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Bard stands at the desk in his room. Another day gone. Another birthday gone. He reaches into his pocket to retrieve the gift card Lup gave him– he wouldn’t want to lose it, especially considering he wants to stop by her restaurant now. He finds the card, but his fingers brush across something else… paper? Bard pulls out the crumpled page, confused for only a moment until he opens it up. A sheet of staff paper, with only one name scribbled across the top: Bradley.

He’d forgotten all about that paper until now. He’d written that there, what, a month ago? In the park with his nameless friend… This is his last piece of paper from home. He sighs, shakily, as he places the paper down at his desk and sits down in front of it. The name seems almost foreign now… Bradley. His love, his king in shining armor… and he hasn’t thought about him in weeks. He feels so guilty. He’s letting his home go already. He doesn’t want to move on…

…But he’s spent a birthday here already. One without Bradley, or Cooper, or Doe, or any of his other friends. And what does he have to show for it, a gift card? Two well wishes from people he barely knows? Why does it have to be like this? Why can’t he just go home? He’s losing so much of it already, more of him is becoming part of Isola than it is Pridemoor, faster than he wants it to, and he’s not ready.

Bard hastily pulls the feather pen from his hat, poised above the paper… But what is there to write? What series of dots on lines could he possibly place on paper to ever communicate how he feels right now? What’s the point?

He lets the pen fall from his hand, landing uselessly onto the desk. He throws off his hat, casting it aside and onto the floor. He stands, only long enough to throw himself into bed.

Bard stares up at the ceiling, and he can’t help but feel so empty. What does he do now?

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    Peridot was having trouble focusing. Bismuth was still speaking, but everything felt so fuzzy and distant. She should have known. She should have been prepared. She should have taken precautions. Stars, she should have been here!

     It all felt so horrible and unreal and hopeful and scary, all at the same time.

     “… You doing alright there? Hello, earth to Peridot?” Bismuth waved one hand in front of her face, snapping the smaller gem from her thoughts. She shook her head roughly as though to clear away the regrets clawing at her mind, messing up her puffy triangular hair even more than it already was. Peridot didn’t just feel like a wreck, she looked like one, too.

     “Er— Affirmative, just… Thinking.” Well that was sort of true. Peridot decided to redirect the conversation to the real problem, the sooner they sorted this out, the sooner Lapis would be back, safe and sound and—

     No… That might be a bit too optimistic. Peridot would just settle for lucid.

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His hair is made of moonbeams–

No, all wrong.

His hair is spun from silver–


His hairs’ a tangled silver web


He glanced up at the figure walking in front of him and chuckled. Make that a dirty silver web. He plucked out a few more notes, humming softly.

And his eyes gleam like a wolf’s

Wolf. What rhymes with wolf? Gulf? No. Skulf? Not a word. Werewolf? That’s just repeating himself. Maybe an–


The subject of his musings interrupted his thoughts with a gruff bark. Startled, Jaskier fumbled his lute.


Geralt rolled his eyes. “Look.”

Jaskier’s gaze followed his pointing finger.



Well, there went his hope for a peaceful afternoon.

* * *

Just a snippet I wanted to get out!

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Prompt : jaylex apple

“Jay, Why are you in a tree?”

“I’m getting an apple for lunch!”

With an eye roll, Alex stands against the tree with his arms out, ready to catch Jay when he inevitably takes a tumble. Jay is clumsy enough while on the ground, standing on a loose branch six feet in the air doesn’t help his odds of not falling to his death.

“I don’t mind sharing my lunch if you’re hungry. Would you get down from there? Seriously before you get hurt.”

Alex isn’t taken off guard when Jay ignores him. Jay has always been stubborn. Ever since middle school, when Jay got his mind to something, he dug his heels in until his way was gotten. A part of Alex loves how determined Jay is. Another part of Alex wants to shake Jay and scream that he needs to take better care of himself because he could get seriously hurt, pulling off some of his antics.

Sure enough, like a prophecy, the brach breaks from under Jay’s feet, sending him plummeting into Alex’s arm. Jay may not have foresight but does have hindsight. He knows how dangerous it was to climb on weak branches, but his need to impress his hot film nerd boyfriend overtook what little common sense he has. Jay wraps his arms around Alex’s neck, clinging to him in fear and thankfulness.

“Jay, don’t ever do that again. You could’ve just ended up in the ER.”

