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#draco malfoy
artfleureia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— Only you, my darling, only you
thank you for 1000 :’) i remade the very first drawing i posted on here !
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nikitajobson · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dark corners
Digital painting - do not repost or use without permission.
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jjuuppiter · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
draco x library card (inspo)
it's canon crumb *cries happily* the first thing that pop into my mind when i saw the way draco placed his name is that it looks like the names on wedding card lol. hope the wedding invitation card is classy enough for the Malfoys hahaha... the idea is when you open the card white shiny flowers will bloom.
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dracosathenaeum · 2 days ago
Point to Prove | D.M.
Summary: Just shameless smut of Draco give you orgasm after orgasm <3
Warnings: fingers, eating out, sex, baths, cockwarming, orgasms
Word Count: 609
A/N: The first fic i’ve actually written in a while that’s not been from a draft, hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Draco held both your hands over your head in one of his, the veins in his arm protruding as his other hand gripped your hip. Your heavy breathes were warm against the cool tile your face was pressed to, mouth wide open as your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
With every roll of his hips, the muscles of Draco’s chest slid over your back, body pressed so close you didn’t know where his ended and yours began.
The slow drag of his cock against your tight walls had you overwhelmed to the point of tears.
He had been taking his time with you all evening; his head between your legs pulling orgasm after orgasm from you until you begged for a break from overstimulation. His fingers brought you to the edge when you said you couldn’t take any more but when he told you he knew his perfect girl could give him another, you shattered so violently your eyes saw white.
He had treated you to a ‘cooldown’ before he fucked you- cockwarming him in the bathtub as his hands stroked your soft skin, whispering promises of pleasure in your ears, teeth pulling at your earlobes. A combination of sucking on your neck, skilled fingers touching all the right spots and his low voice explaining what he’d do to you had you giving up yet another orgasm.
A small one, barely anything compared to the previous ones that night, but enough that Draco had twitched inside of you at the feeling of you pulsing around him.
He had given you no time to recover from that one, pulling you out of the bathtub and pressing you against the cold tiles, his throbbing cock inside of you in one smooth thrust, an easy fit considering how much he had prepared you beforehand.
“Fuck- I can’t please, I can't take anymore.” You had all but whimpered out.
Draco paid you no attention, continuing his languid pace inside of you.
Your entire consciousness was him.
All you could smell was his fresh minty aftershave.
All you could taste was his toothpaste from when he spat in your mouth after you begged for a reward for being good.
All you could hear was his ragged breathing and the wet slide of him into you.
All you could see was him. Your eyes were screwed shut but the imprint of him was so deep inside.
All you could feel was him.
His body consumed you, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
“You are mine,” he grunted against your shoulder as his hips finally started to lose their steady pace. “Your pretty cunt, your perfect mouth. All of you is mine.”
You nodded your head, the smallest motion against the wall but you knew he understood when his hand dropped yours and pressed harshly against your swollen clit.
It was too much.
Your body couldn’t hold you up, body collapsing against Draco’s as your mouth opened in a silent scream; body tensing making it harder for Draco to keep a steady grip on you.
When his hips finally stuttered, he sank to the floor on his knees, arms tight around you as he rutted his hips against you; making sure he got last every drop of cum into your precious cunt.
The room had come back into focus and the ringing in your ears had stopped just in time to hear his lips spill your favourite sounds in the world.
“Admit it.”
“I can barely breathe Draco.”
“Admit it.” This time he distinctly said every syllable.
