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#draco x reader
angel4you · a day ago
🎀 nsfw with doctor!draco if its not too much 💖
“are you on your period darling, or are they always this sore?” the smooth latex brushes against your thin shirt. humming a no, draco trails his fingers over your hardened nipples. “what was that love?”
“just got off it” your eyes scan all over the room, avoiding dracos dark gaze. “it usually would have stopped being sore by now but, i dunno”
“don’t worry darling, i just need to you take of your shirt for me” his deep voice creates a cold chill that runs down your spine. “need to get a closer look”
pulling of your shirt off, you set in down next to your legs. dracos stands between your thighs, his imitating figure towers over you. the lace brake shapes your tits placing them perfectly for draco to feel.
“tell me if it hurts dove” his hands begin to grope at your chest while his thumbs circle over your nipples.
“um, no sir” you mumble. “you’re making them feel really g- a lot better”
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l0vely-lupin · 2 days ago
draco malfoy x plussized!reader
summary: just a little push was all it took for draco to call you his.
warnings: fluff (if i’ve missed any please dm me!)
part 6
a/n: guess who finally wrote :D
Tumblr media
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five
you held up the vial between your fingertips and marveled at it. draco sat next to you with the same expression.
"that one little vial could fix everything. it could save your life if you were moments from dying. merlin's beard, that's amazing." said draco
you hummed in agreement. he was right. it was amazing.
"are you going to take it now?"
you shook your head. "no. i want to save it for something very important. if i didn't, who knows what problem could come when i need it the most?"
"you're right." draco turned to you. "how come you and that potter got it right?"
"i don't know how harry got it, but my father taught me how to make it. we had the extra ingredients to make the potion a year ago. all the instructions in the textbook were incorrect. i didn't use it."
"you're lucky." draco laid on his back, his head falling on your pillow.
you both were in your dorm. draco's paint set was on your work desk as it always was. at this point, you just studied in the library until it was time to go back to your dorm.
you looked down at him.
he was so beautiful. his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. he was at ease around you. he often fell asleep in your room during late nights or in general really.
your hand brushed his hair from his face and he softened even more into your touch.
mustering up some confidence, you said, "you're pretty. did you know that?"
"you're pretty. did you know that?" he asked.
you slightly blushed, brought your knees up to your chest, and shrugged.
he opened his eyes and turned to you. "you are."
"i guess."
you were surprised by two lengthy arms wrapping around you and a head of blonde hair resting on the side of your waist. "you are."
you laid back, your hair resting itself on the pillows. draco put beads in your hair earlier (and some glitter without your knowledge). draco shifted his head to your stomach.
his arms stayed wrapped around you.
you noticed how you both were getting closer each day. not that you minded, of course.
you got flustered over the smallest things. he shared everything with you. you usually slept with him in the same room everyday now. hell, your heart even fluttered once because he offered you some food from his fork.
at this point you couldn't even control the way you felt. the desire for draco malfoy was so potent that it engulfed you fully to the point where everything became such a muddled blur except him.
he was everything you wanted and more.
losing track of time when in the greenhouse, sneaking out to stargaze at the very top of the astronomy tower, studying while listening to him softly hum the same song that made you feel like honey, lazy hours in your room spent with the both of you just lying there and dozing off several times, tears falling so hard that they hurt while he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your hair...
his lips, oh god his lips.
after about twenty minutes, you both were snoring softly.
the next morning, draco woke and appreciated the lack of sunlight peering through the windows. it was a saturday.
you were still asleep.
somehow, in your sleep, you and draco's legs entwined each other's and he was on top of you, his head laying softly on your chest.
you looked the most peaceful when asleep, he noticed. your hair covered your face and he lightly brushed it away to see it clearly.
you stirred and sleepily opened your eyes.
before you could actually comprehend what was happening, he rolled off, not wanting to make you uncomfortable and looked at your eyes.
those damn eyes, he thought.
you blinked, slightly confused and blushed when you realized what's happened.
"sorry for waking you."
you shook your head and stared at him longingly.
before he could stop himself, he said, "your eyes are so pretty."
blood rushed to your face and you hid it in the pillow.
he slightly stirred. "y/n, what are we?"
you turned to him softly and answered truthfully, "i don't know, draco, but we're not just friends."
"more than just friends?"
"a lot more than just friends."
"best friends?"
"we could be."
"we could be?"
"yes. do you want that?"
"i'd like that. would you?"
your noses were almost touching.
he let his lips meet yours and you melted.
you slightly tasted like mint, despite not having anything in your mouth for seven hours or so, and your lips against his were soft. you both pulled away from one another.
hell, if that was all it took to call you his, he would've done it ages ago.
this was new.
your lips met again, this time his hand softly tangled in your hair, and it lasted for several more seconds. you both had lost the ability to think. when you pulled away, draco grasped your hand and you smiled.
dear, y/n,
hello, my darling!
everything is going absolutely splendid!
i'm happy to hear that you like your gift, it's so very important so try not to lose it.
this letter is rushed because i don't have much time but i'm travelling for work. things have been getting much better here at home, love.
at the moment, i'm in france. i'll be in america next week and i hope for your best wishes, y/n/n.
i miss you and hope to see you soon, also.
love, dad.
you and draco sat in your bed. it was now 9 am. you both haven't left one another yet. your fingers were entwined and you were both under the many blankets on your bed.
it had been freezing.
your mind pleasantly buzzed with delight.
what did you do to earn the privilege?
“thank you.” you said.
he turned and kissed your forehead for the hell of it. “for what?”
“for choosing me when no one else did.”
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stream in my feelings by lana del rey
Tumblr media
🏷 tags: @just-a-smol-spoon @littlemissnoname13 @dlmmdl@cvpidsletters @wanniiieeee @spqrkly @samaraaaaa @youreso-golden @princess-jules47
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itsthewritergal · 2 days ago
Craving Each Other - D.M x reader - Odd One Out series
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
“Dragons” Y/N said sitting down with Cedric on the grass in the courtyard
“I’m sorry?” Cedric said looking Y/N up and down, they hadn’t spoken since Y/N had asked him not to put his name in to the Goblet
“Dragons are the first task” She said
“How do you know that?” “Charlie, he wrote to me the other day. He was never good at keeping secrets” Y/N paused for a moment “that’s all I know, but if it’s dragons then you can be sure as hell that you’re going to need either a protection spell or an invisibility spell, or even a healing spell”
“Well we better get looking then” Cedric said with a grin “Does this mean we’re okay again?” He asked
“Yeah, I suppose” She said with a gentle smile “Although I still don’t like you doing this” “I know you don’t” Cedric said pulling out one of his defence against the dark arts books, “We should be able to find a protection spell in here” They sat and studied each book for any spell that might be of use, of course neither of them knew the actual task it soothed them both to know that they were trying. Cedric has barely said two words about anything other than the task, he had an inkling that something was going on between Y/N and Draco.
“Cedric?” Y/N said quietly “What’s up? You found a good spell?” He answered barely looking up from his book
“I need some advice” She said. Cedric paused, he closed his book and sat closer to Y/N
“Ask away Little Weasley” He said
“Draco kissed me” She started, Cedric gasped dramatically and urged her to continue “But then nothing happened, and the other night when we were all in the common room he said we were just friends. I don’t know what any of it means and there isn’t really anyone else I can talk to about this”
“Right” Cedric said his brows pulling together in thought “I think he likes you, but I think he’s scared. Scared about what his parents are going to say, scared about what your family is going to think. Maybe he thinks he’s protecting you by saying that?” He suggested “Either that or he’s just a dick” Y/N laughed lightly
“Which do you think it is?” Y/N asked, half scared of the answer
“I don’t think he’s a dick”
“So what do I do? Do I ask him what we are?” She said
“I don’t know, I think you need to get the timing right. I think you should wait until the Yule Ball, that way you’ll know for sure”
— — — — — —
Y/N lay on the sofa, flicking through a magazine Pansy had let her borrow, Blaise was sitting on the other end of the sofa with Y/N’s feet laying on his lap. Draco had a late quidditch practice and they had both promised him at least one game of exploding snap after practice.
“So come on Weaslebee” Blaise said putting down his homework book
“What?” Y/N asked not bothering to lower her magazine
“Who’s taking you to the ball? Pansy’s going with me, Draco’s got someone in mind, Taylor’s got a date. What about you?” He asked
“Draco’s got someone in mind? Who?” She asked
“Now that really would be telling,” Blaise grinned wickedly “So who’s asked you?” “Drop it Blaise” She said her mood not only souring from the news about Draco but nobody had even asked her yet
“Come on we’ll find out at the ball” He pushed
“Well then you’ll find out at the ball” She said flicking a page aggressively, she had to stop herself from ripping the page out from just the title UNLUCKY IN LOVE? HERE ARE 10 TOP TIPS TO BECOMING IRRESISTIBLE TO YOUR PERFECT GUY
“You’re boring” Blaise huffed “I don’t understand why you won’t even tell me”
“Nobody’s asked me” Y/N said knowing that Blaise wouldn’t drop it “And I was waiting for Draco to ask me but seeing as he’s already got someone in mind, I’ll have to find someone else” She said putting down her magazine with a huff “I’m going to bed, tell Draco I’ll see him in the morning”
“Y/N wait!” Blaise shouted after her,
“What’s going on?” Draco said walking into the room, he was still dressed in his quidditch uniform, which was covered in mud and sweat.
“I think I ruined it for you? I did what you said and I asked her if she had anyone taking her to the ball and I mentioned that you had someone in mind and she freaked” Blaise said
“You really are an idiot Zabbini,” Draco said hurrying up the girls dorm room steps towards her dorm room.
— — — —
Y/N lay on her bed reading the article which had made her so angry before, her eyes read every single letter she hoped that it might help her become noticed by someone who didn’t have a partner to the ball yet. Although almost everyone had a date by this point. She barely moved when the door was pushed opening, assuming that it was just Taylor.
