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amagicdragonwrites · 10 days ago
For a prompt could u do one where zuko finds some of his old crew at the boiling rock and they escape with everyone. I've never seen this done before and I thought of it like last night but I think it could be fun
The coolers aren't so bad. 
One day in the coolers is enough to crack most of the firebending inmates in Boiling Rock, but most of them haven't been to both Poles. Jee and his crew have a lot of experience in swimming in the polar seas — both of them, and for weeks in the North Pole, with nothing but half-remembered lessons on the Breath of Fire from General Iroh to keep them alive. The cooler is nothing compared to that. He's dry here, for one, and it's not truly isolation if he can still hear Teruko mouthing off at the guards in the cooler right next to his.
“I can take you back to your cell if you’ve learned your lesson,” a guard jeers at the prisoner in the cell on the other side. 
The voice that answers is a punch to Jee’s gut. “I have — completely,” Prince Zuko says, sounding sullen and angry and alive, definitely alive.  
Teuko suddenly shuts up; that's confirmation enough for Jee.
The brat had managed to survive Zhao's fucking pirates. The wave of relief that hits Jee is short-lived; the prince might be alive, but he's in the cooler next to Jee's. The Fire Nation's prince, thrown into his own country's most secure prison, and locked into the worst torture chamber ever conceived of for firebenders like them. 
They need to get that boy out of here. Jee has to round up the old crew tomorrow; figure out where the brat's regular cell is, make an escape plan —
But first, he needs to survive the night in the cooler. Jee takes a deep, fortifying breath, and settles down to wait. 
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noteguk · a month ago
too much, too little | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone. 
— summary;  in which you’re always trying to keep up with Jungkook, especially when he goes from one extreme to the other.
— contents and warnings; so much smut, pwp, fluff, two different smut scenes!!, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, secret relationship, dirty talk, sex in front of a mirror, unprotected sex (don’t.), creampie, cockwarming, overstimulation, tit play, squirting 😳, forced orgasm, multiple orgasms, praise kink, dom!jk x sub!reader, mentions of cum stuffing, jk has insane stamina lol; for the other scene we have pretty soft sex!!!, so no major warnings besides being whipped 🕺
— words; 2,7k 
— author’s note; oh the duality of men… inspiring. The timeline is after bad romance for both scenes, during summer break. 
Some days, you couldn’t keep up with Jungkook. 
Ever since the first time you two slept together (under less than ideal circumstances), you could tell that there was something else burning at the edge of his touches; something fiery, needy, always on edge. He kissed you like it would never be enough, held you closer tightly, exploring your body like he both wanted to worship and ruin it. It was an insubstantial warning, something that took its time before it materialized into reality and, yet, it was there — an insatiable whisper at the back of his mind, just waiting to strike. 
The closer you two got, the more it showed, but it was only after you made it official that Jungkook actually let himself go. Regardless of the intensity that he showed, it was a rare occurrence — under very specific moments, very specific words. Something just clicked inside his head and made him realize that he would never get enough of you — and, yet, he should still try to. 
The hot summer air was unbearable around you two, intensified by the contact of his chest against your back; his hands roaming your body like he could find the secrets of the universe underneath your skin. Your bed, before so tidy, now had sheets falling over the edge, accumulating like puddles on the ground, your pillows mindlessly thrown over each other. It was in that warzone that you found yourself, moaning out his name like it was a personal prayer, doing your best and still feeling like you were failing. 
Jungkook kept both taking and providing, pushing you towards your high again and again until all that you could think about was him; all that you could utter were the broken fragments of his name. You said yes every single time, allowing him to use your body however he deemed best, making you cum on his fingers, his tongue, his cock; presenting him with everything he wanted and he still asked for more, so much more than you felt like you could give. 
By the time that Jungkook had pulled you onto his lap, your back to him and facing the large mirror at the corner of your room, you had already come four times, and you were at your absolute limit. Nevertheless, when he urged you to ride him (his voice so deep, so coated by desire), you did, using his help to bounce on his big cock as he moaned endless praises to you. 
You got high on them — his sweet words, the compliments, the strained groans you earned when you moved your hips just right, making him cum inside you one more time and dragging you into that abyss just as quickly. Everything was such a mess, you both were so sweaty, so dirty, drunk off the pleasure. And you just hung onto his voice like it was your life jacket, even if it was only making you sink deeper. 
“That’s my girl, so fucking perfect,” Jungkook moaned, breathing hard against your neck. His cock was still hard inside you, slowly softening, and you could see the white lines of his thick white cum dripping down his length, onto his balls, making a mess on your bed. His eyes darted towards the mirror, meeting yours in the reflection. “So pretty sitting on my cock like this, angel.” 
With a shivering breath, you nodded, watching as he wrapped one tattooed arm around your body, pressing you back against his toned chest. You whined at the feeling of his cock moving inside you at the change of angle; sighed at the gentle kiss that Jungkook placed on your shoulder. 
Innocently, you thought that was the last round — in all honesty, you couldn’t conceive another one. But Jungkook apparently wouldn’t stop until his stamina had run out because, within a second, two of his fingers were landing on your clit, rubbing it quickly. 
“K-Kook, wait, wait,” you sobbed, trying to maintain your body in place. Your thighs were already shaking like crazy and, even with one of his arms holding onto you, you felt like you could fall on the ground at any given second. “I j-just c-came.” 
And yet you felt like you were about to do it again, picking up right before the tidal wave of your high washed over you; the pleasure, a sharp feeling at the bottom of your spine. To tear another high from you so fast was normal considering how sensitive and overwhelmed you were, but there was also a strange pressure that you had never felt before building up just as fast, threatening to spill over. 
“One more for me, baby,” Jungkook cooed, his voice like honey, yet so sharp around the edges. He was staring at you like a crazy man, focus flickering between the movements of his fingers on your clit and your overwhelmed expression, almost pained with sensitivity. He could feel his cock hardening again just at the sight of you, at the feeling of your pussy constricting around him. “Just one more... Fuck. You look so fucking pretty when you cum, I just wanna see it again.” 
“C-Can’t,” you cried out, but didn’t make any attempt at fighting him off. You knew you were about to crack, ecstasy filling your brain. The way your legs were shaking was shameful, a loud moan breaking your thoughts. “Wait, I don’t—“ 
It all happened so fast that you couldn’t even tell what it was at first, that odd pressure releasing at the same time your walls tightened around his cock, splattering all over his inked fingers. You sobbed and whimpered as you came, Jungkook’s fingers rubbing you through your orgasm, only stopping when you landed one hand on his wrist. 
Took you a second to piece together what had occurred, your heavy-lidded eyes falling to the calamity between your legs. “Fuck, princess,” Jungkook grunted behind you, voice strained with hunger. “That’s so fucking hot, you just squirted all over my cock.” 
Your sentence felt like cotton trying to leave your mouth, mind still hazed. “I’m... sorry, I never did this before,” you said, unsure how to proceed. Your inner thighs were so wet, a mixture of his cum and your own arousal painting your skin. “God, this is so embarrassing.”
“Fucking love it, baby,” Jungkook breathed out against your skin, eyes glued to your reflection like he could eat you whole. “Did you know you could do that?”
“Do I look like I did?” You asked, throwing your head back against his shoulder. Jungkook followed your movement, placing a kiss on your cheek. You sighed. “This is so—“ 
“And I thought you couldn’t get any better,” he didn’t even let you finish, the hand that was around your waist now trailing up, up, squeezing your breast before stopping on your neck. “Such a good girl,” he praised, tilting your head to the side so you could meet his gaze. “Do it again? For me?” 
How he still wasn’t satisfied, you had no idea. If anything, your recent discovery only made the flame inside him burn brighter, all-consuming. “I… I don’t know if I can,” you admitted, a pretty pout on your lips. “I’m so tired.” 
Jungkook chuckled, his fingers squeezing your cheeks, making your pout grow. “Aw, poor thing.” He dove in, kissing you slowly. You could still taste yourself on his tongue, from when he had eaten you out earlier. “My girl’s tired.” He touched his forehead on yours, keeping eye contact. You felt like he was looking at you under a microscope, watching every blink of your eyes, every twitch of your muscles. “Let me take care of you, princess, hm? Promise I’ll treat you right.” 
Frankly, you had no fucking idea if you’d be able to take it. Even if Jungkook did all the work, you still felt a bit worn, light-headed. You wanted to, however. And the squeezing of your pussy around his cock only made it more obvious. “You will?” You asked, hopeful. 
Jungkook hummed in agreement. “Of course, you’ve been such a good girl for me,” his lips were brushing on yours as he spoke, his hand caressing your thigh, tracing faint circles on the skin. “You made my cock so hard again, baby. Can you feel it inside you? How big and heavy it is?” 
That managed to get a soft whimper from you, hips just slightly rolling against him. It was true, Jungkook was hard inside you, filling you up to the brim, begging to cum inside you again. “Y-Yes,” you stuttered. “So big.” 
“It's all yours, baby,” he said, raising his lower body just a little so you could feel him better. God, the sounds were so lewd, so wet, keeping you on edge. “Wanna try and see if you can squirt again for me, make a fucking mess on my cock?” Jungkook asked one more time, placing a kiss on your nose. Something rather cute for the filthy words leaving his mouth. You only nodded, which he didn’t appreciate. “Use your words, princess.” 
Your eyes closed for a little, mind working overtime to push those words out of your throat. “Yes, please,” you finally agreed. “Want you to cum inside me again too.”
Jungkook groaned, lips tracing down your neck, kissing your skin. “Fuck, I want that so bad,” he cursed, tentatively rutting up to you. You gasped, so tight and perfect for him. “Gonna make you drip down my cock, baby. Lay down for me.” 
And you did. 
Maybe Jungkook was too much sometimes. But you could take it. 
Other nights, you felt like you were dreaming. 
Equally as rare as the moments in which Jungkook went all-out, were the ones in which he held back almost completely. Moments in which he moved so languidly, so patiently; in which he touched as if you were made of porcelain, about to crack if given enough pressure. In those nights, he fucked you slow, deep, losing himself in the way you wrapped around him, wishing he could prolong that sensation to infinity. It wasn’t about instant gratification, it was about feeling you, having you, giving you everything you wanted and more. 
It was fire and ice, the contrast between his two moods. In some mind-bending way, it was almost more challenging to keep up with that, your body always aching for more, begging for him to move faster, to fuck you harder. You were used to Jungkook being too much — asking for a lot, taking a lot — but not so familiar with him being so calm, loving, restrained. It always felt like it was too little, like you were swimming in a lukewarm pool, a hypnotized state of bliss, until your orgasm hit you out of nowhere. 
You didn’t know what you prefered. But you didn’t really have to choose. 
Jungkook let out a shaky sigh against your skin, a slow roll of his hips that made his cock brush over your sensitive spot. Your hips fidgeted in his hold; he placed a tender kiss on your neck. “So fucking perfect, baby,” he husked out, lips dancing on your skin; hot tongue coming out to lick your pulse. “My girl’s so fucking perfect.” 
You felt like you had a fever, your orgasm building up so slowly, yet so intensely, that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. His body was pure heat on top of yours, pressing down on you, pulling you up against his chest. “Kook,” you called, voice just above a whisper. “I’m close.” 
He nodded, leaning back a little so he could kiss you. His lips were swollen against yours, gradually parting, allowing for his tongue to slip inside. The way Jungkook made out with you was dizzying, overbearing, earning a faint whimper from you as he sucked on your tongue. He moved away a little, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “You’re amazing, princess,” he praised, slightly breathless, one inked hand trailing down your arm, curling around your wrist before settling against your palm. Jungkook interlaced his fingers in yours, and smooched your lips once again. “Wanna see you cum for me.” 
“Please,” you whined back — asking for your release, asking for him to pick up the pace; anything. It felt too intimate, too vulnerable, like you could move around a little and it would all be over. You could feel his heartbeat against your breasts, his grunts echoing inside your head as you tightened around his cock. “I can’t…” 
With a tight squeeze of his hand on yours, you grounded yourself once again. “Shhh, it’s okay,” he guaranteed, “let go for me.” 
And you did, because you couldn’t hold it back any longer. Your walls fluttered around his cock as you reached your high; your sobs and moans being silenced by the sloppy crash of his lips against yours. Jungkook swallowed everything you gave him, found heaven in the muffled cries of his name, the way you were dripping down his length, making his cock throb. 
“Fuck,” he cursed out, breaking the messy kiss. His jaw was clenched, eyes closing as he started to pick up the pace a little. “Good girl... shit— gonna make me fucking cum.” 
The grip on your hand got impossibly tighter, his other hand hooking under your knee, pushing your leg up so he could get a better support. Jungkook was going faster now, but nowhere near his usual pace. Some nights, he just wanted to pay attention to your body — the little sounds you made, the bouncing of your tits, that pretty, overwhelmed look you gave him as he pounded into you. He could look at that forever, die in the way your glossy eyes stared up at him. 
It made him go a little crazy sometimes, how much he loved you. How much you felt like the first inhale of air after being underwater for too long; how your body fit his own like it was made for him. And, when he was nearing his high, he had to be careful, because all of that started to come out. “Baby, baby,” he moaned, so close that he was losing his grip on you. “Fuck, you’re so fucking perfect, made for me, so fucking pretty for me, all mine,” Jungkook was rambling a little now, gasping as your walls clenched around him again. “Shit, wish I could fuck you forever, your pussy feels so fucking good,” almost there, he thought. It was like his body was leaving him on edge, prolonging that euphoric feeling until it consumed him. “Gonna fill you up so good, baby.” 
It was your turn to hold his hand tighter, a small sob perishing in your chest. “K-Kook,” you called, voice so tiny that he almost didn’t hear at first. “P-Please, cum inside me.” 
“Yeah, baby,” He choked up. “Fuck—“ 
Jungkook came right after, his cock throbbing inside you as he released his thick cum inside your pussy. He cursed as you tightened around him again, milking every drop out of him as he tried to prolong his high, thrusting into your wet heat a few more times. 
With a final sigh, he laid on top of you, careful not to squeeze you with your weight. “You make me crazy, princess,” he mumbled against your neck, placing an affectionate kiss on your skin. His hand was still in yours, holding tightly, unwilling to let go anytime soon. “I’m so fucking lucky.” Another kiss, higher this time, on your cheek. He felt you smile, and he did the same. “So perfect for me.” 
You giggled, allowing him to kiss your lips again. “You’re so dramatic.” You pushed his sweaty hair away from his forehead. 
“I’m serious,” Jungkook said. Two, three more pecs on your mouth; his nose bumping against yours. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” 
You smiled, pulling him into a kiss. It was odd how, even when he gave you so little, Jungkook was still so much.
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introloves · a month ago
ushijima .. throat fucking you ...
dominant! ushijima + throat fucking + rough oral + praise + very brief mentions of breeding + f! reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he stands before you, unmoving for minutes at a time- slowly sinking as much of him as he can before you squirm, knowing just what a daunting task it is trying to shove such a monstrous length down your throat.
but he’s an unstoppable force, knows that the responding squirm, hum, and gag that follows gives way for him to have even more of his pulsing cock finally stretch your throat until it’s your nose that stops him- settled right against his tensing stomach, upper lip smearing drool against darkened hair at his base.
ushijima groans- loud and breathy, shaking with how good you are, how good it feels to finally break in your mouth.
