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Watch “The Head and the Heart - People Need A Melody (Official Visualizer)” on YouTube

Something for Dramione again. Inspired by Isolation by Bex-chan.

For Hermione

“All those books in your head

Is that all this really was?

Just a role you played

That you could hide behind

Is it what you want

To bury yourself away

Before your time goes?”

For Draco

“So pick yourself up, kid

I can’t bear the weight

Let the light back in

‘Cause you’ve been walking blind

Now it’s all on you

Don’t you let it fade

Before your time goes.”

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Voldemort after just being screamed at by a little kid: *staring into the distance thinking*

Draco: don’t let it get to you, my lord, I always feel like screaming when you walk into the room

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The tea: 5th, 6th and 7th years receive costumes for their halloween masquerade the night of the ball, and the house elves created each costume. 

“Come on! We’re about to receive our costumes!” I tugged Hermione along as we made our way to the Great Hall. The ball was to be held tonight, October 31st. It was a Saturday this year, probably why the ball was being held for the first time ever. At three o’clock this afternoon we were drawing our costumes from the Sorting Hat, and the costumes would appear in our dorms, made by Hogwarts very own house elves. 

“I don’t see why we have to run, y/n! Our costumes are predetermined, Parvati heard that Merlin himself used the magic that controls who gets what.” Hermione sounded annoyed, but I knew she was just as excited. 

“Did you hear that there’s two lover costumes? Apparently whoever draws the two of them are soulmates!” Lavender giggled as she joined us on our walk, while Hermione and I let out identical squeals. It sounded so romantic, and the thought that there was a pair of soulmates in Hogwarts right now was almost too much to bear.

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Halloween at Hogwarts

Author’s notes:some of us may be spending Halloween at home due tue Covid19 so I thought you could have a trip to Hogwarts. This imagine hasn’t a really specific plot and it’s not about a specific character neither. It’s just how Halloween would be celebrated by wizards and witches in our favorite reality. Happy spooky Halloween. Enjoy🎃.


Sorry if this short imagine it’s not one if my best works but I’ve been really busy with school.

<<Ron are you ready?>> asked Hermione rising her voice <<Bloody hell,just give me one more minute!>> he replied <<In five minutes we must be sitting at our table in the Hogwarts hall,can you dress up a little faster?>> asked Harry more calmly than Hermione <<We’re gonna wait for the rest of the night>> you said laughing <<Here I am!>> exclaimed the boy with red hair.

Ron finally came out from his room <<What do you think?>> he asked <<I don’t get it:what’s your costume?>> Harry demanded <<Really? Bloody hell Harry…it’s an indian>> you and Hermione bursted into noisy laughters and a little bit pissed Ron looked at both of you <<What’s that for?>> <<Absolutely nothing Ronald,let’s go to dinner>> the brunette witch said walking downstairs.

As soon as you reached the great hall you sat at the table with your friends:<<It’s so beautiful>> you said smiling,while looking at the magical sky full of pumpkins above you <<It’s better than the last year>> continued Harry <<I agree. I’m so excited,this year we’re gonna have a full party with a real rock band too! That’s the coolest thing Dumbledore could organise>> you said gesturing like a happy child.

<<You better stop fool,you almost hit me…and I hate being hit>> someone said while grabbing your hands.You turned around seeing a boy with a face painted in white and black,it was Draco whose makeup was of a skeleton <<I’m gonna hit you anyway if you don’t let my hands go,Malfoy>> he smirked <<Should I be scared or something?-he raised one eyebrow and looked at your Halloween costume-what are you wearing?>> he asked almost laughing <<I’m dressing as a devil,don’t you see the horns? Damn Malfoy wear some glasses>>.

Harry laughed <<Shut up Potter,you and Weasley are the ones dressed more embarrassingly>> Draco replied <<Dude stop wasting your time with those loosers and come here!>> screamed Blaise from the other side of the room,Draco turned and went away.

<<Don’t listen to him Harry,you’re a cute vampire>> you said smiling <<Thanks,Y/n…>> Harry blushed;<<What about me?>> asked Ron <<You’re cute as well,just like Hermione>> <<Thank you sweetheart>> the girl was so happy you liked her cat costume.<<He’s just so annoying>> Hermione mumbled while the food started appearing on the table <<Come on let’s eat,I can’t wait to party>> you said skewering the chicken in your plate.

