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#dp phandom
ladylynse · 5 months ago
Me attempting to write the phandom OCs:
Wes pushed back. Laid out all his gathered evidence. He’d been watching Fenton every day, trying to figure out what was up with him. He didn’t quite have a conclusion yet, but he had something. Proof that Fenton wasn’t normal.
Kyle had undone all of that with a simple, “Dude, no one in school thinks the Fentons are normal.”
“C’mon. Their parents hunt ghosts. Ghosts aren’t even real.”
“They are!”
“Okay, I know you’ve bought into the mass delusion—”
“It’s not a mass delusion.”
Kyle shrugged. “Conspiracy, then.”
EDIT: It’s begun....
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ghosttrolls-au · 2 years ago
Also sorry guys I'm literally in the middle of an entirely different apocalypse involving partially dead characters so I'll have to skip the tide/wea/whatever else 'pocalypses this time around
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littlebadger · 4 years ago
I want a danny phantom snow white au where danny is “snow white” bc of the rich raven black hair, pale white skin, blue eyes that match the sky/ocean, and when he takes a bite out of that apple mmmmm boy. Vlad is the witch :))
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dpsg1 · 4 years ago
OKAY, PHANDOM, I guess we’re gonna vote on the Paulina/Tucker ship name?  I don’t feel like I’m the most qualified person to be in charge of this, but I brought it up and I’ve seen the responses, so I guess it’s happening.  
LET THE VOTING COMMENCE.  Here are your options:
High-Grade Tech (suggested by puppetmaster55)
High Tech (suggested by safyresky)
iPhone Upgrade (suggested by dannyphantomrenaissance)
Hand Maiden (suggested by flowercrownsandfandomtees)
All of these make sense to me, but I don’t particularly ship it.  I just feel it’s time the ship has a name.  SO VOTE!!  And then someone more official than me can add it to whatever the official list is.  
What should be Paulina/Tucker’s ship name?
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phantassel · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
I think he found a fruitloop in his cheerios this morning.
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phantassel · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
danny don’t..sleep while standing..??
dammit someone get this kid into a bed.
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weredinosoarin · 6 years ago
If there is anything anyone should remember, it should be the Danny Phantom theme song
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huntressvaleriegray · 6 years ago
// You know, it's funny. I never really saw the point in hating on ships. Everyone has their own preferences, and their own dislikes. Me, personally? I do have a few NoTP's that do very much tend to irritate me when I see stuff for them.
You know what I do about it?
I block it. I have the ship names for those ships blacklisted, so I don't have to see it. It's a win win. I don't have to see it. No one else has to read me complaining about my dislike for the ship. 
Well, unless they specifically ask my why I dislike the ship, but even then, I don't tag it under the ship name in that case. 
So why is it that people have such a hard time doing the same? If you want to hate on a ship? At least have the decency to not tag it where the people who do like the ship are going to see it and get riled up and tee'd off about it. Because all that does is make people angry and defensive, and we really don't need that.
So please, everyone who cares to even read this. Please let things be. Let people ship what they're going to ship. Do things on your own end so you're limited to the exposure of things you dislike, and if someone posts something from that NoTP? then you can politely ask them to tag it in the future so you can block it.
Hate begets hate. And the last thing the Phandom needs is a hatefest. So let's not?
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newfixin · 8 hours ago
Danny while helping a little girl that lost her mom in the mall: I am the youngest child so I Do Not know how to deal with crying so please stop
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If anyone asks me about Skulker and Walker’s dynamic I’m just gonna refer to this with no context.
Tumblr media
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kawaiijohn · a day ago
Danny: heir of time
Sam: rogue of space
Tuck: page of heart
Jazz: sylph of hope
Val: knight of life
Dani: witch of breath
I do not take criticism but I will answer questions thank u.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just when you thought your boss couldn’t be more of squawker at work...
In other words, what would happen if Walker got turned into an animal, which my money is always on a barn owl. So, I decided to spend my entire damn day to draw this idea before I forgot. Also, Bullet and his pet eel are like 85% done and just want to find the ghost responsible for changing their boss into this screechy bird in the first place.
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dani-halfa5 · 4 days ago
I keep thinking about how 90% of the issues that the phandom finds in Danny Phantom can be reduced to the lack of proper continuity and story arcs in the series.
Secondary characters not getting development? Lack of continuity and status quo is gold rule.
Not enough foreshadowing and build up to important events? Lack of continuity and story arcs.
Concepts not being explored enough? Lack of continuity and story arcs.
If the series have had better continuity many of these issues would have been solved easily.
That's not to say that this would make the series perfect but with it would be an improvement.
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dani-halfa5 · 4 days ago
Does anyone else likes when artists in the phandom redesign Danny's ghost form to make him look more ghost like?
Like Danny having pointy ears, blue skin or fangs.
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the-random-phan · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
My zine arrived in the mail! It's even cooler than I expected! I'm having a lot of fun trying to identify art styles XD
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letswonderspirit · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warmup doodles!
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