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#dorian x celaena

Dorian: I think I’m in love. *gazes with heart eyes at Celaena*

Chaol: What! She’s an assassin! She’ll likely cut your throat in your sleep!*Chaol looks at Celaena longingly*

Also Chaol: Fuck.

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i am asking you — begging you, to appreciate the scenes we got from dorian and celaena talking and recommending each other books.


there is nothing more beautiful and that warms my heart more than dorian and cealena (aelin) sending each other recommendations of books they have to discuss. like imagine them discussing the books they’ve read through letters and then meeting up on each other’s kingdom to discuss books. i want that i NEED that

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Do you remember that Celaena wanted to be free? Live in the house she bought by herself, have a normal life and be away of murder and assassins but we know that didn’t happen

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I feel deeply sad reading this. She didn’t want to be a murderer or have that life, Celaena wanted to be free and choose what to do with her life but we know that doesn’t happen

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<div> —  A Lâmina da Assassina: Histórias de Trono de Vidro -  Sarah J. Maas<br> </div><span>Celaena não estava apenas faminta, mas também com calor e cansada. E com sede. O que, somado ao temperamento, costumava resultar em uma combinação letal.</span>
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<div> Celaena during the pandemic </div>
I'll finally have plenty og time to read all the books I haven't read yet
but wait, I can't go shopping for new dresses
let me introduce you to the most wonderful thing: online shopping
*orders fifteen dresses, six pants, nine shirts and five sets of jewelry in an hour
I probably shouldn't have said that
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<div> —  <i>Throne of Glass</i> by Sarah J. Maas </div><span>‘You worry too much.’<br> 'Then you’ll have gray hair before you’re twenty-five, and Sardothien certainly will not fall in love with you.’</span>
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<div> —  <i>Throne of Glass</i> by Sarah J. Maas </div><span>Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.</span>
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Whenever people say period can’t be that bad, just remember…


Chapter 34, Throne of Glass

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Dorian: One of my bitches gave birth to a litter of mongrels.

Celaena: Are we speaking of dogs or women?


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Me reading ToG for the first time
omg, this is so cool, Celaena is such a badass assassin. She's gonna end up with Dorian and it'll be great
Me reading ToG now
omg, LOOK AT ALL THESE HINTS! WHY IS NO ONE NOTICING? and Dorian is just so cute, and it's so cute that he think they'll end up together
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Dorian se sentía cómodo, como si pudiese decir cualquier cosa. Y ella debía de sentirse igual, después de lo que le había contado de Sam, fuera quien fuese. Así que allí estaba él, en plena noche. Ella coqueteaba con él, pero ¿lo hacía en serio? Oyó un ruido de pasos y vio a Chaol de pie al otro lado del vestíbulo.

El capitán avanzó hacia Dorian y lo agarró del brazo. Dorian sabía que no era recomendable resistirse. Su amigo lo arrastró por el vestíbulo y se detuvo frente a la puerta que daba al pasillo.

—¿Qué hacéis aquí? —preguntó Chaol entre dientes.

—¿Qué hacéis vos aquí? —replicó Dorian intentando no levantar la voz. No podía haberle hecho una pregunta mejor. Si Chaol se pasaba tanto tiempo alertándolo sobre el peligro de relacionarse con Celaena, ¿qué hacía él allí en plena noche?

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so im reading the throne of glass series rn, and im on book 3, crown of midnight, abt in the middle and i stg if celaena actually ends up with chaol and not dorian i will eat all the books after im done suing.

so close to googling it to just find out myself

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Was anyone else hoping that when Dorian was having his what-am-I internal conflict, that he would actually turn out to be part Valg??

Personally, I think it would have been so cool to have Dorian be part Valg.  It’s not entirely implausible since Dorian Sr was gradually giving up his humanity and being Valg co-captain to Erawan.  

It would be an interesting way to give a different explanation for his insane raw magic, and tie him closer to Manon because she technically has Valg in her DNA.  And maybe have implications for a longer life span and the ability to reproduce with Manon!  Think of those kiddos o.o

Also, the implications for Hollin!  In addition to his rotten personality, imagine him developing Valg-eque powers as he grows!  Hollin would be an amazing villain one day!


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