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lavishedinjimin · 8 months ago
kinky hours masterlist
Tumblr media
— all drabbles are 18+. for adults, by adults, about adults. all are for f.readers!
— since 2020. 
Tumblr media
Sorted from newest to oldest
criminal!jk x officer!reader/kidnapped/imagine butter era jk’s concept photo vr.2
brat tamer jungkook/punishes reader for being a spoiled brat lol
sub!jungkook is tied up/giving him oral/tracing his arm tats with your tongue
ex-bf jungkook/argument turns into hate sex/reader cheated on namjoon lmao
hand kink/making origamis with daddy!jk/gagging
single dad jk/apologizing that he fucked you too hard/babysitter reader
crybaby™ jk x reader but OC uses her safeword
daddy jk takes care of you after not having sex for weeks
he finds out that you’re a Little/daddy!jk
cumming inside you without protection/creampie kink
eating you out with whipped cream
dom!jk/dirty talk/window sex
reader squirts and jungkook’s “give me more”
atgggth™ jk/eating pussy/whiny reader
jk fucks you while standing
spitting in mouth/overwhelmed reader
dom!jk/bratty reader
crybaby!jk/anal play with sub reader/ddlg 
jungkook finding your moans adorable
softdom!jk/rainy ambience/dirty talk/cuddling 
chubby reader/rough sex/praise
horny jk comes home while you’re cooking
crybaby™ jk/reader wearing cat ears and tail
riding jk’s thigh while spooning
overstimulation/clit torture/squirting
dom!jk pinning you down as he fucks you
daddy jk and his corruption kink
soft jk but reader wants it harder, hmmppp >:(
clit overstim/tied to the bed
hard dom jk/rough sex/jk fucks reader ‘inhumanly fast’...haha
passionate sex/lotus position
jk fucks reader gently and deeply™
ddlg/first time riding dom!jk/praise
blowjob while on the phone/punishment/degradration/jk meanie 
hard dom!jk/humiliation/subspace/big dick jk haha
reader does jk’s makeup as she rides his cock
daddy!jk/small reader/praise kink/size kink/wearing his baggy shirt
daddy!jk is handcuffed to the bed by babygirl  
dom!jk is jealous so he gives you hickeys
slapping/spitting in reader’s mouth/degradation/rough/choking
jk catches reader humping her pillow with his jumper on
punk jk fucks reader on her parents’ bed
crybaby™ jk and his love for eating pussy/spitting/descriptive
thigh riding/degradation/choking/spanking/hair pulling/whatever
overstimulation/reader tells jk to stop but he doesn’t listen
cockwarming/”move and i’ll take my fucking cock out of you”
punishing you in front of the members/degradation
dom jk fucks you mercilessly in front of a mirror/rough
having your first time with dom!jk
jk comes home to reader fucking herself/punishment/size kink/daddy
fucking you roughly while the members are around
dom jk/cocky jungkook energy/slow down by chase atlantic/descriptive
cockwarming :D
punishing you after you came without his permission
reader says she’s ‘too heavy’ but jk proves her wrong/against the wall
jungkook trying his spanking kink out on you
holding your thighs while he eats your cunt
dom!jk manhandles reader/virgin kink
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
crybaby™ jk/reader got her nipples pierced/descriptive
bad boy™ tae gives you hickeys in public/possessive tae
dom!tae/mutual masturbation/voyeurism
werewolf!tae asking you to run because you disobeyed him
lactation kink/slight mommy kink
pushing your head against a pillow bc you’re too loud
sweet hot tub sex
taehyung uses his ties to play with you
reader cheats on jk while fucking taehyung
mutual masturbation but ends up fucking anyway lol
ddlg taehyung/size kink
bad boy™ taehyung teachers reader how to blow
the start of bad boy™ tae x young reader ;)
movie date with a remote control vibrator/dirty talk
dom!tae/nipple play/hand kink
tae fucks you while you’re asleep/spooning
ddlg/tae is jealous of you spending your time with other guys
cockwarming while he’s gaming
soft dom!tae/praise kink
bratty reader/rough/pissed from all the dating rumors
tae makes you wear a ball gag
taehyung fucks you in a pool
getting heated with tae in the pool
ceo!taehyung/secret relationship/some spanking
fucking you sensually while Singularity plays in the background
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
dom!jimin corruption kink/condescension/jimin and his kendo agenda
jimin edges you with a bluetooth vibrator in public 
making fun of jimin’s small hands until he shuts you up 
cockwarming with jimin while he works out
jimin releasing his pent-up stress on you
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
softdom!jimin/swallowing his spit/praise kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
truth or dare/bts taunting jimin that he can’t make his gf cum
softdom!jimin/cocky/reader says he’s the biggest she’s ever had
softdom!jimin/readers sits on his lap and he bounces her up and down
dom!jimin/use of vibrator/edging/denial/squirting
jimin and his corruption kink/small!reader
jimin makes you sit on his face for being bratty
hard dom!hobi/pissed off that you accidentally said his name instead of ‘daddy’ during sex
hobi getting annoyed that you keep moving during oral
werewolf hoseok in heat/mentions of impreg/slight blood mentions
tattooed hobi x curvy reader/praise kink/loving degradation
daddy hoseok/trying to get his attention while he’s on the phone
softdom!hobi/fucking you in front of the practice room’s mirror
masochistic hobi punishing reader
wolf namjoon x bunny hybrid reader/bunny gets lost in the forest o_o
dom!namjoon uses a spreader bar on you/squirting/degradation
giving joon oral under the desk bc he’s stressed from working
dom!namjoon x sub!reader x dom!yoongi/spitting kink/spanking
daddy namjoon fucks you while you’re both high/marijuana intake
namjoon spits in your mouth/wall fucking
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
namjoon and creampie... yum
namjoon punishing reader/overstim/degradation
softdom!namjoon/size kink!!
daddy!joon babies reader to be intimate with him 
edging with joonie and his babygirl
sucking him off while he’s on vlive
servant namjoon x princess reader/bending her over the desk
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
PUBLIC. BUS. SEX./cockwarming & grinding/slight exhibitionism/honestly this is just so hot
distracted by his hands/fingering you against his piano/hand kink
sitting on yoongi’s face + overstim
pet play/kitten play with yoongi
innocent s/o never masturbated before/virgin reader/size kink
dom!yoongi x sub!reader x dom!namjoon/spitting kink/spanking
breeding kink/pregnancy kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
hard dom yoongi
hand kink omfg
dom!yoongi/bondage/using a dildo on you
yoongi shows off his tongue technology/cunnilingus 
reader wears vibrating panties in public
yoga with seokjin/ahh yes, the downward dog/cunnilingus
dom!seokjin fucking you in front of a mirror
ball worship!!
lactation kink with seokjin aaahhhh
teasing seokjin until he snaps/big cock seokjin agenda
dry humping/cumming in his pants
daddy seokjin takes care of you after weeks of not having sex
asking jin if he can choke you
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neoheros · a year ago
fuckboy! iwaizumi (fem reader but no mention of pronouns!)
Tumblr media
— fuckboy au masterlist !! ♡
you’ve known iwaizumi since you were kids and you forgot when or why the two of you became so close but you both take into account how dull life would be without each other
growing up, you took on the golden girl role— acing tests and topping classes as easy as that
you were the dream student, the darling of every parent and everyone in school made sure you knew that they knew that
iwaizumi on the other hand didn’t really see any prospect in that happening for him
he was already doing his most in the school volleyball club and that was definitely enough in his book
iwa’s the type of guy to hardly show up in class and when he does it most likely has something to do with you
you: omfg if i tell that girl from 2nd year all the pros of spending time with you will you go to school for a full week this time
iwaizumi: no but its cute that you’re trying ❤️
he had a reputation around school and you were well aware of it
as his best friend you had a nagging feeling that you should’ve been stopping him when he shows up with a different girl from the one he told you about last week
but knowing iwa, he was either gonna ignore you or just laugh it off like he usually does
your friends often see you hanging out with him and they’re always trying to warn you that he’s reputable for being a heartbreaker and you’re just like ????
first of all, how could they say those mean things about ur best friend !!!!
and secondly, you already knew that he was a lying uncommitted piece of trouble, you didn’t need to be warned !!
