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#douglas ramsey

An Exploration In Fusing Bodies - a new mutants fic, 888 words

this is my first ever douglock thing, i worked on it back in march but FINALLY cleaned it up enough to post. hopefully i did a good job of getting their characters down. anyway the soulmerge is really interesting and i wanted to play with it. shoutout to mo ( @moreroads on tumblr) for getting me to care about these characters! this one goes out to you! hopefully i did your faves justice :D

“Look,” Doug says, “We have to do it one more time, for science.”

Warlock melts down onto his bed, two bright eyes peering up from a splash of circuitry on the duvet, “Selfsoulfriend, it is dangerous! Self explained! And selfriendchiefdanimirage said self cannot soulmerge with selfsoulfriend unless it is entirely necessary!”

Doug, of all people, knows best that some words carry very specific meanings, but he files away the term soulmerge for another bout of investigation.

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for our own personal shits and giggles: three sentence story, doujin, after "doing it" for the first time c;

You are an actual goddess, you know that, right?

“So…that was…wow.”

Doug tried to stifle the giggles, he really, really did, but he couldn’t quite manage it and the punch to the arm he received from Jin was completely worth it.

“Oh yeah, like you could describe it any better – would you stop laughing, I wasn’t that bad!”

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