“good girl.” he mumbles, wide hand bracing against your head to guide you once you push back against him, half of him still lying heavy on your tongue to give yourself time to breathe, spit trickling down your chin and his balls.
he thinks you look wonderful, slumped down onto the floor weakly in the presence of someone so grand and big, thinks the watery eyes that peer up at him after trying to train your throat to take him for weeks is the prettiest expression he’s seen on you thus far.
and he can’t get enough- once you whine, once your tongue swipes along the underside of his cock he decides it’s time to take what he needs from you, throat warmed up to receive every brutalizing thrust he gives while watching spit bubble out from the corners of your mouth.
each thrust rattling your head, barely registering any form of praise freely tumbling free from his mouth, heavy balls slapping equally hard and heavy to your chin and it’s wonderful.
he doesn’t let you think, doesn’t let any time come before his cock squeezes past your gagging throat, rolling his head back when the warmth of even more spit drools so warm down balls already clenching to empty a load down onto your tummy.
there’s always been a preference to breeding you- but the image of having you walking around with a tummy full of the copious amounts of cum he can produce at a time is what brings him to his end, large hand nearly the width of your head brings you to him for the final time.
once more you squirm, wiggling to try and free yourself when the pressure of his cum you can’t even taste in the beginning seep up till it’s spilling around your lips, swollen with his brutalizing length spreading them open, finally popping you off when he feels you slump even further, leaning down even while his cock is still twitching from his orgasm, grabbing your form to him and holding you.
“sweet girl- take me so well. so well.”
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simpforsadbois · a month ago
Pussy Eater Bakugou
One Taste
This is something I think about far too oftennn 😩
Pairing: Bakugou x reader
Warnings: pure filth, explicit cunnilingus, overstimulation
Bakugou is a man who doesn't ever do shit half-assed. If he's going to do something, he's going to do it fucking right.
Eating pussy is absolutely no exception.
He almost didn't believe you when you said that you didn't like it, assuming you were joking. He'd never had any woman object to him dipping his tongue between her thighs and he certainly had never had any complaints.
It may have taken some convincing on his part, countless times reassuring you that the boys you'd been with before obviously had no idea what they were doing, but he had finally gotten you right where he wanted you.
You, with your feet propped up on the edge of the bed, legs spread shamelessly, so he could witness your pretty pussy in all it's glory. Him, with his knees on the floor before you, blessed with the best view in the house, lips just inches from tasting the meal he'd been so patiently waiting to devour.
You could feel the heat of his presence, the puffs of his shallow breath against yours thighs. Just feeling this vulnerable, this exposed beneath him had your cunt clenching around nothing. He groaned at the sight, eyeing your pulsating center as he pressed his lips to the meat of your inner thigh.
He let his lips leave a trail of featherlight kisses behind as they marched their way steadily towards your entrance. Each one felt more intense than the last. The closer that he got, the more sinful each gesture felt. The more it fed that lustful flame deep within you.
It already felt too good and his tongue hadn't even touched you yet. He hadn't had a proper taste. But, oh, how he wanted to. He'd had samples before, sure. The taste of you on his fingers hadn't satiated his appetite though. No, it had only inflamed it. Made his desire to taste you and only you on his tongue so intense that it'd become a near obsession at this point.
It took every last ounce of restraint that he had not to dive straight in, to start lapping between your folds like madman. He wanted this to be an experience that you wouldn't forget. One that you wouldn't ever be able to shake from your body's memories, even if you tried.
His hot breath fanned over your lips as two careful fingers came to part them. His tongue slipped in to the space between them as he dragged it toward your clit at a near glacial pace. Your jaw hung open, the air in your lungs suddenly nowhere to be found as you stared down at him, positively transfixed by the way his eyes shut when he was finally able to savor your sweet, succulent ambrosia.
It was as if your brain had stuttered, unable to form a sound until you felt his mouth vibrate against your center as your lips swallowed the groan that fell from his. You moaned in earnest, arching your back to tell him you needed more. One swipe of his tongue and you were sold, craving the electric feeling that one little motion had sent jolting up your spine.
He responded with sheer generosity, his hands finding purchase on your inner thighs, pushing them back as his tongue dove between your folds, swirling within your walls as his nose brushed against your clit. Your hands knit into his hair, desperate for something to cling to as this new form of pleasure sent shockwaves throughout your body. All your nerves seemed to stand on edge, heightened to new levels of sensitivity as you shuddered under his every movement.
Every pass of his tongue between your labia, each time the tip of his tongue toyed with your clit. The way his tongue expertly darted in and out of your entrance before his mouth descended upon your bundle of nerves, sucking with just enough pressure to make you squirm helplessly as your legs tried to close around him.
You couldn't tell if your body was trying to save or sabotage you. Your thighs quivered, trying to snap closed, but prevented by his strong hands, which had come to hook under your thighs, keeping your legs peeled back and spread wide for his dining pleasure. It was almost too much to keep up with, so much happening seemingly all at once, melding together into a euphoric dream that you didn't ever want to wake up from.
Then, it found you. The telltale tightening in your belly. The white hot heat that bubbled up, threatening to burst and boil over at any moment as you cried out, as if screaming his name would lessen the impact of the dive you were about to take off this steep cliff of carnality.
It didn't. It couldn't. Nothing could have prepared you for the way that your orgasm tore through you; faster, harder, and louder than your shrieks of ecstasy tore through the thickened air of the bedroom.
And absolutely nothing could save you from the insatiable palate of Katsuki Bakugou. The man who wouldn't stop lapping up the juices that flowed from you, even when tears streamed from your eyes. Even when your hips thrashed, desperate to retreat from the assault of his greedy tongue.
No, he had finally gotten a proper taste, but his appetite was still roaring. He was still starving. One taste of you wasn't enough.
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jarofstyles · a month ago
H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking, feeling himself there and saying things like „'s my spot, hmm? all nice and snug“ and just him being a cocky ass mf
PLZ 🥵🥵🥵
“Tha’s my spot. Right here….” His large hand pressed against her stomach, the drag of his cock pulling out and then being thrust back in making her eyes roll back. He was watching in awe as his lover arched her back up and nodded.
“S’yours. Yours, yours, your spot. Jus’ keep going like that. Please don’t stop.” Her voice was a desperate whimper as he got to the spot he knew drive her crazy. One he had claimed to own all himself. And he wasn’t wrong. Not a single one of her past lovers managed to find this spot that melted her like butter the moment Harry got to it.
And god, did he find it. Every time he found it and reveled in how she turned to mush, her thighs trembling and her babbling as she took each thrust and climbed closest to her peak. It was something he was incredibly smug over.
“Mmm… and it’s only been mine. Will only ever be mine, forever. No matter what… this spot…. This pussy belongs to me.”
Never had Harry ever been this obsessed with a pussy like he was with Y/N’s. How slick and creamy it got and how it would absolutely mess all over his cock. How it squeeze him, how soft it was, how hot and wet it was inside. The sweet smell and perfect taste. But her spot, he had found the first time Theyd made love. To this day, he made it his mission to find it everybody time he was with her and remind her that it was his.
Call him possessive. He wouldn’t disagree. He loved having ownership over the spot that caused her the most pleasure. It couldn’t be ignored how much slicker she got when he was hitting it. How her body melted and her cunt tightened, how her eyes glossed over and she couldn’t do anything but lay there and clutch his arms, his hair or the sheets and enjoy it.
“Love being inside you. S’nice and snug… so warm. Never want to leave.” He whispered, his hair dropping around his face and leaving a curtain to hide the both of their faces. His mouth kissed at her, trying to coax some more from her but she was gone. As soon as Harry got to his spot she was spoiled and could Ong think about anything but the pleasure and how good his voice sounded.
“M’gonna cum. Gonna cum right in here and flood it out, let it drip down… M’gonna fill you up.” Harry was losing it, the channel around him pulsing and nearly begging him for his load. And so he granted her wish, a wicked moan falling from his mouth as he got as close to her as possible, arm under her body to pull her into him as his hips stuttered and he let go.
The pair moaned, Y/N a mess of pleasure and shaking as she felt his hot cum spurt into her, ribbon after ribbon heating her up and making a mess. Her favorite. She wanted nothing more than this.
“S’my girl… my pussy.” He grunted, rocking into her as his thighs shook slightly, a little overstimulated. But it didn’t matter. The only thing that did was getting every drop her could to coat the inside of her, marking her as his own yet again.
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noteguk · 8 days ago
[redacted] | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone.
— summary; in which you are right about Jungkook’s sexual preferences, but at what cost. 
— contents and warnings; smut, pwp, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, dom!jk x sub!reader, the infamous [redacted] kink that was a daddy kink all along, dirty talk, begging, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, praise kink, slight possessiveness?, lil bit of edging, size kink, manhandling, jk goes a lil crazy lmao, overstimulation, oc cums twice, dumbification but not really, one (1) spank 
— words; 2,8k 
— author’s note; if you’re not keen on daddy kink I get it!! This drabble is very skippable, so don’t worry about sitting this one out 🥰
Jungkook knew you were staring: it was impossible not to. He could see you in his peripheral vision, which endlessly annoyed him, considering he couldn’t even pay attention to the task at hand — trying to absolutely destroy one of his friends in Fortnite. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he complained, twice as irritated now that he realized he had completely thrown his focus out of the window. “What the fuck are you thinking about? You’ve been staring at me for—“ 
“Don’t take what I’m about to say personally,” you interrupted him. The book you had been reading was thrown on your lap, the hem of your dress hiking up your thighs from the way you had mindlessly thrown yourself on his bed earlier. It made Jungkook think of those stupid romantic paintings he had to interpret back in high school. “But you look like someone who would have a daddy kink.”
Which might have been the quickest way to make Jungkook lose a game in history. He removed his headset, turning around on his chair to take a better look at you. If you were taken aback by his flabbergasted expression, you didn’t let it show. “What the fuck are you even talking about?” He asked. 
You shrugged, laying on your side. Romantic paintings be damned: Jungkook thought you looked dangerously inviting like that, and he was just starting to curse himself for accepting to play with his friends when you spoke up again. “Well… Do you?” 
“I don’t know, I never tried it.” He placed his headphones back, and turned around. His friend was laughing at him, accusing him of being a sore loser because of his silence. “Sounds weird.” 
“Let’s try it one of these days,” you said nonchalantly, picking your book back up. “If you don’t like it, we can just pretend it never happened.” 
“Fine,” Jungkook mumbled, waiting for his friend to start a new round. His fingers hovered over the keys for a second, before another thought popped in his head. “Do you have one?”
You decided to ignore that. “I’ll drop it, when you least expect it, it’ll be funny.” You chuckled. “Don’t worry too much about it.” 
And then the day went on as if that talk had never happened. 
One of these days took a little longer than Jungkook expected — enough for him to forget about that off-putting interaction in the first place, in fact. Which might as well have been your plan, considering how surprised he looked when you finally dropped it. 
“God, you feel so fucking good, princess,” Jungkook moaned, his head buried on the crook of your neck and hands beneath your knees, holding your legs up. His fingers were digging into your soft flesh, squeezing the way he did when he was dangerously close to tipping over. “Wanna fill you up so fucking bad.” 
“Please, yes,” you cried out, dizzy because of your growing pleasure. You could feel every ridge of his cock sliding in and out of you as he fucked you open, hitting that sweet spot that got you seeing stars. Jungkook had become an expert at finding the ways to make you cry out and, once he got it, he wouldn’t let it go. “Want that so bad.” 
He leaned back, a maniac look on his face as he looked down at where your bodies connected. Jungkook groaned at the way your wetness clung onto his length, the way your pussy wrapped tightly around him. “Yeah? Fuck, baby,” he hissed, snapping his eyes towards yours. You looked so pretty like that, laying there and letting him have his way with you. “Whose pussy’s this?” 
You whined. “Yours.” Your eyelids fluttered shut, filter long forgotten. Maybe that’s why that forsaken word dropped from your tongue so easily when you said, “It’s yours, daddy.” 
Some part of your fragmented, scrambled brain reminded you that you should probably make fun of the way Jungkook froze up at the name, his movements stilling as he stared at you like you had just grown a second head. Yet, you didn’t have time to build the words before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you, and placing his forehead against yours. 
“What did you just call me?” His voice was calm, deep, but you could tell from its sharpness that there was something else seething inside him. You didn’t know if you were scared or turned on — probably both. “Say it again, princess. Don’t be shy.” 
From the way he was looking at you, you were already starting to second guess yourself. But the need to use Jungkook’s preferences against him was stronger than any rational thought at that moment. “Daddy,” you whined — you were trying to remain composed, but with your orgasm so close and his cock digging deep inside you, you couldn’t do it. “Move, please. I’m so close.” 
No, he couldn’t do that just yet. The cogs inside Jungkook’s head were turning, dark irises glued to your face as he decided how to move on from there. His main problem now was that you were right: he didn’t know how, but you had psychoanalyzed him enough to know that he had a daddy kink, and it was just a matter of time before you decided to weaponize it against him, like you did with all the previous ones. 
Wait, claimed the scheming part of his brain: wasn’t the point of a daddy kink that he was in control? Technically, he should be the one taking advantage of that. Or he could at least try before you got the upper hand. 
“Kook,” you cried out his name, the heels of your feet digging to the base of his spine. Jungkook realized you wouldn’t put up a fight if he tried to do just that — some days you would be a brat and he might back out, but, now, you looked so needy and fucked-out that there was no way you wouldn’t fold. “Stop edging me, you know I—“ 
“That wasn’t what you called me before,” he interrupted you, and the seriousness in his tone made your stomach clench. Have you committed a terrible mistake? Probably yes. Would you do it again? Also yes. “What was it again, baby?” 
You giggled. “I knew you’d like i—“ 
Jungkook silenced you with a brusque thrust of his cock inside you, making you cry out, your lungs failing you for a second. “I asked you a question, angel. Behave now.” 
He did it once more, loving the way you shivered under him. You let out a gasp — which turned into a moan, and then a frail, yet perfectly understandable, “Daddy,” you said, “I called you daddy.” 
He dove back in and placed a small, tender kiss against your lips. “Good girl. See? It wasn’t that hard to answer,” he teased. “Ask properly now.” 
For a second you stared at him without saying a word and Jungkook just knew you were deciding whether to follow his lead or make his life a living hell. Sooner than he expected, though, you made up your mind, body relaxing against the pillows and an expression of submission all over your pretty face. Apparently it was his lucky day. “Please, daddy, fuck me. I wanna cum so bad.” 
Well, fuck. He definitely had a daddy kink. But Jungkook would deal with the implications of that another day — perhaps in one which you weren’t so obedient, because, right now, he’d take advantage of that. 
Jungkook pouted at your distress, taking one hand to cup your cheek. “Poor little thing, my princess wants to cum?” He asked, to which you nodded, looking like you weren’t all there. You were probably really close to orgasming, he realized, because even in your most submissive state, you still liked to talk back a little. He could really get used to that. “Gonna take daddy’s cock like a good girl?” 
You bit your lip, hands landing on his biceps, trying to ground yourself. “Yes,” you said. 