besides, you two have been so close since you could remember, iwaizumi could never dare to do you like that
you’re the only girl he’s kept around for more than a week and even though you’ve told him numerous times that that wasn’t a compliment, it still warmed your heart in a way
iwaizumi: i just got dumped :/ now i have to hit up someone new to spend the night with
you, genuinely amazed: look on the bright side 💫💖👑 i hope it blinds you ✨🧚🏻‍♀️
the truth is that you were completely repulsed by the idea that he could go through women like clothes but you wouldn’t deny that there was a reason behind that
he was basically a 5’10 calvin klein model with the skills to play professional volleyball any day
as far as anyone was concerned, he was just someone who had a lot of free time and numerous trust issues
it was a wonder how you could stand to be around him especially when he’s with other girls like that and you could certainly live better off without the hate you get almost everyday from his ex flings
but in all your years of friendship, you can’t recall a single time iwaizumi wasn’t there for you
if you needed a ride to school, he’d drop whatever whoever he was doing and drive you there, if you forgot to eat a meal that day, he’d swoop in and take you to the nearest mcdonald’s drivethru
you were the only one he trusted and even if he got on your nerves sometimes you can’t say that you didn’t trust him too
the worst thing he ever did to you was give you a mini heart attack when one friday evening he came knocking on your window like a lunatic
you: you’re insane if you think i’m letting you in
iwaizumi: but i brought food
you: aight bet
the minute you opened your window, your heart dropped as soon as he entered, visible bruises and blood on his lips
he had a brown bag of mcdonald’s in his right hand, gently bringing it to your stunned figure with a shy smile, “told you i brought food,”
you put down the bag, immediately grabbing his hand and pulling him into your bathroom where you kept your medicine cabinet
your heart is racing, the sheer amount of blood on his clothes enough to freak you out
you sit him down on the counter, ignoring his reassurance that he was fine and that you didn’t have to go through all this trouble
you bite down on your lower lip hard, trying to stop the tears that prickled
“apparently this girl i was with had a boyfriend and he didn’t really like it when i took her out,” he says, a sheepish smile on his face
you don’t respond, unable to stop your hand from pressing harder on his wounds once you heard the reason why
“ow!” he says, but he lowers back down when he sees your hurt look
“i was really worried,” you tell him, sighing as you dabbed the alcohol covered cotton as light as you can
he’s genuine when he breathes out, an apologetic grin as he says, “i know, i’m sorry.”
for the first time that night, you smile, rolling your eyes at the rarity of a serious moment like this one
you: you look like shit
iwaizumi: you should’ve seen the other guy
you: was he hot 🥺
iwaizumi: why am i friends with you
you finish patching up his face with bandaids, softly amused and grateful that the only ones you had left had hello kittys on them
“all done,” you grin, “next time you get beat up, go to a doctor, or one of your girlfriends, the blood is seriously disgusting.”
iwaizumi laughs, pulling you into a loose hug, “you’re the only girl i know with a medicine cabinet.”
“that’s why i’m the best.” you tell him with a huff, pushing him off as you leave the room.
iwa sighs, and he’s doing his best to ignore the racing of his heart to be that close to you, “you’re not wrong there.”
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heavenly-dusk · 10 months ago
Hi! If you want a drabble prompt, could you do something with the universe where Azula is deadly loyal to Zuko? It doesn't necessarily have to be about Zuko and Azula necessarily, I just love this idea of Azula wielding her power to protect the ones she loves no matter what. Congrats on 700!
1 | 2 | 3
Mai only ever played with Azula because she was the Princess and it was more trouble than it was worth to say no to her. She liked Zuko though. He was sweet, if awkward, with a lot of embarrassingly endearing curiosity that was almost dangerous for a Prince to have. It became easier to like Azula when it became clear that, for all of her almost cruel teasing of her brother, she was more devoted to him than anyone else.
When Fire Lord Ozai is found dead and Mai’s mysteriously missing knife is found and wiped clean, she’s not foolish enough to not know what happened.
She is, however, foolish enough to accept it.
“It might not be bad to follow Azula,” Mai admits to Ty Lee, whose eyes widen.
“Wow wow,” she gasps. “I’ve never heard you say that before!”
“She did what she had to, for Prince Zuko. I can respect that,” Mai says, as much an explanation as she can give. Ty Lee understands though, nodding solemnly in her agreement.
They both know about the Agni Kai, and what the deceased Fire Lord had done. Azula’s rage was a loud, thunderous thing in the heat of the moment, until it became quiet and more dangerous than anything Mai had ever seen from her.
It really wasn’t a surprise, what happened next.
She doesn’t know what the future holds, but she thinks she can at least be assured that whatever will happen, it will be because Azula makes it happen--for her brother. And Zuko, deep down, is a special sort of kind that Azula would and has done anything to protect.
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introloves · a month ago
Jax my sweetie! Haven’t you heard? It’s sundress and no panties season!! Who do you think would feel their s/o’s up while they’re out having a cute picnic in the park?
ohh,, the list for this is long...
Tumblr media
› bokuto, meian, atsumu, oikawa, hinata-
unashamedly wanders his heavy hand down to your ass- fingers playing with the cute little sundress you're wearing, smiles at you when you squeak and try to pry his thick hands from your form. you don't want to flash the people walking behind the two of you, but wearing a pretty little number like that, for him- has him insatiable. doesn't take long for him to take you further away from wandering eyes and fucking you against a tree, one hand holding onto your face so you don't go bumping it against the tree and the other laying against the curve of your spine, sundress bunched up and used as leverage to bring you back onto his thick cock over and over, watching your pretty, shaking hands press helplessly on the tree to get more, more, more. knees knocking against one another while you’re nearly suspended with each thrust- so pretty and desperate, all spurred on by the sight of you in a simple little dress. 
› aone, aran, suna, osamu, kageyama-
can't really articulate what it does to him seeing you in something so pretty, fitting for the hot temperatures while you're sitting outside- happily sipping on cold drinks in the shade. he doesn’t even know you’ve opted for no panties, not until you uncross your legs and reach over for more food- and he slowly feels his world tilt on its axis. it takes no time for him to reach over the food, knocking things out of the way in order to land his hands on you- tugging your body closer, fingers digging into the softness of your body, letting himself tug and pinch and grab at the dress you’ve adorned yourself in. asking you with little humor, ‘what were you thinking, hm?’ before flipping your body over and sliding a thick and heavy cock into your cunt- the same one he caught glimpses of mere seconds ago- puts your body into a pretty little arch, both hands on your ass, grabbing and pushing you down at the same time so he can see his monstrous cock slide in and out of you. mewls and cries coming from your muffled mouth already drooling onto the picnic blanket only spurring him on.
› iwaizumi, ushijima, gao, kyoutani-
doesn't even let you walk out the door- fucks you on the floor of your living room. lets swung up over his shoulders so he can see your body jiggle underneath the dress slowly hitching up your tummy with the way he’s fucked you into a mating press, dead set on cumming inside your tight little cunt so he can see every load run down your legs when he finally does let you walk out of the house. he’s not even undressed, cock tugged out of the waistband of his pants- letting you cream and make a mess of his own clothes with every thrust that meets your wet cunt, chuckling once he’s finally spent after furiously fucking you down onto the floor- small little apologies for ‘acting like an animal’ that are just empty words and its not like you mind- too fucked out and shaking to care. 
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mostlybarnes · 3 months ago
It’s My Party, You’re Not Invited
Summary: Bucky has a birthday party, and for some reason you weren’t invited.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: A little bit of angst, overthinking.
Words: 743
Author’s Notes: Sometimes I get lost in my daydreams and this is the kind of stuff I think up. Requests are absolutely open, I’d appreciate the inspiration! Clearly I need some lol I left the ending open on purpose for a potential part two in the future. (What do you think? What reason do you think Bucky would have for not inviting you?)
Tumblr media
You paused the movie playing on the TV and strained your ears to pinpoint where the loud music was playing from. No parties from Tony were scheduled for this week, and the avengers very rarely celebrated their birthdays, although you were aware it was Bucky’s birthday a few days ago which to your knowledge, was quiet and low-key, but you also knew he wasn’t the kind of guy who would want a party. The party music was just so strange.
You pulled your socks up and adjusted your pajama shirt that had become twisted from your lazy lounging and headed towards the source of the music. It was even louder in the hallway, the floor under your feet shaking from the bass. You saw an agent stagger out from one of the rooms, she was wearing a short, revealing party dress and your curiosity grew stronger.
“What’s going on?” You asked her as she passed you. She looked drunk, and looked like she was about to pass out at any second.
