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fukurotiny · 3 minutes ago
ghoul, picture this:
your sugar daddy is constantly away and this leaves you feeling lonely. so, one day, you come up w this brilliant idea— at least, it was brilliant to you. the next time you get your allowance, you spend it on a plushie of your daddy. it doesn’t compare to the real deal, but it’s better than nothing.
now, he happens to come home early one day, gifts in hand to surprise his pretty baby. he’s so eager to see you that he almost misses the sound of your pretty whines, the ones you make when you’re frustrated. he freezes and just listens, realizing that he isn’t imagining things. oh, his poor baby, she can’t get herself off let alone obey the rules.
he walks towards your shared bedroom to find you in bed, completely naked, and humping a plush... is that him? what a desperate little young you are. buying a plushie of your daddy— trying to replace him, silly little thing. guilt and humiliation wash over you when he announces his presence. how long has he been watching? you don’t even know but what you do know is that you’re in for a long night.
Tumblr media
warnings: daddy!kink, f. masturbation, *slight* voyeurism, cunnilingus, use of words ‘puppy’ & ‘cunt’
thirsts/drabbles are CLOSED
a/n: oh, look, another bokuto drabble... um... yeah, i love bokuto if u couldn’t tell & he is my number one daddy mhm okay uh... enjoy!! xx
Tumblr media
bokuto knew you were a big fan. he had met you a few times at fan meets. he was rich, especially earning $50k after every game? oh yeah, he definitely had the money to spoil you. it wasn’t a problem for him to steal your heart, you were already so infatuated with him. even at the start, during your first date together, he bought you so many things. he just loves spoiling you, whether that’s through gifts, giving you money at the end of each week to let you go on shopping sprees, or even spoiling you with his cock.
he had been so busy these past few days. his practices were extended, so there were quite a few days where you’d spend majority of the day all by yourself. you’d keep yourself occupied, watching movies, doing self care, or going on shopping sprees.
it was another day with your daddy, so you decided to go out and do some shopping. you had found a store that sold a lot of msby merch, and you loved to support bokuto in any and every way you can. you found plushies of each team member, your eyes falling onto the one of bokuto. so cute, you’d think to yourself, picking it up and purchasing it.
the second you got home, you were yet again greeted by an empty house. you sighed, missing your daddy so much and wishing he’d be there to play with you. you laid in bed, cuddling your new plushie, trying to distract the heat between your legs. but the movies and shows weren’t enough. you sighed, glancing at the bokuto plushie in your arms. what if...
and there you were, naked on top of the silk sheets, the plushie between your legs as your hips ground themselves into it. soft moans and whines of your daddy’s name slipped past your lips, wanting nothing more than your bokuto to come home and relieve you of your frustrations.
you were so occupied humping your plushie that you didn’t hear the front door open, bokuto calling out for you. “baby! i’m home!” he tried again, but still no response. he’d finally gotten out of practice early, so he had expected you to come running to his arms. he made his way upstairs, smiling as he was excited to see you.
as he neared the entrance of your shared bedroom he stopped in his tracks, the sound of your whimpers filling his ears. “daddy... oh, daddy,” he heard through the door. aw, you sounded so desperate, so needy.
“baby?” he finally said, opening up the door and startling you a bit. you sat up quickly, the plushie of him still between your legs. he looked at your wide eyes to the soft, stuffed version of him propped between your thighs and pressed against your cunt. he grinned, “how cute... miss me that much, puppy?” his tone was teasing, and it made you blush. “daddy, i— i just... i missed you s’much, daddy! i couldn’t help it,” you whined, crawling to the edge of the bed to meet him halfway.
he cupped your cheek, gently rubbing his thumb against your cheek. “you know the rules, puppy,” he said sternly, a pointed look on his face, but his eyes were full of excitement and lust. you bowed your head, holding the had that held your cheek, “i know, daddy... but— but i just missed you, and i—“
“and you couldn’t help it,” he answered, half-heartedly. the tone of his voice was enough to tell you that you were in for a long night. you were quickly pinned to the bed, your arms being held above your head by only one of his hands. the other between your legs as his fingers rubbed into your clit. you bucked your hips up, whining, “d-daddy!” he spread your legs further apart with his knee, gaining more access to your soaked cunt. “such a dirty girl... couldn’t wait for daddy, hm? couldn’t obey a few simple rules, hm?” he questioned, his voice low as he added more pressure to your clit. you whimpered, looking up at him with glossy eyes.
he moved both his hands to your thighs, holding them down as he brought his face closer to your sex. he flicked your clit with his tongue, placing a kiss to it and teasing you even further. “daddy—“
“no, no, puppy... since you wanted to be so disobedient and cum without me, i’m just going to have you cum over and over until you’re begging for me to stop. that’s what you want, right? because a little bitch in heat like you can’t help herself but try to cum even though she knows she can’t without her daddy’s help.”
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aceseungg · 11 minutes ago
[2:07 pm] — jay park x best friend! reader + enhypen! 
[song recc.] — cloud 9 by beach bunny 
happy birthday our jayjay <3
Tumblr media
the seven of you stood outside the bedroom door, a small cake held in the hands of the groups leader. lighting the candles of the cake, you laugh silently listening to the teenage boys bicker at each other over minor details, all whilst trying to remain as quiet as possible to not gain the attention of their beloved jay, who most likely has already heard them. 
you give the boys a countdown with your fingers indicating when to go in. pressing the record button on your phone, you timidly open the door with your free hand and thus chaos induces. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JAY HYUNG, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” 
the camera picks up on many things going on. heeseung’s roaring voice screaming “jjongsaeng!”, the hoots and hollers from the babies of the team, and two voices that belong to the 02′s singing in a weird voice. most importantly, it picks up on jay’s smile. the smile that manages to light up every room he walks into. the smile that charms each person that comes across him. the smile that everyone sees and thinks ‘this is home.’
