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itsthewritergal · 2 days ago
Craving Each Other - D.M x reader - Odd One Out series
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
“Dragons” Y/N said sitting down with Cedric on the grass in the courtyard
“I’m sorry?” Cedric said looking Y/N up and down, they hadn’t spoken since Y/N had asked him not to put his name in to the Goblet
“Dragons are the first task” She said
“How do you know that?” “Charlie, he wrote to me the other day. He was never good at keeping secrets” Y/N paused for a moment “that’s all I know, but if it’s dragons then you can be sure as hell that you’re going to need either a protection spell or an invisibility spell, or even a healing spell”
“Well we better get looking then” Cedric said with a grin “Does this mean we’re okay again?” He asked
“Yeah, I suppose” She said with a gentle smile “Although I still don’t like you doing this” “I know you don’t” Cedric said pulling out one of his defence against the dark arts books, “We should be able to find a protection spell in here” They sat and studied each book for any spell that might be of use, of course neither of them knew the actual task it soothed them both to know that they were trying. Cedric has barely said two words about anything other than the task, he had an inkling that something was going on between Y/N and Draco.
“Cedric?” Y/N said quietly “What’s up? You found a good spell?” He answered barely looking up from his book
“I need some advice” She said. Cedric paused, he closed his book and sat closer to Y/N
“Ask away Little Weasley” He said
“Draco kissed me” She started, Cedric gasped dramatically and urged her to continue “But then nothing happened, and the other night when we were all in the common room he said we were just friends. I don’t know what any of it means and there isn’t really anyone else I can talk to about this”
“Right” Cedric said his brows pulling together in thought “I think he likes you, but I think he’s scared. Scared about what his parents are going to say, scared about what your family is going to think. Maybe he thinks he’s protecting you by saying that?” He suggested “Either that or he’s just a dick” Y/N laughed lightly
“Which do you think it is?” Y/N asked, half scared of the answer
“I don’t think he’s a dick”
“So what do I do? Do I ask him what we are?” She said
“I don’t know, I think you need to get the timing right. I think you should wait until the Yule Ball, that way you’ll know for sure”
— — — — — —
Y/N lay on the sofa, flicking through a magazine Pansy had let her borrow, Blaise was sitting on the other end of the sofa with Y/N’s feet laying on his lap. Draco had a late quidditch practice and they had both promised him at least one game of exploding snap after practice.
“So come on Weaslebee” Blaise said putting down his homework book
“What?” Y/N asked not bothering to lower her magazine
“Who’s taking you to the ball? Pansy’s going with me, Draco’s got someone in mind, Taylor’s got a date. What about you?” He asked
“Draco’s got someone in mind? Who?” She asked
“Now that really would be telling,” Blaise grinned wickedly “So who’s asked you?” “Drop it Blaise” She said her mood not only souring from the news about Draco but nobody had even asked her yet
“Come on we’ll find out at the ball” He pushed
“Well then you’ll find out at the ball” She said flicking a page aggressively, she had to stop herself from ripping the page out from just the title UNLUCKY IN LOVE? HERE ARE 10 TOP TIPS TO BECOMING IRRESISTIBLE TO YOUR PERFECT GUY
“You’re boring” Blaise huffed “I don’t understand why you won’t even tell me”
“Nobody’s asked me” Y/N said knowing that Blaise wouldn’t drop it “And I was waiting for Draco to ask me but seeing as he’s already got someone in mind, I’ll have to find someone else” She said putting down her magazine with a huff “I’m going to bed, tell Draco I’ll see him in the morning”
“Y/N wait!” Blaise shouted after her,
“What’s going on?” Draco said walking into the room, he was still dressed in his quidditch uniform, which was covered in mud and sweat.
“I think I ruined it for you? I did what you said and I asked her if she had anyone taking her to the ball and I mentioned that you had someone in mind and she freaked” Blaise said
“You really are an idiot Zabbini,” Draco said hurrying up the girls dorm room steps towards her dorm room.
— — — —
Y/N lay on her bed reading the article which had made her so angry before, her eyes read every single letter she hoped that it might help her become noticed by someone who didn’t have a partner to the ball yet. Although almost everyone had a date by this point. She barely moved when the door was pushed opening, assuming that it was just Taylor.
“Too scared that I’m going to beat you in snap huh?” Draco said standing in the doorway
“I’m tired and you’re muddy, go wash Draco” She shut him down
“Not until you talk to me” He said firmly “I don’t want to” she replied moving on to tip 6
“What are you reading?” He asked
“None of your business” She snapped attempting to move the magazine away but Draco saw what she was doing and grabbed it before she could.
“Becoming irresistible to your perfect guy? Who are you trying to impress with this?” He asked
“Give it back Draco” She said with a huff “Tip 4 - look perfect every time he sees you, do your hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit anytime you might see him, guys don’t like girls in sweatpants” Draco read in a mock voice “Why are you reading this?”
“Draco just give it back” She said trying to grab the magazine off of him
“Tell me why first” He said holding it above his own head so that she was unable to reach it
“I don’t have a date to the ball yet and I need one”
“Do you trust me?” Draco said
“Draco what are you even talking about?” She asked
“Do you trust me?” He asked again
“Yes but what does any of that have to do with getting a date?” She asked as Draco held her hand and pulled her out of the dorm room, the common room was dark by the time they got there “What is going on?” She asked trying to find her want to illuminate some of the room so she could at least see where she was going.
“Lumos” Draco said, Y/N gasped the common was lit up and in the centre was a black silk dress floating in the middle, and white rose petals lay surrounding it in the shape of a heart.
“What is going on?” Y/N said turning to Draco
“Will you go to the ball with me?” Draco asked holding out a bunch of white roses “I knew you didn’t have a dress yet so I bought you one, it’ll fit because I got Taylor to check what size you were. I was trying to get Blaise to find out if anyone had asked you yet, but he’s always been useless at this kind of stuff. Y/N will you please come to the ball with me?”
“As what?” Y/N asked as Draco handed her the flowers
“What do you mean?” Draco asked hesitantly, he hadn’t expected her to say anything but yes
“What would we be going as?” She asked setting the flowers down on the sofa, Draco just looked at her speechless “Would we be going as just friends? Or what?” Draco’s face dropped with realisation
“This is about the other day isn’t it?” He asked,
“Top marks Draco” Y/N drawled
“Darling, I didn’t want to put a label on us before speaking with you. The kiss we shared was beautiful and intimate and happened when we were both craving each other and I wasn’t sure how you felt about me after that so it was easier to call us friends when we both know that we are more” He paused for a short second “If I had known you were upset about that I promise you I would never have used those words, I didn’t want to pressure you into anything” He took Y/N’s hand gently “Come to the ball with me please” He said
“Ok” Y/N agreed,
Draco wrapped his arms around her, neither of them wanting to admit just how much they had missed the other.
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dracossweetprincess · 2 days ago
congrats on 1'2k honey
👠- with this porn link and thank youu💗
“look at you, such a pathetic fucking whore.” draco spat between your pants.