“I know I know I’m sorry. Thanks for not letting me end up in the hospital.”

After a few minutes of the two men clinging to each other tightly glad that Jay wasn’t hurt, Jay slowly releases his grip on Alex’s neck and stands on back on his feet.

“Do you want to go get lunch, Alex? We could go get apple pie.”

“You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“I know.”

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hey friend!!! can you do numbers 3 and 6 with bahorel/feuilly??

“Please don’t walk out that door” and “You make every day worth living” – Bahorel/Feuilly

It’s too early when Feuilly’s alarm goes off; it’s always too early.  He shuts it off and rolls out of bed with a groan.  Bahorel mumbles something incoherent and resituates the pillows.  Feuilly used to feel bad about the fact that his alarm always wakes his boyfriend, but by now he’s realized that Bahorel can fall back to sleep in minutes.  Slowly he trudges to the bathroom to shower and get ready for his opening shift at the café.

When he emerges from the bathroom, still toweling off his ginger curls, he’s surprised to find the bedroom light on and the bed empty.  The sound of a whistling teapot draws him to the kitchen, where Bahorel is standing next to the stove wearing only the sweat pants he slept in, his hair sticking up on one side. Feuilly’s heart twinges at the sight. As Bahorel prepares his tea, Feuilly wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and rests his chin on Bahorel’s shoulder.

“What’re you doing up?” he murmurs.

“Trying to convince you to come back to bed.”

“Mm,” Feuilly hums.

“Is it working?”

“Not quite.”

Bahorel turns to face Feuilly and kisses him slowly. “How about now?”



“Still no. I have to work, Baz, you know that.”

Bahorel sighs.  “I figured you’d say that.  Which is why I packed your lunch.” Feuilly breaks into a genuine grin, even as Bahorel watches him gather his things and shakes his head.  “I don’t know how you do it.”

Five years ago, Feuilly would have said I don’t have a choice.

Three years ago he would have said I do it because I have to.

One year ago he would have said You wouldn’t understand.

Six months ago he would have said I don’t know either.

But today is a new day, and he has grown since then, and his boyfriend packed his lunch.

“I think it was the Beatles who said, ‘with a little help from my friends’. I’d have burned out a long time ago were it not for Les Amis.  And you in particular.  You make every day worth living.”  He ducks his head and busies himself with tying his shoes before any more sappy comments can slip out of his mouth. This is why he doesn’t talk to people before he’s had coffee.

When he straightens, Bahorel is waiting for him with his lunch in one hand and keys in the other. “Please don’t walk out that door,” he whines.  It would almost be pathetic if it weren’t so damn cute. Someone so tall and muscular should not be able to achieve such puppy dog eyes.  It should be illegal.

“Babe. I have to.”  Feuilly stands on his toes and wraps his arms around Bahorel’s neck. “Go back to bed.  I’ll be back before you know it.”  They kiss again, and Feuilly allows himself to linger for just a moment before pulling away.  Bahorel resists him, but not forcefully.  “I have to go.  I’m gonna be late.”

“But – “

“No buts. Back to bed. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Feuilly hurries out the door, casting one last glance over his shoulder as he does. Bahorel leans against the doorframe and smiles, watching him go.

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The last several days were a blank blur to Annette.  She remembered vague memories of traveling back to the monastery and then oddly clear ones of staring up at the night sky.  The concern of her classmates and professor were only fleeting glimpses of her shocked memory. 

It was the sensation of being abandoned.  Again!  How could life be so cruel to take her father from her a second time, just when she had managed to find him again.  How many tears did she have to weep before she ran dry? 

Was it really for her father’s death, or was she only crying for herself?  

With no appetite to speak of, Annette remained a pale ghost of herself, moving numbly along with the others.  The endless cycle of why coursed through her mind with no solution in sight.  There had never been any chance of stopping it.  He had wanted this end after all this time, hadn’t he? 

And then suddenly it was time to lay Gustav Dominic to rest.  The reality of his death hit her then like a punch in the gut.  She remembered everything with stark clarity for the first time in days.  The crystal blue sky, clouds being shepherded across the expanse by the chill breeze that also tugged at cloaks.  

With the end of the burial, Annette realized one thing that she’d have to tell her mother.  That responsibility fell to her, no one else.  And there was no time to go herself.  Her mother would have to receive only a letter dotted with her daughter’s tears.  