jay clasps his hands in front of him and shuts his eyes, preparing to make a wish. a moment passes by before he purses his lips out and blows away the fire. more screams are heard. “what did you wish for hyung?” jungwon asks in a small voice. “nothing,” jay replies in a mono tone voice, still sporting a toothy grin. the boys start whining at him, annoyed that they got so hyped for nothing. jay chuckles loudly, a sound that sounds so soothing to the ear. he hushes everyone down to a silence. “i didn’t make a wish becasuse... everything i want is here with me.” you coo at him while the boys pretend to throw up, not used to his sudden show of affection. he makes eye contact with you and sends you an appreciative smile, knowing you planned this precious moment. 
he opens his arms and ushers everyone into them. they rush into his arms, taking the chance to coddle the birthday boy. jay wounds his arm around your waist and tugs you closer to his side. turning his head and leaving a soft kiss to the crown of your head. “thank you cutie.” he whispers ever so calmly in your ear. your face heats up as a strawberry shade grows across your cheeks. you hide your face in the crook of jay’s neck. jay attentively watches everyone and thinks, ‘life can’t get any better than this.’ 
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dazz-linglight · 13 minutes ago
Can we have a jealousy + anger Jay smut😭❤️
(A powerful combo, definitely yes) (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR ANGRY BIRD)
Birthday boy
Tumblr media
Jay spent the whole day before his birthday with you and you asked him to sleepover so he would go back to the dorms in the morning. At night he was watching the recent episode of Vincenzo and you were messaging the members in a group chat without Jay about a surprise party, in which you were in charge of keeping Jay distracted. You received a call and got up from bed to go to the living room to be alone. A few minutes later Jay finished the episode and stretched out of bed, leaving his phone by the bedside table to go looking for you. You heard his steps and quickly dismiss the call.
"Okay, I'll talk to you later." You hang up and turn around in time to see him frowning.
"Who was that?"
"Oh, just Heeseung." You laugh nervously, Jay tugs you closer and you lean in expecting a hug, only to gasp when Jay gets a strong grip on your legs and throws you over his shoulder.
"Jay?? Put me down!" A harsh slap lands on your ass and you feel it sting.
"Be quiet." He turns and walk to his room and you hold onto his sweater until he drops you on his bed. He gets up to lock the door and grab one of his ties to restrain your movements.
"But I did nothing wrong? I've been good.." He tied your wrists together and started undressing your lower half and you finally submit to his control.
"What is it that you were whispering with Heeseung, hm? Are you sharing secrets with him now?" He questioned while pinning your hands above your head and stared at you deeply. His right hand snakes down from your wrist down your torso, squeezing your hip and a second later collides to your inner thigh, pulling it apart from the other.
"Cat got your tongue, princess?" He starts teasing your clothed core, acting on the jealousy bubbling on his veins and pinches your clit between his fingers. You let out a loud whine try closing your legs again, only to have Jay separating them once more to sit comfortably in the middle.
"I'm not- not sharing secrets." You stumble over words and Jay raises an eyebrow, inserting two fingers on your wet entrance and curling them inside. You frown trying to hold your moans as Jay quickens the pace, not planning to stop anytime soon.
"Can't even talk properly now, can you? Should I make you remember who you belong to?" You nod with an uneven breath as he continued to hit the sweet spot inside you and you could only take it.
You gaze at him with glistening eyes and he knows how close you are by the way you squeeze his fingers and moan louder, just a little more and he removes his hands completely away from your body.
"I don't care how good it feels, you're not going to cum until I tell you to." He declare as you whine for the lost pleasure and lick his fingers clean, soon discarding his clothes and throwing them to the floor then repositions himself against you, bringing your legs up to his waist and aligning his groin in your middle, pushing in easily through your wetness.
Waking up very early in the morning and watching the sunrise outside the bedroom window; warm and content wrapped up in blankets. He quickly begins pistoning into you with a satisfied hum, your mouth falling open with every stroke. The stretch of him always brings together the best kind pleasure you’ve ever felt in your life in the way you can hardly describe how good he is, his cock hitting just all the right places and making you chant his name very often.
He kissed you passionately and slowed the pace to reach up and untie your wrists and you held onto him right away, receiving a long bite on your lower lip and he trailed kisses down your throat, marking your collarbones and hoisting your legs up to reach deeper and harder to bring both of you to release.
"Do you want to cum, baby girl?" He quizzed in a low tone in your ear.
"YES! Yes, please.. Please let me.." You plead him after leaving a few scratching marks on his back and it doesn't take long for his hand to slide on your skin down to where both of you connected and started drawing figures rapidly on your clit and it was the final help to make you orgasm, you reaching to push his hand away and he came hard with a deep groan, pulling out and stroking himself for a few seconds while looking at you.
You were out of breath when breaking the strong eye contact with Jay and took a glance at the alarm clock and it was already 11 P.M.
"It's almost your birthday.." He sits up and look at the same direction, fixing his messy hair.
"And I'm happy that you will be with me when it turns midnight." He smiles breathlessly and intertwines your fingers, pulling you to his lap and takes you with him to shower together with all the care. After washing up and drying yourselves you convinced Jay to wear a whole outfit you bought for him as a present to wait for midnight and he ended up choosing your outfit too. You covered the hickeys he left, both of you got ready and gone to the kitchen to hydrate.
11:40 P.M your phone was ringing and you picked it, it was a message from Heeseung.
Hey! Bring him out, me and Jake are waiting.
Jay was munching on chocolate and you just took his hand and walked to the door with the confused boy.
"Where are we going?" He tugged on your hand to make you walk slower.
"To the dorms!" You answer and moments later you see Heeseung's car parked on the street. Jake comes out and open the back door for you and Jay.
""Come on, we have a houseparty waiting!"
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hyuckssunchip · 17 minutes ago
Time Stamp Masterlist
[5:43 am]
[1:35 am]
🌟 [12:16 am] | [2:21 am]
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bangtancentricsblog · 18 minutes ago
If ur taking requests how about something based off “you wanna kiss me so bad right now, don’t you” only if ur comfortable. Can be with anyone!