“your pretty cunt’s so wet it’s dripping onto my thigh. rub yourself on me like the slut you are baby.” you gripped onto his shoulders trying to keep steady as the denim of his trousers brushed against your clit.
“bet you love looking like a disgusting slut in front of your dray, yeah?”
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leavespics · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Of course I want to DANCE!" XXXXD
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Summary: Draco fucks you after he overhears a conversation of yours (lmaoo)
Warning(s) : Smut. Fingering, clit play. Pet names. Dilf/Boss!Draco. Babysitter!Reader.
a/n— been while since ive written for draco, sorry for that. not that proud of it but yk. thanks to @noceurwhore and @angel4you my secret draco whore
She sits alone, he thinks. Well perhaps not entirely, his own blood— a part of his heart if you may was with her. But she's alone for the most part. Solitary.
It's quite late, the clock around 9. Scorpius surely would have gone to bed by now. You'd probably be somewhere around the manor. Library, kitchen, living room. There's multiple answers to that.
By request— or perhaps by order, you'd still be waiting for him.
His eyes are searching around the corners, searching for your silhouette. And he's about to call out, when suddenly he hears your voice.
"I'm at my bosses. He had to stay out late today"
"Yes that hot dad"
Fuck. Turn back around, it's wrong. Yet he waits, he hears.
"I don't know. I don't think he has much interest in me"
"It's just attraction. Besides I'm not going to let go of such a great place for one good fuck"
Then, there's silence, it's painful. He waits for a moment, thinks whether to speak of it or not.
He doesn't want to let you go. And he certainly wants to have that one— maybe more, good fucks with you.
So he steps inside.
"Hello there." He grins, a hand stuffed in his pocket. Hair a mess of soft platinum curls. White button up, black slacks.
"Hello!" You chirp, caught by surprise.
He chuckles, then strides forward, "Thanks for staying over late, you're a lamb"
"No worries, I better head out then"
Draco smirks, and you almost allow yourself to fix the puzzle, but then you shrug it off and turn. When suddenly the puzzles’ fixed.
"Having an interesting conversation weren't you?" He presses up behind you, his cock perfectly fits on the curve of your arse. He grins, biting his tongue to avoid the moan that might slip from him.
"Y– you, you heard that?" You quiver, oh you were absolutely fucking fucked.
"I did infact my darling." His tongue clicks, arm resting on your waist as he deems you closer. "You should've told me. Wasn't very nice of y’say all that without me knowing"
"I'm sorry, I didn't me—"
Draco rubs his erection onto you harder; pulls you closer to his chest.
"You're such a naughty little slut, Y/N. Just dying to be fucked, isn't that so?"
Your cheeks are almost burning, heart pounding heavily in your ribs, you gulp, inhaling sharply before you answer.
"I– i suppose"
His breath is hot on your neck, and suddenly he's gripping it tightly in his hands, pushing your head back to meet his gaze.
"Do you want me to fuck you?"
He growls, the silver in his eyes long gone, now only shades of black and strom clouds rest in them. "Please" you whimper.
And then his lips are smashing on yours. It was rough, filthy, possesive. He sighs into your mouth, fingers pulling at your strands. He had a taste of mint and a small faint taste of green apples.
The way his tongue flicked up and explored every part of your mouth had you moaning, wetness already seeping into your baby blue panties.
The way his hands moved and traced along every curve, the way he moaned into your mouth as he moved it against was avid; carnal— and everything that lay in between desire.
He turns your around quickly, pushing you up on the table as he groans inside of your mouth. His cock hardens in his pants with every beautiful sound that comes from you.
"You're so pretty, m’love. Just wanna ruin you" Draco mumbles as he pulls away, nipping at your skin. His cold hands slip under your skirt, rubbing you through your knickers.
Your hand reaches down into his pants, palming him through his pants as he hardens with your ministrations.
There's no delicacy in his touch. It's not pure, it's filthy— sinful.
Your panties as pushed aside, his fingers dragging through your wet puffy folds as he grunts "Oh fuck, you're dripping"
You whine softly, bucking your hips into his hands as two of his digits slip inside you. "Fuck, draco"
"Keep that mouth shut, dove. Don't want my son to wake up because of your pathetic sounds"
His other hand shoves into your mouth, pressing against the back of your throat, muffling any voice that may try to escape.
His other digits pump harder, thrusting and curling up inside of you, and reaching those spots that had you shaking, as his thumb draws circles, a coil forming in your stomach.
"Look at this pretty little pussy" He seethed, sucking at your neck, "Can't wait to feel it squeeze around my cock"
"Please, please, shit, I'm so close" You beg, grinding your hips on his palm over and over. He wants to give you that orgasm, but then that sadistic part of him allows you not to.
"No! Wanna cum" You babble as his fingers retract from your heat, tears glisteing in your eyes at the lost of sensation. He chuckles as he licks his fingers clean of your arousal.
"Such a sweet cunt hmm?" He says, rubbing your clit in circles again.
"Dray" You whimper, thighs slick as he pulls his lenght out. It stood tall, red veiny and so fucking gorgeous.
Draco stands still, taking in every little detail of you. The sweat, the mess of your hair, cunt dripping for him. He was certain that had to be the most goddamn stunning sight he had ever seen.
He spits onto his shaft, pumping his length hard to spread it all up. Although there was little to need for that, it made everything better.
His tip waits at your entrance, teasing and dragging and dragging your need. "Just do it, please" You beg for the thousandth time, and this time he gives in.
A low hiss leaves him. He pushes inside slow, deeply rolling into you as you moan. You're filled up in every fucking way. And it's everything.
"God" he groaned as he moved, "Best fucking cunt I've ever fucked"
He marks you, licking at every glimpse of skin he catches. Your nails are dragged across his sculptured skin. His shirt thrown away.
The man grabs both your legs, stretching them up as he then rests them on his arms. Leaving you bare and open for him.
Draco thrust inside of you, his rhythms find their pace with every snap of his hips. The buttons of your blouse are ripped away, leaving a clear array of canvas for him.
"That's it, taking my cock like a good girl"
It's fucking beautiful— the way you whimper and fall apart as he fucks you. The sweat that glistens, the sounds that you make. His eyes never leave you. Not once.
He thinks it's a blessing to have you like this. He thanks every star.
He pounds into you harder; as though he wasn't already demolishing you to shreds. You're shaking, breaths short and shallow from pleasure.
Your breasts shake up and down from the force of his thrusts, much for his display and pleasure. He lets out a grunt as your tits bounce faster.
A hand slips between you two, rubbing fast circles onto the bud, expertly— in a knowing manner.
"Cream around my cock doll. Want that sweet cunt to milk me dry"
A pinch. That's what it takes for you to come undone, legs uncontrollably shaking as you come all over his length.
Draco grunts, pounding into you as he fights to get to his release. It was sure to have you bruised. Your walls clench hard, squeezing him hard. And then he cums.
