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#dp wulf
dp-ghostzone · 9 days ago
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I have a big regret to change my style
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sput-niik · 2 months ago
wanted to try make some relevant content, and its a "bit" late buut
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I'd been meaning to draw @dotsz human wulf for a real long time now, and just got to doing it this morning :'))
gonna try again with being fandom active!
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dailudannos · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Background? Never heard of her
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Ghost Analysis Time!
Been forever since I posted these but hopefully not the last! Here’s my analysis on the lovably wolf man, Wulf!
Tumblr media
Possible Backstory/Death
Before his death, Wulf was known as Alejandro Guadalupe Rivera; “Lupe” by friends and family. He was the oldest of a family of five who owned a bakery together in a small town in Texas. But, with his brothers they would also be known as “coyotes”, people who smuggled others across the border for a fee. They were careful as they were efficient in doing this dangerous work, particularly in who to trust and who to believe. Yet, they still felt that what they did for these people was helping make a great difference in their lives, Lupe especially. He was the one to lead these people to a new land of freedom even if it would cost him his own. Having as many risks as it did, Lupe never could have imagined that death would be the one to claim him in the end. 
I believe Wulf may have died around the late 1980s to early 1990s. His hoodie and sweatpants being my best clue to this theory as these clothing items spiked in popularity around this time period due to the emergence of hip hop culture and Norma Kamali’s Sweatshirt Collection; both which made it a huge fashion trend at the time. So, the likelihood of there being a green hoodie and matching sweatpants available to purchase is higher than in any other time period prior. It also means he was working/died during the fall or winter time since anywhere near the U.S-Mexico border is averaged to hit between 30°F to 50°F at night.  
Tumblr media
Aside from attire, Wulf is considered a werewolf or anthropomorphic wolf in the show. Though, for some reason he reminds me of a combination of a wolf and a coyote based on his features compared to another ghost wolf in the show. While I may be looking at just a small detail here, it should be noted that Wulf has long pointed ears similar to a coyote which compared to the ghost wolf, who has short/rounded ears, shows that this is not a common feature for wolf ghosts to have along with his sabertooth like teeth. I feel like that due to his previous profession and his nickname “Lupe” meaning “Wolf” in Spanish were the two main factors caused his ghostly form to change into what it is now in the show. He is an animal hybrid ghost after all; I can imagine various factors/memories of the individual’s past play a factor towards their identity as a ghost once their form begins to change as a result of their obsession taking over after a certain period of time.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other than his animalistic features, the scar on his snout region was courtesy of Bullet, Walker’s second in command. If you’ve read my previous ghost analyses, you’ll know that Bullet and Wulf have a history/hatred against one another prior to Bullet joining the GZPD. While that scar remains a reminder of their first encounter, Wulf isn’t bothered by it much unlike Bullet who lost his eye/depth perception from that scuffle.
Obviously, Wulf’s obsession is relative to freedom as each episode he’s in was always about evading Walker and the GZPD. Yet, he has selflessly helped friends who he barely met for a day be freed despite the risks it has on his own freedom. It can be said that helping those he deems as friends worthy of his loyalty is also another part of his obsession based on his own actions/morality that he remembers from his past life. To me, I think the kindness and friendship that the Phantom trio showed Wulf had reminded him of his past life and family. In “Public Enemies” we see him going through the gang’s photo album, looking pretty somber while doing so. Possibly, further indicating his regret for leaving his family so early in his life along with being unable to see them again.
Tumblr media
That sort of closeness and love is likely what he misses the most once he died. But, luckily for him, now he has three new friends that are there for him when he needs them the most and vice versa.
Additional Hcs
If I had to consider the human appearance of Wulf, I see him looking like Agustín Bernal specifically in the movie “Instructions Not Included”/“No se aceptan devoluciones” (Ironically, watching this movie helped me figure out Wulf’s story for this analysis)
I’m 85% sure the reason Walker pursued Wulf was probably due to his ability to jump between worlds and how he may have helped others cross these realms, both intentionally and unintentionally. Walker being Walker and not wanting this to occur in his prison when they were already trying to recapture all the previous inmates lead to him giving the shock collar on Wulf. Though, I’m unsure if this was Walker’s idea or Bullet’s to begin with here. 