“Too scared that I’m going to beat you in snap huh?” Draco said standing in the doorway
“I’m tired and you’re muddy, go wash Draco” She shut him down
“Not until you talk to me” He said firmly “I don’t want to” she replied moving on to tip 6
“What are you reading?” He asked
“None of your business” She snapped attempting to move the magazine away but Draco saw what she was doing and grabbed it before she could.
“Becoming irresistible to your perfect guy? Who are you trying to impress with this?” He asked
“Give it back Draco” She said with a huff “Tip 4 - look perfect every time he sees you, do your hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit anytime you might see him, guys don’t like girls in sweatpants” Draco read in a mock voice “Why are you reading this?”
“Draco just give it back” She said trying to grab the magazine off of him
“Tell me why first” He said holding it above his own head so that she was unable to reach it
“I don’t have a date to the ball yet and I need one”
“Do you trust me?” Draco said
“Draco what are you even talking about?” She asked
“Do you trust me?” He asked again
“Yes but what does any of that have to do with getting a date?” She asked as Draco held her hand and pulled her out of the dorm room, the common room was dark by the time they got there “What is going on?” She asked trying to find her want to illuminate some of the room so she could at least see where she was going.
“Lumos” Draco said, Y/N gasped the common was lit up and in the centre was a black silk dress floating in the middle, and white rose petals lay surrounding it in the shape of a heart.
“What is going on?” Y/N said turning to Draco
“Will you go to the ball with me?” Draco asked holding out a bunch of white roses “I knew you didn’t have a dress yet so I bought you one, it’ll fit because I got Taylor to check what size you were. I was trying to get Blaise to find out if anyone had asked you yet, but he’s always been useless at this kind of stuff. Y/N will you please come to the ball with me?”
“As what?” Y/N asked as Draco handed her the flowers
“What do you mean?” Draco asked hesitantly, he hadn’t expected her to say anything but yes
“What would we be going as?” She asked setting the flowers down on the sofa, Draco just looked at her speechless “Would we be going as just friends? Or what?” Draco’s face dropped with realisation
“This is about the other day isn’t it?” He asked,
“Top marks Draco” Y/N drawled
“Darling, I didn’t want to put a label on us before speaking with you. The kiss we shared was beautiful and intimate and happened when we were both craving each other and I wasn’t sure how you felt about me after that so it was easier to call us friends when we both know that we are more” He paused for a short second “If I had known you were upset about that I promise you I would never have used those words, I didn’t want to pressure you into anything” He took Y/N’s hand gently “Come to the ball with me please” He said
“Ok” Y/N agreed,
Draco wrapped his arms around her, neither of them wanting to admit just how much they had missed the other.
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scandalous-chaos · 9 hours ago
Astoria’s 300 Followers Special Fic Recs!
Tumblr media
Type: reader insert | Fandoms: marauders era (hp), soc, golden era (hp) | no smut, only fluff or angst!
Astoria’s small note : I love and appreciate each and every one of you, and am grateful of all the likes, reblogs and comments I receive! They make my day :) I know I just did a celebration thing so I’ll be doing fic recs for this milestone instead! Go shower these masterpieces with love!
A little note about fanfics: How do you support a fanfiction writer? Show interaction! Fanfics are free but if you like someone’s writing, let. them. know. It may seem not a big deal, but it is to them <3
Keep reading to see fic recs of Sirius Black, Regulus Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Kaz Brekker, Inej, Nina, Jesper, Matthias, Harry Potter, Fred, Draco Malfoy, and Ron!
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  Marauders Era
Tumblr media
James Potter x reader
Four eyes by @sarahisslytherin​ -  When James misplaces his glasses you take it upon yourself to get him through the school day / legit one of my fav j.p fics here, I read this and fell in love.
Inside of Love by @ladyvesuvia / the way this fic made me go through all kinds of emotions 😭✋
Jealousy by @whyennwhenyouareyn / people my james potter obsession started right after reading this.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x reader
Dog people by @sarahisslytherin​ -  When you attempt to befriend a stray dog, you end up making more than one friend / I adore this, like it’s short and perfect.
I Always Finish What I Start by @padfoot-and-prongsie / hello hello this is spectacular.
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin x reader 
Gryffindor vs Slytherin by @sarahisslytherin​ - You’d never quite liked Remus Lupin, and the feeling was mutual. That wasn’t about to change, was it? / we need more enemies to lovers fic with remus, I repeat - we need m o r e.
You’re Gonna be Alright by @sheraayasherwrites​​ / omg this is one of my fav remus fics here.
Tumblr media
Regulus Black x reader
Not all bad by @whosvioletta - you and regulus get the dark mark the summer before your sixth year and when you run away, he follows you / kjwehfkwhj that was my response whhfkwej <3
Love of Literature by @theseuscmander​ / I love all of their fics. That’s it. All of them. Just goddamn talented.
Je t’aime by @maybanksslut​ / just love love love
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  Golden era
Tumblr media
Harry Potter x reader 
Wishing by @raewrites / The way how beautiful this fic is- I can’t even describe it.
Crying lightning by @mendesxruel / yes yes we love this!!!
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley x reader
Four babies by @whosvioletta / AHHHHH cute cute cute 🥺🥺✋
She’ll survive by @mrs-brekker15 / short and painful. thank you for shattering me. 😭😭
love by @remusluvr / we love fluff, we love fred, we love this
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy x reader
Nervous Draco by @hellounicorn / AHH SO CUTE!!!
You think so? by @ladyvesuvia / the most wholesome plot ever.
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley x reader
Irony by @may-clouds / love everything about this fic.
Cooking with ron by @velvetcloxds / jkwfhwfwh short and cool. Butterflies may start multiplying in your stomach.
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  The Crows
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker x reader
Flustered Kaz headcanons by @inthegistoftime / Very, very cute to read! It’s like being narrated by a cool person and istg I couldn’t keep a straight face while reading it.
Kaz with a Snow White s/o headcanons by @gemma-collins-ily / One of the first kaz fics I’ve read after creating this blog. Made me smile so big 🥺
Little things he does for you by @ilovemarvelanne1 / simply perfect. My fav fic by Echo yet.
The Three Times She Rested on Him and the One Time He Rested on Her by @mrs-brekker15 / this is so well thought out, I loved every word of it <3
Tumblr media
Inej Ghafa x reader
Crow and Sparrow by @inferni-inferno / we love a matchmaker jesper
Hello Darling by @the-and-sign-anon / inej being inej meaning inej being perfect <3
Tumblr media
Matthias x reader
Falling in love with Matthias would include by @fangirlings-things / soft soft soft ❤
Temptress by @magpiencrow / one of my fav blogs, all they write is perfection.
Tumblr media
Jesper x reader
Jesper and you in a long distance relationship headcanons by @inthegistoftime / I’m sorry but everything about this fic is adorable <3
Home is the two of us by @ladydaemon / AHHH I LOVE THISS
Tumblr media
Nina Zenik x reader
One’s Path by @thedelusionreaderbitch​ / the descriptions are beautiful, I have no words
Awkward by @fishley​ / made me a nina simp ngl 🥺💕
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weaselbrownie · 6 hours ago
🦋 nsfw prof!draco with innocent reader!! 😻✨
cinta pls im in love with prof!draco goodbye-
"That's it, baby, keep rubbing y'clit" He groans, a smirk plastered on his face as he watched you- guided you to touch yourself from the other side of the room.
"C-Can't anymore sir..." You let slip off the heavy moans from the base of your throat "...s'too much please" You slowed your fingers, removing them from your clit as you gazed at him, tears threatening to fall.
He didn't take it too well, dropping his smirk as he pushed himself out of his armchair to walk towards you. "You said you wanted good grades, hm?" He came closer, curling his fingers on the base of your jugular, tipping your head up to face him.
"I do!" You defended yourself.
"Then stop acting like a brat and rub your clit or I might just bend you over and spank you, s'that what you want?" He tightens the grip on your neck, slightly cutting the air supply to your brain.
"No sir, I'm sorry" You muttered, batting your lashes at him as you felt more of your arousal leaking down to your thighs.
"Good girl, keep going"
join my 1.1k celebration!
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littlemissnoname13 · 19 hours ago
Fortunate Misfortune (D.M. x Reader)| Chapter 9: Enough! All of you (vol. 2)
Tumblr media
Summary: Its his last year at Hogwarts and former Hogwarts bully, Draco Malfoy just wants to clean up his act and get through the year. Maybe even apply for a potions fellowship and date Astoria Greengrass. His plan seems perfect on paper except for a minor hiccup in the form of a feisty Hufflepuff girl…
A/n: This multi-chapter has been in my Drafts since before I started posting on here and I’ve taken out so many scenes from it and turned them into one shots in the past. The series is almost completed and ill just be dumping it on my blog over the next few days because I don’t know what to do with it. Please do not feel pressured to read it. 😅🥲.
The first draft of this chapter was way too chaotic so I had to remove some bits. Thats why it took a while for me to update. sorry.
Reblogs and Feedbacks are always welcomed :)
Warnings: mentions of food, coarse language, making out, some slight suggestive themes but nothing too explicit, reader discretion is advised tho
Word count: 1925
Chapter 9 Vol.1| Masterlist| Chapter 10
Tumblr media
I hate this.
I hate it here.
How could you have forgotten about the picnic at the lake? And the fact that Blaise of all people was there to see you wearing nothing but Malfoy’s sweater of all things. 
What must they be thinking?
“You know, we can always rain check if you want.” Astoria mumbled, observing the compromising position she’d found you and Draco in. “Seems like we may have…uh..interrupted something anyway.” 
“No.” You replied, and Draco suddenly remembered to put you down, dropping you on your arse flat to floor in the process. 
“Ow—Please, come on in.” You said, rubbing your elbow as Astoria walked into the room alongside Draco who awkwardly made a beeline towards his precious kettle to pour some tea for Astoria. 
