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#dr. bunn
nubsibs · a month ago
Tan : what's your biggest fear?
Bunn : I threw a boomerang a year ago, and it never came back so I live in constant fear
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negrowhat · 10 months ago
Dr. Bun(n) really only has two consistent thoughts about Teacher Tan.
Thought #1: OMG HE’S A KILLER!
Thought #2: OMG HE’S SO HOTT!
And they just continuously circulate through his head like a fucking tornado.
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gaarutoship · 9 months ago
Manner of death and the characters will always have a special place in my heart that nothing else can fill. The series was such a good one and had everything that you could think of. The actors also did a fantastic job during the whole series. I’m going to miss Maxtul so much and maybe one day we might get another series with them in it, even if it’s just an episode or a minute of one. I love manner of death and I love the whole cast with all my heart.
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violetsannie · 10 months ago
Tutor Tan looks at Dr.Bun(n) like he wants to eat him like a main dish and these locals have the AUDACITY to think he’s straight?! 
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celestialgeargarden · 11 months ago
Manner of Death But Everyone Flirts With Inspector M
Dr. Bun: *refuses to give Inspector M the autopsy report for the hundredth time*
Inspector M: You know, don’t you? You know what policemen like us can do.
Dr. Bun: Oh, okay. Get mad about it Inspector.
Inspector M: *ignores Dr. Bun* I will come again the day after tomorrow. I hope your report will be ready by then.
Dr. Bun: And if it’s not, what are you gonna do? Handcuff me?
Inspector M: *Leaves*
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gaarutoship · 9 months ago
Honestly, the proposal was pretty romantic if you look past all the fact that Tan had to make Bunn have at least one more traumatic experience for a second.
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violetsannie · 9 months ago
Dr. Bunn needs to stop playing hard to get like he didn’t get weak at the knees when he thought his husband died. 
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spicyvampire · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baby (Derogatory)
Manner of Death
+ Bonus : For context
Tumblr media
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koryuoftheriverflow · 9 months ago
The fact that Tan and Bunn didn’t hear Jane go off at the party because they were too busy flirting, like... they could have solved it ages ago if only they weren’t being gay disasters, I... sjhdjakdhsjakdsa
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