I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this, I literally lit up when I saw it, so thank you so much again! I’m sorry it took longer than I had planned I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to come by again if you have any other requests💖
Tumblr media
❍ pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
❍ fluster meter: idk maybe a 3.5 out of 5
❍ word count: 1.4 k
Tumblr media
The furrow of your brow grows deeper the longer you stand on the opposite side of the club, the drink in your hand long forgotten. The bass of the song is heavy, not unpleasant but a little too much for you at this point. The night had started off fairly decent, your friends all eager to drink their problems away even convincing you to skip a relaxing night in for a night of actual fun, and for a while it had been fun. The club they’d chosen was a popular one, one that you usually avoided like the plague for the sheer fact that it was alway packed with lines rounding the corner just to get in. You just didn't like Echo like your friends did, and maybe that had more to do with a certain group of men, rather than popularity. To be perfectly clear it wasn't all of them more so the one you had the displeasure of having gone to high school with.
There really isn't a reason, at least none that you can think of for your dislike of Jeon Jungkook. He wasn't a jock and he wasn't a quiet outcast, he just was, if that made any sense. The thing was that Jungkook had spent an outrageous amount of time picking on you, at least that was what you had told yourself. Others had said he was courting you, a thought that had been preposterous considering that you two had never spoken and yet every valentine's there was chocolate on your desk, every birthday, every single holiday worth celebrating there was always a little something sitting on your desk a small neatly written note attached. There were no professions of love, just simple little things like, ‘happy valentines day <3” signed with JJK as if any other boy would be so bold to give you anything.
Jungkook was just weird like that, even weirder was that he’d kept it up throughout all four years of high school and by the end the whole school had somehow come to the conclusion that you two were in an arranged marriage set up by your parents before either of you could talk. Truth be told you were just as confused over his motives seeing as he’d been popular despite his social standing amongst the cliques. Girls and boys alike from all the cliques had a crush on him, and for some reason he’d set his sights on you. Shy, awkward, hot headed you. You were plain, and had taken a long time to grow comfortable in your body, so it only made sense that he was playing some cruel prank on you.
It’s enough to say that high school had not ended well when you had finally grown tired of waiting for him to drop the ball. So you had confronted him and even then he had just said he thought you were really pretty. You hadn’t believed him then and you didn't believe him any of the times after that. Strange enough you’d ended up at the same college and even working in the same building. You had flings since then of course none that stuck around long enough and from the way all the office girls flung themselves at him so had Jungkook it seemed. Though arbitrarily enough that hadn’t stopped him from flirting with you anyways. He’d stop by your cubicle complimenting your dress or hair, the glasses you had been forced to wear after messing up your eyesight.
Jungkook for all it was worth was very charming, not even just to you either. Most of the girls on your floor had talked him up, so much so it had warmed your heart a little. A little because at the end of the day you still didn't like him, even if he’d somehow made himself a constant presence in your life. So how exactly did you go from not caring about him to being absolutely, overwhelmingly jealous that some busty blonde was grinding on him while holding her close as he smirked at you teasingly almost cockily if you will. From here you can easily see Yoongi and Jimin, both somehow a striking shade of blonde amongst the sea of brunette. You’re sure the others are here somewhere drinking, dancing or fucking the night away as they did. Honestly you still aren’t too comfortable in your skin, not enough for the dress you wear, the hem is too short, the straps too thin, and a size too small that it sticks to your figure somewhat uncomfortably, but none of that matters as you down the shot of tequila.
Feeling emboldened by this game Jungkook refuses to forfeit, you make your way across the club. Squeezing past gyrating bodies, and couples comfortablely entangled in one another for such a public place, sauntering right up to Yoongi and Jimin who turn their gazes to you simultaneously. Jimin smiles playfully, a little too coquettish but one that sends heat swirling into the pit of your belly. Yoongi’s eyes are half lidded, dark gaze drinking in the sight of you, skin dewy from the heat of the club, looking every bit as inviting as ever. The corners of his lips tilt upwards in a smirk so sexy heating your cheeks under his approving gaze.
“Wanna dance?” you ask, with a quirk of your brow. Yoongi nods standing easily, taking your hand and leading you onto the dance floor just as the song changes. You’re no stranger to the dance floor, as you sway your hips to the beat, sighing as Yoongi’s hands come to rest on your hips, pulling you close till your ass is pressed to his hips. It’s been too long since you’ve let yourself go, easily letting him lead your movements, dare you say enjoying the way he pressed impossibly closer to you. Your eyes have long since fallen shut, allowing yourself to fall deeper into the rhythm he’s set, it’s almost trance like. You’ve long since drowned out the song only allowing yourself to feel the soft pressure of the body behind you, throwing you head back as they press particularly close as you grind back on them. A soft moan leaving you only catching the tail end of their own groan.
“You like that sweetheart?” Your eyes fly open, the music no longer muffled, ringing louder in your ears than before. The hands on your hips burn, not unpleasantly you realize, though you still move away from him quickly. Your gaze is quick to meet Jungkook’s as he smiles down at you, hands never leaving your waist pulling you into another dance, moving your arms to wrap around his neck. He’s a good dancer, easily slipping one muscular thigh between yours, you almost sigh dreamily.
“You wanna kiss me so bad right now, don’t you?” He whispers against your lips, and you can’t help but wonder when he got so close.
“And what if I do?” You ask, peaking at him from under your lashes. His gaze is dark, hungry even as he drinks you in. He’d be damned if he let this opportunity slip through his fingers.
“All you have to do is ask.” He smirks triumphantly when you sigh a breathy please, pressing your lips to his almost desperately. Jungkook’s knees buckle as you press your softness against him, groaning when you take his lip between your teeth, and continue to suck on his tongue. He’s quick to recover though easily pulling away from you and leading you off the dance floor, towards the back before he’s pressing you against a wall and kissing you again. This is his chance he thinks as his hands knead the plush of your thighs because as much as you claimed you hated him, he knew you didn’t. And although Jungkook thought you were pretty in high school you were downright beautiful now, and he still wanted just as much. He reckons he owes yoongi for his help too but that can wait.
