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Winter’s Memory

The wind’s bitter kiss had brushed blush across her cheeks and the moon painted pale pupils in the shine of her eyes. Each breath spiraled out and away, a ribbon of something that was once hers given to the stars and the nothingness of the night. The snow echoed a sharp protest against every step and conspired with itself to drift reckless into the scars she left on its surface. There would be no trace of her journey by morning. The winter has its own way of forgetting, it buries what memories it can and leaves the rest to freeze.

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Tenten smiled as she led Tsunade into the massage room, eager to give the hokage her massage and already excited seeing Tsunade in just the white robe. “I’m surprised that you haven’t asked me for this sooner. You must be really busy. Go ahead and derobe and hop on the table.” Tenten urged, still grinning as she moved over to the table with her oils and started lighting candles to set the mood. The younger kunoichi also snuck glances of Tsunade’s naked body as she dropped the robe and climbed up onto the table; even though she would be seeing a lot of it in the coming massage, Tenten couldn’t help herself around Tsunade.

With only the candles providing light, Tenten places a towel over Tsunade’s bare ass for now, placing a bowl of massage oils on the table between her legs. Tenten slowly applied the oils to Tsunade’s back, gently rubbing it in to help soften her up for when the massaging began. “Oof! So many knots in your back! Just a downside of having those incredible breasts of yours.” She commented as she worked out the areas of stress in Tsunade’s back, popping her back in the appropriate places. Tenten took some pride in hearing Tsunade moan and gasp just from working her back. Once Tsunade was limp and only mewling as Tenten worked her back and shoulders, she moved on down to Tsunade’s thighs, rubbing in fresh oils for a time before starting to dip down and tease Tsunade’s folds.

“Ready for the fun part?” Tenten whispered eagerly, removing the towel once Tsunade nodded. Tenten bit her lip as she started groping Tsunade’s ass with the oils, still dipping down to stroke her pussy. It wasn’t long before Tenten had two fingers working in and out of Tsunade’s pussy, drawing out low moans from the hokage as she worked at a steady pace. Tenten muffled her own moan as she watched Tsunade’s knees tremble and felt her pussy squeeze around her fingers from once Tsunade actually came. Tenten couldn’t help but clench her knees together to contain her arousal from the collection of sights of sounds of her crush and lover climaxing. 

“O-okay. G-go ahead and flip over for me when you’re ready.” Tenten shakily urged, moving the oil bowl so that Tsunade could turn over. While Tsunade changed positions, Tenten also dropped her shorts and examined her own wet pussy, an idea forming in her mind. “And, um, skoot up so that your head is hanging down, please.” She requested, moving up to the head of the table sans any pants. She was happy when Tsunade indulged had and hung her head upside down over the edge, straddling the hokage’s face as she set the oils down again.

“Oh~! Goodness, Lady Tsunade~!” She mewled as Tsunade started licking her wet folds, trying her best to squeeze and massage Tsunade’s massive breasts and cover them in the stimulating oils. Her language became much more colorful as Tsunade continued to eat her out, getting to grope her breasts only helping to bring out her climax that much sooner. Tenten let out a squeal once her orgasm hit her, thighs quivering around Tsunade’s head with the older woman’s tits in her hands.

All pretenses of this being a massage were over, so Tenten helped Tsunade up onto her elbows, the bowl of oils falling forgotten onto the floor as Tenten stated kissing Tsunade and reaching her left hand down to slip fingers back into Tsunade’s pussy. Tenten was hungry now, the steady pace replaced by frantic fingering and ravenous kissing. She tried her best to keep kissing as Tsunade gasped from the second orgasm, finally pulling away when Tsunade pulled her hand out of her.

“Sorry. I kind of got carried away.” She apologized, stepping back and correcting herself. “Well, I think that that’s it for our massage session. Would you like to join me in my room for…” She started to ask, finding it fun to pretend they weren’t fucking so brazenly, but she was too horny to come up with something. “Come on! I want to use my toys now!” She urged, taking Tsunade be the hand and starting to lead her towards the kunoichi’s room.