With a tired sigh, you dropped your head back in safety of his shoulder and admitted that he was the best sex you ever had.
smut taglist: @fuckingdraco @dreaming-about-fanfictions @cheriedraco @magicchai @slytherinwh0re @fangirl-3d2y @evermoredraco @weaslebeemalfoy @lolooo22  @unadulteratedfirellamapanda   @ambi-doo12  @highfunctioningfangirl19 @14etoiles  @desiredmalfoy @fredsgrey @dracoismybabey @artemisheavenlupin  @bby-gxrnet  @gloryekaterina @frecklesandfirecrackers  @turn-to-page-394-please @cpetrova @bi-bitch-time  @lunalovegoodsgirlfriend @little-me204 @dracosbaibe @sycathorn-slush @rennaisancebaby  @thehumanistsdiary @inglourious-imagines @miraclesoflove​ @dracomalfoyswifeee @lipstickandloveletters  @fairycirclebrat @you-sunshine @mingyuahjumma  @snowakaibara-blog  @berriemalfoy @riddleswh0r3crux @ceridwen-02 @dreamyginny @justfangirlingoverhere @1800-shutup @carrobrumbrum @chewwycheetos  @turtletaylor98 @gxtitobxby @nic0lodean @dlmmdl @realityblocked  @thecaostheory  @sunflowerdarlingx  @kuroshitsujjiii  @justfangirlthingies  @xlauren-malfoyx  @malfoysstilinski  @writeandtranslate  @fleurwands  @dracoscene  @i-love-scott-mccall  @victoriangu  @geminiaugust  @a-dusty-emerald  @marrymetheonott  @soulbodymindheart  @kimberlyxmalfoy  @riddleswh0r3crux  @adrianscumslut  @nataliewalker93  @vitamiin-aa  @lunarkittiecat  @noellestrash  @black-rose-29 @yuhmalfoy  @yiamalfoy  @d22malfoy  @theclandestinestars  @so-long-soldier28 @kitkatkaitin @whatahufflepuffwrites
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swymsuyt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Our Little Life”, requested by @sweet-s0rr0w for @tackytigerfic (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
happy birthday tacky!!!
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belly's 2k reading list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well I suppose a thank you is in order. so. thank you all for 2k lmaooo; but still seriously; i fucking adore every single one of you. i love you lovies (~ ̄³ ̄)~
Down below are some of the most wonderfully written fics i've ever come across.
Contains – Angst. CrackFics. Fluff. Smut.
Tumblr media
D.M || @riddlesia
Anguis || @fawneii
Stars || @acosmis-t
Hatred || @/dr4cking
Rounds || @/acosmis-t
Attention || @dr4cking
Why || @/ameliasbitvh
Office || @ameliasbitvh
Bad Day || @saintlike78
Wrong || @noceurwhore
Needy || @/ameliasbitvh
Breathe || @wondernimbus
Home Alone || @dracoscum
Unappreciated || @eunoniaa
Spilled Coffee || @/eunoniaa
Parenthood || @/chyanxrene
Wings And All || @/acosmis-t
Stealth || @peppers-analytics
Hand Job || @/weaselbrownie
Errant Arrows || @/acosmis-t
Beneath The Stars || @mauvea
Google || @/dracosathenaeum
One More Drink || @chyanxrene
Roadman || @dracosathenaeum
Through The Phone || @b-aobao
Play Pretend || @/wondernimbus
The Color Of Envy || @/acosmis-t
Attention || @/dracosathenaeum
Point Of View || @draconisxcaput
Helping Hands || @weaselbrownie
You Beautiful Thing || @angel4you
Family Man || @dracossweetprincess
Prefect’s Bathroom || @yellowsuitcase
Chocolate Cake || @carnationbasement
Wisps Of Smoke || @/littlemissnoname13
You And Your Green Apples || @littlemissnoname13
Mischief At The Manor || @/yellowsuitcase
Breakfast In Bed || @/dracossweetprincess
Harry Potter And The Haggis || @/dracosathenaeum (zoe im sorry but these fics 😭)
Peanut || @/acosmis-t || J.P
His Lady || @l0vely-lupin || M.R
Don't Stop || @/acosmis-t || R.W
Picturesque || @wolfstar-lb || J.P
Pure Bliss || @/l0vely-lupin || R.W
Pop || @/saintlike78 || J.P R.L S.B
Morning Angel || @/angel4you || J.P
Put On A Show || @/angel4you || J.P R.L S.B
Cuddle Me || @just-a-smol-spoon || D.M J.P L.E M.N R.L S.B
Tumblr media
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badwriterrr · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Full here
I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I drew both…
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weaselbrownie · 2 days ago
Hi bestie!!