Jungkook tilted his head to the side, sitting back between your legs. His cock was still inside you, and the change of angle made your lips part in a silent gasp. “Yes what?” He pressed. 
This time, it came out instantly. “Yes, daddy.”
He huffed, hooking your legs over his forearms. Jungkook felt your pussy clenching around him, already so tight, and his facade almost cracked. “That’s better. Don’t make me remind you one more time,” he warned, tilting his upper body forward so your thighs were pressed against your torso. You felt his weight pushing down on you and a pathetic little whimper died on your throat. “Ask me again, baby.” 
If there’s one thing Jungkook liked when you got desperate was that you’d do anything to get some sort of relief — which probably explained why you got so mad when he edged you, considered it pushed you towards a constant state of desperation and euphoria, making you forget your esteemed social filters for a few minutes. You hated being kept on the limit of your orgasm, he knew that (and he very rarely did it), but there was something about the neediness in your voice combined with that cursed name that made him lose his mind when you begged, “Please, daddy, fuck me.” 
The second Jungkook started pounding into your pussy, you threw your head back, a loud moan falling from your lips (which made you extremely thankful for the fact that your roommate wasn’t home). You simply couldn’t filter out your noises, pleasure rising at a thunderous pace, taking you right back to where you were before it all went down. 
“I can’t— I can’t hold it,” you cried out, fighting to focus on his face, but being unable to do so. Jungkook had his gaze zeroed in on your pussy, watching as it swallowed his cock whole, opening up for him and clenching him so tightly. “I’m gonna cum, daddy, you’re so big.” 
“Just what my baby deserves, hm?” Jungkook asked, focus now slowly moving up your body, watching your tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts before finally stopping on your face. You looked so pretty under him, so fucked out and submissive, it made his chest swell up with pride. “Such a good girl. Such a perfect little pussy. Go ahead and make a mess for daddy.” 
You reached your limit right away, moaning out in bliss as you clenched around him, legs shaking and eyes rolling to the back of your head. Jungkook kept fucking you through your high, not caring for the whimpers of sensitivity that started to bubble up your throat. 
“Gonna take what daddy gives you, right?” He asked, and you simply nodded. You reached for his forearms, trying to ground yourself as his cock continued to bury itself deep inside you, teasing you further. “Words, princess.” 
“Yes, d-daddy, I can take it,” you hiccuped, fighting through your sensitivity. It was slowly starting to feel good again. “Don’t stop, please.” 
He smirked. “That’s my good girl.” 
You were so used to Jungkook that most times you forgot how big he was — his large, muscular frame looming over you quickly reminded you, however. With your green flag to keep going, he decided to change your position, removing his cock from your heat before picking you up and turning you around like you were weightless. His hands hooked around your hips and pulled your lower body upwards, your knees automatically finding support on the mattress as your back arched, ass perked up for him. 
“You just let me do whatever I want with you, don’t you?” He asked, positioning himself behind you. You whined (both at the feeling of his cock brushing against your entrance and as a poor attempt at answering his question), hands holding to the pillow in expectation. “I don’t even know how you can take me so deep, pussy’s so fucking tiny.”
A choked up moan fell from your lips when Jungkook pushed himself back inside you, pounding just as fast and hard as before. You could feel yourself getting close again, body locking up as your second orgasm approached at dangerous speed. “D-Daddy, too much,” you sobbed, pressing your face against the pillow. You were being so loud that there was no way in hell your neighbors weren’t listening to that. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna—“ 
The growl that Jungkook emitted when he felt you cumming around his cock for the second time was almost enough to make you lose it for a third time. “Fuck, that’s my good girl,” he praised, leaning forward so he could reach deeper inside you. Jungkook was losing his mind at the way your pussy tried to milk him dry, clenching around his cock desperately as you called out for him — a mixture of daddy and Kook and please that he wouldn’t forget so soon. “You were made for this, weren’t you? Made to take daddy’s cock, to cum all over it.” 
“Y-Yes, daddy,” you moaned. 
“Is that all you can think about, princess?” He asked. Jungkook wasn’t expecting for you to nod so fast, nor to see that desperate expression on your pretty face. Fuck, you looked completely ruined, totally fucked-out. There was no way he could hold back another minute. “Gonna be a good girl and take daddy’s cum? Uh? Gonna let daddy fill your pussy up?” 
You nodded again, but that wasn’t what Jungkook wanted and you knew it. The feeling of his palm coming down against your ass was hard and sharp, so unexpected that you almost lost your balance, struggling to find your voice. “Yes, d-daddy, yes,” you whined. “I need it, please.”
Jungkook groaned, raising the speed of his thrusts as his moans and curses echoed all around you, dancing inside your overstimulated brain. “Fuck, take it, baby, take everything,” he breathed out, barely giving you time to agree before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you so he could fill you up. “Shit.” 
You could feel the way Jungkook’s cum shot inside you, stuffing your pussy as he continued to prolong his pleasure. After a few more shallow thrusts, he pulled his cock from your pussy and sat back on his legs, trying to regain his breath — and probably his sense of reality as well. 
“Shit, look at that,” Jungkook commented, watching as his cum dripped out of you. As per usual, he pushed it right back in, two fingers playing with your sensitive entrance before he pulled them away again. “What do we say?”
Beyond exhausted, you rolled your body around before you answered, back against the mattress and hands resting besides your head. “Thank you, daddy,” you said, obedient as ever. 
Jungkook dove forward, hovering over you and placing a kiss against your lips. “Good girl,” he praised. “Did so well for me, angel. I’m so proud of you.” 
The next kiss was a lot deeper, more cherishing. You melted against his body, sighing happily as his hands caressed your figure, trying to bring you back down from your previous state. In the name of peace, you allowed Jungkook to take his time with you, but you couldn’t disguise the wicked spark in your eye when he pulled back. 
“You’re so funny,” you said, a smirk already creeping up on your mouth. 
Because he knew you so well, he was certain of what was going to happen. “Don’t fucking say it,” Jungkook groaned. 
You giggled, a little delirious. “What? I told you so?” You asked. “Because I totally did.” 
Jungkook frowned. He didn’t like your manic expression one bit. “You have one too.”
“Duh.” You rolled your eyes, fighting back your victorious smile. Everything went according to plan. “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t, genius.” You booped his nose, which only deepened his frown. “But you know I’m gonna make your life hell because of it, right?” 
Currently, Jungkook was feeling like the dumbest man on the planet for thinking he would take control over such a valuable piece of information. In the bedroom, perhaps, but, outside, it was your card to play. “Don’t,” he warned, dry. 
But you couldn’t care less about his threats. “It’s my secret weapon.” You wiggled your brows. “I’ll drop it when you least expect it. It’ll be funny.”
check out the rest of the bad influence collection! 
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introloves · a month ago
aone fingering u when u guys have a movie night is my favorite thing to imagine
boyfriend! aone + fingering + squirting + soft praise + f! reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the nights just barely started- comfortable and warm under the fluffy comforter you’ve pulled from your bed to cuddle up right next to aone. he doesn’t say anything while you giggle about because of whatever’s playing, choosing to sling a thick arm around your shoulder, breathing in the smell that’s so unmistakably you.
he usually is better about tempering down the swelling need to fuck you, and it looks like you’re enjoying yourself, so he’s good on not interrupting for a good half hour- all until you’ve inevitably settled yourself right on top his lap, so readily gravitating to his form.
this is when he takes initiative to slowly run thick and calloused hands down your body, pulling your thighs apart so he can feel you up, completely ignoring the way you’ve snapped your gaze up at him in confusion.
“‘nobu?” you question sweetly, pitch rising at the end call of his name because two thick fingers have already parted your folds, sliding right past skimpy sleeping shorts and digging in through the warmth, feeling up something so velvety and soft.
“mm, watch the movie.” is all he says in response, just glancing down to look at you to make sure you obey, and of course you do.
the second your gaze falls back onto the t.v, bottom lip securely tucked between your teeth he wanders the pads of his digits down your pert clit, hooking them inside your cunt.
head tossed back onto your shoulder, it makes him smile silently at the desperate swivel of your hips, greedy little thing so used to receive his massive cock no used to the small teasing touches- two of his thick fingers no where close to what you want, but he makes it work.
“good girl.” praises leave him so easy, sharp- wet clicking sounds from how wet you already are roll down onto the empty space of your living room, only overshadowed by whatever’s going on in the movie.
warm soft hands shakily shoot down to hold against his muscled forearm- trying to push him away because you’re about to cum, you’re about to cum and it’ll be a mess and you don’t want to dirty his lap or the comforter or-
it doesn’t really matter anyways, aone would never lose the fight against your pushing hands or the tight clench of your pussy squeezing down rhythmically around his fingers, finally reaching its stop as a rolling orgasm courses down your shuddering body.
high kneening turns frantic when he rubs a tender patch right against your upper wall- muscles tensing while he wiggles his whole hand back and forth, grinding his teeth with the jostling your ass is rubbing along his cock- breathily whispering out husky groans and small praises, too transfixed in the wetness you’re spilling down onto his lap.
“messy- so messy. it’s good, it’s good isn’t it?”
aone questions, and you dumbly nod- squirming form now twitching in the after effects of cumming so hard, finally blinking back the haze and feeling him throb under your ass- the mess of cum making your thighs slippery and his hand feel too warm.
“felt really good- now let me, let me make you feel good.”
and of course aone can’t say no to you- wanting more than anything to feel your tight cunt squeeze and wet his cock while load after load of cum nestles itself inside of you- letting you turn your swaying body in his lap to look at him with pretty eyes.
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jen0zen · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
ੈ♡‧₊˚ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHEN THE WOLVES COME OUT [fluff, mature, crack] ✧∘* abo!au, college!au, roommates!au; alpha!jeno x f!omega!reader ࿐ ࿔*:・゚wc: 12.6k+
summary: living far away from college was a bigger problem than you had first considered it to be, the long trips you had to make twice a day being more tiring than the hours you spent studying in class. for that reason, deciding to move somewhere closer to campus was a relatively easy decision to make, the only problem being the need to find a suitable roommate — which in your mind was a nice beta who could keep you company at all times, the complete opposite of the scary-looking alpha you ended up landing on.
warnings: m/f smut; oral (f), fingering (f), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), nipple sucking, alpha knotting, a tiny bit of aftercare.
inspired by: wolves by one direction
a/n: this is my first time writing an abo au, so i'm both nervous and excited for this!! as most writers do, i sort of created my own rules for this universe, so it might all seem a bit confusing at first but i tried my best to make everything as clear as possible. i haven't written smut in a while though, so this definitely isn't my best work, but i hope it is still somewhat good oof
THIS IS NOT PROOFEREAD!! so please, if you catch any errors, either report them to me or just ignore it.
Tumblr media
you had known donghyuck your whole life, knew him inside and out like no one else did; still, you sometimes wondered how you were stupid enough to trust your idiot of a friend.
“it has to be a beta though, okay? maybe an omega, but no alphas” you replayed the conversation you had last week with him in your mind, each of your sentences coming to you in the form of flashbacks as clear as day.
“yeah, yeah. i’ll find you the perfect roommate, i swear” donghyuck mindlessly replied, more frustration flooding you at the realization that you really put your faith in the wrong person.
truth be told, you believed donghyuck truly had good intentions when he offered to help you find someone to share an apartment with — that being said, believing he would follow the only rule you set in place was still an extremely foolish thing that you, for some reason, did.
as soon as you stepped foot into the hallway of the building of your soon-to-be new home, the front door of the apartment you would soon be moving into already visible, you couldn’t help but notice right away the extremely overwhelming scent of an alpha coming from that direction, the way it so obviously flowed from there and not any of the other doors placed near it making your blood immediately boil as you finally realized that you weren’t gonna be living with a beta, much less an omega, but actually, with an alpha.
“hyuck! i specifically said i didn’t want an a-” you started off your speech with an already half-screamed voice, your annoyance flooding you as you watched your best friend slowly turn back to stare at you, a devilish smile playing at his lips.
“calm down, it’s no big deal. jeno is not gonna do anything to you, he’s like… i don’t know, a human puppy. he’s harmless” donghyuck interrupted, hands up in the air moving calmly according to his words. “besides, i’m also an omega, and i live alone with an alpha. and i’m completely fine”
“it’s different though. we’ve known mark for super long, we know he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but i don’t know this jeno dude, he could be a psychopath or something” you retorted, also gesturing heavily in the process.
“y/n, i wouldn’t let you move in with a psychopath, come on” he said, his expression softer and his tone also changed into a calmer one, finally seeming to take the whole situation seriously “look, i know jeno, and he is a good guy, i promise” donghyuck continued, hands positioning themselves on your shoulders as the pats of his fingers gently caressed the area “besides, you probably won’t see much of him anyways. if he isn’t on campus, he is either locked in his gaming room playing or out riding his bike, so it will be like you are living alone most of the time”
you sighed heavily. although donghyuck’s words did bring you some sort of comfort, you were still taken aback by the idea of living alone with an unknown alpha. you knew how alphas could get sometimes; especially around omegas, they could get their emotions a bit fired up and act aggressively towards them. you knew donghyuck would never put you in a dangerous position purposefully — especially because he was also an omega and extremely aware of how alphas would sometimes act, still, the thought of living like that was a bit more frightening than you would like to admit.
“i promise i’ll always be just one call away. if anything happens, just tell me and i’ll get johnny to beat jeno up, okay?” donghyuck continued, eyes softly glistening as they stared right back at yours. his words did make you laugh though; as much as his older brother could look like a dangerous alpha strong enough to break anyone in two, you knew johnny was way too soft to any of that — which made you hope that, whoever that jeno guy was, he would be just as nice and calm as johnny or mark, and not a complete asshole like the alpha stereotype usually dictated.
after calming down, you and donghyuck finally walked up to the awaiting door, one of his slender fingers pressing into the doorbell once and hearing it resonate through the walls. however, no response came, the door remaining closed and no sign of anyone inside the apartment to at least hint if you were simply being ignored or not.
“don’t tell me that dumbass forgot about it and went out” your best friend hushed annoyed, burning anger slowly taking over him as he kept on pressing the ringing button to no avail, the wooden door remaining closed and no response coming from the other side.
“hyuck, maybe we should go ba-”
your words were cut off by the sound of the doorknob finally turning, pushing back the door to reveal a tall-ish guy with dark hair long enough to start to curl at the ends that barely reached his neck, his expression emotionless as he looked down at you two, his simple presence more over-powering than you had expected.
“don’t you know how to wait, haechan. i was pausing the game and telling jisung to wait” his voice sounded bored, calm even, a bit different from the raging alpha you had expected taking into account how intense his scent, and also aura, was.
“ i- you were taking too long” donghyuck mumbled, appearing calmer than before, although you knew that it was just his omega side telling him to cut it off in front of an alpha.
jeno didn’t reply, simply sighing before stepping to the side, letting you in, not even moving to help you two with the bags you both obviously struggled to carry.
“your room is there, the bathroom is over there, and the living room is here and the kitchen there. i already separated space for you on the cupboard and fridge so our food doesn’t get mixed, and you also have some storage space on the bathroom” jeno explained, finger-pointing around the small apartment in the short tour he gave before he walked up to a door he didn’t mention, the sound of the key clicking showing he had locked himself there.
