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Hello everyone, sorry for not being on Tumblr for a few days, I was really busy! Anyways, let’s talk about the amazing summer sets that we get early this month. I heard the sets are coming bit later because of COVID-19. That really sucks. I mean, we got so many amazing new themes: Monkie Kid, Brick Sketches, Super Mario, Dots… and of course, the new sets of Harry Potter and Jurassic World. I wanted to do a special haul for you guys, but because of the delay we can’t buy them earlier than June 4th. What theme do you think is the most amzing to you! Reblog if you want to answer, and don’t forget to follow me and like this post!

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When you feel sad you usually connect the dots why

but this time I didn’t know why

frustration inside was hard to handle

the dots were disappearing as soon as I touch the handle of the door they unlock

every door has a different story, past or present

but this time I couldn’t reach it

I had no idea what was in my mind, speaking

blurred voices with crossed out faces

talking in same time, but different languages

so confused yet so aware, only thought was how to get out of there

burning eyelids from tears that feel like I’m swallowing acid

no one tells you how to handle this panic

especially alone, in your own room, with no parent around

yea because they tell you that it’s all a lie

but hear me mother I am weeping and you don’t believe the word I say

I am lost completely, no one has a normal soul to spare

maybe one day it will all disappear, while I float away in the stream of tears

remember me sane while I’m here, but don’t sugarcoat my core

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