Blaise kneeled on the ground so his face was leveled with yours before putting his right hand forward. 
“I guess I know why you ran away that night.” He said with a playful smirk etched on his lips. The calming smell of bergamot and sage engulfed you as you reached for his hand to allow him to pull you up. 
“No it’s not like that. I just—Draco is just—”
“As stubborn as you are.” Blaise held your hand in his for a brief minute. 
“He is?” You asked when Blaise gently pulled you towards him, placing his fingertips on your lips to quiet you. 
Only retrieving his hand back for a second, Blaise settled on tucking the strands of your damp hair away from your face so that he could lean in and easily whisper into your ear.
“Don’t look now, but Malfoy is looking at us right now.” 
“If my observations and calculations are correct, he is probably going to break the mug he is holding if he grips into it any harder.” 
“Blaise what are you talking abo—”
As if on cue, you heard the sound of ceramic breaking, followed by a bunch of different swear words that would make your mother put you on time out for a week straight. 
“Told you.” Blaise chuckled, sauntering into your room. 
Howling winds, rustling trees, sporadic raindrops and thunderclouds slowly approaching closer and closer. 
Leave it to you to organise a picnic in the worst weather imaginable, with the oddest bunch of people imaginable. 
Blaise was pouring fire whiskey into a thermos from his flask, Astoria was unpacking the food and you were passing it around, still wearing the sweater you stole from him on top of your white dress. 
Worse of all, Draco now found himself sitting on a picnic blanket, uncomfortably squished in between the Weasley twins. 
“Some muffins George?” Fred asked, passing a tray of muffins to his side, holding it right in front of Draco. 
Those muffins don’t look half as bad. It wouldn’t hurt to take a bite. 
“Don’t mind if I do.” Greorge answered, taking the whole tray away before Draco had the chance to even take one. 
He let out a sigh and began counting to a hundred again. 
“Nice day for a picnic, huh?” Astoria joked from the opposite end of the picnic blanket and everyone turned their heads to look at you. 
“Sorry, I can’t control the weather.” You shrugged. “Besides, this was Fred’s bright idea.” 
“You flatter me too much, y/n.” Fred waved his hands dismissively before standing up. “If everything falls into place, Pansy Parkinson should be here in about…..” 
“Ah, there she is.” George completed his twin’s sentence. 
All heads turned to find Pansy, stomping towards them with Tracey and Daphne by her side. Her hair, a bright yellow, her left and right forearms covered In tiny yellow feathers. 
“What…did you do to her?” Draco muttered under his breath, looking at the grinning redheads next to him. 
“Canary creams.” Fred mouthed in a low voice. 
“Only, we changed a few things to prolong the transfiguration. We also have an antidote with us at this very moment.” George whispered back to Draco.
“Enough! All of you!” Pansy screamed. “I’m so fucking done with this. Just make it go away!”
Everyone either looking horrified or biting back a laugh watched you slowly raise your arms to remove the sweater you had on.
Then, you reached for a glass of pumpkin juice and walked up to Pansy. 
“Truce then?”
“Truce.” Pansy screamed. “I call Truce! Just turn me back to normal already—I am getting my pictures for the yearbook taken today!”
You held your free hand out and either Fred or George (Draco was still learning to differentiate between the two) placed a muffin on it. 
Pansy quickly reached for it, and ravenously gobbled it down in one breath. 
Some sparks, a round of collective gasps and within the next minute, Pansy was no longer a half-canary-half-human—although, a strand of her hair black hair was still a bit yellow.
What you did next, surprised everyone though. 
“Here.” You sighed, handing Pansy the pumpkin juice. “It’s only fair.” 
“Why, this is unexpected.” Pansy said, reaching for the cup and dunking the entire contents of it on your head. 
“Wait, those muffins were antidotes?” Draco rubbed his face in confusion. 
“Only some.” The twins replied in unison with their eyes still fixed on the exchange taking place in between you and Pansy Parkinson. 
“You know, Pumpkin juice also stains quite a bit.” Pansy broke into a small smile. “And your dress, just so conveniently happens to be white.” 
Pansy Parkinson was many things. 
She was a prefect back in fifth year, she was one of Draco Malfoy’s many ex girlfriends, she was glamorous, polished, ruthless and sometimes outright mean.
But the way she behaved all cold and conniving was just a means to hide how vulnerable and insecure she really was.
Her pretty coffin shaped nails and designer boots only managed to hide so much. 
In those rare moments where she smiled her true smile, the idea of being friends with her didn’t seem so preposterous. 
“100 points to Slytherin.” You gave Pansy a half smile in return before picking up Draco’s sweater from the ground. 
“Where are you going?” You heard Draco call out as you proceeded to walk away from the group. 
“To clean up.” 
“You know, you are right next to a lake right?” He pointed out, jogging behind you to keep up as you walked farther and farther away from the group till you were at a mossy and secluded lake shore. 
“I can’t swim.” You muttered, kneeling at the sore to splash some cool water onto your face. 
Draco was around all the time and it was starting to mess with your head.
He brought you food from four broomsticks and gave you his sweater. He stole decorations from the Muggle studies club just so you could have a perfect night with Blaise. 
He kissed you. 
He kissed you several times. 
“Draco, I know you are a stalker but you don’t have to follow me all the time.” You sighed, turning your head up to look at him.
His eyes matched the dark grey sky that was now starting to roar.
“Go back to the picnic, it looked like you were enjoying Fred and George’s company and may I remind you that Astoria is there too?” 
He just stared at you, hands shoved into his pockets, without blinking those blue-grey eyes even once.
“You can’t swim?”  He finally asked.
“Seriously? You are just going to ignore everything else I just said?” You threw your hands up in frustration, splashing droplets of lake water his way. 
He didn’t say a word, just took a step forward and kneeled down next to you. 
“Go back, Draco.” You said firmly. 
Leave it to Draco Malfoy to do the exact opposite as you observed him quietly kick off his shoes. 
“What are you—”
The rest of your words were drowned out by the sound of the large splash in the otherwise still water when Draco threw himself into the lake.
Before you could find the time to panic or hyperventilate, he quickly emerged from the water and slicked back his hair.
The wet fabric of his cotton shirt was sticking to his body and your mind was suddenly reeling at the sight.
Draco brought his left hand above the water and you found yourself instantly wanting to reach out—to reach for him.
“Trust me on this, y/n.” He said, and you couldn’t figure out if it was a statement or a question from his side.
Even though you knew better than to grab his hand, you allowed your fingertips to gently trace his arm and Draco took that opportunity to pull you off the shore and into the cold water. 
You found your head submerged into the blue-black water and it suddenly felt like the lake was swallowing you whole until he finally pulled you up, wrapping your legs around his torso. 
“I told you I can’t swim!” You accused, coughing and wrapping your arms around his neck for extra support. “I could have fucking drowned!” 
He just let out a quiet laugh and it made you furious.
You cursed.
you swore.
you complained.
You even whined and he just waited patiently, using one of his hands to plow the water till you were done. 
“Are you done throwing your tantrums, Catastrophe?” He chuckled, and you scowled at him before reluctantly resting your head on his shoulder. 
The distant cawing of crows was signalling the upcoming storm from the heavy clouds all around you.
Even though you knew a storm was close, there was just something about him that made you feel peaceful and still.
 It was like he was your own patch of sunlight through the cloud. Your own crepuscular ray.
“You think I’d ever let you drown, hm? He whispered softly into your earlobes, pulling you back into the present moment by running his hands up and down the exposed parts of your back.
“I’ll know when I safely make it safely to the shore.”  
He left a blistering sort of heat everywhere he touched—Your arms, your sides, your back, your thighs.
 His touch was a sharp contrast to the coolness of the water.
You closed your eyes and held in a breath when you noticed that his face had drawn in closer and closer to the base of your neck.
When he finally attached his damp lips to the pulse point of your throat and started to suck softly on the skin, you released that breath you were holding in the form of a soft whimper. 
You dug your fingernails into his biceps as he continued to place slow, soft, open mouthed kisses along your jaw, your neck, your shoulders and décolletage.
Just when you were convinced the areas he kissed, the places he’d carelessly marked in blue and purple were about to burst up in flames, rain started to pour.
Soon, those livid bruises on your neck were covered in glistening raindrops.
Those rain drops even caught onto his eyelashes, his lips, his hair, his jaw making him look like he was a celestial being.
You backed away and pressed your forehead on his.
You noticed that his top two shirt buttons were undone like always and you found yourself wanting to run your fingers along his buttons and the exposed parts of his chest.
You even went so far as to let your fingers ghost along his flesh before quickly retreating. 
“You’re doing it again aren’t you?.” He breathed, inching his face closer to yours. 
“Doing what?”
His right hand met your shoulder, and he slowly trailed them upwards till his fingers could grasp the hairs at the base of your neck. 
He was close.
So very close. 
“Pretending like nothing is happening between us.” 
“But this would change everything, Draco..” You began with your fingertips brushing across his chest and resting on the left side. Right above his heart. “You know it would.”
Just hearing the palpitations of his heart made it seem like it would be utterly wrong of you to assume nothing was going on. 
Nobody’s heart pounds that way when there is nothing. 
“Que sera, sera.” He said in a hoarse whisper.
You nodded and your lips finally met his.
🏷 Series Tag-list: @sycathorn-slush @badass-yn @louweasleymalfoy @writeandtranslate @silentkiller2374 @lilmissquackson @mzmalice3 @mvdbldd @emptycanvasthings @likediamondsandgold @hey-asstown @dr4cking @flacalatke @beautiful-y/n @i-have-my-issues @daniellarogers
End of chapter notes: in the original Draft, Draco was the one who was going to say “Enough! All of you.” Not Pansy. You’ll understand why in the next part.
