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#draco malfoy smut
dr4cking · a day ago
porn links vol. 2 ೃ༄
▷ 2k celebration edition ◁
(as i promised, another porn links for my 2k celebration)
Tumblr media
draco malfoy
stepbro!draco railing you in the middle of the night | 2
stepbro!draco taking your innocence | 2
stepdad!draco claiming you | 2
thigh riding stepdad!draco
mob!draco punishing you | 2
dom!draco torturing you
dom!draco breeding you | 2 | 3 | 4
ceo!draco fucking your thighs | 2 | 3
master!draco fucking his filthy maid
enemy!draco claiming you as his dirty whore | 2
prof!draco taking you on his desk | 2
having a detention with classmate!draco
hate and angry sex with your rival, mob!draco
roommate!draco helping you relax
showering with rommate!draco
best friend!draco ruining your innocence
legal student!draco fucking the youngest professor
getting off sub!draco
dom!draco fucking your tits
pegging sub!draco
dom!draco making you squirt
riding sub!draco’s face
bestfriend!draco eating you out | 2
riding gamer!draco
theodore nott
theo fingering you
home alone with stepbro!theo
tom riddle
obedient pet for master!tom
first time with your boyfriend, tom
tom punishing his filthy brat
mattheo riddle
roommate!mattheo taking you on the couch
enemies with benefits with mattheo
cedric diggory
neighbor!cedric in your house
best friend!cedric
pansy parkinson
first time with dom!pansy
friends with benefits with pansy
james potter
morning soft sex with james
james breeding you full until you’re dripping
stepbro!james taking you on the kitchen counter
sirius black
sirius pumped you full with his cum
dom!sirius teasing you
remus lupin
riding prof!remus in his private room
trying to get off on dom!remus cock
sirius x remus using you
double breeding from your masters
torturing you until you’re a crying mess
lily evans
soft dom!lily pleasuring you
getting intimate with lily
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
reader who has oral fixation and blaise teases her about it and draco stops him and just gives her what she wants so draco is now the one being teased and blaise saying how draco's got a pillow princes, if you're comfy with it!
“Take my fingers, sweetie. Don’t listen to Blaisey, okay? Now suck softly and close your eyes,” Draco instructs as he leads his digits past your lips, making you not focus on the fact Blaise was just making fun of you for asking for it.
“A pillow princess, I’m assuming?” Blaise chirps up with a raise of his eyebrows as Draco situated you to nuzzle into his chest with his fingers tucked comfortably in your mouth.
His eyes flash to Blaise in annoyance. “…she can do it herself..but doesn’t like to-”
“Oh come on mate,” Draco’s friend interrupts as you babble around his finger how you wanted to go sleep but they were being too noisy for your liking. “Look at her! I’d love to see her try and ride you, or suck you off, or something.”
This makes both you and Draco furiously shake your heads, knowing that would probably never happen and he would continue to take care of you the way he’d always been.
“Okay, maybe she is a pillow princess..but isn’t she just the cutest one ever?”
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ilovedilfdraco · a day ago
Excessive Infatuations | D.M
Warnings: Smut, Obsession, Stalker Draco, Oral Sex (female receiving), Praise, Degrading, Very Possessive and Toxic Draco, Solo Masterbation (Male) (Also Including Something Questionable That Was Stolen), Mentions of Knife Kink, and Slight Breeding Kink
This is long just like his di- and literally the smuttiest thing I've ever written besides the one thing I never uploaded 🧍🏻‍♀️
(All Characters are 18+)
Tumblr media
His 'obsession' with you simply started when your gorgeous eyes locked onto his lightened grey ones during class, never had a lady captivated him with just a single glance, and he couldn't fathom why you did.
Ever since then everything in his life revolved around the thought of having you all to himself one day, but that was unlikely since you've never given him an ounce of attention besides when he caught your lingering gaze.
Draco often asked himself why can't you see that I'm better for you? because from far away he would be closely watching the blush arise to your cheeks and the flirtatious words escape your lips when a certain boy who was not him would talk to you.
The amount of anger he would feel and the thoughts that would consume his brain whole everytime that boy would touch something that wasn't his, was indescribable.
But then that anger would rapidly subside because he knew that one day, you will learn that no matter what you will always be his, and he will always be yours.
He would make sure of it.
Draco was currently sitting in potions class, tuning out the professor as he was occupied with watching you from the corner of his eye. He noticed that your expression was different from most days, and he started to feel his gut twinge as many thoughts raced throughout his head, wondering why you weren't your usual bright self.
The smile that was once plastered onto the face he so adored was replaced with a frown, the captivating eyes he had only looked into once was puffy and pink, everything about your whole demeanor changed, and he so desperately wanted to know who or what did this.
The next words that instantly pulled him out of his trance was a gift from Merlin himself, "Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Y/L/N, you two will be working together today to prepare a potion." The professor drawled out in his monotone voice.
Draco nodded his head and got up from his seat immediately making his way towards the desk you were sitting at, and there was this foreign feeling in his lower abdomen that was no longer discomforting as he got closer to you. Oh what he would do to make you truly understand how he feels when he's near you.
He sat down and the fruity scented perfume you were wearing engulfed his senses, making his desire for you worsen. On the desk there was a ripped piece of parchment and on it was written the potion you two were to make.
He let out a huff and turned to you letting his gaze linger for just a moment, "What's your problem?" He pretended to act as if he just realized how strange you were acting.
"Nothing that concerns you, Malfoy. Let's just get this over with." You vaguely responded, and his heart basically shattered at your cold voice that was no longer laced with sweetness and politeness- the two things that had him weak at his knees for you.
The two things that made him fall in love with you.
The potion was finally completed after a bunch of childish bickering between the both of you and him throwing flirtatious comments your way, and now professor Snape had walked up to the table, asking the two of you to test it out. "I smell: peppermint, cologne, and something apple scented." You said, while occasionally fanning the potion fumes onto your face.
Draco's heart stopped, curiousness fogging his brain as he wondered if it was him you were smelling, is it me that you want Y/N? Because I know for a fact I want you, eventhough I've never thought about another woman except you. I'm waiting for you.
You turned to him, motioning him to share and he cleared his throat while he gained his composure. "I-I smell: fruit scented perfume," he stuttered, while fiddling with the ring on his slender finger "Uh, vanilla, and pink coconut ice."
Snape muttered something under his breath as he walked away, leaving the two of you alone in an atmosphere filled with something unknown.
You shifted in your seat, and his eyes instantly moved to you for what seemed like the hundredth time today- it probably was, and his heart warmed when he realized you no longer looked like how you did at the beginning of class.
He made you happy. He made you happy.
"What happened?" He finally asked again, this time being more polite.
"What do you mean?" You turned your gaze to the boy next to you, your elbow was resting on the desk as your palm held up your chin.
He rolled his eyes. "I don't know, you tell me."
You looked at Draco hesitantly, contemplating whether you should or should not share your troubles with him, you barely knew him after all, plus why would he want to hear about your boy troubles.
His eyes were glistening with pure intentions, like he really wanted to listen to everything, and like he really wanted to help you. It seemed as if it really pained him to see you like this, something unusual-especially for Draco Malfoy.
"It's stupid really." You shook your head, emitting a false chuckle.
"Well if it's that stupid you wouldn't mind telling me, would you love?"
Fuck, those eyes- so fucking captivating, you couldn't look away. You almost thought he put a spell on you- but perhaps it was the potion fumes clouding your senses, it did happen to be right infront of you.
"The boy I like, he's with someone else." You mumbled.
His face scrunched in confusion, who would pick anyone other than you? Who would want to be with anyone but you? How can that blind prick not see how perfect you are?
"Who would pick someone other than you?" He didn't know it but he said the words out loud.
"What?" A blush painted your cheeks, and a smile tugged on the corners of your lips, while a fluttering feeling took over your lower abdomen.
Someone- someone that's Draco Malfoy thought of you that way? It's too good to be true.
Later That Night
Draco's veiny hand was moving up and down along his hardened cock- his thumb occasionally swiping over the redden throbbing tip that was leaking with precum. The thoughts of you was clouding his lust filled mind.
His head was leaned back into the soft pillows, his eyes sealed shut and his mouth agape with whimpers and barely audible moans emitting from it, he was focusing on the pleasure his thoughts brought him and the feeling of your stolen lace knickers that was balled up in his fist.
"Are you going to be a good girl and take all of me?" He asked, his finger grazing your sensitive nipples teasingly.
“Yes Draco- just pl-" You stopped mid sentence when you felt the tip of his cock stroke your throbbing clit.
"F-fuck- please just fuck me." You shuddered, your legs subconsciously wrapping around his waist trying to get him closer to your needy cunt to relieve the emptiness you felt in your core.
He chuckled deeply against your neck, his blond hair brushing against your cheek, "My pathetic needy little whore, so fucking desperate for my cock."
You whined at his words which was soon replaced with a moan when you felt the tip of his dick slowly start to enter your cunt.
Before Draco could proceed with his lustful thoughts- a knock on the mahogany door interrupted him. He ignored it at first hoping the person would go away but they didn't.
"Fucking hell," He sneered, pulling his pajama pants and boxers back up, he then got up from his bed and made his way to the bathroom firstly washing his hands.
Drying his hands, he walked over to the door and turned the knob pulling it open. “Wha-”
“Why is Ron in the infirmary?” You seethed, barely noticing his flushed expression.
"I don't know." A smirk started to form on his lips and he shrugged his shoulders, finding your anger somewhat amusing- his fading away.
“Draco, this isn’t funny- he’s hurt.” You sighed.
His arms were crossed over his bare torso, as he leaned down towards your ear, his lips ghosted the smooth skin and then he whispered, “Someone hurts you, I hurt them, this case it so happened to be the poor Weasel.”
All of a sudden you found yourself speechless as you didn't know how to react to his words. Should you run? Should you be feeling this aroused? His words sounded somewhat pure evil, yet you still found yourself desiring him even more, you were drawn to him like he was to you.
