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28.07.30 (15/?) + 2020 quarantine challenge by @myhoneststudyblr

 SatWhere in your house is your favorite place to study?

 I rent a room in 3-room apartment on the outskirts of Helsinki, so I spend most of my time cooped in here. Usually I work sitting on the chair, but when my back hurts, I move on the floor to Baymax and “dinner table” :)

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Journal entry #84📝

Date: 3/24/20

Today’s mood:😔😁

Amount of water (cups):8

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅




Today’s talk: Back and shoulder pain was still there but not as bad as yesterday. Back to a day of no class, doing homework, and watching YouTube. Texted Dylan some this morning but he stopped replying after about 10 minutes and hasn’t responded back. Was gonna nap today but had to Skype with a friend/project partner about the project and then film my part of the project. When they was over, I tried some cool effects in photoshop and only one of the two worked. After the second one, it hurt to sit on the chair anymore so I got ready for bed and have been laying down since then.

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Journal entry #83📝

Date: 3/23/20

Today’s mood:😔🤕

Amount of water (cups):6

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅❎




Today’s talk: I’ve been in so much pain today. My back and shoulders are killing me so I skipped my workout today except for my 100 squats (accidentally only did 50 today). Still stretching to keep my legs loose and to try and help with some of the pain. Class was boring as it was just a PowerPoint and taking notes. Sitting hurt my lower back a lot and while sitting to do homework later in the day, my lower back would seize so bad. Laid on the heating pad for so long tonight and I’m still on it. Body image is still super bad today and I have no energy (plus the pain) to shower tonight either so that will be for tomorrow.

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Journal entry #81📝

Date: 3/21/20

Today’s mood:😔

Amount of water (cups):10

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:❎✅




Today’s talk: First week of full online class and I’ve never been happier for a Saturday. Slept late and really did nothing today. Sleeping has been rough recently. Body hurts from my sleeping positions but other positions are not comfortable to sleep in. Also been waking up a lot. Again, really a day of nothing. Just watched YouTube and scrolling through social media. Took a long ass nap today at around 6 pm.

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So how is the Social Isolation working, Velvet? Are you self quarantining with the rest of CFVY?

Two long rabbit ears poke out from behind a stack of books so high that it covers the rest of her. “Hm? Oh, I’m doing well! Hunts have been postponed for a little bit due to the illness keeping everyone inside. So theres really not that many Grimm!

"Although… Some of us aren’t going too well…” as her voice petered off, as if on cue, Coco’s voice echoed from the next room over. It was mostly intelligible curses and complaints about not being able to go out and check the new shops that had just opened before the outbreak.

“As for Yatsu… He’s mostly meditating and snacking a lot; he’s fine! Fox… He goes out a lot into the desert to just wander around. He’s not near people when he goes out and wanders and does his thing, so the doctors have mentioned there’s no harm there!”

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21.03.20 (10/?)

Trying to be positive in quarantine and gathering as many yellow things in my room as I can.
Finished assignment on research ethics course, kinda spring cleaned the whole room after this picture was taken, and rewarded myself with a big carrot cake.

Need to do:
•another e-mail? (professor notice me);
•motivation letter for scholarship (ugh);
•revise PhD research plan to use it for scholarship application;
•retype documents;
•nap a bit, I am awake for 12 hours now, need to recharge…

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Advice for soundproofing dorms? im panicking!!!

I know where I’m going to school next year now, and I am very relieved and happy… except for I know exactly how loud it’s going to be in the city, since I stayed in my friend’s dorm once (ill b at the same school as her), and I’m now freaking out about it. I asked my dad for advice bc he’s usually good with diy stuff and acoustic stuff bc he’s a stagehand… but he said I was overreacting and to just get earplugs and a white noise machine. which, i will, but there is no way that’ll be enough.

im going to get such bad sensory overload and i wont be able to sleep and i reallly wont be able to tolerate it. especially in the morning with the garbage trucks… it was too much, and i know it’ll be too much, but i cant pass up a free college education for something so stupid. so id really appreciate advice from anyone who’s been through something similar. does anyone know of any window fittings or diy measures that i could use that aren’t permanent installations? i honestly dont care about violating the rules a little as long as it’s reversible lol.

so far the measures im planning r: earplugs, white noise machine, lots of acoustic panels and soft furnishing and a carpet to prevent echoing. what im not sure about is: would i be allowed to use acoustic sealant around the windows? (would they know?) will foam seal strips do any good? knowing the noise level, i think ill need something a lot more substantial to block the whole window, but idk if a window insert is viable at all…

ill get curtains if i cant find a better solution, but ive heard they rnt the most effective, and they can cause condensation btwn the curtain and the window? or they r usually blackout curtains, and i could really rely on the light to help wake up if possible lol (another fun adhd thing! i cant wake up reliably to an alarm to save my life.) ((although i could get one of those light alarms if i have to.)) and does anyone know if i could get an exception to install some more serious sound proofing if it comes down to it? i still dont have a diagnosis but im trying to get one before college… ugh im really !! panicking about this and i want to come up with some kind of solution before the fall.