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porn links that remind me of draco
a/n : reblogs is appreciated <3 compiling all of this since i don't want to make yall waiting for me to upload my fic , so i deeply apologised for that . so here's porn links that help me visualising better whenever im writing or reading smuts . soo enjoy ig
also im going to update this from time to time <3
Tumblr media
navigation 💭 last update : 31 / 8 / 2021
Tumblr media
sub draco + riding
dom draco + fucking from behind in a standing position / 2
giving dom draco hand job
teasing sub draco with a vibrator
dom draco + cow girl reverse / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
dom draco + teasing your clit with his tip
dom draco fucking you by the kitchen counter roughly
dom draco fucking you into the matress from behind / 2 / 3
dom draco + clit slapping / 2
dom draco + corruption
dom draco waking you up in the middle of night because he's horny so you fucked <3 / 2 / 3
dom draco bending you over the bed at midnight at fuck you
overstimulate sub draco
dom draco fingering you / 2
fucking in a spider position ( HAHAHAHA )
dom draco bending you over the couch and fuck you
morning with draco which end up his cock inside you / 2 / 3 / 4
dom draco + breeding kink / 2 / 3
dom draco + riding / 2 / 3 / 4
teasing you with his cock before you sleep
dom draco + face riding
dom draco fucking you in the shower
fucking by the balcony
intimacy with dray !
cuddling with draco and tease his cock while watching movies
dom draco fucking plus size girl
dom draco fucking you while standing
deep throating your mouth as he plays with your tits
teasing sub draco until he cum
mutual masturebation / 2
soft sex with dray
dom draco bending you over the desk
sucking sub draco's cock
soft dom draco + riding
dom draco bending you over the bath tub and fuck you
draco devouring your cunt
giving sub draco hand job and overstim him
riding dom draco
face riding dom draco while he jerk himself off using his hand
Tumblr media
taglist is under the cut . pls lmk if you feel uncomfortable with this and want me to remove you from the list ( only this dw im still going to inc you in my future works )
@o-rion-sta-r @ameliasbitvh @dracomalfoys-wh0re @trashyvicks @drac0spersonalslut @silverdelirium @dlmmdl @malfoysgem @youreso-golden @marrymetheonott @underappreciated-spoon-321 @msmimimerton @angelic-bitxh @dr4cking @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @yiamalfoy @princess-jules47 @i-dont-even-know17 @wolfstar-lb @hufflemoony @turn-to-page-394-please @blowing-mikey @methblinds @natashaeverline @theoriginalsuicidalprincess @yourmum818 @vinsheart @meandmyeyeliner @hermosillo @kieracass4lyfers @kyleemalfoy5 @disnyhufflepuffqueen @purpleskymalfoy @thispersonsucks @myusermaritza
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jannieka394 · a year ago
Imagine a buzzfeed unsolved and harry potter cross over where Shane is the chosen one and does not believe in magic.
"Hey there death eaters, it's me, ya boy"
"I'm dancing in your forest. It's my forest now! If you want me out you're gonna have to kill me"
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dr4cking · a month ago
The Babysitter.
masterlist | taglist
draco malfoy x reader | smut | one-shot |
summary : you were accepted as a nanny for the youngest child in malfoy’s family. the problem is the thick tension with the oldest heir.
a/n : longest smut oneshot i’ve ever write so bear with it pls :”)
credit to @dracoscum for helping me through this, ily ari <3
( reblog and comment will always be appreciated <3 )
Tumblr media
“welcome to the manor, y/n l/n.” narcissa greeted you from the door guiding you in to the manor.
your eyes scanning around the manor, it was designed very historical elegant and dark, you are for sure must be careful around here because everything looks expensive.
“let me get skylar downstairs, she is the kid you will babysit” narcissa smile at you before excusing herself to head upstairs to get her little daughter.
you take a seat on the closest couch, you can even feel the expensive material on it, it was so much different than what you had in home. as you let your eyes mesmerizing the inside of the manor a cough come from beside you startling you.
“who are you?” someone asked making you turned your head to them.
there he stood. a young man who was probably around your age or older but god, he was breathtaking. his messy platinum silver hair and those piercing blue greyish eyes.
“oh! let me introduce myself. i’m y/n, i will be a babysitter to sky-“
“just remember your place.” you flinched as the man cut you off just like that, you could feel his stare burning into your soul.
“ah, draco. i see you have meet the lovely y/n here” he sneers at his mother’s greeting. narcissa were holding the little girl’s hand who was supposed to be skylar.
“this is skylar, she is 8 year old and likes to play a lot. and skylar baby, this is y/n your new babysitter!” skylar runs to you as her mother finished introducing you two.
“hi skylar! you are so pretty!” you pulled skylar into a tight embraces for a second.
“hi y/n! so are you! c’mon lets play together!” skylar brought a bag of her toys making her mother chuckle at her.
“alright dear i’ll let you two get two know each other better” narcissa excused herself from the living room.
you start to play with the little one. draco was still examining you from behind. until he walked up to you.
“if i see you hurt my sister even just a little bit i’ll make sure you wont get away with it easily.” he tilts your chin saying the words right in front of you.
you nod at him studying his face from this gap.
“dont disappoint me, pretty girl.” he whispers into your ear before leaving you and skylar alone.
your face heated instantly.
➢➳ ➢➳ ➢➳
days passed, draco was still cold towards you. ever since you stepped in the manor you haven’t received any words from him other than the first day he complimented you.
“skylar can’t eat that, its too sweet for her teeth.” the deep voice behind you make your body jump in surprise.
“but draco! i want my lollipop!” skylar whining reaching out to the lollipop on his hand after he snatched it out of you.
“no means no skylar.”
“ugh fine! i will tell mummy about this!” the little girl runs to her parents’ room making draco rolled his eyes.
he turned his head to you making you instantly broke your gaze off of him looking down at the floor. he came closer to you lifting your chin with his finger.
“you should know what’s best for a kid and what’s not.” at this closeness, you could feel your palms getting sweaty as you tried so hard to keep the eye contact between you two.
“y-yes draco i’m sorry it won’t happened again” your voice tremble as his thumb grazing the corner of your lips and his face leaning into you.
you closed your eyes, thinking the possibility of him would kiss you right now, you could feel his hot breath against your upper lip. but a chuckle left his lips making your eyes open.
“you got some milk on your lips” draco smirked at you showing the remaining of the milk you drank with skylar earlier. you watched as he brought his thumb into his mouth and lick it.
you could feel the way your body burn at his intense staring and you couldn’t take off your eyes off of his lips.
“i’m sure you would love the other milk”
shit. your mind instantly collided with unholy thoughts as soon as the guy in front of you said it.
draco left you hot and bothered, a smirk never leaving his face as he walked up to his room.
➢➳ ➢➳ ➢➳
more days came into your new life as the malfoy youngest heir’s babysitter. everything was going well, skylar is more comfortable with you, but the only problem is the tension with the brother.
now you were going to take a shower to start the day in the main bathroom like the usual but only this time might be a little different.
you opened the door and there was someone brushing his teeth in front of the mirror, bare chest. it was none other than the draco malfoy himself.
“take a picture it’ll last longer, sweetheart” the man spoke making you quickly tore your eyes away from his toned abs. you look up at him only to find him looking at you with a smirk formed on his lips.
“my apologies, draco” your face heated in embarassment. stepping away to close the bathroom.
“you can use the bathroom, i’m done.” draco clean himself up before walking to your direction.
“unless you want me to join you?” he stopped at you. his sentence making you turn your head at him unsure of what to reply to him. but one thing for sure, your face is blushing madly now.
“i’m joking, don’t flatter yourself.” draco smirked at your reaction leaving you alone in the bathroom.
what did just happened? you could feel your legs going weak as you walked to the shower room.
➢➳ ➢➳ ➢➳
you were getting closer to skylar and the malfoy family, but you rarely see the main malfoy in the manor. and narcissa often went with her husband for the business they run. leaving you, skylar and draco alone in the big manor.
you just got home after taking skylar to her school, she just started school today so you must be there for her.
you went to the living room only to find draco playing a game, how is someone can look that hot just by doing a simple thing.
you could feel your tummy gets tingly as you watched how his hands gripping tightly on the controller wishing they were gripping your thighs right now and the way his thumb rolling the-
“did you make sure skylar goes into the right class?” draco said, didn’t even bothered to tore his eyes off of the tv.
fuck, the reality brings you back as his voice interrupted your wild imagination.
“yeah i made sure of it” you started to clean the mess in the room, skylar’s toys are everywhere.
draco peek his eyes to see what you were doing but his breath stuck as he saw you bending down to get the toys on the floor and your skirt riding up a bit but enough to show him a glimpse of your panties.
“you’re wet y/n its making a patch on your panties.” he stood up completely forgetting his game and pressing your back on his chest as you now standing straightly.
“are you turned on just by seeing me gripping the controller? dirty girl” merlin, how does he know.
“draco..” you swore you could fall by how weak you were standing now, his hands are gripping your inner thighs, just like how you wanted.
“maybe i could offer you some help?”
⇋ ⇋ ⇋
and that’s how you end up getting pushed up against the wall. draco in his knees for you, head disappeared under your skirt as his hot tongue dived into your core. moans of his name left your mouth repeatedly.
“mm.. so fucking sweet y/n” he murmurs between his lips, tongue sucking your sensitive clit and fingers pushing in and out of your tight hole.
your eyes rolled back to your head, heavy panting as his fingers going deeper into you brushing your spot over and over again.
“draco please..” you don’t even know what you were begging but the coil tightened in your stomach turning you into a blabbering mess.
“fucking cum on my tongue y/n.” he curled his fingers inside you and that’s when you were done for. your hand grasped his locks tightly as your right leg shook on his shoulder.
draco groaned as he lapped up your juices tasting you on his tongue making you cried out at the sensitiveness. your taste could make him cum in his pants, which he did.
he stood up after pulling up your panties back. your face flushed when you see his glistening lips full of your juices but he quickly captured your lips letting you to taste yourself.
