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#draco malfoy x reader
mellifluousart · a day ago
Rain and Sun | d.m x reader
Summary: You and Draco cuddle on a Sunday morning.
Warnings: fluff, illusion to sex (just mentioning being naked together)
Word count: 850
a/n: I'm so stuck with my other WIPs, so here I wrote something short that I hope you guys like in the meantime, waiting for me to finish my WIPs. And yeah, I tried to write a poem to have in this fic, hehe.
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
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As Draco is lying in bed, he feels the morning sunshine through the window hit his face. He had earlier opened up the window, so his naked skin felt the Sunday morning breeze.
Life felt different but in a good way. He had always dreamt about feeling like this, which made him happy because he was deeply in love.
An arm wraps around Draco's naked torso—hugging him lightly. He looks over to see you still sleeping, safe and sound. He smiles for himself at how he could get so lucky to have you.
While you're lying beside Draco, still deep in your dreams, you hear a soft voice calling your name—a voice that is very pleasing to your ears.
"Y/n", you hear it again—the mellifluous voice. You could be listening to it all day, and it would still be pleasant.
The voice gives you a feeling of comfort—making you feel butterflies in your stomach.
It feels like a dream until you feel lightly wet touches on your face. You didn't open your eyes until your brain registered that as kisses.
Carefully your eyes open and are met directly with a bright light—making your eyes want to close again. It takes a second for your eyes to get adjusted and your brain to register everything around you.
But when it finally registers, you see the face that makes you feel this warm feeling in your heart—the face belonging to the person you have fallen deeply in love with.
"Good morning, my love!" Draco chuckles and kisses you on the forehead. Instantly a smile is plastered on your face.
"Good morning!" you say, still a bit tired and closes your eyes again.
"Are you going back to sleep?" Draco asks as he watches how adorable you are.
"Yeah, goodnight!"
Draco chuckles at your sleepiness. The way you are—just being yourself makes his heart feel complete.
He tucks away loose hair strands behind your ear. Draco's hand still resting on your cheek as you face him. His thumb strokes your cheek lightly as he looks at your perfect closed eyes, your perfect nose, and then your perfect lips. It makes him think and feel things. That's why he suddenly says,
"My soul is like the rain. Nothing can grow alone on it. The flowers in my garden would always be overwatered, and never could they stand up again to show their beauty because my soul is like rain. But she, my love, has the soul of the sun. She would remind me that the rain is necessary for the flower to grow. As she comes into my life with her sun, the flowers indeed will grow into something beautiful when our souls come together."
You thought Draco was reading something out loud, but when you open your eyes again, you see him looking at you with a smile on his face.
"I thought you were asleep again", he teases you—still stroking your cheek lightly with his thumb.
"What was that?" you curiously asks.
You felt the open window brought in the chilly wind, creating light movements on the curtains. You drag up the quilt over your naked body as it gets a little bit cold.
"Just a poetry that came into my mind right now when I looked at you peacefully fake sleeping", Draco responds.
"It was beautiful! And for your record, I was not fake sleeping—I was sleeping," you protest.
Draco chuckles and moves closer to you and supports his body on his left elbow. You were lying under him now.
"Still sleeping?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes", you answer and drag the quilt even higher up to cover your face.
Draco smirks and drags down the quilt so he can see your face. How would it be possible to have fallen so much in love with a person, as he has with you, he thinks.
"We should get up, darling", Draco says, and right away are wet kisses plastered all over your face and neck.
"Draco, what are you doing?" you laugh, trying to speak between all the laughter and kisses.
"Kissing my love", you can hear Draco's playfulness in his voice, followed by a chuckle.
You try to face the other way while still laughing. It only makes Draco pull you into his arms.
You feel his bare chest on your naked back. His arms wrap around you. The skin to skin makes it feel intimate, safe, and comfortable at the same time.
Draco places a kiss on your shoulders.
"You know, y/n, I love this feeling. Waking up to you and having you in my arms", Draco says with a soft voice. He intertwines his fingers with you.
You feel the same when it comes to him.
"Our garden will be full of beautiful flowers", you say and refer to the poetry Draco told you.
"I love you so much, y/n"
And right away, Draco covers you both under the quilt as he starts to kiss you everywhere.
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
“Just a little longer, my sweets. ‘M almost there,” Draco groans out, pounding into your sloppy cunt as he approached his high, you already reaching yours few seconds ago despite him telling you to hold it.
So now, you were overstimulated and achy from the vigor, but still, you took it—knowing your boss was tipping off the edge and you wanted nothing more than for him to cum inside of you, maybe even fuck a baby into you.
“You want it, love? You want my cum inside your tight little hole?” He grins, instinctively wrapping a hand around your throat and pressing you down into the mattress, your hips sporadically bucking upwards so he needed a way to pin them down.
You nod feverishly, whimpering as he rapidly pistoned into your pussy, right on the edge of releasing inside of you. “Yes please, sir”
Draco smirks, pumping his load in your cunt, watching you groan at the feeling of being full. “Well how can I say no to such a mannerful little pet?”
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dracossweetprincess · 9 hours ago
relief | d.m
Tumblr media
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request: yes/no
preview: draco’s at the office, and in a bad mood. his employees nightmare. y/n has a plan to help.
warnings: SMUT!, established relationship (married), praise kink, oral (male receiving), blowjob, handjob
draco was beyond angry right now. it seemed as if every single one of his employees was being, as he liked to say ‘so bloody stupid’. he was staring into the wall, trying to control his anger as much as possible, avoiding doing things he’d probably regret later.
suddenly the sound of heels clicking on the marble floor of the malfoy company sounded, and a sweet voice was heard. draco sighed in relief. his wife was here. his angel, who could lighten up all of his bad moods, no exceptions.
“baby? can i come in?” your voice sounded. draco got up from his chair, excited to greet his wife. “hi my love, i missed you.” he smiled lightly, pulling you into a kiss. you frowned, sensing how his shoulders were tense, how irritated and annoyed he looked.
“what’s wrong m’love?” you cupped his face, draco melting and nuzzling into your palm. “everyone’s just being an asshole today.” you smirked, leaving draco confused, but the truth was you knew exactly what would cheer him up. “why don’t you sit down and let me take care of you? hm?” you suggested, pressing kisses along the nape of his neck.
“mm, m’kay.” draco lied back on the chair, his arms behind his head as he watched you climb onto his lap, immediately starting to grind on his crotch. “fuck, darling-“ his hands fell to your waist, grinding his hips up against you, looking for more friction.
“nuh-uh. just lean back baby, let me take care of you. you need to relieve some stress.” you unbuckled his belt, opening the zipper of his trousers just enough so you’d be able to pull his semi-hard cock out. draco’s breath hitched, and he felt like he was in heaven when you tightened your fist around his length, pumping up and down.
“ugh, fuckkk! darling i want em.” you knew exactly what he was talking about, but you needed to tease your husband a little more. “what do you want pretty boy?” his eyes looked towards your boobs, trying to give you the hint without having to say it. “what is it baby?” you ran your hands through his locks.
“want your boobs, mommy.” you grinned sweetly at him, throwing your shirt over your arms and unclasping your braw, letting your boobs spring free for draco to play with. his mouth attached to your nipple, making you let out a little moan as you continued your ministrations on his cock.
you toyed with his balls, swiping your thumb on the pink head, and leaned down to take him fully in your mouth. “fuck, fuck, fuckk!” you bob your head up and down, still not being able to fit him whole in your mouth as you touch the veins on his cock with your fingers.
“mommy, ngh play with m’balls please!” you obliged, doing everything you could to relief all the bottled up stress inside your husband. draco had pent up with so much work recently, that you haven’t been intimate for almost a month.
“god, i missed this.” he pulled your hair into a pony tail, looking down and enjoying the view of your doe eyes and your mouth busy. “i missed this so much darling, feels so fucking good, so good on m’cock.” he sighed. “gonna make me cum.” you pulled him out of your mouth, now just kitten licking the tip and stroking the base, knowing it drove draco absolutely insane.
“baby, i’m gonna cum so hard. m’gonna-” ropes after ropes of cum filled your mouth, a few drops spraying over his belly button as draco steadied his breathing. “i’ve never cum that hard in my life.” he chuckled, kissing your head and you leaned down to clean him up.
you got out of his lap, letting him stand up and pull his softening cock into his boxers. you giggle as you watch your husband zip up his trousers, a grin on his face. “thank you m’love, i really needed that.” he stroked your hair and kissed your cheek, sweetly pulling you into a hug.
“i’ll make it up to your when you get home.” he whispered, kissing your earlobe and leading you to the door of the office.
let’s just say you got a call from one of his employees asking how you put mr. grumpy in such a good mood-
a/n: i hate this but here goes nothing, if you enjoyed it please reblog !! it helps so much, ty and ily <33
taglist: @l0vely-lupin @ilovejamespotter @harmqnia @angel4you @kpostedsum @gwlvr @fairydxll @ameliasbitvh @eunoniaa @dlmmdl @ruby-serpent @simp-for-cedric-diggory @ildm4ev @wintermorninghaze @wrongilbert @i-love-scott-mccall @haroldpotterson
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delicatedraco · a day ago
Bad Guy: Part 2
Summary: The week after Y/N’s visit to Draco’s private room and their little affair, Draco & Y/N devise a plan to make Slytherin the highest ranking house in Hogwarts with a little help from Draco’s friends and ‘incentives’ that keeps Y/N coming back. 
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Gryffindor!Reader
When Does This Take Place?: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 8.1k
Warnings: NSFW, swearing, praise kink, sadism??, choking, dirty talk, making out, humiliation kink if you squint, slight degradation, soft!Draco, Dom!Draco, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex, fingering, slight cum play, overstimulation!! overstimulation!! overstimulation!!, mirror sex, public sex, shower intimacy, mentions of Professor Umbridge, slight threats towards Pansy Parkinson
A/N: Yes, there will be a part 3.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
· 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
“Who’s my good fucking girl?”
Draco had Y/N’s waist pressed into the white marble counter of the bathroom in his private prefect dormitory, his cock sliding in and out of her at a fast pace. Her head was held up by Draco’s tight grip on her neck as she was forced to stare into the bathroom mirror to watch Draco fuck her until she fell apart. However, her eyes kept rolling back and shutting in response to the pleasure she felt. She deserved this, and she knew it. A moan escaped her swollen lips before Draco slid his hand from the base of her neck to underneath her jaw, slipping his middle and ring fingers past her lips for her to suck on. “Suck.” She let out a high-pitched whine in agreeance before swirling her tongue around Draco’s fingers. A moan serpentined its way from the back of her throat to the tips of his fingers and as soon as he realized she was so far deep into her subspace, he knew just how to take advantage of it.
He removed his fingers from her mouth, dragging them down her neck and back to the base of it. “Answer my fucking question. Who’s my fucking good girl?” He forced the words through clenched teeth, needing to know that Y/N got off on his dominance and her lack of it.
“M-Me, Draco. I am.” She forced the words out of her, knowing that Draco would punish her if she didn’t answer.
His hips moved at a steady pace, rutting into her hard so her hips stayed pressed into the counter. Y/N was sure she would be able to see the indentations later. “Yeah?” he teased as she let out whines instead of the word ‘yes’. Since she couldn’t form a cohesive sentence, she had to take what he gave her and put up with what he wanted from her. She wasn’t complaining that he got her far into her subspace; she preferred him to be dominant and rough with her. “Yeah, that’s right. You’re my good girl, baby. So fucking good for me. And you know why, right?”
Y/N’s head nodded rapidly, whining out, “Yes, Dray, yes.” The tips of his fingers squeezed the base of her neck, not as punishment but as a reward. She liked the pressure. She liked the pain, but only if it came from him.
Draco moved her body with just the grip he had on her neck. He shifted her from slightly bent over the bathroom counter to her back flush against his chest, the back of her head barely resting on his right shoulder. His thrusts slowed until he stopped his movements, and she was cockwarming him. Whines once again slipped from her swollen lips due to the lack of pleasure. “Look at me in the mirror. Look at us.” With his right hand on her neck, his left arm wrapped around her stomach to ensure she would barely move to gain pleasure as he pushed her further into her submissive state. “My girl... fuck. My fucking girl did it. She found out what Potter and his pathetic little friends are up to.” His hips harshly thrust once up into her dripping, desperate cunt. “Tell me, darling. Tell me every fucking thing.”