I want to request draco fingering y/n cause I feel like he would be so good at that 😻
jealousy, jealousy | d.m
draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary : draco getting jealous of you kissing harry
warning : NSFW! smut, swearing, praising, degrading (not really idk), in public, female recieving
word count : 2.1K
a/n : this doesn't actually have anything to do with liv's song but 🤷🏻‍♀️
"Draco what the fuck!"
Your voice was vibrating through the walls, breath short as you chased Draco down an empty corridor. It was late, students are off to bed but you and Draco had to patrol around the castle as it was your prefect duty. "Merlin, you are being stupid y'know that?" You shouted at him, your hand extending out to reach him but once again missed as he moved to walk faster.
Draco stopped in his track as he heard the words slip past your lips, "Oh, I'm the stupid one?" His words cut sharp into the thick atmosphere as he turned his body to face you, his towering figure looking down at you with piercing bright eyes.
"Yes, you are!" You huffed, walking closer to his figure that repels the moonlight slipping in through the open spaces of the building. "What the fuck is your problem, Draco?" The pitch of your voice gliding higher as you got closer to the boy.
Even in the half-lit hallway, you could make out his face, every feature of his glowing. "You! You are my problem" His jaw tightens at the mention of you, his figure going stiff as you froze in front of him.  "So what do you do when I'm not around, huh? Snog the whole Gryffindor house?" You could feel the anger and disappointment radiating off of him.
"W–What are you talking abou-"
"Oh don't be like that, I saw how you were with Potter" Draco moved as he took small steps towards you, cutting off your sentence before you could get everything out, "I thought you said you were gonna study with him" He folded his arms in front of his chest, huffing out as he waited for your response.
"I was studying with him!" You mimicked his movement, standing straight to fold your arms in front of your chest, looking up to challenge the taller boy.
He lifted his brows at your words as if he didn't believe a single word you just said. "Oh sweetheart, I don't think studying involves shoving your tongue down his throat" His chuckles were dark, teasing you knowing he caught you doing something you weren't supposed to be doing.
You didn't feel bad anymore, the anger in you started to overpower all the other emotions trying to peek out. "Why do you care? It's nothing to you!" You spat out the words from the back of your throat, taking another step until you could smell the peppermint and citrus of his cologne dancing around him.
"I don't" He simply said,
"You know what..." Your voice barely above a whisper, dropping your arms to your sides as your fist form a ball "...'m not gonna stand here and let you be an asshole just because you're jealous" Your light words left your lips as your rushed to move away from him, your shoulder bumping his arm as you marched to leave him.
He didn't follow you at first, your legs kept moving to take steps away from the still boy "Take that back..." You heard him, his footsteps started to echo down the hallway, faster and faster until you felt his balmy palm closing around your bicep, pulling you back onto his chest to turn you in your spot. "Fucking take that back, Y/N!" You kept your gaze on his chest, his voice loud and sharp as it cuts your circulation.
You took a moment to look up, trailing your gaze up his chest to meet his eyes, those piercing grey eyes looking down at you as roaring fire burns behind those cold orbs. "Make me" The words left your lips as you watched him, how the two of you were so close in each other's embrace forgetting that this universe was not just yours and his.
And for a moment the world went silent, everything was still and it was just the two of you in rays of the moonlight, standing in the middle of the half-lit hallways of the castle you call home. But that wasn't exactly true, home isn't just a place, home is a person, and it looks like you might have just found another home, standing in front of you– towering over you as the anger still lay beneath all his calm emotions.
You watched as his eyes traced your face, moving slowly as it went back and forth to your lips. His jaw tightens as his mind scrambles with the thought of you and your lips.
It was wrong per se, you have been friends from before Hogwarts and it seems wrong to think of you in such a filthy way, but his mind was loud, too loud to control until he stopped the tumultuous shouting in his head, crashing his lips on yours– pushing you backward until your back thud against the stone wall in between the pane glass window of the hallway.