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19. Breathe

“Just breathe!”

He couldn’t. He couldn’t, he couldn’t, he couldn’t -

“Yes, you can!”

His lungs burned, he felt like he was drowning, he was drowning - could feel the wet cloth over his face, the frigid water pouring over his mouth and nose, the burn in his lungs as he inhaled more water than oxygen and the reflexive seize of muscle as he tried to cough but only inhaled more.

There’s no water. Only air, Thomas.”

Only air.

He sucked in a greedy breath, which sounded high pitched and wheezy.

“Only air, Thomas.”

Only air, he repeated. Only air.

Just breathe.

*side note, I am ridiculously happy I managed this in exactly a hundred words. 
Thanks for playing! 

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I did say whump prompts, and hello Tink! This prompt looks super cute so here you go!
from these hurt/comfort prompts
also for added emotions, listen to this song while reading this.

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In the 4 years you’ve known Tobio, you’ve picked up a thing or two. Like the fact that he is lactose intolerant but still enjoys milk, and that he had been hyper-fixated with volleyball ever since his grandpa introduced him to it, and especially that he had no sense of how to gently tell people things.  When you began dating you half expected him to be a softer, kinder person to you. Sure, while he did do his best to be as sweet as possible, his old habits always got the best of him. Sometimes small hangouts ended in screaming matches when he would insult you without thinking. You loved him of course, he was your everything; but that didn’t make his words hurt any less.

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Having light forcefully removed from your heart was a top contender for the least pleasant thing Sora had ever experienced. With nothing but a grandiose swing of the χ-Blade by Master Xehanort, the light inside Sora was torn out and split into sparkling fragments that floated about their chosen arena.

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everyone loves armin, he’s perfect! just the right amount of handsome and humble. he’s kind; always complimenting others and helping strangers carry groceries. a certified genius. the brains of the survey corps leading them to victory day in and day out. he’s also shy and nervous which everyone loves. he’s approachable to everyone. the perfect man. until he closes the door of his office and holds your mouth opening spitting in it to remind you who you belong to. perfect commander armin arlert doesn’t really care about being society’s golden boy anymore when he fucks you hard and deep on top of his table. reminding you this is who he truly is, and you’re all his.

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yes of course omg omg omg
I don’t remember which prompt list this is from so I’m going to link them all
hurt/comfort prompts
caring prompts
exhausted prompts

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there’s something about armin, like he would tell you “god do you ever shut the fuck up?” to your face with the most irritated eyes ever. but something changes as soon as he sees your face pull back a bit and look offended and he instantly feels horrible for it, maybe he shouldn’t have said that and he apologizes; saying it was just a joke. but still, there’s something about the hurt look in your eyes he enjoyed. maybe he should tell you the truth more often.

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Kira became a big brother to me the first night we met. He saved my life and promised that I’d never have to go back to my aunt’s house after I told him I was too scared. He didn’t force me to explain. Somehow he knew. Instead he wrapped me up in his kosode and carried me to a safe place. He told me that I’d be welcomed there and that the man who owned it wouldn’t force me back to Sara’s. Both of them were so kind and gentle with me that night. I didn’t realize that they weren’t really human at first. All I knew was that I was almost killed by a monstrous creature that they called a Hollow and I was now protected.

I was there for what seemed like months when in fact it was probably a month at most. Kira and the man, Urahara trained me. They had been trying to get me to unlock something they called a fullbring. It didn’t happen. Since it didn’t they’d decided to make me a “substitute shinigami.” The thought of it scared me. What was explained to me didn’t make sense and I feared that either I would be hurt or one of them would. I struggled with the idea, but with their urging I’d finally conceded.

This isn’t the main part though. This isn’t even the most important thing that Kira had done for me. No, he did something that I don’t think I could ever repay him for.

