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#draco malfoy

Originally posted by alissalhess


Request: Hi was wondering if you could write for draco about the song expectations by Lauren jauregui and it’s really angst and they fight for awhile but then after awhile they kind of break and have really angry sex where draco is 10x more son then normal and after there laying in dracos bed and there cuddle together y/n wearing dracos shirt and he apologises or something and it ends in fluff if your comfortable with that thanks also love your work 🥰🥰

Tysm for the request love, hope this fits what you had in mind🖤🖤 GUYS I ALSO NEDD TUMBLR fan girl friends message me ily

Warnings: smut! Toxic Draco and relationship ;)) not proof read sowwy..

Y/N and Draco had been dating for almost a year, things started our sweet. Not to mention, you were the Syltherin Princess and Prince. You were the same. Short tempered and mildly crazy. Crazy for each other.


Another day passed where Draco decided to not walk with you to to dinner in the great hall. It had been three days now and you had had quite enough. You stormed into the great hall smoke almost coming out of your ears when you saw the pug faced girl getting comfy on your boyfriends lap.

When you approached the ignorant blonde you tapped him shoulder and crossed your arms.

“What.. is this.” You said in almost too calm of a manor.

Draco just smirked as Pansy chimed in

“Y/N! There you are, Draco was just showing me.. well just showing me his charms homework..” she giggled

“If you know what’s good for you Draco.. I expect to you see in the hall in 3 seconds.” You seethed.

Draco didn’t budge, almost pretending as if he didn’t hear you. Making a turn on your heels you stormed out.


You finally entered your dorm angrily ripping off your school clothes and plopping onto the bed.

Up in bed, all alone

Wondering where you’ve been

‘He will come crawling back, he will make it up to me’ you told yourself for comfort. The hours came and went as you weren’t even close to dozing off.

I’ve already been through about seven scenarios

And it happens every time

Wish I had no expectations


The next day you were determined to put those blonde in his place. You walked through the corridors looking for Draco. You caught a quick glimpse of him rounding a corner with his goons.

“Malfoy!” You shouted

He snapped his head around. You stood in front of him red faced ready to lose it.

“Ooo!” Grabbe said

“Want to tell me what the bloody hell is going on here! You have been spending an awful lot of time with that whore, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it!” You said almost shouting now.

He stood smirking, slowly walked closer to you so you were nose to nose.

“And what are you going to do about it? Huh? Princess.” He said darkly into your ear which shot shivers down your spine.

Crabbe laughing was soon cut off when you opened your hand and sent it right to his cheek.

Dracos jaw fell in shock as he put his hand to your cheek where it was no turning a light red shade.

“Your bloody crazy, we’re done.” He growled turning away. You stood there still as tears rolled down your face.

I really wish we could talk about it instead

All these tears that I cry while I’m turned to the side


A week. Two weeks. That day replayed in your head. You hadn’t spoken a word to Draco, not even in your shared classes. He seemed fine like it never happened. But inside you were crumbling, missing the feeling of him on your skin.

And you haven’t once thought of me

You sat with Blaze in the dining hall during dinner eyeing Draco in the corner of your eye, seated with his friends just to the right of you.

“Cheer up, he can’t be THAT good in bed” Blazed laughed

“Yano..” you started a little louder

“You’re right. Draco wasn’t that good I’m bed, I’m fact I had no expectations going to bed with him.” You chirped

Blazing eyes went wide as he looked up a little over your head.

“Get up. Now” a demanding dark voice came from behind.

“Draco I..” you started but you were yanked from your seat and dragged out of the hall.


You were now standing at the door of his prefect room. You were almost shaking with anxiety as you both stepped in. He turned his back to you and began to pace.

“Not good that good in bed yeah princess?” He said darkly turning to you, eyes filled with rage and lust.

“I’m here to remind you, just how good I can make you feel. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He said tilting your head up with his finger.

“Y-yes” you said softly.

“Strip.” He demanded motioning to your clothes. He sat down in his chair watching as your stripped, now standing naked in front of him as he dropped his pants and underwear.

He grabbed you, roughly backing you into his bed. You gasped as he took your legs over his head, spreading your legs

“So wet for me already princess… too wet for not excepting.” He smirked gathering your wetness with his tip.

“Draco I need you now!” He stood up and smirked down at you making you feel so small.

“As you wish.” he said pushing into you roughly, letting his dick sink into your pussy as you threw your head back in moans mixed with pain and pleasure. He didn’t let you adjust to his size and he began thrusting deep into you. He began to snap his hips into you faster and deeper as his name was all you could manage to spill out in between moans. He grabbed your hips roughly bruising them and pressing his nails into your soft skin.

