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#dr andre lee
nfxtuated · 4 days ago
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I made another one for the tik tok gang yaaaay ✨ I was scrolling through my likes on tik tok and when I saw this I couldn’t help but think it was perfect for Andre bc of the STD part HAHAHAHA help I’m having too much fun w these
Next one will be Gigi 👀 I have something special for her and another meme idea of Gigi with A.T. - while I work on those tho I’ll also work on oc/sona interactions with A.T. I’ve been wanting to work on this week sjdjekrne
Also can I just say I’m way more happy w how this one turned out 💕 it’s the second one I’ve made but I’m more comfy w the tools that I used on this one than in the first one, so the quality of the rest of these series will be the same as this or might improve and I’m excited
Anyway this is the tik tok I used for this post
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 19 days ago
Andre might have an “almost” similar childhood than Reagan
In the sense of being a genius (for someone who flunked out of med school 1st year and photoshopped his doctorate, he was able to create lots of diseases and cures, preformed complicated operations etc etc) with parents expecting him to do even more
But I feel like, unlike Reagan, he, at one point, cracked under the constant pressure
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insideh4ndj0b · 10 days ago
andre footjob as promised. contains feet (obv), established andrexreader, gn reader, consensual somno, no penetration
You're sharing the bed with Andre, your absolute perv of a boyfriend. You're fast asleep and, while you gave him consent to "do whatever" while you were sleeping quite some time ago, he's never taken you up on that offer. You're starting to wonder if he's forgotten. Your wondering ceases when you're woken up one night.
You're asleep, laying on your side with your feet poking out of the covers when you wake up. You're awoken by the soft sound of fabric shuffling and, squinting, you realize that Andre's no longer in the bed with you.
Then you feel something press against your foot.
Now that wasn't something you were expecting, exactly, but you can work with it.
You stay still for a little while, wanting him to think you were still asleep. Your eyes adjust to the dark and at the foot of the bed you spot your boyfriend, cock pulled out of his pajama pants and pressed against the soft sole of your upturned foot.
Andre's got a hand firmly pressed to his mouth to smother any sounds he might make. This was a secret he was keeping from you, he doesn't quite want you to know. But it was just something he was too drawn by, he couldn't put off at least trying it any longer.
He starts to roll his hips, choking down groans. His other hand is lightly rubbing your other foot, over your heel, the sole, and the ball of your food, committing it to memory.
Andre swears under his breath and he keeps rutting. He's usually out of timing with his thrusts but this is a level higher than you've seen before. The motions of his hips are completely rhythm-less and jagged. Desperate.
"Andre~" You hum, pressing your foot further into his hand. He immediately gasps and freezes, looking at you with wide eyes as you smile softly at where he is at the foot of the bed.
"I'm uh, actually I'm sleep walking. I'm not actually awake. Uh. Good- good night!" He starts moving back to his side of the bed to try and lay down next to you, but you stop him with a foot to his chest.
"Nuh-uh." You keep him right where he is. "You have to show me what you were doing."
His hands squeeze into fists a few times before he moves back to where he was. His erection hasn't flagged in the slightest, and he's grateful that the room is dark enough that it hides his bright red face. With unsteady, trembling fingers, he caresses your foot and repositions it. Wanting to help, you keep your foot wherever he puts it.
Andre swallows hard before he takes his dick in one hand and pushes it against the sole of your foot once more, softly rocking.
"Ah, it kind of tickles," You giggle and, surprisingly, he moans at that. "You want me to help?"
"You- heh- you already are," He groans, "Fuck, you're so soft here." He whimpers.
"Let me try, let me try," You flip over onto your back and prop yourself up on your elbows. Carefully, making sure not to put too much pressure, you sandwich his dick between your two feet. He gasps and doubles over, hands holding onto your legs as he starts to fuck into the space that you've made for him.
"Fuck, babe, fuck, thank you, thank you," He grunts out, murmuring with every uneven thrust.
"Yeah? You like this?" You purr. Andre whimpers, unable to stop himself from moving. "You gonna make a sticky mess all over my feet? I want you to. I wanna see what your cum looks like dripping from my feet."
He's speeding towards his climax, and he doesn't think that he could stop even if he wanted to. He's so desperate for this, he's wanted this for so long, he's so, so close.
Then you say something that puts the final nail in the coffin.
"Maybe you could lick it off afterwards."
He cries out, pressing his forehead to your legs and squeezing his eyes shut as his orgasm hits him like a freight train. He's spilling cum between the soles of your feet, cock throbbing and twitching with each heavy pump. White stickiness drips down, trailing down his length and dripping onto the bed.
"So messy," You tease as he pants, pulling is dick out from between your feet. Calmly, you extend one foot out to his face, "Now, I think you know what comes next."
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drpinkcrocs · 4 days ago
“.... explosive cloaca disease and oh yeah mushroom herpes”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: im very gay for him im new to inside job tumblr since i just finished it like 2 days ago and im obsessed with him and the show 
note note: id love to have inside job friends :]
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nfxtuated · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I'm gonna start a series/tag called tik tok gang or something of the sort bc I've got so many fucking ideas for A.T. and the gang FJDSKJLFS
I sketched this up hELLA quickly as a break from work and some specific pieces that I plan on posting
I had so much fun jkdlfajkl and omfg there is so much content on tik tok that I wanna use for the gang and A.T. (also other people's OCs ehehhefjkadl) I'm extremely excited
anyway, this is the tik tok I based this from uvu
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insidemalewife · 13 days ago
(drug use and implied sex)
(how the two of you got together/met, and sometime soon i'll do one where you meet the gang and find out what andre does for a living >:3)
i love this
you just seemed so average. but considering the kind of stuff andre does, how do you think y'all met 🤨🤨
what if one night andre got high out of his mind, but o no!! coincidentally there is absolutely no snacks at his house oopsies (fucker probably already ate it all but forgot). so!! he's gotta waddle his way to the grocery store :)
he absolutely loads DOWN with a shit ton of snacks, might as well buy the whole store at that rate.
you just so happen to work as a cashier at said grocery store!! so when high andre sees a hot person ringing up his items, he's just bound to hit on them 🙄🙄 he makes you laugh and blush with his "expert" flirting skills, and ends up just asking you if you wanna get high with him (obviously).
to his surprise, you said yes!! seeing as he was practically the only person left in the store since it was closing time, you basically just said fuck it and went home with a charming stranger.
the car ride was actually pretty nice, considering he was tripping balls. he had no shame when it came to singing loudly to whatever he had playing on the radio.
once you get to his house, you were surprised to find it decently clean, save for a few bongs, pills, empty snack/pop containers, etc. basically what you'd expect to see at his place.
the two of you settled on the couch and he didn't expect you to rip a FAT hit from the bong. after you got,,,,decently high you both let everything loose.
andre played loud music, switched on some funny little LED lights and you guys had an absolute blast. you were both in the middle of watching some random nature documentary (that frankly was quite interesting...) when andre casually asked if you wanted to yknow,,, make out,,,,
of course you said yes this dudes hot and the weed helped shake off the nerves (plz this is all consensually, even tho both parties are high they know what they're doing 😤). one thing led to another and you both ended up in his bed and >:))
the morning after, you woke up with your limbs tangled with his. once you were both fully fully awake, he asked to take you out for breakfast!!
the two of you hit it off and started seeing each other more and more, and that's how it led to you asking him out cuz he was too much of a pussy to do it <3
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cinnamonmoth-t · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Wake up everyone its self insert time
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drpinkcrocs · 4 days ago
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