"Is that all?" He taunted, backing away much to his dislike.
He so desperately wanted to pull you inside and act out his fantasies on you, but he wanted you to make the first move.
And you did because now you were sprawled out on his bed almost completely bare, with him inbetween your thighs.
"The amount of times I thought of you like this." Draco groaned as his finger pushed your knickers to the side and collected your arousal just to spread it all over your throbbing cunt, your hips moved upwards trying to get his fingers inside of you but he just pushed you back down into the mattress.
“Please Draco.” You cried out, tired of his nonstop teasing that has been going on since you gave him full permission to do whatever he wanted to you.
A devilish smirk appeared on his face as he knew he got you right where he wanted- displayed on his bed and begging him to fuck you, the things he thought would only happen in his dreams, maybe he was but it didn't matter, all that mattered was that he pleasured you.
Finally deciding to give in, his tongue met with your swollen clit and a moan left your lips as your fingers tangled themselves in his blonde hair. "Oh, fuck."
Your legs threatened to close but his grip tightened on your thighs keeping you in place while his tongue continued to taste your arousal like it was the most sweetest thing he has ever tasted.
“So amazing.” He mumbled against your clit, causing vibrations of pleasure to shock your body and your back to arch.
His grip on one of your thighs loosened as he moved his hand over to your entrance, sliding two slender but full fingers in and then his mouth closed on your clit- sucking on the bundle of nerves.
A whimper was released from your lips as his fingers instantly found that one spot that made you weak and when he noticed this his lips detached from you while his fingers continued to repeatedly hit that area.
You found that you couldn’t form words as you felt yourself getting closer to your high while your brain went foggy with bliss and ecstasy like euphoria.
“I can’t wait until I can feel your tight cunt squeeze my cock like this.” Draco said feeling you clench and unclench around his fingers.
“Then don’t wait.” You managed to cry out, desperate to feel him completely.
Hearing your response caused him to smirk and he took a few seconds to admire your heaving chest that made your breasts slightly bounce.
The sight made him painfully harder then he already was. “Such a desperate little fucktoy aren’t you?” He sneered while sliding his fingers out and his gaze moved towards your bare thigh, he wondered if you would let him carve his initials into your skin- officially marking you as his but he would wait until you would willingly devote yourself to him like he devoted himself to you.
Draco positioned himself over you and you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer so that his lips connected with yours.
His hand moved to grip your hair and while you were distracted with the feeling of his soft lips against yours he took the opportunity to push himself inside of you.
“Draco.” You moaned, gripping his shoulders- your fingernails probably making an indent while he started to slowly thrust deeper inside you, not giving you time to get accustomed to his large size.
“Fuck, doll, you sound so fucking perfect.” He groaned, placing kisses all over your chest and neck- marking your skin with purple and blue hues, since he knew he couldn’t do much about people looking at what was his, the only thing he could really do was show people you were already taken- already been used by him.
His hand traveled to your thigh, wrapping it around his waist getting instant access to your g-spot and whimpers fell from your mouth as his tip abused it.
"How do you think Weasel will react when he finds out my cock is using your little cunt?" He sneered, gripping your chin with his hands forcing you to look at his darkened grey eyes.
"I-I fu- I don't know." You stuttered, shaking your head while tears were fogging your eyes.
He chuckled, releasing your face from his grip leaving behind a red hand imprint.
Draco buried his head in the crook of your neck and brought his thumb to your clit drawing figure eights, while his thrusts were rough and sloppy.
“I’m gonna cum inside you darling, is that ok?” His raspy voice asked.
Draco smirked against your neck, while he thought of you having his children. You would be stuck and bound to him forever. Forever his and his only.
All of a sudden his and your world went silent and the only thing that could be seen were white spots as his hips stilled while your legs shook, and then cum released from his tip and your core.
You shuddered as he pulled out and collapsed next to you, the cold air hitting your now empty cunt.
“You’re mine now.” He mumbled loud enough for you to hear.
I hope there’s no mistakes cause I physically cannot read my smut scenes 😭
Loveeee you <3
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angel4you · 21 hours ago
🎀 nsfw with doctor!draco if its not too much 💖
“are you on your period darling, or are they always this sore?” the smooth latex brushes against your thin shirt. humming a no, draco trails his fingers over your hardened nipples. “what was that love?”
“just got off it” your eyes scan all over the room, avoiding dracos dark gaze. “it usually would have stopped being sore by now but, i dunno”
“don’t worry darling, i just need to you take of your shirt for me” his deep voice creates a cold chill that runs down your spine. “need to get a closer look”
pulling of your shirt off, you set in down next to your legs. dracos stands between your thighs, his imitating figure towers over you. the lace brake shapes your tits placing them perfectly for draco to feel.
“tell me if it hurts dove” his hands begin to grope at your chest while his thumbs circle over your nipples.
“um, no sir” you mumble. “you’re making them feel really g- a lot better”
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l0vely-lupin · a day ago
draco malfoy x plussized!reader
summary: just a little push was all it took for draco to call you his.
warnings: fluff (if i’ve missed any please dm me!)
part 6
a/n: guess who finally wrote :D
Tumblr media
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five
you held up the vial between your fingertips and marveled at it. draco sat next to you with the same expression.
"that one little vial could fix everything. it could save your life if you were moments from dying. merlin's beard, that's amazing." said draco
you hummed in agreement. he was right. it was amazing.
"are you going to take it now?"
you shook your head. "no. i want to save it for something very important. if i didn't, who knows what problem could come when i need it the most?"
"you're right." draco turned to you. "how come you and that potter got it right?"
"i don't know how harry got it, but my father taught me how to make it. we had the extra ingredients to make the potion a year ago. all the instructions in the textbook were incorrect. i didn't use it."
"you're lucky." draco laid on his back, his head falling on your pillow.
you both were in your dorm. draco's paint set was on your work desk as it always was. at this point, you just studied in the library until it was time to go back to your dorm.
you looked down at him.
he was so beautiful. his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. he was at ease around you. he often fell asleep in your room during late nights or in general really.
your hand brushed his hair from his face and he softened even more into your touch.
mustering up some confidence, you said, "you're pretty. did you know that?"
"you're pretty. did you know that?" he asked.
you slightly blushed, brought your knees up to your chest, and shrugged.
he opened his eyes and turned to you. "you are."
"i guess."
you were surprised by two lengthy arms wrapping around you and a head of blonde hair resting on the side of your waist. "you are."
you laid back, your hair resting itself on the pillows. draco put beads in your hair earlier (and some glitter without your knowledge). draco shifted his head to your stomach.
his arms stayed wrapped around you.
you noticed how you both were getting closer each day. not that you minded, of course.
you got flustered over the smallest things. he shared everything with you. you usually slept with him in the same room everyday now. hell, your heart even fluttered once because he offered you some food from his fork.
at this point you couldn't even control the way you felt. the desire for draco malfoy was so potent that it engulfed you fully to the point where everything became such a muddled blur except him.
he was everything you wanted and more.
losing track of time when in the greenhouse, sneaking out to stargaze at the very top of the astronomy tower, studying while listening to him softly hum the same song that made you feel like honey, lazy hours in your room spent with the both of you just lying there and dozing off several times, tears falling so hard that they hurt while he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your hair...
his lips, oh god his lips.
after about twenty minutes, you both were snoring softly.
the next morning, draco woke and appreciated the lack of sunlight peering through the windows. it was a saturday.
you were still asleep.
somehow, in your sleep, you and draco's legs entwined each other's and he was on top of you, his head laying softly on your chest.
you looked the most peaceful when asleep, he noticed. your hair covered your face and he lightly brushed it away to see it clearly.
you stirred and sleepily opened your eyes.
before you could actually comprehend what was happening, he rolled off, not wanting to make you uncomfortable and looked at your eyes.
those damn eyes, he thought.
you blinked, slightly confused and blushed when you realized what's happened.
"sorry for waking you."
you shook your head and stared at him longingly.
before he could stop himself, he said, "your eyes are so pretty."
blood rushed to your face and you hid it in the pillow.
he slightly stirred. "y/n, what are we?"
you turned to him softly and answered truthfully, "i don't know, draco, but we're not just friends."
"more than just friends?"
"a lot more than just friends."
"best friends?"
"we could be."
"we could be?"
"yes. do you want that?"
"i'd like that. would you?"
your noses were almost touching.
he let his lips meet yours and you melted.
you slightly tasted like mint, despite not having anything in your mouth for seven hours or so, and your lips against his were soft. you both pulled away from one another.
hell, if that was all it took to call you his, he would've done it ages ago.
this was new.
your lips met again, this time his hand softly tangled in your hair, and it lasted for several more seconds. you both had lost the ability to think. when you pulled away, draco grasped your hand and you smiled.
dear, y/n,
hello, my darling!
everything is going absolutely splendid!
i'm happy to hear that you like your gift, it's so very important so try not to lose it.
this letter is rushed because i don't have much time but i'm travelling for work. things have been getting much better here at home, love.
at the moment, i'm in france. i'll be in america next week and i hope for your best wishes, y/n/n.
i miss you and hope to see you soon, also.
love, dad.
you and draco sat in your bed. it was now 9 am. you both haven't left one another yet. your fingers were entwined and you were both under the many blankets on your bed.
it had been freezing.
your mind pleasantly buzzed with delight.
what did you do to earn the privilege?
“thank you.” you said.
he turned and kissed your forehead for the hell of it. “for what?”
“for choosing me when no one else did.”
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Tumblr media
stream in my feelings by lana del rey
Tumblr media
🏷 tags: @just-a-smol-spoon @littlemissnoname13 @dlmmdl@cvpidsletters @wanniiieeee @spqrkly @samaraaaaa @youreso-golden @princess-jules47
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dracossweetprincess · 2 days ago
congrats on 1'2k honey
👠- with this porn link and thank youu💗
“look at you, such a pathetic fucking whore.” draco spat between your pants.