At this point, Y/N was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath and collect herself to tell the story. “So, we were… we were in The Great Hall. We were in The Great Hall for dinner, and it was me, Harry, Ron, and Hermione with some of the others around us. I think it was Dean, and Neville, and Seamus. A-And, Harry, Dean, and Neville were talking about a meeting in a secret room. He said it was for Dumbledore or to protect someone or something. I really don’t remember that part.”
Draco’s hand snaked from Y/N’s neck to her clit, lazily circling it while she spoke. “That’s okay, darling. Keep going. I want to hear it all.”
Y/N let out a moan at the touch Draco was leaving at her core. “So, yeah, th-they were talking about a secret meeting, and how anyone who wanted to learn how to defend or maybe it was protect… yeah, anyone who wanted to learn how to defend or protect themselves using magic could be invited. Except for Slytherins,” Y/N said with a giggle. “No one really likes you guys.”
Draco smirked and rolled his eyes, pressing a soft kiss to the crook of her neck. “Well, that’s just plain mean. I would hope that if you ever hosted a secret meeting, I would be the first one invited, yeah?”
“I host plenty of secret meetings where you’re the only one invited,” Y/N responded teasingly, Draco automatically picking up on what she meant.
“And trust me, darling. Those meetings are my fucking favorite. I fucking love our meetings where I get my hard cock pounding into your soaked tight little cunt.”
Y/N bit down on her lower lip, eyes shutting tightly while her head dropped slightly from his shoulder. “Fucking love ‘em, Dray.”
His hand moved from her clit back to her neck, forcing her head to stand straight. “Open your fucking eyes, and finish your story.” Y/N bucked her hips on Draco’s cock, needing pleasure in her body. “Stop it. You don’t get my cock fucking you until you open your eyes and finish the damn story.”
It took her a couple of seconds, but Y/N eventually allowed her eyes to flutter open, seeing the couple’s lust-filled state in the mirror. “Anyone could be invited, right? Except for Slytherins,” she continued, trying to figure out where she left off. “Right, so I… fuck, I asked Hermione what Harry and Dean were talking about, and she told me that Harry was starting this thing called… Dumbledore’s Army, I think. She said I could join her for practice tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure they’re just holding secret meetings to learn how to defend themselves.”
Draco smirked, lips going to right under Y/N’s ear and sucking on the skin until it turned a blue-violet. “Was that it, love?” His hand squeezed the sides of her neck once, loosening his grip. At this point, her clit was throbbing, dying for someone, something, to touch it. Her release wasn’t quite near but it needed a little push. Something like Draco’s knee nudging her legs apart and knocking up against her core a single time. Y/N let out a whine as if she was trying to speak but was too overwhelmed by the spark Draco made shoot through her body. “Mmm, no it wasn’t, was it? You know where they practice, don’t you?”
She nodded, pursing her lips as he moved their bodies a little closer to the bathroom counter, making sure her hips pressed harshly into the marble. Whimpers fell before the following words: “The Room of Requirement.”
Draco’s eyebrows furrowed. “What the bloody hell is that? You know what, nevermind that for right now,” he grunted out as his thrusts started up again, his hips roughly hitting her ass as he decided to fuck her hard rather than fast. His arm that was once previously wrapped around her middle now found its place on the counter in front of the pair, splaying flat on the surface to hold himself up as he bent over slightly. “My girl deserves a nice fuck; fucking deserves to cum until she can’t take anymore. Gonna make sure you fucking feel it too.”
Y/N’s body fell forward onto the marble counter as Draco released her, a gasp escaping her lips when her sensitive nipples hit the cold surface. He stared into the reflective piece of silver, feeling himself get a little cocky as his thrusts steadied out. His hips moved harshly against hers as his balls hit her ass, Y/N’s jaw dropping as the waves of pleasure hit her core.
"You look so fucking good for me like this, darling." Draco smirked against her shoulder as his hips moved at a painfully slow pace. "I need you to open your eyes. I want you to see me fucking you," he seduced as her eyes flew open from the sudden change in speed of his hips. They were snapping against hers, drawing moans from her lips. His hand rested on the bathroom counter as he drove hard into her, teeth sinking into her shoulder as his hand found its way down to her clit. "You're so fucking tight and wet for me." His fingers swiped through her folds as she clenched her fists on the counter, not getting something to grab at while she moved her hips. "So fucking sexy," he mumbled, hips continuing to move at a fast pace. Draco’s fingers started to rub at her clit as he snuck dirty things into Y/N’s ears to get her to her high faster. "You like that? Yeah?" she gulped, nodding, too afraid her mouth would betray her. "Yeah, you fucking love this. You love watching me fuck you, don't you?" She bit her lip to hold back any moans that wanted to escape. "Fuck, Y/N. You're so good at this. I can tell you want to cum. Need you to use your words or you don't get to cum." She whined out as his movements sped up against her. "So let me ask you again." His lips sucked hard on her neck to form several purple marks as he continued his thought. "Do you like this?" His hands gripped her hips roughly, rocking her hips back and forth as she rode down on his cock.
"Fuck, Draco. Merlin, yes. This feels so good." Her eyes flickered up to his face as she looked at him in the mirror and saw the smirk on his face.
His other hand slid up to her throat, squeezing roughly while his fingers continued to work at her clit. "I feel you clenching around me. You feel so fucking good. Cum for me, baby. I need you to cum on my cock." She nodded, her hips moving as she shuddered, her body dropping onto the counter as he finished her off.
Her body shook as he slowed his thrusts, ropes of cum coating her slick walls. “Fuck fuck fuck,” she moaned out, panting as she could feel her face get hot.
“Holy shit. I didn’t know I could ruin you like this.” Draco pulled himself out of her, kneeling behind her before his tongue darted up to lick the inside of her thigh where their mixed cum was dripping down.
She whimpered, lifting her head from the marble and shaking it. “Draco…” she whined out as a beg for him to stop.
He smirked against her skin, his tongue getting dangerously close to her clit. “Relax, doll. M’just gonna clean you up, yeah?” His lips wrapped around her bundle of nerves, a loud moan leaving her lips as her hips bucked against the counter in front of her. His tongue dragged from her clit to her entrance, drinking up her release as her legs shook on either side of his head.
Y/N grabbed Draco by his hair, forcing his mouth to press further into her dripping, overstimulated cunt. “One more.”
He pulled away, his eyes widening slightly at her words. “Yeah? Think you can handle it?”
“You promised,” she mumbled. “Promised me you’d make me cum until I can't take anymore. I need one more, Dray. Please.” He smirked, an idea popping in his head. His tongue swirled against her clit as his fingers slid up to her entrance, pushing two fingers inside her as he added an overwhelming amount of pressure to her core. “Fuck, yes,” she hissed, her hands going to grip the edge of the counter.
Draco stood up, his fingers still inside her, as his other hand gently grabbed her neck, pulling her body upwards one more time. She leaned on his chest and shoulder, eyes fluttering open and shut. The pumping of his fingers got lazy, his thumb rubbing her clit. She liked it like that.
If she wants one more, she’s gonna get one more.
“I did promise, didn’t I?” She nodded, tired from her last orgasm but not wanting him to stop. “I’ll do all the work, don’t worry. You’re just gonna stand here and fall apart on my fingers.” Her moans filled the air as she tried to push his hand away from her core, but he didn’t budge. “Oh, you wanna play that game? I can play that game.” His fingers’ movements sped up, her hand dropping out of fear of punishment. “Merlin, you’re such a little slut. Just when I thought you were satisfied, I was proven wrong. I didn’t know how desperate you were for me. But then again, no one else can satisfy you like I can. No one’s tried, though. I made you so cockdrunk for me. I bet you’d fuck me somewhere people could hear so they knew you belonged to me.” Y/N moaned out, begging for him to let her cum as her legs began violently shaking as his hand sped up. “Go ahead, cum for me again. Coat my hand. One of us is gonna taste it either way,” he mumbled as she let out high-pitched moans, her body slumping down on the counter once more.
Draco pulled his fingers out, lifting her chin before pushing his fingers past her lips. “Suck. I want you to know how good you taste.” Her tongue lazily swirled around his fingers before he pulled them out seconds later. “Merlin, you’re so fucked out, aren’t you?” Y/N nodded, causing Draco to chuckle before he moved to turn on the shower, a loud stream of hot water echoing throughout the bathroom.
Y/N finally mustered up enough energy to pick herself up off of the counter, legs slightly wobbling as she remembered that her body had to carry her weight. Draco noticed her weakness, walking over her to help her into the shower. “Just let me sit,” she mumbled, trying to regain her strength.
Draco chuckled at her, getting her past the shower door and carefully onto the large shower floor. Y/N could’ve fully laid down in the shower without scrunching up. Perks of a Malfoy’s private room.
Instead of washing himself while she relaxed, he sat down next to her, letting her head rest on his shoulder as he laced their fingers together. “You did so good f’me,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss to her hairline. “Did I go too hard on you or are you just tired?” The last thing Draco would want to do is hurt his girl or push her into something she wasn’t comfortable with.
She shook her head, squeezing his hand. “No, no, no. It was good, Dray. I promise. It just wore me out, that’s all.” The water hit their bodies, warmth taking over as the intimacy was a constant in the moment.
He moved his head to look at her before running his thumb over her lips before pressing a soft kiss to them. “I need to tell you something,” he muttered against her lips before stealing one more kiss from them. “I want to be your boyfriend. I wanna be yours,” he admitted, covering it up with another chaste kiss. “We can still be secret. I mean, I wouldn’t complain if we told Nott or Zabini… maybe not Parkinson if we don’t have to, but I want to officially be yours, okay?” he asked. They both knew it was more of a statement since Draco had already called Y/N his since the other night when she showed up at his room, telling him that she needed him.
She nodded, her hand moving up to cup his cheek. “Then you’re officially mine,” she smiled, pressing a deeper kiss to his lips. “Can’t believe Draco Malfoy is somebody’s boyfriend and wants to tell his friends about it,” she teased as her hands ran through his hair.
He rolled his eyes. “Shut it, and kiss me again.”
· 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
Draco unlocked the entrance to the Slytherin common room, allowing Y/N to walk in before him. He quickly followed behind her, not wanting her out of his sight.
As soon as they walked in, Draco’s friends - Pansy Parkinson, Theo Nott, and Blaise Zabini - came into view. Wanting the common room to be empty of anyone who weren’t Draco, Y/N, and the other 3 Slytherin students Draco didn’t hate, Theo scolded at the first and second years, sending them running out of the room in fear of the consequences of even breathing the same air as them.
“Look who it is,” Theo teased, smirking at Draco but raising his eyebrows at Y/N. “You brought a Gryffindor into the Slytherin common room? What, did hell freeze over or something?”
Draco rolled his eyes as he and Y/N found their place next to each other on an empty couch, his arm immediately slinging over her arm to pull her closer. Pansy’s jaw dropped slightly at the sight. “What the hell is this? You’re fucking a Gryffindor now?”
“In a relationship with,” Draco corrected as Theo chuckled at the comeback.
Pansy’s head turned to Theo. “What are you laughing at?”
“Nothing. I just never thought I’d see the day that Draco Malfoy gets in a relationship with someone, especially with a Gryffindor. No offense, Y/N.”
She gave Theo a small smile, her hand going up to lace with the one Draco had dangling off her shoulder. Pansy’s eyebrows furrowed, not understanding what was going on. “Okay, what’s going on? Because last time I checked-”
“Last time I checked, Draco was walking into class with fresh hickies on his neck. I always saw them fade seconds after, but I never knew why you would have that sort of charm on yourself unless you were shagging someone constantly,” Blaise pointed out while smirking.
Y/N could tell Draco was uncomfortable. Not in a way that made him feel like his friends were overstepping but in a way that wasn’t familiar to him since he had never had a romantic relationship before.
“Somebody explain to me what the fuck is going on before I decide to hex her,” Pansy threatened, not realizing the consequences that could follow.
“I’ll fucking kill you,” Draco rebutted, his voice dripping in threat. “I’ll let Y/N explain but I swear to Merlin, if you hurt her, I’ll make sure you regret it.” Darkness swarmed in Draco’s eyes, something none of his friends have ever seen before.
Hell, they’ve never seen this side of him before.
Y/N squeezed his hand, telling him to calm down before deciding to speak up. “I always thought that I was sorted into the wrong house. My parents were both in Slytherin, so I felt stupid being in Gryffindor. I wanted to be a Slytherin so bad, but that sorting hat just wouldn’t budge. I survived in Gryffindor by not making any friends. I didn’t want to get attached. But then, Draco and I met at the Yule Ball. We slipped away for the night up to the Astronomy Tower and just talked. I talked about how out of place I felt in Gryffindor, and how I would do anything to feel a part of Slytherin. And that’s when it started.”