“draco y/n, we are home!” you pushed draco off of you as you heard narcissa’s voice ringing in the house.
“oh there you two- y/n is something wrong?” your stomach twisted as you heard draco chuckles before leaving the living room.
“nothing’s wrong mrs. malfoy, skylar is on school i would pick her up later” you smile nervously at narcissa hoping she’d buy it, continuing to gather skylar’s toys.
your legs still shaking as you do so.
➢➳ ➢➳ ➢➳
“y/n can we bake a cookie tonight? i already asked mummy if i can eat cookie” skylar tugs at your shirt,
“of course we can skylar!” you took out all of the ingredients you need for the cookies making.
few minutes passed you and skylar were halfway done for the cookie dough, but the flour got on skylar’s face and making a mess.
“skylar, we’re almost done! go wash your face and go to your room i’ll bring your cookies.” you chuckle at sky’s condition, ruffling her hair.
“okay y/n! i’ll be waiting in my room! i can’t wait to eat cookies!” skylar jump around heading towards her room.
you were still working on the cookie dough preparing some stuff to bake it. that was until you feel someone’s presence behind your back.
''skylar didn't i ask you to go wait in your room? i’m trying to bak- oh god..” your mouth shaped into an 'o' as soon as you felt something hard poking and rubbing your ass from behind, with a pair of hand slithering in your hands in the cookies dough.
thats when you know its the older heir of malfoy’s.
''can i taste it?'' the familiar voice spoke, as he continued to rubbed his bulge on your ass with his fingertips dip in the cookie dough you're making, before bringing it into his mouth and sucking it absorbing the deliciously taste of it.
''mhm chocolate cips.. my favourite, wanna taste it?'' draco offers and before you could respond, you felt draco dip his finger into your mouth which make you automatically suck the remaining dough.
you hummed at the taste which caused draco groaned into your ears as he quickened up his pace in grinding his clothed cock on you.
“you don’t expect me to be able to keep my hands off of you especially after having your taste on my tongue earlier, do you?” he takes the gloves off of your hand as his lips now pressed on your neck.
“draco.. what about skylar-” you whimpered as he began to suck on your skin giving you his mark.
“she won’t hear anything” his hand sneaked under your skirt slowly brushing your panties getting you wet down there.
his fingers slowly dragging your panties down until it fell to your ankle and he quickly picks it up stuffing it into his pocket.
before you could protest at him, he has his hand back on your now sopping cunt letting his digit disappeared into you making you have to grip tightly on the edge of the kitchen table.
“my fingers already missing the way your tight cunt squeezing ‘em doll, can’t wait for my cock to stretch it out wider tho”
the squelching sounds make your face heated in embarassment as draco worked more fingers into you, stretching you enough to accomodate his cock soon.
“draco.. feels t-too good!” you whine dropping your head back on his shoulder, he watched your expressions as he worked his fingers in you, it’s enough to make his erection hurtful.
“quiet your voice down a little, pretty girl. don’t want my sister to hear how much of a slut her nanny is, right?” you bite your lips at his words, your eyes rolling back in pleasure, at this point nothing matters anymore.
your moans got louder as he curled his fingers in you and hitting your g-spot over and over again which he quickly shut your mouth with his lips making you moaned into his lips instead.
“i can’t.. i’m gonna cum draco!” you were squirming against his body, his other hand were groping and roaming your body making you get weaker under his touch.
“then cum doll, coat my fingers and let me taste you again” you can feel your feet practically weren’t on the floor anymore as your high taking over your body. completely getting you lost in it.
“there you go, such a good girl.. my good girl” draco pulls out his fingers and sucking on it instantly groaning at the taste.
“this taste better than the cookies, would definitely have you as my dessert.” he turned you around to face him, chuckling at the mess he made on you.
“you look so fucking filthy” he shoves the cookie dough bowl away from the table and lift you up by your waist and placed you on the table.
you see the tent in his sweatpants, it looks painful.. you palm his hard cock earning a throaty groan from the owner. you pulled his sweatpants down, but the sight made your eyes widened and mouth gulped.
is. that. even. gonna. fit.
“yes it will, doll.” he grips his cock in his hand bringing it to your aching cunt.
he rubbed up your entrance with his tip to lubricate himself with your wetness making you practically dripping yourself again. he was teasing you as he tapped the head on your clit and sligthly bumping into your little hole making you winced and your legs spasmed.
“draco just please..” you buck your hips trying to get him inside you already, tired of his teasing.
“patience, little whore” and with that he snapped his hips and slammed all of his length into you bottoming fully inside you and stretching you out so wide. you let out a loud scream but he quickly cover your mouth with his hand.
“shut your mouth or you will make everyone see how much of a filthy slut you are for the malfoy” he starts thrusting into you, his thrusts are deep and rough making sure you know how it feels to have all of him inside you.
he lets go of your mouth letting his hand going down to your throat and grip you there, pulling you closer to his face.
“do you know what have you done to me? since you came to this house all i could think about is how innocent you would look under my control”
he groans as he snapped his hips harder making loud slapping skin sounds, heavy breathing was filling the kitchen room.
“and i was right, you still look so fucking innocent even when i’m tearing you apart with my cock now.”
he caught your lips in his, shoving his tongue down your throat and exploring the inside of your mouth. your hand goes to his hair grasping on it making him moaned into the kiss.
“you feel so good y/n, i would never get enough of destroying your tight- little- cunt-” you were trying so hard to not let your moan get louder but he was making it difficult for you to not to.
he laid you back on your elbows then pulling up your hips closer to him fucking his cock into you over and over again. he was on the cloud nine and so are you.
all that matter now was the feeling against each other.
“draco! i’m so close” you let your tears run down your face making draco chuckle lowly at you.
“hold it i’m almost there.” you whine at his response, your hands were looking for something to hold on to, draco notices right away and intertwined it with his hands.
his cock brushing and assaulting your spot over and over again, your walls were pulsing and clenching as you are this close to let the knot in your stomach snapped.
he was fucking you hard and rough letting all of his desires in you, letting you know that he was desperate at this. he pounding deeper into you leaving both of your bodies with no gap, his pevic bone repeatedly brushing your clit making it hard for you to hold your high.
“draco please..” you sure you already looking like a mess now, body trembling and bouncing hard due to his thrusts.
“let it out pretty girl, coat my cock.” with his permissions you found yourself cumming hard on his cock that made your vision goes black, body shaking so hard and his lips covering your scream.
draco following behind, the feeling of your walls got tighter around him enough to shot all of his seed into you painting your sensitive walls with his cum. he groans into the kiss as he finishing inside you.
“that was so fucking amazing.” he said after he broke the kiss, staring at your fucked out figure that still panting heavily.
“are you there y/n?” he pulls up your shaking body kissing your lips to relax you.
“that was the best i’ve ever had..” you admitted slowly coming back to reality. draco help you with your clothes after he dressing himself back.
“my panties?” you asked confused as to why draco dressing you fully clothed but not giving back your panties.
“it’s mine now” he gave you a playful smirk making your face redden.
bloody hell, what did just happened.
you try to stand up straightly making him laughed at you, but he wasn’t doing any best too as his legs are still shaking.
“y/n!! are you finished baking the cooki- omg are you okay y/n?!” skylar suddenly appeared freaking out at your condition.
“i- i’m fine skylar i just fell off and it just hurts so bad” your explanation only make draco chuckle deeply.
“-oh my god. skylar i’m really sorry your cookies haven’t been baked yet, i get distracted.”
“it’s okay y/n, well we can bake it now i love cooking!” skylar giggles as she now grabbed the bowl of the cookie dough.
“draco! you wanna join?” the little girl asked making draco tore his gaze apart from you.
“no thanks i have something to do now in my room” draco replied turning his gaze to you again squeezing his pocket that has your panties in it.
you could feel the goosebumps rising on your skin.
‘round 2 in my room tonight’ draco mouthed to you and shot you a wink before leaving the kitchen room.
at that moment, you knew you were fucked.
Tumblr media
tagging : @dracoscum @hellounicorn @onyourgoddamnleft @whoreforgeorgeandfred @turn-to-page-394-please @silverdelirium @underappreciated-spoon-321 @littlemissnoname13 @youreso-golden @noceurwhore @dlmmdl @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @starstruckgranger @lieswithoutfairytales @yiamalfoy @black-repunzel99 @acciodignity @riddleswh0r3crux @ameliasbitvh @hopelessbutterfly @rylynn-blog @miraclesoflove @i-love-scott-mccall @slythermuf @myshamalfoy @maybesandohnos @teenwolfbitches28 @desiredmalfoy @ferretboysupremacy @coolbeans32 @arianagreyy @sksliz @cupids-crystals @raajali3 @kayleiggh @amalfoyandariddle @madi0987 @mrs-dracofelton @itzzzzcookie @glszed @padf00ts-l0ver @spencervera @wrongilbert @mischieftom @valentines-massacre13 @devilslxver @kitkatkaitin @fullcheeseengineer @hhishho @alexthealexthealex @iloveweasleyx @seriouslyinlove @arzfia
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⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ dialogues ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
library account: @tahliaslibrary
all tagged under: #tahlia’s dialogues
requesting: send me a character and a senerio (sfw or nsfw), can also add any other details you would like. please try and be specific!!
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ marauders era ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
professor!remus bending you over his desk after class
regulus reading to you when you can’t sleep
reg trying to keep you quiet in his dorm late at night
you and regulus losing your virginity to eachother
james asking you to peg him
you and lily reward sub james after he wins a quidditch game
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ golden trio era ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
stepdad!ron helping your tingles go away when you can’t fall asleep
calling ron daddy for the first time
stepbrother!ron teaching you how to give him a blowjob
knife play with soft dom!ron
giving sub!ron a handjob
sub!ron whimpering mommy when you tug his hair during a makeout session
degrading sub!ron while pegging him
doctor!draco checking your boobs when they are sore
calling draco baby boy while cuddling
jealous sex with stepbro!draco after you fucking his best friend
theo asks about carving his initials into your thigh
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Tumblr media
a/n: my whore hours have created this ship. and not proofread !!
summary: reader is in the act of cheating on draco with fred (reader is riding fred’s thigh) and draco walks in. fred and draco decide to punish reader.
warning(s): pussy smacking (??), praise, degrading, denial of orgasm, thigh riding, oral sex (males receiving), cheating and dumbification!!
wc: .8k (838)
reblogs are appreciated !!
navigation | | draco malfoy masterlist | | fred smut one shot
I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢.....
