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I just posted a surprise bonus chapter of Signed and Sealed as a little Thanksgiving treat prior to tomorrow night’s actual final chapter 💙 


Signed and Sealed by niffizzle

She owns a children’s bookstore. He runs a corporation buying significant shares of small businesses. Never in their lives have Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy gotten along — or so they think. [A You’ve Got Mail AU.]

Chapter 5 - Now Live

Draco stepped back and pretended to skim the titles of the books in whatever section he was in. Nerves jumped inside his veins, and Draco cursed himself for it. It was bloody ridiculous that he was hiding behind a bookshelf and stealing glances at a witch he had known for over half his life. But he also recognised how precarious their situation was. He had somehow managed to keep her as a pen pal as he bought himself time to figure out what to do next. Lingering tension seemed to lace together her written words, but at least it meant they still had a chance. 

Something was better than nothing. That was what he had come to accept during the darkening hours in the aftermath of last week’s revelation. Yet his heart yearned for more. His feelings had been impossible to squash, especially after she had reignited his hope that Hermione Granger could see beyond their past and believe him to be the man he had become. 

But Draco couldn’t rush it. If he fed the fire too quickly, it could burn bright and die fast, leaving them with nothing except the charred ashes of what could have been. He had waited six long years for this. A few more weeks wouldn’t kill him, right?

Read from the beginning here

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Chapter 18 Posted!

Timeless, a Dramione FanFic by Alexandra-Emerson

Story Summary:

After breaking a time turner, Draco starts jumping through time. He finds himself married to Hermione in 5 years. At first, he is horrified, but after getting to know her in the future he changes his mind and will do anything in his current time to get to the happy life he shares with her. A Dramione spin on The Time Traveler’s Wife. Post-war, not canon compliant, HEA.


Chapter 18 Excerpt:

“I feel as if the entire universe is conspiring to bring us together. It seems- a bit much.”

He pulled her back toward him and linked his hands behind her back. “The entire universe is a lot to fight against, even for you,” he added with a soft smile. “So just, stop.”

She could see the lights of the city around them sparkling in his endless, grey eyes and she felt a heavily silence settle in, as if the universe they’d just been discussing was waiting, breathless, to hear her decision.

Don’t be so dramatic; it’s just another date, a voice echoed in the back of her mind, though it felt like more.

She liked him, and if she didn’t know anything about the time jumping, or their future, she wouldn’t be hesitating. So why was she so reluctant right now?

When you try to apply logic to us as a couple, it seems preposterous. But if you stop trying to reason it out, it feels right, doesn’t it?

“Yes,” she whispered, both in response to the memory and to his request for another date. She heard him let out a small sigh.

Draco lifted a hand to her face and pushed a curl behind her ear. Then he leaned close to her but stopped when his lips were an inch away from hers. “I want to kiss you,” he whispered, and his breath tickled her lips. “But I can’t break rule number two. And I also don’t want to have to endure another lecture on witch’s rights and consent and-”

She cut him off before he could finish by pulling him close and pressing her lips into his.

Read the full chapter here: FFN || AO3

Timeline file: Google Sheets

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ser·en·dip·i·ty - /ˌserənˈdipədē / - n; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

NonMagick AU -  FratBoy!Draco x Reader | Hermione - She meets the cocky and confident Draco, president of the second largest fraternity at their university. All she sees is a fuck boy-frat boy while he sees a conquest. 


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Chapter 21 - Pillow Talk

Hermione drifted into consciousness as if she was wading through treacle. Her head was pounding and her mouth felt like sandpaper. Urgh, she hadn’t even drunk that much last night, she must be getting old. It wasn’t light yet, and for a moment she wondered if her headache might just be due to not getting enough sleep. She glanced at her clock on the bedside table, and suddenly a torrent of realisations washed over her.

Her clock wasn’t there because this wasn’t her room. She was in Malfoy’s bed, and the reason she was here was that she had fallen asleep after spending the evening having outstanding sex with him. Further evidence to this fact was supplied when she became aware of his presence besides her, his breathing deep and even, the gentle rhythm of it and his warm weight next to her strangely soothing.

She smiled to herself. What a terrible, fantastic, terrible idea.

Read the rest here :)

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Author: olivieblake

Rating: M

Genre: humor, fluff, multichap, smut, muggle-AU

Summary: The Death Eaters are an outlaw motorcycle club run by Tom Riddle, a notoriously ruthless leader who works the brotherhood into high stakes criminal activity after the death of their previous president. Draco Malfoy is heir to the throne, but his life abruptly changes when fate lands him in the hands of a young doctor. Dramione, muggle AU. COMPLETE.


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The wind rustled through the hedges, giving her enough air to breathe. To take one last breathe before it was stolen from her.

She heard Draco running.

But he was too far away.

She saw the green light appear out of Avery’s wand, directed at her. She knew was going to happen.

Suspended indefinitely.

Chapter 42 - Deaths of The Sapphire Princess is out now!

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Okay so I just took my migraine medicine, so I’m so sorry if this is bad, but I wanted to write this same day so you’d be sure to see it.

Just a flash fic I’m writing in the tumblr app, so here goes!


When Draco stepped into the lift, he was surprised to see Granger there with no one else talking to her or otherwise taking up her time.  She was scanning a roll of parchment with a quill in one hand and her satchel leaning against her leg. She didn’t even notice him enter the lift and pull one of the baubles above her head to close the door.

It was after hours and the lift-operators had all since gone home.

It really was just the two of them.

He cleared his throat loudly and she inhaled before exhaling loudly.  “Yes, I know you’re here, Malfoy. I could smell you the second you got within twenty meters.”