“Bucky… threw one... heck of a party.” She slurred, hiccuping every few seconds and swaying on her feet as she gripped the walls of the hallway for support.
Bucky threw a party? You knew him as this really quiet and reserved guy who liked to read books in the sunniest spot in the common room and be left alone. So to hear he threw a party, it was hard to believe.
The door down the hall slammed twice and Natasha walked out laughing.
“Nat? What is going on? What’s with the loud music?” You asked, folding your arms across your chest, feeling somewhat underdressed.
“Barnes threw a party. Why didn’t you come?” She asked, eyeing you up and down and taking in your sleepwear.
That was such a good question Nat. Maybe because you didn’t even know about the stupid party. Or maybe because Bucky didn’t like you enough to give you an invite? Who knew.
“Because I wasn’t invited.” You told her through gritted teeth.
Natasha frowned and bit her lip. “Maybe he sent the invite in the mail… and it got lost?” She offered, trying to make you feel better.
“How did he invite you?”
“Oh, he uh– he asked me... verbally, a few days ago.”
A few days ago?! What the hell?
“Oh.” You were speechless, and started to feel awkward. Soon enough the door that Natasha came through opened up again, the rest of the avengers pouring out, laughing and having a great time as they joked in the hallway befo disappearing down the hall and into the metal elevator.
It was quite clear to you that Bucky not inviting you was no mistake, it seemed he invited every single human being that lived in the compound, everyone except for you. That was no accident, so then came your next question in your mind: what did you do to him to make him feel like you didn’t deserve an invite? Going to a party wasn’t your style anyway, and you most likely wouldn’t have attended but still it would have been great and appreciated to have been acknowledged by your teammate and someone you thought was a friend.
“You’re overthinking.” Natasha whispered, paying close attention to the way your eyes shift around you. She could see the cog wheels in your head spinning, trying to find any reasonable explanation for Bucky’s reasoning.
“I’m not. I’m just- enjoy the party.” You told her and turned quickly on your heels to head back into the comfort of your room. You didn’t need to be told by a hot spy that you were overthinking, you’d prefer to do it alone.
Your mood to continue watching the movie quickly disappeared. You turned the TV off and crawled under the covers of your lukewarm bed, being embraced by your blanket was a comfort that you needed right now.
“Friday, can you lock my door, please?” Your voice came out shaky and you hated it. You hated how much this bothered you, it wasn’t right and you knew sleep wouldn’t come very easily tonight.
“Yes, Agent Y/L/N.” You sighed as the clicking of the locks echoed in your room. You turned on your side and stared out into the darkness that was peeping through your parted drapes.
Yeah, Agent Romanoff was absolutely right. You were overthinking this but you couldn’t help it, you couldn’t help the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when more laughs and hollers could be heard outside. You couldn’t help it when you heard his laugh.
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neoheros · a year ago
Tumblr media
“does our height difference ever bother you?” you say in a timid voice, your hands getting clammier in anticipation of what your boyfriend could say next.
kuroo stops to stare you, “no? of course not.”
you only nod in reply. honestly? you didn’t know what to expect with his response but something about it definitely left you feeling somewhat discontented.
it’s not that you were jealous of all the people that got a better reach of him than you did, it’s just that sometimes you can’t help but think that it’d be way more convenient for him if he was dating someone a bit closer to his eye level.
compared to kuroo, you were fairly on the shorter side of the spectrum and after he first asked you out, this gradually became one of your more frequent insecurities.
“does it bother you?” he asks you this time, his tone laced in a mixture of confusion and amusement.
your shoulders ease, “no, not really.”
the two of you proceed to walk in silence after that, the third year floor corridors almost completely empty from the early dismissal and you can’t help but hope to break the unwanted tension you regrettingly created.
kuroo pauses in his tracks just before both of you could turn the corner, a frown delicately adorning his features, “hey— what brought this up?”
“oh.” you sigh, “well— don’t you think you’d be better off dating someone a bit more taller than me?”
his face drops almost immediately, the frown on his face worsening as he says, “wait, are you breaking up with me or something? because i’m too tall?”
obviously not. that was definitely the last thing you had in mind and as much as you wanted to tell him that, you can’t help but find amusement in the way he’s reading into things.
“no, dumbass.” you smile, “i just feel short when i’m with you all the time.”
kuroo fakes a relieved dramticized sigh, wiping off fake sweat from his forehead as he repeatedly declares how heartbroken he would’ve been if you did dump him.
he looks at you again, a warm glint in his eye as he tries to analyze your expression, “being bigger than you is one of the few things i take immense happiness in, you know.”
“good on you then,” you playfully roll your eyes, smiling, “but i’d like to feel taller than you too.”
your boyfriend goes silent for a second and no moment more than that, he’s sporting a whole new kind of smile, his hand taking hold of your wrist and he’s quick but careful enough to trail you along without making you trip.
he stops at the head of the staircase, patting down your shoulders as he says, “stay here.”
kuroo takes three steps down, certain to not trip over his own foot and once he’s settled, he turns to face you.
the step gap he created between the two of you made it enough for your eye level to reach his and even though there was a difficult width that separated you both, you were still pretty chipper at how easy it was to look him straight in the face.
he smiles at you, “well, aren’t you the tall one.”
“the weather up here is overrated,” you tell him with a playful huff, “but it is nice to finally see over your head.”
the silence that follows is drastic. yours and his laughter taking turns to fill the air as you both did nothing but exchange banter in the awkward yet comfortable setup he made for you.
you take his face in your hands, and despite the cautious three–step gap that lied between you two, you don’t hesitate any further to give him a kiss that’d always send him over the moon.
needless to say, kuroo was definitely taking you to more staircases now.
Tumblr media
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heavenly-dusk · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
1 | 2
Sokka and Aang are easily drawn in by the Fire Nation Prince, but Katara isn’t convinced. She feels a little betrayed by the way they engage with him as they tour the hallways of the palace. She feels especially betrayed by Sokka, who knows Mom was killed by the Fire Nation, yet he still jokes with the Prince like his people had no hand in it.
The war has only been over for a few years. There’s no way it can be this easy. It can’t be, and when the Fire Nation finally go back on their word, she’ll be ready.
“I don’t trust you.”
Katara jumps as the Fire Princess speaks. She’s been following them silently with cold, calculative eyes this whole time.
“Excuse me?” Katara says. If anyone should be saying that, it’s her.
The Princess narrows her eyes. “My brother is a fragile sort, and naive besides. I don’t care how much he likes you all or that that boy is the Avatar--if any of you hurt him, you can be sure I will retaliate, and I will win.”
“If we hurt him?” Katara scoffs. “You’re the ones who started this war. I don’t trust you.”
“We also ended it. Zuko has no wish to start it up again, but I will if it means keeping him safe.” The Princess glances at her coolly in a way that makes Katara’s blood boil. “Though, perhaps I have no need to worry. I’m sure there’s nothing mere Water Tribe peasants could do to truly bring harm to us.”
Katara gapes. The audacity. “Why you--”
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introloves · 5 months ago
mini masterpost of thirsts and asks answered on my second account, this is all talk of dilf bokuto thanks to @miyababi <3
dilf! bokuto + daddy! bokuto + heavy breeding + overstimulation + size kink + creampie + exhibitionism + wifey! reader + f! reader
Tumblr media
@miyababi: jax i need someone to talk abt dilf bo with please there is so little dilf content im sobbing
look,, dilf bokuto who’s older and he’s in his prime age, silver scruff of hair... just barely there on his chin... plsssss hes so big... maybe not as lean as he was when he was in his twenties... still a wall of muscle but he’s softened out a little... oh my god his forearms would be so fucking think and his BICEPS.... oh my god oh my god he would probably get to a good 220 pounds by the time he’s thirty because his sweet girlfriend always makes him such good food.. he would never leave a scrap on his plate... dilf bokuto who only knows how to breed his girl...
anon: My head is empty... all I can think about is dilf bo and his big meaty man hands pinching my nipples I-
OOPPPP PLSS,, his thick hand just palming at your tits whenever he wants,, he’s so smiley and basically purrs when you make a noise- a gasp or squeak of pleasure...
oh god,,, dilf bokuto with a higher libido than when he was in his twenties... oh god,,, dilf bokuto with the meanest and biggest breeding kink- he literally cannot stop cuming inside you, it’s a feral drive and base neeed to see you fat and round with his kids..
dilf bokuto with big swollen balls that ache to just cum inside you constantly....
