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Hello Loves we have decided to update our rules and there is also a link to our rules at the top of the page for future reference!~
There isn’t much of a change, but we added a few more groups to our list for Written ships, Reactions, Drabbles and etc. 

Selca Ships:
We do any group (male/female) for this particular request. You are more then welcome to request more then once, but only 5 groups per request and no repeats pretty please. Filters are also allowed, but we have to be able to see your face.

Written Ships:
We try to give a detailed response for every answer so we are only allowing 2 groups per request for this particular ship. Please give us a good description of your personality ONLY, as this ship is based on ‘personality’ only!
Groups we accept at the moment:
-Block B
-Golden Child
-Monsta X
-Stray Kids

Reactions, Drabbles and MTL’s:
These will consist of the following groups above. For the Reactions and MTL’s, please only request one group at a time. If you would like the same reaction for more then one group, please separate them in different requests.

That about Sums up the rules for our blog. So we hope that you all enjoy your results and don’t feel shy in anything. We are friendly people!!~~

Love Admins Skyfox & Panda


Originally posted by bangtan-boys-daily

-we do not own gifs-

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it’s finally pride month! this june, i’ll be accepting requests for writing blurbs and headcanons related to coming out! it can be you, the reader, coming out to the character, or the character coming out to you! or anything related to pride, honestly. i would love to hear your ideas.

send in your ask in the following format: 

  • character + blurb/headcanon + scenario + your pronouns

so it would look something like: kuroo headcanons about him coming out to you at a party.

other things you can mention or ideas: 

  • a specific sexuality (but if you don’t use labels, you can include that too!
  • whether you’re in a platonic or romantic relationship
  • if they’re your crush or best friend 
  • them accidentally finding out
  • attending a pride march with them
  • anything related to mental health

also, please read the post on my profile description to learn more about the blm movement and its history! while we celebrate pride, it’s important for us to understand who have fought for the rights we have now.

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it hasn’t been done!!! thank you so much for the prompt!!!

When Jaskier woke up, the bed was empty. He groped around blindly for a moment before he realized that, yes, in fact, he was alone in the bed. Still groggy from sleep, he pulled himself up to sitting, and rubbed at his eyes. He had gone to sleep with Geralt in their bed, that he was sure of, and judging by the lack of light behind the blinds, it was still night. A glance at his phone confirmed that it was only two a.m. So where the hell had Geralt gone?

Jaskier groaned, then rolled onto Geralt’s side of the bed to check the baby monitor. Bless these things for having a video feed, because there Geralt was, rocking a very-much awake Ciri back to sleep. Jaskier was about to put the monitor down and roll over to fall back asleep–there was no use in both of them being sleep deprived if Geralt already had this under control–when he heard something. Geralt was talking. Quietly, but talking all the same. Jaskier pressed the volume up as high as it could go, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“–going to be so tired tomorrow. You’ll be much happier if you just let sleep take you,” Geralt whispered. Jaskier smiled and laid the monitor on Geralt’s pillow, while he laid back down and watched as Ciri’s eyes slowly began to droop closed.

Geralt hummed. “I was having a very nice dream, you know. Before you woke me and refused to put yourself back down. Not an appropriate one to tell you, of course. It had to do with Jaskier.” Jaskier snorted.

“You are all trouble. You, your mother, and Jaskier. I must be drawn to the feeling of exhaustion, because I keep choosing you all.” Geralt trailed off for a little while, and Jaskier watched Ciri’s eyes close all the way. Geralt continued rocking, seemingly unaware that the one year old had started to fall back asleep. Or, perhaps they had done this a few times, and he knew better than to count his chicks before they hatched.

Jaskier relaxed his head against the pillow. He turned over to his other side, prepared to drift off again. It was like Geralt sensed this, though, because he started speaking again. Somehow even lower. Jaskier turned back, pressing the speaker as close to his ear as he could.

“I have you to thank for him, you know. If it hadn’t been for you, I probably never would have gotten my act together. I would have had to watch him go off and fall for someone else, and maybe eventually find something that stuck. And the whole time I’d just be pretending like he wasn’t in love with me, like I didn’t want him back.” Geralt huffed a laugh. “Thank you for saving me from that. You were exactly what we all were missing.”

Jaskier watched as Geralt pressed a kiss to Ciri’s head and stood. He slowly walked to the crib and gently laid her down. Ciri whined for a moment and Geralt tensed, then she rolled over onto her stomach. Jaskier felt Geralt’s relieved breath more than he heard it.

“Now I get to know you’re safe in here, asleep. And I get to return to my bed to Jask. I don’t know how I got this lucky, but thank you.”

Jaskier scrambled to turn down the volume again and replace the monitor on Geralt’s beside table. He laid back down just in time for Geralt to slowly open the door.

“Ah, shit, did I wake you?” Geralt asked, grimacing.

Jaskier shrugged, rubbing his eye a little for effect. “Just a little. With the door. It’s okay. Ciri alright?” Jaskier asked, and he was glad he had the excuse of just waking up for how off his voice was. Really, it felt like his heart was in his throat, and he wanted to badly to tell Geralt he heard him. That would only embarrass Geralt, though. It would sully the moment and the courage Geralt had when he spoke just to Ciri.