<<Ron do you know we still have a dessert to eat?>> asked Hermione later,while watching the boy eat with all the energy he had in his body <<Of course I do,you silly! I’ll eat that too,don’t worry>> <<You know he loves chicken>> said Harry looking at the girl <<Ron’s not wrong,this chicken is so good>> you butted into the discussion and Ron gave you an high five <<She’s so clever>> he said almost chocking on wather <<Don’t talk while eating or drinking Ron!>> Hermione warned the friend as a mum does with his children,so you and Harry couldn’t help but laugh.

Once all the students were done eating the food Dumbledore clapped his hands and a cake appeared on the long table collocated in the centre of the Great Hall.

It had four levels and it was completely black on the outside,some little ghosts made in sugar were standing on each level while everything was covered in fake spider webs. Suddenly the cake cut by itself in different slices,revealing the inside,which was colored in rainbow shades. The slices of the cake rested on plates that began to fly throughout the Great Hall until they reached the seats at each student’s table.

<<So cool,so cool,so cool!- you exclaimed once your slice of cake reached you-I love Hogwarts,It’s my home and more time I spend here,more i don’t want to leave>> <<There’s no place like Hogwarts and there will never be>> continued Harry visibly joyous.

Everyone’s slice of cake was so tasty that literally faded in a few minutes and without even realising it,after Dubledore clapped his hands once again,the tables disappeared and the Great Hall changed into a dance floor. You and your friends stood up together with the others students,the chairs disappeared as well and once the band appeared on the stage situated in the right side of the hall everyone started dancing.

The Weasley twins together with Luna and Ginny got closer and started dancing with you,Harry,Ron and Hermione.You were shaking your head and you’re whole body to jam to the music <<I’m dying>> you said laughing so hard. You were living the time of your life. <<Come here dude-said Fred holding your hand-do you want to get on my shoulders?>> <<Fine>> you replied climbing the boy and almost falling <<I’m so sorry but how’s up there?>> he asked holding your hands <<It’s cool,I can see the whole hall >> you screamed to let him hear your voice <<Let me do it too George>> Ginny called out his brother.

Fred’s shoulders officially became your favourite place:he was so tall. From up there you could see all your schoolmates dancing,even Draco seemed to enjoy the party. Noticing him so amused made you feel strange but happy at the same time:it was so hard to see him enjoy anything.

<<Do you want some pumpkin juice?>> asked Luna smiling <<Yeah! Please Fred take it for me,I don’t want to come down>> <<Do you know that you’re not an owl,don’t you?>> asked him giving you the drink <<So funny Weasley,so funny>> you answered while the music was getting higher.

It was like a dream you never wanted to end.

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no beta, apologies for drunken mistakes


A kiss. 

A short one, but a kiss. Filled with the wanting, the persistence, the feeling of years and years and years of hatred. The realization, that despite it all, they had always been drawn to each other. That something had always been nagging at the back of their minds to find one another. Always competing. Always disputing. Always longing. The feeling that it’s too late, they had their time, and it has passed, much to both of their despairs.

They break apart. 

They stare at one another across a lit flame. 

The silence creeps in. She exhales. 

“I won’t go if you don’t,” he whispers, his voice a distant sound, full of the need that she so desperately shares. Her ears have heard much too much of the battle to even comprehend.

She gasps and looks at him. The paleness of his skin, his hair, the depth of his grey eyes, taking her prisoner. She almost wasn’t sure she heard it. She waits, for the confirmation she knows he won’t give her. 


“No, I’m serious Hermione, I won’t-”

Tears threaten to fall down her cheeks, knowing what he promises her. Her heart swells, knowing what this means for him. For her. She feels a spark, as his hand ghosts over her fingers. 

“I’m serious,” he says again. Promising, she hopes. 

She gasps, unsure of the future, unsure of who they’ll be together. Once everything comes to an end. The corridor halls lit by the single flame between them. 

“I just-”

He cuts her off, “I know what you think of me, of my family, but I’m telling you. This is fear. This isn’t me. This isn’t who I want to be. It never was. It was all just-”


It’s Ron, over Draco’s shoulder she knows his gait, his hair, his appearance. Ashy and wounded, running towards her. Wand at the ready. He lifts it, a spell she knows all too well.

“Run,” she urges him. 

He begs her, pleads, fear soaked into his face. 

“Go,” she whispers, “I will find you.”