🍧 anon: dilf bokuto and you at a cookout with all your friends but he can’t keep his hands off you. he’s always got an arm around your waist or shoulders and he can’t stop subtly groping your ass and tits... everytime you giggle “kou, we’re in public!” and push him away he just has to fight the urge to push you onto his lap and take care of his hard on cause “it’s your clothes! i can’t help that my wife looks so cute in a pretty sundress. c’mon baby, let’s just go home early!” if you say no he’ll just stand behind you the rest of the day, you can feel his strong arms and softer stomach pressed against you (just as much as you can feel his cock pushing through his jeans) and it leaves you squirming. but if you say yes...
OHOH,, please, everyone just keeps a side eye towards the two of you, seeing such a big man dwarf his cute wife- hands happily resting on your tummy as he sways back and forth, it’s innocent at first, basking in how much he loves you, but he can’t help it... his wife deserves to be bred, deserves to have his cock stuff her wherever, whenever,, if you say yes he stands you in the corner,, maybe it’s dark out and his friends have drank enough to forget about you two... but he still pins you to a fence or wall and fucks you,,, back towards everyone cause even if he’s shameless... he wouldn’t want what belongs to him to be ogled freely... you’re his wife- he’s just doing what a good husband would do, taking care of you...
bo.kinnie: Big daddy Bokuto. I have been thinking about him all day. More specifically I've been thinking how that the man has no idea how to unclasp a bra? The first time he ripped off your bra you were like damn my man is ripped. Then the next few times you thought oh he's just really horny and ths fabric is in the way. But then as you're buying new bras for like the millionth time you begin to question it.
THIS IS SO,,, YES THIS IS PRACTICALLY CANON... like the first time he’s so amped up- hearing that sweet name fall from your lips, it makes him feral... eagerly pawing at the pads- hand shaky in pure excitment cause fuck you just called him daddy- he needs to fuck you right now.
so he tugs, one harsh pull down, the straps not having any chance against his muscles, and when he sees you gasp, he thinks you might like it.
he’s unapologetic about it, if you ever ask him once you’re fed up about having to buy new ones over and over he just smiles and places a hand to his neck and kisses you- letting you know that he was too embarrassed to tell you, teases that you get so fucking wet when he tears them off, saying you liked it anyways.
bo.kinnie: Oh god dilf bokuto. Y'all are killing me. He's older he's more mature. It's not about high energy pornstar sex anymore. He will slowly eat you out making sure you feel soooo good. Like his stamina is still there he can still fuck you for hours. But it's all about you now. And with that dad bod there's just more to grab onto as you try to remain conscious while he breeds you. Also dilf bo by this time knows how to unclasp a bra but still refuses to do so because it makes you gush everytime he does it. Dilf bo also has the moneys to finance all your bra shopping needs, but insists you just free the nipple to make it easier for the both of you.
trying to remain conscious as he breeds you... oh my god... oh my god- i’m going to cry from the sheer horniness..
it’s always brutal... his weight crushing down onto you, says he can’t fuck you any other way.. you just have to be good and take it while he breeds you. it’s not like you would have offered to switch positions either, you love his weight, love the fact that this way you can feel his cockhead brush against the deepest parts of you, he just tries to keep you nice and complacent, coos at how good his little wife is doing for him,,, taking such a big man like him... calling you his good girl for always letting your cunt be used for his cum...
@miyababi: omg soft dilf bo thought,,, he never understands what they mean when his wifes friends joke abt the other women and young adult girls who give him googly eyes bc hes never thought about anyone but his wife bc shes his whole world :(
YEAH HES WIPED FOR HIS WIFEY, YOUR HIS BIGGEST PRIDE!! LOVES YOU SO DEARLY, when people say he only has eyes for you.. they mean it and it’s the truest thing they can say... pls
🌱 anon: omfg dilf bo absolutely LOVING that you're his wife, makes you repeat it over and over when he fucks you- pls like he's fucking the shit out of you and he just suddenly stops and goes "tell me who you belong to" and you kinda just slur our "you~ my big nd strong husband, I'm your little wife" and he just loses his mind every time and somehow fucks you even harder
it’s not desperation but near aggression when he tells you to say it- asking you with a low voice while he’s folded you down onto the bed, pinning you nice and tight against him and the mattress, growls it out with fervor, needs you to remind him and everyone who’s close enough to hear who you belong to.
it takes a moment for your thoughts to catch the request, but when you blink back the stupefied haze hes put you in, it’s easy to indulge him,
“y-you! ‘m yours koutarou! i’m your w-wife! i’m your wife!” you sob, feeling the mess of slick and creaminess hes fucked out of you run down the seam of your ass, thanks to him not moving.
bokuto could hear it tumble from your lips over and over, and he’s still not prepared for the way it affects him. with a shaky exhale he fucks into you once more. watching from the corner of his eyes how your feet dangle helplessly, hooked against his arms...
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la-luna-leyal · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Anlamak ile katlanmak arasında tükendim.”
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neoheros · a year ago
how would haikyuu boys react to you hitting them up at 3 am? feat. gym three squad !
tsukishima kei
listen LISTEN
i know everyone thinks he’s the punctual kid who got his shit together and has a nice bed time and stuff
but like ??? tsukki is just a lil boy who collects dinosaurs and has a crippling addiction to tiktok
this boy is awake at 3 am because he cannot for the love of god put his phone down 
he’s basically bouncing back and forth from twitter to tiktok, he’s TIRED OF IT
at this time he’s got a pretty picture of you cozily asleep in bed cause it’s like almost the crack of dawn and he’s chill with the fact that you’re healthy and taking care of yourself
so imagine how betrayed he felt when you snap him a picture of yourself holding up a peace sign with a silly grin at 3:36 am captioned “wanna get ice cream w/ me? 😗✌️”
he doesn’t reply but he does leave you on opened
and you were low key hurt cause 3 am do be the time you’re on your feels
he snaps you back though after a minute or two
it’s a video of him rolling his eyes at you but then flipping the camera to show you that he’s already on his way out the door with car keys in his hand
he’s gonna pretend that he’s annoyed but cmon guys let’s be real
he wanted some ice cream too and his fyp was showing the same stuff over and over again
plus he missed seeing you ok 👉👈
once he arrives at your door, he’s all grumpy but you don’t buy it !!! nah you see right through his act !!
tsukki: we’re buying ice cream and then we’re going to sleep or so help me i’ll lose my mind and never function again 😤
you: so i’m guessing you wrecked your sleep schedule too this quarantine huh?
tsukki, on the verge of a meltdown: if i see the sunrise without sleeping again for the eight morning in a row i’ll cry
you pat his back and you enjoy your ice cream together in his car while you both scroll through tiktok again
kuroo tetsuro
ok so contrary to popular belief, kuroo is in bed by 11 pm and wakes up at 8 am
like have y’all SEEN that man !!
y’all think he’s staying up til 4 am with THAT figure ?????
he’s got the body of a 6’2 nordic god and skin that is smoother than a baby’s bum
this boy takes care of himself and it SHOOOOOOWS !!!!!!
so anyways it’s 3 am and you’re still awake because who the hell isn’t these days like please
you knew that your boyfriend was most likely asleep by now but if you knew anything and i mean anything about kuroo is that he never puts his phone on silent
so you weigh out the pros and cons on asking him to come eat out with you and it didn’t take you that much time to decide tbh
pros: he gets to see you and it’s been so long since he has
pros: think of all the hugs and forehead kisses you both are missing out on
pros: you can ask him to bring his grey sweatshirt which always smells like his cologne that you forgot to take from him
cons: bro after thinking of that last one, the cons didn’t even matter at this point, you just missed your man like damn :(
so you facetime him and it takes numerous of rings before the call got dropped
you: oh so he’s SLEEPING sleeping :/
but then like before you could ring him up again you’re already getting another call from him
you take a second or two cause your heart was just so warm like !!! that’s my baby 🥺👉👈
you answer and he’s so pretty y’all it’s unfair like how did this man just wake up
his hair was all messy and he’s rubbing his eyes and stuff but also you can clearly see his silver chain on his exposed collar bone and NGJEJDKSKZKA
you, out of breath: h-holy shit
and his bed voice !! it’s all deep and groggy like who gave you the right ??