"Yeah? s'this what you want?" His lips left yours for a second, coming up for air before latching back down onto your jugular, sucking light purple hues right under your ear. "'m asking, is this what you want?" He asked again, the sensation on your neck loosened as you got your mind straight.
You still couldn't answer his question, groaning against him as your fingers found their way up to his body, scratching the material of his robe to hold on to anything you could. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop Y/N" His muffled groan vibrated through your body and straight into your panties, the tingly feeling in your stomach coming to life when you felt a wet patch attached to your cunt.
You shook your head, pleas slipping past your lips as you were putty in your best friend's arm "N-No please don't stop" The noises coming out of your mouth sound pathetic. Everything from the deepest part of your dream was coming true. How you have been longing for his touch, curious as to how his warm skin would burn into yours, conceiving an addictive effect much like drugs.
For the longest time you have tried so hard to keep all your emotions away, he was your best friend and you were his, you weren't meant to do what lovers do, but here you were. Tangled in each other arms in the middle of the hallway where anyone could pass by, couldn't even make it to a closed space.
Your eyes stayed close, savoring the sensation of how his hands roamed your body, slipping past your shirt to grasp every inch of your skin. You needed more and you were sure he did too, but then he pulled away. His lips leaving your skin felt like a thousand blades dropping on you at once.
"Would you look at that..." His mouth trails your hairline, murmuring words into you "'s the Gryffindor tower, I wonder if Potter s'still awake" He was quick to turn you around, moving you to stand in front of the window outlooking the great Gryffindor tower not too far from where you stood.
You didn't know what he was planing, the nerves in your stomach exploding as you waited seconds that felt like days for him to continue with his actions. "Let's put on a show shall we..." His lips lingered on the shell of your ear "...a special show for your precious Potter" His hands began to roam you again, slipping past the fabric of your clothes to trace your skin.
You couldn't answer him with your words, rather just nod and grunt as he pushed his crotch into you, making sure you could feel the hard outline of his hard-on pressed up against your butt. Everything was going on at once, you couldn't focus on just one action. The feeling of his lips, his hands, his body, his cock, all rubbing up on you, drenching your panties that lie beneath your skirt.
"Desperate are we?" He chuckled to himself, his hands slithering down your body until he reached your exposed thighs, your skirt riding up as you continued to grind your butt into him.
"Shut up" You mumbled, your hands steadying yourself on the windowpane as Draco continued to roam every inch of your body. You couldn't see it but you felt it, one of his hands circling to move your panties to the side, leaving your cunt bare for him to trace the outer lips of your cunt, gathering all the dripping juices to better slick your pussy.
"No y/n, you're gonna shut up" His fingers slip past your clenching hole, diving deep into your cunt as the sliver rings that sat on his fingers made contact with your clit, jolting you up when the cool sensation hit your heat.
Your mind started to go blank once again as you took all the pleasure he was giving you. His fingers diving deep into you as your juices leaked down your thighs. "S-Shit... feel s'good" Your back arced as the time goes on, slurring your words as you turned to mush under his control.
"I bet you'd let him do this too huh?..." His voice so deep behind you as his free hand went to roam your chest " with your pretty little pussy" He slipped the buttons of your shirt through the hole as the lining of your bra peeked through the half-open material.
You cursed and whined, trying to control your moans as he started to scissor his fingers inside you, stretching you out from the inside "Well guess what darling..." His lips lingered, tracing kisses up your neck, sucking the sweet spot under your ear "'re mine now, got it?"
You could feel your orgasm peeking through the corner, your mind going foggy as you felt your breasts slipping out from under you and into the open air. "Y-Yours... O-Only yours" You chanted the words like a prayer, locking the statement in your mind that you're his and only his.
By now you were half-naked, rocking your hips into him as you chased your orgasm. Your breasts pressing up against the cool pane window as his fingers curled to hit the spongey spot inside you. Anybody in the Gryffindor tower could've seen you and Draco, you were just praying they didn't.
It didn't take long for your breath to become short, you could practically feel your heartbeat vibrating through your body, rocking you to orgasm. "Oh n-no, shit 'm gonna cum..." You whined as you threw your head back, your nails digging into the boy's forearm. "...please can I c-cum" You waited for his answer, the coil in your stomach kicking you in the guts, begging to be let out.