“Hermione, move!” He’s closer now.

“No,” Draco pleads, “I came back for you.”

She huffs a laugh, despite the agony around them, “And being the more sensible of us both, you need to go.”

He pulls her in, his long fingers wrapping around her wrist, his other arm cradling her back. He presses a kiss to her lips.

As they break apart, the sounds of the battle rush in. People screaming, curses flying, the forcefield of Hogwarts shattering. She sucks in a breath and he stares at her, as if she holds the ground he walks on. 

Go,” she pleads. 

“You’ll know where to find me,” he responds. He apparates in front of her eyes. 

Ron has caught up to her now. “You?-”

He reads the sadness in her eyes. The desperation, the sadness. And yet he is lost, confused, unsure of whatever took her over. 

“Ron, I-”

“Never mind, we’ll talk about whatever that was later,” he huffs, jealousy dripping from his tongue, “We have much bigger problems.”

And despite her need for confirmation, despite the swelling in her chest threatening to eat her from the inside out. Despite the blood electrifying her body, the thoughts in her head, the need to know what had just transpired. She follows the ginger haired boy she’d always known, to help the other boy who was her best friend. 

Knowing, in her heart, that some way somehow, she’d find him. The boy who had no choice. 

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anon requested: hi!! can i request an angst/? imagine where slytherin!reader and draco have always been friends and are part of the same group (blaise, pansy, etc) and reader is in love with draco and is always there for him, but draco does not value her or the things that she does and had done for him, and he actually thinks she’s kinda annoying??? idk if this makes sense :(

info: you always did everything for draco, it’s unfortunate that he never realized how important you were to his life until you were gone.

warnings: cursing

genre: angst

word count: 1.3k+

a/n: hiiii everyone ♥ send me cedric reqs because i just watched tenet and robert pattison was so FINE i cannot.. also this was quite short bc there wasn’t much to go off of,, but enjoy!!


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The first time they went clubbing together…

Draco knew rebellion wasn’t a foreign concept for Astoria Greengrass. She might not be the type to flaunt her darker nature like her sister, but Astoria had been rebelling against the system from within since long before the Grffindoors of his age made it look cool.

He hadn’t been surprised to learn Daphne’s sister had dropped out of Hogwarts after the grand battle with intentions of more or less home-school herself with the best private tutors her inheritance could buy, until she was eligible for an apprenticeship in Gringotts. The castle held too many memories, and Astoria liked to pretend she wasn’t broken. Too much false bravado, Draco could relate.

What HAD surprised him was her new choice of lodgings, not that Astoria would ever live somewhere unworthy of the daughter of a pureblood house but the luxury suite she’d rented for the foreseeable future in the upscale muggle London hotel was almost too on the nose for his taste. She was becoming a walking cliche, walking out of her family home and disapearing into the nightlife of the muggle world to party her guilty conscience away.

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If you wish to go back to the main page for “To My Joyous Little Princess…” click here (other chapters will be found here)


“Three sets of plain work robes, one plain pointed hat for day wear, one pair of protective gloves, one winter cloak, ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1’ by Miranda Goshawk, 'A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot, 'Magical Theory’ by Adalbert Waffling, 'A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration’ by Emeric Switch, 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi’ by Phyllida Spore, 'Magical Drafts and Potions’ by Arsenius Jigger, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ by Newt Scamander, 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection’ by Quentin Trimble, 1 wand, 1 cauldron, 1 set of glass or crystal phials, 1 telescope, and 1 set of brass scales. Students may also bring an owl, a cat, or a toad,” Rena listed off to her mother as they were walking through Diagon Alley.

It was July 29th, exactly 3 months after she received her letter. Rena’s fair skin was glowing in the sunlight while her new purple dress was rippling in the wind. Renata’s blonde hair was flowing with the breeze, and although a few men were hitting on her and complimenting her, she had to focus on her daughter.

“Oh, alright, that seems like a lot more than when I came to school,” Renata laughed nervously and rummaged through her small purse. “Are we going to be able to afford this, mummy?” Rena asked while looking at the windows of the shops next to them.

“Yes, we’ll be able to afford it, Rena, we might just have to ration our food this week,” her mom told her, sighing sadly. “Again? But we had to do that last week when I got new clothes!” Rena complained, remembering how she went to bed on a near-empty stomach.