She was a little shaky after admitting all of that, Draco’s hand dropping from hers to rub her arm. “When what started?” Pansy asked, trying to be more careful with her words and tone so Draco didn’t hex her.
Y/N smirked at Draco. “Our friendship. We became friends during the rest of fourth year. We’d always sneak up to the Astronomy Tower to talk because we knew we couldn’t be seen together. And then, I stayed at Malfoy Manor over the summer. That’s when things… escalated. I’ll save you from all of the details, but it was on my birthday. We were all alone in the manor and long story short, he kissed me and we hooked up that night. I guess we liked it enough to start a casual sex ‘slash’ friends with benefits thing, and it ended up carrying over into the school year. And then, one night, I was complaining about how I wish we could be friends in public. But at the time, I had started getting close with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They would have told me to stay as far away as I could if they knew of Draco and me. I was going on about how annoying it was that Gryffindor was the highest standing house. Yeah, it’s my house, but it’s not Slytherin. So Draco and I drafted a plan to make Slytherin rise to the top.”
Blaise stood up shaking his head as he tried to walk out of the room. “You two are crazy. You think that you can come up with a stupid little plan that’ll take down Gryffindor? Not to be a pessimist, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. Count me out of it.” After a few seconds, he spoke up once more to say, “There is no one at this school who would even support whatever your scheme is.”
“Umbridge,” you called out, raising your eyebrows in anticipation for his next move.
“Professor Umbridge?” Pansy asked, not hating the idea of you after all. Gears turned in her head as she remembered that Professor Dolores Umbridge was the only… unreasonable professor at Hogwarts.
Blaise turned around, walking back towards you before sitting down again. He let out a deep sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. “Alright, fine. I’ll hear you out. What do you have planned?”
Y/N smirked, Draco squeezing her hand, initiating for her to continue. “Harry Potter holds defense lessons after classes under the name ‘Dumbledore’s Army’. And if you know Umbridge’s stupid educational decrees, you know that all student organizations not approved by her are banned. A ton of students participate in this, all of them able to get in trouble for this. If we tell Umbridge later tonight, she’ll shut it down during their next practice. We can convince her that taking away enough points from Gryffindor to allow Slytherin to move to the first house is a good punishment. The best part is that it’ll all be blamed on someone else.”
“Who?” Theo asked.
“Marietta Edgecomb,” Draco revealed. “Her mum works for The Ministry. It shouldn’t be hard to convince people that she exposed Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge since she and Edgecomb’s mother know each other from The Ministry.”
Pansy got up, slightly pacing in front of the young couple before slowing down. “I may have been wrong about you, Y/N. You seem like the perfect new addition for our group, yeah?”
Draco smirked, pressing a kiss to her lips. “You just can’t tell anyone. About our plan and mine and Y/N’s relationship. We don’t need a conflict of interest occuring before the plan is set in stone,” he stated, receiving nods from his friends.
Pansy opened her mouth again, tongue swiping over her lips to wet them. “And your plan. That could work.” She said it as if she was trying to convince herself.
“It will work,” Y/N responded. “And you three are going to help us.”
· 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
“Ah, Miss Y/L/N.”
She knew that greeting anywhere, seeing as there was only one student at Hogwarts who addressed her with a title before her last name. “Theodore,” she said, cheekily acknowledging him back with full knowledge that people only called him ‘Theo’ or ‘Nott’ but never by his full first name. Draco slung his arm around her shoulders, pulling her in a little closer to exert his dominance so his left hand hung over her left shoulder while her hand moved up to lace their fingers together loosely. “Care to join us? We were making our way to-”
“Oh, I know where you’re going. That’s precisely why I’m coming with.” Theo smirked at the girl before Draco leaned in to kiss her lips harshly as if his dominant side was itching to come out and have its way with her right here. “Nice to see you too, Malfoy,” Theo teased, smirking at the couple while Draco mumbled out a ‘hello’ before returning to her lips.
Their lips molded together to give each other short, but sensual, kisses. Y/N’s tongue quickly darted into his mouth, but only for seconds at a time since his tongue dominated hers. She wrapped her arms around his body, keeping his tight while her hand went to his hair, pulling on it. Movements were skittish and slightly uncertain, their lips never wanting to leave each other. He softly hummed into the kisses before he lightly bit her lower lip, wanting her to see the smirk on his face as Theo rolled his eyes at the couple. He knew Draco just wanted to make it clear that Y/N was all his.
“You three are going without us?” an annoyed voice called out from behind the three students. Y/N and Draco’s kiss was cut off at the voice before Y/N’s head whipped around to see her new best friend, Pansy Parkinson, followed by the last Slytherin that completed their friend group, Blaise Zabini. The two raced to meet up with the other three students, the words, “You bitches” leaving her mouth. They all chuckled, knowing that she didn’t actually mean it.
Theo, Pansy, and Blaise were the only other three aware of Draco and Y/N’s… affair. They swore to keep that secret too as Draco had threatened to hex all three of them if they spoke a word about the couple outside of the safety of their friend group. “The things I would do to have my way with you right now, darling.” Draco tried to whisper but not really. He wanted the others to hear him; he wanted them to be reminded of his relationship.
Blaise coughed, rolling his eyes at the blond’s seductive words. “We get it. You two are together. You’re bloody sadists,” he half-joked, pulling a chuckle from Y/N’s lips, “but I think I speak for the three of us when I say that we’d much prefer you keep that for when we’re not around. Please, I’m actually begging you.”
“Fuck off, Zabini,” Draco scolded, pulling his girlfriend further into him so her arms wrapped around his middle. Y/N pressed a kiss in the crook of his neck, sucking on the skin lightly to non-verbally tell Draco to remain calm. “You’re just jealous.”
Pansy interfered before a fight broke out, trying to remind the two boys what the current mission was. “The two of you, shut it! Draco, Blaise isn’t trying to screw your girlfriend. Blaise, try to remember that Draco and Y/N are the reason Slytherin is about to become the top house of Hogwarts.”
As the boys bickered with each other, the five Slytherins made their way out of the Slytherin common room to the moving staircases in order to make their way to the second floor. Y/N released Draco from her arms and slipped her hand in his as they waited for stairs that would take them from the Slytherin Dungeon to the first floor to move in their direction. She pulled him up the stairs, Theo, Pansy, and Blaise hot on Draco’s heel. They waited a few seconds for the stairs to pivot to another platform so the students had easy access to the second floor. After a repeat of the previous actions - getting onto the platform, waiting for the stairs, getting on the stairs, waiting until they pivoted to the door leading to the second floor, and getting off the stairs - Y/N opened the door, walking through it while everyone else followed.
After a couple of minutes, Y/N finally located the office of the professor she knew would help the students out the most. As the others gathered in a group behind her, she turned around to look at them and said, “Let me take the lead on this.” None of them interjected or disagreed, wanting to see the outcome of the following conversation rather than participate in it.
Turning back around, Y/N’s knuckles rapped three times on the door in front of her before it slowly swung open. “Miss Y/L/N.”
“Professor Umbridge,” Y/N said, greeting her back with a smirk.
Umbridge looked past Y/N and saw the other students standing behind her. “How may I help you five? I presume it must be important if it cannot be discussed in class, yes?”
Y/N’s smirk remained, a dominant side of her that not even Draco had seen before began to unveil itself. “We have a horrible matter we need to discuss with you. May we come in?” she asked innocently, even though the look in her eye said otherwise.
Umbridge nodded rapidly, moving aside so the five of them could step into her very… pink office. “Of course, come in.”
Once they were all in the small room, the professor moved to behind her desk, gesturing for the students to sit down across from her. “How may I help you?”
Y/N took a seat directly in front of Professor Umbridge, fully prepared to put everything on the table. “I would like to preface this by saying that your source stays strictly confidential.” The woman nodded at your words in agreement, waiting for you to continue. “I think I speak for all five of us when we say that you make a great professor. But we think you could make an even better Headmaster.” Flattery, she thought. It might get her somewhere.
Umbridge let out a breath and smiled at the compliment, not thinking anything of it. “Well, I appreciate that, Miss Y/L/N. But even with all of my rules, Dumbledore seems to remain in his position. None of my connections with The Ministry are going to be getting rid of him anytime soon.”
“What if we knew something that could remove him from power, and make you the immediate to his position?” Umbridge raised her eyebrows, a smirk snaking her way onto her lips. “And even better, what if we could make Slytherin, your own house, rise above Gryffindor?”
That’s where Umbridge’s eyebrows furrowed. “Y/N, as much as I would like to see Slytherin be the top house in Hogwarts, I’m not sure I quite understand why you would want to sabotage your own house.” Umbridge pursed her lips, expecting a decent answer before suspecting Y/N to be setting something up to get Umbridge fired.
Y/N shifted in her seat at the mention of her own house. “A Gryffindor can have a Slytherin heart.” It was going to be a little harder than she thought to convince Umbridge that this was a serious matter. She had never contemplated the suspicion that would rise when betraying her own house.
Umbridge, nodded at her words with an intrigued look on her face. “Very true.” Silence filled the room as Y/N tried to figure out how to come back from the awkward start to their conversation but before she had a chance to recover, Umbridge stated, “So, get on with it. What is the matter that seems to be so horrible that all five of you had to be here and crowd the room? I feel like I’m suffocating,” Umbridge dramatized, fanning herself with her left hand.
Y/N turned her head to the right to look at Draco, making sure that the decision being made was the right one. He nodded at her before she continued with her words. It’s hard to be confident when making an ‘accusation’ so strong. “Harry Potter is hosting defense lessons for the other students, secretly.” The guilt that came from the confession wasn’t anything that Y/N expected. She actually felt bad for betraying her fellow Gryffindors. After all, they did trust and care about her. However, she fixed her posture, sitting up straight, and letting her confidence find her again.
Professor Umbridge quirked an eyebrow disbelievingly. “Is he now?”
Theo spoke up, deciding that it made no sense for him or any of the others to be in the room if they weren’t participating in the conversation. “Yes, Professor. Several other Gryffindors as well as some students from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are attending them.”
Y/N smiled at Theo, taking a deep breath before allowing her confidence to take over again. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” That wasn’t a lie. During breakfast in The Great Hall a while ago, when Hermione invited her to the meeting, she attended to see what the lessons were even about before reporting back to Draco. It was mesmerizing, if she was being honest. The patronus charm dancing in the air of the room, the way people were bonding and creating friendships. It seems desirable, and the appeal was obvious. Y/N decided not to join after attending one meeting, claiming that she wanted to focus on her studies and extracurriculars that didn’t involve unapproved magic. Hermione understood, being a star student and all, claiming that if Y/N was unsure or uncomfortable with the knowledge of Dumbledore’s Army, she was not forced into anything.
The real reason Y/N didn’t join was because Hermione had drawn up a contract on parchment that was charmed to jinx any member who revealed the secrets within Dumbledore’s Army. Y/N couldn’t risk anyone knowing she was a leak.
“Very interesting.” There wasn’t mystery in Umbridge’s voice; it was more like curiosity was kicking in. If a witness was sitting in front of her, saying that one of her least favorite students from her least favorite Hogwarts house was causing mischief, it was worth looking into.
“And here’s the part that you’ll quite enjoy,” Draco continued, wanting to show some dominance as your boyfriend, a Slytherin, and a Malfoy. “They call themselves ‘Dumbledore’s Army.’”
Umbridge rose from her chair out of shock. “Dumbledore’s Army,” she repeated, walking around her desk to behind the students in front of her. They all turned their heads to follow her movements. “Well, that indeed is interesting. Dumbledore’s Army…” she said once more, trailing off as if she was trying to put pieces of a puzzle together in her head.
“I’m going to be honest, Professor. I’m not sure that there is a correlation between Dumbledore and the army,” Y/N said, just pointing out the obvious. Silence filled the air, everyone in the room unaware of what to say next. “But,” she continued, “if it is named after Dumbledore, it would be hard to prove that he is not the head of it. And since I’m sure all of us are aware of Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four, all student organisations that are not approved of by the High Inquisitor - you, Professor Umbridge - are banned. I thought it best for it to be brought to your attention.”
A smirk slipped back onto Y/N’s lips, feeling proud of herself that she was able to be such a kiss-ass. Umbridge paced for a couple of seconds before looking up at the Gryffindor girl’s face, seeing her mischievous look. “Well, Miss Y/L/N, please don’t stop on my account. By the look on your face, it seems as if you already have a plan at the ready.”