Profanities of all sorts leaving him as he spills every last inside of you. Making sure to make you filled up with him cum.
You're delighted to let him do so.
He presses a kiss up to your forehead, inspecting his work. He pulls out slowly, lowly groaning as his cum leaks out from you and onto his tip. Quickly, two of his fingers collect the white sin and shove into your mouth. You suck them clean, giggling as he watches you with covet. Sound, sight, taste— perfect.
Pornographic. Erotic.
A sweet kind of exhaustion passes by. But then he holds you up, supports your entire weight by himself.
"We're far from done, love. Don't even think about getting home tonight yeah?"
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quasarsansserif · 3 months ago
veridis quo.
Tumblr media
It all started with a color study, and then : Draco Malfoy.
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vesperics · a month ago
Tumblr media
butt <3
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ceresartsy · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Pig For Slaughter~
Towards the light I've been led
Towards the dark you've been dragged
A hand to guide you to your fate
To leash you to but a certain death
Arch nemesis from birth
Sharing a common curse.
A different take on our arch enemies. Not so different in the end...
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ameliasbitvh · a month ago
Tumblr media
a/n: my whore hours have created this ship. and not proofread !!
summary: reader is in the act of cheating on draco with fred (reader is riding fred’s thigh) and draco walks in. fred and draco decide to punish reader.
warning(s): pussy smacking (??), praise, degrading, denial of orgasm, thigh riding, oral sex (males receiving), cheating and dumbification!!
wc: .8k (838)
reblogs are appreciated !!
navigation | | draco malfoy masterlist | | fred smut one shot
I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢.....
“please, freddie,” you breathlessly moaned against fred’s chest, your hips rocking against his thigh. “please who, darling?”
“please, daddy, want y’cock.” you cried as your hips worked faster, stimulating your whole pretty cunt. his hands found their way to your ass and squeezed it, pushing your core down against his thigh. the pressure felt so good and you were so dumb f’him in the moment that you didn’t even notice the door open, presenting a specific malfoy.
“y/n.” he spoke calmly, too calmly.
your eyes immediately opened in shock, he wasn’t supposed to be back until 7 pm! you immediately got up, your legs wobbling a bit as you try to stabilize yourself, just for fred to grab your waist and push you against him again. “freddie!” you scolded, but it soon turned into whimpers as he grounded your core on his thigh.
“so this is what you do when i’m at work, huh?” draco rolled his tongue against his cheek.
“draco i swear this is the first time! i won’t ever do it again, i promise.” you pleaded.
“but what if i want you to go this again, what if i want to share you. just for one night.” he whispered, stalking towards you and fred. fred grabbed a hold of your chin and pulled your face in his direction and swiped his thumb across your lower lip. “don’t you want us to share you, bunny? want us to fill up that pretty mouth and holes of yours?”
“y-yes, sir.” you whispered.
“what was that? speak up, doll.” draco commanded, his arm resting on the bed post.
“want y’both to fill up m’holes,”
and that’s exactly what they did.
your hips rocked against fred’s thigh, draco’s fingers in your mouth, making you gag. “can’t even take my fucking fingers, pathetic.” he scoffed. fred then began moving his leg up and down, adding more pressure to your hot and wet cunt. “freddie, dray, want y’to fuck me, need y’cocks!”
“but do you deserve it princess? no you don’t. your boyfriend just walked in on y’being a whore f’me, fucking m’thigh.” fred chuckled, embarrassing you, heat immediately rushed to your cheeks.
then a thought had appeared in his mind, a lightbulb of ideas running through like a wave of shock.
he and draco were going to edge you.
your back arching as fred pulled your hair back, rough rolls of his hips against yours, sounds of your skin clapping. draco’s cock in your mouth, he thrusted into your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
“fuck, so good for us pup.” fred growled, his hand colliding with your ass.
you gagged, on the blonde's length. he grabbed a hold of your head and nuzzled your face into his private area, making you take all of him.
“that better princess?” he laughed at you, how pathetic and greedy you were to take both of them.
you hummed in response, sending vibrations throughout his body, causing him to shiver. his high coming closer as you kept humming against him, every moan that you released onto his cock made his body jerk in a way that was out of this world. “poppet, im gonna fucking cum. you gonna swallow like a good girl?”
“mhm,” you hummed again against him, pushing him over the edge. his body shook at the vibrations once again. his cum shot out, down your throat. you swallowed it, pulling away, a smile displayed onto your lips. he grabbed your chin, kissing you as fred continued to slam into your cunt. your eyes rolled back when his tip hit your fucking g spot. a scream leaving your lips.
the two boys played with you like their little fuck toy. tweaking at your tits, massaging your clit, filling your cunt up with their cum, they wanted you. all of you.
“who does this pussy belong to?” draco groaned, his cock slipping in and out of your tight cunt. you couldn’t fucking talk, your mouth was full of fred’s cock and the only thing that left your mouth were cries. fred tugged at your hair, pulling your head back. your mouth and the red heads cock were no longer connected like they were before.
an exasperated cough left your lips as you inhaled air, it smelt of musk, mint, cinnamon, cologne and sex. “i-i” only murmurs and babbles left your lips, your mind was utterly fogged. all you could think about was how you haven’t came yet, you wanted to fucking cum. edged three times already and you wanted release.
“look at her, can’t even talk properly, only baby blabbers from those pretty lips.” fred smirked, his thumb caressing your lips.
“too dumb f’us baby, we don’t want you.” draco pouted, fake sympathy lacing every damn word that left his lips that molded so perfectly around yours.
“b-but i want you!” you whined, doe eyes staring at him.
“you certainly didn’t want me when you were humping his thigh like a bitch.”
“all you wanted was him.”
🏷: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @kpostedsum @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @wolfstar-lb @itsmentalillness
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dracossweetprincess · 12 hours ago
💋- you send draco a video of you touching yourself while he's on a business trip and he comes home and fucks you because he won't let you touch yourself unless he says so <3333
tw: porn link
“been waiting for this for weeks.” draco groaned as he pushed your legs open, ripping your underwear apart.
pulling down his boxers, he stroked his length a few times and lined himself up at your entrance.
“teasing me with that video of yours, you broke the rules pretty baby.” he thrusted into you.
“dirty fucking whore.”
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
| draco x reader | angst | smut |
enemies to lovers 🖤
anon requested. theyre enemies but deep down theres a sexual tension and one day theyre on vacation and have to stay in one room together
cw: angst, name-calling (degradation), hate-fucking, very slightly dubcon
“I can’t stand you! I don’t want to stay in a room with you!” You shouted, shoving him away from you.
“I’m just as angry as you! I don’t know how the hell this happened!” Draco snapped, pushing past you into your shared hotel room.
You had gone on vacation to America with some of your schoolmates, and due to a mix up in the planning, you and Draco had ended up in the same hotel room. To make matters worse, the room only had one bed.