“I know, sweetie, I know, but money is tight. Mummy’s new job doesn’t pay much,” her mom told her in a sorrowful voice and caressed her cheek. Renata had to get a new job once again the previous month and it has left them with little-to-no money. It pays horribly, but that’s what Renata has to do to keep her secret hidden.

Rena just huffed and looked at all of the other kids. Oh, how she wished she could be like those other kids. She wished that she could have her mom buy stuff without feeling guilty, even though her mom always told her to never be guilty, she still felt it.

Rena was very aware of their money problems and often asked questions about why they had no money. Rena knew about her father and his relationship with her mom. She knew almost everything about her mom since all they could do was hang out with each other at the cottage.

Renata was a bright girl throughout her years at Hogwarts and everyone thought that she would become a herbologist. She was very ambitious but being the Hufflepuff that she was, she was also very kind. Her kindness landed her with a muggle-born boy named Sam Izella in the 3rd year and they fell madly in love at a young age.

Her parents did not approve of their relationship though, for they were pure-bloods. But when you love someone, you will do anything you can to be with them. So, she told her parents to sod off and ran straight into the dreamy sunset of life with her lover.

They got married right out of Hogwarts and Renata fell pregnant with his child at only 20-years-old. Even though Sam said he was excited, she could tell he was a little wary about the whole situation. But, Renata just shrugged it off and carried the little Rena for a whole 9 months and a few days.

On April 29th, 1978, Rena Devika Izella was born. Her name meant “Joyous little princess” and that’s what Renata intended to treat her like, a princess. But unfortunately, Sam had other plans. He left the night she was born with the note, and with that, Renata signed the divorce papers that he asked her to sign. She was heartbroken but she paid the £15,000 that he demanded. It’s in muggle money because they got married in the muggle world, per Sam’s request.

The divorce left Renata with no money and a daughter to raise on her own. They got kicked out of their house when Rena was only 6 months old because Renata was unable to pay the house bills anymore. After living out of wizard and muggle hotels for about six more months, Renata was able to scrape up enough money to buy a small run-down cottage in Ottery St. Catchpole.

Now here they were, 10 years later, 1989, in Diagon Alley getting ready for Rena’s first year at Hogwarts.

“Come on, let’s go get your books,” her mom told her and grabbed her hand firmly before walking through the crowded Alley to Flourish and Blotts.

When they entered the small bookshop, Rena was immediately pushed around by other bodies in the shop. Her mom’s grip got tighter on her hand and pulled Rena through the large mob of people. As they were walking through, Rena couldn’t help but notice a group of redheads.

Maybe her mind was messing with her, but there sure were a lot of them.

After she and her mom gathered the books that were needed for the upcoming school year, her mom told her to stand near the entrance so that she could pay for them.

Rena nodded her head before walking through the large mob-crowd that was still in the bookshop. But right when she got to the middle of it, it started moving. She stumbled over her two feet while being carried away and out the door.

“Mum!” she yelled, but her mother didn’t hear, Diagon Alley was filled with very VERY loud children, much louder than her yelling. After a few seconds of being carried away, she was somewhere new. Well, it was new to Rena, as it was her first time in Diagon Alley.

She looked around for a trusting adult that would surely take her back to her mom. She looked around for a few seconds before seeing the group of redheads she had previously noticed in the bookshop. She looked at who seemed to be the father and studied his face.

“He seems nice,” Rena thought before rushing over to them.

“Fred, George, will you stop that?!” the man yelled at two kids. They looked to be twins, for they looked identical. “Sorry dad!” they apologized at the same time, they both had very squeaky voices.

Rena walked up to the family and started speaking, “Excuse me, can you help me? I seem to be lost,”. The five redheads turned their heads. “Ah, yes, where do you need to be headed to?” the man asked.

“Flourish and Blotts, I was just there with my mom, but then I got carried away, literally,” Rena explained.

“Oh! We were just there,” he looked at his four sons and then back at her, “is it your first year at Hogwarts?”. She nodded her head. “It’s my two sons’ first years too,” the man said and pointed to the twins.

She looked at them and wondered how anyone could tell them apart. “We’re twins,” they both said at the same time, “I’m Fred,” the one on the left said, “And I’m George,” said the one on the right.

“My name is Rena,” she told them with a smile.