Y/L/N nodded, mentally preparing herself before speaking. “I know where they are practicing - The Room of Requirement. The only thing is that I haven’t been able to get in.”
“The Room of Requirement. I haven’t heard of that room in years.”
“You know about it?”
“Let’s just say that I spent a lot of time in that room during my time here at Hogwarts,” she explained, not wanting the students to ask any further questions regarding her knowledge of the room.
Draco’s eyebrows furrowed as he gave Theo a strange look. “Right… anyway, Y/N, if you don’t mind finishing what you were saying. I do have things I should be doing.”
She nodded, parting her lips before slightly smirking because she knew that the things Draco had to be doing was fucking her into oblivion. “Yes, sorry. They have a practice tomorrow in The Room, so you can catch them then. I can get the time of the practice and relay the message over to you.”
Professor Umbridge pursed her lips, seeming convinced as she walked back over to her desk. Her hands clasped together, resting them down on a stack of papers as she sat back down. “And what do you suppose is a good punishment?”
“Well since Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger founded the wrongly-formed organization, and knowing that they risked everything they have for it, it only seems right that all of the Gryffindor house is punished. Their points could be dramatically taken away. Those three are the Golden Trio, you know. Most professors seem to let their schemes slide.”
Umbridge held up her index finger to silence Y/N for a moment. “Not all professors. I did not come to Hogwarts to let these things go without punishment.”
“We know,” Draco said, exerting his Malfoy class and dominance. “That’s why we came to you. And if you take it up with The Ministry of Magic that it has Dumbledore’s name on it, he could be removed as Headmaster, leaving you an open position to fill,” he pointed out, all five of you knowing that this plan was flawless.
“That would be convenient. It would also make my job a lot easier. I can barely manage anything with all of the chaos going on around here.” The professor let a few seconds pass before asking her final question. “You said you five were to remain anonymous, but someone has to be the scapegoat. So, who is going to take the blame for my knowledge of Dumbledore’s Army?”
Draco smirked at you once more, running a hand through his blond hair. “Marietta Edgecomb.”
· 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
Their lips were sloppily attached while their hands pulled on each other's clothes, heavy breathing filling the room as Draco kicked the door to the Astronomy Tower shut. Y/N’s hands slid up to his hair, roughly pulling on it to get a moan from him, but he just bit her lower lip, walking her further into the room. Draco’s lips stayed onto hers hungrily, small moans escaping her lips as he kissed her hard. He tilted his head more to the side to fully engulf her lips with his, their lips moving faster by the second. The way that it felt - neither of them would admit it, but it felt perfect. Like, whatever was happening between them was stronger than either of them thought; it meant more than either of them thought. “You did so fucking good today, baby. Turned me on so bad,” Draco mumbled out before putting his lips back on his girlfriend’s. His other hand came up to her cheek to bring her closer into him than she already was, slowly moving his palm to the back of her head to push her further into the kiss. Her open-mouth kisses allowed for his tongue to easily slip into her mouth, instantly dominating hers even though she wanted just that.
He pulled away, looking into her eyes to remember the moment. While it was getting heated, this was their first time up in the Astronomy Tower as an official couple.
Y/N placed her hand on the back of Draco’s neck, pulling him back into the kiss before they stumbled, and he had her pinned up against one of the walls of the tower. His lips regained their dominance, swallowing a soft moan that was going to escape his girl’s mouth. Her hums vibrated against his lips as breathy moans left the back of his throat, their bodies on fire as arousal started pooling in her panties from her core.
His lips moved to her neck as his hands got rid of her outerwear. His hands kept her body still, but she could tell he was stripping behind her.
His fingers played with the clasp of her bra as he pressed his crotch to her front, causing her to softly moan at the feeling. The bra fell and his fingers slid her panties down her legs, causing her to lift her feet to step out of them.
Seconds later, he had his pants and underwear laying next to her discarded clothing. Goosebumps formed on Y/N’s skin as he pressed her into the stone wall, slipping the tip of his length in between her legs, swiping up some of her arousal. "Shit, darling. You're so fucking wet for me. What do you want?" Her hips tried to move back as the cool air caused her nipples to harden even more, whines spilling from her lips. "I need you to use your words," Draco whispered, his teeth biting on the shell of her ear.
Her head leaned forward, resting her forehead on his shoulder as she let out a moan in response. "Please, Draco. I need you inside of me." She could sense a smirk on his lips before he pushed her harder into the wall as he slowly slid himself inside her soaked core. Her hips bucked, trying to get more friction, but Draco held them still, going at a steady pace to work her up.
He thrust into her, whispering dirty words in her ear. She moved her hips as much as possible, the bliss controlling her body as he fucked her. His hand grabbed her breast, fingers playing with her nipple while his thrusts sped up to give her more reasons to moan. "Love, fuck. You're so fucking tight. Your cunt feels so good around my cock." Draco's fingers moved from her nipple to the valley of her breasts, tickling the skin as his fingers danced down to her stomach, pushing it so her hips backed up to his. "You always make me feel good." Y/N let out a loud moan that she tried to cover up with a cough, but Draco caught it. "You need to be quiet unless you wanna get caught," he whispered, causing more friction between her thighs as his thrusts grew harder.
She bit down hard on her lower lip as she could feel moans building up in the back of her throat. "Oh, fuck," she mumbled as her head fell down to his shoulder, her hands reaching out, harshly tugging on his blond locks.
His lips sucked on her sweet spot, her hips moving back against his as his hand covered her mouth to keep her quiet. "I fucking told you not to make a noise. But you disobeyed me."
Y/N shuddered as she felt his girth slip out of her, then roughly sliding back into her. "I'm sorry, sir," she whined out, Draco stopping his movements at her words.
It just slipped from her lips, and she could tell his irises darkened. "What did you just call me?"
The tone in his voice told her to be more seductive. "Sir." His hands roughly grabbed hers, holding them in place above her head as he rammed into her harder than he was before, if that was even possible.
"Say it again. Merlin, you’re such a little slut f’me." Y/N shook her head as she felt a ball of fire build up in her core. Draco didn't like that she disobeyed him, and one of his hands was immediately around her throat, softly choking her and denying everything that she craved. She bucked her hips to try and get more friction which caused her to whine, His hand stay wrapped around her throat, applying a little more pressure, and in a husky voice he said, "Now, darling, since you can't obey me, you're gonna take every inch of me without a single sound and maybe, if you listen, I'll let you cum."
Y/N whimpered to the light breeze while she tried to contain her moans but as soon as he hit that spot inside her, she was a goner. "Fuck, Draco. Please." His thrusts were slow, but they stopped as soon as she spoke. She whined out, trying to move her hips, but he kept her still.
Draco’s thrusts started back up again, going hard, but slow. "Y/N, I told you not to make a fucking sound. You know what happens to bad girls?" Her eyes rolled back as his grip on her neck got tighter, leaving marks on her throat. "They get punished. Don't speak unless spoken to, alright?" he demanded, teasing her as she felt his fingers make indentations in her neck.
The way his cold hands felt on her warm skin drove her insane. It was like she was dying of thirst but couldn't quite grasp the glass of water.
His hips rolled against her at an agonizingly slow pace but the thrusts were strong, rough, and deep, hitting that perfect spot inside of her core. Y/N wasn't sure if she could hold back her orgasm. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum, but I don't want you to cum until after I do, alright?" he instructed. She merely nodded as he stopped, asking roughly, "What was that? Do you understand?"
Y/N rapidly nodded her head, not wanting to get punished too badly. "Yes, Dray, I understand." And with that, he rode out his high, thrusts getting sloppy as some moans spilled from his lips.
She felt him cum because he shuddered against her body and slowly pulled out of her as she bucked her hips softly. "You were bad, darling," he stated, fingers trailing down her body to her waist, tickling the skin. "So fucking bad." His hand came down hard on her cunt, causing her to whimper. "But, I think I punished you enough for now."
His hands slid down the sides of her body before he dropped to his knees, his hands bringing her hips closer to his mouth. Draco flattened his tongue and licked up her core, swiping his tongue through her folds as a moan escaped his lips, sending vibrations through her body. His tongue assaulted her clit, flicking over and sucking on it while he threatened to send her over the edge. "Fuck, Draco, I need more."
As soon as Y/N spoke, he stopped, removing his lips from where she needed him the most. "Call me by my fucking name, and I'll give you more," he growled.
She whined as his mouth went back onto her clit, his finger teasing her entrance. "Sir, please. Give me more. This feels so good." His lips curved into a smirk as his middle finger plunged inside of her, pumping it at a steady pace. Her hands flew to his hair, roughly gripping the soft locks as her hips bucked against his lips.
His finger continued to work inside of her as he inserted his ring finger into her desperate cunt to stretch her out. She shook as her walls tightened around him, and he moved his fingers faster to bring her to my high. "Come on. Cum for me." Moans spilled from her lips as her juices flooded his fingers, her body shaking from the pleasure taking over. Draco licked her cunt and the inside of her thighs clean, kissing up her stomach and breasts to get to her lips. He crashed his lips to hers, causing her to moan at the taste on his lips. “D’you like the taste?” he asked, lacing their fingers together as he kept her arms pinned above her head.
Y/N shyly nodded, leaning in to kiss him again. “I like you a lot,” she admitted, cheeks burning at the confession.
Draco smiled at her, something he rarely did for anyone. “Yeah?” Again, she nodded. “Well, good… because I like you a lot too,” he breathed out, pressing his lips back onto hers as he gently rolled his hips against her again. She pushed his head closer into her to get a harder kiss before she let her tongue swipe across his bottom lip. His lips separated and gave her access as she melted into the simplest of touches on her waist, cheek, or neck. Soon after, they broke the kiss as his hand went to cup her cheek somewhat roughly. “I like you so much that I’m gonna make sure you never doubt it for a fucking second after tonight.”
· 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
Part 3
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narcissasbrat · 2 days ago
headcannons on teenager daughter!reader getting her heart-broken by a fellow Slytherin housemate and her family… well enough said XD. *cue My Family song (Addams Family Music)*
You're Messin' With My Family
Tumblr media
↠ you were a mess when you came home for Christmas.
↠ everything was going to be perfect; you were going to introduce your partner to your family, they would’ve liked them so much - they were Pureblood, Slytherin and well-bred.
↠ they were charming and polite, and the two of you made the most gorgeous couple. your parents would have definitely approved of them, perhaps even your Aunt would approve of them as well.
↠ but when they break up with you, out of the blue, you can’t help but come home and confine yourself to your room as you cry your heart out.
↠ Dobby was actually the one to find you crying, and since he had been a House Elf for your family since your birth, he couldn’t help but feel upset for his ‘little’ Mistress.
↠ also Dobby is terrified of Lucius and Narcissa so when they ask him why you won’t come out of your room, he is forced to tell them the truth.
↠ as soon as Lucius and Narcissa hear of your distraught, they storm into your room to console you, as you simply just cry into your mother’s shoulder, staining her robes - Narcissa doesn’t care though, as she can’t help but slightly cry with you. she had no idea you were dating someone, and that it was that serious.
↠ Lucius simply floo-calls Severus and Bellatrix before everyone huddles in your room.
↠ Draco insists that as your big brother, it’s his responsibility to go sort out the prick.
↠ Bellatrix just rolls her eyes at her nephew - “so much like your father…”, she sneers.
↠ Bellatrix: “Just tell me who the brat is, ‘ve been meaning to practice a few curses lately…”
↠ Narcissa: “No Bella. No.”
↠ Severus: “If it is… who I think it is… then-”
↠ Lucius: “Now hold on a minute Sev, you’ve known my daughter has been dating someone this whole time?!”
↠ Narcissa: “And you didn’t tell us?!”, your mother shrieks as she whacks Severus on the head with a pillow.
↠ Severus: “It was not… my place to do so…”
↠ Lucius: *grumbling* “Why in the name of Merlin, did we even make you Y/N’s Godfather?”
↠ Severus insists that instead of getting violent, that perhaps a simple assigning of potion-cleaning duty will suffice.
↠ you can’t help but laugh at Uncle Sevy’s words as you agree to his alternative option.
↠ Lucius buys you several bouquets of flowers, showing you that this is just one of the many, many ways you should be treated by someone worthy enough to love you.
↠ he also buys several for Narcissa as well.
↠ Narcissa spends the entire day with you, allowing you to eat your feelings away with tubs of ice-cream.