He rolled his hips into you harder and deeper hitting your g spot each time and reaching down to press his thumb onto you clit making slow circles. You scream his name over and over as you saw stats reaching your high.

“Ya? Who’s making you feel good, so desperate.” He chuckled darkly as you screamed, tears pricking your eyes. His

thrusts soon became sloppy, his orgasm trailing right behind you as he slapped your ass over and over. He released into you and slowed his thrusts riding out his high.

He collapsed next to you pulling you close kissing the your back over and over

“Y/N, I’m sorry.. please forgive me. I don’t deserve you but I need you princess.” He whispered as you melted into his touch.

“You drive me crazy, but love you Draco.” You giggled softly

He reached around you and wrapped his jersey with ‘MALFOY’ printed on the back.

“Here keep it.” He said pulling you back in close.

But I expect, you expect, we expect

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Harry: im made at you. I hate you. Never talk to me again

Draco: oh.. so does that mean you don’t want a hug then?


Harry, under his breath: damn he’s good

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I sniff things before I eat or drink them, even as a human. I also have become much more protective of my friends, family, and territory. I even cock my head to the side when I am confused.

I actually lost my temper with Sirius and Professor Snape. Both of them were fighting over nothing again, and I care about both of them. So I told them, and I quote, “Stop fighting and apologize, or you won’t like the consequences!” A growl was put in at the end. I was human. Sirius, who is also like his animagus form, backed down from the fight and let out a small whine. Professor Snape seemed surprised, but also backed down

I will pant when I am too hot. And when someone scratches my scalp. For different reasons, but it still happens. And Draco loves to do that for the reaction. Not in front of people, but he does it when we are alone quite often.

Make no mistake, you aren’t quite the same once you become an animagus. You will start to show traits to whatever animal it is.

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the difference between Draco Malfoy and Tom Riddle fans is that Tom fans don’t pretend that their stan isn’t a shitty person with shitty values and choices

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why are you setting up all these elaborate traps for malfoy?
my happiness and his are cosmically linked
if he's happy, i'm angry and sad
and if he's angry and sad?
who the FUCK levitated this BUCKET OF PAINT over my door these are NEW ROBES
then i'm extremely happy!
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Seeker Part 2- Draco Malfoy x fem!reader (unspecified house but not Slytherin)

Warnings: None! Just a fluffy sequel :)

Word Count: 3.0k

A/N: You can find part 1 here if you haven’t read it already!  Sorry this took so long, I’ve just been trying to make sure its a worthy sequel.  I wanna thank everyone for over 150 notes on Part 1, I never expected such astounding support!  Also keep your eye out for the mini surprise at the end ;)  Also I would really love feedback since this is my first sequel, especially to my first ever fic.

Just a reminder: Y/N is Your Name and Y/L/N is Your Last Name


Meet me at our spot tonight at 11.  I’ve missed you.


You slid the perfectly-written crisp parchment back into the expensive black envelope it arrived in, to hide it from your nosy dorm-mates.  Draco’s owl perched patiently at the open window of your dorm, barely making a chirp. You handed the well-trained bird a small piece of chocolate, which was previously stowed away in your nightstand, before sitting down at your desk to pen Draco a response.   

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The days are getting colder and longer, the trees becoming barren. The pair walks down a leave-ridden path, trees arching above them. They’re lazily swinging there arms, Hermione’s cheeks pinked by the cold. Although she’s sipping her spiced hot chocolate dutifully, Draco watches her with suspicion.

Your cold, aren’t you? he accuses while she vigorously shakes her head. Yet her shivering body said otherwise. They walk in silence for a few minutes but Draco wasn’t having it. He shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around Hermione despite her protests.

You idiot, she says lovingly, looking at him with pity. Now you’re going to be cold too. He merely shakes his head, grinning. Removing the jacket, he put his arm through one hole and Hermione’s through the other. He’s surprised by how cold her hands are and so he clenches it tightly, beverages forgotten.

She blushes as she feels his arm wrap around her waist, pulling her closer.

How’s this for warm? he murmurs in her ear. Smiling, she pecks him on the cheek.

 Better, admits Hermione. His hair moves with the wind and he matches  her grin. Not so idiotic after all, eh? Hermione rolls her eyes at that dork. Her sweet, socially awkward dork.

Standing up on her tiptoes, she brushes her lips across his. He looks at her with  confused happiness.

What was that for?

She shakes her head while smiling. Nothing much,

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Thank you so much! I can’t express how much this means to me. Being compared to real novels and Isolation is seriously the highest praise.

I’m glad the story meant so much to you and am also glad you got to read it all in one go. I think this story is best enjoyed that way because it’s easier to link all the parts together.

Anyway, I’m going to go and print and frame this now (because I’m an old person). Thanks!