you swear you felt your heart stop when he went “babe, it’s 3 am,”
sir we are supposed to be social distancing please do not make me act up
kuroo, half asleep: did you need anything baby 🥺
you, on the verge of tears: i wanted mcdonald’s but instead i’m getting attacked 😤
and you just watch him stifle a yawn before his face erupts in a goofy ass smile as he goes “mcdonald’s it is.”
bokuto koutarou
i’m just gonna be flat out honest here, he’s the one who hits you up at 3 am to hang out
bc it’s quarantine and social distancing has taken so much from him already and he just wants to see his babie ok is that too much to ask
so it’s not a surprise to anyone when it’s 3 am in the morning and he finds himself in his feels cause both you and akaashi fell asleep on him and he’s just !!! 🥺
he’s nowhere near falling asleep too cause every time he tries to sleep his messed up body clock is just like nah bruh it ain’t 9 am yet 💀✌️
so he’s contemplating either going out to get starbucks alone or dragging you or akaashi out of bed
he goes with the latter cause you know what it’s what he deserves !! 😤😤
he calls you in a heartbeat after making up his mind and his heart falls to his stomach when you don’t pick up
but two minutes later you snap him a photo of you in bed rubbing your eyes with the caption “this is the earliest i’ve woken up in 3 weeks”
he laughs aloud at that and his heart is doing jumping jacks cause you’re so cute and it’s like YOU !! WERE !! MADE !! FOR !! HIM !!
he snaps you back with him in his hoodie, a wide smile and his keys brought up to his face with the text, “starbucks w/ me?”
the two of you end up falling asleep in his car on a parking lot and you wake up to see that he took off his sweatshirt to cover you from the cold 🥺👉👈
akaashi keiji
akaashi keiji is the most perfect boy in the world
so y’all can bet that the latest he’ll stay up is 11 pm with the ensured fact that he’ll wake up at 7 am
he’s a pretty light sleeper though but he never puts his phone on silent because what if he’s needed and there’s an emergency 🥺
yes he is That kind of person
he tells you everyday to try and have a better sleep schedule to train your body clock but do you listen? no 👉👈
so he’s kinda alarmed but also not really when his phone lets out a consecutive amount of notification pings
they’re all from you and at first he’s worried because woah that’s a lot of snaps and texts
but then he remembers that oh they’re all from you
anyways he wakes himself up, running his hand through his hair as he goes through the span of messages you sent him
basically ranging from “hey keiji in the tiny TINY chance you’re still awake do you wanna play imessage games with me” to “i’m so upset look how pretty that cat is,”
he had a smile on his face the whole time he read through them
he sends you a snap of his sleepy face with a soft grin and captioned it with “are you still bored and awake?”
and it takes you a minute and a second of tearing up over having the most amazing boyfriend ever before responding to him
you send him a snap of you with your hand over your chest saying, “i’m hungry now too 🥺”
akaashi, already on his way out the doorway with an extra hoodie and a bucket of ice cream: omw ❤️👍
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heavenly-dusk · 10 months ago
What would an interaction between Aang and the Azula who killed the Fire Lord be like? (Not sure if you’re taking prompts. If not, sorry.)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
For the most part, Aang likes the Fire Nation. It’s a lot less friendly than it used to be, but Iroh is nice, and Zuko is super cool. He’s learned that there are tons of secret passages all over the castle, and he’s been having a lot of fun with that. Katara’s even starting to lighten up about this visit! The only thing keeping this trip from being as perfect as it can be is, well...
Zuko says that his sister isn’t too bad, really. Sokka doesn’t believe him and Katara has declared she will never ever like the Fire Princess, but Aang wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who Zuko likes can’t be that bad. It’s just a little... hard to talk to her.
And Aang tries! But every time he approaches her, she gives him this look like he’ll regret it if he tries, and then she disappears like she’s the airbender.
The one time he does manage to get her to talk, she doesn’t say much. Eyes him like he’s a danger, which doesn’t really feel great, then says, “You may be the Avatar, but I already know how to kill you and make it look like an accident.”
“What?” Aang squawks. "Why would you want to kill me?”
Azula sneers. “Don’t make the mistake of finding out.” With that said, she walks away, turning the corner and once again disappearing. A shudder runs up Aang’s spine.
Later, when he tells Zuko that his sister just threatened to kill him if he hurt him, Zuko rolls his eyes. “She won’t do anything to you,” he promises. “I mean, she could probably do it, but she doesn’t kill people, and especially not the Avatar.”
Aang takes comfort in that.
Sokka, also hanging out with them, does not.
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the-ineffable-arvari · 10 months ago
The Lute Oil
AKA Five times Geralt believes Jaskier’s story about lute oil, and one time when he realizes the truth
AKA I’ve read somewhere on Tumblr that you absolutely shouldn’t oil a lute, so Geralt bringing Jaskier lute oil in fanfics is inaccurate, and I had an idea.
Also, kind of a ‘a mysterious vial of oil’ trope, just because I can.
“Damn, I must’ve lost my vial of oil,” Jaskier muttered, digging through his bag.
“Oil?” Geralt frowned.
“Yeah. You know…” Jaskier stopped, blinking a few times. “It’s for my lute. For oiling… my lute.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you oil your lute.”
“You haven’t seen me change her strings, either. Doesn’t mean I don’t do it.”
“Fair point. Well, you can buy some new oil tomorrow.”
“Yeah, but I’m seeing this… uhm… lady today, you see…”
“And you need your lute for that? An oiled lute?”
“You have no idea,” Jaskier sighed.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Nothing, Geralt. Nothing.”
“Uhm… Geralt?”
“It’s oil.”
“I can… see that.”
Seven tiny vials were proudly standing on the table. Seven. Jaskier counted them again, and again, an again.
“I went to the market in the morning,” Geralt said, sheepishly biting his lower lip. “But no one knew which kind of oil is the best for lutes, so I got… a few. For you to chose from. There’s almond oil, apricot oil, grapeseed oil, this one is rose scented…”
“Geralt, that’s so sweet I could kiss you!”
“Yeah, please don’t,” Geralt chuckled. “So… Which one? For future reference.”
Jaskier smiled.
“The almond one.”
“You’re out of it again?” Geralt blinked. “You can’t be oiling your lute so much!”
“Uhm,” Jaskier muttered, trying not to think about the many times he sneaked out of the camp at night with a vial in his pocket to oil his lute in private, thinking about Geralt’s golden eyes, strong muscles, an ass that arrives into the room five minutes after its owner walks in…
“And if you do, stop, or it’s gonna get so slippery it’ll fall out of your hands during your next performance.”
“Uhm,” Jaskier repeated.
“Are you alright, bard?”
Jaskier blinked.
“Absolutely, my dear.”
“Why does the bard always smell of almonds these days?” Yennefer asked innocently.
Jaskier stopped dead at the edge of the camp. The sorceress had joined them only a few days ago, and it already seemed she was going to ruin everything. Again.
“That’s his lute oil,” Geralt said.
“Lute… oil,” she frowned.
“I think he’s using it for other things, too,” Geralt chuckled. “His face, I mean. I can also smell it from his hair.”
“Oh. Do you smell his hair often?” Yennefer smiled, her purple eyes finding Jaskier’s.
She knew he was there.
Geralt growled.
“Shut up, Yen.”
“You really shouldn’t waste your… Oh, right there,” Geralt groaned. “You really shouldn’t waste it like this. Yes, Jaskier, harder.”
“Shut up, idiot,” Jaskier muttered, digging his fingers into the stubborn muscle on Geralt’s shoulder. “You can’t even lift your arm to put on a shirt. Not that I’m complaining, I always love to see you shirtless–”
The impossibly tight muscle tightened even more.
“You do?”
“Fuck,” Jaskier whispered. “I didn’t mean for that to get out, I swear–“
But the golden eyes were already looking at him, so close and so…
“Would you like to see more?”
+ 1
“You are a liar, by the way,” Geralt muttered into Jaskier’s shoulder.
“Mhm…” Jaskier hummed sleepily. “Wait, what?”
“I went to buy you some new lute oil today.”
“I was informed,” Geralt sighed, kissing Jaskier’s neck, “that you should never, under any circumstances, oil a lute, because oil ruins it.”
“My dear Witcher,” Jaskier chuckled. “We’ve been fucking for six months. Did you still think the oil was ever meant for my lute?”
“Yes. And I felt bad for wasting it on…”
“Your lovely bottom?” Jaskier suggested.
“Filthy liar, that’s what you are.”
“Yeah. I love you too, Geralt.”