Draco was your sworn enemy since first year. He’d embarrassed you in front of the Weasley twins, the boys you had a crush on, and you’d retaliated by tainting the love potion he gave to Pansy. It had started seven years of fighting and backbiting, the two of you always at each other’s throats and never seeing eye to eye.
It had become second nature to fight with Draco. Screaming matches with him lit a specific fire in your belly— different from anything else. It burned through you, igniting every nerve in your body. You thought it was anger, though it proved to be more when nothing satiated the rage, and your mind began to wander.
The electrically charged energy between you was hard to ignore. It was like a live wire, blazing everything in its wake, or an oil spill, turning everything flammable.
“Malfoy-” you started, but you were cut off by his sharp glare.
“I was going to suggest that we change quickly and meet the others in the lobby. I was going to ask if I could use the loo, but I was going to give you the courtesy of offering it first,” you hissed, and he shook his head.
“Go, it’s fine.”
You stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. You were desperate for some distance from Draco. You freshened up in the mirror, not taking too long so you didn’t get him even more agitated than he already was.
“What are we going to do about-?”
“We’re going to worry about it when the time comes,” you interrupted, glancing at the one bed.
The bathroom door slammed shut, leaving you alone in the small room. There wasn’t a couch— and the chair simply wasn’t adequate. Ultimately, you both knew the two of you were going to end up in bed together that night, whether you liked it or not.
A deep sigh left your lips, and you grabbed your bag, preparing to meet your friends downstairs. Draco locked the door behind the two of you, and the elevator ride was painfully silent. 
“My two favorite people. Sorry about the room situation,” Theo grinned, opening his arms as you walked up to him. 
You stepped into his chest, letting tattooed limbs wrap around you. He kissed the top of your head, grinning into your hair. 
“If Malfoy’s mean to you, you just let me know, okay? I’ll take care of him,” Theo promised you, finally getting you to giggle. 
“Maybe tell her not to be a right bi-”
“Draco, baby, try a little harder,” Theo hummed, kissing Malfoy’s cheek before getting pushed off. You laughed at them. 
Seven years, and you still wondered how it was possible for Theo-- the sweetest boy in the world, to be best friends with Draco Malfoy-- the devil’s incarnate. 
“Come on, we’ll get breakfast then catch the ferry,” Cedric said, handing out ferry passes to your group: Draco, Theo, Blaise, Fred, George, Hermione, Ginny, Pansy, Cedric, and you. 
Hermione took your hand, pulling you from the Slytherin boys. 
“It’s going to be fun. And besides, we’ll only be sleeping in the rooms. It’s not a problem,” Hermione assured you, the girls walking ahead of the others.
“Except there is only one bed,” you muttered, and Ginny and Pansy spun to look at you. 
“Are you serious?” Ginny giggled, and you smacked her arm. 
“It is not funny!”
They held their hands up in defense, though their amusement was clear. You took the subway to the ferry, crowded with American muggles. 
“Careful!” Draco hissed in your ear, catching you ask you lost your balance. His hand went around your waist, pinning you to his chest. 
“M’sorry, I slipped!” you were thankful for him holding onto you, even if you’d never admit it. You gripped the pole for support, trying not to lean into him too much. He helped you off of the train, and you took Theo’s hand as you boarded the ferry. 
“Look at the statue!” you gasped, admiring the skyline and leaning on the railing of the boat as you road to Staten Island. 
“Don’t fall,” Draco came to your other side. 
“Are you serious? Draco, I’m not a child!” you snapped.
“You’re leaning on the railing, and we can’t be using magic to drag you out of the water!”
You shot him an indignant look, and climbed up to stand on the railing. Even Theo looked anxious at your actions. 
“Get the fuck down, right now.” Draco’s grey eyes were wide, and you stared back at him, daring him to touch you. 
“We’re going to dock, and it’ll knock the-” Theo was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. The boat stopped suddenly, and as you caught yourself, Draco grabbed your waist, pulling you off of the railing. 
You shrieked, struggling away as he pulled you down. He refused to let go of you, and you tried to shove him off. 
“Knock it off. And quit doing dangerous shit,” Draco swatted your ass through your denim shorts, making Theo choke on his water bottle. You immediately stilled, staring at him in horror. 
“Did you just spank me?” You gasped, startled. 
He let go of you, answering with only a cold look. You shook your head and went to join the others, Theo and Draco falling into conversation with Cedric and Blaise. 
“What happened back there? We heard you yelling,” Hermione asked, grinning behind her oversized mirrored sunglasses.
“Draco just being an ass. It’s fine,” you said, stealing her sunglasses and putting them on. 
“Come on, let’s go have some fun.”
You spent the day sightseeing, walking around Staten Island before going back to Manhattan. The sun was warm overhead, the summer heat getting to your minds. You’d managed to avoid bickering with Draco most of the day, but now the sun was hanging low in the sky, casting a golden-orange glow over everything. You were drinking cocktails at a place near Times Square, tired from being on your feet all day.
“Tomorrow we’re going to the MET,” Theo said, checking the plans. 
You stayed out late, talking and laughing until the lights of the city had drowned out the ink-black sky. You were tired, a little buzzed, overly hot, and you wanted to sleep. 
“What the hell was that on the ferry? Do you think you can just-?” Draco grabbed your arm, cutting off your rant that you’d saved until you were in private, not wanting to fight in front of your friends. Your back hit the hotel room door, Draco’s chest pressed up against yours.
“Do I think I can just what? Knock that bullshit little smirk off of your face?” Draco seethed. 
“Tell me what to do!” You pushed his shoulders, though he didn’t move.
“It’s clear that you can’t be trusted to make good choices on your own.”
“That’s rich coming from you-” you hissed, feeling the familiar burning spread through your abdomen. 
“You should learn a little respect,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your throat, the rings on his fingers cold against your warm skin. A moan escaped you before you could stop it, and his eyebrows shot up. 
“Is this what you need? Do you just need to have the bitch fucked out of you?” You squirmed, gripping his wrist and trying to pry his hand off of your throat. 
You were seething, the energy between you becoming intensely sexually charged. You hated yourself for growing aroused, but you couldn’t keep the heat from spreading through your body, and you were becoming keenly aware of your throbbing sex. 
Draco pushed his knee between your thighs, and you shook your head. 
“No, no.”
“No? You aren’t horny and desperate? I know how much you hate me, and I know you’ve been dying to release all that pent up energy. You’re going to be sleeping in the same bed with me tonight, trapped under the sheets with my body. If you don’t act now, you’ll have to go untouched for the next week of this trip...” he smirked, knowing he had leverage, able to see how desperate you were. 
Truly, Draco was desperate for you too. You made him so angry, but you managed to turn him on as you got under his skin. He was aroused now, growing harder as he watched you squirm in pure need. He was waiting to hear you say yes, to give in. He may have hated you, but he wasn’t an animal. 
You bit your lip so hard you tasted metal, trying to hold in a scream. Your chest heaved with heavy breaths, your eyes narrowed into a glare. His thigh was pressed against your sex, and you fought against the urge to grind against him, desperate for friction. 