Dear Mother,  Something terrible has happened and I only wish that I could tell you in person…”

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Prompt: being the local cryptid is difficult in day to day life.

Being the local cryptid is difficult in day to day life as Eyeless has learnt. It’s hard enough to go out in public with missing eyes filled with black tar, but it’s doubly hard when stories have circulated about how you’ve lost your eyes for years. Stories spanning from a cat clawed his eyes out, he scratched his eyes out after hallucinating terrible things, he was kidnaped by a deranged cult, and even a story claiming him to be an alien.

The boomers are frightened by him. They hit him with their canes and yell at him to get off their lawns. One woman mistook him for a stray dog and tried to find him canned food. If it were chicken and rice flavored, he would’ve taken it, but she dared to try to feed him green beans and sweet potatoes.

Young adults and teenagers are more interesting. He’s become a local celebrity shrouded by myth and legend. He has even been asked to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. Some of them even offer him their kidneys.

Half of the locals believe him to be in costume, which has to a world of annoyance. The most notable occurrence was when someone tried to yank his “fake” ear off. Eyeless can still hear their blood-curdling scream ringing through his ears at night.

0/10 Eyeless does not recommend becoming the local cryptid.

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Fluff: 11 + hisoka!

“I’m speechless you’re so beautiful"  

i gotta get used to just writing drabbles and little stuff like this. i always wanna make a full blown story out of things lmfao its a little short but i hope thats ok!

It’s your first mission within the Phantom troupe and you’ve been partnered with Hisoka. The only problem with that is, you’ve never met him. Even though he’s a member, he is almost never at meetings or mission briefings. You haven’t seen him once since joining. You’ve heard plenty about him, almost none of which was positive and that made you nervous. Not only was it your first outing to prove yourself as useful to the troupe, you’ve been partnered with such a wild card. You don’t even know if he will show up, and everyone seemed to share that thought. You figure this is just to test you. 

Everyone gathers their things and you all start to leave. Still no sign of Hisoka. Machi pats you on the back. “You’ll be fine, we’ve all got your back if he doesn’t show.” You nod, feeling a little relieved knowing you won’t actually end up doing your first mission alone. Pairs start to splinter off from the core group to their assigned stations. You look around one more time, sigh and take your position. You’re squatting behind a rock, looking over to keep an eye on the target when someone touches your shoulder. You jump, twirling around ready to defend yourself when you see him. “Hisoka?” You whisper, voice barely audible over your disbelief. He’s so beautiful… Hisoka stares back at you, one eyebrow raised and a faint smile playing on his lips. 

“Are you gonna say something asshole? This is the first time I’ve even seen you around! I’ve got a lot riding on this mission, I have to prove myself-” Hisoka places a finger over your lips. “You’re so beautiful.” His voice was so smooth, enticing. You practically melt at his words. Your hard exterior breaks away almost immediately. “You… You could’ve shown up sooner.” You cough, cheeks burning. His hand caresses the side of your face and you instinctively lean into it. He moves closer, like he’s about to kiss you. Your body moves without your approval. Something about him is so appealing… Your heart flutters in your chest. Just before your lips touch, he stops and smiles. “Ready to prove yourself, beautiful?”

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hnnghh prompt - drabble night Ticcidrowned fluff (+ a few prompts cuz’ i’m indecisive) 1) Ben and Toby in a Skype call when Ben falls asleep in the middle of it. Toby decides to let them sleep since Ben had a long day and they like the sound of their sleeping. 2) During a rain/thunderstorm Toby comforts a crying/sobbing Ben 3) n..nsfw maybyeee?? 馃グ馃挄馃挆馃挅馃挀馃グ

(I decided to do one!) 

The Skype call was going well. Ben was rambling about the new fish he got for his aquarium, and Toby was listening intensely, hanging onto Ben’s every passionate word. Toby only stopped Ben for a moment at 2 AM to grab another drink. It only took five minute’s but exhaustion won over Ben, and Toby came back into the room to find his boyfriend face down on his desk and snores loudly emitting from the laptop.

“Are you actually sleeping, or are you trying to scare me again? Because I’m not falling for that, "pretending to be asleep, so Toby nearly has a heart attack when I jump up” again.“

But Ben doesn’t move. He keeps his head planted firmly on the desk, not moving an inch. Ben looks peaceful with his messy blonde bangs covering his eyes, and his ears twitch at random intervals. Toby considers waking him up to finish their conversation, but Ben’s had a long day of buying fish and playing video games. Not to mention it’s funny and adorable how loud someone as tiny as Ben can snore.

