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#double nostril piercing
z3nitsusgf · 2 days ago
Punk Izuku brainrot.
Warnings : choking, throat fucking, clit play, lots of piercings, collars, toys, squirting, doubles penetration, afab reader
Tags: @ringpop-poppy ( I hope you enjoy this poppy!! <3)
Tumblr media
Punk Izuku with big purple gages, double lobe piercings, an industrial bar running through his right ear, with both his helix and orbital done. He’s got gold snake bites, double nostril piercings, and a bridge. Always making you shiver when you make out, because they brush against your lips. And the tongue piercing in his mouth always catches your clit when he eats you out.
Punk Izuku who spikes his hair. Dyes it black, red, purple, and blue way to often. Who paints his nails constantly and wears copious amounts of rings on his thick fingers. Big copper or silver ones, stacking them on his pointer and middle fingers, wearing pretty intricate ones on his pinky and thumb. The ones that always leave huge welts on your ass when he spanks you, that look so pretty when covered in your drool when he shoves those same fingers down your throat.
Who’s got thick cuffs with spikes on them, that match the sharp silvery collar he wears. And he gets you one too, it’s got a little circle so he can tug on it when he fucks you from behind. Who gets a leash for you because he thinks you look so pretty matching with his own collar. Snapping his hips into you, balls hitting your clit every time. And he yanks the leash, pulling your head back and making your back arch beautifully.
Punk Izuku who’s main staple is steel toed combat boots, with black jeans ripped at his thighs and knees. Studded belt hanging low on his hips, leaving his v-line exposed. Easy for him to unbuckle and shove you to your knees wherever you are, and slam his cock down your throat and watch you gag on it. His reverse Prince Albert cooling your inflamed throat.
Using his belt to keep your head on the base of his cock and choke, slobbering on his pubes and dripping down your chin. Throat fucking you till you press your hands onto his tummy, and then he’s asking demanding you to squeeze his balls, cumming down your bruised throat.
Wears mostly old band tees with a big leather jacket, that he mostly drapes over you because you get cold. And to protect your back when he drags you behind the alley and slams your back on it. Fucking you against the brick wall, so the harsh bricks don’t scrape your back - he’s so considerate isn’t he.
You squirt every time he fucks you, the cool steel on the tip of his dick always rubbing that gooey spot in your cunt. Spraying all over his abdomen and hips. And the hafada rubs against your lower lips. But don’t get Izuku wrong, nothing compares to him playing with your piercings. You and your little clit piercing, rolling it in his fingers or lapping it with his tongue.
When he feels sadistic he’ll bring out toys, presses a small vibrator to it and watches you scream for him. Puts a little jeweled butt plug that’s a little too big for you. Swirls his cock inside your sopping pussy, always hitting too far, too deep inside your walls. Shudders when you tell him you’re too full, and he just smiles and tells you to shut up. Makes you cream quicker in his opinion, swirling his hips when he bottoms out because it makes him harder when you spasm underneath him.
So he does it over and over till you sob and tell him no more. Who adores the little steel bars running through your nipples, sucks on ‘em and flicks them with his fingers. Pulls at ‘em till they’re achy and puffy, till you slap his hands away and he’s grabbing your wrists and brutally pounding into you - because how dare you push him away from what’s his. Punk Izuku who loves playing his music so loudly while you two have sex, so the neighbors next door won’t call the cops because you’re always screaming’ out his name.
Just punk Izuku <3
Tumblr media
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each-wave · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was tagged by lovliest @withouttheweightofbeingwhole for a selfie!! 🖤🖤🙏
Tumblr wrecked the quality? But I finally took my “staple” out n put some rings in!! 🤘enjoy the extreme close up provided. also ft the smashed acoustic 🌞
I taggggggggggh
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homesickfornowhere · a year ago
Tumblr media
I thought I looked nice here, but I’ll probably stare at this picture until I determine that is a lie.
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queer-trash · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
My hair is so soft y'all look at it!!!!
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homesickfornowhere · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is the first time in awhile that I’ve put on makeup and a cute outfit. I felt nice. 🖤
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