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#drabble game
xiao-cafe · a month ago
In honor for his appearance in the new trailer, Scaramouche with the prompt “Be you. No one else can.” please?
pairing: scaramouche x gn!reader
prompt: “be you. no one else can.”
tags: fluff i guess
a/n: bumped this up bc scaramouche!! yes i play favourites what about it
Tumblr media
you’re not sure why but you find yourself at scaramouche’s doorstep. nose red and runny while tears continue to leak from your eyes.
it’s strange that out of all places, you choose to go to the person you’ve made an enemy out of. yet, he’s the only one you have left.
when scaramouche answers the door, you’re taken aback by his casual appearance. the lack of his eye-catching hat surprises you but it’s his eyes that strikes a chord within you. it is familiar as it is unchanging.
“what do you want?” scaramouche snarls, “if it’s a fight you want, it can wait till tomorrow.”
you shake your head in response.
you remain quiet as scaramouche studies your appearance. his cold gaze sliding across your features with nonchalance as he assesses your current state.
“trouble in paradise? or did you so called ‘friends’ turn on you again?” he sneers as he crosses his arms.
a sniffle escapes as scara hits the nail on the head.
eventually, a sniffle turn into two and a tear is falling from your lashes and you end up falling to your knees and bawling your eyes out in front of a panicked scaramouche.
“h-hey?” his voice is filled with uncertainty a s he unfolds his arms, hands hovering in the air, unsure if it’d be alright to touch you.
you ignore his words and continue to cry, letting go of your rationality as you drain the last of the bubbling negativity in your chest.
by the time you’ve recovered, emotionally spent and eyes swollen from crying, you finally become aware of the warm hand on your back.
“feeling better?” the purple-haired man asks in a bored tone. yet, he continues to pat your back rhythmically.
you croak out an intelligible response to which scaramouche heaves a heavy sighs.
“isn’t it fine to just leave them be? if you conform to the version of you that they want you to be, you’ll just be pretending to be someone you’re not.”
you nod slowly as you take in his words.
“be you, no one else can,” scaramouche states firmly.
his hand which has stopped patting your back acts like an anchor, grounding you as you pick yourself up piece by piece.
“you’re right,” you reply, barely a whisper.
“of course i am,” scaramouche smirks. “if you’re feeling better already go home, i need to sleep.” he adds.
a chuckle escapes your lips, genuine and airy.
Tumblr media
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
45 with dbf!bucky 🥺
“I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one will notice.” — dadsbestfriend!bucky x f!reader
warnings; age gap (reader is in her 20s), slight exhibitionism, cockwarming.
smut drabble masterlist ꧂
“Thanks, sugar,” Bucky smiled as you handed him another cold beer. “Where’s your old man?”
“Inside,” you played with the string of your pastel-blue bikini bottoms that barely covered you up. “He he said said work was calling.”
Bucky sighed, taking a sip of his drink and then setting it down on the table next to him. He looked handsome today, sunglasses perched atop his damp hair while he let his skin soak up the summer warmth in the lounge chair.
“Come sit with me,” he beckoned you closer. “Sit on my lap, pretty girl.”
“Not right now, Buck,” you were tempted, but your father could step outside any moment.
He let out a huff, gently grabbing your wrist with his calloused hand. “C’mon, just for a bit.”
You gave in, straddling his lap and cuddling close to his strong chest. His hot breath fanned over your neck, raising goosebumps across your skin.
“Are you hard?” You giggled, pressing your core against his confined erection.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” his large hand smoothed over the part of your ass that was exposed. “You look so ready to be fucked, wearin’ this thing you call a bikini. I can see everything.”
You whimpered, already feeling that ache in your center. You just wanted to feel him.
“Shh, you know we’ll make too much noise,” he whispered. “You wanna keep my cock warm?”
You helplessly nodded your head, hoping he would let you. This was an awfully inconvenient situation after all, sitting in your father’s backyard.
“I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one will notice,” he nudged the fabric out of the way with his fingers. “Keep my baby girl nice and full until daddy dearest gets back, yeah?”
“Please, Bucky,” you whined.
He got his thick cock out just enough for you to seat yourself on it. You felt full, so fucking full, and your brain melted to nothing.
“It feels good, sugar,” Bucky rubbed your belly. “Bet you’d bounce on my cock if I’d let you.”
Every last fiber of your being had to resist the urge to ride him. It was just as hard for him to not fuck up into your tight pussy.
“We can do that later, yeah?” He kissed your forehead. “Right now, just be still.”
smut prompts
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bloomingbucky · 3 months ago
hmmm maybe 16 and 19 with bruce banner please? xx
.•° 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐰𝐞 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 | 𝐛.𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
avenger!bruce x female reader (drabble)- “I won’t apologize for marking you up, everyone should know you’re taken” and “keep your eyes open, look at me baby.”
warnings: jealous bruce, slight banter, love bites/bruce marking up reader, sex on bruce’s desk! slightly rough but barely
authors note: i enjoyed writing this way too much, kinda in love with bruce
“I don’t like him.” Bruce spat, as he lifted you onto his desk. “I liked him, not anymore.”
“It’s just Sam.” You breathe, as he bit on your neck softly. “He’s a flirt, everyone knows that.”
Sam took it upon himself to be a little too friendly with you this morning. His usual banter became more as he toyed with the side of your dress, telling you how beautiful you looked.
Bruce was quick to pull you away, his eyes were dark as he turned a different kind of green.
“You think they’d catch on by now.” Bruce scoffed against your skin, his hands massaging your sides roughly.
Bruce pulled away from you, smirking to himself looking at the marks he left on your skin. He traced his fingers along the bruised skin that trailed from under your jaw to the top of your breast.
You looked down, mouth slightly open as you caught sight of your aching skin.
“Bruce!” You screeched, snapping your head up to him. “Look what you did!” You scolded, gesturing to your love stained skin.
“I won’t apologize for marking you up.” He chuckled, pulling you closer “everyone should know you’re taken”
“You’re the one who’s trying to keep this a secret Dr. Banner.” You taunt, fingers fixing the collar of his shirt. “As far as the teams concerned, I belong to nobody.”
You watch Bruce lick his lips, head nodding as he takes a deep breath.
“Well then buttercup.” He sighed, his hands pushing your dress up. “We better change that.”
Bruce planted his lips on yours. The kiss was greedy and messy, his tongue ran against yours as your hands fiddled with the belt of his pants.
You had never seen Bruce jealous, this side of him was new and you weren’t about to complain.
A chill ran up your spine as your hand met his already hard length. You pulled his cock out completely as he flicked his fingers through your folds.
“Already so wet for me.” He grunted, lining himself up with your entrance.
A sharp whimper left your mouth as he pushed into you harshly, giving you no time to adjust.. Your knuckles were white as you held onto the edge of the desk.
His hips snapped against yours roughly, the sounds of his skin against your own echoed through his large lab. Your teeth pressed into your lip as you clamped your eyes shut.
Bruce grabbed the side of your face bringing it closer to his own “Keep your eyes open, look at me baby.” He hissed.
“Be as loud as you want, they need to know who you makes you feel this good” He grunted as he continued fucking you harder than he ever had before.
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zemosimp05 · a month ago
97: I don't need a hero. I need a husband.
With anyone you prefer 🥰
“I’m so done with dating…” You yelled annoyedly walking in the conference room not giving a fuck that a meeting was going.
“Y/N…we are here middle of something important …” Tony said to you.
“ Well this is important too…I am sick and tired of Dating…” you huffed sitting down in one of the chairs.
“Y/N…you need to calm down…” Nat said you.
“I volunteer…” Both Loki and Bucky said at the same time making everyone surprise, including you.