“Well it seems you three have gotten to know each other, so why don’t you two show her back to the bookshop? Bill, Percy, and I will be at Sugarplums. Don’t tell your mother,” he told the twins before ushering his two other sons away, following behind them.

“Right this way M'lady,” one said (Fred?), making her laugh. The other one looked a little flustered but then started walking.

She followed the boys back to the bookshop and once she entered, she saw her mom looking rather frantic.

“Oh my gosh! Where have you been?! You scared me half to death!” her mom exclaimed and gave her a tight hug. “Sorry, I got carried away. But I got help to find my way back!” she told her mom, trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh thank you!” her mom exclaimed and hugged both of the boys. Their eyes went wide and Rena just giggled.

“Alright, well we better get going,” one of the twins (George?) said, “Got to get back to our father,” the other one explained, “Goodbye Rena,” they both said before turning around at the same time and walking out of the shop.

“Bye!” she called out before they walked completely out of sight.

“We need to hurry and get the rest of your school supplies, come on!” her mom whispered excitedly and pulled her out of the shop. But, Rena’s mind was still thinking about those two interesting boys.

“Oh we get to go to Ollivanders!” her mom exclaimed giddily and ran to the famous wand shop.

“Ah, Renata… Izella, is it now? Since you got married to Samuel,” Ollivander greeted Renata as they both walked in. Renata just slightly nodded her head, not wanting to tell the story, and pushed Rena a little forward.

“You must be Rena,” he sighed, rather happily… kind of creepily too, “let us see which wand will choose you,”.

He grabbed a box that was near the front, “Try this one,” he told her and placed it in front of her. She grabbed it and waved it around, making a couple of boxes fly out of the shelves.

“Oh, not that one,” Ollivander laughed and went to look for another wand while Rena quickly sat the previous wand down.

“Now try this one,” he instructed her. She hesitantly picked it up and immediately felt a warmth in her fingertips. She waved it around and red and gold sparks came out. Ollivander and her mom clapped joyfully, “Excellent! Unicorn hair, made of acacia, seven and a half inches, unyielding,” he listed in amazement.

The wand was brown (as it was made of acacia) and had a floral design all through the shaft of the wand. The handle of the wand looked like a mini calla lily, with a place just perfect for her hands to wrap around it comfortably.

Renata hesitantly handed over 7 galleons while Rena looked at her wand with a huge grin on her face before they bid Ollivander adieu and left the shop.

“Now to get my robes!” Rena said cheerily and started walking. “Um, sweetie, your wand took all of the money I had,” her mom said worriedly, “but, that’s alright, I have my robes and all that from when I went to Hogwarts,”.

Rena just frowned and looked at her wand, “I’m sorry,”. “Oh dear, it’s not your fault, we’ll be fine,” her mom told her, immediately hugging her.

They stayed like this until someone told them to move out of the way.

“Oh, alright, come on sweetie, let’s go home,” her mom told her and they used the Floo Network to get back to their small cottage, the same way they used to get there.

Once they arrived, they walked inside and set everything down on the table. Renata quickly requested for Rena to help prepare dinner to which Rena agreed.

While Rena was helping her mother, she couldn’t focus because her mind was stuck on the two odd twins.

“Grab the onions, dear,” Renata ordered her, snapping her out of her daydream. “Yes, mum,” she said and smiled thinking about the boys before grabbing the onions for her mother.

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@hogwarts365​​ challenge, weekly prompts #362:

  1. Basilisk
  2. Fort
  3. Drown

The Pen15 is Mightier weekly drabble prompt: Memory

This drabble/ficlet is part of 52 Weeks of Drarry — a series of connected weekly drabbles written during 2020.

Thank you for the beta and the title suggestion, @aedwritesfic💙


I run.

The echoes of my feet against wet stone are eerily loud in the vast chamber. I wish I’d had the sense to cast a Silencio on my trainers earlier, but there’s not much I can do about it now. There’s no time. I squint in the dim light and try my best to ignore the snake-like pillars looming in my peripheral vision. I must have passed dozens of them by now and still, the far end is nowhere in sight. My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it wants to burst through my ribcage. I tighten the grip on my wand, desperate for it not to escape my sweaty hand.

I pant.

My breaths are scratching my throat raw, and I can taste the metallic tang of blood in my mouth as I finally discern the black heap of robe-covered body lying lifeless on the floor in a pool of water and blood. His platinum-blond hair shines like a beacon in the dark, but before I’m able to reach him, before I can make sure he’s still alive, the Basilisk attacks and all I can do is run, dodge, and pray for Fawkes to come to the rescue as he once did, so long ago.