↠ Lucius sneaks in every now and then to steal some ice-cream for himself, causing you to laugh at your mother swatting his hand away each time.
↠ You: “I hope I can find someone to love me the way you two love each other…”
↠ Narcissa: “And you will my love. You will…”
↠ Lucius: “This kind of love just takes time…”
↠ Bellatrix can’t help but gag at all the lovey-dovey nonsense causing your parents to glare at her as you simply just laugh as she winks at you.
↠ Bellatrix: “My offer still stands, little Cissy…”
↠ Lucius & Narcissa: “No Bellatrix. No!”
taglist: @cissyswifey @milfsenjoyer @romanoffs-wifey @devilsbooksworld @someoneonearth2007 @malfoys-are-fashion-icons @bellatrixsbrat @bitchywitchy125 @princess-jules47 @charlenasaxen
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dracowars · a day ago
Hiii i loveee ur writing do you think perhaps you can write an imagine (post-war)where y/n and Draco are best friends and they have to babysit someone :((
daycare | draco malfoy
pairing: draco x reader
word count: 954
summary: where draco and y/n babysit
a/n: another one that has been in my drafts for way too long
warnings: none
universe: harry potter
Tumblr media
 „Don’t worry, we will take good care of him!”, you cheerfully wave goodbye after Harry and Ginny while Draco lets their child’s little squishy hand wave as well. You wait until the two of them have disapparated before closing the front door to your small, cozy home. With a smile you look at Draco who holds James Sirius Potter in his arms.
After the Second Wizarding War was over, you all graduated together and even though Harry, Ron and Hermione clashed with Draco a lot in the past, they ultimately forgave each other. Since you were always good friends with them and with Draco, you found yourself standing between the fronts countless times which made you even happier when they finally reconciled.
Draco and you are now working as healers and therefore bought a small house together, far away from all the evil in the wizarding world, now being able to live a peaceful life. Plus, the beautiful tiny garden made the house even more perfect for a child.
James Sirius Potter is literally the epitome of utter cuteness. When you saw him for the first time, you could not help but to rave about him, and the fact that his parents are now even entrusting their child to both of you made you feel incredibly proud. Harry and Ginny wanted to have some time to themselves this evening and sought for a babysitter desperately, until you gladly accepted to take care of their adorable babyboy for the day.
“Well, James? What do you want to do now, hm?”, you address him in a cutesy voice, making Draco huff out quietly before earning a warning look from you. Since James is of course still very young, he cannot answer to your question yet, but you do not mind at all and just take him in your arms, running into the living room with him.
“Look, Mommy and Daddy brought you some really great toys”, you smile as you place him on a fluffy spread-out blanket on the floor, where he is now surrounded by toys. Picking up a tiny stuffed elephant that makes noises when mobbing, you shake it in front of James’ face and get a heartwarming childlike laugh.
Draco sits down on the couch behind you and watches the scene in front of him with a smile. The way you play with, talk to, and tickle the toddler with so much affection leaves him speechless. Draco’s heart warms at the sight and he cannot help imagining what it would be like if he had children himself at some point in the future. And not with Astoria Greengrass, as his parents would like him to.
After you have played a few hours with James and it is already later in the evening, you prepare dinner for Draco and you in the kitchen while Draco is trying his best to put porridge in James’ mouth. Sitting down next to them, you notice how Draco keeps opening his mouth every time he puts a new spoon in front of the baby’s face. A soft laugh escapes your lips, making both of them look at you, James with his fingers in his mouth.
“I wish I could enjoy this sight every day”, you chuckle softly and take the bib around James’ neck to wipe his mouth clean, only for the next spoon that Draco tries to put into his mouth to go everywhere except his mouth.
“Must be fun to watch”, Draco says, remaining focused on his goal to feed James. After he finally managed to get James fed up, – his own food already cold and half of the porridge sticking to his own clothes – you take James on your arms and let him do his well-deserved burps. Gently, you stroke over the back of the little baby in your arms, not noticing that Draco is making faces behind your back to make James laugh. As soon as you turn around in confusion, Draco just innocently raises his hands in the air.
While Draco finishes his cold food, you sit back on your seat and hand James a small baby rattle, which he looks at with big eyes before shaking it vigorously. However, this does not last long, because after a short time James’ eyes suddenly become very heavy and he falls asleep in your arms, his pacifier in his mouth. Draco quietly puts his dishes in the sink, careful not to wake James form his sleep when you hear voices.
With a nod of your head, you motion for Draco to quickly go to the door before the doorbell rings and you follow him slowly, still holding the sleeping baby cradled in your arms. From the hallway you can already spot Harry and Ginny, who are looking at their son in your arms with grinning faces. Carefully, you hand him over to Ginny, not waking him up, and hand over everything James brought to your home to Harry.
“Did he cause any problems?”, Harry asks, an uncertain smile on his face as he looks at Draco and you standing in the doorway, his gaze shortly switching to Draco’s smeared clothes.
“Absolutely not! He is a little angel”, you smile. “We would be happy to take care of him again and again if you ever need help again.”
“That is really nice of you, we really appreciate that. Thank you very much for taking care of him today”, Harry returns your smile and thanks you again before all three of them disappear into the night. You watch them leave for a moment, until Draco closes the door and looks directly at you, dead serious.
“So, when are we going to get our own baby?”
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cloudybarnes · a day ago
can you do 22 from the fluff prompt list with draco please?? :))
thank you for the request! i'm excited to get this night started hehe
prompt list for my unexpected drabble night :)
Summary: "You made me a better person. Thank you."
Pairing: draco malfoy x reader
Word Count: 700
Warnings: none!
Tumblr media
✰  ✰  ✰
"I can't believe you've got me picking flowers right now," Draco chuckled.
You had pulled him out of the school on a bright, Saturday morning. The air was warm with a nice breeze, and Draco was in a very pleasant mood that morning.
You giggled from your place in the grass as Draco knelt down next to you and started to pick vibrant-colored flowers.
"It's a very calming activity, perfect for a morning like this, Dray." You smiled as you plucked some of your own.
"Is there a reason we're picking flowers when we could be cuddled up in bed right now?"
Draco sat right next to you and leaned his chin on your shoulder to press a soft kiss behind your ear.
You giggled when his lips tickled your neck.
You leaned back a bit so you could look at him properly. His features were soft; he looked angelic, and free of burden.
You leaned up and placed your kiss on his forehead. You grinned when a soft smile grew on your boyfriend's face. "I just wanted to make a new flower crown. The one I made before wilted, so I thought today would be a nice day to make one."
Draco smiled, his eyes shining as he stared at you. "You're so precious, Y/n."
You chuckled and shook your head. "Come on, darling, get back to collecting flowers, will you?"
"Yes, ma'am." He teased as he picked out only the prettiest flowers for the prettiest girl.
While doing so, Draco began to think about his life up until this moment. He'd never been happier than he was just then. He felt so pure and blissful just sitting in the grass with the girl he loved collecting flowers for her. It was something Draco never thought he would do. It was never something he thought he would like to do.
"I love you, Y/n."
You lifted your head from your pile of flowers to look at your boyfriend, an adoring smile etched on his face.
"I love you too, Dray, thank you for coming out here with me."
"I mean I really love you." Draco clarified as he reached up and brushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear. "I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you."
You smiled, "picking flowers you mean?"
Draco lightly chuckled and shook his head. He cupped your face in his hand, and softly traced your cheek with his thumb. "I mean you make me a better person.
I wouldn't do half the things I do now if it wasn't for you. I wouldn't have made genuine friendships if you didn't teach me to let people in. I would have still be the guy I was in third year if you didn't show me kindness, and I would have never opened myself up to something as beautiful as love if you weren't there for me. I guess I just want to say thank you."
Your lips slightly parted as you listened to Draco's speech, so enamored by what he was confessing. Your lips finally curved up into a soft smile as you dragged your hand up to cup his face.
"Darling, you did all of that on your own." You clarified, "All I did was stand by you as you made those changes yourself."
Draco chuckled and pulled you down to him as he fell backwards onto the soft grass.
You squealed as you hovered over your boyfriend, his fingers slotted around your waist, yours on either side of his head.
"You make me feel loved, darling, and I can't possibly thank you enough for showing me how wonderful that feels." Draco slowly pulled you closer to him. You followed his lead, and locked your lips with his.
Kissing Draco, no matter how many times you do, never fails to give you butterflies. Something about the blonde boy enthralled you from the beginning, and you would be forever grateful to get his love in return.
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whatahufflepuffwrites · 2 days ago
Can you write an Ivy by Taylor Swift inspired oneshot where the reader is in a relationship with someone esle, but is in love with Draco?
a/n: I love Miss @taylorswift with my whole life, so this request was pretty amazing, thanks anon!!
PS: omg this is my first request, so I’m really excited and I hope you like it 😊
PS 2: This is way too long, I’m sorry about that
y/n – your name
y/h – your house
(Gender neutral pronouns)
Summary: You are in your sixth year at Hogwarts and after getting to know Draco Malfoy, you start questioning your relationship with Cedric Diggory
Warnings: mentions of cheating, forbidden love (?), and fluff
Word count: 1,536
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It was logical, Cedric Diggory and you were the perfect couple at Hogwarts. You met in your second year at school and from there a great friendship bloomed and eventually it turned into love, yet now after four years you were doubting your relationship with Hufflepuff’s Golden Boy.
It all started two months ago, after you and Draco Malfoy got paired up for Astrology class. The assignment was not complicated: during the semester you had to observe the phases of the moon and report the impact they had in magic. It all seemed easy enough until you started getting a tingly feeling every time, you’d meet up with the silver haired boy to observe the moon and report your findings on the assignment.
“Well, you seem distracted” Hermione cut your line of though and you remembered you were supposed to be studying Divination in the library
“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how unbearable this class is, I just can’t seem to concentrate in these tasks” you said rubbing your eyes and straightening in your chair
“It’s okay, I know I’m not the best teacher either” she said with a kind smile “why don’t you ask Cedric for help? I’m sure he’d be excited to study this with you”
You smiled politely and tried to brush off that question. The truth is, you’ve been avoiding Cedric as much as you can since the emotional rollercoaster with Draco started. The worst part, or at least what you thought, is that this whole dilemma is one-sided, as of course, the prince of Slytherin would never fall for someone in a relationship.
“I have to go right now, but i’ll read the chapter again and i’ll let you know tomorrow morning how it goes” you said picking your stuff up from the library table
“Sure thing, i’ll also tell Cedric to open up his agenda, maybe he can join us next time we study” Hermione added shoving her books into her bag
“Thanks for being this patient and for all your help” you said smiling before walking towards the exit of the library.
You walked to the astronomy tower, yeah, you were 40 minutes earlier to your study nondate with Draco, but the though of spending another minute listening to Hermione explaining divination just was too much to handle in your emotional state. You opened the door and were surprised to see Draco already there, going through his notes and looking beautifully concentrated.
“If you are going to stare at me, make sure not to drool” Draco said sarcastically looking up from his work
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t wanna bother you, you looked so… peaceful” you added wishing he couldn’t see your cheeks blushing
“You do not bother me, in fact, you are one of the few people I actually like, darling” he said grinning. With the light so dim and the stars shining over him, his gray eyes were sparking, making the butterflies in your stomach twirl and turn like crazy
“What are you working on?” You said gazing at his notes and sitting next to him
“Just going over Divination, is actually one of my favorite classes, so I like to study ahead” he added handing you some of his perfectly handwritten notes
“Woow, these are actually pretty amazing” you said going through them “I wished understood at least half of what you have in here” you said handing the notes back
“You know darling, if you are having any trouble, I could tutor you” Draco said smiling.
Oh Merlin, not again, every time he called you darling your heart melted, and your mind went all fuzzy
“I… No, don’t worry, it would be a mess as apparently I can’t seem to learn anything from that class, and I really do not want to impose” you replied.
“Come on darling, i’ll make sure by at the end of the semester you are the best in your class” he said taking your hand “Look y/n, you are a really powerful witch, and if you are struggling, i’ll help you as much as you can” he added now caressing your hand.
You were so close to each other you could smell his minty breath, and his strong cologne was giving you a rush. His touch made your hand feel tingly and thanks Merlin you were sitting because you were sure your legs would be trembling right now. He kept caressing your hand and you moved closer by the second.
“May I?” Draco whispered millimeters from your lips and slipping his hand to your cheek. You nodded and you could feel his soft lips kissing yours. Oh, sweet Merlin, you did not realize how much you needed this. You reached the back of his neck with lips still intertwined and you pulled back when you felt you needed air. His grey eyes met yours and you gave him a little smile, he smiled back.