I had decided that I wanted to do something nice for both Kira and Urahara so I left the shop so I could go and pick up some things to make both of them something special. It was the first time I left Urahara’s shop since Kira brought me there and to be honest I was a little scared to do so. I went to a local grocery store to get ingredients for homemade pancakes and bacon. I was even planning on getting orange juice.

At the grocery store I kept looking over my shoulder. Every few moments the feeling of someone’s eyes on me made my breath catch and the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. Each time I didn’t see anyone. That feeling didn’t go away. I was starting to shiver out of fear but continued on. I grabbed each ingredient as quickly as I could. Still, no one seemed to be following me. I didn’t catch anyone behind me more than once. I knew that only seeing someone behind you once meant that you weren’t being tailed, but my gut told me that I was. I’d feared that my gut had been right.

As soon as I left the store I felt the eyes back on me. This time I caught them and for a moment froze in my steps. It was my cousin Kristjan. He was there, watching me with such a predatory look that my blood ran cold. I wasn’t just paranoid. He must have followed me throughout the store and I didn’t see him. A small whimper escaped my throat as he spoke to me.

“You’d better come back with me. Mom is pissed that you ran. It would be better if you didn’t fight and just came back.” He said, reaching out to grab my arm. His fingers gripped me tightly and he smirked. “What’s wrong little girl?”

I bit my bottom lip and tore my wrist from him, then ran. My feet carried me quickly back to Urahara’s shop. I didn’t look back, I just ran. I couldn’t think. As soon as I got back into the shop I cried out for help. I was absolutely terrified. Kira had heard my cries and came running.

My cousin had followed me back to the shop and was planning on dragging me back to Sara’s. My heart had been pounding so hard that I thought everyone could hear it. Kira stepped in front of me, hiding my small frame behind him. He was making good on his promises that he’d protect me and that he wouldn’t let me go back there again. I was shaking behind him, almost in tears. I felt like a scared little child.

“Why are you protecting her?” He’d asked. “She’s a troublemaker. Let me take her back and she’ll be out of your hair. You don’t have to deal with her if you let me take her.”

Kira didn’t budge. Kira stood his ground and had his hand on the hilt of his zanpakuto.

“You will not be taking her.” Kira stated coldly.

My cousin reached out, trying to grab me and Kira made sure that Kristjan wouldn’t touch me. I was still so scared. This felt like it was hours instead of minutes. My cousin did not want to concede, but Kira wasn’t going to allow his promise to be broken. He had drawn his zanpakuto and released the shikai. Kira threatened my cousin’s life, putting the blade against Kristjan’s neck. That didn’t phase me.

“If you leave now and never come back you can keep your life, but if you don’t I will kill you myself. You’d be going straight to hell for what you’ve done.”

Kristjan was going to leave. I could see it in his eyes, but somehow that was when Kira’s zanpakuto spirit had decided to manifest. Later I found out that was the first time he’d manifested like that.

Wabisuke simply said “The stone gets heavier” and pulled up on the blade against my cousin’s neck. I was frozen in place at that. Yeah I’d seen my parents be murdered, but it was nothing like watching his head fall to the ground, then the rest of his body drop. To be honest I didn’t think I’d have been traumatized by watching him be killed, but I was. I also feared that the cops would be after us and we’d all be arrested. Kira had assured me that wouldn’t happen, but I was terrified that it would.

That night he comforted me again. Kira made sure I was okay.

The next morning he left. He left to return to the soul society to turn himself in for the murder of my cousin.

@toomanydamnmuses @raisingyourhead

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Parents relaxing with their newborns looking at them in awe.

AU: Where Nick and Kim are not married and Kim is married to Nick’s { oc } little brother.


Nick Rye only cried a handful of times in his life, once was when he broke his little brother’s arm by accident and he thought his daddy would disown him.

 Another was when Faith Seed drugged you with so much bliss your heart nearly stopped, he remembered carrying your body to his plane, it was even worse when he had to fly your unconsciousness from back to the prison. 

The Sheriff had told him that you nearly died, when he was alone he broke down though it only hit him later on seeing your weak smile as he realized he loved you.