“okay, maybe he is an asshole, but… he’s just shy, give him time” donghyuck intervened when silence fell upon you two, both staring into the dark corridor dumbfounded. “that room he just went into is his gaming room, and that other door is his bedroom. probably don’t walk into those unless he tells you to, he doesn’t really like people getting into his space” he continued, walking in the direction of your bedroom before you started talking, making his head turn back.
“and you told me to move in with him? if he is that territorial why the hell would i move in with him? he’ll probably hate having me here”
“you’ll be fine. he could probably get some help with the bills anyways so i’m sure he won’t mind having you here, just don’t go into his gaming room or bedroom. that’s it”
you sighed, again, while watching as donghyuck slightly nodded at you before continuing his path, putting your bags down before starting to help you get everything in place — most of the clothes you had brought already stored in their right places after a few hours, shoes and all your other products also kept in their right places.
once you were done, donghyuck left, waving you goodbye with a big smile before going into jeno’s gaming room to also announce his departure, getting hit in the head with a pillow for coming in without knocking before receiving a grumpy “bye” as a response.
when you were left alone in your room, you couldn’t help but let out a tired breath, your muscles slowly relaxing as you layed back on top of your bed, the sheets covering the mattress being ones you had brought from home giving you some comfort in the familiar smell.
at least inside your bedroom, jeno’s scent wasn’t as overbearing, your own starting to slowly also take place and spread through it, and hopefully in no time it would also flow around the rest of the apartment. you did wonder why donghyuck didn’t seem half as affected as you did by it. maybe he was already used to it, or maybe he was just better at hiding it, but either way, you ended up not giving it much of a thought, simply continuing with your day, staying locked in your new bedroom out of pure shyness, not really wanting to bump into your new roommate, only leaving later on to go buy something for your dinner, coming back to find an empty apartment, no sign of jeno anywhere, the discovery making you sigh happily as your nose was left without the slight tingling sensation that took over it while he was there, even if in another room, your slight dizziness also completely gone when left alone.
after some debate, you decided to sit on the couch, your take-out in hand as you settled comfortably, zapping through the channels before stopping on one that played a movie that seemed mildly entertaining, the warm food along with it making you feel at ease as you ate in silence, only the dialogues booming from the large tv filling in the mute space.
it took jeno another hour to come back, hair sticking to his sweaty forehead as he breathed heavily, helmet under his arm letting you know he had gone out for a bicycle ride. he looked at you for a second, sniffling as he put down his helmet on the hooks by the door, going into the kitchen and walking by you with a cold water bottle in hands, murmuring a simple “don’t leave that mess there” before going into his bedroom, picked up what you assumed was a change of clothes, and locked himself in the shared bathroom, the sound of running water being quick to fill the otherwise still silent environment.
you couldn’t help but sigh again — something you noticed you had done a weird amount in the few last hours, either due to you being nervous or simply uncomfortable. nevertheless, and because if there was something you wanted to avoid was a fight on your first day living there, you put everything in the trash like you already planned on doing, going into your room afterwards and laying down in bed, letting your tiredness fill you as your eyelids grew heavier, sleep finally taking over your body.
the next day, a rainy sunday, wasn’t much more eventful. like donghyuck predicted, jeno stayed locked in his gaming room all day, sometimes random screams of anger spilling through the thin walls every time his character died or one of his friends did something he didn’t like — or at least that was what you assumed was going on. thankfully, however, you didn’t run into each other, you also preferring to stay in your own bedroom, only leaving to go out to shop for your groceries, filling your cupboard and part of the fridge as organized as possible.
“so, how was it?” donghyuck asked excitedly as soon as he saw you on monday’s morning, renjun and mark standing by his side seeming just as curious.
“living with jeno?” you questioned back, receiving three positive nods as a response. “it was fine, i didn’t really see him anyways. actually, besides during the shitty tour he gave, the only time i saw him was when he came back after a bike ride or something and told me to clean my trash, which i was already gonna do anyways so i don’t know what was the point of him even opening his mouth in the first place”
“you guys don’t talk to each other? that’s lame, it takes away all the fun of having a roommate” donghyuck pouted, arms crossing in front of his chest.
“says you who lives with one of your best friends and not a complete stranger” you said back in the same tone, arms also lacing in front of your chest.
“to be fair, jeno can be really intimidating. at first, i was so scared of him i wouldn’t even look his way” renjun pitched in, brows furrowing slightly as he seemed to remind himself of those pitiful times.
“and you are a beta, imagine how much more an omega probably is intimidated by him. even i thought he was sort of scary at first” mark added right after, finger pointing at his friend before looking between you and donghyuck. “i’m sure it will be fine though, jeno is just like a huge puppy”
“hyuck said the same thing, but i heavily doubt that to be honest. the way he screamed at whoever he was playing with yesterday was far from puppy-like” now it was your time to furrow your brows, the vivid memories from the day prior almost being able to send a shiver down your back and make your heart speed up like it did in the actual moment.
“oh, he was screaming at me and chenle, another guy we play with. don’t take it too seriously, jeno usually gets too heated up in the middle of the game but is fine a minute later” renjun explained while one of his hands scratched the back of his head, seeming embarrassed.
“he is genuinely scary sometimes though, especially if you are by his side in the moment” donghyuck intervened as he faked a shiver going down his body, whole torso shaking in an overexaggerated motion.
“either way, it doesn’t matter. as long as he doesn’t bother me, i won’t bother him either”
unfortunately though, or maybe not, probably depends on the way you view it, neither you nor jeno seemed interested in the other enough to try to create some sort of friendship. between you two, the first couple of months of living as roommates could be easily summarized as a silent contract of leaving each other alone while not really interacting — any conversations reserved for the important stuff only. it worked for both sides, and that seemed to be something that didn’t bother either of you.
donghyuck, however, didn’t seem to share the same opinion, even convincing mark and renjun to join on his habitual nagging of how you should form some sort of bond, even being shameless enough to bring the matter up in your weekly pack meetings back home, also convincing the other two to back him up at those moments — not that it really mattered if he did that or not, the opinions of the other members being pretty well divided between being happy you weren’t getting closer with people from packs your own didn’t know or have any relation to, while the rest seemed to agree that if neither of you wanted a friendship of sorts, it was probably better to not force it as to not create any wrong impressions, all that very obviously leaving your best friend well past frustrated, bottom lip jutting out as he whined, making you roll your eyes as johnny patted his back, softly asking him to simply drop the idea every time.
you didn’t blame yourself for the lack of progress in your relationship though, putting all the blame on jeno. jaemin, jeno’s best friend who basically lived in the apartment, and that was also an alpha that could look just as scary and intimidating as your roommate, had been quick to befriend you, being way nicer than the grumpy one you lived with. he would always at the very least greet you when he hung out with jeno, sometimes even neglecting his own best friend and staying in the living room talking with you, his charming personality being way more appealing than you had expected, any fear you could have felt regarding him non-existing as his sweet voice and bright smile made you feel more at ease than anything.
“quit flirting and come here” was what jeno would always say to interrupt you two, not even looking your way as his raspy voice filled the room, interrupting your and jaemin’s conversations. sometimes it would take him almost two hours to show up and steal his best friend back, other times he wouldn’t as much as even give jaemin the opportunity to sit down with you, being quick to grab him by the arm and pull him into his gaming room.
to further prove your point, since living there you had befriended even more of jeno’s close friends. chenle and jisung also appeared there frequently, not as much as jaemin, but either way, the fact that the two betas were always accompanied by donghyuck, mark or renjun did help in making you also get closer to them. jisung, although he was also extremely shy and even awkward at times, was still way friendlier than jeno, never missing the chance to wave at you timidly when he visited the apartment, showing you the cutest gummy smile you had ever seen, your caring and nurturing instincts almost yelling at you to adopt the younger boy. chenle, who you quickly noted was always by jisung’s side, as if they were a ‘pay one take two’ sort of deal, was also extremely friendly. he was more extroverted than jisung, not shying away from always saying an excited “hello!” when he saw you, his characteristic loud laughter already ingrained in your brain as one of the most adorable ones you had ever heard.
one last person you also grew close to was yangyang. he didn’t pass by nearly as much as the others, but still, you two became extremely close incredibly fast, even going out just the two of you at times, donghyuck sometimes also joining in with the excuse that he didn't want you to become best friends with another omega, scared you would forget about him — didn't matter how many times you explained that was practically impossible. something you did find weirdly funny was how similar the two of them could be sometimes, both donghyuck and yangyang having the hidden ability to act like total brats when the situation called for it, sometimes even teaming up against you.
“if you don’t do it, we will” yangyang threatened, acting as if his mischievous smirk would have any effect on you.
“then go ahead and ask him out, i don’t care” you said calmly, foolishly thinking they would drop the topic they had been arguing with you about for the past five minutes so easily.
“no dumbass, we’re not gonna ask him out for us, it’s for you”
“hyuck, you can do what you want, there’s no way i’m going out with na jaemin, we are just friends”
but then again, donghyuck, and also yangyang apparently, were both really persuasive. on the day of your little fight, they seemed to give up on trying to set you up with jaemin, seemingly forgetting about how they thought you and the alpha you had recently grown extremely close to would make a good match — however, much to your dismay but also as an impossible to forget reminder that you were sometimes a bit too gullible, you now found yourself sitting across from said alpha in the exact same coffee shop your two friends brought the topic up just a few days prior, the table it all started on just a few meters away from you.
“this doesn’t have to be awkward, you know. it’s not like i’m courting you or something” jaemin started, plush lips wrapping around the paper straw as he sipped a bit of his coffee, the dark shade of it prooving that it might not be all that safe, nor healthy, to be drinking it nearly as much as he did daily.
the mention of being courted by jaemin, for some reason, did make your cheeks feel warmer all of a sudden. you really had no intentions of ever mating with him; nevertheless, the idea of an alpha liking you enough to court you, and all the implications that action brought along with it, made you feel better than you ever would care to admit.
“i know, it’s just that… i’ve never been on an actual date, and i just didn’t think my first one would be with you of all people” you shyly replied, eyes fixated on your fingers as they played with the paper straw in your own cup.
“what, do you think i’m a bad option for a first date?” jaemin teased, leaning in and letting his elbows rest on the table, sly smile playing on his face. “and how come no alpha has ever asked you out? that seems ridiculous to me” he continued, now more serious while still keeping the mood lighthearted.
“i’ve been asked out, the problem was that most alphas our age back home were assholes”
“and are the ones here assholes too?” he questioned again, eyes glinting with something you couldn’t recognize. you knew he was referring to himself — that much was obvious — and you definitely thought jaemin wasn’t an asshole, if anything, he was extremely nice, but you weren’t sure you wanted to answer him like that and take the chances of him understanding the whole situation wrong.
“not necessarily” you mumbled, eyes escaping from his piercing gaze, all of the sudden not able to keep any sort of eye contact long enough.
“that’s good to know” was the last thing jaemin muttered before resting his back against his chair, sipping again from his coffee and changing the theme quickly, noticing your discomfort with the current one, opting for one that didn’t involve anything even slightly related to a possible relationship between you two.
donghyuck and yangyang, unfortunately, were more persistent than you and jaemin could ever hope to be; you weren’t sure where their sudden need to find you a partner came from, but what you did know was that they were starting to follow jaemin much more often, always after him whispering things into his ear as if they held the country’s most valuable secret. as their weird behavior began, the alpha also seemed to get influenced by it. it wasn’t like jaemin was beginning to court you or something, but he did start picking you up from your classes and accompanying you to your next one daily, always doing so while smiling brightly. he also started taking you out more often, and even if the dates really felt like you were just two friends hanging out, you knew it looked like he was starting to try to hit on you to possibly ask to mate you to any outsiders who might notice how often you were now seen together — which were a lot, jaemin’s popularity among the college’s campus not allowing the pair of you to go as unnoticed as most alphas and omegas in your situation would.
to be honest, you weren’t sure if you enjoyed the attention or not; jaemin’s attention that is, not the one coming from the curious students trying to get as many sneak peeks into your life as possible. you liked him, a lot, but enough to date him or, on an even more permanent note, mate with him? you weren’t sure. jaemin was far beyond what you could have ever asked for on an alpha. he was sweet, caring, understanding and, most importantly, respectful, never going past any boundaries you set. he was what your parents would consider a perfect mate, and you could already imagine the way both their eyes would shine in excitement if they knew about jaemin, how your dad would start excitedly trying to pamper you up for him, telling you once more all the stories about how he felt when your mom started courting him while he was just a way-too-innocent omega who had no idea what that all truly meant, while your mom would starting giving you wise advice on what not to do, and also on what to do, when an alpha showed interest in you, also re-telling the stories of how she felt when she courted your dad. all those thoughts left you excited, the idea of being able to live that and have that bonding moment with your parents more thrilling than you expected; still, you weren’t sure if jaemin was the right person to start all that process with. it wasn’t that you hated the idea of it, but when it came to na jaemin, you had still to feel all the things people always told you were evidence one might be the perfect choice for a partner, or even better, mate: a rush of butterflies to your stomach, an overwhelmingly good scent that never goes unnoticed, the constant need to be by their side. you enjoyed being with jaemin, but not constantly, and you had felt extreme levels of happiness when by his side whenever he told a stupid joke, but nothing he ever did made you feel as if butterflies burst inside you, and most importantly, his scent might be good, intense even, the traditional musky one that gave away one was an alpha you thought, but never to the point it would overwhelm you.
“so you really don’t like him?” yangyang asked, small pout forming on his lips as he spoke, brows slightly furrowing. he rested against the wall that separated the living room of the apartment from the corridor that led to the bedrooms and such, donghyuck by his side, while jeno, jaemin, chenle and jisung were locked on the gaming room, now probably waiting for the two of them to return so they could continue their game, while you sat on the couch with mark and renjun, the three of you watching a drama that played on the tv.
“i don’t know, i don’t think i like him like that” you replied, face feeling warmer as you looked down, fingers fiddling nervously on your lap.
“i still can’t believe you two were stupid enough to try to force a relationship between them” renjun complained, looking at the two omegas while slowly shaking his head from side to side, obviously showing his disapproval.
“that’s, like, a thing you can’t force, that connection, you know” mark added, protectively wrapping an arm around your shoulders, slight frown forming on his face.
“whatever, guess we’ll have to try again but with jeno” donghyuck mumbled before he and yangyang went back to the gaming room, making you and the other two boys who sat by your side yell out a “what?!” in unison, hoping that was just some deprived joke he had come up with in the moment.
unfortunately though, and unless the situation called for it so one of his messed-up schemes could come to life, if there was something donghyuck was completely against, it was lying.
“you guys even live together, it would be the best match ever!” donghyuck exclaimed, his only argument as to why he wanted to put you and jeno together apparently being that one, yangyang standing by his side nodding profusely, showing how much he agreed with the statement.
“i don’t know when you’ll be able to put this into your pea-sized brain you big dumbass, but you can’t make people fall in love just because you wanna play matchmaker” renjun said a bit too aggressively, making donghyuck whine and pout and lean into mark, waiting for the oldest one to defend him.