"Y'wanna cum on my fingers?" You couldn't answer him, repeatedly nodding pleading for him to give you permission. "Go on then" His voice tuned out, the world going silent once again as you let go of the burning coil in your abdomen. Coating his fingers in more of your juices as he continued to pump his fingers into you, helping you ride out your high.
You felt your legs going numb, shaking as you struggled to keep yourself up. Your head spinning as you felt his fingers leaving your cunt, trailing it up your body until you were met with his fingers– slick with your orgasm, proding at your mouth "Open up" The tone in his voice completely changed into a more nurturing demeanor.
You obeyed him, leaning back onto him as you parted your lips, accepting his fingers into your mouth before sucking on them. "Good girl... didn't even need to tell you what to do" You heard him, your chest still heaving as he trailed his mouth on the side of your face.
He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving your mouth with a pop before helping you to dress. Buttoning your shirt as he turned you in your spot, finally getting a view at your flushed face. You watched him with amusement as your breath started to get back to normal, your gaze locking his as his hand moved to caress your cheeks, bringing your lips to his once more.
"Too bad Potter didn't see that"
TAGLIST : @microwavedhampster @whenuwereyoung @o-rion-sta-r @willowmores @youreso-golden @mzmalice3 @desiredmalfoy @hyuckiesgf @yiamalfoy @acciodignity @teenwolfbitches28 @emma67 @venusmalfoyyy @spencerva
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expelliarweasley · 2 days ago
Hi there ! Can I have a fluffy hc for losing ur vcard to/with draco pls ? Ty <33
losing your virginity to draco | headcanon
Tumblr media
pairing: draco malfoy x gn!reader warning: fluff, soft smut, just draco being a softie
a/n: this is situated in 7th year, you and draco are eighteen.
AAAA anw so
draco would actually be the one who is experienced in your relationship
i mean hey, look at that face
and that smugness that we could take for as charm
sure he makes nsfw jokes when he's with crabbe and goyle
bc you know, teenagers
and the inherent need to prove himself as a superior masculine
but really he's just really doing that for the "sex appeal"
and for you, basically. lol
when you became official
and sometimes the topic of sex is inevitable in a relationship
so, one time, as you were conversing with your friends about your sex lives and all
one of your closest friends asked you whether you and draco had already done it
you haven't
and this is why that friend of yours had told you that knowing draco, he might leave you if you hadn't acted upon it too soon
so you somehow *backed off* from the dating
and this scared thE HELL OUT OF THE SLYTHERIN
expect him accompanying you in classes
putting food on your plate during breakfast, lunch, and supper
playing with your hair during your free time
whilst trying to ask what's wrong
that's when you said you were a virgin and that you don't know if you could give him what he needs in that aspect of the relationship
"who told you that?"
"fuck nobody"
he swear he is willing to hex the life out of that person who told you that
but that became his wakeup call nonetheless
his nsfw jokes became seldom to rare to none
draco also became much more softer to you,,
treating you as if you were glass
and one time when you were alone in draco's dorm as he invited you when his friends were out for hogsmeade
you guys went from an intimate conversation to an intimate........action? omg what-
okay so you were making out
and that was the time when you know you were sure you were ready to give it to draco
but just like anyone's first time, you have doubts and insecurities
but today felt like you have to pour your love and adoration to draco
draco felt that everyday, but you know, he was restraining himself out of respect AND LOVE
so when you took hold of his hand that was situated on your hips
he froze
"y/n, we don't have to,"
"but i want this,"
something in draco clicked
you started first by making out with such intense passion and lust combined
he sensed that you were ready when he felt your hips thrust up into him in the slightest
he pulled away, caressing your cheeks while looking at you with such D E V O T I O N
"we don't have to rush, my dear. we have the whole day,"
"i'll take care of you"
he'd laugh at you for whining slightly out of impatience
"let me make you feel right and adored, darling,"
he'd warm you up by teasing and sensually giving you foreplay
making sure that you are comfortable enough before doing the actual thing
and when he was positioned at your opening, he looked at you for consent yet again
"i wanna be yours,"
your heart felt like it could explode anytime
"if you'll have me." he added
"fuck, draco, i'll always have you – ah!"