“i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now” Draco broke the silence
“I… I… I have to go” you said with a million things spinning in your head, taking your books, and leaving the astronomy tower almost running.
What on Merlin’s name have you done? You kissed Draco Malfoy, not only that, you kissed Draco Malfoy while you were dating Cedric Diggory. Yes, you had some kind of unresolved feelings for Draco that were giving you doubts about your relationship, but that was not an excuse for cheating on your long-term boyfriend. For the next week you avoided Draco, Astrology class, and the astronomy tower in fear of facing Draco. You also decided to spend more time with Cedric and your friends, but honestly, the guilt was eating you alive. You caught Draco starring at you during meals in the Great Hall and he tried to talk to you more than once in the hallways, but you really did not know what to do. Every time you went to bed, you relieved the kiss, you even caught yourself longing for more, you wanted Draco’s touch, you almost felt like you needed Draco, his sent, his touch, his kisses, it felt addicting. You were on fire and the only water to stop it had silver hair and was last-named Malfoy.
You were sitting on the grass under a tree reading about care of magical creatures, lately, the gardens were your scape from the snowball of mixed feelings and confusion your life had become. Suddenly, you heard a voice.
“Please do not run away” Draco said standing in front of you
“Hi” you said without looking at him
“What has gotten into you? Are you for real going to ignore me forever?” He said now sitting in the grass next to you. You remained silent waiting for the right words to come into your mind “We still have a project together, you know?” He said with exasperation in his voice. For the first time you looked at him and his gorgeous gray eyes had a tint of hurt
“I’m sorry” you whispered, feeling ashamed. You were ashamed you kissed him and ran, and you felt guilty for lying to your boyfriend and your friends, for pushing him away and of course, for hurting him.
“I’m sorry too” he said fixing his gaze into the grass “I have to tell you something, but truth to be told, i’ve been trying to put it off, but I can’t contain it anymore” he said with a worried tone
“Is everything alright?” You asked concerned, sure, you were feeling a lot of things, but you really wanted Draco to be okay, no matter the mess your heart was at the moment
“I’m in love with you” he said and threw his hands to his head “I know this is terrible timing, especially since you are with Diggory, but I had to let you know that even if you love him, my heart is yours only, it has been since we started working in the stupid Astrology project together” he said and chuckled nervously
“I think I’m in love with you too” you said barely audible “I’m just so confused, I do not want to hurt Cedric, but I feel like I already did, I just don’t know how to deal with all of this and what am I gonna tell him? I love him, just not the kind of love a girlfriend should have for her boyfriend” you added barely breathing
“It is a relief knowing at least we are in the same chapter” Draco said taking your hand “I’m sure we can figure it all out together, i’ll even talk to Diggory” he said with a confident tone
“It’s not gonna work, he’s gonna be so mad, he’ll hate me, and you, he’ll hate us” you said freaking out
“I don’t doubt he’ll hate me, he’ll probably even punch me, but it’s better to come clean now than to pretend” he said starring into your eyes and moving a little closer to your lips “Tell me to stop if you want me to stop” he whispered, but you didn’t stop him, on the contrary you pulled him closer to your lips and you melted in a passionate kiss.
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dr4cking · 9 hours ago
OMGG CONGRATS CINTA BBY, can i request a 📝 with draco, like my req, with the promt "where did you learn how to do this" while having him eat fem reader out. tysm
thank you so much baby! ily and of course <33
join 1,5k celebration
Tumblr media
“You taste so delicious my love,” Draco murmurs as he savouring the taste of you, tongue going in and out of your tight hole making you grasped his hair tightly.
“Fuck- I’m so close, Draco..” hearing that, he worked his tongue harder into your core making you seeing stars.
Draco moaned as you cum on his tongue, lapping up and slurping all of your juices.
“That was so good Draco, where did you learn how to do it?” You asked in between your moan as he doesn’t disconnect his lips from your stimulated cunt.
“It doesn’t matter my love, all I’m doing now is just to pleasure you, only.”
“-Now give me your taste once more, darling.” You moan his name out loud as he continues what he was doing and his tongue once again dived into your cunt.
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littlemissnoname13 · 2 days ago
Fortunate Misfortune (D.M x Reader)| Chapter 4: “The Usual”
Tumblr media
Summary: Its his last year at Hogwarts and former Hogwarts bully, Draco Malfoy just wants to clean up his act and get through the year. Maybe even apply for a potions fellowship and date Astoria Greengrass. His plan seems perfect on paper except for a minor hiccup in the form of a feisty Hufflepuff girl...
A/n: This multi-chapter has been in my Drafts since before I started posting on here and I’ve used so many scenes from it and turned them into one shots in the past. The series is almost completed and ill just be dumping it on my blog. Please do not feel pressured to read it. 😅🥲.
Reblogs and Feedbacks are always welcomed. :)
Warnings: none except coarse language and mentions of food (No voldy AU)
Words: 1500 give or take
Chapter 3 | Masterlist| Chapter 5
Tumblr media
“The usual please. And an ice cream sundae.” Draco asked, struggling to catch his breath when he finally reached Four Broomsticks. 
You are already there of course, chin resting on the table of your usual booth, repeatedly stabbing what used to be a poor breadstick with your fork. 
“Well, well, if it isn’t Malfoy.” 
“Y/n.” He said your name like it was an apology in itself even though he was perfectly aware that he’d have to do more than just say your name to be forgiven.
By looking at the near empty and clean table, he knew you hadn’t eaten anything, not even the breadsticks.
If that wasn’t enough, the look on your face reminded him of that first night in your room—aka the angry Hungarian Horntail glare ready to fry him to a crisp.
You were the most terrifying girl he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked, making him instantly snap out of his trance.
“Look, y/n. I’m really sorry I forgo—”
“Don’t, Draco.” You dropped your fork and lifted your left hand to stop him. “Save it for another day.”
He wanted to ask you what you meant by that. He just wanted to apologise and get it over with. The concept of saving it seemed like too much of a liability.
What else was he capable of doing that would warrant an apology? You were right not to trust him after he stood you up like that.
This wasn’t a Date though. Right?. He was over thinking it.
Just when he thought he’d ask for more clarifications, the usual along with an ice cream sundae was served at the table.
“I thought you didn’t like the usual.” You commented while he sat down next to you instead of taking his normal seat opposite to you.
“I’ve grown quite fond of it, actually.” 
“Why? Because I told you Astoria likes it?” 
“No.” He said, tilting sideways so he could get a better look at you. “I ordered it Because you like it. I’ve been coerced into eating it every time we come here.”
“Fine, all for me. None for you.” You teased, dragging the plate to your side of the table. “Also, why the ice cream?”
“I thought ice cream would pair well with it.” He shrugged, plucking the maraschino cherry from the ice cream and popping it in his mouth.
“Are you bribing me with food to make up for your tardiness?” You raised an accusatory eyebrow at him.
“No.” He shook his head before pushing the dish filled with ice cream your way. “Consider this my way of making it up to you.”
At around one in the morning, the two of you decided to walk back to Hogwarts—pushing each other and kicking stray rocks along the way.
You made it a point to ask him about his encounter with Astoria but never got around to doing it because the two of you were somehow wrapped up in discussing about life after Hogwarts.
He told you all about the fellowship and his want to move away from the Malfoy name. It sounded like he wanted nothing to do with it.
You’d never thought you’d hear him say things like that, let alone smile wishfully while talking about moving away if given the opportunity to.
When you finally reached your common room entrance, Draco pulled you into an embrace like it was the new norm.
Sleeping proved more difficult than you’d anticipated.
Every time you switched positions or tossed and turned, you could smell the faint scent of Draco’s cologne that had somehow caught onto your skin.
Each time the fragrance was released into the air around you, you found yourself thinking of him and it was stupid because you loved Blaise.
When the clock hit four, you grabbed your sketchbook and walked towards the school courtyard. Sketching seemed more productive than tossing and turning like a fish out of water anyway. 
“What are you doing here at this ungodly hour of the morning!?” He asked, running towards you at the school courtyard, looking like he’d barely slept a wink. “Even the birds weren’t up at this time.”
Trying to get rid of my thoughts of you. Ugh.
“Nothing too interesting.” You said very curtly as you quickly shut your sketchbook. You’d initially gone down there to sketch the night sky, but somehow by the end of the night, you were shading light shadows on his blonde hair that you’d captured perfectly on paper. 
You weren’t planning on drawing Draco. Far from it actually. But, his stupid face was rather interesting to draw. 
His stone cold grey eyes full of unusual depth, his rather angular jaw and his kissable lips—especially he’d licked ice cream from the corner.
What? No….No. No. 
“Hmm?” You muttered absently, still wondering why you were suddenly so intrigued by wondering how his lips would feel on yours. 
“You’re cold.” He pointed out, plopping himself next to you and running his hands along the goosebumps on your arms in an attempt to warm you up. 
As if that was going to help. His touch was only sending more chills down your spine. 
When Draco took notice that you weren’t getting any warmer, he raised his arms and slid off his Slytherin sweater—revealing his ridiculously toned lower abdomen in the process. 
“Arms up.” He instructed and you looked at him like he was bonkers. 
“Draco I don’t need your—”
“I said, arms up y/n.” He said firmly. “Don’t make me ask again.” 
When he said it like that, you found yourself instantly obeying. Maybe it was the tone of his voice or the hard expressions on his face but you were suddenly raising your arms.
Draco quietly slipped his sweater onto you, messing your hair up in the process. 
The hard expressions disappeared when he chuckled to himself, noticing the mess he’d created of your hair.
He then used his fingertips to gently smooth out the hairs that were raised on your head due to the sweater static. 
“What is it with you and my hair.” You mumbled, tying to sound annoyed. You weren’t even aware of just how close your faces were until you noticed the way he licked his lips. 
 It was surely the warmth of his sweater but, suddenly you felt hot. 
The chilliness of the night was suddenly replaced by nothing but heat. 
Heat underneath your cheeks, heat flowing through your veins, heat fluttering on your lower abdomen. 
“That.. ought to do it.” He whispered, finally tucking a strand of hair behind your ears as a finishing touch. 
Instead of retrieving his hand and pulling away, His face drew in closer and closer.
You surprised yourself by parting your lips and leaning in.
He eyes were fixed on yours and they looked so intense that you had to shut yours.
Just when you were about to close the gap between your lips, the birds started to chirp indicating the break of day and breaking the spell of weird tension between the two of you. 
“It’s morning.” You whispered, backing away while Draco rubbed the back of his neck, before looking up at the colour changing sky. 
“So it is.” He mumbled. 
You only nodded and looked up at the sky too.
Everything felt peaceful and serene for once. 
He nonchalantly wrapped a lazy arm around your shoulders and you rested your head on his. 
“Everything feels...easier with you.” He mumbled quietly. “It doesn’t feel that way with anyone else.” 
“I know.” You whispered. 
Draco left shortly after people started to wake up because Merlin only knows what the rumor mill would do if they caught the two of you watching the sun come up together. 
It was a Saturday and since he was done with all his school work, Draco decided to take Blaise up on his offer for an early morning match of friendly quidditch with the Ravenclaws. 
It seemed like a good opportunity to ask Blaise about you and the sooner he set you up with Blaise, the better.  
Draco would make sure to be super discreet of course.
He certainly didn't need another howler from his furious Hungarian Horntail.  
His? Did he just call you his? Get your head out of your arse Draco. 
Draco quickly shook off the feeling as he got dressed in his quidditch robe. Deep down he knew that finding the snitch would be a nightmare in his present mindset and he thanked the gods because it was just a friendly weekend match. 
Throughout the match, Draco tried to stay focused but all the while, he found himself thinking about what would actually happen if Blaise did in fact, return your feelings.
You’d probably go back to being a stranger after you got what you wanted.
He wanted things to work out with Blaise, didn’t he?
If so, why was the thought of someone else potentially giving you their sweater and getting to spend their nights with you at four broomsticks while eating “the regular” bothering him? 
What was this feeling that was making his grip on his broom sweaty and weak?
“Oi, Malfoy, watch out!” Flint called out and Draco suddenly snapped out of his foggy thoughts, narrowly missing a bludger. 
He would have rather gotten hit by a bludger than admit what he knew he was feeling. 