Apparently, the Esperanto that Wulf speaks is considered grammatically incorrect based on the word choice is basically the english equivalent substitute for his words. While this may be a simple error, it could also add on more to his backstory and unique speech pattern. If we say that Wulf was Mexican-American, then maybe as a result of dying/changing over the years his speech became a mix of his two languages into this odd form of Esperanto. Since this language is composed of five different languages including Spanish and English, I can imagine that if English was his first language and Spanish second then he would lean more to the english substitutes creating such an odd speech pattern. Even at the end of Public Enemies, he speaks a complete sentence in english to Danny, “Friend! We'll meet again!”, before he is sucked into the ghost zone with Walker. Another idea is maybe this form of esperanto was the one he and his brothers used when it came to talking about business matters in secret when they would smuggle folks over the border in the past. Course, its up to you guys on what you consider makes more sense here. 
Ghost analyses Masterpost (Link)
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Weird, crack ship idea but Wulf x Desiree? Both being based off mythological/folktale beings, have a desire to remain free to decide their own destiny. Also Wulf isn’t a man technically, a wolf man sure, but he could still have a chance. He’s a lovable fella who would definerly treat Desiree right in my opinion. Help her feel loved again and this time for real with no one to banish her away or whatever.
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dailudannos · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay Day 5: Moon
Something very quick with Wulf!
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spinwrites · 11 months ago
Danny Phantom drabble.
The lunar cycle lived on in the human world, thus it could not exist in the realm of the dead. In his cell – built for the smaller, average ghost and was thus just wide enough for him to lay down – time was defined by the wait in between Walker’s calls for his pet dog.
My pet dog. Privileged prisoner. Prized beast. The warden liked these words, liked to roll them with his tongue, and watch for minute changes in the wolf's expression.
Wulf regretted reacting so freely to them early in his term. While he no longer growled and swore, he had already given away the fact that such reactions were possible; it enticed Walker to intersperse those names in between his demands to track down a prisoner or open a portal. They made Wulf’s fur stand on edge, the muscles in his throat tense, the collar like a leash tightening around his neck.
But no matter how much he despised the warden, the man invaded his mind. His visits bespoke of pain – but only if you act out of hand, pet – and the regret of acting on his orders – another wayward soul that needs to be taught how things work around here, but they’ll learn as you have, won’t they? – but how long had he been here? Wulf had forgotten how many years his prison term was supposed to last and he did not possess the language to ask.
Time ran together without the guidance of the moon, until his existence could only be stitched together by his memories of words in his ear.
Written: 4 May 2020 | DannyMay 2020 Day 5, Moon
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Little Update!
Hiya folks, hope everyone had enjoyed the holidays. The next analysis is on our favorite doggo Wulf! I’ll will have it done and posted by the end of February or sooner depending if class work/homework doesn’t weight me down too much. I’m really excited to share what I’ll have for him once it’s completed along with other posts on hcs/stuff regarding other characters. Overall, I’m planning on being productive next month and I can’t wait to show you guys what I have.
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kawaiijohn · 20 days ago
Do you have any head cannons for wulf💖 also wulf is a good boy
WULF, i love my werewolf bf (half joking, but also i ADORE him)
idk sexuality but he’s not straight lol
he doesn’t let people touch his claws, but dreams of getting a mani/pedi
he finds himself drawn to squeaky chew toys
he finds that previous fact embarassing
he actually LOVES cooking, but burns EVERYTHING
what he doesn’t burn is downright inedible
he still eats it, and thinks it’s good
i think he’s probably aro/gay?
he LOVES danny as his brother/kid figure
like he would protect that kid SO HARD
him and tuck honestly
he actually visits tuck once he’s out of jail
he does NOT like most electrical stuff bc of that fuckin collar
what kinda fucked up shit was THAT
i personally have a headcanon that monsters OTHER than ghosts DO exist in the DP verse
and when they die they’re more likely to end up as ghosts
hence yetis/the far frozen too tbh
alternatively, he’s possessing his fursuit, like skulker does
colorblind, probably!
his favorite smell is cut grass
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dani-halfa5 · 24 days ago
Something more about Danielle.. i don't think it is really a good idea to let her roam free without any adult to guide her?
She can take care of herself but she still is like.. twelve? She should at least have someone to teach her how not to get into trouble, be responsible and basic stuff about how the world works.
They could have implied she was staying with some of Danny's allies like Pandora, Frostbite or Wulf to ensure the audience she was doing well.
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