“i’m sorry, hyuck, but renjun is right. you two can’t force them to date when they obviously don’t want it” was what mark added as he massaged his best friend’s shoulder blades, sighing when the omega whined again, leaning on yangyang instead.
still, it wasn’t a few harsh words flying from renjun’s lips at a second of anger that would stop donghyuck. yangyang, very obviously, had come to terms with the fact neither of them had the power to match you up with anyone if you weren’t interested in it. now he wasn’t joining donghyuck on his mischievous actions anymore, simply sitting back in pure amusement watching as the whole shit-show his friend was about to create developed, excitedly waiting for the over-dramatized story he knew he would be told.
“you’re both here, that’s great!” was the first thing donghyuck exclaimed as jeno opened the door to your apartment to him, the alpha simply rolling his eyes at his friend’s over-enthusiastic tone, going back to his place in the kitchen where he previously prepared a snack for another long afternoon locked in front of his computer, while you sat on the sofa scrolling through your phone, low music softly playing from the spotify app opened on your laptop that sat by your side as background noise.
“what do you want?” jeno asked, eyes focused as he pulled the extremely hot bag of popcorn out of the microwave, hissing when his fingertips pressed against the burning paper before quickly opening it, putting the now cooked corn into a big bowl.
“why don’t you guys get along together? you’ve been living together for months now, you should be best friends by this point”
neither you nor jeno answered, simply staring back at the omega as he stepped into the apartment, closing the door behind him. you knew what was coming your way, preferring to simply sigh before going back to scrolling through social media, paying no mind to whatever your best friend was about to say.
“where is that coming from?” jeno asked, brows tightly furrowed as he grabbed his popcorn bowl, stuffing a few into his mouth before starting to walk back into his gaming room, stopping halfway when donghyuck spoke up again.
“i just think it’s odd that you guys don’t get along better” the omega replied, sly smirk playing on his lips filled with pure evil intent.
“we get along just fi-”
“drop it, hyuck. you’re gonna make yourself look like a fool” you interrupted jeno abruptly, a sudden wave of anger filling you. the alpha furrowed his brows, looking at you with a strict expression, almost as if he was offended you talked over him.
“who are you to know? maybe i’m the one who will unite two soulm-”
“seriously, stop! you’re really overstepping this time” you once more interrupted, getting up clearly annoyed and picking up your laptop before starting to walk towards your bedroom.
“what are you two even talking about?”
“nothing” you and donghyuck replied in unison, his tone much more condescending than your terribly irritated one, leaving jeno to confusedly chew on his popcorn before scoffing, muttering out an almost silent “omegas…” before, finally, going into his destination.
but, just as you were suspecting, donghyuck wouldn’t drop the matter so easily. not this time.
going behind your back, and as if he hadn’t done enough damage the first time with jaemin, almost destroying the building friendship you had with him by putting ideas into his head about how you two could be two lost soulmates that needed his help to find each other, donghyuck started the same scheme, but with jeno this time. now, he knew jeno wouldn’t be a target as easy to convince as his best friend; first of all, he lacked the skills, or even interest, in flirting with people — which was an activity jaemin had somehow mastered, something you found odd considering how single he always talked about being. but besides that, and once more in complete contrast to jaemin, jeno had no interest in getting into a relationship. from what you gathered from the stories jaemin had told you, jeno hooking up with someone was rarer than you would think considering not only his, for some reason really high, popularity around the omegas on campus and, also very noticeable, good looks. he just didn’t care about it for some reason, or at least not enough to try to chase anything, and jaemin even claimed that the only times he heard the other alpha complain about not having someone by his side was on the days following up to his rut, only then his neediness, and probably built up horniness, showing off as they reached their peak — but even then it was rare he would seek someone to spend his time with, preferring to simply lock himself in his room for the week while painfully waiting for it to end. and, very obviously if you took into account how nosy he could be, donghyuck was already more than aware of all that, and even he acknowledged that it would make his hell-raised mission 120 times harder, but he still wouldn’t give up on it.
“i just have this gut feeling you guys will match, i just know it” donghyuck muttered as you two and yangyang sat at a cheap restaurant for lunch, the whole place crowded by mostly people from your college.
“you two would look cute, that’s for sure”
“don’t tell me you’re teaming up with him again, yang!” you finally spoke up a bit irritated, mouth still half full as you rose a hand up to cover it.
“‘m not, i was just stating a fact” yangyang replied matter-of-factly, looking at you as if he was the perfect picture of pure innocence.
“and even if we would look cute, you shouldn’t be the one to force something like that” you continued, your words now directed at your best friend, your tone for some reason much softer than before.
donghyuck sighed, looking like he was thinking about it — which he probably was. he meant well, even if all his shenanigans were beyond insane and definitely crossed the line at some points, he always meant well, even if his plans sometimes wouldn’t come out the way he wanted them. you found it endearing almost, how he loved you enough to go through all that trouble just to do something he thought would be good for you, but it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t extremely and completely annoying when he put his mind to do something surrounding that idea.
“what were you and haechan talking about the other day?”
as stupid as it may sound considering you were roommates, jeno’s voice filling the empty room when no one else was around, and especially if it was directed at you, was more surprising than it should.
you sat at the couch, back turned to him as he leaned against the kitchen counter, hand holding up a cup filled with soda close to his lips as his gaze was focused on you as you turned your body, eyes squinting slightly in question.
“what are you talking about?” your tone came out a bit more arrogant than you intended it to, but being completely honest, you knew exactly was jeno was talking about, and quite honestly, you wanted to avoid the theme at all costs.
“you know what i’m talking about, don’t pretend” jeno replied right away, voice now as harsh as yours.
you sighed, going back to your previous position, as you tried to muster up an answer that wasn’t a complete lie but, at the same time, wouldn’t give away the truth.
“just say it, jeez. i doubt it’s something important” he complained, footsteps echoing as he walked to stand in front of you, glass cup now empty and left behind on top of the counter.
“it was just something between me and him” you mumbled almost shyly, not able to look up at him, jeno’s figure more intimidating than you would like to admit.
“yeah, but it involved me, and you obviously, and i’m also pretty sure he was gonna say something about us being soulmates before you cut him off” jeno countered, and without looking at him, you weren’t sure if his words were supposed to come out as annoyed, amused or even lighthearted, as if all of a sudden he was trying to be nice and joke around with you.
“ugh, just forget it. he’s just a dumbass sometimes” you groaned out, getting up and walking past him before he spoke up again, stopping you in your tracks.
“i know he is a complete dumbass, i’m his friend too, but lately he has been acting really weird and talking about how great you are all the time, so i would just like to know what you told him to make him think we should date or something?” he continued, and now you were sure he sounded more annoyed than anything.
“i didn’t tell him anything, he just came up with that, he also tried to set me up with jaem-”
“i know he tried to put you with jaemin, that’s not the point. what i’m asking is why is he so focused on us dating now? do you like me or something?”
you couldn’t help but scoff at his words, almost rolling your eyes if it weren’t for all your senses telling you to not do that in front of an alpha.
“well, i’m sorry jeno, but i’m not like the rest of those omegas who fawn over you” you replied, watching as he frowned his brows, nostrils slightly dilating in what you guessed was a hint of anger, maybe even him just being simply offended.
“why not? i’m a pretty good option for a partner if i do say so myself” jeno said after a few seconds, small smirk on his lips, and you swore your brain was about to turn into dust just trying to comprehend how his humor could change so easily so fast.
“what is that even supposed to mean? are you trying to hit on me or something?”
“if you want to see it that way, sure” was the last thing he said before walking back to his room, smirk on full display as he locked eyes with you one last time, leaving behind a trail of his scent so intense you almost felt dizzy, also deciding to lock yourself in your own bedroom.
after that arguably strange conversation, jeno ignored you for the rest of the day, pretending as if you weren’t there whenever you came across each other.
“that is odd, he never does that” donghyuck commented, renjun nodding by his side, both of them having questioning gazes on top of you.
“maybe he is going into rut, probably why he acted horny like that” mark wondered, and lo and behold, not even a couple of days later jeno did ask you to stay somewhere else for about a week, the reasoning behind the request not explicit in his words but, still, obvious enough taking into account he was an alpha.
“i wonder if he’ll also leave when i have my next heat. when i had it the first time while living there i just went back home and locked myself in my room, didn’t ask him to be the one to leave” you ranted during your week-long sleepover at donghyuck and mark’s apartment, the time you spent sleeping in their old couch starting to get to you and make you more annoyed than usual.
“to be fair, his parents leave further away than yours, so it isn’t as easy for him to just go back home like that, especially at the beginning of a rut” mark countered, making you scoff and fold your arms in front of your chest, knowing his logic made sense but still not wanting to admit it.
annoyed or not, your week passed by faster than usual — probably because you were living with two people you actually liked and not some guy that acted more like an old man than like a person that wasn’t even in his mid-20’s, like it was his case.
as you walked down the hall of your apartment’s building, your front door already within your view, you couldn’t help but feel an extreme sensation of deja vu take over you. just like when you moved in during the very first day when you and donghyuck walked down this same hall, jeno’s scent was completely plastered all over it, now even more intense than before. almost unwillingly, your nose scrunched up, the feeling so overwhelming it was uncomfortable. you still walked up to your door, got into the apartment, your hand closing harder around the strap of the bag you carried, a small whine leaving you as you walked by jeno’s room in the direction of yours, only when inside it the scent becoming somewhat more bearable, although still not enough to not make you feel like it was a bit too much. you wondered why it was still so strong. you knew it was normal for alphas and omegas to have their scent more prevalent while in their ruts or heats, but taking into account the fact that jeno told you his rut had ended two days ago, you thought it would already have faded away even if just for a small amount — it very much hadn’t though, and as shameful as you felt in the act of just acknowledging it, the scent that was scattered everywhere through the apartment was making a pool of arousal bubble up inside you, your rational side making you feel a warmth filled with embarrassment creep up your neck and face as you realized you were getting aroused by your roommate, while you irrational side, or in another words, your omega side, told you to go after him and ask for the release you were now craving. thankfully enough, and much to your relief, your heat wasn’t triggered by the overbearing need that flooded you, although you were sure that it was just a shot of extreme luck that somehow hit you for that not to happen.
still, and because you knew whatever luck that had latched onto your for some random reason wasn’t gonna stay there forever, you preferred to stay the rest of the day inside your bedroom, the fact that it was already the afternoon of a saturday making it easier too ave an excuse as to why you were in there if anyone was to ask. as sunday rolled around, and as the problem revolving jeno’s scent still being way too present for it to go unnoticed, you also stayed locked in there, only getting out to quickly grab something to eat and then go shower.
however, just as you predicted, nothing lasts forever, and as monday began, your steps hurried so you could get out before jeno to go to college earlier and not have to see him, your luck finally came to an end the second his hand slightly wrapped around your arm, stopping you before you were able to fully walk out the apartment, a low call for your name falling from his lips making you shyly look behind at him, noticing how he was already also dressed and ready to leave, although his hair was still a bit too damp for the still slightly cold mornings of march, your mind wondering for a second if he wouldn’t end up getting sick if he walked out like that.
“can we walk to campus together?” he asked almost uncertainly, making you wonder where the hell the intimidating alpha you lived with and thought you knew fairly well had gone to.
as a response that came a bit too late, you nodded, feeling his grip fall from you as jeno stepped outside, locking the door behind him before starting to walk by your side.
“i have to apologize for the other day. my rut was about to hit, that’s why i was acting all weird” he finally spoke up as you stepped foot into the sidewalk outside, the silence that stood between you two becoming too awkward to handle.
“it’s fine, i assumed that was the reason for it” you replied, thinking that would be the end of the conversation and assuming you would just make the rest of the small walk silently, drifting apart as soon as you reached the campus. jeno, however, had other plans.
“i was genuinely curious about it though, about why haechan has been talking about you so much to me and jaemin”
you sighed, looking down as if embarrassed. you thought you had managed to get out of that conversation the last time, but apparently not. “he’s just, being weird. he’ll stop eventually”
jeno hummed, chuckling afterwards. “you know, i’m aware i was a total asshole the last time, but if you like me or something you can just tell me, i won’t get mad or something” he added, his tone much more friendlier than the sarcastic one he used when questioning about it the first time.
“hyuck thinks he has to find me a boyfriend or something like that for some reason, it’s just that” you answered, looking at jeno as if trying to convince him of it even more, and you could almost swear a hint of what could be an expression of disappointment crossed his face for a second, his head turning quickly away from you stopping from proving it.
the rest of the short walk was made without any other words and, just like you had predicted, when you reached the campus you two went separate ways, jeno looking at you and showing a faint smile before walking away.
from that point on, weirdly enough, conversations between you and jeno became more common. only after living with each other for basically three months did you two create some sort of bond, and only now did you start to understand why donghyuck said that the best part of having a roommate was always having someone to talk to. before, more often than not, you would find yourself being incredibly bored whenever you had no work to do for school, always ending up sitting in front of the tv watching whatever was playing on it with the background noise of jeno locked in his gaming room randomly shouting at someone, or you would try to find someone to hang out it — either way, it was needless to say having a roommate like jeno was unhelpful back then. now things were a bit different; it wasn’t like you two were best friends all of a sudden, but progressively you started to notice jeno would join you when you were watching something on the tv, even jokingly proposing you should start having a movie night from that point on. you also started eating your meals together instead of both hiding in your own rooms, creating the rule that at least once a week you should cook a proper meal for the other instead of always being trapped in the unhealthy diet of instant ramen and cheap take-out; but even with all that, the most important thing was you were finally getting along, and you starting to actually enjoy being in jeno’s company, maybe even a bit too much.
honestly, it was a bit scary. a few months, if anybody were to ask you if you liked being with jeno you would probably just shrug your shoulders, having no response to that question since you never spent time with him; now, if you had to reply to that, you would probably feel your cheeks get warmer, the thought that you actually enjoyed being with jeno and almost wanted to be with him more often than not making you feel guilty, shy even. now you finally understood what mark and donghyuck meant by calling jeno a ‘big puppy’; when he wasn’t putting on that alpha persona and acting as intimidating as he could, jeno was extremely nice, saying jokes and smiling cutely when you laughed at them, eyes turning into crescent moons in a such a cute way you thought your heart would melt. his voice was also softer when talking to you lately, still as deep as any other alpha’s tone, but not nearly as harsh as before, as he also became more considerate of you, now asking before inviting anyone over, even if you said you truly didn’t mind when his friends came over, and even buying you stuff from the grocery store if he knew you were short on something. sure, his actions were small, nothing major, but they were still a big change from the first few months of you being roommates, and you appreciated jeno’s effort more than he could ever think.
“it’s sunny outside. and also a bit warmer” jeno mumbled as he entered the kitchen, your head turning towards him as you dried your hands after finishing washing the dishes from lunch.
“yeah” you muttered back, looking outside, the bright rays passing through the glass of the kitchen’s window. you focused your eyes back on him, questioning look burning in jeno’s direction wondering where he was trying to get by stating the obvious.
“do you wanna go out for ice cream?”
you furrowed your brows at him. sure, it was already april, spring having just started and bringing along with it a slowly heating up weather; still, you wondered if ice cream was the most appropriate desert taking into account the time for trading heavy sweaters for light t-shirts had barely even had it’s beginning.