“I can’t believe you agreed to dance with her.” Jimin laughs over the lip of his beer.
“It was worth the look on Jungkook’s face.” Yoongi hums, turning his gaze to the back corner across the club. Though dimly lit he can still make out Jungkook’s figure dwarfing your own, and even though he had no intent of entertaining you with your little show he can admit the absolute heaven it had been when you’d pressed your ass against him. Still he’d never make a move on Jungkook’s forever girl, not when he had his sights set on another.
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shingekiyofeels · 53 minutes ago
Jujutsu Kaisen Matchup Event
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So as a very late 100 followers celebration, I’m going to open up Matchups. This will go until I hit past 200, so it’s two celebrations in one since if I don’t make it now, I won’t do it later (* ̄∀ ̄).
I’m going to only accept Matchup requests for Jujutsu Kaisen!
Please provide the following Information: 
↠ An emoji so you can easily find you matchup! It can be any emoji, I just want to make finding your match-up as easy as possible ☺
↠ Physical appearance, except for something that makes you uncomfortable
↠ Tell me your love language
↠ Personality
↠ Inform me of your sexual preference so I don’t mess up!
↠ Goals and Fears, general Dislikes and Interests
↠ What you look for in someone
↠ Hobbies and Interests
↠ What makes you feel confident and insecure as long as it doesn’t breach your comfort!
 Granted you don’t have to share every little thing, but the more information I have, the better I can place you with someone ( •⌄• ू )✧. Please be patient, this is my first time ever doing something like this ヘ(^o^ヘ).
Deadline: None, these are open until further notice. 
Tumblr media
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donkey-hyuck · 58 minutes ago
[4:19 p.m.] ‘cause baby you look happier, you do, I knew one day you’d fall for someone new, but if he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I'll be waitin here for you’ - happier; ed sheeran
~ jungwoo knew that he was going to regret staying friends after your breakup. he knew it, you knew it, and basically the entire world knew it. after a mutual breakup and a rekindling friendship, he still loved you the way lovers do. there was this thing that went like ‘if you have an ex that you were still friends with, you either love them too much, or you didn’t love them at all,’ but jungwoo knew that in this case, the first option was the winner by a landslide. 
it was supposed to be a friendly gathering. and all he felt was regret and resent. looking at the two of you being happy gave him happiness. but once reality was there to hit him in the face that you weren’t happy with him; it just didn’t sit right. jungwoo kept silent the entire time. he knew from a little bird (which was not so little since it was you who broke the news to him first), that you had gotten into a new relationship. you and he both thought that since your breakup was mutual, getting back into the relationship world would be easier than if you two left off on a bad note. the both of you thought that getting over each other would still be easier, which it was. and it wasn't, but the case mostly stood for jungwoo himself. 
he could see how in love you were with the person you had brought. he wondered, did you look as happy as you did with him? he hoped it was the same but from his perspective, it looked like you were having the time of your life. of which he couldn’t ask for more. 
you were aware of his lingering stares. it was kind of unfair that the universe wouldn’t let him move on. but you knew that if you got your heart broken, he’ll be the first one waiting for you. 
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oikawabreakme · an hour ago
game time!
tell me whether you prefer original or chewy chips ahoy, smooth or crunchy peanut butter, and your favorite season and I’ll match you up with someone from mha, jjk, or hq! pls specify which series in your ask!
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yourlocalghostiee · an hour ago
Synopsis: You come home to Bokuto.
navi / masterlist
tag list: @x-ia-n @skiinnyankles @http-worm @sincerelykore @daicrie if you wanna be added, shoot me an ask!! <3
AUTHOR’S NOTE: after the discord chat i had to. it’s not proofread so pls tell me if you find mistakes! <3 i’m supposed to be writing for bakugou for tmmw oh my god
PAIRINGS: Bokuto Kōtarō x gn!reader
Tumblr media
The sun is setting across the horizon when you finally walk through the door.
It filters through the kitchen like a curious creature, soft rays of golden light fluttering between each sliver of the curtain fabric like a game of hide and seek.
You enter quietly today, sitting yourself at one of the kitchen island’s stools, and before he even turns around to face you he swears he can feel the soft ache of your heart in his hands.
That’s when it becomes clear; you need some lovin’, you need it now, and who better to give it than your big, strong husband?
“Hey, hey, hey,” he starts softly, quickly swiping his palms across the fabric of the kitchen towel, letting the flour stain it as he rushes over to you, “What’s wrong sweetpea?”
And when you merely rotate the little stool, letting your body fall into his chest, your heart finally hands him the story hidden within its breath; I am tired, please let me recharge with your touch, and he finds perhaps the mystery to it all can wait for later.
“Don’t wanna talk ‘bout it yet,” you mumble, “Ko, just… just hold me, please?”
“Of course, lovebug,” Bokuto’s hands come up to curl around you, one palm your cheek as his thumb strokes your skin as soft as he can while the other simply holds you close. He lets the warmth of your skin radiate to his when he closes his eyes, willing that all of his atoms speak to you, telling you I will always wait for you as he lets the time pass like this.
Can you feel my heart? he thinks, can you my heart, how it loves you?
“Ko,” You mutter, your hands coming to place themselves on his pecs, your fingers feeling the life that seeps and hums through him, “I love you.”
It’s not the first time you’ve said it, and yet, every time it escapes your mouth he feels as if it’s the very first moment he’d heard it. His heart thrums like he’s known it all along, and sometimes he wonders if he’s only dreamed it, but within moments his heart yells the same thing his mouth always seems to remember.
I love you, I love you…
“I love you too, dumpling,” Bokuto leans down, taking both cheeks into his palms, pressing his lips to yours in a quick kiss, “I’ll love you always.”
You taste like sunshine, and always finding home and you are the compass to my vast sea, always leading me back north, and Bokuto knows even if he tried forever, the words to explain how he felt could never be found.