"Night Ben. I love you. Don’t have any nightmares.”

Closing Skype with a smile, Toby tucks himself into his bed, hoping that he’ll have dreams of Ben.

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Synopsis: You try to convince Sam to be your date to a wedding

Word Count: 456

“Sam, I just need your help.” You stare at the handsome man in front of you. He stares back with curious quirks of the eyebrows. 

“You need my help. That’s rich. Little miss independent needs my help.” Sam smiles, his voice mocking you. You honestly had no time for this. You were expected at a friend’s wedding this weekend and you had no date. 

Your friend was notorious for pointing out your singleness and you were so tired of it. So you made it a point to get a hot date and the sexiest dress for the wedding. You were able to get the dress, but the date was nowhere to be found. 

Leave it to you to be unprepared for the social event of the year within your group of friends. So yeah you were a bit desperate. But Sam was a great person, and he knew how to have a good time. Besides all of your friends already thought you guys were together. 

You decided to ask your best friend Sam Wilson, but you should have known better. You should have known that he’d be an asshole about it. 

“I always need your help Sam. You’re just always a dick about it. Can you just pretend to be my date?” You sigh as you realize he’s going to make a thing about this. You add a pout for good measure. “Please.” You watch him warily as he approaches you slowly, his large hand wraps around the back of your neck and angles your head up towards his. 

Your breath catches in your throat as the idea of Sam laying his soft lips on yours crosses your mind… for the fourteenth time that hour. You can’t help but think about how good Sam is with his tongue, and after the last time you guys laid down together, the two of you promised to just pretend that nothing ever happened. As if you two could ever forget how well your bodies meshed together. But how could you do that when he was so good to you. 

“Okay, But if I agree…” Sam starts off quietly as he licks his lips backing you into his kitchen counter. “You gotta let me get another taste. Just once wasn’t enough.” 

You let out a soft whimper when he presses his lips against yours, just as good as the last time. You urgently return the kiss, eagerly allowing him to take over the kiss and slip his tongue inside your mouth. 

“Well, what will it be, sugar?” Sam says against your lips. His fingers on your neck and hips tighten as you try to dive in for another kiss. A devilish smile graces his full lips when you nod yes. 


@aislinnsilver @wawakanda-btch @chaneajoyyy @marvelmaree

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Hey can you write one where Lapis helps a reader cope with the nightmares that they are getting?

Sleep well. Listened to Ultimately and We Lost the Sea while writing this.


Originally posted by reimidy

You wake up in a cold sweat, again.

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prompt: slenders first kill?

Slender has seen humans running around the forest for years. He’s always been content to observe watching them sing their songs and exchanging needless information with their companions. This pair of humans, however, is different.

They santur through the forest as if they own it with their tools for destroying the forestry. Whenever they come tree’s falls, and Slender’s creatures are out of homes.

He’ll be out of a home if they tear down his land. This land is his. He gets to decide what lives and dies. He never permitted for those savages to tear down his trees. His instincts scream to protect his home, and he will defend what is his at any cost.

As he appears in front of the selfish men, he feels nothing as tentacles emit from his back and tear into the stomach of his screaming victims. The brutes are dead before they even hit the ground. Slender feels nothing as he retreats into the trees. Once the other humans find the pair of bodies, a clear message will be delivered.

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“Ah choo!” A sneeze Haseul knew really well was heard loudly in the second floor, along hurried footsteps. The sneeze was followed by many others, as Vivi went down the stairs holding Mr. Fluffy the farthest as possible from her body. She was almost running, wanting nothing else than to throw that cat through a window.

“I’ll need Hyunjin to come back right now.” Another sneeze, “Or else I’ll die.”

The short haired woman could only laugh at the scene in front of her, and drifting her attention away from her homework, Haseul picked up Mr. Fluffy, pat his head a bit, then put him back on the wooden floor.

“Come on, baby,” She said, looking at the cat fur mess Vivi’s clothes were. (At some point, the red haired woman was supposed to bathe the cat, but it was long forgotten.) Haseul pressed a quick kiss to Vivi’s forehead.  “Let’s change those clothes.”

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