“Fuck,” you swore, and Draco squeezed your throat, making you whimper. 
“Is that a no, Y/N? Do you want me to let go of you? Let you go finger yourself in the shower?” he mocked you. 
“I hate you.”
“I know. It’s mutual, love.”
“Alright, Draco. Please fuck me. But this doesn’t mean anything!”
He smirked, letting go of you and tossing his shirt aside. You rid your own clothes with his, freezing as your eyes lingered on his naked body. The need and arousal pulsing through your body was overpowering, and just the sight of him was making you falter. 
“Do you need me to do everything for you? Get over here,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your elbow, tugging you toward him. He ripped your panties off, the veins in his hand flexing at the display of strength.
“Save it.”
Draco hauled you to the bed, bending you over the edge. You struggled, trying to sit up. He shoved your head back down, pressing your chest against the duvet. 
“Are you serious?” you snapped as he gripped your wrists in one hand, holding them at the small of your back. 
“You’re going to lay here and be good or you’re not going to get fucked at all,” Draco threatened, and you burned in shame. You stopped straining yourself to look at him, residing to resting your head on your side, ceasing your struggle against his hold. 
A choked groan left your lips as Draco slammed into your cunt all at once. He buried himself deep enough to where his hips were pressed to your ass, his body bent over yours. Draco slammed into you, frustration powering his rough thrusts. You writhed under his strong grip, moaning and squealing as he tore into your tight heat. Even with how wet you were, your body spasmed at the force. 
It felt primal, rough, and dirty. 
Fucking Draco was scandalous, even for you. The two of you getting so angry that the energy had to be channeled into sex felt deviant, Draco’s cock tainting your innocence with every thrust. 
You felt better than Draco had imagined. Your noises were erotic, encouraging him more than the momentum he was gaining. He kicked your legs further apart, shoving himself deeper into your sex. Your moan was muffled by the duvet, squeezing your eyes shut. It felt like he was tearing you open, and you couldn’t get enough. Your head was spinning, and your fingers flexed, the only part of your body you could move freely against his hold. 
“You’re fucking divine,” Draco breathed, reaching his hand under the two of you. His fingers found the area where your bodies connected, sliding upward through your folds. 
“Draco, fuck, please!” you cried, arching your back as he pressed against your nerves. 
“Please what, love? Are you going to quit being contrary?”
“Yes, I’ll do anything, just please touch me there,” you begged, abandoning your stubbornness.
You buried your face in the bed and screamed, your back curving into a bow as he fucked into you in time with the circles he was tracing with skilled fingers.
Draco swore as you pulsed around him, squeezing his cock as you cried from euphoria. Electricity shot through your limbs, your orgasm ripping through your body. Draco was quick to follow, pulling out and coming over your ass, watching you shudder and throb around nothing. 
As his memories being frustrated with you returned, he continued his assault on your clit, pinching you harshly to watch you writhe and scream. 
“Draco, Draco, I’m sorry, I’ll be nice, just stop!” you squealed, trying to kick him as he overstimulated you. 
He released you as you asked, taking in the sight of your absolutely wrecked body. Your arms were shaking as you brought them under you, trying to push yourself up onto your elbows. You heaved in deep breaths, still trembling as you came down from your high. 
Draco wiped down your skin for you, finding some decency. 
“Hey, look at me. You alright?” Draco held your jaw, tilting your face up. You nodded, and he slid boxers up his leg before digging for something in his jacket pocket. 
“Y/N. Come here,” Draco’s voice was low and husky, his back to you. 
You forced yourself to stand up, your legs weak as you stepped toward him. You followed Draco onto the balcony, where he sat down on a lounge chair. Ringed fingers wrapped around your wrist, pulling you to sit sideways on his lap. 
His touch was no longer aggressive or harsh, but instead moving you with authority. You held a blanket loosely around your body, shielding you from the cool night air. 
Draco didn’t speak as he pulled a cigarette from the box, putting it between his lips. He lit the end before setting the box and the lighter on the table, leaning his head back and taking a drag. He held your jaw, pressing his lips against yours before exhaling the smoke into your mouth. 
He turned, watching the city lights glitter around you. He offered you the cigarette, and you accepted, sharing with him. 
“Our secret?” you asked softly, and his silver gaze connected with his.
“Our secret.”
“Do you still hate me?” 
The corners of Draco’s lips pulled up, and his fingers brushed over your bare back, his hand resting at the base of your spine. 
“Only when it serves me, I suppose,” he murmured, and you fought off a smile.
“You’ll not bite me in my sleep then?”
“Full of questions. I make no promises, I’ve found I rather like how you taste.”
He kissed you then, under the city lights, tasting like smoke and sage and secrets. 
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Kinktober Index
Summary: You’re gifted as a prize to Draco. You’re his. He owns you and that’s your only purpose.
Warning(s): Smut. Dark Themes. Ownership. Sir kink, Breeding kink, Blowjob, Virgin reader. Mentions of the reader being Draco’s property. Possessiveness. Dark!Draco.
Note: Draco’s supposed to be a high ranking death eater in this fic. So keep in mind that it might have some depictions of that. But he’s soft with the reader :’)
a/n— oh to be draco's property </3
Tumblr media
“Enjoy her mate. She’s all yours” Theodore Nott is quite enthusiastic in the way he speaks about you. Draco wonders whatever has his him so hyped up. Whether you truly where the winsome angel they claimed you to be.
He gives him a nod, and then clicks open the door.
When his gaze falls upon you, he understands the infatuation. Truly; you were a gift, not just from him friends— but from whatever lies above.
Perfect and his.
You’re kneeling, hands resting on your thighs, head down, dolled up in a black lingerie. A silver bow rests at the base of your throat. And on it was carved D.M.
“Hello bug, have you been waiting for my arrival?”
Only then, do your eyes look up. And you gasp slightly; you’d heard about his attractiveness, but to have him present in front of you, it was entirely ethereal.
He had different shades of grey painted on him. Hair platinum, eyes silver, skin pale. He was much more taller than the last time you’d seen him, and the mass of him now muscular and broad.
Beautiful, like an angel, yet dangerous like a devil.
“I– uh... terribly sorry sir. I have been waiting for you”
He smirks, then swiftly removes his black coat jacket. It hangs over a chair as he then walks off to sit over an armchair. As if it were a throne.
“Come ‘ere darling”
His eyes never once fall from you as you saunter over to him. As soon as you reach him, he grabs you by your waist and pushes you on his lap.
“You know who I am right?” His hands grope and squeeze along your curves, but his face is fixed on yours.
“I do” You murmur softly, fumbling with the fabric of his slacks. You did know who he was— he was the royalty of the wizarding world. The youngest death eater of all time.
You knew who he was— ruthless; cold; dangerous.
Draco tightens his grips on your plump bum, certain to have you bruised and marked.
He’s always been quite possesive but never infatuated “So pretty, and all mine” he deems, brushing his nose along your cheekbone.