and a series of "i love you's" were all you heard from draco the moment he pushed himself in, stretching you out first at the new sensation
"you're so fucking beautiful"
"thank you, my love"
"we don't have to rush"
"i love you"
and when you nodded your head to say that you have already accustomed to him
he was nothing but sensual
making you feel all of him
he, indeed, was not rushing
draco? oh no. he was ready to give himself to all of you
he could just cum at the sight of you lost in the state of euphoria
but dare he not
today was about you
and when you came, draco came in afterwards
the moment you finished, draco carried you towards the bathroom
you whined at how sore you are
"y/n, my love, you need to at least spend a penny"
and when you did
draco cleaned you first before he did so to himself
then he carried you back to his mattress and dressed you up with his clothing
cuddles of course
draco is such a sucker for cuddles
draco's love language is basically touch so um
and as you both drifted to sleep
all you can hear were
"thank you, my love, for letting me take care of you,"
"i feel so honoured,"
"i love you, i'll be here, if you'll have me,"
you opened your eyes to take a peek at draco
hehehe why? it was the first time he said 'i love you' to you :')
"hey, draco,"
"yes, darling?"
"i love you, too."
draco slept with a smile on his face
you did too
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jjuuppiter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rereading manacled by @senlinyuwrites... felt so many emotions again
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miakagrewup · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got to be part of the @harrydracobang 2021 and had such an amazing time doing these illustrations for Bringing Down Draco by @maraudersaffair !
It's 1879, and Draco is the Duke of Malfoy and Harry is the starving Oxford student who falls in love with him. Harry is also a male suffragist who is utterly committed to helping women win the right to vote. The problem: Draco is one of the powerful men in Parliament who refuse to grant women legal equality and Harry is convinced they could never be together.
It was really cool to have an inside peek at the writing process! And @maraudersaffair is a great writer who had such a clear vision for the characters that collaborating to do the illustrations was a treat. If you like historical fiction, I know you will enjoy this story.
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narcissasbrat · a day ago
headcannons on toddler daughter!reader meeting big brother Draco's friends (i.e. the handsome Blaise Zabini) and having the biggest crush on him leading her to follow him about everywhere!!
and Blaise just adores the attention from the youngest Malfoy and picks her up, and carries her about, and lets her sit in his lap as they hug etc - you get it loll.
anyways... and Narcissa just finds it adorable, whilst Lucius gets all overprotective papa bear mode, and Draco just gets fed up of his sister stealing the attention
Icky Boys!
↠ A/N: omg yes, yes yes! Blaise Zabini is simply just *chef’s kiss* and the amount of fanfics i’ve read where Draco Malfoy’s sister gets with Blaise is just wowzah! anyways here we gooo! <3
Tumblr media
↠ Draco had been begging his parents to let him have a sleepover with Blaise for the whole summer. even though they had just seen each other at Hogwarts, Draco was still adamant on having a Slytherin Sleepover - you were rather excited as well, to have someone new over, but were a little disappointed to find out that it was boys only.
↠ You: “But Mamaaa! Boys are icky!”
↠ Narcissa: “Well princess, he’s Draco’s friend and he’s coming over for Draco’s sleepover. Besides my little dolly, boys are not icky!”
↠ You: *grumbling* “Boys are icky!”
↠ so when Blaise came through the floo network with his mother you simply stayed in your mother’s arms, shying away from the coos of Mrs Zabini.
↠ it wasn’t until Mrs Zabini had left, that you got to take a really good look at your brother’s friend.
↠ you had met Blaise a few times, but didn’t really remember his face… until now.
↠ at first Draco was happy for you to join them, as he was wanting to show off his brotherly skills to Blaise; however this slowly backfired when he noticed you taking a strong liking to the other boy.
↠ Draco: “And then we- hey Y/N/N! Come sit over here, next to your big brother!”
