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#dp phandom
foxyteah · 4 months ago
you know what we need more in dp fanart?
we need more feral danny
not just feral looking but feral behaving. just like going abso-freaking-lutely ballistic on someone for daring to hurt his friends and  fam. like he chill most of the time and spilling puns like water from a spill but u just kick his fam? u come into his home, bypass the puns and usual courtesy of not threatening the lives of his close ones and go full villain on him? boy this boy ain’t the same scared one who fought dan, he knows his strength now and he about to fuck u up
oh u stabbed him? u drove a fucking stake through him? u put an ecto-suppressing collar on him? u think that will stop him? my boy ‘bout to overload that thing and rip the stake put of his guts like the beast he is and come at u teeth first if all his limbs don’t work. hell he’ll MAKE a fifth limb just to beat u up
just let my feral ghost boy go off with every last bit off his sanity put aside in a neat box because NO ONE threatens his fam
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dykethevvitch · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
if you're not making your favourite character sad are they really your favourite character?
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spectral-detector · 6 months ago
I thought it would be interesting to ask but...
Has anyone in the DP fandom ever actually seen a ghost? I’d love to hear your ✨spooky paranormal stories✨
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ladylynse · a year ago
Me attempting to write the phandom OCs:
Wes pushed back. Laid out all his gathered evidence. He’d been watching Fenton every day, trying to figure out what was up with him. He didn’t quite have a conclusion yet, but he had something. Proof that Fenton wasn’t normal.
Kyle had undone all of that with a simple, “Dude, no one in school thinks the Fentons are normal.”
“C’mon. Their parents hunt ghosts. Ghosts aren’t even real.”
“They are!”
“Okay, I know you’ve bought into the mass delusion—”
“It’s not a mass delusion.”
Kyle shrugged. “Conspiracy, then.”
EDIT: It’s begun....
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strawberrylemonpie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
A quick drawing of Danny Fenton. The design of Dannycat man is cartooncaticatures ( All cerdit goes to them.
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mysterys-hack · 3 months ago
The dp phandom really just continually crosses the line between canon and fanon like obsessions?? ghost cores??? WES????
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pamelacharlotta37735125 · 4 months ago
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cartoongirl · 4 months ago
Is it just me or are the Danny Phantom Fans surprisingly okay with going through pages of scientific research just to come up with headcanons?
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foxyteah · 19 days ago
uhhhh so remember a few years back when we said this song goes with everything? well i found this hiding on my drive and i wish i can say i was on drugs when i made this
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sput-niik · 9 months ago
wanted to try make some relevant content, and its a "bit" late buut
Tumblr media
I'd been meaning to draw @dotsz human wulf for a real long time now, and just got to doing it this morning :'))
gonna try again with being fandom active!
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fureliselost · 4 months ago
Question for y'alls who read my PJO AU fics:
I was planning for the fifth installment to be 5k words at most. Except it's 5k already and it has at least half of that more to go.
So would Y'all rather a two-parter with the first half being 3.9k (which is probably around what the second half will be) or for it all to be one big boy?
(benefit of the two-parter is that you'd get the first part this week, benefit of the big boy is that it's a big boy)
(also, just for reference, this installment, two-parter or not, will be about their quest pre-underworld)
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dykethevvitch · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ask me about my opinions on danny phantom, i just finished season 1. i also have more doodles of the show part 1 of my danny phantom rewatch doodles here (x) (reblogs>likes)
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pink-chameleon13 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Random ghosts
Tumblr media
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ruthannecorinne12382261 · 4 months ago
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yelhsabanana · 3 months ago
Danny Phantom Magnets now available!!!!
Hey kids and clowns, my Danny Phantom fridge magnets are in stock and brand spanking new! Grab em while the grabbings good and lets get this show back on the road!
Danny will go ghost again, this Phandom won't let him die (no pun intended), remember when you buy from my store you support a small independent Canadian buisness!
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