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multi-fandom-imagine · 2 months ago
Best Part Of Me || Karl Heisenberg ||
A/n: Now that I know his name, I can actually write about him.   Now that I fought him and read is journal { damn they were sad } I can actually write about him.
This is also kinda tied to my sense’s story with Ethan! cause I love Ethan 
Spoilers for the game: This takes place before and after the events of the game minus me changing a few things.
Prompts Used: “You're the best part of me”
Tagged: @girl-obsessed-with-things. @themagpiewitchescorner, @cookieuwupanda, @luvley-shadow​, @rosariia25​, @screechinginthevoid​, @primusk​, @ceooflovingpizza​, @kbenziepie​, @mrsfullbuster500​, @princessemily129​, @turtl3-warr1or​, @aiko-akina-writes​, @hannahhobnob​, @littlebatsimagines​, @ktcat88mph​.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All he wanted to do was drink, dealing with Miranda and Dimitrescu....well everyone was just getting on his nerves. Leaving the small village was easy enough though he always hated stepping in the city. To many scents tended to hurt his nose.
Slipping into the pub he slipped back into a darkened corner, once he ordered a beer for himself the man was about to settle in his seat until a soft laugh got his attention. Shifting his body, his eyes went wide for a moment as he took your appearance in. Now you were something, perfect body in his eyes and the smile...what a killer. Slowly licking his lips he made his way over to you, now you were different, different than the people of that dinky village so you must be a tourist. 
Blinking you turned your attention to the voice, a lazy smile slipped on your lips as you spotted the man. He was tall, a lot taller than you not to mention the large hat he wore covered his face. Part of you knew he must be handsome and his voice, damn he must sound good in bed. Shaking your head you watched your friend slip out from the chair once they spotted someone else to talk to, the man taking their place.
“Beautiful huh? Got a name stranger.”
Slipping off his hat Karl looked you over, his arms crossing over your chest. “Karl.”
“Karl...that’s it?
“Christ..Karl Heisenberg.”
Laughing you sipped at your drink biting your lip. “See was that so hard?” you teased the man. “Y/n... Y/n L/n.”
“Well Y/n...since you look like a fish out of water, I’d be happy to give you a tour.” Giving you a wink, he placed his hat on your head as you slipped out of the chair. 
“Perfect! I was waiting for a handsome tour guide.”
Tumblr media
You never thought a week vacation your turn into you staying with the man for a year. What you thought would be a one night stand or at least a fling turned into something more. You found yourself really falling for the man and while he was cocky at first you could see he was hiding behind a lot of pain.
Karl Heisenberg never thought that he’d find himself falling in love, let alone someone normal, something not like him...not a monster. When he first felt the flicker of something he tried to push you away, god he tried but he just couldn’t. You were the first thing that made him something other than the hate and self loathing. He found himself spending less time with his so called family and more time with you.
So when you told him that you were pregnant he was excited, the man couldn’t have felt more happier. While he knew he had to keep the news away from them, he couldn’t let Miranda find out you were pregnant. He wasn’t going to let that bitch or anyone else take you let alone touch you or his unborn child or else all hell would break lose.
But then of course Ethan Winters had to come in ruin it, he was going to ask the man for help to take the bitch down but you had to walk in. Belly round with his child. He forced himself to not snap at you, you shouldn’t be here. It was too dangerous. 
“Karl...this needs to need to let him go.”
“But he.” The man snapped turning to face you though his gaze softened as he noticed your cheeks stained with tears. “Y/n..please.” Ignoring Ethan he stepped closer to you. His arms slowly wrapping around your waist as he pressed his had to yours. “This is the only way to keep you safe...our child safe.”
“At the cost of what?.” Pulling out of Karl’s arm you watched as the man you knew as Ethan struggled to stand. “I’m not going to stand here and watch you get yourself killed, stand here and watch you use a child. Tell me...what would you do if you were in his place? Would you want someone using your child..” Letting your arms wrap around your stomach you glanced down refusing to look at the man. “What would you do if Miranda wanted our child Karl.”
Digging his nails into his palm, he took a small step forward then placed his hand on your belly. He didn’t even want to think about that, it made him sick to his stomach on what that woman would do. 
“You're the best part of me” He pressed his head against yours. “You gotta know that...” Sighing he turned to glare at the man, his lips raising into a snarl. “Get the fuck out of my sight before I change my mind, but you better hurry cause that bitch want’s your kid...that Rose is fucking powerful Ethan.” Tipping his hat to the man he wrapped his arms around your waist as he tugged you away from the baffled man.
Karl knew that the bolder punching bastard was around and he was positive that the bastard was going to destroy his factory so he wanted to get you out of here way before any of that shit happened. Not looking back the man easily carried you on his back, the man was thankful that one of those idiot agents left a truck behind. Glancing around the man watched as a large tree started to grow in the distance when he stole the damn car driving off, he only relaxed when knew he was far away from that damn village.
“Thank you Karl.” Giving him a smile you rested your hand on your stomach as the other grasped his free hand. 
Snorting, Heisenberg gave your hand a squeeze. “Don’t mention it beautiful.”
Tumblr media
Six years, Karl Heisenberg couldn’t believe that six years had passed since all that crap. Now living in the states the man was happy to put his fucked up life behind him. He was a father now and while he may have to hide what he could do from some noisy neighbors, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t entertain his kids. While he hated Miranda for what she did to him he still enjoyed seeing the smile on his children's faces whenever he’d bend a piece of metal.
Relaxing on the couch he glanced over spotting his newborn son sleeping in his playpen. You must have been reading to the twins and he was sure the eldest, his five year old was fast a sleep. Titling his head up he watched you slip out one of the rooms, a yawn escaping your lips as you walked over to your husband.
Smiling you slipped into his arms, nuzzling into his neck. “Is he asleep?”
“Hmm, mean’s we can have some fun if you’d like.” He joked as his hand rested on your hips, you let out a laugh feeling his beard tickle your skin. 
“As much as I’d love for you to ravage me, I’m just tired.” yawning you gave him a lazy kiss.
Returning it, the man gave you a nod as he held you closer to his chest. “Hmp...I’ll let you get some sleep then, you deserve it Y/n.” 
Smiling against his chest, you let your eyes drift closed feeling your husbands fingers run down your back. Sighing Karl let his fingers play with your hair, you really were the best thing that happened to him. Thanks to you he felt happy, thanks to you he actually had a family that cared about him and thanks to you he was still alive because deep down he knew that Ethan would have ended his life.
“Hmp..” his eyes drifted towards the card lying on the coffee table, a picture of Ethan Winters with his wife, along with little Rose and a few other children. “I always knew he was a tough bastard...good for you Winters.”
Closing his eyes, Heisenberg smiled as he let himself fall asleep with his arms still holding you. “I love my family.”
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neoheros · a year ago
fuckboy! bokuto headcanons
Tumblr media
— find the fuckboy! masterlist here ♡
the day you and bokuto met was one of the most annoying days of your life
hands down, even the thought of reminiscing what that day put you through is enough to send chills down your spine
it was your first year in a new school and work had already been piled on you mercilessly
you had plans on going to a high quality university once you graduated so you figured you’d better start on extra curriculars as soon as possible
of course when you joined the school newspaper and student council you didn’t really expect to end up being that busy
you, on the verge of tears: hi are you taking in member applications because i’m short on one sports activity and i really don’t want that to be the reason why my favorite uni rejected me because i’ll be damned if volleyball ruins my life and—
bokuto, alarmed: please stop crying
he was the only silver lining that day that made it worth it to recall how hard your first year was
now you’re both graduating and close as ever that you’re actually kind of thankful that you went through all that just to meet him
he wasn’t exactly the most attentive boy in class but what he lacked in academics he made up for in sports
when you saw him play volleyball for the first time, you were flat out star struck at his skills and that’s when you understood why so many girls would go after him
he had a reputation in school and you were well aware of the fact that hanging around him meant that getting hated by his numerous dates and flings
you didn’t care though, you were there to graduate and get a fantastic gpa like everyone expected you to
you told bokuto all this the first time he tried to hit on you and at first he was confused to why you’d turn him down but then you offered him to be friends instead and he was more than ecstatic to accept
so now you’re in the running to graduate senior year in the honor roll and all your references have been backed up by solid hard work and proof that you’re sure if the uni doesn’t accept you then it’s going to be their fault and not yours
you: at this point i’m gonna be the most eligible college applicant there is
bokuto: but at the cost of blowing me over every time i ask to hang out 😔
you: personally i find those to be the highlight of our friendship
being best friends with bokuto is quite literally the meaning of getting the best of both worlds
he was there to redirect your focus when you were clearly too frantic to remember your goals but he was also the one to drag you out for a break or two when you’re too deep in your head
“i’m with someone right now but i had to ask— have you eaten yet?” he says into the phone, smiling shyly at his date who’s kind enough to let him take a minute to himself.