He doesn’t think he needs them though, because as you sit in front of him, your eyes look like stars and your smile looks like sunlight and you feel like How lucky am I to come home to you, and Bokuto doesn’t know much, but he knows this; there is nothing better than coming home to the one you love.
And he knows this because every day you come how, is another day he gets to fall in love with you all over again, even if he’ll never understand why you love to stare and touch at his biceps.
But he knows how lucky he is, that the one you you’ll always come home to, always love, will be him.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!!
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drabblewithkai · an hour ago
The Song You and Yamaguchi Would Dance Around the Kitchen To
Helloooooo beautiful people! Sorry it's been a few days, I was busy with work this weekend but I'm back with another drabble for this series! Today is Yamaguchi's segment, I love him and the idea of this sm. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and that you're doing well! Just a reminder that my inbox is always open, as are my requests at the time that I'm posting this! Don't be afraid to reach out, request some writing, or offer ideas!! Xoxo
To see more of my content, here is my MASTERLIST
Characters: Tadashi Yamaguchi
Warnings: None this is v fluffy
Word Count: 1,200 +
{For the best experience I recommend playing the song in the background while you read! Also, the gif below is meant to visualize the moment between you two}
Tadashi Yamaguchi- Better Together by Jack Johnson
Tumblr media
It was the weekend before finals, so you and Yamaguchi had decided to spend all weekend studying together while his parents were away. You arrived at his house just after 9:00 in the morning, and the two of you spent the rest of the day hunched over your books, only breaking to snack or use the bathroom. Finally, around midnight, you and Yamaguchi decided that you both felt confident enough with the material to stop for the night, and then do a quick review sometime tomorrow. With that, the two of you placed your books into your backpacks and curled up in Yamaguchi’s bed together, your head tucked into his chest and his arms around your shoulders.
You woke on Sunday morning to the glint of sunlight shining in through the curtains. You could feel the gentle rise and fall of Yamaguchi’s chest against your cheek. His arms, though his grip had loosened in slumber, were still wrapped lovingly around you. You reached up to brush some of his hair out of his face, and smiled at his peaceful expression. You cuddled up next to him for a little while longer, basking in the warmth radiating off of his sleeping figure until you felt him jostle around next to you. You glanced up to see Yamaguchi’s eyes were half opened in his sleepy state and already peering at you. He smiled down at you and pulled you closer to him, then pressed a tender kiss to your forehead.
“G’morning love. You been up long?” He said, his voice raspy and quiet from sleep.
“Not more than ten minutes or so. Not that I’d mind anyway, you’re really warm.” You said, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
Yamaguchi chuckled, pulling the blanket up higher over your shoulders.
“You could’ve said something if you were cold. Wait here, I’ll go grab you one of my sweaters, and then we can make pancakes for breakfast? That sound good?” Yamaguchi asked, pulling you gently into his warm spot and tightening the blankets back around you after he got up from bed.
You nodded enthusiastically and watched as he rummaged around in his closet, then pulled out a plain black sweater and tossed it on to the bed next to you. You slipped it on, relishing in how warm it was and how it smelled so delightfully like him. After you were finished, the two of you brushed your teeth and battled with your bedhead (you threw your hair into a messy bun, while Yamaguchi opted to just tousle his around until it turned into a uniform messiness) before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Yamaguchi turned the radio on so that music poured out in the house softly, while you lathered butter on to a pan that you placed on the stove. You set out a bowl for him to pour the pancake mix into, then went scavenging through the cabinets in search of chocolate chips to add. You hummed along sweetly as “Better Together” played out, the acoustic guitar and meaningful lyrics matching the vibe of this fine Sunday morning.
There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart Our dreams, and they are made out of real things Like a shoe box of photographs
Yamaguchi added the pancake powder to the bowl and was about to add water to the mix until he thought up a wicked idea. He approached you from behind, watching on as you poked around in search of your desired toppings.
“Hey, (y/n)?” He called innocently behind you.
“Yeah, Tadashi?” You answered, turning around to see what he wanted.
Just as you faced him, you were ambushed with a small handful of pancake mix that he scooped from the bowl and threw at your neck and chest. He snickered as the white powder stuck to the black material and fell through the neck of his sweater to tickle your stomach. You gasped as you took in what just happened, then quickly scurried around him to grab the box of pancake mix that he had abandoned on the counter behind him. You poured a generous amount into your hand, then returned the favor of throwing it at him, the powder hitting his left shoulder as he just barely managed to escape from a back attack.
Mmm, it's always better when we're together Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together Well, it's always better when we're together Yeah, it's always better when we're together
He grumbled playfully, then grabbed more mix and sprinkled some on top of your head while you shrieked in protest. When he was finished, you ran your hands over your head so that any excess pancake mix that wasn’t trapped in your hair coated your hands. You then rubbed your hands into his own hair until his roots turned slightly white. Yamaguchi took hold of your wrists and pulled you against him, then laid your hands on his shoulders and moved his own down to your waist.
“Sorry, it was just too tempting to resist. Truce?” He admitted, giggling.
“Truce.” You replied, returning his grin.
You hugged your body against him tighter, the both of you too covered in pancake mix to care that you were just making each other messier. Yamaguchi started shifting his weight from foot to foot so that the two of you swayed gently along with the song.
With only two Just me and you Not so many things we got to do Or places we got to be
At some point your hands had slid up from his shoulders and were around his neck with your right hand gingerly playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Yamaguchi’s hands had snuck under the hem of his sweater and found purchase against the supple skin of your waist. His thumbs traced lazy, subconscious circles into the skin while he focused on keeping the rhythm of the sway going.
And there is no, no song I could sing And there is no combination of words I could say But I will still tell you one thing We're better together
There the two of you stayed, the thought of breakfast abandoned until the song ended and you looked at each other with dirty hair, messy clothes, and excited eyes.
“I’ll actually get breakfast underway and start cleaning up the kitchen if you wanna go swing through the shower quickly.” Yamaguhi offered. You cupped his cheeks with your hands and stood on your tip toes to press a chaste kiss to his lips.
“Thanks, Tadashi. I’ll be quick!”