“Back off Mischief…” Bucky yelled annoyedly.
“Shut up Barnes…I said it first…” Loki immediately said and a argument started between them ruining the whole meeting.
“Well this is interesting…” You giggled softly looking at them.
“Great…Send me an invitation when you get married…” Tony huffed to you before leaving the room.
Lmao I changed the prompt little bit🤣😝 send me a no.
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alotofteez · a month ago
hi! I'm the one who requested the bully!hongjoong, since you don't do bully!au's, then it'd be fine if they aren't friends, and tease each other alot. y/n would be a fem and my numbers would be 211, 170, 106
thank you (once again) and have a great day <33
Thank you for requesting, my dear❤️
Late Night Swim | KHJ
Member: Hongjoong x fem!reader
Genre: Not really smut but pretty suggestive
Words: 806
106. "Were you just masturbating?"
170. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"
211. "You were always the quiet one."
Drabble game is briefly closed!
Tumblr media
One bored idea has led to another resulting in you, your roommate, and a few friends having a late-night swim. For a summer night, your apartment’s community pool is oddly vacant, which is perfect because you have the entire place to yourselves.
As you, your roommate, and your friend San mess around and play fight in the shallow end, your other friend Seonghwa hangs out with his friend on the lounge chairs.
You invited San while he was with "friends," so you generously welcomed the others not knowing who exactly would be tagging along. Seonghwa isn't a problem, but their other friend Hongjoong... You don't know him very well yet every time you're together, there's a lot of teasing between you two. So much teasing that San always jokingly demands that the two of you kiss and get it over with. Apparently, there's sexual tension that you must be blind to... or just play ignorant to because you're not about to admit you're attracted to Hongjoong.
When he’s around, you hold back talking as much as you usually do. You don’t want to say something dumb or annoying, yet he still finds ways to poke fun at you. At those moments, you give it right back to him, and a subtle smirk usually finds its way onto his lips.
As you swim and splash around, you start to feel the need to pee. Glancing over at Seonghwa and Hongjoong, you realize you didn’t grab towels on the way out of your apartment.
“I need to use the bathroom, but we didn’t bring towels,” you whine to Seonghwa.
Before he can answer, San interjects, “Just pee in the pool.”
“Y/N, don’t-”
Again, Seonghwa is unable to respond, “I’ll go grab some. Where are they?”
Hongjoong is already standing up and grabbing your keys off the chair next to him. You’re honestly surprised he isn’t teasing you about how forgetful you are.
“In the cabinet above the toilet in my bathroom,” you say and watch him head back. But after a minute, you remember what you left out on the sink counter.
“Oh, fuck,” you shout, scrambling to the pool steps and running to slip on your sandals.
“You need to pee that bad?” Seonghwa laughs.
“No, I just remembered something,” you answer frantically and sprint into the building.
“Don’t slip!” He calls after you.
The distance between the pool and your apartment has never felt so long. There’s no way you will make it in time. Your stomach is twisted into knots by the time you bust through your front door. 
To your horror, Hongjoong is stepping into the bathroom when you whip around the corner to the hallway that leads to your bedrooms and bathroom.
It’s too late. His eyes have already clocked the vibrator on the counter. He glances over his shoulder at you with that stupid smirk of his. A scoff leaves his mouth as he continues to the cabinet.
You rush in after him and throw the toy into a drawer. “You saw nothing!”
“Were you just masturbating?” He asks, giving you a once-over, “Before we got here?”
It feels like all the blood has been drained from your body.
That word falls from his lips too casually, and it confuses you. 
“Cute?” You echo.
He sits the towels on the counter and looks at you with a coy grin. “What? Do you want to know what I really think?”
“If you’re going to make fun of me, just get it over wi-”
“Hot. The idea of you touching yourself is hot. You were always the quiet one. Didn’t think you’d be into toys.” He cuts you off and steps closer, face inches from yours, head tilted to the side to taunt you. You feel like you are going to combust under his gaze as he speaks. Your mind can’t even form coherent sentences to respond with.
A water droplet rolling off your collarbone catches his eye, and he reaches up to slowly wipe it away.
"Do you have any idea what you do to me?" He asks lowly, his eyes meeting yours again.
Your breathing has become heavy, and you’re pretty sure he can hear your heart pounding. Just when you think something is about to happen between you, his phone rings in his pocket.
Stepping back, he answers the call, “Yeah?”
“When are you bringing the towels?” You can barely hear Seonghwa’s voice through the speaker.
“We’re heading down now,” he says, ending the call and focusing back on you, “I guess we’ll just have to save this for later.”
He winks while grabbing the towels and walks past you out of the bathroom. You feel like you are finally able to breathe, but you’re still disappointed nothing happened. At least now you can finally use the toilet...
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blisschi · 4 months ago
Omg hi! Im new here hehe~ your drabbles are so gOOD I love them— could you do the prompt "Don't die on me.. please-" with Zhongli? I'd love to see that
OH! Could I be 🍞 anon? Hehe♡
Helloo~ I'm really glad you're enjoying my drabbles! 🌸🌿
Yes of course you can be 🍞 anon!! Welcome to the family and here are your cookies! 🍪🍪
I actually cried writing this one and I don't know if it's because I'm so tired or because it's for Zhongli but,,, :")
🍃Don't die on me.. please🍃
Pairing: Zhongli x GN! Reader
Warnings: Major Character Death, Angst
Notes: *gives tissues* Let's share our goods.
Tumblr media
Maybe your journey wasn't meant to end happily, maybe it wasn't meant to end at all.
"Oh please, no.."
You were lying on the ground, head on your partner's lap as you looked up at him with a sad smile.
Your body heavily wounded, even his shield wasn't able to protect you from the damage you went through just some seconds ago. Even though Zhongli got rid of the enemies as quick as possible, it was too late.
You were only a mortal afterall.
Fragile being.
"Zhongli.." You lifted one of your hands up to touch his cheek.
Maybe you should have been more carefull.. Maybe you should have stayed at the harbor.. Maybe you shouldn't be an adventurer at all, yet you couldn't care less about the choices you made in the past, choices that led you to him.
He shut his eyes closed, not being able to look at your expression. Even though you were smiling, you didn't want to go just yet. You didn't want to leave him alone. You didn't want to leave your dreams behind.
But destiny was already chosen for you.
"Don't die on me.. please.." He whispered, feeling your cold hand caressing his cheek. Zhongli took your hand in his carefully, kissing the top of it as if it was one of the greatest treasures in the world.
Perhaps it was.
He opened his eyes and saw your tears. Tears of sorrow.
"I don't want to leave you alone, Dearest.." You spoke up, looking right into his eyes, and the moment you forced another smile onto your face, he knew.
He knew you were about to say your final goodbye.
He nodded lightly, as to tell you to continue. As much as he just wanted to stop the time right now, he couldn't. And even though you weren't the first one he lost in his lifetime, it didn't hurt any less.
"Zhongli.." You called out, catching his attention. "Could you please.. once again.. tell me that story.. about Glaze Lillies?"
He clenched his fists looking at your smile. The way you tried to keep calm in front of him, yet your eyes screamed with fear of dying.
He didn't want to. He didn't want to let you go.
One single tear fell down his cheek as he forced a smile onto his lips, so that you won't feel so bitter in your final moments.
"Of course.. It's your favourite, afterall.." He answered, yet he didn't get an answer.
He closed his eyes once again, clenching his teeth as he lowered his head and let more tears leave the corners of his eyes, as the heart made of stone slowly crushed beneath the weight of your loss.
Zhongli took a deep breath and leaned in, gently pressing his lips against your forehead.