↠ You: “No ‘hanks. Wanna sit wit’ Blaishe”.
↠ Blaise couldn’t help but chuckle at how your slight lisp caused you to mispronounce his name - he thought it was adorable.
↠ noticing Draco getting annoyed at how you weren’t paying attention to your big brother, Blaise offered for you to sit in his lap, insisting that you’d be more comfortable for the story you had asked him to read to you.
↠ Draco couldn’t help but feel jealous at how, instead of going to him for story-time you went to someone else. you had always preferred for Draco to read you your stories, even more so than Narcissa and Lucius.
↠ Draco ends up leaving the room to find Narcissa to tell her to come and ‘get you’ as you were ‘ruining’ the fun.
↠ by the time Narcissa comes into the room, you had fallen asleep in Blaise’s arms, and she can’t help but praise Blaise for getting you to go down for nap-time.
↠ Narcissa: “Oh, Blaise, you’re such a sweetheart! However did you manage to get her to fall asleep, she always takes hours to go down for her nap”.
↠ Blaise: “It was nothing really… I just read her a story and the next thing I knew she was fast asleep…”
↠ by the time Lucius comes home from the Ministry he heads outside into the gardens, expecting to find the two boys playing a game of Quidditch. however what he didn’t expect was to find you in the arms of Blaise Zabini, as he holds you tightly, carefully hovering above the grounds, causing you to release a fit of giggles.
↠ You: “Look Daddy! Look! ‘m flying wit’ Blaishe!”
↠ Lucius: “Uhh, yes my princess. I can see that…”
↠ Lucius can’t help but keep his eyes on you, as he watches you skip back into the house - the sight of you skipping would usually cause him to smile, but seeing you holding Blaise’s hand as you skip, he can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of papa-bear protectiveness kick in.
↠ at dinnertime you rush to sit in between Blaise and Draco, but are stopped from doing so by being swiftly picked up by Lucius as he brings your chair closer to his own, insisting that it’s because he hasn’t seen his little princess all day.
↠ so instead you end up sitting on one side of the table; with Lucius at one end of the table, whilst Narcissa sits at the other end of the table; the two boys sit next to each other, across from you.
↠ once dinner was done, you were abruptly picked up and brought to bed by dear old papa-bear Lucius, as Narcissa can’t help but giggle at your words.
↠ Narcissa: “Oh Lucius, she’s only a child, it’s cute…”
↠ Lucius: *ignores Narcissa* “Now I don’t want to hear any of this crush nonsense, understood Y/N/N. You’re far too young to be ‘in love.’ What happened to boys being icky?!”
↠ You: “But Daaddy! Blaishe ‘s my love! Jus’ like how Mama ‘s yours! He’s not icky!”
↠ Lucius can’t help but facepalm at your words.
↠ you insist that you must say goodnight to your big brother Draco - just like you do every night; however Lucius can see as clear as day through your intentions, so he insists that he comes with you.
↠ this causes Narcissa to follow as well, as she fears Lucius may threaten the poor boy.
↠ by the time you make it to your brother’s room, you walk up to Draco first - to sell the image etc. - and hug him goodnight.
↠ turning around to Blaise you run up to him, before tackling him into a huge bear hug - Narcissa can’t help but coo at how adorable you are. Lucius also can’t help but smile at your antics, however his smile slowly fades when he sees you plant a kiss on Blaise’s cheek.
↠ Blaise being the bold and confident young boy that he is, simply places a soft kiss on your hand, causing your little mind to think of him as your ‘prince charming’ like from all the stories Narcissa would read to you about.
↠ Blaise: “Sweet dreams little Malfoy.”
↠ You: “Shweet dreams Blaishe.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lil fam
Bruh this took fucking forever to finish because I forgot how mirrors worked
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daddiesdrarryy · 2 days ago
Pansy: I have a problem
Draco: What is it?
Pansy: I’m a dumb blondie who’s in love with my arch enemy but I won’t admit it so I’ll keep bothering my friends about it every day—oh no wait, that’s you
Draco: The first time was fine but now it’s just annoying, Pansy
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