“your pretty cunt’s so wet it’s dripping onto my thigh. rub yourself on me like the slut you are baby.” you gripped onto his shoulders trying to keep steady as the denim of his trousers brushed against your clit.
“bet you love looking like a disgusting slut in front of your dray, yeah?”
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 8 hours ago
can you do one where draco and y/n are about to have sex but hermione walks in and at first is like wtf but ends up joining in??!! ty if so
pairing(s): draco malfoy x hermione granger x reader
word count: 1.7k
warning(s): 18+, threesome, semi-public sex (well they get caught but it's a wanted thing), oral (female receiving), slightly dom!draco
a/n: requests are back open for now if you want to request anything specific! or just continue reading the filth bc ya'll are getting very creative with requests and i love it!
You couldn’t believe he had talked you into this. Again. But you were also too blissed out to even care.
Your boyfriend, Draco, had dragged you back into the Restricted Section while the pair of you were trying to get some studying done in the library. Or at least you had been trying to study. Draco had decided on behalf of both of you that neither of you could simply wait until you made it all the way back down to the dorms and pulled you deeper and deeper into the library until you were naked and laid on a table in the Restricted Section.
‘No one comes back here. It’s fine’, he told you as he stripped you bare.
And he was right. The pair of you had done this on more than one occasion and had never been caught.
Until tonight.
You both heard the door swing open at the same time and the shuffle of feet just around the corner.
Draco didn’t even pause his movements, still thrusting deep inside of you, but he did slap a hand over your mouth to muffle the array of noises he was dragging out of you. He gave you a signature smirk right before his eyes shifted to peek between the books to see who the intruder was.
You watched as his eyes widened minusculely, but then he was only pounding into you harder when he shifted to bring his lips close to your ear.
“It’s Granger,” he whispered before pulling back to stare down at your face.
You could see the mischief clear as day in his eyes. You couldn’t help but have the same feeling. The swottiest girl in school, just happening to stumble into the same room you were getting ruined in. It was almost too good to be true.
And besides, neither of you could deny how fit she was. You had both talked about it. And it wasn’t an opportunity either of you were just willing to pass up.
He slowly slid his hand from your mouth, but you were careful to stay reasonably quiet. If a few breathless moans escaped you, neither of you cared. You wanted to get caught, after all.
You could practically feel the seconds tick by as you heard her feet shuffling from aisle to aisle. Draco had slowed his hips to a slow roll, but the friction was so delicious that you couldn’t help but have to stifle a few of your louder moans.
Finally, you heard a breathless ‘oh’ coming from the end of the aisle you two were hiding in, both of your heads snapping to the source of the noise.
And there she was. Hermione Granger in her swotty little skirt, her button down shirt perfectly tucked in. And she wasn’t moving a muscle. You doubted she was even breathing at the debauched sight of you and your boyfriend.
“I- I’m sorry. I- I’m going to go now. Sorry,” she managed to stutter out, but right as she went to turn Draco set his plan in motion.
“Granger,” Draco called darkly, the authoritative tone in his voice making you clench around his cock. You saw her freeze again, her back turned but she was listening intently. “Don’t be sorry. I saw that little blush. Now do you really want to leave or do you want to join us?”
“I- I shouldn’t,” Hermione breathed, her entire body tenser than you had ever seen it. She still hadn’t turned around to face the pair of you again.
“Don’t be a swat and get over here, Granger,” you taunted, wanting nothing more than for her to get in the middle of the pair of you.
You watched her take a deep breath before she turned, the blush on her cheeks had risen since you had last seen her face, but her eyes were nearly black with lust staring at the pair of you. Slowly, Draco pulled out of you, causing you to whimper, but you couldn’t complain long because he had you standing up within seconds.
“Go strip her, darling. I know you’re aching to see what she looks like under all those clothes,” Draco whispered low in your ear, giving you a little push forward to get you started.
Once you made your way over to her, you locked her in a kiss that could only be described as needy, the pair of you utterly consumed by one another. You took her clothes off with a speed you didn’t know you possessed, your hands obsessively roaming her naked body, the three of you hidden deep in the stacks.
Draco let the pair of you play for some time, perfectly content with watching, but as the time passed he grew more and more on edge. All he wanted to do was cum deep inside of you while watching Granger lose her mind because of your tongue, and that’s exactly what he had planned.
“Darling, I think you’ve had enough fun,” Draco said, coming up behind you, pressing his entire body along the back of yours. You could feel his cock throbbing against your ass, your cunt clenching around nothing at the anticipation of whatever he had planned. “Get back on the table.”
You followed his command with ease, watching as he coaxed Hermione up on the table beside you, perfectly perched on the edge with her thighs firmly pressed together. You could see her squirming with arousal, your own legs parting in need, your eyes shifting between Hermione and Draco’s cock.
“Now, Granger, I’ll give you a little choice here. I know what I want but -”
“Whatever you want,” she cut Draco off quickly, blushing scarlet once she realized what she said.
Draco’s smirk was nothing short of predatory as he stared down at her. A flash of jealousy went through you, watching him look at her like that, but when his eyes briefly met yours they held a promise of giving you exactly what you wanted. It was what he always did.
“Turns out the little swot is submissive. You were right after all, darling. Granger, I want you to sit on Y/N’s face,” Draco told her bluntly.
Hermione shot a questioning look at you, clearly wanting to know if that’s what you wanted. You couldn’t even help the little giggle that came out of you at the audacity. It was all you had ever wanted with this woman.
“Get over here,” you told her with a playful smile on your face, and you helped her get into position as she wasted no time in following orders.
When you looked up, you moaned and spread your legs even further. Her cunt was dripping right above your lips, the swell of her incredible ass in the perfect line of sight. She looked delicious.
Draco ran his thumb over your clit as he spoke. “Give her your best, darling. I want her screaming.”
You set out to do just that immediately, Draco filling you up again not long after. You could hear their moans getting swallowed up by each other’s lips, only spurring you on. You devoured Hermione, your lips sucking around her clit only to alternate your tongue between her tender bud and her dripping entrance. You barely came up for air as you worked, determined to break her down and make her scream. It seemed to be proving an easy enough task, she was already struggling to hold back her louder moans.
All the while, Draco was pounding his cock as deep as he could inside of you. His animalistic thrusting was pushing you higher and higher with every second, your own moans muffled by Hermione’s cunt. You couldn’t fathom how well he was keeping himself together right now, you were ready to burst the second Granger laid eyes on the pair of you.
Finally, Hermione and Draco pulled away from their kiss, all three of you so close to your orgasms you could barely breathe.
“You gonna cum for her, Granger? Soak her mouth?” Draco asked, breathless, but he never missed a beat inside of your pulsing walls.
“Yes, fuck. I’m so close,” Hermione whined, her head thrown back in bliss.
“Eyes on me,” you heard Draco mumble to her. “I wanna watch you fall apart all over her tongue.”
Another spark of jealousy raged through you at the softness in his tone, but if Draco wanted a show, you would sure as hell give him one. Just as your own orgasms loomed in front of you, you took Hermione’s clit and sucked it harshly between your lips.
You could feel her shudder and writhe as she climaxed, both you and Draco’s hand keeping her upright for a moment. The little breathless moans she was giving you both in an effort to stay quiet were too cute, and they sent you flying over the edge right after her.
As your walls clenched around him, Draco thrusted once, twice, three more times before he came with a groan, muffling the noise in Hermione’s lips in one last kiss.
You slowly came down from your high as Draco helped Hermione get settled down beside you, passing her her clothes in the now bitterly cold library. The lack of body heat didn’t last long, because before you knew it Draco was helping you sit up and cradling your head against his strong chest. No words were passed between you yet, both of you content to help Granger gather her bearings before she inevitably fled from the scene.
“I- I don’t know what to say,” Hermione said with a blush, losing some of her confidence now that her clothes were back on.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” You asked her, giving her a small smile. You truly hoped she did.
“I think that’s an obvious yes,” she giggled, not quite making eye contact with either of you.
“Then let us know if you’d ever like round two. We’d be more than happy to oblige,” Draco offered with a smirk. Hermione matched it with a smile of her own before turning and leaving, leaving the pair of you still stark naked in the library where you began.
“Did you enjoy yourself, darling?” Draco mimicked, finally turning to look down at you.
“I did,” you said with a happy sigh. “Although if there ever is a next time, I’d like to be the one sitting on her face instead.”
“I think I know just how to make that happen,” he told you, mischief dancing in his eyes as he pulled you in for the kiss you had been waiting for since Granger entered the room, and your sex life.
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crystal-dee · a month ago
harry potter p.links
disclaimer: the whole of this post contains porn links. watch at your own discretion.
ii. videos that are less than 20 seconds will be noted accordingly.
iii. kinks/content in videos will be noted accordingly.
iiii. marauders era + golden era characters included; men and women included.
iv. approximately ninety-seven (97) links have been used in this post.