Series tag list 🏷: @sycathorn-slush @louweasleymalfoy @writeandtranslate @silentkiller2374 @lilmissquackson @badass-yn
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adatheromcomaddict · a day ago
How The Harry Potter Boys Ask You Out
So, this one goes along with my last preference, on how you meet the HP boys, so you should go read that one first.
It’s one of my last posts, so go check it out!
Harry Potter:
Ever since Harry helped me with my Snape issue, I've felt a lot more confident about not so good grades. I've only gotten a few since then, but I feel much better and handle getting them smoother. Harry and I studied together once, but we were with Hermione and Ron as well.
I am currently sitting in the library, looking for some information on some ancient witches and wizards, when I hear some rustling from the bookshelves. Nobody was on the row I was sitting in, so I walked to the other side, to see Harry peeking through the books,
"Looking for something?" I asked, and he turned around quickly.
"Oh.. uh no. Nothing in particular." He lifted up his hand and gently wiped some sweat off of his forehead.
"Mkay. Well.." He interrupted me.
"Well, could I ask you something?" He replied.
"Go ahead."
"Do you wanna, uh, have another study date together?" Harry asked, his glasses sliding off of his nose from the sweat.
"With Hermione and Ron?"
"No, just us."
"Did you just ask me out, Harry Potter?"
"Well, I would love to. This Saturday, 9:00."
(Who am I kidding though, nobody wakes up on a Saturday before at least 10-11)
Ron Weasley:
When I first met Ron in the Grand Hall that night, I have been a lot more happy.
When I met Hermione, I didn't have any friends at Hogwarts. She said she would introduce me to her new buddies, and that we could all be a group of best friends. So, I didn't decline the offer, as that would be rude.
Ron and I have hung out a lot with the group. Never alone, but always with the others.
I walked out of my common room, and I saw Ron standing outside of the door, looking nervous.
"Ron?" I asked.
"AH. Bloody Hell, Y/N!" He screamed.
"I-it's okay. What did you need?" He asked.
"Nothing, I just came out of my common room to see you creepily standing there, so I think the question is, what do you need?"
"Oh.. right, I'm here for a reason... what is it... what is it.." Then his face turned even redder, clearly he had remembered why he was there.
"Oh yes. Okay," He took a deep breath. "I wanted to know, if you would like... to go to... The Leaky Cauldron.. with me... this weekend?"
"Oh, Ron, I would love to! Are Harry and Hermione coming too?" I asked.
"No.. unless you want them to, because if you want them to I will ask them too!" He exclaimed.
"No. It's fine with just us. I'll see you there." I smiled, walking off.
Draco Malfoy:
(We're going to say this takes place when he first became a Death Eater)
"Malfoy. I need to talk to you!" I screamed at Draco.
"What is it?"
"You need to stop picking on my friends, and calling them.. mud-you-know-whats." I explained, not so calmly.
"And why should I do that, Y/L/N?"
"Because if you have any emotion in your body, which you proved that you did when you gave me my locket back, then you would know that it is not right to call people that." And with that, I walked away.
The next day, I saw Draco sitting in a corner of a hall where nobody was. He seemed to be crying, so I walked up to him.
"Draco, are you okay?" I asked. And then I saw it. On his arm, was a Dark Mark. "What the Hell is that!?"
"Be quiet!" He said through tears.
"Okay, I'm sorry, but why did you resort to this?"
"I didn't. I don't want to, but if I don't kill Dumbledore they're gonna kill me. I have to do it, I have to." He burst out in more tears, and I gave him a hug, which I didn't expect him to let me do.
Eventually, he put his arms around me, and hugged back for a short minute.
"W-would you maybe like want to go to Hogsmeade with me next time we get to go, we could get butterbeer."
"Awh, sure. That sounds nice. I'll see you there." I slowly started to walk away, but before I was gone, I said, "If you need anything, let me know."
Fred Weasley:
(This one is short, but it is soooo cute)
I was sitting in Snape's classroom, doing some work, when a paper hit my head. I looked up to see who had thrown it, and I saw Fred.
I mouthed, "what?"
And he pointed at me, then back at himself, and made an awkward dance movement.
I nodded, and grinned. He had asked me to the Yule Ball!
George Weasley:
It was almost the end of term, and the end of year exams were coming up. All I wanted to do was pull some more pranks on people, but I had absolutely no time. That's when George walked up to me.
"Hey, Y/N." He said.
"Hey, George." I groaned, loudly shutting my book.
"Annoyed with the end of year exams?" He asked, sitting next to me.
"Well, I was thinking do you want to come to my house this summer, and discuss some awesome prank ideas?"
"Oh, I would love that! All I want to do is prank people, but I need to get an O on my tests, and I am not going to risk it for that." I explained.
"Sounds good. I'll send you an owl with my address and maybe you can get your parents to take you."
"Alright." I smiled. "Bye, George."
Neville Longbottom:
Neville and I got paired up in herbology again after we wrote that perfect report on Mandrakes.
When Neville found out about this, he seemed to blush a little bit. Today we were going to study in the library and get some more work done on our assignment.
We were walking to the library together, when he suddenly stopped.
"Neville, are you okay?" I asked.
"Y-yes, I was just wondering, would.. would you like to go out with me?" He asked.
(Neville is so pure he would just straight up ask you)
"Oh, sure, Neville! Let's get to studying, then we can talk more about it."
Cedric Diggory:
Ever since the Quidditch tournament, when the Death Eaters attacked, I've had some trouble sleeping. It's not fun to see people get killed while you're supposed to be having fun.
I think Harry is shaken up too. I've talked to him about it a few times.
Anyway, today I have a class with Cedric.
We're learning about something called a Boggart..
After the lesson about what a Boggart is, I'm not feeling any better than before. Actually, I'm feeling worse.
We're supposed to face this creature, and watch it transform into our biggest fear. In front of the entire class, and Cedric.
After a few people had gone, it was my turn.
I watched the Boggart which before was a , become a tall being in a cone shaped hat, and a mask.
People around me gasped, and I started to feel light-headed.
I saw Cedric get worried, and instead of the spell I was supposed to do, I ran out of the room crying, and heard people laughing at me. I sat down on the floor.
After like ten minutes, Cedric walked out of the classroom, and came towards me, and sat down next to me.
"Hey, Y/N. Pretty shaken up about the tournament still?" He asked.
"Yeah.. it's stupid, I know." I sighed, chuckling.
"No, it's not. It's perfectly normal to be afraid of things like that."
"Thanks, Cedric.. that makes me feel better."
"Do you maybe wanna have a picnic out at the courtyard for lunch today?"
"Are you asking me out on a date?"
Tom Riddle:
I was sitting in the Grand Hall, reading a book, by the fire, when Tom came up to me and said in a sort of demand, "Go out with me."
I shut the book, and said, "No."
"Because it's not polite to ask a lady out like that, so try again and maybe you'll get a different answer." I explained.
"Fine. Will you go out with me?"
"Yes, meet me at the astronomy tower tonight."
Okay, here it is!!
Please let me know of any errors or spelling mistakes.
Thank you for reading!
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moonlit-imagines · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested by anonymous
“Filthy mudblood,” Draco dared to insult Hermione, “who knows why they even let people like you in here?” He backed up to admire his work as her face dropped, leaving him and his friends to make more fun.
“Better to be a mudblood than a Slytherin with a stick up his—” You shot back just before Harry stopped you. You took a quick cleansing breath and Draco stared at you with a shocked look from the apparent disrespect. “You’d better watch who you’re talking to, Malfoy. Not all of us are as civil as Hermione.”
“You have no idea who you’re talking to, l/n.” Draco spat back, insinuating that his family was powerful once more.
“I know exactly who I’m talking to,” you stepped a tad closer to the boy, “and your threats will never scare me as much as my actions should scare you.”
taglist: @ravenmoore14 // @summersimmerus //
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
May I request the reaction of the poly!Slytherin Trio after the reader uses the safeword?
With Draco slapping you around underneath him like a ragdoll, and a vibrator shoved between the overstimulated walls of your cunt, remote in the control of Theo and Blaise, you squirmed around, needing room for even a single breath, which they’d blissfully denied you.
“I can’t take it!” You whimper, feeling the way with your complaint, Blaise had snatched the remote from Theo’s hand, turning the intensity up by one more notch.
You sob out into thin air, all while Draco grinded his hips against yours at an increasingly vigorous pace, wanting to lull one more high out of you before they gave you a rest.
But, you struggled to hold on, tethering yourself to reality before the spin in your head just got to be too powerful. “Red! Please, no more. No more!” You feverishly shake your head as the word spewed out before you could even register what you were saying.
In a second, the toy was clicked off and Draco was lulling you to an upright position, chest heaving in fear that they’d genuinely hurt you. You meld into the blonde’s embrace, whimpering your discontent while you nosed at his jugular softly.
“My baby,” Theo croons as he rushed over to you, Blaise following suit as Draco hummed praises at you to settle your breathing, all of them apologizing for bringing you to such a stage.
“You were so good, little one. We’re all done now, don’t worry,” the male who’s lap you were curled into face the other two boys a sympathetic nod to indicate you’d be alright.
“‘M proud of you, princess. Such a strong girl, you are,” Theo muses, planting his lips into your sweaty forehead.
You flutter your eyes shut, holding a hand to your belly as the sting began to subside. You cracked a small smile at the three, making their hearts swell. “Hm..I know I am,”
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writeandtranslate · a day ago
who gave a bloody book for wedding present?
summary : someone with he/him pronounce comfort you after an angsty reading.
words : 0.3k?
warning(s) : non-specific male character
A/N : I’m literally so upset after reading this particular angsty fanfic that I had to write this self indulgent crap to comfort myself. 
I don’t think I made it clear of who is this male character comforting reader, I imagined Peeta (Mellark, not the bread) whilst writing it. But I think Draco would fit well too, for this imagine. Actually, anyone would fit fine, really. 
He jolted awake when he heard a soft sob from the corner of the room.  Normally, he would awake sweaty and agitated from the nightmares.  This time, he’s awake from missing her presence and the distress noises from the window.
“Y/N?” his hoarse voice broke the silent sob.
She immediately turned her head to then swiftly wiped the tears off her face. He was quick to heave on his feet and walked to the open window with an expression only describable as concerns.
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to wake you,” she apologised, hugged him in the hips when he reached her side. She buried her face at his abdomen whilst he gently stroked her hair.
He shook his head, planted a loving kiss on the top of her head. She just shampooed her hair earlier this afternoon. The smell of her coconut shampoo filled his nostril pleasantly.
“It’s fine. Why are you crying? Are you in pain?” he asked very softly as if the slightest aggressiveness could scare her off.
She sniffed, looked up at him, and he almost cursed at how the moonlight fell on her, compliment her already perfect feature. He internally sighed, mentally taking a note of how he should help her feel better instead of being utterly smitten by her beauty.
“I’m just,” she began, but she sucked a breath before shook her head. “It’s silly. You don’t want to hear it,”
He frowned. “You couldn’t be more wrong. Tell me what it is. Did I hog the blanket and left you in the cold?” he kneeled and seemed genuinely felt bad at the prospect. 
She laughed, which eased his worries a bit. “No,” she chuckled between hiccups. “I just read this book,” she pointed at the book deserted on the table. “present for our wedding, it seems,” she added before sucked a particularly shaky breath. “And it’s heartbreakingly good, and now I’m sad,” she choked.
He snorted at her antics. He couldn’t believe she just bawled her eyes in the middle of the night because of a bloody book. He loved her too much to complain, though. Instead, he smiled and scooped her at his arm before brought her back to the bed. He cradled her on his lap, not letting her even go to the side of her bed. 
“Tell me about it?” he requested.
Less than a second later, he found himself listening to every bit of objection to the ending of the book she was reading, how upsetting it was for her, and all some sort of things that caused her tears tonight. She ended her rant of agony with a small sorry.
“You don’t have to apologise, sweetheart,” he assured her. “I hope my presence could help you through the sadness you’re feeling. Don’t like it when you cry,” he planted another soft kiss on her temple.
“You helped a lot. I’m feeling very much better. She still deserves a better ending,” she said, glanced at the table where she left the book. He assumed she was referring to the character in the book. “But your company helped me reminded that I got you, and I won’t end up alone for my entire life as she did,”
“You’re good at pulling conclusions,” he complimented, caused a soft smile to form on her face.
After the agitate faded away, he had her tucked under the sheet in his arm. His thumb drew invisible patterns on her arm, his other hand stroked her hair. He noticed her eyes begin to drop sleepily. He decided to whisper at the exact moment, “Not a good wedding present, then?”