The third time the man cried was at his own wedding, with the Seed’s finally taken care off and with Little Hope finally settling down he confessed his feelings to you. Then a year later he was tearing up at the sight of you walking down the aisle, you looked so beautiful in your white dress.

And now, he could not help but let the tears slide down his face. His aviators resting on top of his head as he held his baby boy. Sitting next to you, Nick gave your forehead a kiss.“You did an amazing job beautiful…” he was in awe, his newborn son was sleeping in his arms unlike his sister, her eyes looking all around the room.

“You did a pretty amazing job yourself Fly boy.” you were so tired but you would not change this for the world, you loved the twins.

Snorting, Nick gave you a teasing smile. “I only made love to ya…you’re the one that carried em.”

Holding your daughter, the newborn gurgled taking a hold of your finger. “You did more than that Nick….of course the sex helped but you were the one that would rub my back, you were the one who would run out to the store when I needed something and I know you will do anything for the twins.”

Feeling his cheeks burn, Nick gave you a smile cradling his son as he sat on the edge of your bed. “That’s true but I will do anything for you too beautiful.” Sighing he kissed his son’s head, the baby still sleeping soundly in his arms, his little girl staring up at him.

“You made me the happiest man y/n….I love you…and the little one’s of course…oh I can not wait till they get old enough for me to take em flyin.”

Fighting back a yawn you watched as Carmine slowly closed her eyes as she fell asleep in your arms. “I love you too Nick….and I just know they’ll love you too.”

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Just, imagine these two, laying together, cuddling. Messy bedhair, soft snoring till the small honeyglow hits their faces. Morning pours in through their closed blinds, but they don’t care. They honestly could stay there for hours…

Punz wakes up. He sees George staring at him, smiling lovingly and so warmly.. He smiles back. They would kiss, holding it for a moment before, just laying there, basking in the morning together. They have nothing planned for the day… a utter lazy day. 

They just cuddle, either having a video playing on their phones for background noise, or just have spotify open on a playlist they share. 

Punz is the first to get up. He needs to take care of Teddy. George get’s up after, going to shower while Punz take’s care of the animals. 

Punz leaves for a walk with the dogs and George makes them hot drinks and orders them something for lunch. Plays music and even catches up on his emails and anything he’s missed. When Punz returns, it’s time for lunch. They make the dogs food and soon, they receive their takeout. 

Lunch and a movie. Punz has resulted back to wearing PJ’s with George. They watch a movie and eat together…

Towards the end, they clean up and head to their stations. Work stations that is. Despite not doing anything for the day, they still want to play. So they do see what to do. Maybe record a video with just them together.. 

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“Come on, George. You look great!”


“.. you think so?”


“Fuck yeah! You look so… gorgeous.”


George could only smile as he lightly held Punz’s face, leaning up somewhat to kiss the other’s nose. Trying different styles of clothes was fun. Especially when you head to a old shipping center. But it hits different when… you want to try and widen your style choices…

Doing a small take in the mirror, George admired the blue skirt he wore, the ends swaying slowly as he turned. He loved the flow of the skirt, how he could feel relaxed and rather comfortable. 

And it seemed like Punz loved it too. 

He was admiring how well the skirt looked on George. How well it just.. seemed to go with him. If that made sense… It felt, right for George to look this good in a skirt… God, what about a dress? Punz honestly would’ve dropped dead center if he saw George in a dress…

George hummed out, taking this time to do another twirl..

“I want this one.”


Punz was waiting for George when it happened. The moment he saw someone peeking over at George..

George was trying on another skirt when he noticed them staring.. and that honestly pissed him off. He wanted to make a scene… but decided against it. Instead…

He stood up, stretching for a moment before… walking right into the path of the persons view.. deciding to pull out his phone and browse twitter. Maybe the dude would get the idea… and thankfully, he did.


“What was that about?”
George spoke out, walking along side Punz as they exited the shopping center. He had a few bags in hand, having Punz carry most of them. Punz, on the other hand, rose a brow as he tilted his head.