Remus Lupin
tail butt plug + fucking
oral, fingering, squirting + fucking
bunny butt plug + fucking
fucking professor!remus + size kink
anal w/ soft!dom!remus + restraints
professor!remus checking out your "pretty pussy”
professor!remus rubbing one out for you in the bath
professor!remus fingering you under the table during a tutoring session in the library
remus toying with your panties [16 sec]
double penetration; vaginal sex + dildo [14 sec]
eating you out
James Potter
tit worship
mutual masturbation
sweet hand stuff
james playing with your pussy + facesitting
dom!james fingering + teasing
cowgirl + sub!james sucking your tits
sub!james being needy; hand job + fucking
dad’s best friend!james fingering you in his car
sub!james sleepily eating you out
sub!james eating you out blindfolded
“cuddling”; fingering
Sirius Black
cumming in your mouth
slow fucking + tummy bulge
face slap + choking while fucking [3 sec]
anal + cumming + size kink
slapping + choking + hair pulling w/ tattooed!sirius
spitting + oral (male!receiving)
spanking + degradation
Regulus Black
fucking your ass with a butt plug
riding + skirt & breeding kink
soft make-out session that leads to a bit more
choking + breeding kink
fucking lily while james watches
pt.2 fucking lily with a vibrator
hard!dom!remus throat fucking you while hard!dom!sirius slaps your tits
tail end of getting gang banged, and one of them is finishing inside you [14 sec]
Lucius Malfoy
anal + fingering [3 sec]
rough sex
humiliation + spanking + fingering
rough sex + spanking
Narcissa Malfoy
mommy dom + strap
young!narcissa + fucking for the first time
she uses a vibrator on you
fingering + finger sucking
narcissa's in love with the way your ass feels in her hands
naked makeout sesh <3 [10 sec]
Draco Malfoy
shower handjob
tit worship
fucking you in doggy, and he can’t get his eyes off ur asshole
fucking you from behind + light hair pulling + light slapping + hands around your neck (no choking)
draco eating you out
punishment; spanking + fingering
mutual masturbation
Theo Nott
riding + titty sucking
fucking you standing up + restraints
soft sex
rough fingering + a little bit of oral (male!receiving)
Blaise Zabini
throat fucking
soft sex
fucking you in the club's bathroom
riding him + spanking
Fred Weasley
rough fucking + slight manhandling
blindfolded + oral (fem!receiving)
overstim; fingering
fingering + oral (fem!receiving)
George Weasley
sideways sex
jerking him off [15 sec]
hitting it from behind
thigh riding + tail butt plug
sub!george + playing with his cock
Ron Weasley
sucking him off + face slapping
fucking you from behind + one (1) spanking [13 sec]
innocence kink + teasing + slow sex
eating you out
edging sub!ron
Harry Potter
reverse cowgirl + outdoor sex
harry cumming inside you
sub!harry + cum play + overstim + vaginal sex
sub!harry eating you out
Neville Longbottom
switch!neville eating you out
sitting on his face
starts out soft, ends rough; vaginal sex
Ginny Weasley
overstim; fingering + thigh-slapping
double-sided dildo
using the same vibrator on the two of you + grinding
teasing + playing w/ ur pussy
Hermione Granger
eating her out
fingering + eating out sub!hermione
fingering her
riding her strap
she's fingering you
Pansy Parkinson
hard!dom!pansy + rough fingering
fingering you
dom!pansy + strap + spanking pt.2
dom!pansy + light choking + light tit play + playing w/ ur pussy
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dracoscum · 2 months ago
porn links that remind me of draco
a/n : reblogs is appreciated <3 compiling all of this since i don't want to make yall waiting for me to upload my fic , so i deeply apologised for that . so here's porn links that help me visualising better whenever im writing or reading smuts . soo enjoy ig
also im going to update this from time to time <3
Tumblr media
navigation 💭 last update : 31 / 8 / 2021
Tumblr media
sub draco + riding
dom draco + fucking from behind in a standing position / 2
giving dom draco hand job
teasing sub draco with a vibrator
dom draco + cow girl reverse / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
dom draco + teasing your clit with his tip
dom draco fucking you by the kitchen counter roughly
dom draco fucking you into the matress from behind / 2 / 3
dom draco + clit slapping / 2
dom draco + corruption
dom draco waking you up in the middle of night because he's horny so you fucked <3 / 2 / 3
dom draco bending you over the bed at midnight at fuck you
overstimulate sub draco
dom draco fingering you / 2
fucking in a spider position ( HAHAHAHA )
dom draco bending you over the couch and fuck you
morning with draco which end up his cock inside you / 2 / 3 / 4
dom draco + breeding kink / 2 / 3
dom draco + riding / 2 / 3 / 4
teasing you with his cock before you sleep
dom draco + face riding
dom draco fucking you in the shower
fucking by the balcony
intimacy with dray !
cuddling with draco and tease his cock while watching movies
dom draco fucking plus size girl
dom draco fucking you while standing
deep throating your mouth as he plays with your tits
teasing sub draco until he cum
mutual masturebation / 2
soft sex with dray
dom draco bending you over the desk
sucking sub draco's cock
soft dom draco + riding
dom draco bending you over the bath tub and fuck you
draco devouring your cunt
giving sub draco hand job and overstim him
riding dom draco
face riding dom draco while he jerk himself off using his hand
Tumblr media
taglist is under the cut . pls lmk if you feel uncomfortable with this and want me to remove you from the list ( only this dw im still going to inc you in my future works )
@o-rion-sta-r @ameliasbitvh @dracomalfoys-wh0re @trashyvicks @drac0spersonalslut @silverdelirium @dlmmdl @malfoysgem @youreso-golden @marrymetheonott @underappreciated-spoon-321 @msmimimerton @angelic-bitxh @dr4cking @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @yiamalfoy @princess-jules47 @i-dont-even-know17 @wolfstar-lb @hufflemoony @turn-to-page-394-please @blowing-mikey @methblinds @natashaeverline @theoriginalsuicidalprincess @yourmum818 @vinsheart @meandmyeyeliner @hermosillo @kieracass4lyfers @kyleemalfoy5 @disnyhufflepuffqueen @purpleskymalfoy @thispersonsucks @myusermaritza
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Summary: Draco fucks you after he overhears a conversation of yours (lmaoo)
Warning(s) : Smut. Fingering, clit play. Pet names. Dilf/Boss!Draco. Babysitter!Reader.
a/n— been while since ive written for draco, sorry for that. not that proud of it but yk. thanks to @noceurwhore and @angel4you my secret draco whore
She sits alone, he thinks. Well perhaps not entirely, his own blood— a part of his heart if you may was with her. But she's alone for the most part. Solitary.
It's quite late, the clock around 9. Scorpius surely would have gone to bed by now. You'd probably be somewhere around the manor. Library, kitchen, living room. There's multiple answers to that.
By request— or perhaps by order, you'd still be waiting for him.
His eyes are searching around the corners, searching for your silhouette. And he's about to call out, when suddenly he hears your voice.
"I'm at my bosses. He had to stay out late today"
"Yes that hot dad"
Fuck. Turn back around, it's wrong. Yet he waits, he hears.
"I don't know. I don't think he has much interest in me"
"It's just attraction. Besides I'm not going to let go of such a great place for one good fuck"
Then, there's silence, it's painful. He waits for a moment, thinks whether to speak of it or not.
He doesn't want to let you go. And he certainly wants to have that one— maybe more, good fucks with you.
So he steps inside.
"Hello there." He grins, a hand stuffed in his pocket. Hair a mess of soft platinum curls. White button up, black slacks.
"Hello!" You chirp, caught by surprise.
He chuckles, then strides forward, "Thanks for staying over late, you're a lamb"
"No worries, I better head out then"
Draco smirks, and you almost allow yourself to fix the puzzle, but then you shrug it off and turn. When suddenly the puzzles’ fixed.
"Having an interesting conversation weren't you?" He presses up behind you, his cock perfectly fits on the curve of your arse. He grins, biting his tongue to avoid the moan that might slip from him.
"Y– you, you heard that?" You quiver, oh you were absolutely fucking fucked.
"I did infact my darling." His tongue clicks, arm resting on your waist as he deems you closer. "You should've told me. Wasn't very nice of y’say all that without me knowing"
"I'm sorry, I didn't me—"
Draco rubs his erection onto you harder; pulls you closer to his chest.
"You're such a naughty little slut, Y/N. Just dying to be fucked, isn't that so?"
Your cheeks are almost burning, heart pounding heavily in your ribs, you gulp, inhaling sharply before you answer.
"I– i suppose"
His breath is hot on your neck, and suddenly he's gripping it tightly in his hands, pushing your head back to meet his gaze.
"Do you want me to fuck you?"
He growls, the silver in his eyes long gone, now only shades of black and strom clouds rest in them. "Please" you whimper.
And then his lips are smashing on yours. It was rough, filthy, possesive. He sighs into your mouth, fingers pulling at your strands. He had a taste of mint and a small faint taste of green apples.
The way his tongue flicked up and explored every part of your mouth had you moaning, wetness already seeping into your baby blue panties.
The way his hands moved and traced along every curve, the way he moaned into your mouth as he moved it against was avid; carnal— and everything that lay in between desire.
He turns your around quickly, pushing you up on the table as he groans inside of your mouth. His cock hardens in his pants with every beautiful sound that comes from you.
"You're so pretty, m’love. Just wanna ruin you" Draco mumbles as he pulls away, nipping at your skin. His cold hands slip under your skirt, rubbing you through your knickers.
Your hand reaches down into his pants, palming him through his pants as he hardens with your ministrations.
There's no delicacy in his touch. It's not pure, it's filthy— sinful.
Your panties as pushed aside, his fingers dragging through your wet puffy folds as he grunts "Oh fuck, you're dripping"
You whine softly, bucking your hips into his hands as two of his digits slip inside you. "Fuck, draco"
"Keep that mouth shut, dove. Don't want my son to wake up because of your pathetic sounds"
His other hand shoves into your mouth, pressing against the back of your throat, muffling any voice that may try to escape.
His other digits pump harder, thrusting and curling up inside of you, and reaching those spots that had you shaking, as his thumb draws circles, a coil forming in your stomach.
"Look at this pretty little pussy" He seethed, sucking at your neck, "Can't wait to feel it squeeze around my cock"
"Please, please, shit, I'm so close" You beg, grinding your hips on his palm over and over. He wants to give you that orgasm, but then that sadistic part of him allows you not to.
"No! Wanna cum" You babble as his fingers retract from your heat, tears glisteing in your eyes at the lost of sensation. He chuckles as he licks his fingers clean of your arousal.
"Such a sweet cunt hmm?" He says, rubbing your clit in circles again.
"Dray" You whimper, thighs slick as he pulls his lenght out. It stood tall, red veiny and so fucking gorgeous.
