores stem not from being smooth talkers all the time, not from being commanding or unflappable, but quite simply from being likable
The bard, sorceror, and sorlock of this team fuel their magic with pure, unadulterated adorkableness, and isn’t that just fantastic?
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monabee-draws · 16 hours ago
'No debts, remember?'
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Comm for @maybetwicefic - inspired by the fic 'the time's always right to fix what's wrong' on Ao3! Such a fun piece to work on. They make me soft.
Check out my comm prices here 🌻
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soldier-poet-kings · 2 days ago
Okay, Dorym Dad, consider; before the campaign, the airship three went to see Keyleth. Orym, being the Good Boy that he is, is likely to have taken the opportunity to visit his Mum. And taken his two beloved weirdoes with him. Imagine if you will, six foot tall Dorian and Fearne sitting in Halfing-sized chairs, at a Halfling-sized table of tea and food (Lil' Mister being the only one that fits). And poor Orym's Mum, who keeps shooting looks at Dorian and chattering away to Orym in Halfling
"about whether the blue boy is a friend or a *friend*? "I'm not criticising, Orym, I just want you to be happy! Is it just casual, you can tell me!" Poor Orym dying of exasperation, only to be made worse when, later that night Fearne briefly pretends that she can understand Halfling and had there slightest idea of what was being said."
Okay I love this more and more every time I read it.
Dorian and Fearne hunched over in their little seats, looking like adults at a kid's tea party. Dorian all bunched up in his tight stuffy clothes, looking back and forth awkwardly between Orym and his mother as they have a *very obvious* "Can we not talk about this right now???" conversation in another language. Fearne just absolutely fucking vibing with the tiny snacks and the tea and the whole weird mood. Just, nodding along and agreeing at all the right spots by pure coincidence.
I want to see this so badly. I really need someone with more talent than me to draw this because it is DYING to be drawn!
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annemarieyeretzian · a day ago
watching the exandria unlimited campaign wrap-up and liam saying “[orym] really, really liked dorian a lot and saw so much good in him” is making me go absolutely feral
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magpie-scraps · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
New Kids, 
New Kids! 
and let us never forget Sir Bertrand Bell for bringing these wonderful weirdos together. <3 
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maewinter · a day ago
I've been rewatching the campaign 3 episodes during this little hiatus and something I find so funny is at the end of e3 Travis said Bertrand paid for individual rooms for the exu crew
But in e4, I don't think it was explicitly said, but it was very very heavily implied that the three of them were in the same room.
Bertrand: obviously you will have your own rooms no need to all share
Exu three: piling into the same room after Bertrand already paid for the rooms sorry what were you saying?
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jesterevermore · a day ago
Question for critters!
So I’m doing a Human!Modern!College!AU for campaign three and I’m stuck with what major Ashton would be.
For a little background:
Imogen is a nursing student (because I made the joke on twitter that she’s Bertrand’s caretaker at the nursing home and I’m committing to the bit).
Dorian is a theatre kid ofc, with a minor in music!
Fearne studies horticulture.
Laudna is double-majoring in creative writing and art because she wants to write and illustrate children’s books!
(They all end up very creepy and eerie— think Coraline— but she can’t figure out why everyone says that because she’s just trying to write fantasy adventure!)
I like the vibes of Orym being either a history major… OR a writing and publishing major who keeps ending up paired up with the Accidental Horror Queen Laudna in every creative writing class he’s in.
FCG is a big ole question mark for whether I’ll even make him human or not, but he’d be a social work major.
But I can’t figure out Ashton! Someone suggested art, and I was thinking if I make FCG a robot, I could have Ashton be his creator and he’d be in robotics.
Any ideas?
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