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#dr seuss

yeah look it up. cheated on his wife that was dying of cancer and when she killed herself cause of finding out he married the lady he was cheating with a year later

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oh hey ididt know dr seuss had a grandkid who wrote porn

i mean seuss was freak so would it be that surprising? dude cheated on his wife while she was partially paralyzed for years and ended up killing herself cause of the affair. plus Dr seuss did stuff for the army that had alot fo sexual stuff and racism in it. so i wouldnt be shocked

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so the other day when tidying my flat i found this book my dad gave me when i was first admitted to psych in 2011.

i cried, the last bit got me .. “i hope and pray that one day we’ll be able to look back on all this together and say, that was a tough one but here we are..

well folks, 9 years on i can finally say that was a tough one, but here we are.

things get better, i promise.

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It’s strange, in the hard times, that’s when I wish I were a mom the most. I have so much to say to little people, especially when things are scary.

I always think about what I wish someone would say to me.

Avoiding the scary stuff has never been a good idea to me. It’s a part of life. I am not a mom, but I know that if I was, I would try and find a gentle way to talk about the big things. I think honesty is always the right choice. In times like this, people like Mister Rogers, and Dr. Seuss come to mind. 

Right now, it’s important to address reality but to also show gratitude for how normal life has actually been in a sense lately.

Families are together. Dogs and cats are very happy to have their people home. Children are playing outside more than ever. I for one have spent less money, cooked more than ever…I’ve even made it halfway through a very large word search book. We probably won’t ever get this pause back again.

I know so many people are worried about money and their jobs, and I can’t say that I understand because I haven’t had to experience that. I know there are countless healthcare providers sacrificing their health, sleep, and time with family to be real-life superheroes to so many sick patients…there are some people who haven’t gotten to pause, but for those of us who are able to, you are not only getting precious time, you are in a small way making a big difference by being at home right now.

I asked God last year to slow time down and to let us all be more present. His ways are mysterious but he always has a reply. I have had so many thoughts, at times they seem to be going in opposite directions, but I have been moved and felt more these past couple of weeks than I have in a very long time. I’ve had a strange peace and trust wipe over me. Not to say I haven’t had moments of anxiety, and certainly, loneliness as I am self-isolating with just myself…but I am grateful above all else.

I just wanted to share these words with you, and even if you don’t have little ones, I hope it speaks to the little one who is still inside of you who needs to hear it will be okay.

“The buildings were big and people would smile

And travel they would mile by mile.

But sick they become, in numbers it grew

Businesses worried, communities too.

Things stopped for a bit, the world slowed its roll

The virus has certainly taken its toll.

But what they then saw from slowing things down,

Is in fact they now had less reasons to frown.

Families now gathered, what game shall we play?

Pass me the blue crayon, give Mommy the grey.

Dad’s home guys! He’ll read us a book

then all of us together will cook.

The lungs of the planet caught a small break

less travel meant less pollution to make.

People did realize they’d all be OK

They don’t need so much to get through the day.

Maybe this virus that caused so much stress

Showed the whole world that more can mean less.”

Written by XXXXXX
Inspired by Dr. Seuss

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I wanna talk about the cat in the hat and other Dr Seuss characters but I have no one to talk too :(

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Dear folks who have started Animal Crossing New Horizons,

I have never played Animal Crossing before and have already created cursed content… The quarantine has broken me and I wish I was sorry

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