Draco stands still, taking in every little detail of you. The sweat, the mess of your hair, cunt dripping for him. He was certain that had to be the most goddamn stunning sight he had ever seen.
He spits onto his shaft, pumping his length hard to spread it all up. Although there was little to need for that, it made everything better.
His tip waits at your entrance, teasing and dragging and dragging your need. "Just do it, please" You beg for the thousandth time, and this time he gives in.
A low hiss leaves him. He pushes inside slow, deeply rolling into you as you moan. You're filled up in every fucking way. And it's everything.
"God" he groaned as he moved, "Best fucking cunt I've ever fucked"
He marks you, licking at every glimpse of skin he catches. Your nails are dragged across his sculptured skin. His shirt thrown away.
The man grabs both your legs, stretching them up as he then rests them on his arms. Leaving you bare and open for him.
Draco thrust inside of you, his rhythms find their pace with every snap of his hips. The buttons of your blouse are ripped away, leaving a clear array of canvas for him.
"That's it, taking my cock like a good girl"
It's fucking beautiful— the way you whimper and fall apart as he fucks you. The sweat that glistens, the sounds that you make. His eyes never leave you. Not once.
He thinks it's a blessing to have you like this. He thanks every star.
He pounds into you harder; as though he wasn't already demolishing you to shreds. You're shaking, breaths short and shallow from pleasure.
Your breasts shake up and down from the force of his thrusts, much for his display and pleasure. He lets out a grunt as your tits bounce faster.
A hand slips between you two, rubbing fast circles onto the bud, expertly— in a knowing manner.
"Cream around my cock doll. Want that sweet cunt to milk me dry"
A pinch. That's what it takes for you to come undone, legs uncontrollably shaking as you come all over his length.
Draco grunts, pounding into you as he fights to get to his release. It was sure to have you bruised. Your walls clench hard, squeezing him hard. And then he cums.
Profanities of all sorts leaving him as he spills every last inside of you. Making sure to make you filled up with him cum.
You're delighted to let him do so.
He presses a kiss up to your forehead, inspecting his work. He pulls out slowly, lowly groaning as his cum leaks out from you and onto his tip. Quickly, two of his fingers collect the white sin and shove into your mouth. You suck them clean, giggling as he watches you with covet. Sound, sight, taste— perfect.
Pornographic. Erotic.
A sweet kind of exhaustion passes by. But then he holds you up, supports your entire weight by himself.
"We're far from done, love. Don't even think about getting home tonight yeah?"
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Pulling their hair while making out:
Moderate NSFW warning!
HCs and blurb requests (both sfw and nsfw) are open! Check my pinned post on my page for my writing boundaries.
Most of these HCs that I'm making so far are based off just random thoughts that pop up in my head. But the last one seemed to do well so we'll see how this one does. I promise they'll be more organized in the future. For now you just get my jumbled notes that I jot down for fun and occasionally share with you guys. <3 I appreciate all the support though. It means so much to me :)
I didn't add Harry or Dean because I didn't know what to do for either of them.
Fred: You would be making out with him in the common room during lunch. You wanted to test something so you tug at his hair a little bit too roughly. The groan that left him was something you didn’t expect but was very welcome. You also didn’t expect the smirk on his face once he pulled away. "Do that again and whatever happens next is not my fault darling." He laughs when you stumble over your words for a comeback, either in anger or embarrassment, but he secretly wishes you'd pull his hair again.
George: Lets out a soft whimper followed by a breathless "please do that again-" And just melts with another light moan when you do. He grabs you by your waist and pulls you impossibly closer before burying his face into your shoulder while pressing open mouth kisses along your skin and silently begging for more.
Neville: Poor mans would get so flustered after he lets out a surprised whine. You have to reassure him that it was kind of the reaction you were wanting, but it didn’t exactly help his flustered state. It might take a minute to calm him down though. Once he's calm, he tells you that he wants to keep kissing. He’d be nervous to ask you to do it again but you get the hint.
Draco: Oh boy. He really pulls the “you’re playing a dangerous game” card on you before going back to making out. But only now, he's rougher than before. Probably would put his hand against your throat so you could feel the cold metal of his ring. And to scare you, or tease you further. Whichever you're into. 
Ron: You would be in his dorm room, making out instead of studying like you guys said you were going to. You wanted to try something out so you tangled your fingers in the back of his hair and tugged. You got the exact opposite reaction you thought you would. He'd whine. First time he'd ever done so too. You pulled away to see him bright red in the face, but before he could pull away from you completely - you grabbed him by his face before whispering "do that again." And bringing him back into a heated makeout. He didn't complain, and by the end of it he was whining for you to do more than just kiss him.
Seamus: He’d probably see it as a game at first and pull your hair right back but the sound you let out tells him it’s not that kind of game. The soft noise of realization before he feels his face flush and playfully pushes you off makes you laugh before teasing him for being so oblivious. He curses you out, but he isn't really angry. The previous mood was ruined but hey you got a few laughs from it. You guys experiment with it later though.
Cedric: A gasp escaped him as he pulled away to look at you. You flushed as you tried to explain why you did it but he just grinned and chuckled. "Curious little thing, aren't you?" He quipped, before going right back in. He curled the ends of your hair around his fingers as he kissed you, threatening to pull it just like you did to his but he never did. Left you whining a bit and you hated how he just laughed at you. It's all lighthearted of course. He eventually made it up to you.
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dr4cking · a month ago
porn links *ೃ༄
▷ 1k celebration edition ◁
mainly draco malfoy but i added other characters that i also simp for, as a bonus <3
bonus characters : theodore nott, tom riddle, sirius black, james potter, mattheo riddle, cedric diggory and pansy parkinson <3
Tumblr media
draco malfoy
draco with doggy style | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
you squirted on draco’s cock
draco fingering you in the car
draco punishing you and making you squirmed uncontrollably | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
taking draco in public because you’re needy | 2 |
draco teasing you with his cock | 2 | 3 |
draco eating you out | 2 | 3
mutual masturbation with bestfriend!draco
riding draco’s cock | 2 | 3 | 4 |
petting draco’s cock with your bare cunt | 2 | 3
draco loves your tits
rough and hate sex with enemy!draco
draco using vibrator and you milking him
draco with breeding kink | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
getting off sub!draco | 2 | 3 |
torturing sub!draco
reserve cowgirl on draco | 2
fucking in the backseat of draco’s car
mob!draco worshiping your body
fucking on the kitchen
draco helping you relax
professor draco making you squirt under the table
draco loves to mark you with his cum
roommate!draco spend the night in your room
passionate slow sex with draco in the morning
you’re a mess on your knees for draco
teasing to be fucked by professor draco
slow missionary sex ended up by draco marking you
draco turns you into a mess
draco just cant help himself
ceo!draco fucking his assistant
draco corrupting you
riding dilf!draco in your maid outfit
draco abusing your throat and make a bulge in there
theodore nott
missionary with dom!theo
slow and passionate sex with theo
tom riddle
tom riddle breeding you
your innocence getting corrupted by tom
sirius black
fucking yourself on sirius’ cock
the tv cant even cover your moan because of sirius
sirius breeding you
james potter
james teasing you with his cock
giving sub!james a handjob
james love it when you riding him
mattheo riddle
mattheo railing you from behind
trying to dominate by riding mattheo
cedric diggory
cedric and you were having sleepovers | 2 |
cedric being not so golden boy
pansy parkinson
dom!pansy edging your orgasm and torturing you
teasing and fingering sub!pansy
pansy grinding and fucking you
Tumblr media
taglist (please message me if you want to be removed from porn links) :
@dracoscum @hellounicorn @onyourgoddamnleft @whoreforgeorgeandfred @turn-to-page-394-please @silverdelirium @underappreciated-spoon-321 @littlemissnoname13 @youreso-golden @noceurwhore @dlmmdl @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @starstruckgranger @lieswithoutfairytales @yiamalfoy @black-repunzel99 @acciodignity @riddleswh0r3crux @ameliasbitvh @hopelessbutterfly @rylynn-blog @miraclesoflove @i-love-scott-mccall @slythermuf @maybesandohnos @teenwolfbitches28 @ferretboysupremacy @coolbeans32 @arianagreyy @sksliz @cupids-crystals @raajali3 @kayleiggh @amalfoyandariddle @madi0987 @mrs-dracofelton @itzzzzcookie @malfoyswifeyy @padf00ts-l0ver @spencervera @iloveweasleyx @wrongilbert @fullcheeseengineer @hhishho @alexthealexthealex @seriouslyinlove @arzfia
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
dialogue for draco just being bored so he decides to go down on her until he's not bored anymore
“Alright, sweetie. Thanks for that,” Draco comes off your swollen cunt with a light pop, your arousal glistening on his chins as he pulls away just as you were about to tip off the edge of sensationalizing pleasure.
Almost as if it was normal, he begins sliding off the bed to get up and leave the room when you scramble on shaky limbs to come after him.
“B-but I didn’t get to cum! And I was so close, Dray.” You furiously pout, making the male dismissively chuckle as he turns the knob of the door to depart.
“Told you sweetheart. I was gonna eat your pretty cunt until I wasn’t bored anymore. I’ve had my fun now, so you’ve served your purpose.”
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silverdelirium · 2 months ago
could you do dom draco x sub reader w light bondage&breeding and angry sex?
SUMMARY ➠ draco angry fucks virgin!cheerleader!ravenclaw!reader after you tried to pull a prank on him.
WARNINGS ➠ loss of virginity, kinda mean dom!draco, d/s dynamics, humiliation, rough sex, fingering, size kink, light bondage (tied hands), breeding kink, innocence kink, little fight at the start, degrading
“rough game today, huh malfoy?” your bottom lip jutted out in mockery.
draco rolled his eyes. “shut the fuck up y/l/n” he seethed, plucking his gloves from his hands in a raging demeanor. nobody would be surprised if steam came out of the blonde’s ears.