"Glaze Lillies.. Legend has it that this flowers open at the sound of pure, beutiful music.."
There was once one who loved this flower more than any other.
"As beautiful as your voice, my dearest."
Tumblr media
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flowerwrites06 · 3 months ago
Heeyyyyyaaaa, could you plss do an angst JK fic where he’s Y/n’s husband and is unfaithful? I’m a sucker for angst hahaha
Tumblr media
The emotional rollercoaster I went through imagining this scenario, jesus freaking christ, I'm almost tempted to make this a series
Pairing(s): King!Jungkook x Queen!OC (Name: Belle)
Rating: G | PG | M | R 18+
Type: Drabble | Oneshot | Two Parter | Series
Genre: Royal AU | Marriage AU
Tags & Warnings: infidelity, cheating, lots of crying and screaming, jungkook is something else dude, sexual references and sexually charged scenes (non-explicit), anGST
This is continued into a lil series so if you like, check out the next part! 
Tumblr media
Summer mornings made Belle remember the year of her marriage. It made her happy before, recalling the memories of the handsome Prince Jungkook taking her hand in marriage. She was only a young, blushing princess who'd walk around in pink veils and look at the world with glittering eyes. They had so much time together. Jungkook would take her riding into the forest, they'd walk the gardens together or talk in front of the fire.
When Jungkook became King, those things became a luxury than a regular activity. Belle couldn't remember the last time she and Jungkook spent a day together without any interference. It wasn't possible but god was it needed.
Jungkook looked more tired and fell right to sleep every night. The more he listened to issues of the kingdom, the less he smiled for everyone's convenience.
The downward trail of the King, they said. Jungkook would eventually lose all sense of his true self to become embodiment of a feelingless monarch.
Feeling the heat against her skin, Belle decided to take matters into her own hands. Her duties would not begin until later in the afternoon and the hearing of the King must've ended once the sky was bright. Picking the skirt of her green dress, she made her way to the private room in the main castle where Jungkook would relax before moving onto other duties.
Perhaps they could go riding and postpone some duties. Or they could just stay in the private room like they used to on breaks. Her heart pounded in excitement, feeling like a young princess for a few seconds as she ran across the hallways to Jungkooks' private room.
"My love!" Belle called out gently as she opened the door. Her grin quickly dropped, stomach lurched and heart sunk into an endless pit.
All the naivety dissipated as she saw a creme dress and blonde hair, sitting on Jungkooks' lap, plump lips latching off his jawline when she heard Belle come in. Jungkook moved his hands off the girls' waist, hair messy over his eyes.
The girl flushed red and jumped off his lap, bowing pathetically and rushing out of the private room.
She let out a small shaky sigh, hand over her stomach; nauseated from the sight. "Why did you—"
Jungkook stood up and carefully walked towards her, his black shirt mostly opened to reveal his chest. "Belle..."
Belle shook her head, slamming the door shut. "You could've talked to me!" Eyes flooded with tears and her heart felt like it was being forced out of her chest. "I was sitting here for months thinking you were actually suffering and—" She leaned forward on the large wooden table as Jungkook inched closer.
"It was nothing serious—" Jungkook whispered in that same loving way. How tainted and dirty it sounded after what she just saw. He leaned his nose against her temple. "—my love—"
"Don't!" Belle pushed him away roughy. Her crown sliding off the side of her head, tears staining her cheeks and her breathing grew ragged. "Don't call me that and touch me when you still smell like her!" Her voice cracked.
Jungkook tightened his jaw, persisting to step closer. "I'm your husband."
"Mighty good one at that." Belle stepped back. "You drink, you never talk to me, you have your own chambers now, it's for fucking her, isn't it?" She gestured roughly to the door.
Jungkook almost towered over her. "No—"
"Don't lie to me! I've tried being a good wife and queen for you and your kingdom and you—" Belle pushed him further away again. "—go behind my back like common dog!"
Jungkook grabbed onto her hands this time, turning her around until his arm was locked around her body.
"Let me go!" Belle cried out.
"Shh..." Jungkook nudged his lips against her earlobe, another arm held over her chest to leave no distance between them. "Don't weep, please."
Belle only sobbed more, still trying to break away until her crown clanged on the table. Her curls hovered half her face. "Why—"
"I don't—I don't know why," Jungkook whispered. "Please, just don't cry." He buried her face against the crook of her neck.
Her breathing calmed for a moment as she softened into his hold. Jungkook took that second to kiss her neck.
Whether she was like this out of sheer exhaustion or actual peace was a debate to be had later. All Belle knew right now was no one was going to comfort her for something like this other than him. Her new Queenly duty.
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taegularities · 4 months ago
tonight | myg (drabble)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: All he wants is for you to see how perfect you are.
pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: fluff, some smut but not too explicit
warnings: mentions of sex stuff, mentions of a surgery, some insecurities, kissing, soft yoongles is a warning himself
wc: 634
a/n: again, proofread this once, so i hope you like it, anon <3
prompt: “I love you, every part of you. Even the parts you don’t like.”
the other prompts are here!
Tumblr media
Your eyes keep glancing at the ugly scar on the right side of your stomach. It has been a few weeks now since your appendix was removed, but you can’t help but wonder if the man that’s hovering above you finds it as terrifying as you.
Despite knowing that a surgery like this is always harmless and that the scar usually heals and fades largely, your concentration keeps fading, a stupid thought floating in the back of your mind as you frown.
“Hey,” you whisper, halting Yoongi’s movements immediately.
His head shoots up to look at you, eyes dark and drunk in you as he asks, “Yeah? Everything okay? Pain?”
You shake your head, your fingers brushing his bare arm delightfully. A sigh escapes your lips before you press them together, the legs wrapped around his torso pulling him closer so he doesn’t have to see the ugliness on your skin.
“I know I’m being ridiculous,” you whine, trying to calm down through the feeling of his warm skin on yours, “but do you still find me sexy?”
He blinks at you. Blinks a few times before he chuckles, eyes looking like crescent moons on his ethereal face. “Do I find you sexy?”
Burying his face in your neck, he places a chaste kiss against your already marked flesh. He laughs again as he answers, “Now, why would I not, baby?”
“This… this red scar, isn’t it… off-putting?”
Calm down, Y/N, it’s really not that big of a deal.
“Doesn’t it turn you off?”
“Does this feel like,” he mumbles quietly, a slow and gentle thrust drawing a moan out of you, “I’m turned off right now?”
You smile breathlessly, eyes closing shut as your fingernails dig into his shoulder, “Well, now that you say it… no… but…”
Another thrust makes you question more and more why you say such stupid things - he clearly isn’t bothered by it, so you shouldn’t underestimate your body and his love either, right?
“But?” he asks, searching your eyes, large palm cupping your face. “Don’t you believe me?”
You nod slowly, laughing at your own ridiculous behaviour. “I do, but I don’t particularly like the small injured patch of skin, you know…”
Him rocking into you doesn’t help you with forming coherent sentences, and you wrap your legs around him tighter, licking your lips as he nibbles at your neck.
“Just thought you might be thinking the same.”
And then he stops his movements, placing a gentle kiss on your lips as he smiles at you beautifully; that one gummy smile you fall in love with every day, no matter how much time passes and how much the entire world changes around you.
“Y/N, you’re overthinking this too much,” he starts, softly running the back of his index finger along your cheekbones, “I didn’t think anything like that, not even once. It was a harmless surgery.”
He leans down to plant endless kisses on your face, and you shudder when you feel his fingers rub against your healing scar softly, just a ghost touch that has you bite your lip.
“I love you, every part of you,” he mutters, voice filled with affection, longing, encouragement, “even the parts you don’t like.”