Yamaguchi blushed from seeing you so raw and vulnerable on a Sunday morning, hair up, in his clothes, covered in pancake mix and beaming from dancing around the kitchen together. While he replenished the pancake mix that had been taken from the bowl, he silently wished that he would get to spend every morning making breakfast with you in the future.
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bleachedoracle · an hour ago
( オタク ) ~ The world was falling apart. Crumbling, crumbling, crumbling . . . Westly could hardly breathe. His body shaking from the mere reiatsu that surrounded him. Reishi was in plentiful supply, but for some reason it felt like he was wading through a swamp as he felt tremors in the air coming from the clashing forces.
Tumblr media
His body shivered in response.
Ichigo.. you’re fighting Yhwach right now..! He grit his teeth, willing himself to get up to his feet. I’m only human..! I know that! But so is Chad and Orihime..! Uryuu, too! They’re all counting on you! I’M counting on you!! But that isn’t fair! He started moving, holding himself together while wearing the shihakushou that Urahara had so kindly given him.
Tumblr media
Wait. He felt his blood run cold. This was.. the big moment. Feeling Uryuu’s reiatsu grow stronger, he felt two others he didn’t recognize. That must be.. Ishida-san and Kurosaki-san!! I have to get there--!! I HAVE TO! He started running to meet up with the battle. He had to do something before Ichigo’s final moment.
The portal was right there.. and he was TAKING IT. He hurried through, shakey legs finally making contact with the unstable ground. It was rough, but he landed well.
“You forget, Ichigo.. I see the future.. and I can alter it all the same--”
Tumblr media
“HEY, YHWACH!” Westly shouted, gaining the King’s attention. Despite the fear he had deep within his gullet, he stood up straight. “YOU SAY YOU CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE HOWEVER YOU WANT..! BUT SO CAN I!”
That human. The new-found God turned his attention back to Ichigo and the others, throwing them about like ragdolls. This one. This one human that escaped the Almighty’s gaze. This ONE being that he could not foresee.
“And how do you interpret that, LITTLE GIRL?”
Westly flinched, the fact that this man had the very nerve to throw out his deepest secret to the open.. but now wasn’t the time. The human clenched his teeth before taking a deep breath.
Tumblr media
“You didn’t expect me at all.. which gives them the biggest opening!!” He ducked down, revealing the prince, the one Quincy with an arrow aimed right for Yhwach’s chest. “NOW! URYUU! ICHIGO!”
The arrow fired. Zangetsu connecting. 
The world went white.
“Hartford-san! Please move those boxes over there.”
Tumblr media
“Haaaai! You got it, boss!” The former oracle smiled, picking up a box at the call of his employer. Though the world was quieter now, it had been several years since Yhwach’s end. Kisuke stood out front, fan over his face as he watched the goods being put into the store by his new helper’s hand. Tessai exited the front, arms folded.
“He doesn’t remember a thing, does he?” Asked the taller man. Kisuke sighed sadly, shaking his head. “No. Not a thing. It’s like he forgot every detail. Who we really are. What he did.. He’s even forgotten about the Soul Society.” Watching the former oracle stumble but save a bigger box from falling out of his hands and sigh with relief, Kisuke closed the fan. “Maybe it’s for the best.”
Tumblr media
Ururu and Jinta tried to help in their own special way.. but it didn’t really do much. The three were arguing lightly as Tessai turned to go back inside.
“Do you really think that, sir?” “Hm. Dunno... part of me thinks that he can still return to his world.. but even now, he fits in pretty well. Y’know? Besides! Free labor!” He joked, suddenly grunting with a foot colliding with his backside.
“Stop that, Kisuke. You still have to pay him for his work, you know. How else is he going to afford that apartment that we helped him get?” A familiar feline-esque woman smiled playfully while standing where Kisuke had been. Kisuke rubbed his rear, pouting a bit. “You mean the one we gave him for free?” Yoruichi raised her leg lightly at Kisuke’s final word ‘free’. “Okay, okay! I’ll pay him, I’ll pay him!!” The woman smiled softly, lowering her leg as she watched Westly move another box to the side to playfully fight with the other two. Time sure did fly.
“He belongs here now.. Might as well.. give him a warm welcome.”
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marviesss · an hour ago
connie + dumbification plss💕love u marchiee
connie loves it when you go dumb, it's the prettiest and most endearing thing for him ever. the way you babble with tears sitting so pretty on your lashline, spit and cum staining your puffy and pouted lips, talking nonsense about how good he's fucking you.
connie can't help but fuck you harder when you're like this. your hands are pressed down tightly against the mattress, laced with his as his hips rock into you with a brutal force that has your thighs trembling. if he angles himself just right you can feel the thick head of his cock nudge right against your cervix, balls slapping against the red tinted skin of your ass. but even as pretty as you look below him, completely fucked out and barely hanging onto your last coherent thought, connie can't help but be a little mean.
"who's fucking you this good?" he rasps out, tilting his head where his body hovers above yours, slowing the roll of his hips just to hear the whine rip from your throat, laced in desperation. "huh? who's fucking this pretty little cunt?"
when your answer doesn't come fast enough he slams forward until you swear you can feel him in your guts. the amount of orgasms he's pulled from you is almost overwhelming and bordering the line of painful, but the gentle rub of his thumb against your overstimulated clit soothes it all away until all you can feel is pleasure. he continues this vicious cycle of fucking you till you've gone cock drunk, waiting for an answer.
"s you!" you finally sob out, coherent enough for him to make it out and you swear through your lidded eyes you can see him smirk. "it's all you, you're making me feel s-so good!"
"that's right, baby," he groans when he slides back only for your gummy walls to try and suck him back in. he halts his movements for a moment to admire the creamy ring coated the base of his cock, the way your pussy flutters around his tip, begging for more. a mix between a chuckle and a moan tumbles from his cherry tinted lips before his eyes darken with a swirl of lust and love you haven't seen before. he gives your clit a teasing pat with the base of his hand. "gotta make sure this slutty little cunt of yours remembers that too."
send me any character from my hero academia, haikyuu, jujutsu kaisen or attack on titan + a kink and I'll write a short drabble for you!