“please, freddie,” you breathlessly moaned against fred’s chest, your hips rocking against his thigh. “please who, darling?”
“please, daddy, want y’cock.” you cried as your hips worked faster, stimulating your whole pretty cunt. his hands found their way to your ass and squeezed it, pushing your core down against his thigh. the pressure felt so good and you were so dumb f’him in the moment that you didn’t even notice the door open, presenting a specific malfoy.
“y/n.” he spoke calmly, too calmly.
your eyes immediately opened in shock, he wasn’t supposed to be back until 7 pm! you immediately got up, your legs wobbling a bit as you try to stabilize yourself, just for fred to grab your waist and push you against him again. “freddie!” you scolded, but it soon turned into whimpers as he grounded your core on his thigh.
“so this is what you do when i’m at work, huh?” draco rolled his tongue against his cheek.
“draco i swear this is the first time! i won’t ever do it again, i promise.” you pleaded.
“but what if i want you to go this again, what if i want to share you. just for one night.” he whispered, stalking towards you and fred. fred grabbed a hold of your chin and pulled your face in his direction and swiped his thumb across your lower lip. “don’t you want us to share you, bunny? want us to fill up that pretty mouth and holes of yours?”
“y-yes, sir.” you whispered.
“what was that? speak up, doll.” draco commanded, his arm resting on the bed post.
“want y’both to fill up m’holes,”
and that’s exactly what they did.
your hips rocked against fred’s thigh, draco’s fingers in your mouth, making you gag. “can’t even take my fucking fingers, pathetic.” he scoffed. fred then began moving his leg up and down, adding more pressure to your hot and wet cunt. “freddie, dray, want y’to fuck me, need y’cocks!”
“but do you deserve it princess? no you don’t. your boyfriend just walked in on y’being a whore f’me, fucking m’thigh.” fred chuckled, embarrassing you, heat immediately rushed to your cheeks.
then a thought had appeared in his mind, a lightbulb of ideas running through like a wave of shock.
he and draco were going to edge you.
your back arching as fred pulled your hair back, rough rolls of his hips against yours, sounds of your skin clapping. draco’s cock in your mouth, he thrusted into your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
“fuck, so good for us pup.” fred growled, his hand colliding with your ass.
you gagged, on the blonde's length. he grabbed a hold of your head and nuzzled your face into his private area, making you take all of him.
“that better princess?” he laughed at you, how pathetic and greedy you were to take both of them.
you hummed in response, sending vibrations throughout his body, causing him to shiver. his high coming closer as you kept humming against him, every moan that you released onto his cock made his body jerk in a way that was out of this world. “poppet, im gonna fucking cum. you gonna swallow like a good girl?”
“mhm,” you hummed again against him, pushing him over the edge. his body shook at the vibrations once again. his cum shot out, down your throat. you swallowed it, pulling away, a smile displayed onto your lips. he grabbed your chin, kissing you as fred continued to slam into your cunt. your eyes rolled back when his tip hit your fucking g spot. a scream leaving your lips.
the two boys played with you like their little fuck toy. tweaking at your tits, massaging your clit, filling your cunt up with their cum, they wanted you. all of you.
“who does this pussy belong to?” draco groaned, his cock slipping in and out of your tight cunt. you couldn’t fucking talk, your mouth was full of fred’s cock and the only thing that left your mouth were cries. fred tugged at your hair, pulling your head back. your mouth and the red heads cock were no longer connected like they were before.
an exasperated cough left your lips as you inhaled air, it smelt of musk, mint, cinnamon, cologne and sex. “i-i” only murmurs and babbles left your lips, your mind was utterly fogged. all you could think about was how you haven’t came yet, you wanted to fucking cum. edged three times already and you wanted release.
“look at her, can’t even talk properly, only baby blabbers from those pretty lips.” fred smirked, his thumb caressing your lips.
“too dumb f’us baby, we don’t want you.” draco pouted, fake sympathy lacing every damn word that left his lips that molded so perfectly around yours.
“b-but i want you!” you whined, doe eyes staring at him.
“you certainly didn’t want me when you were humping his thigh like a bitch.”
“all you wanted was him.”
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
| draco x reader | angst | smut |
enemies to lovers 🖤
anon requested. theyre enemies but deep down theres a sexual tension and one day theyre on vacation and have to stay in one room together
cw: angst, name-calling (degradation), hate-fucking, very slightly dubcon
“I can’t stand you! I don’t want to stay in a room with you!” You shouted, shoving him away from you.
“I’m just as angry as you! I don’t know how the hell this happened!” Draco snapped, pushing past you into your shared hotel room.
You had gone on vacation to America with some of your schoolmates, and due to a mix up in the planning, you and Draco had ended up in the same hotel room. To make matters worse, the room only had one bed.
Draco was your sworn enemy since first year. He’d embarrassed you in front of the Weasley twins, the boys you had a crush on, and you’d retaliated by tainting the love potion he gave to Pansy. It had started seven years of fighting and backbiting, the two of you always at each other’s throats and never seeing eye to eye.
It had become second nature to fight with Draco. Screaming matches with him lit a specific fire in your belly— different from anything else. It burned through you, igniting every nerve in your body. You thought it was anger, though it proved to be more when nothing satiated the rage, and your mind began to wander.
The electrically charged energy between you was hard to ignore. It was like a live wire, blazing everything in its wake, or an oil spill, turning everything flammable.
“Malfoy-” you started, but you were cut off by his sharp glare.
“I was going to suggest that we change quickly and meet the others in the lobby. I was going to ask if I could use the loo, but I was going to give you the courtesy of offering it first,” you hissed, and he shook his head.
“Go, it’s fine.”
You stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. You were desperate for some distance from Draco. You freshened up in the mirror, not taking too long so you didn’t get him even more agitated than he already was.
“What are we going to do about-?”
“We’re going to worry about it when the time comes,” you interrupted, glancing at the one bed.
The bathroom door slammed shut, leaving you alone in the small room. There wasn’t a couch— and the chair simply wasn’t adequate. Ultimately, you both knew the two of you were going to end up in bed together that night, whether you liked it or not.
A deep sigh left your lips, and you grabbed your bag, preparing to meet your friends downstairs. Draco locked the door behind the two of you, and the elevator ride was painfully silent. 
“My two favorite people. Sorry about the room situation,” Theo grinned, opening his arms as you walked up to him. 
You stepped into his chest, letting tattooed limbs wrap around you. He kissed the top of your head, grinning into your hair. 
“If Malfoy’s mean to you, you just let me know, okay? I’ll take care of him,” Theo promised you, finally getting you to giggle. 
“Maybe tell her not to be a right bi-”
“Draco, baby, try a little harder,” Theo hummed, kissing Malfoy’s cheek before getting pushed off. You laughed at them. 
Seven years, and you still wondered how it was possible for Theo-- the sweetest boy in the world, to be best friends with Draco Malfoy-- the devil’s incarnate. 
“Come on, we’ll get breakfast then catch the ferry,” Cedric said, handing out ferry passes to your group: Draco, Theo, Blaise, Fred, George, Hermione, Ginny, Pansy, Cedric, and you. 
Hermione took your hand, pulling you from the Slytherin boys. 
“It’s going to be fun. And besides, we’ll only be sleeping in the rooms. It’s not a problem,” Hermione assured you, the girls walking ahead of the others.
“Except there is only one bed,” you muttered, and Ginny and Pansy spun to look at you. 
“Are you serious?” Ginny giggled, and you smacked her arm. 
“It is not funny!”
They held their hands up in defense, though their amusement was clear. You took the subway to the ferry, crowded with American muggles. 
“Careful!” Draco hissed in your ear, catching you ask you lost your balance. His hand went around your waist, pinning you to his chest. 
“M’sorry, I slipped!” you were thankful for him holding onto you, even if you’d never admit it. You gripped the pole for support, trying not to lean into him too much. He helped you off of the train, and you took Theo’s hand as you boarded the ferry. 
“Look at the statue!” you gasped, admiring the skyline and leaning on the railing of the boat as you road to Staten Island. 
“Don’t fall,” Draco came to your other side. 
“Are you serious? Draco, I’m not a child!” you snapped.
“You’re leaning on the railing, and we can’t be using magic to drag you out of the water!”
You shot him an indignant look, and climbed up to stand on the railing. Even Theo looked anxious at your actions. 
“Get the fuck down, right now.” Draco’s grey eyes were wide, and you stared back at him, daring him to touch you. 
“We’re going to dock, and it’ll knock the-” Theo was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. The boat stopped suddenly, and as you caught yourself, Draco grabbed your waist, pulling you off of the railing. 
You shrieked, struggling away as he pulled you down. He refused to let go of you, and you tried to shove him off. 
“Knock it off. And quit doing dangerous shit,” Draco swatted your ass through your denim shorts, making Theo choke on his water bottle. You immediately stilled, staring at him in horror. 
“Did you just spank me?” You gasped, startled. 
He let go of you, answering with only a cold look. You shook your head and went to join the others, Theo and Draco falling into conversation with Cedric and Blaise. 
“What happened back there? We heard you yelling,” Hermione asked, grinning behind her oversized mirrored sunglasses.
“Draco just being an ass. It’s fine,” you said, stealing her sunglasses and putting them on. 
“Come on, let’s go have some fun.”