“oh don’t be such an ass— i just wanted to congratulate you, you did a great job, just not enough to beat us i guess.” you mumbled the last part with feigned disappointment, yet your chest puffed with pride and amusement as you heard the few giggles of your housemates behind you.
malfoy rolled his tongue against the inside of his cheek before marching a few steps closer to you, causing your smirk to flatter as you stood chest to chest with the tall boy who only glared down at you.
“you’re very snarky for a slutty good-for-nothing ravenclaw” murmurs and gasps erupted from the small crowd that had formed around you both; most were now turning their sight back and forth between you two, awaiting your response.
you gnawed at your lower lip, swallowing down the knot that had formed in your throat as you lowered your white and blue mini skirt, the polyester blended fabric sticking slightly to the back of your thighs.
“i suggest you watch your fucking back malfoy” you threatened, slightly squinting as you pushed past him, mind racing through all types of pranks you have in store for the smirking boy you left behind.
draco was far from worried about your “intimidating remark”, going on about his evening as sulky as always.
though he was in slight panic mode when he made his way to his dorm, hearing a slight shuffle on the other end. 
he made a mental note to complain to his father later on about the rats in the castle if he did find one roaming around his room right now.
he opened the oak door as slowly and quietly as possible, grimacing when the hinges squeaked lightly. 
draco wasn’t sure if he was expecting some type of old burglar or a giant dragon lurking in his dorm. but it certainly wasn’t a pretty cheerleader bent over his bathroom counter, a bottle of bright orange hair dye in one hand, the other holding his shampoo bottle still; completely clueless about the flabbergasted male that stood in the doorway.
oh i’ve had it with this little brat— thought draco. though his pondering was cut short as he let his eyes travel downwards- to your perked up bottom— specifically your baby pink seamless panties— caught his attention.
he mentally cursed himself as he felt his trousers tightening by the second, mind full of images of your bare body and what it would look like writhing underneath him as he drove himself in and out of you repeatedly.
malfoy shook his head slightly as he caught himself from going too far with said thoughts.
yet he couldn’t help the devious smirk that crawled up his sharp features as he took slow strides to your still naïve form.
i’m gonna have a shit ton of fun putting this little one on her place.
he didn’t dare make a sound until he stood right behind you.
you were sure your shriek could’ve been heard all the way to the common room.
“what the fuck, malfoy?” you yelled, putting a hand to your chest as you tried to steady your breathing.
“yeah ‘what the fuck’ is right you little minx, what the hell do you think you’re doing in my dorm!” that shut you up. the top of your ears went hot as you fumbled with your hands behind your back, trying to put on your best innocent look as you timidly looked up.
that only made the tent in his pants grow bigger.
“‘s nothing” you mumbled, not daring to even meet his piercing gaze.
“oh you’re in for it, dove” he warned, his tone having that one hint of dominance that made your legs quiver. “what do you me—” your question was cut short as draco hooked his hands under your arm sockets, a small yelp leaving your lips as you wriggled in his hold, that earned you a firm slap on your left arse cheek.
he dropped you down on his mattress, watching as you bounced slightly off it on your landing “what is wrong with you?” you confronted, a whine leaving your lips right after as he pinned both of your arms above your head.
“i don’t tolerate sneaky brats that swear they can get away with everything- i’ve had it with you and i think its about time i teach you some manners, sweetheart” explained draco, his enlarging cock giving a small twitch as he watched your eyes cloud with lust.
you swallowed thickly before answering, “yes please” your voice was small and meek, a wave of arousal gushing out of you and dampening your underwear as you watched him grin slightly in approval, his hands making quick work of getting rid of his shirt.
“uhm, malfoy” you tripped over your words, your face heating up. 
“what is it?” he paused his movements from where he was lowering your skirt.
“jus’ wanted to let you know i’ve never done this before” you muttered, feeling your heart thump loudly in your ribcage as you studied his reaction, which consisted of an intake of breath as he threw his head back, groaning as he felt blood rushing to his erect girth quicker than before.
it was as if he was seeing you in a whole different light, wanting nothing else than to fuck you until you begged him to stop— he wanted you to have your first time with him to be burned in your mind, so if you ever even thought about letting anyone else fuck you, the first thing that came to mind was how good he made you feel.
“merlin you’re gonna be the death of me, i swear” this made you giggle, seeing a guy get so frustrated to fuck you to the point his nails left scratches over your legs as he rapidly took your clothes off brought you immense satisfaction.
you now lay bare except for your drenched undies on draco’s bed. his hand hovered over your pulsing heat, his tone was promising and seductive when he spoke, “gonna make sure to leave this sweet cunt leaking with my cum” he delivered two small pats to it, causing a small shiver to spark through your spine.
draco settled his palms on your knees, spreading them apart so he had good access to your sopping core. his eyes went almost black as he saw the wet patch that decorated the cloth in the center.
two fingers slid it to the side, leaving draco to have a clear view of how bad you wanted this “my god, baby” he said “all of this for me?” he teased, hooking the same digits around the elastic band to drag it down your legs.
“gonna make sure this little pussy is all swollen and sensitive once i’m done with you” he didn’t even give you time to respond before he was slipping a finger in easily, making a small whimper leave your lips.
“draco- please” you pleaded, gasping when a second finger pumped in and out of your dripping hole.
“what is it baby? want my cock already you greedy slut?” he degraded, catching you off-guard but still clenching tightly around his long digits nonetheless.
you hummed in agreement, letting out a small cry as you felt his fingers sped up their thrust inside you, momentarily stopping to curl them and caress that one spot that had you seeing stars. 
“draco— shit!” you cursed, grabbing ahold of his wrists as your moans grew louder, the squelching sounds that came from your heat only dragging you to your peak faster. 
ecstasy clashed through your veins at an inhuman speed, feeling your eyes roll into the back of your head as you came without a warning, your juices spilling down onto his silk sheets. “that’s a good girl” praised draco, still finger-fucking you through your high. “can’t wait to feel you cream around my cock next”
you hissed slightly as he pulled his fingers out, letting the juices that covered them drip down to your buzzing nub.
“think you can take my cock now?” he questioned. though he was already pulling his trousers, along with his boxers, down.
you gaped at his size, suddenly feeling small and delicate in comparison to his thick length. but you wanted to feel that mouth-watering burn everyone gloted about, you wanted to feel him so deep inside you until he was bulging out of your stomach, feel that toe curling orgasm that only a good fuck could reach.
“want it” you babbled, five senses numbing into one. you watched him with beady eyes as he made his way to his nightstand, pulling out what seemed to be a silk tie from the bottom drawer.
you thought he might blindfold you. but no, he wanted you to watch him enjoy this too, watch him as he fucked you into delirium. hard.
instead, he took both of your hands and tied them together, pressing them down against his pillows as you squirmed in anticipation, wanting nothing more than to have him inside you.
“you’re gonna be a good little toy and stay nice and still for me, hm?” he was now on top of you, teasing your slit with the head of his cock.
“yes— promise” you whimpered, spreading your legs further as a silent plea for him to slide inside you.
he complied, chuckling a quiet “eager slut” before bottoming out inside you with one quick thrust. 
it hurt at first, your face contorted into a grimace as you tried to relax your tense muscles. “easy princess— fuck you’re so tight” soothed draco, stilling his hips before starting out at a murderous pace, making your eyes roll to the back of your head.
his voice was pure sex to your ears “little whore— i knew a little thing like you would love being fucked like a dumb toy”
his palms cupped your bouncing breasts as his tip continuously brushed that one spot inside you that had you crying out the blonde’s name like a prayer.
“whose dumb slut are you, baby?”
“yours! all yours— god you fuck me so good” you gasped, tears threatening to fall from your eyes as draco’s unmerciful thrusts edged you closer to the seventh heaven.
his cock twitched inside you, signaling that he was close to.
“you gonna cum around my cock and scream my name, angel? or is that baby brain not capable of even thinking anymore?” he faked a pout in the end, fighting off the smirk that wanted to crawl up his face as he saw you babble his name along with a few no’s and i’m a big girl!’s
ecstasy swam around your system as you watched draco groan in euphoria, his abdomen flexing as he pounded into you, his cock twitching with every thrust as he held on your soft mounds.
his praises sent you tumbling over for the second time. “such a pretty cunt, could fuck you all day if you let me, princess”
your orgasm blinded you for a few seconds as your pussy contracted around draco; which sent him over the edge too.
“my god, i’m gonna fill this little cunt up so good— until you’re fucking swollen with my babies, honey” he grunted, giving a few sloppy thrusts before pulling out, absolutely fucking enthralled with the way his cum seeped out of your spent pussy.
draco bit his lip before he was rolling you on your stomach, ass up and face buried in his pillows as you whimpered in sensitivity.
“this time i’m gonna fuck you stupid for your useless ass house beating us” he winked, right palm sprawling out on the swell of your bum as the other cradled your hip, stabilizing your body before he was balls deep inside you.
“such a sore loser” you chuckled, basking in the thrill of it all as he gave you back to back orgasms.
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angel4you · 8 hours ago
jealousy seggs w step bro dray??
i love ur writing btw!!
thank you so much babes <3
"you're such a whore you have to go and fuck my best friend, huh?" dracos grip on your neck intensifies while he towers over you. his other hand pushes against the head board to stabilize himself so he can keep up his harsh thrusts. “you think you could fuck theo and get away with it? dirty fuckin whore”
“i’m sorry-”
thrusting your hips up to meet dracos, he lands a quick slap across your face. “i didn’t ask you to speak” draco spits quickening his pace.
as your legs start to shake your soft moans turn into load cries. “and you think theo could make you feel this good, dumb little slut”
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ameliasbitvh · a month ago
Tumblr media
a/n: my whore hours have created this ship. and not proofread !!
summary: reader is in the act of cheating on draco with fred (reader is riding fred’s thigh) and draco walks in. fred and draco decide to punish reader.
warning(s): pussy smacking (??), praise, degrading, denial of orgasm, thigh riding, oral sex (males receiving), cheating and dumbification!!
wc: .8k (838)
reblogs are appreciated !!
navigation | | draco malfoy masterlist | | fred smut one shot
I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢.....