“She’s fine. Needed a new diaper. She’s out again,” Geralt said, climbing back into the bed. He hesitated only a moment, then slid closer to Jaskier. They wrapped around each other, Jaskier’s arm around Geralt’s waist, and Geralt’s arm wound around Jaskier’s ribs. “Go back to sleep.”

Jaskier hummed. “I’m glad you’re back,” he murmured, before they both drifted back off.

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A/n: I’ve fallen in love with this boy! I can not help myself….this is gonna feature some angst…but I couldn’t just outright kill the man off.

Hope you like it @screechinginthevoid

Warning: Blood, gore, just following the episode here so a looot of death.


26:Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave.


You were a doctor that specialized in Shifters thanks to your step father being one. You were said to be the best around thanks to your talent and care of the men and woman.

So when you were assigned to a small unit that was stationed in Afghanistan you had no problem. When you meet the two shifters you didn’t know what to think at first. Decker seemed to be the one who was the more quiet out of the two when it came to voicing his thoughts. Sobieski on the other hand was in a completely different ball park, the man didn’t seem to take about talking back to his superior office. Not that you could blame him with all he and Decker had to deal with.

And having to work with the two the other soldiers that you worked with couldn’t understand why you were around the two shifters, it was nothing new to do. You got the same comments about your step-father so it was easy to brush it off. Though you couldn’t help by deny that you liked it when Sobieski and Decker stood up for you whenever one of the men would hit on you.

It was a nice feeling and it did not take long for you to grow closer to the two men. Watching Sobieski work out, you couldn’t help but watch the man with interest. You knew it was stupid to have feelings for Sobieski since it seemed like he would never return them. 

“You’re drooling.”

Letting out a gasp you quickly went to wipe your lips then scowled seeing Decker let out a laugh. “You’re such an asshole.”

Grinning Decker shrugged his shoulders as he placed his hand on your shoulder. “I think it’s cute…you two would be good together.”

“Right….I’ll jump right on that…I’ll date a guy that hits on every woman he see’s.”

Decker sighed then rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Sobieski isn’t that bad…besides…I think he likes you too Y/n.”

Shaking your head you gave one last look to the man lifting weights before giving a weak smile too your friend. “ Right Decker…have a good…well I should be going.”

With a wave goodbye to Decker you made your way to the medical tent. Watching you leave Decker let out a small chuckle though jumped once seeing his friend was now standing infront of him.


“She was checking me out wasn’t she.” Grinning Sobieski could see you, it wasn’t until you slipped into the make shift medical tent was that you vanished from his vison though it didn’t help that he could still smell you.

“100%. Why don’t you make a move?”

Scratching his cheek Sobieski shrugged his shoulder. “She’s too classy for that…she’s gotta be wooed.”

“Isn’t that cute.” Decker gave his friend a small shove but straightened his from once he saw the commanding officer approach.

“This can’t be good.”


“Just…stay safe….I’ve seen a lot…just please don’t do anything stupid Sobieski.” You were trying not to plead with him but you were worried about his safety.

“I promise I won’t do anything stupid .” Giving you a small wink Decker let out his own sigh.

“Sobieski…:just listen to her please.”

Dropping his own shoulders the man let out a small groan. “Fine….I’m serious…I will stay safe…scouts honor.”

Watching him closely you nodded your head you stood on your toes kissing his cheek gently.“Good…” Giving him a weak smile you then cleared out your throat patting the mans chest. “Good.” Glancing at the two men you stepped back making your way to the make shift medical tent.

Watching you leave Sobieski was finding it hard not to smile when you gave him a kiss placing his hand on his cheek he blinked then cleared out his throat as he turned his attention to Decker. “You say something.”

“Ya…just fess up and tell her already, you look like an idiot.” Decker chuckled though it was easy to see that he was a million miles away. 

“Yea yea,.” Waving him off he cleared out his throat he tried to get a good look at you but your form was slipping into the tent. Hearing his name being called Sobieski let out a sigh. “Well I’ll see ya around.” Though turning to face Decker he slipped off his dog tags tossing the too the man. “For Y/n…so she won’t worry about me too much.”


Swallowing thickly you tried your best to get some sleep though you couldn’t help but feel like something was off. Clutching the dog tags around your neck you slipped off the cot making your way outside.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Shit!” Turning to see who it was, you relaxed as Decker came into view. “Don’t do that.”

Snorting Decker gave you a teasing grin as his eyes glowed in the darkness. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Shaking your head you wrapped your arms around his neck about to reply to what he said until you heard the sound of gunfire in the distance. Eyes going wide you felt your stomach drop and seeing the look on Deckers face did not help you feel any better.

“Sobieski…he’s in trouble..”

Seeing Decker start to run off you followed after the man, making sure to grab your small bag and radio as you slipped passed the doors. “Decker! wait please.”

Annoyance flashed across his face before he quickly turned around with you nearly slamming into him. “What!?”

“Take me with you…please.”