you snort, “i have this new technique where i get through my chapters and diet at the same time and it’s basically a win win situ—”
you hear him sigh and mumble an apology to the person he was with, shuffling over the phone as you try to tell him you were gonna be fine
bokuto: i’m on my way and just so you know, you owe me
you: bro this was from your own volition
he snaps you a photo of him in his car with a gloomy expression, but you’re quick to notice the mcdonald’s sign in the corner
you snap him back, “if ur getting me food, get me a mcflurry too ok <3”
to which he replies almost too quickly with a picture of himself giving you a thumbs up and the caption, “i know i’m not an idiot”
he takes care of you a lot and sometimes you find yourself guilty for putting that obligation on him but he never fails to reassure you that it felt nice to be committed to someone every now and then
you: you know that you’d actually be a good boyfriend if you stopped slutting around right
bokuto: you know that you’d actually be a good girlfriend if you stopped dating your books right
you, defeated: touché asshole
when it came to you, you just didn’t have time to worry about relationships and whatnot
you saw how your friends would get obsessed over them and completely derail their futures just to live in the ‘now’ of it all
you obviously called bullshit on that but could they blame you? you had high expectations for your life and you were sure as hell not gonna let some guy take you away from that
besides, you were best friends with the guy that made girls believe in love and break their hearts in one weekend, if the universe wanted you to have faith in dating then maybe they should’ve thought this one through
your phone dinged, ruining the silence you so enjoyed as bokuto peered over your shoulder to see what it was about
“hi ! i’m from your class and i’ve always found you so pretty, would you mind going ou—” he read aloud in a laugh and you delete the message before he could finish
bokuto: yknow one of these days you’re gonna get murdered by one of your admirers who just couldn’t let anyone else have you
you: and i will thank them for that 😌✨
“if you’re turning down all these men because you’re waiting for me to ask you out then all you have to do is say so.” he grins, and it gets wider when he sees you divert all your attention towards him.
you look at him dead in the eye, “no.”
his expression drops, pointing at his heart as he pouts, “that’s hurtful.”
you roll your eyes, telling him all about the plans that you would rather prioritize over falling in love, going on and on about how it would bring you nothing but setting you back and all that
he could only cross his arms as he listens to you ramble, amazed at how you’re saying so many things and all of them were just flat out wrong
it used to hurt him when you talked about swearing off love but the more he listened to it over the years the more amusing it got
he knew one day you’d end up finding someone to love the way he thinks he loves you and maybe it’d be him or maybe it’d be someone you just haven’t met yet
one day you’d realize how important it is to feel and give love to those who mean much to you
maybe you’d even notice the signs that he’s been trying to give you all these years
but in the mean time, you were his problem to deal with, and he didn’t mind taking all the words you said about hating love as long as he could spend every moment of it with you.
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heavenly-dusk · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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Ty Lee never considered herself close to Prince Zuko. She was always more Azula’s friend than his, but he was nice for a prince, even though he yelled a lot and never seemed to know how to talk like a normal person. He was amusing. Azula loved him and Mai liked him a lot, so she liked him, too.
Which is why it worried her when she heard what Fire Lord Ozai did. Azula was a little sister, but she was also the favored daughter--Ty Lee couldn’t predict what she would do next.
It was all for naught. Fire Lord Ozai is murdered, and the Fire Nation is better for it.
The dangerous glint in Azula’s doesn’t leave until well after her brother wakes up and her uncle is crowned the new Fire Lord. It unnerves Mai just as much as it makes her respect her, and maybe Ty Lee should be even more scared, except.
Azula is lighter.
She is never kind--Ty Lee still watches her burn those who wrong her, torture them in the subtlest and not subtlest ways possible, but she moves easier. She hovers over Prince Zuko with an endearing overprotectiveness and extends that same courtesy to Mai and Ty Lee, too, to a lesser extent. She makes it easier for Ty Lee to feel like she can smile at her, almost hug her, help her.
It’s a good look on her. Ty Lee hopes she stays this way.
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jarofstyles · a month ago
H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking, feeling himself there and saying things like „'s my spot, hmm? all nice and snug“ and just him being a cocky ass mf
PLZ 🥵🥵🥵
“Tha’s my spot. Right here….” His large hand pressed against her stomach, the drag of his cock pulling out and then being thrust back in making her eyes roll back. He was watching in awe as his lover arched her back up and nodded.
“S’yours. Yours, yours, your spot. Jus’ keep going like that. Please don’t stop.” Her voice was a desperate whimper as he got to the spot he knew drive her crazy. One he had claimed to own all himself. And he wasn’t wrong. Not a single one of her past lovers managed to find this spot that melted her like butter the moment Harry got to it.
And god, did he find it. Every time he found it and reveled in how she turned to mush, her thighs trembling and her babbling as she took each thrust and climbed closest to her peak. It was something he was incredibly smug over.
“Mmm… and it’s only been mine. Will only ever be mine, forever. No matter what… this spot…. This pussy belongs to me.”
Never had Harry ever been this obsessed with a pussy like he was with Y/N’s. How slick and creamy it got and how it would absolutely mess all over his cock. How it squeeze him, how soft it was, how hot and wet it was inside. The sweet smell and perfect taste. But her spot, he had found the first time Theyd made love. To this day, he made it his mission to find it everybody time he was with her and remind her that it was his.
Call him possessive. He wouldn’t disagree. He loved having ownership over the spot that caused her the most pleasure. It couldn’t be ignored how much slicker she got when he was hitting it. How her body melted and her cunt tightened, how her eyes glossed over and she couldn’t do anything but lay there and clutch his arms, his hair or the sheets and enjoy it.
“Love being inside you. S’nice and snug… so warm. Never want to leave.” He whispered, his hair dropping around his face and leaving a curtain to hide the both of their faces. His mouth kissed at her, trying to coax some more from her but she was gone. As soon as Harry got to his spot she was spoiled and could Ong think about anything but the pleasure and how good his voice sounded.
“M’gonna cum. Gonna cum right in here and flood it out, let it drip down… M’gonna fill you up.” Harry was losing it, the channel around him pulsing and nearly begging him for his load. And so he granted her wish, a wicked moan falling from his mouth as he got as close to her as possible, arm under her body to pull her into him as his hips stuttered and he let go.
The pair moaned, Y/N a mess of pleasure and shaking as she felt his hot cum spurt into her, ribbon after ribbon heating her up and making a mess. Her favorite. She wanted nothing more than this.
“S’my girl… my pussy.” He grunted, rocking into her as his thighs shook slightly, a little overstimulated. But it didn’t matter. The only thing that did was getting every drop her could to coat the inside of her, marking her as his own yet again.
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multi-fandom-imagine · 2 months ago
Fuck! You! Heisenberg || Karl Heisenberg ||
A/n: I never thought that my first fic of Heisenberg would do so well, so now I am writing more.
Now that I finished his boss fight, it really made me sad since I thought that he and Ethan would have worked well together. It’s also depressing when you find his notes and he writes how he hates what Miranda, my boy calls himself a monster....well not anymore...he’s going to be happy damn it!
A/n2:This is connected to my other Karl fic, man I just think that it would be adorable if he was a dad.
Summary: You’re pregnant with your second child, Karl couldn’t be more happy about that, too bad the man loves to tease you about it.
Prompts Used:
+: “papa’s got you”
+:”I’m 41 weeks and 2 days along, how do you think I’m doing?”
+: “You’re not fat, you’re pregnant, and even if you were fat, I don’t care. I love you.”
+: “Honey you’re pregnant that’s all baby. You look beautiful.”
+: “Hello little one’s, this is your daddy speaking..”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Karl never thought he would ever get the chance to be a father, after what Miranda did to him he didn’t think that he’d get the chance to be in a happy family. Not with that Tall bitch always breathing down his neck, though he couldn’t forget the creepy ass doll and the freak of nature. He’d honestly thought that he would die alone, a lonely mess. That was until he met you and now here he was.