Throughout the years, you’ve often doubted yourself and your abilities - which is a shame in Yoongi’s eyes. And you, too, know that he hates that you don’t see how gorgeous, how perfect you are. But with time, you might learn how to love yourself; the fact that Yoongi keeps reminding you of your worth more than you could ever ask for is definitely something that will only keep fueling your confidence with each day you spend with him.
Tonight, however, these words and these touches might be just enough to feel content with yourself.
Tumblr media
now i want a soft yoongi in my life who’ll tell me that i’m great when i doubt myself *cries*
if you guys liked this, please leave a like/reblog/send an ask !! :3 <3
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queenofhearts7378 · a month ago
Danny froze in the doorway of his kitchen, so filled with unbridled horror at the scene he just stumbled on that he didn't notice Adrien, Randy, and Jake running into him from behind until they were all sprawled on the floor.
Jake was swearing at him, Plagg was violently hissing, Adrien let out a yelp when Randy accidentally elbowed him in the ear; and yet none of that mattered as Danny phased out of the pile, causing the other three boys to fall back down as they were in the middle of getting to their feet.
"You know Jake," Haley said in an universally recognized tone all siblings know that immediately inspires violence, "You really should watch your language around people that others could see as….impressionable."
Jake swore some more, just because.
Danny was tempted to swear too, because he knew exactly how Jake felt, but Jazz was looking at him in expectation and he refused to give her the satisfaction of falling for the bait.
Look, it's a sibling thing. Something only Jake and Danny get despite Danny having an older by two years sister, and Jake having a younger by eight years sister. (There is a very clear difference in being an older sibling to being a younger sibling.) Randy can almost get it, seeing as he and Howard grew up together, so by proximity, he had a sort of older sister in Heidi. Adrien is an only child and is thoroughly baffled at the way they can go from sheer animosity on sight, to the sort of teamwork against parents that only siblings can pull off.
So Danny and Jake were the only ones to see the distressing scene before them as….distressing.
Danny’s nosy, know-it-all older sister and Jake's nosy, know-it-all younger sister were currently sitting in the Fenton kitchen drinking tea together.
Danny and Jake were distressed.
"No." Jake said, pointing at the scene. "No no. Nope. No."
Haley gave him a sweet smile, "You never told me what a fascinating conversationalist Danny’s sister is!"
Jazz gave her a blinding grin, "Thanks Haley! It's always nice to bounce my theories and ideas off someone who gets it."
Danny made a face, "Oh Ancients they're teaming up."
Jake nodded solemnly, "You know what this means right?"
They shook hands, both looking like they're about to march off to war. Danny shuffled over to Jazz. "This is for my own sanity."
Then he shoved a snowball in her face at the same time Jake dropped one on Haley's head.
Jazz shrieked, "Danny!" She jumped up and immediately started chasing him. Haley screeched at Jake and chased him out the other door.
Randy sighed, "We won't be seeing them for a while." Adrien just stared, utterly baffled.
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that-sokovian-bastard · 3 months ago
hi angel! i saw this prompt and thought of pietro immediately <3 what about “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”? thank you so much in advance! no pressure, though! xx
Hello! Sorry this one took a few days, got busy. But here we go! I love this prompt :)
Pietro is alive. Tony is alive. Welcome to the avengers compound where everyone is happy. fuck canon.
"Hey, you look nice today," Pietro said and stopped walking as he saw you scurrying down the hallway.
"Thanks, I'll talk to you later!" You shouted as you rushed down the hallway to get to Stark's lab, carrying some binders of research in your arms.
Pietro sighed, a bit disappointed, yet again. Though you two had been friends for a while now, he has been trying to get your attention in a different way. You've just been so busy with life, and Avengers stuff, that every time he tries to convey that to you, you never notice.
Trying to ask you to do things: you're either busy or invite others, because you don't realize what he's asking. His extra compliments: a quick thank you and you run off. Sometimes he thinks about giving up, but he know he can't because he just likes you too much.
Later that day, Pietro made his way through the compound for a snack. He ended up passing the living room and saw you on the couch, scrolling through channels and having trouble finding something to watch.
"Nothing good on?" He asked as he stood behind the couch.
You shrugged. "No, I'm just bored. Tony told me to rest up and that I wasn't allowed to work anymore today," You said, not looking away from the TV guide. "He should take his own advice," You grumbled.
Pietro laughed and reached over to grab the remote out of your hands, then walked around to sit next to you on the couch. "I'm sure I can find something for us to watch," Pietro smiled and started flipping through the guide. "Why'd Stark ban you?"
You shrugged. "He's a hypocrite! He says I haven't been getting enough sleep and I need to get my beauty sleep to make sure I stay at one-hundred percent," You complained.
"That is very hypocritical of him. Besides, I'd say you're getting you're beauty sleep; you look beautiful," Pietro added.
"Thanks....wait, are you flirting with me?" You asked as you started to put all his comments together.
Pietro pressed play on a random channel that had reruns playing. "You finally noticed?" He smirked when he turned to look at you, and a blush came across your face.
Send me a prompt and a character and I’ll write a drabble for it!
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iridescentjin · a month ago
for the drabble game,, jin and a hand kink uwu i feel like he doesn't get enough appreciation and he's got unique hands
Tumblr media
Summary: ksj x reader
Genre: pwp, smut, light fluff
Warnings: smut stuff, vaginal fingering
a/n: Having a bad day, send me drabble stuff, and I'll write it maybe.
WC: 752
It had just been a passing comment that someone made, but you saw that it affected Jin. You could tell that he had folded in on himself, if only momentarily. The next time that you looked at his hands, he had them tucked snuggly into the sleeves of his sweater, just his fingertips sticking out.
Asshole. You think to yourself as you stare daggers at the man who unintentionally hurt this fragile being.
When you get home, Jin’s hands are still covered by the fabric of his sweater. He sits on the couch and doesn’t pull out his phone like he usually does. He watches the television, keeping his hands hidden from view.
“Your fingers are so weird!” the man had shouted. He was Jin’s friend, but obviously not enough to know that he clearly made him self-conscious.
“Jinnie,” you say softly, and he looks up at you as if nothing is wrong. “Do you want some ice cream?”
He smiles and pats his belly with his sweater paws. “No, I couldn’t eat another bite.”
“I’m craving something...sweet,” you say as you slide into the spot next to him on the couch.
He raises his eyebrows but doesn’t say anything. You grab his wrist and bring his hand up to your mouth. You peel the back the fabric and slowly slide his index finger between your lips. Your tongue swirls around the warm, salty skin, and you think you can feel his pulse in his finger tip. Your lips slide up and down on his finger, taking it into the back of your throat and pulling it out again. He coughs a little to himself and tries to pull his hand away.
“Jin, you know that I love every single thing about you, right?”
“Well, not my use of Dr. Google to diagnose every malady I’ve ever had,” he chortles as he says it.
“That’s true. But I do love your forehead,” you plant a kiss there.
“Your nose,” kiss again.
“Your cheeks.” Kiss.
“Your chin.” Kiss
“Your collarbones.” Kiss.
“Your belly.” You lift up his shirt and kiss.
“And every.” Kiss
“Single.” Kiss
“One.” Kiss
“Of your fingers.” Kiss
With each kiss, you move to a different finger, finally slipping his thumb inside your mouth. You look up at him, holding eye contact while you take the digit in and out between your lips. He adjusts his seat a little, but he doesn’t pull his hand away this time. He laces the fingers from the other hand into your hair and tugs gently, then he guides you up to kiss him on the mouth.
The two of you kiss gently for minutes until you can’t take it anymore and let the desperation that you feel come out through your lips. Your mouth moves quickly against his, tongue searching his. You let one hand travel down to the bulge in his pants, and he bucks up slightly at the touch. He lets go of your hair and works his fingers into the waistband of your pants.