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sendhelpimstupid · an hour ago
Dad! Kiri on the brain. Thiccer than a Snickers, bulky with a bit of pudge from all the good food made by his cute little wife, and ever present scruff on his chin that he uses to tickle his precious children. His big strong hands, scarred and calloused from years of hero work, digging into your soft plush hips as he pulls you close to dance around the kitchen with you. Its been years since he first fell in love with you but his love and adoration for you has only grown with time, and with every scar, bump and ounce you have gained you have only become more beautiful to him. He loves kissing the stretched skin of your belly where you carried his children, each time he touches the jagged marks he thanks his lucky stars for the blessing that is you and the blessings you have given him. His face has more wrinkles now, fine lines from years of exhaustion and hard work, but more prominently are the deeper set creases at the corners of his eyes and his mouth, the smile lines being evidence of the joy he has found in life.
He may not be as fast or as young or as in shape as he once was, but he has never been happier than he is right now, tucking his children into bed as you kiss them goodnight before settling into your worn down couch to watch a movie in happy silence together. He may not have his youth or his "flawless good looks" anymore, but he doesn't mind. He has something far more precious now
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donkuroo · an hour ago
hey! can i request a kiss prompt,, the one in the snow with confession of feelings for suna?? 👉🏻👈🏻
enjoy! i kinda got carried away and made it a lil long oops. also it’s sortve a confession but not rlly whatever >_>
suna x reader confession + kiss in the snow
event status: open
Tumblr media
the cool air of early spring but at your cheeks and made your nose runny. you hated the shivers that it sent down your spine, but were at least grateful that you were mostly warm. you had a warm puffy jacket on, a scarf, and gloves two sizes too big. of course, they weren’t your gloves, but rather gloves that belonged to the boy walking beside you.
suna struggled to hide the fact that his hands were freezing, afraid that you’d feel bad and give him his gloves back. so he tucked his hands deep into his coat pockets, distracting himself with the lovely view of your rosy red cheeks and nose. “how much further?” you whined, tugging on his shoulder.
“just a couple more blocks,” he replied curtly, referring to the fact that he was taking you to a tea shop to warm up. you sighed, before noticing that snow fell from storm clouds above. “it’s snowing again,” you said as if suna didn’t have eyes for himself to see the icy particles fall. “don’t we have enough of the shit?” he scoffed, glancing at the piles of snow in the park beside the sidewalk you two trudged down.
you paused, taking a glove off and reaching your hand out to touch the snowflakes; suna grimaced. “stop looking at me like that,” you furrowed your brow, nudging him. “stop acting like you’ve never seen snow before,” he returned coyly, glancing at the snow that fell on his shoulders. you swallowed, before bending down and scooping a heap of fluffy white snow into your hand, “shut up!” you giggled, before palming the snow into his face.
he gasped in shock, blinking open his olive eyes to reveal his snow-dusted eyelashes. a sly grin adorned his face, “you’re gonna pay for that,” he chortled, grabbing you by the shoulders and hurling you into a pile of snow beside the sidewalk. you screeched know surprised before scooping some of the snow you laid upon and throwing it back at him.
suna shielded his face as he neared you, before caging you into the snow you laid on with his lanky limbs. your faces were inches apart, and suddenly the little game you two had been playing was no more. you could feel his breath warm your lips, prompting your entire face to heat up entirely. you swallowed thickly, “you’ve got snowflakes on your eyelashes,” you whispered, feeling his gaze bare deep into your skin.
he raised a brow, face suddenly dropping at the realization of the position you two were in. neither of you moved as you reached a hand up from off the snow and brushed a few flakes from his eyes. your touched lingered on his cheek, warming his face up entirely. rintaro leaned his head into your palm, before inching closer and awkwardly closing the gap between the two of you. as soon as your lips met, he pulled away after the soft peck, eyes wide and in search of answers in yours.
“you have no idea how long i’ve wanted to do that,” he murmured, before leaning in for another kiss which you happily accepted. the falling snow was no longer an issue, nor was the fact that your uncovered hand was going numb from the cold. the only thing you cared about was the way suna’s kiss warmed your entire body with just a soft caress of your lips.
Tumblr media
participate in the event here
Tumblr media
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satanlovescats · an hour ago
Wrath came in many forms. Hot. A blazing anger destroying anything in its path. Cold. An icy malice seeking vengeance. Patience. Lying just beneath the surface, waiting to be freed.
Satan knew wrath in all its forms. He lived it. Breathed it. Reveled and despised it. Stared into its reflection in the mirror. Though sometimes, on days where a past not belonging to him merged with the present... it wasn't his own eyes that stared back.
Ruby irises burning red hot. A permanent scowl creasing familiar features. Almost as soon as they appeared, they were gone. Nothing but a flash. A ghost of memory. One he cared not to know.
On days as these no one dared tread close to the locked door, crashes and bangs and tears rumbling from within. His wrath raged as a storm. Lashing winds and crackling lightning.
Only when the dust settled, laying amongst the debris, did the rains come. Raw and hot as they slid down his cheeks. What once lay buried unearthed with the storm's eye. A grief that had no ending.
It, too, didn't belong to him. As tender now as the day of his creation. A wound that couldn't heal, marring his very soul. For what was he but a reminder. A reminder of all they had lost.
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nanacide · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluff (i'm incredibly soft for jae sorry)
warnings: none
now playing: jupiter by the marías
Tumblr media
the world feels more vibrant today, and more full of life. the large palm trees that stand tall wherever you look fail to completely shade you from the gentle sun and its beautiful rays. powdery sand sneaks its way between your toes as a warm breeze brushes past.
heaven knows you better, than all this west coast weather.
you hear a chuckle come from behind you before a hand comes to lay over your eyes, leaving you staring at nothing but darkness.
“guess who.” by the deep, comforting voice you’re familiar with, you know it’s none other than your boyfriend. you think he really needed this vacation, he’s been nothing but dimpled smiles and giggles since the two of you arrived.
honey not so fast, this is all i ask. do you feel better, do you feel better?