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Draco: I hate you Potter but know I must try to befriend you.

Harry :… Why?

Draco: The phandom wants it.

Harry : Can’t you say no?

Draco: Aperantly I ‘have no choice’.

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Draco caught him through the sea of people, the hubbub of the housewarming party fading away for a moment—Harry, wading his way through the crowd, smiling embarrassedly, running his hand through his hair, lifting his eyes in the middle of conversations as though searching for something. Someone. He looked nervous and urgent, more nervous and urgent than Draco had ever seen him. He had always been so sure, when he was with Draco. Every gesture confident without thought, wielding the world as though he was born into the very center of it.

Harry turned and caught his eyes.

The world silenced, then the noises rushed back. The distance between them: 48 people, a fight, six months of breakup. They stared at each other over the crowd of their friends, suddenly faceless. Staring at each other as though across seas.

Harry started walking towards him.

And how foolish it was, Draco thought, how unfair—hours later after the party had ended, hours after they had talked and fought in the main bedroom with angry voices suppressed and raised, after they had quieted, after they had climbed into bed wrapped around each other in the dark, the streetlights from the road outside glimpsing in and illuminating strips of walls, corners of the wardrobe—how unfair, that he had redecorated the rooms and repainted the walls and repositioned the furniture, yet he never could have forgotten, never could have painted over the traces Harry had left in his life, in him. That he still remembered every inch of Harry’s body, the rise and dip of his muscles, the warmth of his neck—how to angle and burrow his face into the nook. How to wrap himself around him, how it felt laying his head on his chest. It came back like muscle memory, like stepping into a pair of old boots after walking for days in tight new ones, like letting out a sigh and sinking into fresh sheets.

Harry shifted, buried his nose in Draco’s hair. Draco let out, involuntarily, a shuddery breath.

“Were you angry with me,” Harry asked, into the quiet darkness—into Draco’s hair, “this whole time?”

“I didn’t think of you enough to be angry with you.”

“I miss you.”

“Missed,” Draco corrected, a mutter.

“No, I’m still missing you.” Harry pulled him closer, wrapped him tighter. A note of warmth and tentative jest in his voice. “Not over yet.” Then, “You moved the kissing chair from the windows to the opposite side of the living room. I remember you said you wanted the sun when you read.”

Draco remembered. He remembered, too, the day he moved it: blind with anger, pushing the stuffed chair from one side of the room to the other, heaving as he stared at it afterwards, vision blurry. They had chosen the chair together, had decided where to put it together. It had looked out of place every time Draco passed it afterwards, sitting under the painting it was not meant to sit under.

“It was a bad decision,” Draco said, a moment later.

Harry stroked his arm. Then, hesitant, “Let’s move it back, then.”

It was a question. Harry’s heart beat quietly and steadily under Draco’s ear, where he’d put his head on his chest, his body warm in the dark.

“Yes,” Draco said. There were lots of things to move.

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I really want to learn about my followers so if you lovely shifters see this tell me about your favorite shifting memory and/or something cool you have planned in your DR!

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I made this for some people on Amino, but why not post it here too right?

This took me roughly 5.5 hours and my eyes hurt now.

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*antique shop*

Ginny: is this perfume or Whiskey?

Draco: only one way to find out *grabs bottle and chugs it*




Draco: definitely perfume.

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Literally no one ever:

Me at any time in the day: 

“tHErE iS nO sUcH tHinG. As mAgiC *loud clap*

“sUnshiNe, DaiSiEs, bOttOm mELLoW, tUrN tHiS StUpiD faT rAt yELloW

“sHaT uP hArRy-

“and iM mALFoY. DrAcO, mAlfoY

“mE da’S a mUgGLE, me mUms a WiTcH. Bitofanastyshockwhenhefoundout

“its leviOsa. Not leviosA-

“trOLL IN THE DUNGEON,, thoUGHt yOu outta knOw

“nO yoU cAnT !!

“how cOUld i be so sTUpid

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Oh no stop it 🥵

Includes - spitting

I might’ve seen this on tik tok which is why it instantly came to my mind but Draco keeps a polaroid of Pansy spitting in your mouth in his wallet and he doesn’t care who sees. 

But you guys definitely have a photo album of explicit polaroids and they range from you and Pansy posing in sexy lingerie to Draco’s hands sprawled across your tummy as he thrusts his fingers in and out of you. 

Also enchanting the polaroids so they move and you can see how fast Draco’s fingers are moving or the way Pansy pulls your face closer to hers so you two kiss,,, i want

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d.m blurbs/fics

colds and quidditch

-draco x gn!reader

heartbreaks and show offs*

-harry potter x fem!reader, ex!draco malfoy x fem!reader

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