“What do you mean?”


“Don’t think I didn’t see you get up. What happened?”


“.. Ugh, just creepy assholes looking at you is all. Sorry.”


As they got to the car, Punz calmly opened the back, placing his and George’s bags inside before… 
George pulling Punz close, their lips briefly touching..

“.. Thank you, sweetie.. I didn’t know.”
and like that, George calmly pulled Punz into a warm kiss… in which caused Punz to literally melt… 

‘God.. he will be the literal death of me…’

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Summary: George has always been pretty much in the dark about how you feel about him, yet that hasn’t changed your affections for the ginger-haired boy.

Warnings: Angst, possibly slow burn idk

A/N: Hiya! My blog was pretty dead and I’ve just been reading other’s works on it, but I recently have been pretty torn about starting to write again. I figured that now is as good a time as any, and I hope that anybody who decides to read this enjoys it at least a little. I decided to just write and see where it takes me, so this is probably more of a drabble than anything else. This has not been beta read, and any feedback is appreciated!

Word Count: 884

I sit and watch you reading with your head low
I wake and watch you breathing with your eyes closed

George had all but stumbled into the gryffindor common room after perhaps one of the most rigorous quidditch practices as of late. The tension practically dripped off his skin as he rolled his shoulders back and let out a deep groan.

“Hey Georgie, your face looks almost as red as your hair. Did you have to outrun Filch on the way back or something?” He mockingly laughed at your sarcasm and dropped down onto the couch next to you.

“Nah, we all know Filch can’t run nearly fast enough to tire me out. It’s just Oliver has been a bloody prat since the house cup is coming up…” George wiped his hand across his forehead, gathering the beads of sweat making their way across his hairline.

You giggled, and settled into a comfortable silence as you continued to study. George’s head hung down as he settled into the couch, seemingly lulled into a sleepy state by the intermittent turning of pages. Deciding to sneak a glance at the redhead, you looked up and were greeted by the sight of George’s head bobbing up and down, his eyes fighting to stay open.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up, and I’ll go sneak us some biscuits from the kitchen. You look too tired to go all the way to the great hall anyways.” George nodded, and heaved himself off of the plush cushions.

“Remind me to have mom send you some cinnamon twists, you deserve them for taking care of me so well.” You giggled, and the two of you parted ways. You nearly sprinted to the kitchen, hoping that you could use up some energy and force your heart to calm down now that George was gone.

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There was a child on the bus.

A small child, dark curly hair and bright light brown eyes sitting curled up against the winder, leaving trails of fog against the glass. Sneakered feet stomped onto the trunk on the floor and a ruddy kitten in tow sleeping in its little cage. It was an odd sight, especially alone at 5am, blinking blearily into the lowlight. She was sporting muggle jeans and a Taking Back Sunday shirt ripped in several places, eyes red with sleep, and her right one covered with a black eye. A thin stick of wood was strapped the inside of her arm, covered by thick flannel far too big for her while some elderly folk look at her.

Elderly folk cast glimpses at her, on their way to visit family, headed towards a vacation or going for a whole day of bingo in London. Travelers and men in business attire only blinked at the scrappy child glaring at anyone getting too close, which only served to make sure she was alone on the bench. Their thoughts all wandered to the same place.

A runaway perhaps?

The girl was homeless?

Someone who has old-fashioned luggage going to visit family?

Headed to a boarding school?

In truth, it was all of the above. The girl was a runaway, from a life that she never wanted, nor one she particularly believes she ought to be alive for. Headed towards a family still unnamed, at a boarding school no-one in their right mind would believe (except for maybe one suspicious character in the back, donned in black with eyes trailing over the young muggleborn.

It had long since been the duty of the Aurors to grant safe passage for muggleborn students to Hogwarts, a tradition held in secret and often rarely followed. But in the years after the War, it had become something of a fact, young Aurors were to accompany muggleborns to Platform 9 ¾, in secret and protect them for anyone who may make sure their journey to the wizarding world ends before they even step onto the grounds. 