His fingers know every inch of your body, and he doesn’t hesitate to touch you in exactly the right way. The coolness of his fingertips against the heat of your arousal makes you shudder as he runs his finger up and down your folds. He avoids your clit, teasing you over and over. Your hips buck slightly to try to get him to touch you in your most sensitive, hungry place. Finally, he swirls around your clit, and you feel yourself detach from the room. It has been awhile since you and Jin have had time together, and his touch is driving you over the edge quickly.
Your hips continue to thrust while he slides his fingers inside you. His thumb continues to work on your clit, like trying to find the right station with a radio dial. He explores every inch of you, causing the fire inside you to build. Your brain becomes fuzzy and all that exists in that moment are Jin’s fingers and your pleasure. You topple over the edge of your orgasm and let out a loud moan.
When you open your eyes, Jin is at you, clearly ready for more. You take the fingers that have been between your legs and bring them up to your mouth, licking at your own slickness, moaning with each pass.
“Why don’t you see what else I can do with these fingers, huh?” he asks and pulls you off the couch toward the bedroom.
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xiao-cafe · 3 months ago
Hehe, 49 with Childe perhaps? (๑′ᴗ‵๑)
big brain.... big brain anon...
Tumblr media
pairing: childe x gn!reader
prompt: "take off your shirt"
tags: childe's battle scars, mild suggestive themes, established relationship
Tumblr media
"can i see your scars?"
childe blinks at you twice before a smirk begins to creep onto his face.
"all of a sudden?" he questions, but the ginger obliges and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt, showing you the faded scars all over the length of his arms.
you let out a soft sound of approval as he presents his arms to you. using your pointer finger to trace a particularly jagged scar on his bicep, you peek at his childe's expression, wondering if he would tell you how he got it.
"what about your other scars?" you ask childe, patting his chest. "you told me that you almost died to an assassination attempt." you say, reminding him of the time he told you a particularly dramatic 'true story' of his.
childe lets out a laugh and presses his hand over yours, "you still remember that?"
there's a hint of nervousness in his voice and you can tell from the sickeningly innocent smile he has on his face that he's hoping you wouldn't question him further.
"take off your shirt."
"right now? we're not even in the be-"
you ignore childe as your hands slide under his shirt, the design of it allowing you to easily lift the fabric, exposing his torso.
his skin is littered with scars but you're all too distracted by the feel of his firm muscles under your palms to remember your original goal of seeing his scars.
"like what you see?" childe smirks, his voice is low as he leans back, giving you a better view. "i have more scars hidden under my pants too."
"shut up."
yet, despite your biting remark, you can't help the raging blush across your cheeks.
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
107 with bucky 👀 (I mean I would really like if it’s dadsbestfriend!bucky but I’m generally a slut for this man so I will like it anyway 💀)
“Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt.” — beefy!dbf!bucky x f!reader
warnings; palming (?), attempted handjob, age gap (reader is in her 20s), implied spanking, brattiness
a/n; i see your dbf!bucky and i raise you beefy!dbf!bucky
smut drabble masterlist ꧂
“Dinner is delicious,” Bucky took another bite from his plate, silverware clanking in the background of your parents’ chit-chat.
You stole a glance at him every couple of seconds, paying more attention to him than your meal. His stubble had been growing out for about a week, the sleeves of his red Henley were rolled up his strong arms, and if you looked down, you could get a peek of his jean-clad thighs underneath the oak table.
“We’re glad you decided to join us, Buck,” your dad chided with a mouthful of potatoes. “We always love havin’ you over, isn’t that right?”
You moved a hand into Bucky’s lap. “Of course, Bucky makes the best plum tarts!”
He gave you a stern look, his ice-cold gaze piercing right through you as you made small talk with your family. You just smiled, your hand now right over his bulge.
“Did you bring plum tarts tonight, Bucky?” Your mom asked.
You lightly palmed his cock, already growing half-hard under your hand. Bucky stifled a groan, covering it up with a cough.
His face had gone red. “I brought ‘em.”
Bucky knows you love plum tarts, but you have a taste for something else this evening.
His length was now fully hard against the front of his jeans, your mouth watering at the thought. You couldn’t wait to just get him alone, to a place where he could absolutely ruin you.
“Sweetheart, why don’t you and Bucky go get the plum tarts?” Your dad gestured over to the kitchen. “I could use some dessert.”
You nodded, smoothing your short skirt as you got up from the dining chair. Bucky followed behind, attempting to hide his throbbing erection from your parents.
“I can’t believe you made my favorite,” you hummed, opening the refrigerator in search of dessert. “You never show up empty-handed.”
Bucky caged your body against the fridge, his broad shoulders encasing you. “And you can’t keep your hands to yourself.”
His long, silky hair tickled your neck. This was exactly what you wanted. “Seems like you didn’t mind it too much.”
“Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt,” his length pressed up against your backside. “And you’re gonna like it.”
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artemisthehuntress · 20 days ago
Hello my friend (and possible godly twin)! It would be very lovely if you could write an "Amuse Me" drabble 🥰
Hello, lovely!! (☀️) Thanks very much—I loved doing this one, and it got very silly! 💜💜💜
Prompt: Leave an “Amuse Me” in my ask, and I will write a funny drabble about one character trying to cheer another up.
Anakin could hear the arguing before he even reached the door. He was wincing and grinning simultaneously as he stuck his head into the private healing room and saw Obi-Wan scowling up at Master Che.
“Everyone’s having a good time, I see,” he chirped.
Both of them directed fierce glares at him, but Anakin was used to that, and he could feel through the bond that Obi-Wan was glad he was here.
“I am perfectly fine—“ Obi-Wan continued as though Anakin hadn’t spoken.
“You call three compound fractures fine?” Master Che demanded. “You need to heal, and that means no running around until I say so.”
“I could take him home,” Anakin volunteered. “I could keep an eye on him. It’s mostly being here in the Halls he doesn’t like.”
Master Che crossed her arms, snorting. “You? Skywalker, it’s even odds you’ve got a concussion and a sprained knee you’ve yet to mention. Again.”
Anakin smiled sheepishly. “Not this time, I swear. Just the usual cuts and bruises, and my medic has cleared me, you can ask.”
Master Che looked between Anakin’s earnest face and Obi-Wan’s mulish one and sighed deeply.
Half an hour later, Anakin was lowering a grumbling Obi-Wan onto the couch in their quarters, mindful of his bandaged legs.
“Thank you,” his Master said, a bit begrudgingly.
“I’ll make some dinner,” Anakin said.
“Anakin, you don’t have to. I’m perfectly capable of—“
“A ship landed on your kriffing leg, Master,” Anakin interrupted with cheerful ruthlessness. Obi-Wan scowled even more deeply and Anakin softened, laying a hand on his shoulder and squeezing. “Please. Let me take care of you?”
For a moment, Obi-Wan just looked up at him, surprise in his gray eyes. And then, he gave a small nod, relaxing back into the pillows.
“But I’m not really hungry yet,” Obi-Wan added. “Sit with me?”
Anakin surveyed the way Obi-Wan was draped across the couch, leg propped up, and nodded. Carefully, he slid an arm under Obi-Wan’s shoulders and lifted a little, ignoring the confused, “Anakin, what—“ and dropping down.
Obi-Wan blinked up at him from his new position with his head on Anakin’s lap.
Anakin smiled, satisfied. Force, his former Master was gorgeous. Anakin carded his fingers through soft ginger hair—after all, he might never have a chance like this again.
Obi-Wan blushed faintly. “What are you doing?” he demanded.