“please, freddie,” you breathlessly moaned against fred’s chest, your hips rocking against his thigh. “please who, darling?”
“please, daddy, want y’cock.” you cried as your hips worked faster, stimulating your whole pretty cunt. his hands found their way to your ass and squeezed it, pushing your core down against his thigh. the pressure felt so good and you were so dumb f’him in the moment that you didn’t even notice the door open, presenting a specific malfoy.
“y/n.” he spoke calmly, too calmly.
your eyes immediately opened in shock, he wasn’t supposed to be back until 7 pm! you immediately got up, your legs wobbling a bit as you try to stabilize yourself, just for fred to grab your waist and push you against him again. “freddie!” you scolded, but it soon turned into whimpers as he grounded your core on his thigh.
“so this is what you do when i’m at work, huh?” draco rolled his tongue against his cheek.
“draco i swear this is the first time! i won’t ever do it again, i promise.” you pleaded.
“but what if i want you to go this again, what if i want to share you. just for one night.” he whispered, stalking towards you and fred. fred grabbed a hold of your chin and pulled your face in his direction and swiped his thumb across your lower lip. “don’t you want us to share you, bunny? want us to fill up that pretty mouth and holes of yours?”
“y-yes, sir.” you whispered.
“what was that? speak up, doll.” draco commanded, his arm resting on the bed post.
“want y’both to fill up m’holes,”
and that’s exactly what they did.
your hips rocked against fred’s thigh, draco’s fingers in your mouth, making you gag. “can’t even take my fucking fingers, pathetic.” he scoffed. fred then began moving his leg up and down, adding more pressure to your hot and wet cunt. “freddie, dray, want y’to fuck me, need y’cocks!”
“but do you deserve it princess? no you don’t. your boyfriend just walked in on y’being a whore f’me, fucking m’thigh.” fred chuckled, embarrassing you, heat immediately rushed to your cheeks.
then a thought had appeared in his mind, a lightbulb of ideas running through like a wave of shock.
he and draco were going to edge you.
your back arching as fred pulled your hair back, rough rolls of his hips against yours, sounds of your skin clapping. draco’s cock in your mouth, he thrusted into your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
“fuck, so good for us pup.” fred growled, his hand colliding with your ass.
you gagged, on the blonde's length. he grabbed a hold of your head and nuzzled your face into his private area, making you take all of him.
“that better princess?” he laughed at you, how pathetic and greedy you were to take both of them.
you hummed in response, sending vibrations throughout his body, causing him to shiver. his high coming closer as you kept humming against him, every moan that you released onto his cock made his body jerk in a way that was out of this world. “poppet, im gonna fucking cum. you gonna swallow like a good girl?”
“mhm,” you hummed again against him, pushing him over the edge. his body shook at the vibrations once again. his cum shot out, down your throat. you swallowed it, pulling away, a smile displayed onto your lips. he grabbed your chin, kissing you as fred continued to slam into your cunt. your eyes rolled back when his tip hit your fucking g spot. a scream leaving your lips.
the two boys played with you like their little fuck toy. tweaking at your tits, massaging your clit, filling your cunt up with their cum, they wanted you. all of you.
“who does this pussy belong to?” draco groaned, his cock slipping in and out of your tight cunt. you couldn’t fucking talk, your mouth was full of fred’s cock and the only thing that left your mouth were cries. fred tugged at your hair, pulling your head back. your mouth and the red heads cock were no longer connected like they were before.
an exasperated cough left your lips as you inhaled air, it smelt of musk, mint, cinnamon, cologne and sex. “i-i” only murmurs and babbles left your lips, your mind was utterly fogged. all you could think about was how you haven’t came yet, you wanted to fucking cum. edged three times already and you wanted release.
“look at her, can’t even talk properly, only baby blabbers from those pretty lips.” fred smirked, his thumb caressing your lips.
“too dumb f’us baby, we don’t want you.” draco pouted, fake sympathy lacing every damn word that left his lips that molded so perfectly around yours.
“b-but i want you!” you whined, doe eyes staring at him.
“you certainly didn’t want me when you were humping his thigh like a bitch.”
“all you wanted was him.”
🏷: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @kpostedsum @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @wolfstar-lb @itsmentalillness
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jannieka394 · 11 months ago
Pov: soulmates are connected by music and hears when the other sings
Soulmate: [at 2 am] "DOES SHE EVER SHUT UP"
"seriously. Hamilton? AGAIN?!"
"What's beetlejuice? Who would even THINK about making juice from beetles"
[Chokes on water] "WET ASS WHAT-"
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arcaneslut · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
smut marked with *
draco malfoy
a different state of mind by @yoooespinosa
entire masterlist by @dracoscene
control by @yellowsuitcase *
this will be our future by @mellifluousart
better by @ronsmommy *
needy by @slut4drvc0 *
harry potter
complete masterlist by @ronsbadidea
belong by @salazarslytherin *
clouded vision by @fredshufflepuff *
glasses by @messrsmoonee
bj in the common room by @elevatorsdoor *
lovely like you by @railmeharrypotter *
ron weasley
don't stop by @acosmis-t *
such a tease by @/yellowsuitcase *
wrong by @/ronsmommy *
devoted by @miiamour *
ten minutes by @weasleymuse *
sure by @ameliora-j *
george weasley
credit by @/st0nesnglitter
as long as you’re happy by @arcaneslut (me)
sucking him off by @/thotbutpurple *
baby boy by @pansyslut *
george with an innocence kink by @theleftovertaco *
love songs by @sunrisefairy
fred weasley
compromising position by @pinkandblueblurbs *
got it by @fredshufflepuff *
dominate me by @/thotbutpurple *
right where you are, that’s where I am by @myloveforluna
we were both young when I first saw you by @anywherebuthere
you're bleeding by @/shadesofvelma
hermione granger
morning skies by @eloquenceflores *
honeybees by @pansydaisy
keep going by @chokemepansy *
purple by @siriuslyblackblog *
mother may I by @/pansyslut *
escapism by @lariimars *
sirius black
best friends dad part 2* by @thotbutpurple
the boss by @st0nesnglitter *
the only thing we share by @saintlike78 *
question number nine by @shadesofvelma *
them jerking off to you (ft.James&Remus) by @/shadesofvelma
rough day by @eunoniaa *
remus lupin
yes, sir by @quindolyn *
teachers pet part 1 | part 2 | part 3 by @pinkandblueblurbs *
birthday present by @romqnticizer *
them jerking off to you (ft.James&Sirius) by @/shadesofvelma *
delightful nuisance by @holden-caulfield
tit fucking by @/pinkandblueblurbs *
james potter
them jerking off to you (ft.Remus&Sirius) by @/shadesofvelma *
present by @selenesheart *
cuddly by @marauders-lupin
you in here ? by @/quindolyn *
strawberry accolades by @zzzfour *
winner, loser by @/salazarslytherin *
lucius malfoy
legilimens by @imaslutforremuslupin *
punishments by @/arcaneslut (me) *
mirror blowjob by @/pinkandblueblurbs *
soft by @/ronsmommy *
mirror by @snuciussimp *
lucius good girl by @/fredshufflepuff *
regulus black
the only thing we share (ft.Sirius) by @/saintlike78 *
forever by @maybanksslut
period sex by @/ronsmommy *
overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
what happened to all our promises by @whoreforregulus
on camera by @cupidsriot *
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
| draco x reader | angst | smut |
enemies to lovers 🖤
anon requested. theyre enemies but deep down theres a sexual tension and one day theyre on vacation and have to stay in one room together
cw: angst, name-calling (degradation), hate-fucking, very slightly dubcon
“I can’t stand you! I don’t want to stay in a room with you!” You shouted, shoving him away from you.
“I’m just as angry as you! I don’t know how the hell this happened!” Draco snapped, pushing past you into your shared hotel room.
You had gone on vacation to America with some of your schoolmates, and due to a mix up in the planning, you and Draco had ended up in the same hotel room. To make matters worse, the room only had one bed.
Draco was your sworn enemy since first year. He’d embarrassed you in front of the Weasley twins, the boys you had a crush on, and you’d retaliated by tainting the love potion he gave to Pansy. It had started seven years of fighting and backbiting, the two of you always at each other’s throats and never seeing eye to eye.
It had become second nature to fight with Draco. Screaming matches with him lit a specific fire in your belly— different from anything else. It burned through you, igniting every nerve in your body. You thought it was anger, though it proved to be more when nothing satiated the rage, and your mind began to wander.
The electrically charged energy between you was hard to ignore. It was like a live wire, blazing everything in its wake, or an oil spill, turning everything flammable.
“Malfoy-” you started, but you were cut off by his sharp glare.
“I was going to suggest that we change quickly and meet the others in the lobby. I was going to ask if I could use the loo, but I was going to give you the courtesy of offering it first,” you hissed, and he shook his head.
“Go, it’s fine.”
You stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. You were desperate for some distance from Draco. You freshened up in the mirror, not taking too long so you didn’t get him even more agitated than he already was.
“What are we going to do about-?”
“We’re going to worry about it when the time comes,” you interrupted, glancing at the one bed.
The bathroom door slammed shut, leaving you alone in the small room. There wasn’t a couch— and the chair simply wasn’t adequate. Ultimately, you both knew the two of you were going to end up in bed together that night, whether you liked it or not.
A deep sigh left your lips, and you grabbed your bag, preparing to meet your friends downstairs. Draco locked the door behind the two of you, and the elevator ride was painfully silent. 
“My two favorite people. Sorry about the room situation,” Theo grinned, opening his arms as you walked up to him. 
You stepped into his chest, letting tattooed limbs wrap around you. He kissed the top of your head, grinning into your hair. 