“All yours sir”
He was dreaded by all. But here you were in the embrace of Draco Malfoy you’d found sweetness within the bitterness that he was.
He kissed you. Hard possesive kisses that had you gasping for air. It wasn’t a romantic loving kiss— but rather a soul burning one that had your chest hurting.
They trail down to your shoulders; hot wet kisses; his hand wrapping around your throat and his rings caused a shiver to run through you.
“Have you done this before?” He asked, eyebrows arching in question, “Never, sir”
If you thought you’d already seen the darkness that resided within him, you were wrong— his eyes seemed to have turned entirely black.
“Get on your knees blossom, I’ll tell you what to do”
You do that at once, and fall down onto the cold wooden floor. You stare up at him in innocence, waiting for him next move.
He quickly has his hands on his belt, it clicks and ruttles and then his pants are pushed down to his knees. His length already hard in his boxers as you yank them down.
You watered at the sight of him so long, so thick, so gorgeous. “Look at you, already drooling like a dumb baby”
Malfoy grips you by the back of your head. Pushing your face against his length. “Put it in your mouth hmm”
You do exactly that, taking his length down your throat as much as you could without gagging, “That’s it, fuck, now just suck yeah?”
Your mouth wraps around him, suckling lightly before he encourages you to go faster, bobbing your face on his cock more expertly.
He cups your face gently as you take his lenght deeper, swirling your tongue on his base. “There it is, you’re a natural, bunny”
When you look up at him, his face is scrunched up in pleasure, soft grunts escaping his parted lips, but his eyes were wide open and staring down at you.
You bob your head faster, sucking even harder than before, “Fucking hell I’m–” his climax was right on the edge, until he suddenly pulls away before he could that sweet fucking releif.
A whine comes from you as he parts his cock from your mouth, “D–did I do– do it wrong?”
“No bug, just wanna cum inside you”
Draco has you hauled up on his lap before he slams you down on his bed, staring at you with dark avid eyes. He strips down in a hurry, wanting to corrupt you and fuck your innocence out of you.
“Move your panties aside baby, let me see that pretty pussy”
Your hand trails down to your underwear, and then moves them to the side. He groans as he sees your cunt dripping and throbbing— only for him, it will only ever be him.
The head of his cock rubs onto your folds, teasing you until you were whimpering and babbling in need.
He pushed inside slow, cooing in your ear as your hole fluttered around him.
“So perfect, bug” He mused, kissing your tears away as you struggled to take much of him. Shaking in bliss already.
You dug your nails into his back, leaving red bruises as he began to move “Too much sir” you whimpered as he pulled your hips flush against his.
“Can’t take it?” He mocked, kneading your tits through your bra. There was fire in his touch, it had you burning everytime his skin moved with yours.
Slowly, the pace, the act turned into something much more impure. It was rough now, his kisses and his bites on your flesh. His thrusts and his movements.
“Such a good little cunt. I’ll be fucking it everyday goddamn day now, you hear me? You’re mine”
Yours, yours, yours. You said it against him as you kissed his chest and raked your nails across the lines of him and bucked your hips in rhythm with his.
“M’gonna fuck a baby in you alright? And you’re gonna take it like a good girl”
He was pounding into you now. You were crying and sobbing from how fucking good it felt. It was a wonderful feeling. To belong to him. To please him and have him do it back.
He thrust several more times and then you came with a cry, panting and trembling as he lowly hissed and fell apart on top of you. Giving your every last drop of it.
“Mine, you’ll always be mine now”
Tags— 🏷️
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malfoysstilinski · 10 months ago
three’s a crowd | DRACO MALFOY (smut)
Draco Malfoy x Reader
SUMMARY: draco and y/n fuck in the common room and when blaise interrupts, draco can’t find it in himself to stop. 
REQUESTED: omg could i please request a rough slytherin reader x draco smut where they almost get caught like someone walks in but they make it seem like they’re just spending time together but draco edges her as he continues the conversation hehehehehehe
WARNINGS: smut, public sex, choking, slut shaming, hair pulling, oral receiving (both male and female), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, degradation kink, probably more. 
A/N: this is my 2nd time writing this bc tumblr deleted it the first time. hope it’s worth it! 
An hour ago, the Slytherin Common Room had been bustling with life; members of the green-coloured house roaring the lyrics to their favourite songs and tipping back as many shots of Fire Whiskey as they could without throwing up. It had been a grand day to be a Slytherin, as today was the day that they had beaten the Gryffindors in a Quidditch match, and all thanks to your boyfriend, too.
The two of you had spent most of the night sat on the leather couch, you with your back to the arm and your legs draped across his lap, your head resting on his shoulder and glasses of alcohol in his hand. With a snap of the fingers, Draco had either Crabbe or Goyle topping them up like it was their full-time job. And all night, members of Slytherin had been coming up to congratulate Draco on being able to knock Potter out of the way just in time to catch the Snitch and win the game. 
Each time he’d smirk or chuckle, running a lanky hand through his pale hair and messing it up even further. It was already quite disheveled from your hand remaining in it all evening, gently scratching his scalp and absentmindedly combing through his silky blond locks as you used your other hand to raise your glass to your lips every now and then. 
Now, however, your glass was empty and everybody had seemed to call it a night, leaving the two of you alone in the Common Room, still buzzing from the alcohol and enjoying the quiet company of one another. You found that with Draco, you could sit in silence for hours and still understand each other completely. 
So when his large hand brushed your thigh where you dress was riding up, you knew what he wanted. Draco’s ring was cold against your skin as he ran it up and down your smooth thighs, even dipping underneath your dress a little but never going as far as your panties. You were growing wetter and wetter with every advance he made, but your boyfriend wasn’t watching you, his head was leaning back on the couch as he stared at the ceiling. 
His jawline appears so prominent due to his position that you can’t help yourself. Your hand glides from his soft hair and down the back of his neck, nails grazing his pale skin and leaving goosebumps in their wake. You trail your Slytherin-green nails across his jaw and grab it lightly, twisting him so that he’s forced to look down at you. 
When Draco does, his silver pools darkening with lust and curiosity, you lean up a little, wrapping an arm around his neck and tugging him down closer to you from where you lay with your back against the arm of the sofa. Now, Draco’s bent from his sitting position beneath you, his arm sticking out by your head and gripping the arm of the couch to keep himself hovering above you slightly. 
He expects you to dive in and capture his lips with yours, but instead, feels your mouth on his neck. It causes him to close his eyes and grip the couch tighter, making a serious effort for his drunken limbs not to collapse from the pleasure and crush you beneath him. He twists to get more comfortable, his knees now either side of your body and his other hand next to your face, pinning you beneath him on the couch. 
“Fuck,” Draco mutters when you find the spot that he loves so much. 
Your fingers have moved back to your hair to keep him still as you suck and gently bite at his neck, leaving a hickey or two in your wake. Draco pretends that it annoys him when you do it, but you know that he secretly admires them in the mirror when your back is turned, a smug smirk on his face as he walks into the Great Hall for breakfast after. 