“Sitting with you.” Anakin tapped his nose, laughing when Obi-Wan scrunched up his face, looking baffled.
“This is not what I meant,” Obi-Wan pointed out.
“But this is more fun.” He poked Obi-Wan’s nose again, and then the space between his eyebrows when it crinkled in consternation.
“For whom, I ask you,” Obi-Wan muttered, but he wasn’t asking Anakin to stop, and he didn’t feel upset in the bond.
“For me, obviously.”
He assaulted Obi-Wan’s face with a lightning-fast series of pokes, dodging when Obi-Wan tried to bat his hand away.
Anakin started to laugh at the faces he was making, using one hand to fend off Obi-Wan’s defense as the other continued the attack.
“Anakin,” Obi-Wan complained, hands flailing.
Without thinking, Anakin captured both of Obi-Wan’s hands and swooped down to press a kiss to his forehead.
They both froze.
Anakin jerked back, but didn’t go far, staring into Obi-Wan’s wide eyes.
Silence echoed through their quarters—quarters they still shared, even though Anakin had been knighted three years ago, because Anakin was so in love with Obi-Wan and couldn’t bear the thought of being any farther from him than absolutely necessary.
Belatedly, he realized that Obi-Wan still hadn’t said anything, hadn’t protested, that his hands were lax and still in Anakin’s. His expression was cautious, but not disgusted or horrified.
Almost painful hope surged up his throat, and he swallowed around it.
Slowly, so that Obi-Wan had plenty of time to stop him, Anakin leaned down and brushed his lips over Obi-Wan’s cheek.
Obi-Wan let out a slow breath. His fingers curled around Anakin’s and gave a soft tug.
Anakin slid his mouth down, feeling soft, scratchy beard before finally—finally—finally fitting his lips over Obi-Wan’s.
Obi-Wan freed one of his hands and slid it into Anakin’s hair, pulling him miraculously closer, flicking his tongue against Anakin’s lower lip. Anakin melted, immediately opening to Obi-Wan’s questing tongue, letting himself be kissed, and kissed, until he had to wrench away with a gasp, desperate to breathe.
Obi-Wan’s eyes were dark, and his lips were pink and wet and smiling.
“If I’d known a few kisses was all it took to cheer you up, I’d have started with that,” Anakin said, casual tone ruined by breathlessness and the undoubtedly silly look on his face.
Obi-Wan laughed. “Better kiss me again, or I’ll have to get unbearable.”
“It seems I have no choice,” Anakin agreed with a fake sigh, bending back down and swallowing Obi-Wan’s chuckle.
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zemosimp05 · a month ago
Can you do no.148. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” 🥰😌
You felt asleep again, working. When Zemo walked in the living room it was past 2 am. He noticed the sleepy figure of you uncomfortably sleeping in the chair resting your head on the table, laptop open, notes scattered everywhere.
This was the 3 rd time in that week. Zemo just huffed to himself thinking about how you were the one doing the most work in this mission, and your avenger friends were sleeping.
You're a good sleeper, or you were just so tired so when Zemo picked you up in his arms, taking you upstairs to your room, you barely woke up.
James and Samuel would have killed him if they saw him touching you but the chair always looked too uncomfortable, so he would always carry you to your bed.
As Zemo carefully placed you down, he draped the duvet over you securely. He bend down before a placing a soft kiss on your forehead. Your body relaxed automatically with this subtle touch. He smiled softly at how peaceful and calm you looked.
As he stood up to leave the room he stopped as a soft whisper called him from behind.
"Helmut..." You sleepily whispered. Zemo looked at you but figured it out you're sleep talking or barely awake.
"Why do you... only kiss me... When I'm sleeping...?" It came out as a muffled voice making Zemo surprised. So your subconscious mind knew it was him.
"Because if I kiss you when you're awake... I may not able to stop..." He confessed.
"Hmm..." That's the only word you managed to say before you relaxed again. Zemo was still standing there in bit disbelief.
"Good night draga..." He whispered more to himself but you didn't reply anymore. Then he smiled to himself, walking out of the room.
Now that you knew... He might just take a chance kissing you when you're fully awake.
Tumblr media
I’m still in disbelief that I got so many responses to that Drabble challenge 😭😩♥️thank you y’all ♥️
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alotofteez · a month ago
Hello, my love! You didn't specify a member, so I'm just gonna pick one. If you have a specific member you want, let me know and I'll rewrite your request!
New Concept | PSH
Member: Seonghwa x staff!reader (fem)
Genre: Smut, idol!au
Words: 592
168. "This feels dirty..." "Because it is."
Drabble game is briefly closed!
Tumblr media
Pieces of paper of aesthetic photos, color palettes, hand-drawn outfits, and stage mockups are scattered across the table when there is a knock on your door. Hours ago, you assured the rest of the concept team that you would finish the moodboard design alone so that they could clock out. As the head of the team, you feel it's your responsibility to complete assignments and take care of those working under you. You've lost track of time during the stress and franticness to finish.
Lost in thought, you distractedly yell, "Come in!"
The door opens and closes. The person doesn't say anything, and it doesn't concern you who would still be at the company and also need you at this time.
A pair of warm hands lands on your hips before a body barely brushes against your back. Looking up in confusion, you're met with all too familiar eyes.
"Seonghwa, why are you in my office?" You ask, busy hands subconsciously resting on the table.
"I saw your light on," he answers with a small grin.
"Okay, but why are you on this floor?"
"You weren't answering my texts."
Realizing you've been distracted from organizing the papers, you quickly resume, "I'm busy."
"Your next comeback concept."
"You seem stressed," he comments as his hands wander up to your shoulders to massage them.
You hum at the feeling with your eyes fluttering closed for a moment, "I am."
"You should take a break." His body presses harder against you.
"I don't have time."
His hands fall back to your waist as his lips find your neck.
"Make time," he says between kisses.
Heat rushes to your core, and you really want to give in. You know you shouldn't while at work, especially with a coworker who you've been secretly seeing. HR would have a field day if they knew.
"I can't."
Easily, he turns you to face him, his eyes boring into yours with that mischievous glint. Without warning, he captures your lips in a kiss, and you don't fight it. This is the first time he has done something like this while at the company building. Your hands naturally hold onto him as he deepens the kiss. You can feel how badly he wants you by the way his tongue swipes your bottom lip.
"You need to relax," he says against your lips. One of his arms wraps around you while his free hand slides down between your legs. The pressure his fingers rub against your clothed heat makes your breathing become heavier.
"Seonghwa," you try to sound stern, but it only comes out breathless and needy.
His hand moves up to your dress pants' zipper and button, and his nimble fingers undo them to slip into your panties. Upon contact with your clit, you whine.
At any moment someone could walk in, and that somehow fuels your arousal. That doesn't go unnoticed, and a finger effortlessly slides past your folds.
He parts from your lips to trail sloppy kisses down your neck. Your grip on him has tightened, and your chest rises and falls quickly. You try not to moan as he slowly builds a pace. Suddenly, you become aware of your surroundings again; he has you pinned against your work table where multiple coworkers usually crowd around to help with projects.
"This feels dirty..." You manage to say.
"Because it is," he responds, smirking against the newly sensitive skin of your neck. A second finger pushes inside, and you really wish this didn't feel as good as it does.
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blisschi · 4 months ago
For the drabble game how about “can I kiss you right now?” With Diluc? :3
Hi! 🌸🌺🌿
I actually really enjoy writing for Diluc,, I think he might be like.. my comfort character q///q
Here's your order!💗🌻
🌷Can I kiss you right now?🌷
Pairing: Diluc x GN! Reader!