“you sure? it’s not that much warmer than before”
“you act as if you didn’t eat ice cream through the whole valentine’s day evening, when it was still winter and actually cold out. c’mon, a little bit of ice cream never killed anyone” jeno replied, playful smile on his lips as he nodded his head towards the door.
you sighed, slightly offended by his words but, nevertheless, easily giving in. both of you stepped out without changing your clothes, walking down the street still in sweatpants and the shirts you wore at home, the closeness of the convenience store you were headed to being the excuse behind the laziness that really drove you two to make that decision. once you reached it and both picked and paid for your ice creams, you sat outside in two of the fae chairs spread in the restricted space, all standing beside small tables.
“this is the first time we go out like this, just the two of us” you thought out loud, hands busy with opening the plastic bag you held while your eyes were also focused on that task, making you oblivious to the way jeno looked wide-eyed at you.
“i guess” he replied shortly, calming himself down before scoffing, playful smirk appearing on his lips as he spoke again “you can consider it a date if you want”
although you know it was a joke, the way you choked on the piece of ice cream you accidentally bit after hearing his words was far from funny. if seconds before jeno was able to hide his nerves and make them go away as fast as they came, your reaction was the complete opposite, your eyes also widening as you felt your face heat up, hand covering your mouth as you tried to breathe again while making the effort to not die in front of the alpha sitting beside you because of a chunk of the cold desert that, accidentally, went down the wrong pipe as you ate it.
jeno laughed at you amused, palm patting you back slowly while asking if you were okay, to which you nodded, still coughing lowly due to the discomfort.
“if that’s your reaction to me just insinuating us going on a date, i would pay to see what it would be like if i actually asked you out”
“you just caught me off guard” you pouted, shyly looking down and taking a small lick of the sweet you held up.
“hm, i’ll make sure i don’t catch you off guard next time” and if you choked again at that, making jeno laugh out loud once more, earning himself a slap on the arm coming from you, that would be a detail you would have to keep off whenever you told this story to someone.
“if haechan even dreams that happened he won’t shut up about it for the rest of the year” renjun commented when you told him what happened between you and jeno during your short sunday outing, both of your voices coming out as low as whispers as to not let them echo through the full classroom, the classes you shared together being the only times you pretty much ever had without donghyuck by your side since he didn’t share any subjects with either of you.
“i know, that’s why i won’t tell him, at least not for now. i’m pretty sure jeno said it as a joke so i don’t wanna risk hyuck making things weird between me and him over something like that, especially not now that we are finally getting along”
renjun hummed in agreement, seeming to think for a few seconds before speaking again “what if he wasn’t joking? maybe he actually wants to ask you out”
“i doubt, i don’t think he is the type to date” you scoffed, remembering what jaemin had already told you about your roommate.
“who knows, maybe he is genuinely interested in you. especially because he isn’t the type to date around or even flirt, there must be a reason behind him saying that”
you didn’t answer, chewing on your bottom lip in deep thought, not wanting to get your hopes up but also understanding the logic behind renjun’s words.
“would say yes to it, tho? to going on a date with jeno”
you pondered for a few seconds, forcefully holding back the immediate ‘yes’ that wanted to leave your lips as soon as you heard your friend’s question.
“i mean, i don’t think i would be opposed to it. i like jeno, he is nice” was your answer, the sentences filled with a shy tone as you spoke them.
“but do you like him in a ‘more than friends’ way or in an ‘i think you are a great friend’ way?” renjun asked, stopping beating around the bush and finally going directly to his point.
“i…” you mumbled, sighing before actually speaking “i like jeno, a lot. it’s stupid, but i feel like i want to spend more and more time with him each time we hung out, and i don’t know if that’s just because we get along really well and always have fun or if it’s because i’m falling for him”
after your small confession renjun nodded his head understandingly, thinking his words through before speaking again. “the only way for you to sort out your feeling would be to give it a try. if jeno asks you out, say yes — go on a date with him, see how it makes you feel; if it all plays out well and you realize you actually want a relationship, shoot your shot, who knows, maybe he is also taken aback like you and doesn’t want to ruin a friendship over something he might think won’t last. and even if he doesn’t take the first step, you can do it too! he might also be wondering if he likes you in that way or not and just needs an extra push to act on it”
“aren’t alphas supposed to be the ones who ask omegas out?” you said jokingly, voice louder as you noticed people were starting to get up to leave the classroom.
“who cares about that! just shoot your shot and don’t think about those stupid status roles!”
renjun’s words resonated through your head for the next few days and, after almost a week, they got the best of you. your heart was pounding as fast as it could, whole body trembling as you went up to jeno’s gaming room, knuckles not even reaching the wooden door before it swung open, revealing jeno with a surprised look, your own eyes reflecting his expression.
“y/n, i need to ask you something” he started off, voice much more secure than yours as you muttered a low “me too”
“can i go first?” jeno asked, to which you nodded positively, doing your best to look at his eyes “do you wanna go on a date with me?”
you felt your heart stop, as if all blood had drained from your body in that instant. all of the sudden, it was if any nerves you had in your body evaporated, relief flooding you in a way you hadn’t expected or been ready for.
“if you don’t answer i’m gonna assume you don’t want it” jeno said after a few seconds, words sounding too confident for someone who could be on the verge of being rejected. however, that wasn’t the faith that awaited him, the way you immediately shook your head positively making his smile get bigger, your emotions becoming so overwhelming you just wanted to jump on top of him and hug him — which you did almost subconsciously, your arms wrapping around his neck as you felt his stronger ones carefully go around your waist, a deep chuckle rumbling from his chest.
you two decided on a date and place right away — both feeling too eager and impatient to want to wait any longer. since neither of you wanted it to be too formal, you chose to go to an italian restaurant you had already been to when out with friends, having dinner there and then heading to an ice cream shop close by; a real one this time with actual ice cream, not a convenience store with the mediocre ones.
the days until the one that marked your calendar with the upcoming date with jeno flew by incredibly fast, the date itself going by just as fast, the moment you two sat down on the table of the restaurant being the moment time seemingly became neither of you understood, the way the hours passed by being so unnoticeable you ended having to be asked to leave since the establishment was about to close. truly, it was a fun time, better than you had expected, and for that reason there was absolutely no excuse for you to not go out together again.
each date you had with each other was better than the last; as you guys went out more, and also found out more about each other, being together became easier. jeno's company was now something you craved, the mere sight of him standing by the front door ready to leave being able to make butterflies flourish in your stomach and, his previously somewhat annoying, scent was now the best one amongst all the ones you had noticed in your whole life. as spring passed by and beautiful flowers started to appear everywhere, your relationship with jeno also bloomed into something beautiful, the sort of love that begins to appear unannounced and unexpectedly but that grows into something strong and long-lasting.
"i really like you, y/n, you know" jeno confessed under the slowly setting sun, deep shade of orange reflecting on his skin, softly blowing breeze making strands of his hair move slightly. "like, a lot. i've never felt this way for someone else before"
"i like you too, a lot" you mumbled, whole body feeling warm all of a sudden.
silence fell upon you two, a comfortable one, the type that makes you want to smile without truly having a reason to.
it was obvious you had feelings for each other, even your friends having already noticed it without a word needing to be said by either of you. what did surprise you considering the past events, and especially when it came to donghyuck and yangyang, was that no one dared to intervene and try to speed up things between you and jeno, everyone preferring to sit back and watch.
the biggest supporters of the relationship between you two when it became official were both your best friends — the fact that donghyuck was all for it coming as no surprise to anyone, but jaemin being so accepting did leave you a bit alarmed. you worried he would feel like he was played with when you two went out, but apparently not. based on what he said, from the start he never expected you two to become a couple, although the fact that you and jeno got together was also a big surprise for him. either way, he was just happy his best friend was in a successful relationship, and also that he wasn't as grumpy all the time as he used to be, even congratulating you for putting up with him and his bad humor in the first place, going as far as to guess that your kisses were probably the thing that calmed jeno down at moments like that.
“stop doing that you dumbass! you’re gonna get us killed asshole!” jeno yelled at the poor soul listening to him on the other side of the call, his angry shouts whenever he played with his friends not even fazing you anymore. “i swear to- argh!” he screamed again, the headphones that rested on top of his head being mindlessly thrown to the desk before he moved back in his gaming chair, wheels squeaking softly as they rolled against the floor, his hands covering his eyes frustratingly.
“you shouldn’t get so fired up over a game” you commented from the couch where you sat behind him, fingers scrolling lazily through your phone.
“haechan is just so freaking stupid! he killed all of us by throwing a bomb at-”
“hey, calm down. i’m sure it’s nothing” you said, getting up and walking towards him, your palms softly cupping his cheeks as you watched his lips form a pout, starting to get sulky, as per usual. “just hang up the call and let’s watch a movie or something”
with a huff, jeno did what you asked, not even saying bye before hanging up the discord call with his friends, ignoring the messages that popped up right after asking where he was.
“what do you wanna watch then?” he asked when you two reached the living room, arms lovingly wrapping around your waist right as you sat on the couch, making you lean back and completely rest your back against the couch while he rested on top of you, chin propped on one of your shoulders.
“you can choose” was your answer as you gave him the remote, watching him mindlessly scroll through netflix, settling for some random disney movie almost ten minutes later.
jeno completely rested his head on top of you, body relaxing on top of yours as his legs intertwined with yours, his weight bringing you comfort in a weird way.
after that you both fell silent, the movie playing on the screen nostalgic enough to let you both watch it without doing much talking, apart from some comments that could come up regarding parts that, now as adults, you realized how silly they were. as the middle of the movie approached, your mind too entranced in the already familiar storyline to really pay attention to anything around you, jeno started to leave soft kisses up your neck, plush lips pecking slowly against your skin.
you chuckled at it, your fingers going up to pull slightly at jeno’s dark locks to escape from the ticklish sensation he was giving you.
“stop...” you whined when he pressed the light kisses on your cheek, his own lips forming a smile as his hands gripped around your waist, keeping you in place. your request, however, wasn’t enough to make him halt his movements, body simpler moving higher up until he was straddling you, caging you as soft kisses were left all over your face.
“i thought we were supposed to watch the movie” you chuckled, hands landing on his muscled thighs, no longer fighting his antics.
“i got bored” jeno mumbled before finally pressing his mouth against yours, lips lovingly pecking yours rapidly before diving in for a second time, seemingly not able to get enough, each kiss lasting longer than the prior until his tongue was cautiously licking up your bottom lip, asking for permission to slip into your mouth — which you gave, lips shyly parting, allowing him to deepen the kiss.
jeno was now completely hovering over you, chest glued to yours as his legs trapped yours between his, caging you against his body. both your breaths were getting heavier, bodies starting to subconsciously move against one another until, for the first time ever, you felt jeno’s hard-on press against you.
now, it wasn’t like either of you was completely innocent — still, deciding to take things slowly and wait for them to happen naturally seemed like the most fitting decision to make for your relationship, being that one that made both of you comfortable. in the last couple of months of being together, you had made out more times than you could count, some even happening in scenarios fairly similar to the one you were currently in; that being said, neither of you ever decided to take it the next step previously, and jeno in specific was always careful to not show how aroused he really was, always hiding his erections after the more intense make-out sessions without saying a word or asking for any sort of help, so, needless to say, feeling him be that bold for the first time left you surprised, a gasp leaving your lips in the middle of the kiss, making jeno back off scared, body immediately moving away from yours as his eyes widened in concern.
“are you okay? do you want to stop?”
you smiled softly, sitting up and pulling him down against you once more, lips touching for a few seconds again. “i’m fine, don’t worry” you reassured, feeling jeno smile against you before his hands landed on your hips, moving swiftly as he changed your positions, sitting under you and against the cushioned couch, now your thighs being the ones that straddled his.
the needy kisses started all over again, crotches now completely against each other, slowly humping up and down almost shyly. you felt arousal start to blur your senses, slick beginning to pool in your underwear so heavily that it almost left you ashamed.
“you smell so fucking good” jeno mumbled drunkenly, all his senses getting overwhelmingly shot at by your unusually heightened scent, both of you starting to crave each other more and more. jeno stuffed his nose into your neck, sniffling heavily before kissing right above your scent gland, almost teasing as his teeth grazed over it, sharp canines against the sensitive are making you moan, his hips jolting up at the sound, making you whine at the sudden stimulation as jeno let out a low grunt.
jeno’s hands traveled rapidly up and down your body, feeling every inch he could reach as his slender fingers fiddled with your shirt, pushing and pulling, not even sure what his main goal actually was as his lips were still trapped in yours. “let’s go to my room” he said, getting up after helping you also stand up, hand grabbing yours as he hurriedly pulled you.
instantly, right as you passed through his door, his scent hit you hard — your already foggy brain blaming it on the arousal that flooded you and made your senses deepen their reach. it didn’t take long for jeno to be all over you again, the door being simply shoved shut as his lips pressed into your neck, once more teasing the most sensitive spot located right where your shoulder met your neck, teeth tempted to just sink into it and just make you completely his for the rest of his lives, although his more rational side, the small bit of it that was still lucid anyways, told him to fight the urge and leave it for another time.
“alpha, please” you pleaded, tired of feeling him so close but yet so far away, the pleasure you craved standing right in front of you while also being completely out of reach.
jeno mumbled something you couldn’t understand, voice deeper than usual as he finally took the initiative, setting you on his bed, his knees hitting the carpet on the ground as his palms spread your legs apart gently and revealed your, still completely covered, core for him. jeno was quick to pull your sweatpants down, soaked panties being the only thin barrier between him and what he desired the most in that moment.
“can i?” jeno whispered, finger pulling at the elastic around the hem of your underwear, letting it snap back against your skin right after, teasing smile painting his expression.
you nodded almost pitifully, head moving fast and desperately, showcasing all your, somewhat hidden, arousal. after that, jeno took no time before pulling your panties down, hands carefully pushing your legs further apart as he stared into your, now fully exposed, slicked up pussy, tongue licking over his bottom lip teasingly as a sly smirk painted his expression.
“such a pretty baby, aren’t you?” you couldn’t do anything but whine at jeno’s words, hips bucking up shamelessly. “so eager too” he added, only then diving in, flexed tongue lapping up your slit once, humming pleased and closing his eyes, enjoying your taste just as much as he enjoyed your scent. he dipped once more right after, lapping at your entrance greedily, collecting as much of your slick as he could as he grunted, eyes still closed shut in pure bliss. jeno went up to flick over your sensitive clit, loud moans escaping your lips unexpectedly as he slowly pushed one finger into you, being quick to add a second one, pumping them into your clenching hole rhythmically, curling them when inside you deliciously.
“feels good?” jeno teased, knowing full well the meaning behind your moans and whines, the whimpers you let out being enough of an answer for him. his digits still slid in and out of you, a third one joining, stretching you in a way that made your toes curl, the striking pain slowly mixing with burning pleasure.
the room was only filled by your pleasure-filled sounds, jeno’s grunts and hums sometimes also standing out as he lapped at your clit, his hard cock twitching inside his boxers, impatiently waiting to also be touched. only when he felt your walls clench harder than before, back getting off the bed as a loud scream left you, eyes rolling back as your fingers threaded harshly through jeno’s hair, did he back off, your slick running past his lips and slowly dripping down his chin, the back of his hand being what he used to attempt to clean it off.
jeno’s pupils were blown out with lust, a faint shade of red circling the irises threateningly, his alpha side daring to show off, making you whine pitifully at it, body relaxing as you felt the need to submit to him, your own eyes sparkling with a faint ring of a bright blue.