He chuckled. “You know what I smell like from twenty meters, Granger? I don’t know whether to be flattered or wear less cologne.”

“When in doubt, one should always wear less cologne. If the question of appropriate amounts of the stuff ever enters the mind, the clear choice is to wear less,” she deadpanned, still not looking up from her parchment.

Draco reached up and pulled another cord, bringing the lift to a halt between floors. It wouldn’t matter this late at night. They were likely some of the only people left in the building anyway.

He stepped up closer and slipped his arm around her waist, turning her so she was facing him, the parchment still between them and now in his face.

She smirked slightly and sent the parchment away, rolling it up in midair so it could float down to her satchel with her quill. “Why hello there.”

“Hello yourself,” he muttered, leaning down to kiss her like he’d wanted to for nearly the entire day. He felt her back bow as she arched into him, her arm slinking up behind his head to scratch at his scalp.

“Missed you today,” he purred.

“Don’t know why. You know where I am all day,” she teased.

“You’re the one who made the rule about nothing at work.”

“Fat lot of good it did. Here we are, snogging in the lift.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Always,” she sniffed. “I’d rather be snogging in my flat.”

“Perhaps we should adjourn to your flat, then,” he suggested.

“Good idea, Malfoy.” She pecked his lips once and reached up to pull the cord once more. “For once.”

She beamed at him and reached for her satchel, stepping out of his arms when the lift opened and leaving him to jog after her. Such a crafty little witch, always making him follow her.

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Hopeful for Happiness, Chapter 6 Explorations (Violet Shadows) - posting Friday, a day early! 

[AO3]  [FFN]

Happy Thanksgiving to American readers. 😊

“Fancy a fly on the Quidditch pitch?”

Her eyes flicked up to his. “No thanks. Flying isn’t really my thing. Surely you remember my luck with the broom in Madam Hooch’s class at the beginning of first year? I haven’t gotten much better.”

Draco laughed, thinking back nearly 30 years. “I remember being an arse and stealing Longbottom’s Remembrall, and racing Potter for it… which then earned him a spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.” He rolled his eyes at the memory. “My own stupidity resulted in Potter being the youngest seeker in a century.” He chuckled. “Served me right; I was an arrogant prat back then.”

Hermione snorted. “Yes, you were.” She crossed the distance between them and nuzzled against his front, sliding her hands around his neck. “But thankfully, you grew up.” She nipped at his jaw. “You’re delightful now.” She pushed her hips against him and kissed her way along his jaw until her lips met his.

Draco wound his fingers into her hair and pushed his hips back against her as he deepened their kiss, his broadness engulfing her smaller frame. They stood pressed into each other for several minutes, heat building where they touched. He wanted her prone, now, with no clothing between them.

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Author: HeyJude19

Rating: M

Genre: fluff, smut, humor, coworkers, twoshot, post-war AU

Summary: Published in 1862 by Lady Apollonia Nott, Courting Customs Most Sacred is the comprehensive text for any pureblood family seeking to arrange suitable matches for their children. It’s also patently ridiculous and not at all appropriate for the modern era of dating. It is certainly not how one should woo Hermione Granger, at any rate.


Admin J: A fluffy twoshot featuring a meddling Pansy and Narcissa. 

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I know how everyone says it was never mentioned that Draco liked Hermione. But then, the whole Harry Potter series is mainly from Harry’s viewpoint. And a lot of things weren’t made clear.

1) What did Draco’s Amorentia smell like and why was he stealing glances at Hermione when she described her own Amorentia smell?

2) What did Draco think of Hermione when he saw her in the Yule Ball dress?

3) Why did Draco not retaliate to Hermione punching him in the face?

4) Why did Draco try to indirectly warn Hermione about the Death Eaters?

5) What went on in Draco’s mind when he saw Hermione being tortured by his own aunt in his own house? Did he wish to save her like he tried saving Harry by not recognizing him in the first glance?

I’ve actually noticed how sometimes subconsciously he’s been in awe of her, esp when Harry and Ron were not in the picture. Oh,how I wish we got a movie or series based on Draco’s point of view.

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@heyjude19-writing’s last chapter of Remain Nameless comes out tomorrow so i had to make some *things* to celebrate one of my favorite Dramione fics of all time :)

When I found RN it was only 20 chapters long and I almost didn’t read it. I didn’t like reading WIPs at the time bc the instant gratification train was strong lol but I’m so glad I did. This fic is as close to my version of a perfect Dramione fic as one can get. It is so well written and so well constructed. The characters are *chefs kiss*. The plot is unbelievably amazing and romantic and realistic and ughhhhh SO FREAKING GOOD. It earns every moment and every emotion it pulls from its readers and I am extremely sad to see it end. I would read every moment of these characters lives if I could (a not so subtle plea to @heyjude19-writing to keep writing ;). Despite this sadness, I am excited to read the last chapter tomorrow even if it means the end. I’m sure I’ll cope with this by drinking too much wine for a Tuesday and instantly rereading the whole thing lol

@heyjude19-writing you should be immensely proud of yourself. This story is a masterpiece and I cannot thank you enough for sharing it :)

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For those who are doomed to hide in the dark, the path to the sun can be very long. It is important to find someone with whom you will pass it together.

@nightbringer @littlemoth15 @lainie2230 @coyg-81 @dramionefeltson @trinkisme @daswhoiam @dramioneswaki

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Author: galfoy

Rating: T

Genre: post-war AU, angst, oneshot

Summary: By all appearances, Hermione Granger runs a successful bookshop, lives a happy life, and wants for nothing. However, when a person from her past starts asking uncomfortable questions, Hermione realizes that things are never as they appear.


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