Her face comically shifted into horrified. He had to bite back an amused grin.
Who gave a bloody book for a wedding present anyway? I never attended any wedding, I wouldn’t know.
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narcissasbrat · a day ago
can I request this for the malfoy princess? thank you!!
Bedtime Snuggles
↠ A/N: haha i absolutely love this video! i wasnt sure how you wanted it, so i’ve decided to just do it in headcannon format, but for next time, please specify what format you want it in! also sorry if its so short!
Tumblr media
↠ You: “Draco!”
↠ Draco: “What?”
↠ You: “ ‘m talkin’ to you!”
↠ Draco: “Yea’ i can see that! What’d ya wan-”
↠ You: “ ‘anna sleep in your bed!”
↠ you had woken up in the middle of the night - 2:34am to be precise. in doing so, you disturbed your big brother’s sleep, so he wasn’t a happy dragon.
↠ but Draco’s smile was soon to reappear whilst he rubbed his sleepy eyes as soon as he had heard you utter your request.
↠ cheekily grinning, Draco pondered on the thought for less than a second, before throwing his duvet off of him, as he stood up and rushed over to grab a stool, allowing you to climb out of your crib and onto the floor.
↠ being the helpful big brother he was, he framed his arms around your waist as he helped you with that last little climb before aiding in steadying your balance as you jumped off of the stool and dived into his bed. it was only when you jumped onto his bed, you realised you had left your things.
↠ You: “Oh no! My dolly!”
↠ Draco: *groans* “Uh, Y/N/N! Gimme a minute, ‘mma get it for you!”
↠ You: “Hurry Draco! Hurry!”
↠ Draco: “Don’t rush me! ‘m goin’ as fast as I can!” Woa-”
↠ You: *giggles* “Be ‘areful Draco!”
↠ being the bestest, caring big brother Draco claimed to be, he used the stool to climb into your crib, before re-emerging with your blanket, your pacifier and your pretty princess dolly that Daddy had gotten you, simply because you wanted it.
↠ even though Mama had said no because you weren’t behaving like a little lady should i.e. throwing tantrums, especially over the fact that carrots are orange! “Why aren’t they purple?!”, you screamed at your mother as Narcissa simply pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration due to your words - that didn’t stop dear old papa-bear Lucius from caving into your wishes.
↠ once you finally had everything you needed to sleep, you snuggled into your big brother’s side and soon fell back to sleep.
↠ and you stayed like that till the sun in the sky came to say hello…
taglist: @cissyswifey @milfsenjoyer @romanoffs-wifey @devilsbooksworld @someoneonearth2007 @malfoys-are-fashion-icons @bellatrixsbrat @bitchywitchy125 @princess-jules47 @charlenasaxen @dumbstupidbitch
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Be my forever | Chapter 2: Homesick (D.M. x Reader)
a/n: Hello everyone, thank you so very much for your support in the previous chapter and in the Ivy one shot. I’m completely grateful with your support and I really hope you like this little story 😊
PS: Remember requests are always open and you can ask me to write for other characters from the HP universe
y/n – your name
y/ln - your last name
y/h – your house
Summary: You are feeling a little homesick and you decide to talk about it with Draco in order to cover your daily hour of convivence that Dumbledore assigned.
Warnings: Non that I can think of, but let me know if you need a trigger warning, rn it's pure fluff
Word count: 2,032
Masterlist | Chapter 1
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Being a half-blood meant two things:
a) You got the best of both worlds as you spent your early life in San Francisco, California in your parent’s house until it was time to get a magical education (of course, at your father’s Alma Mater, Hogwarts)
b) Your owl, Rory, always came back with non-magical gifts that made school feel a little more like home
The day had been nuts, but you just couldn’t wait to send your parents the first letter of the school year telling them all about Dumbledore’s now “integration activity” and asking them for advice in how to get Draco to open up. Of course, you didn’t tell them about last year’s encounter with the silver haired boy, but you needed some motherly comfort and fatherly words of encouragement.
“I’m guessing things inside your head are far more interesting than knowing Divination, y/ln” professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney interrupted your thoughts
“I’m sorry, Professor Trelawney” you said blushing and straightening in your seat
“I know this class can be overwhelming for some of you, but this is your last year, you have to learn as much as you can while you’re still here” she said “y/ln if you need to leave, it is in order, as this is the first class of the semester and you can catch up with me later” the professor said with a kind smile
“Thank you very much professor, right now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but I’ll make sure to schedule a tutoring session” you said standing up and shoving your stuff in your bag.
You left the classroom inhaling a deep breath of the fresh air in the hallway and made your way to the main gardens. You were thinking about everything and nothing when you arrived to the gardens and you caught a glimpse of certain silver haired boy reading under a tree, so you approached him and hope this encounter would be better than your last one.
“Hello, I hope I’m not interrupting” you said standing in front of Draco waiting for him to shoot a snarky remark, but he remained silent, focusing on his reading “May I sit?” you added
“You are a student, you have as much right to sit here than in any other place” he said with his eyes glued into his book
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come” you said a little disappointed turning your back to Draco
“Why aren’t you in class?” you heard him ask and you faced him once more, this time, his book was on the ground and his gray icy eyes were fixed on you
“I couldn’t concentrate, so the teacher excused me, and I decided to wonder around to clear my head” you replied, sitting next to Draco
“What is bothering you?” Draco asked with a glimpse of curiosity in his voice. Looking at him closely you could see his perfect features softening, but not quite. He looked a little tired, like hadn’t have much sleep last night after your encounter and his normally perfectly in place hair was a little mess and covering his forehead, almost without noticing, you lifted your hand to his hair and started fixing it softly. He closed his eyes at the contact, looking a little uncomfortable you took the hint and stopped.
“I’m sorry, your hair just looked a little out of place” you mumbled without meeting his gaze
“It’s alright, I’m not used to people touching my hair” he said opening his eyes and fixing the strands of hair himself “So besides my hair, what’s bothering you?” he insisted
“You are gonna think its stupid” you said meeting his eyes as your cheeks blushed
“Probably I will but saying it out loud could help you feel better” he said with a half-smile. What on Merlin’s name was going on? Was Draco Malfoy really being kind to you? Maybe this was some kind of trap to get revenge on your comments last night? Maybe he was just being a decent human being? Either way, it was better not to risk getting him mad and making your assignment harder than it already was, so you played along
“I’m a little homesick” you spilled “Spending the summer at San Fran with my parents was great and I… don’t know, I just wish they were here to help me figure some stuff out” you said being careful not to spill the beans on the one topic that was giving you trouble: getting to know Draco Malfoy
“San Fran?” he said raising an eyebrow
“Yeah, San Francisco, you know? In California” you said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world “Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, Pier 39, The Palace of Fine Arts? Anything rings a bell?” you added a little confused with his lack of knowledge
“Oh, right, I knew your accent was quite unpleasing, Americans have a way of butchering everything” he said with a smile chuckle
“What the… what?” you asked but you couldn’t help but laugh as you knew there was some truth in his words
“Are you really close to your mum and dad?” Draco asked with a newfound curiosity
“I am, to be honest, they are my whole world and as I’m an only child we’ve been super upfront about pretty much everything” you said “We’ve always been a team, either about magical issues, or with normal people stuff, they’ve always had my back and I just… I don’t know, I feel a little lonely” you concluded with your gaze fixed on Draco, he was death silent and seemed actually concentrated in what you were saying, but he did not reply so you continued “It’s kinda stupid, I mean, I got my friends and everything, I’m just a little nostalgic”
“I do not think it’s stupid” he finally broke the silence, his intense gaze was fixed in your eyes and for a moment, you felt as if you could tell him anything and he’d comprehend, just like you felt in the astronomy tower a year ago “Maybe you can write them a letter, I’ll even let you send it from my eagle owl, which is the fastest owl in the school” he said in a cocky tone
“It’s alright, I don’t think Rory would be very thrilled about that” you replied thinking about your gorgeous snowy owl “And yeah, I already wrote them a letter, I just haven’t sent it” you added taking the sealed letter from your bag
“Why haven’t you send it?” he asked again with a particular interest
“Well, I haven’t gotten around to the owlery” you said playing with the corner of the envelope “truth to be told, I’ve been running around like crazy between classes, clubs, meals and I feel like I’m already two assignments behind in Snape’s class, and it’s just the first day” you added
“You could go now; you’re not really doing anything” Draco suggested
“What? And fail Dumbledor’s assignment? Are you aware there are eyes in the castle? I need at least 40 more minutes with you” you said half joking
“I could go with you to the owlery, just for the sake of the assignment” Draco offered while standing up and extending you his hand
“Just for the sake of the assignment” you said taking his hand and feeling a little pull from him to help you get up “Thanks” you said flashing him a little smile shoving the letter into your bag
You started walking towards the owlery, and in the spirit of maintaining the conversation flowing you started asking him questions “What about your day? Was it good?”
“Nothing too chaotic if that’s what you meant, I did not attend to herbology” he said shrugging his arms
“Why not? It’s the best class in the curriculum!!” you said a little surprised, mostly because that was your favorite class
“I think plants are inferior creatures and Hogwarts makes a big deal out of them” he said scoffing
“Well, I’ll let you know I’m madame Sprout’s top student” you said proudly “Maybe I can give you a hand in that class and you could help me in Potions, you know? I scratch your back and you scratch mine, I’m sure we can even work in Dumbledore’s task while we are at it” you offered Draco a smile
“Stop there little y/h, you seem to be looking for excuses to spend time with me” he said teasing you and smiling happily
“Just for the sake of the assignment” you said again extending your hand for Draco to shake it
“If you say so” he shook your hand and you felt it a little tingly
“So, tell me about your parents, I’ve heard they are super influential in the Wizard World, is it cool being a celebrity?” you asked smiling hoping to keep conversation running smoothly
“That’s a topic I do not want to discuss with you” Draco said with venom in his voice
“Oh, okay, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude” you said hoping this wouldn’t ruin your until now, so nice conversation
“Well, you did, whatever, we are not far from the owlery so I guess you can go the rest of the way alone” he said without even looking at you
“Sure, not a problem” you said as he started walking away
You continued your way into the owlery and soon enough reached Rory, your beautiful snow owl gifted by your father. She was strong, gorgeous, and most importantly, the daughter of your dad’s owl, making it extra special for you. You gave Rory the letter, wished her a safe trip and gave her a goodbye kiss before seeing her fly away.
“y/n? is that you” you heard Ron’s voice calling you from behind
“Oh, hey Ron, what’s up?” you said flashing a smile to the ginger
“Not much, I just needed some fresh air” he said coming closer
“And you came to the owlery? Dude, it smells like crap in here” you said laughing
“Fine, you caught me, I saw you walking towards here and I wanted to know if you were okay. I heard you stormed off Divination today” the ginger confessed. That was Ron Weasley for you people, the bravest and most caring person in school. No matter what, Ron was always there for you, to give you a hand, kind words or just his company. The Weasley heart of gold was, without a doubt, one of the highlights in your life.
“I’m alright, I did not storm off, I was just feeling a little overwhelmed with the present and decided to take a little break from the future” you said giving your friend a reassuring hug
“Either way, I asked someone from your class for the notes and I copied them for you, so you don’t fall behind” he said breaking the hug and handing you some notes
“Aren’t you the sweetest? What did I ever do to deserve such an amazing friend?” you said leaving the owlery with Ron
“You are pretty amazing yourself y/h” he said “Are you hungry? Because I’m starving and I heard tonight they are serving sausage” he added barely containing his excitement
“I’m not about to keep you away from sausage, so lead the way Weasley” you said chuckling and following your friend.
Maybe you felt a little homesick and overwhelmed with Draco Malfoy’s situation, but you weren’t alone, you felt immensely grateful to have such amazing friends. You reached the Great Hall and sat with Ron, Hermione, Harry, Tulip and Luna, you spent the whole supper laughing and talking about your classes, your partners in Dumbledore’s assignment and your summer vacations. You caught Draco starring at you a couple of times, and you even flashed him a smile, but he did not send one back. For Merlin that guy was weird, sometimes he’d be incredibly kind and in one second, he’d shift to his icy façade, but at least now you had more material for your assignment: he likes to draw, excels at potions and doesn’t like to talk about his family. Maybe tomorrow you’d get to know him a little better over your study session.
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disappointmentofthefam · 4 months ago
ok so when were yall gonna tell me that pacing around the room while listening to a song and aggressively acting out scenarios with fictional people is a mental illness??????
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