“If Malfoy’s mean to you, you just let me know, okay? I’ll take care of him,” Theo promised you, finally getting you to giggle. 
“Maybe tell her not to be a right bi-”
“Draco, baby, try a little harder,” Theo hummed, kissing Malfoy’s cheek before getting pushed off. You laughed at them. 
Seven years, and you still wondered how it was possible for Theo-- the sweetest boy in the world, to be best friends with Draco Malfoy-- the devil’s incarnate. 
“Come on, we’ll get breakfast then catch the ferry,” Cedric said, handing out ferry passes to your group: Draco, Theo, Blaise, Fred, George, Hermione, Ginny, Pansy, Cedric, and you. 
Hermione took your hand, pulling you from the Slytherin boys. 
“It’s going to be fun. And besides, we’ll only be sleeping in the rooms. It’s not a problem,” Hermione assured you, the girls walking ahead of the others.
“Except there is only one bed,” you muttered, and Ginny and Pansy spun to look at you. 
“Are you serious?” Ginny giggled, and you smacked her arm. 
“It is not funny!”
They held their hands up in defense, though their amusement was clear. You took the subway to the ferry, crowded with American muggles. 
“Careful!” Draco hissed in your ear, catching you ask you lost your balance. His hand went around your waist, pinning you to his chest. 
“M’sorry, I slipped!” you were thankful for him holding onto you, even if you’d never admit it. You gripped the pole for support, trying not to lean into him too much. He helped you off of the train, and you took Theo’s hand as you boarded the ferry. 
“Look at the statue!” you gasped, admiring the skyline and leaning on the railing of the boat as you road to Staten Island. 
“Don’t fall,” Draco came to your other side. 
“Are you serious? Draco, I’m not a child!” you snapped.
“You’re leaning on the railing, and we can’t be using magic to drag you out of the water!”
You shot him an indignant look, and climbed up to stand on the railing. Even Theo looked anxious at your actions. 
“Get the fuck down, right now.” Draco’s grey eyes were wide, and you stared back at him, daring him to touch you. 
“We’re going to dock, and it’ll knock the-” Theo was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. The boat stopped suddenly, and as you caught yourself, Draco grabbed your waist, pulling you off of the railing. 
You shrieked, struggling away as he pulled you down. He refused to let go of you, and you tried to shove him off. 
“Knock it off. And quit doing dangerous shit,” Draco swatted your ass through your denim shorts, making Theo choke on his water bottle. You immediately stilled, staring at him in horror. 
“Did you just spank me?” You gasped, startled. 
He let go of you, answering with only a cold look. You shook your head and went to join the others, Theo and Draco falling into conversation with Cedric and Blaise. 
“What happened back there? We heard you yelling,” Hermione asked, grinning behind her oversized mirrored sunglasses.
“Draco just being an ass. It’s fine,” you said, stealing her sunglasses and putting them on. 
“Come on, let’s go have some fun.”
You spent the day sightseeing, walking around Staten Island before going back to Manhattan. The sun was warm overhead, the summer heat getting to your minds. You’d managed to avoid bickering with Draco most of the day, but now the sun was hanging low in the sky, casting a golden-orange glow over everything. You were drinking cocktails at a place near Times Square, tired from being on your feet all day.
“Tomorrow we’re going to the MET,” Theo said, checking the plans. 
You stayed out late, talking and laughing until the lights of the city had drowned out the ink-black sky. You were tired, a little buzzed, overly hot, and you wanted to sleep. 
“What the hell was that on the ferry? Do you think you can just-?” Draco grabbed your arm, cutting off your rant that you’d saved until you were in private, not wanting to fight in front of your friends. Your back hit the hotel room door, Draco’s chest pressed up against yours.
“Do I think I can just what? Knock that bullshit little smirk off of your face?” Draco seethed. 
“Tell me what to do!” You pushed his shoulders, though he didn’t move.
“It’s clear that you can’t be trusted to make good choices on your own.”
“That’s rich coming from you-” you hissed, feeling the familiar burning spread through your abdomen. 
“You should learn a little respect,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your throat, the rings on his fingers cold against your warm skin. A moan escaped you before you could stop it, and his eyebrows shot up. 
“Is this what you need? Do you just need to have the bitch fucked out of you?” You squirmed, gripping his wrist and trying to pry his hand off of your throat. 
You were seething, the energy between you becoming intensely sexually charged. You hated yourself for growing aroused, but you couldn’t keep the heat from spreading through your body, and you were becoming keenly aware of your throbbing sex. 
Draco pushed his knee between your thighs, and you shook your head. 
“No, no.”
“No? You aren’t horny and desperate? I know how much you hate me, and I know you’ve been dying to release all that pent up energy. You’re going to be sleeping in the same bed with me tonight, trapped under the sheets with my body. If you don’t act now, you’ll have to go untouched for the next week of this trip...” he smirked, knowing he had leverage, able to see how desperate you were. 
Truly, Draco was desperate for you too. You made him so angry, but you managed to turn him on as you got under his skin. He was aroused now, growing harder as he watched you squirm in pure need. He was waiting to hear you say yes, to give in. He may have hated you, but he wasn’t an animal. 
You bit your lip so hard you tasted metal, trying to hold in a scream. Your chest heaved with heavy breaths, your eyes narrowed into a glare. His thigh was pressed against your sex, and you fought against the urge to grind against him, desperate for friction. 
“Fuck,” you swore, and Draco squeezed your throat, making you whimper. 
“Is that a no, Y/N? Do you want me to let go of you? Let you go finger yourself in the shower?” he mocked you. 
“I hate you.”
“I know. It’s mutual, love.”
“Alright, Draco. Please fuck me. But this doesn’t mean anything!”
He smirked, letting go of you and tossing his shirt aside. You rid your own clothes with his, freezing as your eyes lingered on his naked body. The need and arousal pulsing through your body was overpowering, and just the sight of him was making you falter. 
“Do you need me to do everything for you? Get over here,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your elbow, tugging you toward him. He ripped your panties off, the veins in his hand flexing at the display of strength.
“Save it.”
Draco hauled you to the bed, bending you over the edge. You struggled, trying to sit up. He shoved your head back down, pressing your chest against the duvet. 
“Are you serious?” you snapped as he gripped your wrists in one hand, holding them at the small of your back. 
“You’re going to lay here and be good or you’re not going to get fucked at all,” Draco threatened, and you burned in shame. You stopped straining yourself to look at him, residing to resting your head on your side, ceasing your struggle against his hold. 
A choked groan left your lips as Draco slammed into your cunt all at once. He buried himself deep enough to where his hips were pressed to your ass, his body bent over yours. Draco slammed into you, frustration powering his rough thrusts. You writhed under his strong grip, moaning and squealing as he tore into your tight heat. Even with how wet you were, your body spasmed at the force. 
It felt primal, rough, and dirty. 
Fucking Draco was scandalous, even for you. The two of you getting so angry that the energy had to be channeled into sex felt deviant, Draco’s cock tainting your innocence with every thrust. 
You felt better than Draco had imagined. Your noises were erotic, encouraging him more than the momentum he was gaining. He kicked your legs further apart, shoving himself deeper into your sex. Your moan was muffled by the duvet, squeezing your eyes shut. It felt like he was tearing you open, and you couldn’t get enough. Your head was spinning, and your fingers flexed, the only part of your body you could move freely against his hold. 
“You’re fucking divine,” Draco breathed, reaching his hand under the two of you. His fingers found the area where your bodies connected, sliding upward through your folds. 
“Draco, fuck, please!” you cried, arching your back as he pressed against your nerves. 
“Please what, love? Are you going to quit being contrary?”
“Yes, I’ll do anything, just please touch me there,” you begged, abandoning your stubbornness.
You buried your face in the bed and screamed, your back curving into a bow as he fucked into you in time with the circles he was tracing with skilled fingers.
Draco swore as you pulsed around him, squeezing his cock as you cried from euphoria. Electricity shot through your limbs, your orgasm ripping through your body. Draco was quick to follow, pulling out and coming over your ass, watching you shudder and throb around nothing. 
As his memories being frustrated with you returned, he continued his assault on your clit, pinching you harshly to watch you writhe and scream. 
“Draco, Draco, I’m sorry, I’ll be nice, just stop!” you squealed, trying to kick him as he overstimulated you. 
He released you as you asked, taking in the sight of your absolutely wrecked body. Your arms were shaking as you brought them under you, trying to push yourself up onto your elbows. You heaved in deep breaths, still trembling as you came down from your high. 
Draco wiped down your skin for you, finding some decency. 
“Hey, look at me. You alright?” Draco held your jaw, tilting your face up. You nodded, and he slid boxers up his leg before digging for something in his jacket pocket. 
“Y/N. Come here,” Draco’s voice was low and husky, his back to you. 
You forced yourself to stand up, your legs weak as you stepped toward him. You followed Draco onto the balcony, where he sat down on a lounge chair. Ringed fingers wrapped around your wrist, pulling you to sit sideways on his lap. 
His touch was no longer aggressive or harsh, but instead moving you with authority. You held a blanket loosely around your body, shielding you from the cool night air. 
Draco didn’t speak as he pulled a cigarette from the box, putting it between his lips. He lit the end before setting the box and the lighter on the table, leaning his head back and taking a drag. He held your jaw, pressing his lips against yours before exhaling the smoke into your mouth. 
He turned, watching the city lights glitter around you. He offered you the cigarette, and you accepted, sharing with him. 
“Our secret?” you asked softly, and his silver gaze connected with his.
“Our secret.”
“Do you still hate me?” 
The corners of Draco’s lips pulled up, and his fingers brushed over your bare back, his hand resting at the base of your spine. 
“Only when it serves me, I suppose,” he murmured, and you fought off a smile.
“You’ll not bite me in my sleep then?”
“Full of questions. I make no promises, I’ve found I rather like how you taste.”
He kissed you then, under the city lights, tasting like smoke and sage and secrets. 
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