Seren Reese had volunteered every year since she joined the Force, perhaps the only thing she and Ashworth could agree upon. The note from the Auror Office simply said ‘Student: Thorne K., presumed Muggleborn, unwilling family, possible abuse.’ and the missive was still tucked into her breast pocket. The Auror curled her lips, abuse, yes that was plain to see. The girl flinched at men raising their hands to load up bags, eyes watching people who wandered too carefully, the black eyes was large and wrapping down to her cheek, and judging by the way she hunched forward they probably dotted her back as well. Auror Reese was familiar with this sight, she’d seen it with her classmates, seen it with spouses she hurried into the night, children she’d spirited away from desolate homes with their mad dark wix parents. 

Seren Reese followed the girl off the bus and down the streets. London was glowing in the mid-morning fog, the sound of cars on the road, the sweep of her black peacoat dragged attention from men and women, the snap of her heels on concrete as the girl squinted at maps and talked to the cat in the cage mewling at her imperiously. Kings Cross Station was the same it’d always been– bustling, loud, and bright. If she was a bad Auror, or even just an idiot, she would have easily lost the tiny girl rolling the trunk. This was the tricky part, getting lone muggleborn students through the doorway. Usually, the Aurors at the end of the journey would introduce themselves, explain who they were and hurry them through the wall onto the secret platform.

But this child’s eyes were darting, reading the ticket carefully and stopping between platforms 9 and 10. The reason for ¾ was smart for anyone who may think, it was the third pillar of the four that separated platforms 9 and 10 right down the center. Seren waved to a few magical folks who were hurrying past, friends of friends, students who recognized her when she was at Hogwarts, more than a few colleagues much older with the day taken especially off. They all nodded towards the girl, studying her ticket with fascination before turning around.

They locked eyes for a moment, bright brown to dark blue, the girl looked her up and down, eyes dragging over the boots and the pants, the tight black peacoat and without much preamble turned around and headed straight for the pillar. 

Reese blinked, this wasn’t expected.

The girl came to it, and brushed her hand across the false brick, for muggles it would feel like stone. For adults, they all knew it to be false and hardly focused on the sensation. But this child, she laid her hand on it and felt something.

The movement of the place, the magic swelling under her fingertips, and zooming across her veins. Stepping back a few feet, gathering her cat, and pulling on the trunk K. Thorne walked through the wall, and onto the other side. Reese stood, mildly impressed, and noted Ashworth on the other side of the platform with her eyebrows raised in bemusement before trekking over to meet her.

“Did you tell her?”

“No, she figured it out by herself.”

“Ravenclaw do you think,” Lydia was shorter than Seren by more than half a foot, lean and built for a fight.

“No,” Seren whistled low, “I think she’s far too brave for that.”

Lydia wandered off down the way, meeting up with a set of frazzled muggles and their equally confused child and Seren stepped through the pillar herself, feeling the pull of the magic onto the chaotic station. She could see the girl looking around, toads flying, young children zooming, a few kids already sporting their House colors or prefect badges. Her eyes found the child, pushed up against a small pillar, her trunk already whizzed away by a boy in a blue tie and bright smile, her cat in its cage hissing at people who got to close and Seren approached, keeping her face open and soft. It was a hard thing to do, the plane of her face were jagged like the stony hills she hailed from, beautiful but deadly and obvious.

“You were on the bus,” the girl didn’t even off a hello, up close she was scrawny, exceeding short, under 5 feet. Up close the black eye was terrible, shiny, and new. Up close she could see imprints of fingers on the inside of her arm, and the shine of a fresh cut on her shoulder where the too-large shirt hung off her skinny frame. “You’re magic too huh?”

“Yes, I was supposed to help you enter, make sure you go in alright.”

“I don’t need anyone’s help, thanks all the same,” the girl bore a smile, sharp and defensive, “I can take care of myself.”