“are you ready to take me?” jeno asked, his normal voice shining through making you both come back from whatever trance you had gotten into, your primal sides still present but now just in the back of both your minds.
you whimpered as you nodded your head, holding yourself up in your elbows as you watched jeno’s hands attentively as they pulled his hoodie off, then pushing the waistband of his shorts down just enough to reveal his erection, hard cock slapping against his lower stomach, the view making you whine shallowly, thighs twitching as more slick pooled between them. gently, jeno pushed you up the bed, his knees then sinking into the soft mattress as he held your legs up, allowing you to circle them around his waist before he gripped his cock, pumping once before sliding the sensitive head up and down between your wet folds, both of you humming at the slight stimulation.
“tell me if it hurts, okay?” jeno asked lovingly, tone soft as he pressed his length into your fluttering hole, pushing it slowly, the impressive girth making you wince at the stinging sensation of being so stretched out.
when he was fully seated inside you, jeno leaned over, plump lips pressing into your sweetly in a quick peck before his forehead rested against yours. “you feel so good” he mumbled, eyes shut in concentration as he slightly moved his hips away from yours, pushing them against yours after, the seconds time moving further away and, in that slow and careful rhythm, he started to build up a pace, taking his time in savoring you as his cock thrusted in and out of your pussy, his lips mindlessly pressing into any bit of your skin he could reach, spreading tender kisses all over your face, his hips speeding up delicately as his mouth ran down your neck, sharp canines pressing into the spot right behind your ear superficially, not hard enough to leave a mark on your skin, before going down, reaching the material of the sweater you still used.
“you’re so beautiful, so fucking beautiful” jeno grunted, hips speeding up more as he pushed your shirt up, revealing your torso, no bra placed around your chest to form a barrier between him and his goal.
in an almost feral manner, his hips stuttering momentarily before regaining their speed, movements also getting more tameless, he lapped his tongue up at your nipple, sucking the sensitive nub roughly, making you whimper, your fingers pulling at the hair in the back of his head as he kept going at it, lips still engulfing your nipple as his tongue flicked over it.
“can i knot you, baby?” he asked, breath uneven as he looked into your eyes again, his own shining pleadingly. “please” you whined in response, making a deep moan escape jeno as he felt a rush of pleasure, the base of his cock swelling until he could barely move in and out of you, the feeling of it plus the way he started to fastly rub his thumb over you clit making you cum, your climax hitting your body blissfully for the second time, your vision turning white.
“a-alpha” you whimpered, your nails sinking into the muscles around jeno’s shoulders, making him wince at the sting, the slight pain, however, being exactly what he needed to reach his own high, hot spurts of cum spilling into you right after.
a few minutes passed by, jeno’s knot starting to fade as you both layed there still breathless. slowly, jeno pulled his cock out, a small river of his seed spilling from inside you making him grunt almost hypnotized before he got up, running to the bathroom and picking up the first clean towel he saw, dampening it with some warm water before going back to you, carefully cleaning you up, leaving a chaste kiss on the inside of your thigh once he was done, smiling up at you fondly.
“do you wanna go take a bath?” he asked, falling by your side on the bed as wrapping an arm around your waist, keeping you close.
“yeah, that would be nice” you replied lazily, tiredness starting to take over you as you allowed jeno to guide you into the other room, letting him take care of you sweetly and, in that moment, as you felt love wash over your whole body, you thanked donghyuck for being such an idiot and never being able to follow the smallest of rules.
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luckycharmr · 19 days ago
my fave poems (no particular order, a non-exhaustive list)
on this the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic, we reconsider the buoyancy of the human heart by laura lamb brown lavoie. read by sarah kay
forest fires by sarah kay (video)
to the desert by benjamin alire sáenz
summer was forever by chen chen
want by joan larkin
song by brigit pegeen kelly
heliocentric by keith s wilson
i'm going back to minnesota where sadness makes sense by danez smith
wild geese by mary oliver
meditations in an emergency by cameron awkward-rich
fog by carl sanburg
small kindnesses by danusha laméris
i think love is something that happens to other people by michael gray
rural boys watch the apocalypse by keaton st. james
leaves by lloyd schwartz
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introloves · a month ago
crying thinking ab kyo nd aone (separate but they're both animals hehe) just creampieing you,, SIGH
good thing for u… i’m always thinking bout aone…
Tumblr media
first time… kinda… with aone + big dick! aone + creampie + mating press + sloppy sex + messy sex + mentions of thigh fucking + f! reader
Tumblr media
there was always that unspoken promise settled between the two of you- knowing how well endowed he was, the singular thought of having him stretch you out with his cock was daunting.
so, heavy petting and having him fuck your thighs, legs hugged to aone’s chest while the promise of your slickened cunt was right there, was always how he had you and being a being of pure want- you began to want more.
the night it finally happened it couldnt have been more spur of the moment- you being the one who was tired of feeling such a thick, heavy cock rut itself near raw over your cunt, squeezed between thighs rather than the slick insides he knew would hug him so nice, too strung up to think about the logistics- sweetly keening, begging, crying for aone to,
“please- please! s-stuff me- put it inside of me, please!”
those babbled, strung out words doing everything to snap the little bit of self restraint left tethering on a singular piece of twine, there’s a thin line creasing on his forehead with his pinched brow- mouth parted open to pant with the haziness you’ve put him in.
hands that have never touched you in such a rough manner splay right behind your thighs, eyes popping open to stare at him and not seeing the sweet man you’ve loved for months on end; instead met with eyes hazed over and seemingly looking past you- drawn to slits while you watch his jaw strain with each gnash of his teeth against one another.
its like a punch to his gut the second his swollen head pops- visibly and near audibly pops inside of your clenching cunt. there’s a second of clarity when he feels you push back against his hold, your own quickly clamping down over his rough and heavily veined hands digging into your thighs when there’s give and quickly panting out a;
“d-dont- dont stop! please.”
knowing he’s too fucking sweet, knowing that he’s trying to reel back in and stop the whole ordeal with how bad youre shaking, squirming under his hold- but you don’t want it too, having just a taste of himself nestled inside makes you dizzy.
there’s already no self restraint on his end and your words once more send him in a frenzy.
it takes ages to have him fully settle his hips against your body, instantly putting you in a tight press- all instinct for a virile man like him.
your arousal has pooled itself in a thick ring nestled at his base, painting his colorless pubes in your slick, hard pistoning followed with each creak and groan brought forth from your bed with the weight of his strong, heavy body swinging down onto you over and over.
you’ve been reduced to nothing more than a fucked out, limp mess. cross-eyed, spit trailing down your chin when you’ve cum one too many times already, just waiting for him to follow- sobs and pretty little whines just barely heard over thick and wet squelching accompanied with ever press of his heavy balls down onto your ass.
he thinks it’s embarrassing- thinks it’s shameful that he can’t last longer, not caring or really taking into consideration the way you’re covered in arousal and cum and sweat, tears trailing down your cheeks with the thoroughness his big cock has stretched you out in, a breath of relief actually leaving you when he stills- body bending down to meet your lips while a shuddering groan spills down onto your lips-
heavy warmth that feels so good filling up your spasming hole, rewarded with the feeling of being so full you can barely breathe, stupidly thinking that there’d be any space left for his cum with the way he’s carved the shape of his cock into your cunt.
aone’s wordless for the seconds that follow after, slowly letting you unfurl from underneath his looming body- quickly taking a hold of your pretty and dirtied face in rough hands- proclamation of absolute love for you only overshadowed by the fear that maybe this was too much too fast, but you blink up at him, eyes watering with how good you feel, tingling absolutely everywhere. a fullness you know youre going to be searching for and receive only with him quickly becoming a fixation.
“pretty. pretty.” is all he says, all he can- breathless too.
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asweetprologue · 23 days ago
a fashionable exit
“You’ve got to be joking.”
“Hello, Yennefer, I’m quite well, thank you,” Jaskier said. “Oh, you’re welcome, Yennefer, no need for such profuse thanks. Yes, I do think this rescue is quite daring, if I do say so myself--” Geralt reached out and tapped him on the back of the head. Jaskier glared at him, rummaging through the pockets of his ridiculous coat.
"What in gods name are you wearing?” Yennefer demanded. 
Jaskier paused. Geralt looked smug. She watched a drop of dark blood slide from the end of his sword and land in a star on the ground. “I told you,” Geralt said.
Jaskier’s mouth fell open. The expression he turned on her was incensed. “How dare you,” he hissed through the bars. Her cell was made entirely of dimeritium. It must have cost Nilfgaard a fortune to build, but they had spared no expense for her cage. “Do you know what we’ve been through to get here? And that’s the first thing you have to say to me?”
Yennefer raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t only talking to you.” She was covered in filth, her dress in tatters, hair limp and greasy after weeks without a wash. She smelled of soot and blood and refuse, and she knew she must be gaunt with hunger. And yet she was confident that out of the three of them, she was still the most pleasing to look at.
Geralt whipped his head around towards her. Jaskier found what he had been looking for - a set of wires. He knelt before the cell door, inserting them into the lock. “What do you mean?” Geralt demanded. His gaze had narrowed. 
Yennefer crossed her legs, her back straight. Her pallet was basically no more than a couple of boards nailed together across a frame, but she could make it into a throne. The look she leveled at Geralt was pitying. “Really, Geralt? Sculpted armor?”
Geralt’s jaw clenched. Jaskier laughed, loud enough that Yennefer worried they might alert someone. Geralt was tense with annoyance, but his sword was held loosely in his hand. “I told you,” Jaskier said mockingly, shooting a triumphant grin at the witcher. 
“And you look like a highway robber,” Yennefer added, just to hear Jaskier squawk again. She looked down her nose at him. “And not one with good taste.”
“I was on the run. I’m being discreet!” Jaskier cried. He wasn’t glaring at her, focused on the door, but she could feel it directed her way. Where had the bard learned to pick locks?
“I assure you,” Yennefer said, glancing over him, “you are not.”
There was a loud click, and Jaskier seemed to forget his argument. Grinning, he pulled on the base of the padlock. It dropped neatly into his hand, and a moment later Geralt wrenched the door open. 
Immediately she felt her magic stirring in her chest. She wouldn’t be back to her full strength right away, but the warmth of it chased away the chill of the cell. Jaskier hurried inside, and Yennefer was not so proud that she would refuse a friendly shoulder to lean on. Geralt held the door open, face turned towards the hall. Listening for guards, most likely. “I’m just saying,” Jaskier grunted, holding her weight. “I think if you had to rate us, Geralt would certainly be the greater travesty against fashion. I look amazing.”
“The first thing I’m doing when we get out of this place is setting that hat on fire,” Yennefer promised. 
“Then we should hurry.” Geralt’s tone was dead serious, but she could see the smirk playing at the corner of his mouth. Jaskier vibrated with indignation under Yennefer’s arm.
"I hate you both,” he grumbled. Yennefer laughed for the first time in weeks.
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ohmyadrien · a month ago
Marinette: I’ve been dropping him the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response.
Adrien: Wow. He sound stupid.
Marinette: But he’s not. He’s really smart actually. Just dense.
Adrien: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know… “Hey! I love you!”
Marinette: I guess you’re right. Hey Adrien, I love you!
Adrien: See! Just say that!
Marinette: Holy fucking shit.
Adrien: If that flies over his head then, sorry Mari, but he’s too dumb for you.
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elliehase-blog · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
“Patton, this is a very bad idea.”
“It’s alright, I can take the truth.”
As the gloves glide slowly over Janus’s skin, every finger and scale revealed, he suddenly feels something again. He feels seen and seen through and naked, and it is the best and the most frightening experience in a long time.
“See. Much better this way,” Patton says softly, his breath vibrating beneath Janus’s cheek. “Now, you can tell me what’s bothering you.”
The pathological lie is already on the tip of his tongue, ready to deny. But without his gloves Janus can’t spit it out. He just can’t.
And then there’s Patton.
He of all people.
Patton, who is as different from Janus in every way as one can be. Patton, who is loud and honest, and sunny and kind, who makes stupid dad-jokes and likes frogs. Patton, who has not the slightest idea what he is getting himself into when he takes off the yellow gloves. Patton, who is warm and firm and real under his fingertips. More than anything else, he is real. Not a lie.
Janus shakes his head, lips tingling and heart pounding. He is sure that Patton can feel the frantically vibrating heartbeat against his chest. Everything in Janus’s traitorous body yells at him that this moment might be the most important moment in his life. There’s no way to deny it. Not anymore.
“Patton, I…”
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itsjustmelainey · a month ago
Here To Help
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Female Reader
Summary: Your super baby is so heavy that you’re uncomfortable, fortunately Bucky might have found the solution to help you.
Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, discomfort, soft!bucky.
Words: 466
Author’s Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and my prompt was: “The reader is pregnant and Bucky sees this thing on tiktok where partners stand behind and gently lift the pregnant belly to take the weight off.” Thank you very much for the prompt!
Tumblr media
Your belly felt extremely heavy. What, with being close to 7 months pregnant and all it was to be expected. But you were carrying a super baby that seemed to be heavier than a normal baby, or at least from what you found out from the other mothers-to-be and as the baby grew bigger, the heavier your stomach felt and the more pressure it put on your legs and back. Sometimes it felt like you were carrying a Boulder around.
To see you in such discomfort made Bucky feel guilty. He wished there was a way he could carry it sometimes just to give you a break and he tried a lot of things to try and make you comfortable; hot baths, extra pillows, a pregnancy pillow, using his hand as a stress ball. Nothing seemed to work. He wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet though. After Sam had introduced Bucky to tiktok, he’s become somewhat addicted to the app. Looking up videos of funny animals, life hacks and since your pregnancy announcement - pregnancy tips and tricks. There was one video he watched that seemed to work, noting the sigh of relief on the woman’s face and the tension leaving their shoulders. He was positive this might work, and he was willing to try anything just to give you some relief.
Bucky found you standing over the kitchen sink, slowly washing up the few dishes that you had insisted on doing. Your tank top was stretched across your belly, and your shorts hanging low on your hips. With your stomach being so tender and stretched, having any item of clothing over it was so uncomfortable. Bucky stood behind you, his chest flush with your back and his hands resting atop of your bump. He kisses your neck gently and whispers sweet things in your ear, reminding you of how much he loves and cherishes you.
“I love you.” He says, rubbing your belly in small circles. You sigh and smile tiredly.
“I love you too.”
“You’re so great you know that? I know it’s not easy, I want to help in any way that I can.” He says, still kissing and whispering. His hands drop lower so they are under your belly, he can feel the baby moving slightly as he very gently lifts the whole bump up with his hands.
You immediately relax, throwing your head back against his shoulder and for once since the baby started to grow, the huge feeling of relief washes over you.
“Thank you.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He bums, kissing your hair and holding the two of you close to him.
Finally, Bucky has found something that works a treat. He will do this for as long and as often as you need him to, to give you a few minutes break from the weight.
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noteguk · 4 days ago
feels like summer | jjk | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence.