A father to a three year little girl, though he was happy that his family was growing. Finding out that you were pregnant, well the man was over the moon about it, hell he felt rather proud of himself knowing that you were pregnant with twins.
Snapping out of his little day dream the man turned his attention to his daughter who was sniffling on the ground, her hair framing her face though it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she was crying. Frowning he wrinkled his nose then knelt down in front of her.
"Hey..shh shh pup...papa’s got you” Sighing he grasped her little hand. “What’s wrong sweetie.”
“You and mommy are gonna forget me.”
“What! that could never happen! You’re the first born, daddy will never forget his little pup.” Reaching out, Heisenberg gave her cheek a little pinch. “Mommy and daddy love you very I think it’s past your bed time.” standing up he lifted his daughter in his arms as he carried her off to her bedroom.
“Daddy!! do the trick!” slipping out of her fathers arms she started to jump on her bed.
Snorting, a smile tugged at his lips. Holding out his hand it didn’t take long for a small metal horse to land in the palm of his hand. Raising the toy in the air he started to make it look like the horse was running. Letting the horse run around the room he listened as his daughter laughed. Once he got to one of her small shelves he rested the horse down. “Better?”
Nodding her head, the little girl then let out a yawn letting her father tuck her in. “Get some sleep princess.”
Once he knew that she was asleep he glanced around the living room looking for you, wrinkling his nose he then walked towards the bedroom. Wetting his lips the man was pleased to find you standing in front of a long mirror. You were wearing his long trench coat along with his hat. Both item's dwarfed your body even though you were pregnant. The man couldn’t believe that you could look sexy and adorable at the same time.
“Hey you feelin?”
Scowling you turned to face your husband, your hands on your hips. The brim of his hat covering your face. ”I’m 41 weeks and 2 days along, how do you think I’m doing?”
Though it did not take long for your lip to quiver as tears started to roll down your cheeks. “I’m so fat.”
Rubbing the back of his neck, Karl took a step forward as your fell into his arms, his hand rubbing your back as you sobbed into his chest. “You’re not fat, you’re pregnant, and even if you were fat, I don’t care. I love you.”
Stepping away from your husband, the scowl back on your face as you gave his chest a shove. “Fuck! You! Heisenberg.” turning your heel you did your best to move as you walked to the bathroom. Slamming the door you sat down on the toilet crossing your arm together.
Swearing under his breath, Karl rubbed the back of his neck. He knew he shouldn’t have pushed your buttons but he thought it was fun teasing you, he thought it was cute when you got angry but he knew that he had to fix this mess.
Walking towards the door the pressed his head against the wood. “Honey you’re pregnant, that’s all baby. You look beautiful.” hand hovering the door knob he knew the he could easily open it but he wanted to show you that he trusted you. Hearing the door click open he watched as the door slowly open, feeling you press your body against his, he then smiled as he nuzzled his nose into your neck.
“You mean that?”
“Of course y/n...I think your the sexiest woman alive....I mean I thought you were somethin when our little princess was born but now...damn.” Giving you a toothy grin he placed his hands on your bump, glancing up he pushed his coat side as he knelt to the ground. Resting his head on your belly, Karl’s grin slipped into a blissful smile as he felt the twins kick. 
“That’s right my little’re mother is a beautiful you don’t gotta worry about looking like your old man.”
Glancing up at you the closed his eyes, he felt like he could stay like this all night.”Hello little one’s, that was your daddy speaking..alright...I just want you to know how loved you both are. You gotta your mother and me, not to mention a big sister to look after you both...” Standing up he then gave your forehead a kiss. He would do whatever it took to protect his family, he didn’t care, nothing was going to take them away from him.
Cupping his cheeks you drew Karl in for a soft kiss. “It’s a two way street Karl, we’re all going to look after each other...I promise you that.”
“Hell darling, I believe you now lets get you to bed alright.”
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neoheros · a year ago
kuroo, akaashi and tsukishima checking out the same girl.
Tumblr media
you’ve been helping karasuno a lot lately in their club related activities, something that you’ve learned to grow accustomed to since you realized that getting involved with them means that getting to be around them indefinitely.
at first it was kiyoko inviting you to sit in while they practice and then bringing you along to actual matches, and they just got so used to the fact of you being there that they’d insist you tag along whenever schools would invite them over for week long trainings.
that’s when you’d met nekoma and their interesting volleyball team. it did alarm you however how much nishinoya and tanaka would hover over you and kiyoko, you knew they meant well but it made you jumpy at times.
the training for the spring tournament was intense, and you were startled at how everyone was so in depth with their games, but you figured it wasn’t really karasuno if they didn’t give it their all.
you’ve found yourself following tsukishima around, he insisted that he calls it a night and heads back to cool down from all that practice and you tagged along with him to get some rest as well, but what you didn’t anticipate was getting stopped in your tracks as kuroo and bokuto from the other teams insist that he help them out with blocking.
he told you to head back on your own but you assured him that you didn’t mind sitting in and watching as the three schools practiced together.
“uh, hey! would you mind helping me out with this?” yaku from nekoma politely asked you and you notice the shy smile he had as if he was reluctant on asking you. you send him a nod, softly grinning as he shows you how to put up the lighter bags on top of the gym balcony.
kuroo looks your way, quick to notice you tucking your hair behind your ear as you heaved the heavy bag on your chest, a grin he doesn’t even realize falling on his face as he intently stared. your shirt was almost riled up, revealing the small skin of your stomach whilst on your tippy toes.
he blinks, sweat trickling from his forehead and the redness in his cheeks set as he tries to shake the thoughts that you sparked up.
that doesn’t stop him from eyeing you down one last time and noting the beads of sweat that ran down your neck and thigh, softly breathing in deep breaths before scattering his glance to anywhere else.
akaashi is drawn out by yaku’s voice the minute he called for you, his eyes softly following your figure as you gave him a smile and agreed. he darted his eyes away the minute you turned around to lift up a bag, the small of your back being revealed in the process.
he inhales a soft breath, looking back at you and letting his gaze go from your toes to your head. the sweat on the nape of your neck as you put your hair up enough to send a chill down his spine.
his face was unbothered but anyone looking close enough to spot the sweat building up on his temples and the gentle tucking of the inside of his lower lip would be certain of what he was thinking.
tsukishima is silent but the way his eyes trailed to you when you stood on your toes made a shiver go down his spine. his stare is intense, a light haze surrounding his thoughts as his gaze fell on the pulling of your shorts.
he lets out a silent exhale, pushing his glasses up in attempt to hide the barely visible burning in his face.
the ball in his hand falls to the floor with a soft thud, and you turn around at the noise.
you push your hair back, straightening your shirt as you finished helping yaku, “you guys good?”
“yup,” kuroo smiles at you, “just fine.”
“i’ll be here,” you say, “call me if you need anything.”
the three of them felt a mixture of emotions, things they’d rather not get into in front of you. volleyball was hard enough as it is with their increasing drowsiness but now that you’re their in the gym close to them— well, it was safe to say that they were in it for a difficult night.
Tumblr media
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heavenly-dusk · 8 months ago
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So Toph knows, okay? She figured it out two days into meeting the Fire Prince and Princess, and it only took days because no one likes to talk about the deceased Fire Lord Ozai. But it’s there, if anyone digs deep enough, and she can’t believe everyone else is more blind than she is.
Or maybe they just want to ignore it. Which is stupid.
“Murder is okay, sometimes,” she says to Azula, approaching her one day out of the blue.
“Excuse me?” Azula says. Her heartbeat doesn’t exactly skyrocket, but it does jump. Toph smothers a grin. The unflappable princess isn’t so unflappable after all.
“Murder is okay, sometimes,” she repeats. “The war is over now, and it’d suck if I had to be Sparky’s enemy. So, you know, it’s all cool. I thought I should let you know.”
“...Right,” Azula says flatly. She feels calmer now. Toph thinks she may have just earned her respect, which makes her puff up in pride.
“Well, I’m gonna go bother the other guys now. See you later!” She hums to herself as she spins and heads off.
It’s not good to dwell on what might have happened if Azula loved her brother just a little less, and Toph is hardly going to be the one to accuse the Fire Nation’s precious princess of patricide. So, she'll leave it at that.
Azula totally deserved to be told she did a good job, though. The man got what was coming to him.
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jubilant-ronin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She only wanted to give him a gum. Simp man didn't know how to handle his emotions and just left
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