“I believe you, just doing my job is all. Don’t get all tart with me kid,” she wagged her finger in a way her pureblood grandmother would be proud of.

“Yeah okay, whatever, I got in fine, I just gotta get on this train and go to Hogwarts and hope it’s not a mental institution.” The girl’s voice shook, it betrayed the fear, the anxiety that this was all false and maybe even a dream.

Seren wasn’t good with kids, she wasn’t good with comforting words or soft voices. She only knew the rough kiss of ambition and the slide of her feet in blood. “It’s real, and you’re real. Hogwarts will be real, and magic,” she let her wand produce sparks, “is yours to use. Now,” she would’ve gripped her shoulder if the thought the girl wouldn’t simply choke on a scream, so instead she flashed a pearly smile, “get on the train, and have a good year Ms. Thorne.”
The girl stared as she walked away, passing Lydia who was raising a single eyebrow. She couldn’t hear the girl over the bustle, calling to ask for her name.

Seren Reese would remain a ghostly memory, and Katie Thorne was left alone at the platform of her destiny, and facing it alone. 

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Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 520 words


Jungeun knew about the schedules, and yet she was still a pouty mess when Jinsol had gotten home. All she wanted was cuddles and to hold her girlfriend, but no. She just had to shower and rid herself of the day before she could do anything. The entirety of the time was spent with Jungeun in Jinsol’s bed, scrolling on her phone as she tried to keep herself entertained. 

“What are you doing?” Jiwoo chuckled when she had walked by the room.

“Waiting for Jinsol,” Jungeun muttered. Jiwoo gave a knowing nod, walking away from her as she knew the mood the older girl was in. 

When Jinsol had left the bathroom after freshening up, she could not help but laugh at the younger girl. 

“Are you really pouting still?” Jinsol smirked. 

“I have not seen you all day, and you do this to me.” Jungeun continued to pout. 

“Keep acting like this and maybe I will go cuddle Jiwoo instead.” She chuckled as she got herself ready for lounging around the house. 

“You would not dare.” Jungeun gasped. 

“Jiwoo! Do you want to watch a movie?” Jinsol called out. It did not take long for the younger to come bounding down the hallway, squealing at spending time with someone. “I will let you pick the movie.” The older smiled. 

“Okay!” Jiwoo hurried back down the hallway, most likely to pick the sappiest movie she could find. 

Jungeun watched the movie, mostly so she could visibly show how upset she was that Jinsol was now ignoring her. She was pouting and incredibly jealous that she was spending more time with Jiwoo rather than her now. She did not want to glare, but she had let one slide when she saw her actually cuddling her. 

It had continued on, Jinsol deciding to hang out with Hyunjin almost immediately after. Jungeun continued to be pouty and jealous, only earning more time away from the older girl as she observed her. 

“Why are you not hanging out with Lip?” Hyunjin asked. 

“Just seeing how long she can hold out.” Jinsol chuckled. 

“That is very mean.” Hyunjin laughed. 

“Maybe she will learn then.” Jinsol shrugged her shoulders, deciding that maybe she would stop soon. It had been hours. 

After dinner she wandered into the younger girl’s room, seeing her back on her phone. She knocked softly before walking in, earning her attention. 

“Ready to hang out?” She chuckled. 

“I am really tired,” Jungeun muttered. 

“We can cuddle until you fall asleep,” Jinsol suggested, knowing that the younger did enjoy a good cuddle session. The older girl climbed into her bed, holding her as tight as she possibly could in their position. 

“Please do not do that again,” Jungeun whispered, a slight whine escaping her lips. “I really do not like when you ignore me.” She pouted. 

“I know. That is why I do it.” Jinsol smiled. “You know I will never really never spend time with you.” She explained. 

“I know, but I still do not like the feeling.” She sighed. 

“Okay, okay. I will not do it again.” Jinsol smiled. 

“Good.” Jungeun chuckled. 