You spent the day sightseeing, walking around Staten Island before going back to Manhattan. The sun was warm overhead, the summer heat getting to your minds. You’d managed to avoid bickering with Draco most of the day, but now the sun was hanging low in the sky, casting a golden-orange glow over everything. You were drinking cocktails at a place near Times Square, tired from being on your feet all day.
“Tomorrow we’re going to the MET,” Theo said, checking the plans. 
You stayed out late, talking and laughing until the lights of the city had drowned out the ink-black sky. You were tired, a little buzzed, overly hot, and you wanted to sleep. 
“What the hell was that on the ferry? Do you think you can just-?” Draco grabbed your arm, cutting off your rant that you’d saved until you were in private, not wanting to fight in front of your friends. Your back hit the hotel room door, Draco’s chest pressed up against yours.
“Do I think I can just what? Knock that bullshit little smirk off of your face?” Draco seethed. 
“Tell me what to do!” You pushed his shoulders, though he didn’t move.
“It’s clear that you can’t be trusted to make good choices on your own.”
“That’s rich coming from you-” you hissed, feeling the familiar burning spread through your abdomen. 
“You should learn a little respect,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your throat, the rings on his fingers cold against your warm skin. A moan escaped you before you could stop it, and his eyebrows shot up. 
“Is this what you need? Do you just need to have the bitch fucked out of you?” You squirmed, gripping his wrist and trying to pry his hand off of your throat. 
You were seething, the energy between you becoming intensely sexually charged. You hated yourself for growing aroused, but you couldn’t keep the heat from spreading through your body, and you were becoming keenly aware of your throbbing sex. 
Draco pushed his knee between your thighs, and you shook your head. 
“No, no.”
“No? You aren’t horny and desperate? I know how much you hate me, and I know you’ve been dying to release all that pent up energy. You’re going to be sleeping in the same bed with me tonight, trapped under the sheets with my body. If you don’t act now, you’ll have to go untouched for the next week of this trip...” he smirked, knowing he had leverage, able to see how desperate you were. 
Truly, Draco was desperate for you too. You made him so angry, but you managed to turn him on as you got under his skin. He was aroused now, growing harder as he watched you squirm in pure need. He was waiting to hear you say yes, to give in. He may have hated you, but he wasn’t an animal. 
You bit your lip so hard you tasted metal, trying to hold in a scream. Your chest heaved with heavy breaths, your eyes narrowed into a glare. His thigh was pressed against your sex, and you fought against the urge to grind against him, desperate for friction. 
“Fuck,” you swore, and Draco squeezed your throat, making you whimper. 
“Is that a no, Y/N? Do you want me to let go of you? Let you go finger yourself in the shower?” he mocked you. 
“I hate you.”
“I know. It’s mutual, love.”
“Alright, Draco. Please fuck me. But this doesn’t mean anything!”
He smirked, letting go of you and tossing his shirt aside. You rid your own clothes with his, freezing as your eyes lingered on his naked body. The need and arousal pulsing through your body was overpowering, and just the sight of him was making you falter. 
“Do you need me to do everything for you? Get over here,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your elbow, tugging you toward him. He ripped your panties off, the veins in his hand flexing at the display of strength.
“Save it.”
Draco hauled you to the bed, bending you over the edge. You struggled, trying to sit up. He shoved your head back down, pressing your chest against the duvet. 
“Are you serious?” you snapped as he gripped your wrists in one hand, holding them at the small of your back. 
“You’re going to lay here and be good or you’re not going to get fucked at all,” Draco threatened, and you burned in shame. You stopped straining yourself to look at him, residing to resting your head on your side, ceasing your struggle against his hold. 
A choked groan left your lips as Draco slammed into your cunt all at once. He buried himself deep enough to where his hips were pressed to your ass, his body bent over yours. Draco slammed into you, frustration powering his rough thrusts. You writhed under his strong grip, moaning and squealing as he tore into your tight heat. Even with how wet you were, your body spasmed at the force. 
It felt primal, rough, and dirty. 
Fucking Draco was scandalous, even for you. The two of you getting so angry that the energy had to be channeled into sex felt deviant, Draco’s cock tainting your innocence with every thrust. 
You felt better than Draco had imagined. Your noises were erotic, encouraging him more than the momentum he was gaining. He kicked your legs further apart, shoving himself deeper into your sex. Your moan was muffled by the duvet, squeezing your eyes shut. It felt like he was tearing you open, and you couldn’t get enough. Your head was spinning, and your fingers flexed, the only part of your body you could move freely against his hold. 
“You’re fucking divine,” Draco breathed, reaching his hand under the two of you. His fingers found the area where your bodies connected, sliding upward through your folds. 
“Draco, fuck, please!” you cried, arching your back as he pressed against your nerves. 
“Please what, love? Are you going to quit being contrary?”
“Yes, I’ll do anything, just please touch me there,” you begged, abandoning your stubbornness.
You buried your face in the bed and screamed, your back curving into a bow as he fucked into you in time with the circles he was tracing with skilled fingers.
Draco swore as you pulsed around him, squeezing his cock as you cried from euphoria. Electricity shot through your limbs, your orgasm ripping through your body. Draco was quick to follow, pulling out and coming over your ass, watching you shudder and throb around nothing. 
As his memories being frustrated with you returned, he continued his assault on your clit, pinching you harshly to watch you writhe and scream. 
“Draco, Draco, I’m sorry, I’ll be nice, just stop!” you squealed, trying to kick him as he overstimulated you. 
He released you as you asked, taking in the sight of your absolutely wrecked body. Your arms were shaking as you brought them under you, trying to push yourself up onto your elbows. You heaved in deep breaths, still trembling as you came down from your high. 
Draco wiped down your skin for you, finding some decency. 
“Hey, look at me. You alright?” Draco held your jaw, tilting your face up. You nodded, and he slid boxers up his leg before digging for something in his jacket pocket. 
“Y/N. Come here,” Draco’s voice was low and husky, his back to you. 
You forced yourself to stand up, your legs weak as you stepped toward him. You followed Draco onto the balcony, where he sat down on a lounge chair. Ringed fingers wrapped around your wrist, pulling you to sit sideways on his lap. 
His touch was no longer aggressive or harsh, but instead moving you with authority. You held a blanket loosely around your body, shielding you from the cool night air. 
Draco didn’t speak as he pulled a cigarette from the box, putting it between his lips. He lit the end before setting the box and the lighter on the table, leaning his head back and taking a drag. He held your jaw, pressing his lips against yours before exhaling the smoke into your mouth. 
He turned, watching the city lights glitter around you. He offered you the cigarette, and you accepted, sharing with him. 
“Our secret?” you asked softly, and his silver gaze connected with his.
“Our secret.”
“Do you still hate me?” 
The corners of Draco’s lips pulled up, and his fingers brushed over your bare back, his hand resting at the base of your spine. 
“Only when it serves me, I suppose,” he murmured, and you fought off a smile.
“You’ll not bite me in my sleep then?”
“Full of questions. I make no promises, I’ve found I rather like how you taste.”
He kissed you then, under the city lights, tasting like smoke and sage and secrets. 
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Summary: A sex session with your boyfriend Draco.
Warning(s) : Smut. Fingering, degradation, praise, dimbification, aftercare. It's not exactly soft, but it's not rough too. Ravenclaw!Reader.
a/n— i think i went a bit too pretentious with this. also i made the reader a ravenclaw before no one ever fucking writes for that house.
Perplexed. You were confound as to how exactly an innocent study session turned into a session so damn avid and carnal.
Draco's possessive hands held you tightly. Even a mere inch of space too much of an absence for him. He wanted you close, so close that no one could even differ between the two of you.
He held you obsessively. As if every breath he took with your smell in it was a blessing from the heavens above.
His lips clashed against yours over and over again. A taste of mint and green apples on his tongue as it glided over yours— perfectly.
"Fuck, I need— I need to fucking feel you" He managed somewhere between the coveted kisses.
Forehead against forehead, nose against nose, body against body.
Draco never once resumed the delicate kisses on your skin. Your neck and shoulders peppered with them.
It took one ask. The same question that came before anytime fabric would be stripped off, heavy pants would be exchanged, and the sight and feel would be pure erotica. The answer would be yes— always. And this time was no exception.
He sighed into your mouth, elevated your body in his arms securely, and took you over to bed.
Draco looked down at you with a whole fucking galaxy in his eyes. Millions of stars painted in the abyss of silver.
"Please, Draco" You whisper, hand curling around his shirt, the way he looked at you— Gods, you couldn't even dare to look back.
Your buttons were slid open, shirt pulled off your body the upper half of it now only covered with a blue bra that confined your breasts. Your skirt was next, pulled down to your ankles as he flung it across the room.
"Lord, you're so fucking stunning" He groans, slender large hands traveling along the curves of you.
And you yourself, couldn't tear apart your gaze from him as he stripped down. Not a single blemish on him.
Perfected to the bone— faultless— divine.
You gasped as your felt him ghost over your most sensitive parts. He smirked as his fingertips slid through your folds, tapping your clit lightly.
"Oh fuck," he moaned as he pushed a finger inside "you're so wet"
You craved more, hips without any command bucking into his hand, demanding more. He chuckled warmly, adding another digit as he slowly pumped them.
"Does my slut want more?" He said with a tone of mock; of course he fucking knew that, but there was that damn ego of his that always had to pushed up.
"Yes" you speak, black painted over your lids as you keep your eyes closed, his fingers tirelessly working inside of you.
The rings that decorated his own cold hands a wonderful juxtaposition to the warmth of your cunt.
And then suddenly his fingers were gone, snatched away. You whine out in frustration only to see him sucking on the same digits that were fucking you not seconds ago.
You were addictive— an intoxicant.
The taste of you on his tongue pure sin, but it was sweeter than fruit from heaven.