Warnings: None ♡
Notes: I hope you like it!🌿🌸
Tumblr media
You were currently helping Diluc at the tavern. He told you that bartender got sick, so he has to replace him for today. You offered help, obviously!
Diluc wasn't completely sure if to take you with him to the tavern, he just didn't want you to experience any unpleasant stuff that sometimes take place at such places.
It wasn't too far from the end of the shift though, Diluc was actually planning to close the tavern earlier today because he had to do something back at the winery.
"Phew.. here you go!" You exclaimed, handing another few drinks to the customers. Your partner visibly wasn't happy that you have to serve someone, or at least someone else than him.
To be honest, you could notice how his mood is going down with every hour Diluc spent at the counter. You knew he just wanted to take you home finally and make up for all the hard work he put you through.
You smiled at the thought softly and looked up at the clock, sighing in relief as to the closing time was only ten minutes left.
"Good work today, right?" You asked, walking up to the counter and wrapping your arms around your lover.
"We're working right now [ Y/N ]. It's inappropriate." He answered, yet didn't dare to push you away. He secretly admired your touch and certainly needed it after rough day.
"Oh come on.. Everyone here knows we are dating!"
Diluc only shot you a warning glare then started to put freshly cleaned glasses on to the shelf.
You puffed your cheeks and crossed your arms, turning your head away towards the customers that were slowly leaving the local.
You could barely wait for everyone to leave and you could barely hide your excitement as the last person closed the door behind them.
Diluc turned towards you and sighed quietly.
"You really didn't have to come here with me today. I can handle everything myself."
You rolled your eyes and shook your head.
"Don't even try to convince me! See how tired you are? You act as if you could do everything yourself, but we both know it's not true! And all I asked for in return was just a hug-"
Diluc smiled softly, not knowing how do you still have so much energy left after everything you've done today. He wrapped his arms around you but to his surprise, you pushed him away.
"Na-ah! What do you think you're doing? You have to make up for rejecting me." You grinned teasingly. "Now that everyone left, it's no longer innapropriate, right? Can I kiss you right now?"
He closed his eyes and put his hand on top of your head, patting you gently as he thanked the Archons you were only acting offended.
"You can kiss me how many times you want when we get home."
Tumblr media
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valberryy · 7 months ago
The Xiao Simp trash from Discord is here. I want to see some Xiao at Cuijue Slope please.
Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Keep it up!
thank u so much!! <33
Tumblr media
Whenever you speak his name, he will come to you—that was the promise he had made you, when you promised to love him wholly and forever.
You both have yet to break these promises.
So when he hears you call his name from that eerie, almost-decrepit valley, he is by your side in an instant—but what he wasn't expecting was the sight of your carefree smile, waving at him as he walked up to you and took you by the shoulders, checking you over for injuries. You laugh lightly at his furrowed brows and simply pat the ground beside you, and with a huff, he takes a seat.
"...I thought you were in danger," he says, watching as you fiddled with a package on your lap. 
"And I thought you needed to take a break," you say in reply, and suddenly a serving of almond tofu is placed on his lap. 
He looks back up at you, your hair in the wind a stark contrast to the imposing pillars scattered throughout the slope. 
Another huff, then. "Maybe so," he says, and relishes in both the sweetness of the almond tofu on his tongue and the smile on your face.
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taegularities · 4 months ago
home | kth (drabble)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: After all this time, you can finally indulge in his soft touch.
pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: tooth-rotting, domestic kinda fluff (?)!! yes.
warnings: uh, kissing? and harmless straddling lol
wc: around 805
a/n: thank youuuu @jenako ​​, kay, for sending this request, i do hope you like it (and it’s slightly unedited)!! :’D ALSO, repost because tumblr tags WON’T WORK UGHH
prompt: “i want to be your home”
the other prompts are here!
Tumblr media
The sweet, gentle kisses he places on your knuckles shouldn’t hypnotise you as much as they do. You should be used to his affection - after all, he’s been showering you in it for years now, one tender gesture following the other before you can even blink twice.
But after all this time of pining and wishful thinking, he has finally taken the step that you were too scared, too reluctant to take. In hindsight, it was the best idea of your existence to invite him over to a movie night, even if you knew he’d been somewhat antsy and strange in the past few days.
And admittedly, while it had taken several phone calls and elicited frustrated sighs out of you, his soft touches during Finding Nemo and his final confession had been worth the trouble.
I can’t take this anymore.
You’d blinked at him in confusion, his furrowed eyebrows and obviously tormented expression causing worry to creep up your body.
Can’t sit there and pretend like I’m not in love with you.
And that’s where it’d begun. These sweet, gentle kisses he is pressing against your knuckles, his closed eyes relishing in the feeling of you, the low hums that are leaving his chest while his lips work their way up to your hand, your arm, your neck…
“So pretty,” Taehyung whispers, his nose brushing against your jaw as your grip around his shirt tightens. He’s sitting behind you with his chest pressed against your back, and since you’ve responded to his confession with a surprising kiss, he hasn’t taken his hands off of you once.
“Y/N.” His fingers come up to your hair, tucking a strand of it behind your ear before he nibbles on your earlobe. A laugh erupts from your chest from the tingling, and the sound sets Taehyung’s soul ablaze.
“Yeah…” you respond, eyelids fluttering shut when he wraps his arms around you to pull you closer, kissing your temple softly before he answers.
“Remember when you quoted this cheesy line… this home is where the heart is?”
You’re surprised that he remembers. You know that it happened years ago when you’d broken up with your first boyfriend - despite being with him for months, you knew it wasn’t him who held your heart… he never felt like his arms were where you belonged.
You nod slowly, turning your head to his to meet his eyes. For a second, he’s taken aback by the shimmer in them, because there’s so much affection in them and it’s all for him. Finding it hard to help himself, he leans down, mouth meeting yours and moving against it so sweetly, so delicately for just a few seconds before he backs away again.
He turns you around slowly until you face him directly, your legs stretching and wrapping around him to get comfortable on his lap. As you look down at him, his expression reminds you of someone who's lost; but not lost in a bad way at all - more like he’s losing himself in you, forgetting that everything but you exists.
A small hand lands on the nape of his neck as you approach his lips again, nibbling on them once, twice before you kiss him again. It’s so hard to stop; you never get enough of the way his plush mouth feels against yours, never get tired of how his fingers press into your waist. After hours and hours of making out, one would think you’d need a break - but Taehyung is so intoxicating that you want to keep going crazy under his touch forever.
Your body tenses when he uses the slight gap between your lips to slide his tongue in, the hot muscle melding with yours as you press yourself closer to him.
Never in your life would you’ve thought that he would ever reciprocate your feelings, much less kiss you like he is now; so feverishly, intensely, with all the affection he can muster. His hand lands on the small of your back, the other gently caressing the skin of your waist under your shirt. God, he’s so in love with you; with the way you hum, the way you look at him, the way you feel - he’s endlessly in love with all of you.
And when you pull back, breathless and yearning for more, your foreheads connect, a gentle chuckle leaving you in disbelief. This is really happening.
“You love cheesy lines, too,” you tease, wrapping strands of his dark hair around your fingers.
No. I love you.
“I remember saying that. What about it?”
He hesitates for a second, his palm rubbing against your back before he sighs deeply and says, “I want to be your home.”
Your smile widens, head tilting as you assure him that yes, your heart has been with him for a long time now.
Tumblr media
omg, i wrote this so fast, please, i hope you like it :’)
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mitachurls · 8 months ago
drunken feelings.
summary: sometimes you need your completely drunk brother to confess your feelings for you
prompt: “is somebody jealous?” (req)
pairing: diluc x gn!reader (feat. kaeya and venti)
word count: ~1.4k
genre/warnings: fluff, humour, sfw, diluc sucks at confessing
Tumblr media
It was common knowledge that sometimes Kaeya got a little too drunk.
