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#dr alex blake
geeky-son-dr-reid8 days ago
Wait! Is Jeanne Tripplehorn (the one who played Alex Blake)
Really in The movie the Firm?!?!
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spoonielivingfree13 days ago
I don't know why I'm getting Blossi vibes from S&M (the song) but I am.
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drreidsboyband14 days ago
Top 5 of your favorites characters (other than emblematic 7)
babe,,i鈥檓 not gonna lie to you. i have absolutely no clue what in the fuck emblematic means. so i鈥檓 just going to assume you meant hotch, rossi, derek, spencer, jj, emily, and penelope as the 7.
in that case my top five are:
1) elle- ik reid鈥檚 the smart one but she added a sort of wit and sarcastic charm to the show. she was never afraid to stand up for herself even in front of literal serial killers. she was always nice to spencer when no one else was. and she was cut off WAY too soon.
2) tara- she鈥檚 smart af, kind hearted, adds the same kind of witty tone elle did, not to mention she is 馃サ. also not only a bad ass woman, but a woman of color 10/10
3) alex- she had a nicely developed backstory and it鈥檚 a little disappointing we didn鈥檛 see more of it. again, she was super smart, an excellent profiler and an almost motherly figure to reid and we all know he needs that.
4) luke- my favorite little himbo. again, he had a nice backstory. he鈥檚 still excellent as his job even though he鈥檚 kind of an airhead. he talks about his dog like a human. and even though penelope was so stand off-ish, he never stopped being her friend bc he knew she just missed morgan.
5) kate- i think her character gets so much more hate than she deserves. her storyline was cute w/ her niece and how she decided to have her own kid and everything. overall, she was a fairly entertaining filler character. (also jennifer love hewitt is ridiculously sexy)
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spoonielivingfree25 days ago
Excuse me whilst I cry over Blake leaving because I'm apparently still not over it even though it's been many years and I just watched Demons and I am sobbing.
And the way Aaron looks over to her when she texts him to say she's resigning. And the fact that Spence knew before he found the badge. He knew she was going.
I am sobbing.
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spoonielivingfree26 days ago
Blake looks so good in an FBI jacket.
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spoonielivingfreea month ago
I feel like Alex Blake wears a lot of Burgundy. Honestly just one of the reasons I love her.
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spoonielivingfreea month ago
Blake and Reid have such a special relationship and I love it so much.
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geeky-son-dr-reida month ago
Penelope Grace Garcia
Elle Greenway
Emily Prentiss
Lauren Reynolds
Jennifer Jareau
Ashley Seaver
Jordan Todd
Dr Alex Blake
Kate Callahan
The beautiful ladies of the BAU that I've got to so far
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lazy-line-painter-janea month ago
hi, this is my first fic! It鈥檚 just a short oneshot featuring alex blake.
(tw for mentions of murder and child abuse)
Tumblr media
You dragged your feet slowly down the aisle of the jet, staring at the floor.
It had been a rough case. You鈥檇 messed up, followed the wrong lead. If only you鈥檇 figured out that it was his uncle just an hour earlier, if only you鈥檇 seen the connections. Of course it seemed so obvious now, in hindsight.
Cases involving kids always hit you the hardest. But you knew that this case in particular would be one of the ones that stuck with you, one that played over and over in your mind as you lay awake, even years later. You couldn鈥檛 save everyone, of course, you knew that. Still, those sharp pangs of guilt plagued you.
You slumped into the nearest seat, letting your head droop into your hands with a deep sigh. If only you鈥檇 been faster, sharper, better, maybe that boy would be alive now.
鈥楬ey, Y/N鈥
You鈥檇 been so preoccupied that you hadn鈥檛 even noticed Alex slide into the seat next to you. You raised your head, seeing her brow furrowed and concern in her kind eyes.
鈥楬i,鈥 you murmured.
鈥業t wasn鈥檛 your fault. There鈥檚 nothing you could have done,鈥 she said softly, squeezing your hand.
鈥業- I know, you鈥檙e right, you鈥檙e right. I just can鈥檛 stop thinking about how things could have been different,鈥 you sighed.
And, deep down, you knew that she was right. Realistically, you couldn鈥檛 have done anything.
You yawned, eyelids fluttering.
鈥榊ou should get some sleep, Y/N,鈥 she whispered. 鈥榊ou look exhausted.鈥
鈥楴o, no, I鈥檓 fine,鈥 you said, knowing that it was a lie.
Wordlessly, Alex slid her arm around you and pulled you close to her.
鈥楽leep, Y/N. It鈥檚 okay.鈥
You rested your head on her shoulder, her soft hair dangling down and brushing against your cheek. Feeling safe for the first time all day, you closed your eyes, slowly drifting off as you listened to the whirring of the jets and felt Alex gently rubbing slow circles on your back.
Everything was going to be alright.
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geeky-son-dr-reida month ago
Okay I'm chilling out I have my ravioli a Pop-Tart one of those little packages of fruit snacks and orange juice.
It's 3:16 p.m. and it's the first thing I had to eat today I just got done watching Criminal Minds season 9 episode 23 angels and just coming down enough to start episode 24 demons.
I am not ready but I have some people telling me I need to watch it because Penelope does something that's really badass so yeah um here I go and do not judge me yes I was crying over Spencer getting shot....馃ズ馃檭
Wait you know something that's kind of cool Spencer actually saved Alex twice and season 9 I almost forgot about where he came out from behind the bookcase and shot that guy.
Tumblr media
She was like going through the guy's computer and didn't know that the unsub snuck up behind her and was about ready to kill her.
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marshmallowsparksa month ago
Not even gunna lie when I say this is one of my favourite edits i have made so far. I'm completely and utterly in love with Jeanne Tripplehorn aka Dr Alex Blake
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enduringalexblakea month ago
I am new to fic writing and creating headcannons and that kind of thing. This is kinda my first attempt at any of that. I made this because I've been having a tough time with school and this brings me some comfort. (Scenes from
Imagine: Alex is your professor and Spencer is your friend
(Idk why I picked clips of Spencer as a prof. I just liked them and it fit the theme of the video but I was thinking of him as your friend.)
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geeky-son-dr-reida month ago
Tumblr media
I just started season eight and oh my God that first episode was amazing.
Dude I never fell in love with a newbie so fast
I love how Penelelope seemed like she was jealous but really it was because she wasn't dealing with change.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But, then they started over
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But that ending creeped the fuck out why were those pictures taken
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