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Journal entry #71📝

Date: 3/11/20

Today’s mood: 😄

Amount of water (cups): 2

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅




Today’s talk: Long but exciting day. Had my group speech today. The football player that didn’t come to practice last night messed up our intro. I was really nervous about how my part went so I went to my teacher’s office hours to talk about it. She finds it funny that I was freaking out when I did amazing again. My other class of the day was online which was boring as hell because nobody wanted to talk and it was just going over a project that is going to be difficult to do online instead of in person with our partner. After class, I had more filming for the weightlifting club. Today was mainly interviews and a few minutes of b-roll filming.

The university sent a message out today that all classes will be online starting the 16th. So when I got back to the dorm, my roommate was leaving since her classes that week were already online or cancelled. So now I’m alone in the dorm for the rest of the month.

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Downsides of living in a dorm.

If you anger someone that also lives in the dorm, you better run. And hide. And lock yourself in your room with the lights off and the door locked and windows and curtains and everything closed. People can and will find a way to enter your room.

So the story is, nothing really bad. But the thing is, I mentioned, in a totally neutral way, the relationship of a girl in my class. It was not a negative thing. It may not have been positive although it was from my point of view? But I wasn’t degrading or anything that’s for sure. And for starters, I didn’t even talk about the relationship in itself, I talked about the girl’s general relationship. And not to judge her or anything.

It has to do with our school kinda socially cut in two distincts groups and she’s one that has the most friends on the “other side”. The issue was my/our “side” getting beef from the other. And I said that she had many friends in that “other side” and wouldn’t risk much problems with them thanks to that.

And she took it very very personally. I literally got called a bitch by 3 people that didn’t understand what I meant. She is going out with a guy from side B. And that is the reason she took it for herself. She took it as if I was pointing out her relationship in this matter, although I wasn’t at all! And I understand that she did, because when it’s a sensitive subject, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture.

But still, she went CRAZY. She was running everywhere in the dorm looking for me. Kinda ironic from a girl who has been bullied before. And at this point I was scared as hell. I was already in a full panic attack because of the argument we had before in the class group chat (still related to that story) and it made it 10 times worse. So I was just laying in my bed shaking like crazy and waiting for it to pass for maybe an hour. I had everything locked and I was right to do so because she really came banging at my door. Gosh.

I feel bad for not keeping my tongue in. Even if I know I didn’t say anything mean. I always talk too much.

Now I’m scared to go to class tomorrow but one thing is sure, I am skipping breakfast (because you meet everyone from the dorm there) and probably skip lunch if I can’t stand with the outsiders, and dinner if things haven’t settled down.

My anorexia is happy to have a reason to skip. But my whole body is fucking killing me. Anxiety and all.

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Journal entry #65📝

Date: 3/5/20

Today’s mood:🙃

Amount of water (cups): 6

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅❎




Today’s talk: A fun day at first and then went downhill. Went and had breakfast with my mom which was fun. She had a doctor’s appointment so was gone for most of the day. I continued with my homework and website making.

The day went downhill when both parents were home and right before Devin got here. My dad has been pissy lately so he’s set off by everything. Today it was my mom not eating the leftover taco casserole but she can’t because it has milk it in. Just continues to be pissy for the rest of the night which put me in a bad mood. This caused me to feel annoyed by stuff Devin was doing that on any other day I would have been fine with. So I felt awful because I was making him feel bad and I just broke down when we were cuddling. I’m ready to go back to school but I also don’t want to either.

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🌧Today was very rainy, had a small thunderstorm while in my last class of the day and Evansdale as always looks beautiful after rain

🌧I had to get my old desk fixed (the one in that photo), but instead facilities brought me a new one and when I sent in a work request to get it they didn’t get that’s how my Tuesday is going

🌧I start my 8th class next Tuesday since after Mid-terms are posted this Friday, that opens up. Thankfully it’s not a long class and an extension of what I did with my schools record label and the meetings we have every Tuesday, so it will be cool and fun.

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