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Warnings: Extreme fluff

Word Count: 416 words


Seulgi knew that hybrids were very different from people. She just did not expect Irene to be extremely different from her. They had been together for a while and knew the ins and outs of Irene’s life at this point. She felt comfortable around the bunny and knew that she felt comfortable as well. Until they were having their weekly movie night. 

Irene had gotten up for some snacks, leaving Seulgi alone in the living room. After a few minutes, Irene had come back with a bowl of chips in hand and two bottles of water. After they were set neatly on the little table, Irene had just flopped herself half on top of the younger girl. Seulgi let out a laugh, looking at the older girl with a smile on her face. 

“I really like you,” Irene whispered.

“I really like you as well.” Seulgi chuckled. 

As time had gone on, Irene had flopped on her more often than before. Seulgi had begun to wonder if she had been doing it just to see her smile, but it seemed as if she was extremely comfortable every time she had done so. 

When she had done it again, she decided to ask. 

“Why do you do that?” Seulgi asked. 

“Do what?” Irene muttered. She had just flopped on top of Seulgi, both of them cuddling before they decided to sleep for the night. 

“Just throw yourself on top of me,” Seulgi explained. 

“You make me feel safe… And loved…” Irene whispered, her little body starting to tense up at the sudden questioning of her actions. 

“Oh.” Seulgi smiled, holding her tightly before releasing her. “I just thought you liked doing that because it made me smile and laugh.” She explained. Irene could not help the smile that erupted on her face, her cheeks tinting pink. 

“It is just something we do.” Irene chuckled. “When we feel really comfortable and trust someone not to hurt us.” She further explained. 

Seulgi felt honored at her words, feeling trusted by her was really something. Yes, she had said that she trusted her before, but now, everything about it just felt different. Irene was trusting her with her own life. She could not help herself, deciding to hold the older hybrid tighter, hearing a squeal come from the bunny. 

“I love you,” Seulgi whispered. She did not realize she had said it until after when the bunny’s ears had perked up at the words. 

“I love you too.” Irene smiled. 

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reiner is a very silly boyfriend he likes to play fight with you or throw you over his shoulder whenever you ignore him, there’s also many times when you two would wrestle as a horror movie aimlessly plays in the background. giggling and trying to get his gigantic hands away from your ticklish parts but he won’t let up and insists you give him a kiss as a sign of good faith. you comply, you always do. taking his blond hair into your hands, soft and silky, using it to pull his lips to yours. giving him a sweet kiss that fans the never ending lust he has for you. as fun as play fighting is, it’s too often how many times you end up fucked outta your mind after provoking him. you can’t wait to pick a fight with him again.

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Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 320


It was bound to happen when Joy and Yeri were up to no good, nothing good ever came from it. No matter the amount of scolding they received from their elders, especially Irene, they never listened. Especially when it came from Irene. Yeri had absolutely no regard for her unnie’s words and only brushed them off. 

But here she was, sitting on a chair with tears welling in her eyes as Wendy treated her leg. The two were busy running around outside after the recent blizzard. They had little to no protection on them, only caring about making quick snowmen for pictures before running back inside. Only for Yeri to slip on an ice patch and fall on a rock, cutting her calf open in the process. It was not a bad cut, but enough to be painful. 

“You both need to be much more careful outside!” Wendy scolded, a frown on her lips as she continued to clean the cut. 

“I am sorry unnie.” Yeri whispered. 

Now, if Yeri was going to listen to anyone, it was going to be Wendy. She was so infatuated with the older girl that it was near impossible for Yeri to even begin to think against her wishes. She loved her terrible jokes, even if she rolled her eyes in disgust, and most of all, the adorable frown she was sporting. 

“What if next time this happens, I am not around to help you?” Wendy looked up at the younger girl, seeing the teary eyes just oozing with nothing but adoration for her. She dropped her head, shaking it slightly as she let out a sigh. “What am I going to do with you?” She chuckled when she looked up again. 

Yeri let out a small laugh, watching her finish bandaging her up before helping her to her feet. 

“Can we order food and watch movies?” Yeri whispered. 

“Yes, we can.” Wendy smiled. 

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