“Mhm,” you murmur against his neck, blowing your alcohol-ridden breath on his new hickey and making him shiver. “I think you deserve a better after-party for kicking Gryffindor’s arse, don’t you?”
Draco smirks and pulls away from you. “I suppose I do.”
You love when Draco gets cocky. You watch as he pushes up from above you and moves to sit where he was, spreading his legs wide and unzipping and unbuttoning his smart trousers. You slide down onto the floor in front of him onto your knees, smoothing your hands up his thighs until you reach his cock which he’s pulled out of his underwear. It stands proudly, leaking with precum as Draco takes the base and lightly smacks your lips with it. 
“My good little slut,” Draco hums, eyes nearly shutting when you take him inside your mouth. “Knows exactly how to please me. Only one that can please me like this.”
You moan around him, the vibrations making a loud sigh leave from his parted lips. He leans back in his position on the leather couch, one hand moving to hold your hair whilst the other bends behind his head. He relaxes, watching you through hooded eyes as you bob your head up and down. Draco lets your hands grip his trouser-clad thighs, humming whenever you do something particularly pleasurable with your talented tongue.
“You take me so well,” Draco mutters, shifting so that his cock slightly hits the back of your throat, causing your eyes to water a little. “I suppose I deserve this, don’t I? Worked so hard on that Quidditch Pitch. Couldn’t think of a better celebration.” 
Draco’s self-confidence doesn’t turn you off but turns you on more. It’s not a common thing, but he’s clearly tipsy, muttering under his breath as he recalls how good you looked cheering for him on the stands. How, as he caught the Golden Snitch between his fingers and his teammates instantly moved to swarm him, that he knew you would be screaming his name-- in more than one way. 
Your hand moves up and you jerk off whatever you can’t fit inside your mouth with your hand. Draco makes small appreciative groans, his hand tightening its grip in your hair, tugging you down further. You tighten your mouth around him, making him hiss in pleasure. You can tell that he’s close from the way his head is now flung back, eyes clenched shut, but he pulls you off of him before he can finish inside your mouth. 
“Fuck,” Draco breathes, grabbing you by the chin and guiding you to your feet. 
As soon as you’re both standing in front of each other, you nearly expect him to lean down and press his lips hungrily to yours, but instead he turns you swiftly around and shoves you down onto the couch. You’re slightly breathless as Draco bends down, hovering over your face as his cold hand flings out to wrap around your neck. You squirm beneath him, his cool, silver eyes meeting yours. It nearly makes you shiver.
“I’m going to eat you out now until I’m satisfied,” Draco warns you roughly, listening to you whimper beneath his hand. “And you better keep your mouth down or people will come down here and see you for who you truly are-- a desperate slut.”
You whine now. It’s strange how powerful you had felt having him groaning under your touch, only for that to be ripped away from you in a couple of seconds with just his words and his hand on your neck. 
“Do you understand?” He spat, waiting for your nod of confirmation which quickly came. “And you remember the safe word, Y/N?”
“Slytherin,” you murmur back, watching him nod. 
Draco’s hand slowly shifts from your neck to slide all the way down your body, groping at your dress-clad breast on the way down. Once he’s on his knees in front of you, the roles now massively reversed but Draco remaining in the position of power, he slides your tight dress up your legs to reveal your house-coloured panties.
“You’re fucking soaked,” Draco mutters, reaching forward and barely pressing down on your panties, which, sure enough, are wet. “Who made you this wet, slut?”
He rubs you through your panties, your head snapping back and your eyes clenching at the sensation. You’re desperate for him to push your underwear aside and actually touch you. 
“You, Draco,” you whimper, looking back down at him and finding him already watching you intently, silver eyes ablaze. “You. Ever since you flew out onto the pitch in your uniform.”
Draco smirks at your words. He clearly likes them because it’s enough for him to push your underwear to the side, revealing your pussy to him. He wastes no time diving a finger through your folds, collecting your arousal and rubbing it towards your clit. 
“Mm,” he murmurs thoughtfully, “You did make a good cheerleader, princess. Very good indeed. I suppose your encouragement probably led me to win. Which means you deserve to celebrate just as much as I do.”
Before you can speak, Draco leans his head down and attaches his mouth to your pussy. You cry out softly, your hands immediately snapping to his silky blond hair. You tug a little when he laps you up, drinking in all of your juices and groaning into you. The vibrations are sent up your entire body and you nearly cry. Especially when Draco moves closer towards your clit, his tongue finally reaching the nub. 
He does kitten licks at it, teasing you and making you pant as you throw your head back, unable to watch him as he works his magic. Draco keeps his hands on your thighs as he laps you up, finally encasing his mouth around your clit and sucking. You gasp, your legs nearly flinging up to your stomach, but Draco’s grip tightens on them. 
He guides one of them up onto his shoulder, past his head, and you absentmindedly lift the over one as well. Draco’s hands reach behind you and tug you further down the seat of the couch so that he has an easier access to your soaked pussy. Waves of arousal flood through you each time he licks at your clit. 
It feels like barely any time has gone by before you’re hissing his name. “Draco, I’m gonna cum,” you whimper. 
“Come on then, slut,” Draco pulls away momentarily to hiss. “Cum on my tongue. I know you want to.”
It’s enough to drive you over the edge as soon as his lips are placed back on top of your clit. Your hips buck and you are forced to cover your mouth with your hand as you do exactly what he told you to and cum. Draco licks you all the way through it, remaining eager, his hands still gripping your thighs. 
You expect him to stop when you’ve come down from your high, so you’re surprised when he continues. You jerk underneath him from the overstimulation, whimpering out and grabbing his hair. 
“Draco, I c-can’t!” You cry, feeling tears enter your eyes as he laps you up over and over. 
“Of course you can,” Draco pulls away and slips a finger inside your soaked entrance, another one sliding in less easily as he pumps them in and out. “Come on, my little slut. I know you can.”
You don’t feel the need to say the safe word, even as the pain dwells on for longer as he curls his fingers inside you, pumping in and out as his other hand reaches for your clit. He rubs his fingers against it hard and fast, faster than you’re used to, drilling his fingers in and out like it's his mission. 
The pain quickly becomes pleasure and you don’t even realise you were close to cumming until you’ve fallen over the edge. Your mouth opens yet nothing comes out as you continuously buck your hips closer to Draco, a smirk on his lips as he watches you unfold for the second time in a row. Tears stream down your face as you come down, feeling Draco pull his hands away from you.
“D-Draco,” you whimper, your entire body shaking as he leans up. 
One of his knees is pressed on the other side of you, digging into the couch as he hovers between your legs on the couch. His face is inches away from yours as he guides the fingers that have just been inside you to his lips. You already know what you need to do, your lips opening a little as he slips them inside. Draco’s eyes visibly darken as he feels you suck around his fingers, swiping and licking him clean of all of your juices. 