I flee.

The puddles grow rapidly under my trainers and, before long, I’m not running anymore. I’m swimming. In murky, ice-cold water. The serpentine pillars are waving with the currents, transforming into giant seaweed before my eyes, and as I throw a glance over my shoulder, I recognise the sickly green shapes of a pod of Grindylows pursuing me, the long fingers of the closest one only inches from my ankle.

I dive.

Deeper, searching the waters for— There. White-blond locks floating around pale features, void of life. My heart beats faster, urging me on. My lungs burn, screaming for air. I press on, desperate to reach him, but time is running out and the Gillyweed wears off and I. Can’t. Breathe. An arm’s length away. So close, but not close enough.

I drown.

He’s there when I wake up, chasing away the memory of my dream with his warm embrace, his soft kisses.

I smile.


If you liked this drabble, you might also like the others I’ve written in this series. If you’re curious about them or any of the rest of my works you can find them all on AO3:

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🌟1k followers celebration🌟

Taglist and Request are open

Um so I broke 1k followers. !!! WHAT!?

I started this blog a little over a year ago so it’s crazy that so many people found me in just that amount of time.

Thank you so much for reading my fics and following me. You guys really blow my mind.

In celebration of this milestone, I want to do something for you all so….

I am, for the first time, officially opening my ask box for request. I am also making a taglist since some of you wanted that.

If you want to be added to my taglist, just say so in a comment or my asks and I’ll make note of your url.

And if you have requests, submit them to my asks please. Just letting you know that requests will most likely not be written within a timely manner since my writing schedule is very chaotic BUT that doesnt mean it will not be written eventually. I’ll do my best to get them written as early as I can!

Thank you again everyone!! 😁

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Okay, okay, okay. I was watching a tiktok and I have to do this. 100%. I just, I need it to exist. I might write a series about it ngl. If you want me to make it in different characters, comment who you want me to do it for ❣️

Talking to the moon

Any Character x Reader

Summary - You’re in one reality, your soulmate is in another. You soon find out, the only way you can communicate, is by talking to the moon.

Trigger Warning -

Twenty years old doesn’t seem very old, not really. You’re out of high school, you’re finding who you are, you’re learning new things. But, your heart wants one thing right about now, him.

You don’t know who he is. You have no earthly idea, really. But, all your friends seem to be finding their person. They are all going out, meeting their one, and they feel whole.

Your heart aches with the pain it feels, like it’s lacking such a huge part of itself. Him.

You’re confident in who you are, you are beautiful, strong, courageous, and independent. The only problem is, why can’t you be all of that, with them?

You’ve been finding yourself sitting out at night, soft music playing on your phone, your eyes closed as you think of the possibility of your love. They are out there, somewhere, they have to be.

Your eyes open, making eye contact with the moon, as your phone let’s out an all too familiar lyric,

“Talking to the moon,

trying to get to you,

in hope you’re on the other side

talking to me too.

Oh am I fool

that sits alone

talking to the moon?”

You smile softly at the bright orb shining down on your skin.

“I don’t know where you are, I don’t know who you are, but I’ll find you some day, I swear.”

Your eyes closed again, relaxing as you felt the cool breeze on your skin.

“Um, hi, did the moon just talk to me?” A voice filled your head, your eyes jerking open in confusion. “What the heck, who is that?” Your eyes connected with the moon again, it being the only sensible place to look.

“Uh, you’re talking again. I’m sorry, who are you?” The voice was there again, vibrating in your skull.

“Uh, I’m y/n.” You say aloud, feeling slightly stupid with yourself for talking to the moon.

“I haven’t heard of you. Are you going to Hogwarts tomorrow?” Your eyes widened, the breath you had in your lungs now lost. “Are you joking?” This had to be a joke. Either that, or you’re going mental.

“Hogwarts? School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Why would I be joking?” Their voice was so calming…wait, no. You’re imagining this voice, you have to be. “Hogwarts like, Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley?”

You felt stupid even playing along with this idea. “Yeah….that’s the one. The train comes tomorrow.” You were mental, absolutely mental. There was no earthly way you were speaking to someone who was heading to Hogwarts. It wasn’t real, it couldn’t be - right?

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