“hmm...let me see.” you start, tapping your chin in fake thought to play along with jaehyun’s little antics.
“i think it’s jaehyun.” you finish simply, bringing your hands to rest firmly on your sides. the large hand covering your eyes is suddenly lifted and the first thing you’re greeted with upon being granted your sight again is jaehyun smiling from ear to ear with a soft flush spread across his round cheeks. sunkissed, he was.
come on say you love it, i know you try to get above it.
“what gave me away?” he pulls you closer to him by your waist and takes one of your hands in his, tangling your fingers together. the beach was a little emptier around sunset, especially where the two of you were, but it was nice to be all alone with someone you love in such a beautiful place. you wouldn’t trade getting to see the magnificent oranges, purples and pinks of a tropical sunset make jaehyun’s skin glow for anything.
there’s a space outside and i’m not surprised. do you remember, do you remember?
the skin of his hand is rough against the soft skin of your waist, but you like the feeling. you break out into a smile of your own and jaehyun presses tiny kisses into your skin, starting from your shoulder, up the expanse of your neck and finally he plants one right on your lips.
you sigh in delight when he pulls his lips away from yours and the two of you find yourselves staring at each other, pure admiration swimming in each other’s eyes, before jaehyun’s smiling again. you can’t help but smile again yourself, and jaehyun thinks there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to continue to make you smile so radiantly like that. he loves being able to make you happy the way you make him.
and now i’m waking up with you.
his slender fingers slip from in between yours for a moment and meet his pocket, where he carefully slips his phone out. he only looks at it for a second before he’s setting it down on the little table you’d brought with you and music begins to sound from the tiny devices' speaker.
michelle is blasting on this room.
“dance with me, my love.” his fingers tangle themselves with yours once and he presses a kiss to the skin of your knuckles.
i’m lovin’ everything you do. and i’m drawin’ pictures next to you.
“i’d love to.” you reply, placing your free hand upon his shoulder. with that, the two of you become a mess, twirling each other in all kinds of directions and prancing around in the warm sand as if nothing else mattered. the music’s not too loud, just loud enough for the two of you to get lost in. and that’s exactly what you do.
Tumblr media
tag list: @kyuwoyo (send an ask if you'd like to be added)
i enjoy feedback on my work so leave me a comment or an ask if you want to and enjoyed this,, it means a lot :)
Tumblr media
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kalquinn · an hour ago
Not me thinking of names for my Horrortale fic and the first thing coming to mind being "Bellyache" أ‿أ
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sunyeon-guk · an hour ago
I feel like doing mtls so im opening my writing requests but it's only for mtls for enha.
send in a scenario or something you want mtl for + enhypen/hyung line/maknae line.
no smut or suggestive.
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the-blind-assassin-12 · 2 hours ago
Undefined Duet
500 followers/ 500 word drabble #13
A/N: Just a few more of these little drabbles to go! They’ve been fun for me to write, so I hope they have been fun for you to read as well. This one follows the Passing Through timeline, when Ryan travels back to Denver to take Max up on his offer to record in his studio, roughly 3-4 months after meeting you in that coffee shop. Thank you @fific7​ for the picture prompt! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Got it, great stuff man!” Max gave him a thumbs up from the booth, then took his finger off of the speaker, the machine clicking. 
Ryan rested his guitar on his thighs, nodding in response, a small smile lifting the corners of his mouth. He’d just finished up one of his favorites, and he could still feel it in his chest. That one always feels… good. It wasn’t an original song, but it was one that he’d been playing for years, one that he’d gotten extremely comfortable with. It was also one of the first songs that the two of you had ever played together, and therefore it held an even more prominent place in his catalog than it had before that day on 16th Street. He could still picture you sitting at the painted piano, hands suspended over the keys, tongue poking between your lips as you waited for him to count you in. The memory kept that warm feeling swirling in his chest for a few minutes longer. You’d played it together more than a handful of times since then, but it was always that chilly day that came to mind when his fingers found the chords of that song. Wonder if it’s the same for her. 
Max clicked the speaker button once more to let him know that he could take a few minutes between tracks while he made some adjustments to his equipment. Ryan nodded again, a stray piece of hair falling over his forehead as he leaned forward on his stool to set his instrument back in its case. Standing, he lifted a hand to swipe the strands away, reaching for his water bottle with the other. Twisting the cap off, he glanced back up at the booth’s window to catch you watching him. Hey, Junebug. 
Smiling around the mouth of the bottle, he drank without breaking eye contact with you. Your cheeks flushed and you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, shrugging your shoulders before releasing the trapped flesh and letting your smile match his. Damn, she’s… He closed the bottle and put it down on his stool. Things between you were still undefined, but he realized then that undefined didn’t mean unsure- that he’d been sure that there was something worth exploring between the two of you since he’d kissed you under the stars in that train car somewhere in the Kansas plains. 
He’d been debating which song to play next, going between Southbound and a few others he’d written, but the color in your cheeks and the little scrunch of your nose gave him his answer- Take Me Along, the song you’d helped him finish on your unfurnished living room floor. ‘Course that’s the right one. Ryan cocked his head, motioning for you to join him on his side of the glass. Confused, you furrowed your brow but stood and disappeared from view before the soundproof paneled door opened and you stepped in. 
“Hey, what’s-” 
“Will you sing with me, Junebug?” 
Thank you for reading! If you would like to be added to or removed from the tags please feel free to let me know! :)
Tags: @something-tofightfor​​ @its-my-little-dumpster-fire​ @suchatinyinfinity​​ @malionnes​ @thesumofmychoices​​ @gollyderek​​ @pheedraws​​ @beautifuldesastre​​ @alraedesigns​ @dearmarii​​ @fific7​ @traeumerinsworld​​ @obscurilicious​​ @luminex3​ @vetseras​
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teluminum · 2 hours ago
ive been writing a drabble for ram and i’m so excited to finish it ... 
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