And when he got a little too drunk, he seemed to bring out an alternate side - or rather, sides - of himself; hidden personas only a bucket of magical alcohol (and the influence an equally drunk bard) could bring out.
You and your fellow barmaid kept a record of every type of drunk Kaeya you’d witnessed; and in the span of your few months working at the Angel’s Share, you’d encountered multiple already. 
So far, there was the moody-drunk Kaeya (who’d sulked in a corner for half the night, only to be dragged out by Diluc himself), flirty-drunk Kaeya (who would’ve been more suave if he hadn’t been tripping over his own feet every minute), tearful-drunk Kaeya (who would not stop crying at the bard’s songs) and poet-drunk Kaeya (...never again).
Tonight, it seemed like the Cavalry Captain had had too much to drink again.
“Behold…” Your co-worker says beside you, looking over the wine glasses she was wiping, “the wildcard Kaeya,” 
You nod, approving of the label. “His mood’s changed three times tonight. From his usual self to poet to moody to…” You glance at Kaeya in the corner, who now seemed to be dabbing at his eyes. “Teary?” 
What sort of new alcoholic drink did Diluc put on the menu?
“You don’t think that bard has got something to do with it? Venti, they called him?” Your co-worker glances at the green figure who was now singing his heart out to a sad ballad - he had half the tavern of drunken citizens and Cavalry Captains swaying and tearing up along with him. You suspect he’s had one too many drinks himself.
“Is it already this rowdy?” You hear Diluc sigh as he comes in through the back door, already shrugging off his coat and holding a hair tie between his teeth. There’s a freshly bandaged cut on his cheek, you notice. You wonder what he gets up to outside of working at the bar; delivering wine and doing business definitely didn’t result in fresh bandages every week. I’ll ask about it later, you decide, pushing the worries to the back, First we’ve got to make sure nobody ends up blacking out.
“Master Diluc, you’re here!” you greet, relieved to see another person who wasn’t drunk beyond his wits. “It’s.. going to be a night, alright. Your brother he’s already...”
Diluc sighed again, tightening his ponytail, which was tied up high tonight. He seems to have grasped the situation already. “I’m going to have a word with the new importers,” He slides you a box of tissues. “Give these to Kaeya… we don't want to have to wipe the tables of tears,”
You nod, carrying over the tissues through a crowd of now quietly weeping drunks and past Venti (who was currently taking a drink break, and looked a little too proud of his influence over the crowd) to the cavalry captain’s table in the corner.
Just as you set the box down on the table, Kaeya flashes you his signature smile. “Ah it’s you! thank you-” He sniffs. “-kind one!” He pulls out a handful of tissues, and blows his nose dramatically; drawing the stares of a now-quiet tavern. 
Kaeya is blissfully unaware of the stares and awkward silence, and to make things worse, he lets his head fall face flat onto the table in front of him. Venti chuckles and awkwardly strums his lyre, before starting up his next song.
“Uh.. are you alright, sir Kaeya?” You shake his shoulder gently. He doesn’t stir. 
What was in those drinks? 
You stand next to him, attempting to wake Kaeya up again as Venti’s next song progresses. 
Without warning, Kaeya whips his head up, slightly dazed. “A lo - hic! - love song!” Kaeya babbles out, tears pricking in his eyes again. “Hm. How fitting…” His eyes go to Diluc, who was glancing over, and then to you, before he smirks. “A fool who’s too shy to confess his feelings… and the one he’s in love with,”
You open your mouth to rebut - before you freeze. What was he rambling on about this time? ‘How fitting?’ What was that supposed to mean? 
Before you could ask him about the number of drinks he had that evening, he burst out again “Hm. If only you’d notice the way he looks at you… You see, Diluc talks in the looks he gives. Glowers. Hard stares. Rolling his eyes. I’ve been his brother for years and have managed to see a whole range of looks come out of him…” he chuckles to himself as he looks over at Diluc, “...and I’ve never seen that look he gives you, before… It's shy. And hesitant.” He finishes, before hiccuping loudly.
“Uh...” Heat rushes up to your cheeks. Diluc? Harbouring feelings... for you?
Kaeya gestures at you, signalling you to come closer. You make eye-contact with Diluc, who was coming over in your direction with a glass of wine, before awkwardly ducking down next to Kaeya. “And what’s more, did you know that Diluc-”
“Oh? We were just talking about you, Diluc,” Kaeya smiles slyly up at his brother, who was clearly sick of Kaeya’s antics. “You see, I’ve noticed your little crush on [name] here-”
“Kaeya. How many drinks have you had?” Diluc interrupted, unfazed.
Kaeya guffaws. “Oh? Trying to change the topic? How classic of you, Diluc,” he places his chin on his palm. “Or.. is somebody jealous? That I was able to confess your own feelings before you?” He sends you a wink. “Trust me, he would have been a saggy old man before he’d ever work up the courage to-”
Diluc swishes the wine glass in his hand, and suddenly that’s all Kaeya cares about. He reaches out, plucking it out of Diluc’s hands. “For me? You shouldn’t have,”
You look at Diluc in shock. What was he thinking? Kaeya was in no position to drink another glass. But before you can stop him, he downs the glass completely.
He spits it out instantly.
“My, you’re cruel.” Kaeya says, “Grape… Juice…”
Diluc stands, arms crossed and looking down at Kaeya. You get the feeling that this definitely wasn’t the first time he’d done this.
While Kaeya sits stunned, and deeply offended, you hear someone making their way through the crowd, “Sir? Sir!” a young man bursts through the crowd. He must be a knight. He hauls Kaeya up by slinging an arm around him, who was now descending into wallowing in self-pity.
The knight sighs, looking at his own Cavalry Captain. “Master Diluc was right.. You’ve had too much to drink.” Kaeya scoffs, but now that he was on his feet, he was too disorientated to make a comeback. 
It didn’t stop him from trying to get back at his brother, though. As the Captain stumbled past the two of you, he pats your head, and completely dishevels Diluc’s hair, a stupid grin on his face. Diluc doesn’t blink.
After he’s left, Diluc pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing. “Archons…” He turns towards you. “He didn’t… make you uncomfortable at all, did he?” he asks, worried.
“Oh, no! He didn’t. He just… changed his mood pretty quickly,” You let out a laugh. “He really must’ve have had too much to drink, I’ve never seen him like this before,”
He nods in agreement. The two of you stand there, awkward. You shift on your feet, heat pricking at your cheeks, remembering what Kaeya told you.
Diluc coughs, ears now bright red. “About what Kaeya said-” 
“Don’t worry about it, it was probably the alcohol speaking-” You rush out, trying to push down any hope you had inside of you. You can’t fathom the idea of Diluc having feelings for you - he’s never had feelings for anyone, as far as you knew.
“It’s true.” Diluc glances at you, before looking down at the floor. “I… have feelings for you,”
Oh. Nevermind.
“You don’t have to accept them; don’t feel obligated to say anything-”
“No, Diluc, it’s okay,” You look up at him, a small smile on your face. “I like you too,”
Tonight’s events must have given you a decent burst of adrenaline, because before you realise it, you go on your tiptoes, and give him a small kiss on the cheek. “We can talk later; we’re on the job still, remember?” And with that, you spin on your heels, and walk back to the bar, heart beating out of your chest.
Diluc’s left standing, stunned, and now bright red.
Behind him, Venti laughs and plucks at a few of his chords playfully. “Is Diluc... speechless?”
Venti was almost never allowed to play at the Angel’s Share after that.
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