— summary; in which you two share a pleasant summer afternoon together.
— contents and warnings; fluff, badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, secret relationship, lil bit of possessiveness (playfully though), sexy ice cream eating that is only sexy in jks mind, cuddling 🥺
— words; 1,3k
— author’s notes; this drabble is very important for bad karma!! Sorry for taking so long to drop it, but here we are!
After so many months dealing with your constant academic nagging, Jungkook would like to believe that he became a pro at deflecting your puppy eyes. He couldn’t be mad at you for trying to push him towards better grades or whatever — even though he couldn’t care less, he knew it was important to you — but he did get a little overwhelmed when you tried to project your own habits onto him.
That day, a simple comment had snowballed into you trying to convince him to make something more serious out of one project. To Jungkook it seriously couldn’t be any less important that one of his professors was head over heels for some idea that he had scratched out after two energy drinks and one all-nighter, but, apparently, you were on that same frequency.
“It’ll look good on your CV,” you said, one arm around his shoulder and your legs thrown over his lap. You two were sharing a bench in a park near campus, and you just had to ruin his peaceful ice cream moment with college-related bullshit. It was a talent of yours.
Jungkook scoffed, running one hand through his hair. “Like I give a shit about that.”
Of course, you weren't giving up so soon. “Please? For me?” You pouted, pressing your cheek against his arm. Jungkook knew if he took one look at you, he’d cave. So he kept looking straight ahead, at the two dogs that were running around on the grass. “You’ll have fun.”
He snorted. Fun? Yeah, right. “I’m not you, princess, I don’t have a hard-on for scholar activities,” Jungkook responded.
You sighed, turning your head a little so now your chin was poking against his shoulder. “Still, I think it would be a nice experience. It couldn’t hurt to try something new.”
“Yeah, I got that from, like, the sixty other times you told me that.” Jungkook laughed, ruffling your hair. “I’ll think about it, alright? But I won’t promise anything.”
With a sigh, you fidgeted on your seat, pretty tongue coming out to lick your ice cream. Under that overbearing heat, a good chunk of it had already started to melt, dropping down the cone and staining your fingers with thin lines. No need to say that Jungkook’s mind was already chest-deep in the gutter when you spoke up again. “It’s also a nice way to keep your mind busy for the rest of the summer — you know, after I go back home,” you told him. Which was a great way to turn his half-boner into a fully broken heart. Yet another talent of yours. “And the theoretical part is pretty much done, isn’t it? You just have to make the actual battery.”
Jungkook took a deep breath, tilting his head back and closing his eyes. He didn’t want to snap at you, he knew you had good intentions behind all that insistence, but it was really difficult to keep himself from taking it the wrong way. Especially when he already had the impression he would never be enough for you. “You done? I told you I’ll think about it,” he said, dry. Yet, some part of him had to agree that you were right about him keeping his mind occupied. It was better than to fall back onto his old habits. “You can stop defending your case now, princess.”
“I’m sorry, I know I’m being annoying,” you acknowledged, looking up at him. Just as he had expected, one glimpse into your eyes and Jungkook was caving, heartbeat quickening and all — and not at the sinful way you licked your ice cream. “I just really think it would be something positive. But I understand if you’re not interested.”
Jungkook leaned in, placing a kiss on your forehead. His lips were still a bit cold, even if he had finished his own ice cream some time ago. “It’s okay, baby, I get it. But let’s change the subject, alright?” Jungkook asked, earning a gentle nod in return. Two of his fingers landed on your chin, tilting your head upwards so he could get a better look at you. “I’m much more interested in watching you licking that ice cream.”
You scoffed, slapping his hand away from you. “You’re such a caveman,” you complained, making him laugh. There was a small amount of the sweet on the corner of your lip, which Jungkook cleaned with his thumb. “I can't even enjoy some ice cream without being hypersexualized.”
He took his finger to his mouth, sucking on it. “Only I can hypersexualize you, baby,” he said playfully.
You rolled your eyes, pushing your shoulder against his. “Gross. You just set feminism back like twenty years.”
Still, Jungkook wasn’t really paying attention to your deflections. He dove in and kissed your lips, sighing at the sweet flavor that he found in your mouth. Before it could get any deeper, he separated your mouths with a quick peck. “Keep acting like you don’t like it when I call you mine,” he murmured, lips brushing against yours. You could feel your cheeks heating up, and you decided to blame it on the summer heat. “My pretty girl.” Jungkook decided to move onto your jaw now, cold lips kissing his way down your neck. “My perfect angel.”
Okay, maybe you liked that. Which was completely irrelevant to that conversation. “Shut up. Not the point,” you said, trying to push him away, but instead giving up the second he sucked on your skin. It was ridiculous how weak you got when it came to him, and you had no idea how you’d deal with the distance that threatened to grow between you two. With every new mark on your calendar, you felt your heart breaking a little bit more, already missing him. “Your mouth is freezing, it’s so ticklish.”
Jungkook hummed, placing even more kisses against your neck, making his way back up until he was smooching your cheek. His touch was hot and cold — literally and figuratively. It was summer incarnated, a gentle breeze caressing your skin before the heat took over. “So cute,” he said, one hand holding your jaw as he turned your face to him. His eyes were dark, focused on your mouth as he leaned in once more, trapping you in a slow kiss which ended up being just as quick as the previous one. Jungkook was just teasing you, that much you understood. “Still can’t believe you’re mine, baby.”
“Am I?” You asked. Jungkook hummed in agreement, placing another smooch on your lips. “Can you let me finish my ice cream, then?”
He chuckled, not hesitating to steal another kiss. “I’ll think about it.”
One fun fact about your boyfriend was that Jungkook had a horrible tendency to mention important things just before he fell asleep, which rendered all your questions useless. He did that one night when he mentioned one of Taehyung’s deadly food allergies; or when he started talking about one of his worst fears, only to leave you hanging until the next morning to find out what it was — heights, by the way. Approximately one week after you two shared that conversation about his project, Jungkook pulled you closer, your cheek pressed against his chest and his calm heartbeat caressing your ear, and decided to drop a bomb on your lap.
“Baby,” he murmured, dainty breaths hitting the top of your head as he spoke. Jungkook yawned, his strong arm tightening around your waist for a second, before he relaxed again. “I submitted the project, by the way.”
And, like it was his cue, he started snoring right away. Once again, you had to wait the entire night to smack him across the head for making you go through all the stages of grief while he was deep asleep.
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jarofstyles · a month ago
mean daddy harry teasing you that his dick won’t fit because you’re small
Ok we were talking and this is totally…. Wolfrry. Like no discussion. Shorter but still 👀
TW/ Breeding kink, size kink, alpha, condescending
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“Aw… M’not sure it’ll fit, pup.”
Y/N whined in her throat, pouting up at her man. Harry liked to tease her. He was just… a little fucker that way, but god did he make it hot. Being an Alpha, he had that natural dominance. The ease of commanding a room, and in turn, his mate.
Sometimes Y/N likes to pretend she was in charge. But any and everyone knew that Harry was the one who ran it. She ran his emotions and held his heart, absolutely. Harry had everything else.
“You’re just so small down there. And you know that my cock is just a bit too big. Hurts a little whenever I try to push in.” He dragged the dripping tip up the soaked slit, watching her arousal coat the length. He never could get enough of the sight. Her cunt was small and he knew it was a struggle to get him inside, even now.
“I can do it, promise.” She panted, looking with moony eyes. Nothing got her going quite like her mate taunting her. “Please, Alpha?” Her pretty lips sat back in her pout, falling open in a gasp as she felt his warm spit hit her pussy.
“I dunno, pet. I don’t want to hurt you too badly.” Harry smeared the spit all around, satisfied in the slight claim. The mess of it all. Her smell filled the room and it made his body go into overdrive. To fuck her, claim her, breed her. But for now he was going to make her desperate.
“Y’see this?” Two fingers spread her open as he made a soft clicking sound with his tongue. Realistically, he was near salivating as he watched his tip run over the small entrance. “See how tiny it is? Cant imagine how you’re going to take such a big cock. You’ll feel it in your tummy. I can’t imagine such a good little girl wanting that…”
“I do! I do, Alpha- please, please, I want it in my tummy. I want it to hurt, I want it to be inside of me.” Her squirming was stopped by his cock slapping against her swollen clit, gaining another gasp from her slick mouth.
“Now, now. Calm down, pretty girl. My beautiful Angel… I just want to be so gentle with you. Because… it’ll fill you all the way up. You know that, right? S’gonna stretch you open, burn a bit. You’ll have to lay there and feel your precious little pussy stretch slowly open to take my cock. And once m’in, M’not stopping….” He warned, thumbing over her clit. Her hips bucked into his hand, making him sigh. She was so fucking beautiful.
“Yes, that’s what I want. I want it all. Know it’s big, but I can take it. I’ll be good. Promise.” Her back arched up into his thumb that was circling her clit, making her head fall back and a sweet, sweet moan leave her throat. Just seeing her throat bared like that, the ultimate sign of submission- paired with the begging- did something wild to him.
“You better hope you can, angel.” He snarled, lining himself up at her entrance. “Because M’not stopping until you’re full and bred.”
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lowkeyorloki · a month ago
“I like your face,” Loki murmurs, a small confession as his thumb traces the soft line of your jaw. You shift, burying yourself deeper under the blankets, and somehow managing to lean into Loki’s touch but also pull away. 
“Do you think I’m pretty?” You ask, pathetically, but you can’t help it. You need Loki to say yes, of course. Pretty pretty mortal.
Instead, he shrugs.
“If you want me to,” he answers. You stiffen, and Loki gives you a knowing look. He pulls you closer, all the way against his bare chest, and brushes his lips over your temple. “There’s a kindness in your face. I’ve never seen anything like it. No one has ever looked at me the way you do.”
Your throat dries at the pure honesty of Loki’s statement. Even more so, the severity it. It’s devastating. 
A kind face. You’ve never thought it about it like that.
It’s much, much better. 
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slytherinchevy · 20 days ago
Hi, saw you were taking requests for Yelena! Here's something I had in mind: Yelena laying somewhere (bed, couch, you name it) and reader leans over her in a similar way Nat did. Up to you how she reacts and what are the details, feel free to deny this request if you want, but thank you in case you do it!!
Upside Down - Yelena Belova x Reader
A/n: When i say this prompt made me internally swoon, i'm not lying. Like as soon as i read it, i had the scene play out in my head like a movie and I had been itching to get my assignments done so that I could finally write it ( I still haven't finished my assignment but oh well)
Thank you so much for requesting this!!!
I really hope you like it too. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you to everyone who reads, like, replies and reblogs to my writings. It means way more than you could ever know.
Warnings: Black Widow spoilers.
Words: 1012
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Tumblr media
It had been a long day. You sighed as you made your way back home.
Just as you were about a block away, your phone chimed, immediately putting a smile on your face when you saw who it was that texted you.
‘ Hey love. Travel back home safely, I already have dinner ready so don’t worry too much about that. I’m waiting for you. Love you.’
It was simple straightforward text, but the amount of love that radiated off of it made you melt internally.
And you were excited for you girlfriend’s cooking. She had gotten into it recently and all her dishes so far had been mouth-watering.
You sped up your steps, choosing to take the stairs once inside the building because the lift was taking a bit too long for your liking.
You turned the doorknob, taking off your shoes and hanging up your jacket on it’s stand when you noticed that it was quite silent.
Instead of calling out to your girlfriend like you would usually do, you slowly crept to the living room. And the sight in front of you brought a huge smile on your face that your cheeks started to hurt.
Yelena was sleeping soundly, her head resting on the arm of the sofa.
You took your phone out and clicked a couple pictures quickly before making your way towards your sleeping girlfriend.
You gently placed both your palms on her cheeks, slightly patting as you whispered,” Wake up, love. I’m home.”
Her eyes fluttered open, the sparkling green eyes instantly pulling you in.
A sleepy smile grazed her face before she took in the position both of you were in, her smile instantly vanishing. You kept staring at her in confusion as her expression turned a bit more leaning towards sadness and longing before you heard her mutter something.
It had been so quietly spoken that you couldn’t understand anything,” What was that, love? I couldn’t quite catch that.”
Yelena gulped forcefully before clearing her throat, willing herself not to cry,” We are both upside down.”
You smiled softly, eyes still a bit worried but she could see that you didn’t get the reference.
Sighing, she sat upright,” Dinner’s ready. Would you like to freshen up first?”
As hard as she had tried to dodge this particular conversation, you still caught on to her tactic.
Firmly holding her hand, you sat down beside her,” What’s wrong?”
She squeezed your hand, trying to reassure you of something she herself wasn’t alright with but you weren’t letting go.
So, deciding to try and open up, Yelena looked away from you, staring at nothing in particular,” I used to say that to my sister.”
You squeezed her hand, trying to show that you were there to catch her if she fell. It wasn’t often that Yelena spoke of her sister and you knew not to interrupt her whenever she did.
“She…Well when we lived in Ohio, we used to play like that. I used to bend backwards and try to stand on my hands and legs and she’d join me. I used to always say that when we did it.”
She chuckled slightly, as if reliving those moments,” You know, she would always challenge me that she could outlast me and then make me laugh, which would always result in me falling down first. Cheater.” She mumbled softly with a smile.
She went into a few more instances when that phrase had come up between the sisters, now her hands moving a bit animatedly as she recalled each memory.
You watched her with love and adoration but also with a dull ache because you knew she was still hurting.
There was no way to fill the gap of a sister after all.
“And…after taking down the red room, Natasha had saved me. Given a parachute to me after I fell from making the aircraft explode.” Her voice quietening down again, tears springing up against her own wish.
“And even then after we were on the ground she was the one looking for me and…and found me in somewhat of a similar position to how you found me just now. That was…” she cleared her throat, not allowing herself to be vulnerable.
But she couldn’t continue on, her throat clamming up way too much.
You understood her unfinished sentence though. Her body language and expression said it all.
That was the last time she said that line to Natasha.
You gently brought the blonde into a hug, cradling her head to your chest,” Love, it’s alright. You don’t need to hold everything in. That’s not healthy. You need to let It all out.”
You coaxed her and it worked. Soon enough Yelena was bawling her eyes out as she hid herself more into your body, her hands holding onto you as if you were her lifeline.
You just sat there with her, rocking her back and forth until she felt a bit better.
You weren’t sure how long it had been but when Yelena’s sobs had reduced to sniffles, you spoke up,” Hey?”
“You know what might make you feel maybe a teensy-weensy bit better?”
She curiously looked up at you, still in your arms,” What?”
“You standing upside down in front of her grave, like a madwoman.” You smiled teasingly.
And you were thankful that it was able to elicit a soft laugh from your girlfriend who later followed with smacking you in the arm.
“And you know what?” you leaned in closer.
Yelena just tilted her head in silent question.
“ I’ll stand upside down with you! That way we both can be mad people and other humans would stay away from us! We’ll get peace and quiet and Natasha would have a laugh at us competing against each other. It’s a win-win!” you goofily uttered, instantly making Yelena feel a hundred times better.
“Oh stop it you goof!”
“What? You don’t think you can last against me, Belova?” you playfully challenged.
Yelena raised her eyebrow before kissing you softly on the lips,” You are on, Y/l/n.”
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