“Good slut,” he murmurs, voice slightly deeper than usual and his erection nearly pressing against you. “I told you that you could, didn’t I?”
You nod breathlessly as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth. Draco allows you to catch your breath for a few moments before he dives down and connects your lips. You drink up the taste of him-- a mixture of the alcohol he’d been consuming before and now your own arousal. Draco kisses you feverishly, one hand gripping your neck as he grabs you and pulls you to your feet again. 
You’re slightly shaky as he guides you to the back of the sofa, bending you over the arm of it and spanking your ass. You cry out as he grabs your cheek, squeezing it roughly before you hear the shuffle of his trousers again. It was obvious he was adjusting his cock from behind you, especially when you feel the tip glide through the folds of your abused pussy again. You whimper, unsure if you can pull out another orgasm, but feeling more than ready to try again. 
Draco continued to tease your hole and your clit with his hard cock. “I’ve been dreaming of fucking you in this common room since the moment I hit fucking puberty,” Draco mutters before he slides all of the way inside of you abruptly. 
“Draco!” You gasp loudly, feeling full. 
His hands come around and he hooks his fingers into your mouth, pulling them by the sides to keep you quiet as he fucks you from behind. You feel like crying as he drives his cock in and out of you, nearly pulling out all of the way before slamming back into the hilt. He pulls his hands away when your loud cries become more muffled, his hands reaching to grab at your waist instead so he can yank you back onto his cock, making each thrust harder. 
You muffle your moans against your arm as you listen to the sound of your skin slapping together and Draco’s soft groans as he fucks you hard. His hips smack against you as he glances down to watch his cock thrust in and out, the inches covered in your very own slick arousal. 
“Fuck, Y/N,” Draco hisses, grabbing you by the hair and tugging you back so you’re off the sofa now and instead with your back pressed to his chest. “You’re going to suck me clean after this, you understand? You’ve made such a fucking mess.”
You moan and nod eagerly as Draco keeps your hair tight in his grip, mouth nipping at your neck and leaving lovebites as he continues to fuck into you from behind. The hand not bunching your hair up has slid in front of you to palm at your breasts which are covered by your dress. There’s something arousing about the two of you fucking whilst fully-clothed. 
Draco eventually grows bored of the position, right as you feel like you may cum again, it seems. He pulls you back over to the couch and drops down onto it, spreading his legs and patting his lap. You know exactly what he wants as you move over, your knees dropping either side of him. He grabs his cock and guides it to your entrance, head flying back when you slide down onto his length. 
Inch by inch, he disappears inside you and fills you up. Your hands grab his shoulders as you bob up and down on top of him. He seems dazed as he stares up at the ceiling above whilst you fuck him, clearly in his own world of pleasure, but he quickly snaps out of it when your hands ghost from his shoulders to his chest, feeling him. 
Your head is thrown back as you ride his cock, but a hand grabs your jaw and forces you to look back down at him. You whimper at the look in his eyes. Both of you seem to have the same idea as you frantically meet in the middle, lips hungrily moving against one another as Draco grabs your waist and helps to guide you up and down on him faster. You’re going to cum soon-- for the third time.
Suddenly, the door to the Common Room slides open, causing the both of you to freeze. You drop down so that you’re fully sat on Draco’s cock, his lanky hands immediately moving to slide your dress down so that you’re not exposed to whoever has just walked in the door behind his head. You have a view of the figure that drunkenly stumbles in, but Draco has to crane his neck around. 
“H-Heyo, guysss,” Blaise slurs, “I miiight have gotten lossst on the way to the dormmms.”
“The dorms are upstairs, Blaise, not outside the Common Room,” Draco rolls his eyes at his friend and lifts you up by the hips slightly before he starts to slowly glide his cock out, and then back in again. You hiss at the sensation, eyes wide as you stare at Blaise whilst gripping Draco’s shoulders.
 What the hell is he playing at? 
Your fingers dig into him as if to warn him, but Draco doesn’t stop. He buries his face into your neck and carries on, thrusting in and out of your soaked pussy. It shouldn’t, but it turns you on way more to know that Blaise is only a few feet away, and completely unaware too. 
He probably thought you were just cuddling since you were in the same position as you had been for the entire party, but maybe if Blaise was a little more sober then he would notice the way your breath was shuddering and how Draco seemed to be shifting beneath you. 
“I know…” Blaise stalls as he heads slowly towards the stairs. “You did well today, Malfoy.”
“I know,” Draco huffs, driving into you slightly deeper.
Your eyes clench shut and you hope Blaise doesn’t find it too suspicious when your head drops down onto his shoulder. Hopefully you just look tired to him. 
“Did you see Potter’s face when you caught the Snitch?” Blaise snickers, “I’ll never forget.”
Draco, as if he can sense how much it’s turning you on having someone in the room, which he probably can from how much wetter you are now and the way you’re continuously clenching around his cock, continues to thrust into you slowly and smirks. 
“Yeah, it was quite hilarious,” he agrees, “Zabini, did you do the homework for Charms class on Monday?”
You want to kill him but you also don’t at the same time. 
“Huh?” Blaise replies drunkenly, pausing in his tracks. “Yeah. Think so. For… For Flitwick’s class.”
“Yeah, that’s Charms, idiot,” Draco spits with a roll of the eyes. “You’re absolutely plastered. Go to bed.”
Draco grips you tighter as Blaise starts to mutter about not being an idiot, going onto some whole rant that makes no grammatical or logical sense, but you’re lost now. You’re on the verge of an orgasm and Draco can tell. To get you off quicker, he reaches between the two of you and rubs at your swollen clit. You hide your face in his neck as you cum, eyes clenching shut as you shake on top of him, biting your lip to hold back your whimpers. 
You can’t believe you just came on Draco’s dick right in front of his best friend. 
“Are you laughinggg at meee, Y/N?” Blaise huffs, “I’m not a idiot.”
“I’m not laughing,” you peer up at him, wincing from the overstimulation as Draco continues to thrust his cock inside, chasing his high which is quickly approaching. You could tell from how uneven his thrusts were growing. 
“An,” you correct him with a soft grunt. 
“‘An idiot’,” You say, “not ‘a idiot.’”
Blaise says something back but you can’t concentrate because suddenly Draco’s goes rigid beneath you. His fingers dig into your skin and his cock does one final powerful thrust before you feel his cum fill you up, his eyes scrunching shut as he released a loud breath. 
“Go to bed, Blaise,” Draco demands roughly, voice thicker than usual. 
Blaise is already by the staircase and just glares as he stumbles up, tripping over his own feet several times. 
“I can’t believe you fucked me through that,” you huff. “Or that you came inside me whilst I was talking to him.”
“You came whilst I was talking to him.”
“And whose fault is that?” You huff. 
“Mine,” Draco grins mischievously, reaching up and pressing his lips to yours. “Can’t say I regret it much though.”
You chuckle. “Me either.”
“Now on your knees,” Draco demands, “I do believe you need to clean me off like you said you would.”
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