“No…out of the question.” Before he could run off your arms clamped around his wrist. 

“Take me with you…or I will go myself…if anyone is injured…you need me.”

Thinking about his options, Decker knew that he couldn’t let you go up in a dangerous situation alone not to mention if Sobieski found out he was sure his friend would kill him. “Fine….get on my back.”

Swallowing thickly you didn’t know how much time you to wasted but climbing onto his back it did not take him anytime to take off running.With how fast he was running you did not like the feeling of how jarring it was and it was worse when he jumped over the tall door.

Seeing the lights flickering, a flare on the ground. Though the horrors you noticed around you made you sick to your stomach. “Who…who could have done this.” Walking with Decker you hated how quiet it was,, all you could see where the bodies of all the soldiers. Some where pinned to the walls with their own weapons, some had their chest’s torn open, their face’s ripped apart, eyes missing from their faces. Sticking close to Decker you just prayed that you wouldn’t find Sobieski. “Decker…what could have done this.”

“A…It was a shifter.” Wrinkling his nose Decker tried to ignore the overwhelming scent of blood.

“Another one…how is that possible!”Holding on tightly to your medical bag your eyes went wide seeing a figure propped up against the wall. “Sobieski.!.” Biting back a cry you rushed over to him as Decker stood behind you. Holding back the tears you had a feeling that he was dead. His intestines were hanging out of his stomach, the right side of his face was clawed to a point where you could see the muscles of his jaw.

“No no …you can’t… idiot you made a promise to me! why would you break that promise.” Holding back a cry you wanted to shake him, you wanted this to be some dream you’d wake up from. Feeling a fear tears fall you pressed your face against his chest though your eyes went wide when you felt a small beat of his heart. 

“Y/n he’s dead…we have to go…we need to-”

“No! he….he’s still alive….I felt…”Shaking your head your fingers moved to check for a pulse in his neck. It was faint but he still had one, to grab your radio you heard a sharp in take of a ragged breath followed by the sound of the gurgling of blood.

Slumping forward, Sobieski could feel like his body was on fire. Everything hurt, he couldn’t even speak though it took your voice and his friends to keep him from going.

Clutching your radio you then turned to Decker tossing it to him. “Call in a MEDEVAC…I need one now” Yelling it the shifter Decker did not waste anytime as he called in the MEDEVAC, his eyes remaining on your form as you did your best to stabilize Sobieski. The long t-shirt you were wearing was covered in blood. You legs, and arms must have been too though the cooper scent was starting to becoming over whelming over him.

It felt like an eternity for the MEDEVAC to come but once it arrived Sobieski was loaded onto a stretcher. Before getting on to the helicopter you turned to face Decker. 

“Promise me you’ll find them Decker…find them and kill them.”

“I promise.”


Sobieski nearly died on the way to the hospital, with everything that had happened to the shifter it was a miracle that he was even alive. Clutching his hand tightly as they wheeled him down the halls you were suddenly stopped as a Doctor stood on front of you. 

“You’re not coming in my OR covered in blood…I’m sorry Doctor.”

“Wait…please…just let me at least say something..” Turning to face the man on the stretcher you felt sick seeing his chest wrapped in bandages, ones that were already seeping red and his face. Squeezing your eyes shut you lent forward holding his hand tightly as you pressed a kiss to his forehead.  “I love you…so…so don’t go dying on me.”

It took all your strength not to collapse on the hospitals ground as they took him away. Feeling his blood on you, you knew the surgeon was right. Seeing you blood stained hands you walked to where the held the showers. Hoping that this would clear your mind of what you witnessed.


When Decker entered the room, the first thing he knew was how sterile the room felt. Licking his lips he then noticed you were in the room, your head resting on the mans lap. Sobieski’s fingers absent mildly playing with your hair. “You gonna come in or are you gonna stand in the door like a creeper.”

Turning his head Sobieski did his best to smile, the right side of his face stitched as his right eyes was covered. Decker was positive that the mans chest was bandaged too. “It’s hard….we thought you were dead.”

“Yea….thanks for the save by the way….I like being alive.” He chuckle then winced holding his hand to his chest though he still had that goofy smile on his face. “Y/n…she said she loved me.”

Decker chuckled shaking his head. “Congrats then..but really man..I’m happy you’re alive.”

“Doc said I’m gonna be blind in my right eye and I’m gonna need some therapy…fucker nearly paralyzed me but y/n said she’s gonna help me.” scratching his cheek with his free hand Sobieski smiled down at you, his dog tags hanging around your neck.

“Well at least you’re alive.”

“You think the sex would still be fun.”


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Genre: fluff

Pairings: mark (nct) x gen-neutral reader

Word count: 1k

Warnings: N/A

Notes: i am both a Bitch and Extra, so i did a d-7 thing for my friend @solilogyu​ who’s birthday is in a couple of days!! I hope you enjoy this basketballer mark :) and the pain will come in the next few days <3

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

[11:08] are you coming to the game?

[11:08] what kind of question is that
[11:08] of course i am
[11:08] i wanna watch your ass get beat on court

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