"You want me? Is that it love?" He grinned, letting his wet finger circle your nipple. "Then fucking beg me for it"
Incessant chants of pleas fell from you, desperation was clear in your eyes; the libido effect of him.
His tip prodded at your entrance, teasing you with it, please, you begged again and this time, he sank inside of you.
You cried out, nails raked through his back. He thrusted inside of you sharply, sliding in and out of your cunt aggressively.
"Pretty little doll" He quietly hissed, the grey in his eyes almost vanished, his muscles stiffening due to pleasure.
You were a whimpering mess beneath him, not aware of anything but that man on top of you.
Your body was shuddering already, his cock pulsing in and out of your cunt, pounding you. "Fuck Draco" you moan, "you— your so, mhm"
At this point you were a blabbering little mess, a single sentence being too much for you to form.
"Look at that, I'm fucking my smart little Ravenclaw dumb"
He thrusted harder, growling, panting. Slamming inside of you faster and deeper after each thrust.
An arm supported him up as he placed it on the headboard, his other one beside your head. He grunted before leaning down and taking a nipple in his mouth.
"I'm— goi- I-"
Draco's hips faltered, he struggled to keep himself up, an intense orgasm on the brink of breaking him and you.
"Cum for me"
And then you both did. Stars now filling your black lids. Euphoria in your veins.
Draco's whole body shook as he came, along with yours.
You lay entangled, reveling in the moment.
He took a minute before he stood up, his entire attention now on you, he kissed your forehead and they trailed down to apples of your cheeks to your lips.
"Are you okay?" He asked, curving an arm around your back, soothing out the arch of your back.
"I- i am"
He nodded, stepping off into the bathroom before coming out with a towel in his hands. He gently cleaned you up, gingerly tending to all of your needs.
"Want to have a bath now love?"
You grinned before sitting up and stretching your arms, "Of course"
You lay on Draco's chest as you stepped inside the tub, the white porcelain surrounded with roses. Thunder rumbling outside as rain poured.
You giggled softly, craning your neck to look up at him.
"You did this?"
"Anything for you, Miss Ravenclaw"
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weaselbrownie · 26 days ago
Hi bestie!!
I want to request draco fingering y/n cause I feel like he would be so good at that 😻
jealousy, jealousy | d.m
draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary : draco getting jealous of you kissing harry
warning : NSFW! smut, swearing, praising, degrading (not really idk), in public, female recieving
word count : 2.1K
a/n : this doesn't actually have anything to do with liv's song but 🤷🏻‍♀️
"Draco what the fuck!"
Your voice was vibrating through the walls, breath short as you chased Draco down an empty corridor. It was late, students are off to bed but you and Draco had to patrol around the castle as it was your prefect duty. "Merlin, you are being stupid y'know that?" You shouted at him, your hand extending out to reach him but once again missed as he moved to walk faster.
Draco stopped in his track as he heard the words slip past your lips, "Oh, I'm the stupid one?" His words cut sharp into the thick atmosphere as he turned his body to face you, his towering figure looking down at you with piercing bright eyes.
"Yes, you are!" You huffed, walking closer to his figure that repels the moonlight slipping in through the open spaces of the building. "What the fuck is your problem, Draco?" The pitch of your voice gliding higher as you got closer to the boy.
Even in the half-lit hallway, you could make out his face, every feature of his glowing. "You! You are my problem" His jaw tightens at the mention of you, his figure going stiff as you froze in front of him.  "So what do you do when I'm not around, huh? Snog the whole Gryffindor house?" You could feel the anger and disappointment radiating off of him.
"W–What are you talking abou-"
"Oh don't be like that, I saw how you were with Potter" Draco moved as he took small steps towards you, cutting off your sentence before you could get everything out, "I thought you said you were gonna study with him" He folded his arms in front of his chest, huffing out as he waited for your response.
"I was studying with him!" You mimicked his movement, standing straight to fold your arms in front of your chest, looking up to challenge the taller boy.
He lifted his brows at your words as if he didn't believe a single word you just said. "Oh sweetheart, I don't think studying involves shoving your tongue down his throat" His chuckles were dark, teasing you knowing he caught you doing something you weren't supposed to be doing.
You didn't feel bad anymore, the anger in you started to overpower all the other emotions trying to peek out. "Why do you care? It's nothing to you!" You spat out the words from the back of your throat, taking another step until you could smell the peppermint and citrus of his cologne dancing around him.
"I don't" He simply said,
"You know what..." Your voice barely above a whisper, dropping your arms to your sides as your fist form a ball "...'m not gonna stand here and let you be an asshole just because you're jealous" Your light words left your lips as your rushed to move away from him, your shoulder bumping his arm as you marched to leave him.
He didn't follow you at first, your legs kept moving to take steps away from the still boy "Take that back..." You heard him, his footsteps started to echo down the hallway, faster and faster until you felt his balmy palm closing around your bicep, pulling you back onto his chest to turn you in your spot. "Fucking take that back, Y/N!" You kept your gaze on his chest, his voice loud and sharp as it cuts your circulation.
You took a moment to look up, trailing your gaze up his chest to meet his eyes, those piercing grey eyes looking down at you as roaring fire burns behind those cold orbs. "Make me" The words left your lips as you watched him, how the two of you were so close in each other's embrace forgetting that this universe was not just yours and his.
And for a moment the world went silent, everything was still and it was just the two of you in rays of the moonlight, standing in the middle of the half-lit hallways of the castle you call home. But that wasn't exactly true, home isn't just a place, home is a person, and it looks like you might have just found another home, standing in front of you– towering over you as the anger still lay beneath all his calm emotions.
You watched as his eyes traced your face, moving slowly as it went back and forth to your lips. His jaw tightens as his mind scrambles with the thought of you and your lips.
It was wrong per se, you have been friends from before Hogwarts and it seems wrong to think of you in such a filthy way, but his mind was loud, too loud to control until he stopped the tumultuous shouting in his head, crashing his lips on yours– pushing you backward until your back thud against the stone wall in between the pane glass window of the hallway.
"Yeah? s'this what you want?" His lips left yours for a second, coming up for air before latching back down onto your jugular, sucking light purple hues right under your ear. "'m asking, is this what you want?" He asked again, the sensation on your neck loosened as you got your mind straight.
You still couldn't answer his question, groaning against him as your fingers found their way up to his body, scratching the material of his robe to hold on to anything you could. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop Y/N" His muffled groan vibrated through your body and straight into your panties, the tingly feeling in your stomach coming to life when you felt a wet patch attached to your cunt.
You shook your head, pleas slipping past your lips as you were putty in your best friend's arm "N-No please don't stop" The noises coming out of your mouth sound pathetic. Everything from the deepest part of your dream was coming true. How you have been longing for his touch, curious as to how his warm skin would burn into yours, conceiving an addictive effect much like drugs.
For the longest time you have tried so hard to keep all your emotions away, he was your best friend and you were his, you weren't meant to do what lovers do, but here you were. Tangled in each other arms in the middle of the hallway where anyone could pass by, couldn't even make it to a closed space.
Your eyes stayed close, savoring the sensation of how his hands roamed your body, slipping past your shirt to grasp every inch of your skin. You needed more and you were sure he did too, but then he pulled away. His lips leaving your skin felt like a thousand blades dropping on you at once.
"Would you look at that..." His mouth trails your hairline, murmuring words into you "'s the Gryffindor tower, I wonder if Potter s'still awake" He was quick to turn you around, moving you to stand in front of the window outlooking the great Gryffindor tower not too far from where you stood.
You didn't know what he was planing, the nerves in your stomach exploding as you waited seconds that felt like days for him to continue with his actions. "Let's put on a show shall we..." His lips lingered on the shell of your ear "...a special show for your precious Potter" His hands began to roam you again, slipping past the fabric of your clothes to trace your skin.
You couldn't answer him with your words, rather just nod and grunt as he pushed his crotch into you, making sure you could feel the hard outline of his hard-on pressed up against your butt. Everything was going on at once, you couldn't focus on just one action. The feeling of his lips, his hands, his body, his cock, all rubbing up on you, drenching your panties that lie beneath your skirt.
"Desperate are we?" He chuckled to himself, his hands slithering down your body until he reached your exposed thighs, your skirt riding up as you continued to grind your butt into him.
"Shut up" You mumbled, your hands steadying yourself on the windowpane as Draco continued to roam every inch of your body. You couldn't see it but you felt it, one of his hands circling to move your panties to the side, leaving your cunt bare for him to trace the outer lips of your cunt, gathering all the dripping juices to better slick your pussy.
"No y/n, you're gonna shut up" His fingers slip past your clenching hole, diving deep into your cunt as the sliver rings that sat on his fingers made contact with your clit, jolting you up when the cool sensation hit your heat.
Your mind started to go blank once again as you took all the pleasure he was giving you. His fingers diving deep into you as your juices leaked down your thighs. "S-Shit... feel s'good" Your back arced as the time goes on, slurring your words as you turned to mush under his control.
"I bet you'd let him do this too huh?..." His voice so deep behind you as his free hand went to roam your chest " with your pretty little pussy" He slipped the buttons of your shirt through the hole as the lining of your bra peeked through the half-open material.
You cursed and whined, trying to control your moans as he started to scissor his fingers inside you, stretching you out from the inside "Well guess what darling..." His lips lingered, tracing kisses up your neck, sucking the sweet spot under your ear "'re mine now, got it?"
You could feel your orgasm peeking through the corner, your mind going foggy as you felt your breasts slipping out from under you and into the open air. "Y-Yours... O-Only yours" You chanted the words like a prayer, locking the statement in your mind that you're his and only his.
By now you were half-naked, rocking your hips into him as you chased your orgasm. Your breasts pressing up against the cool pane window as his fingers curled to hit the spongey spot inside you. Anybody in the Gryffindor tower could've seen you and Draco, you were just praying they didn't.
It didn't take long for your breath to become short, you could practically feel your heartbeat vibrating through your body, rocking you to orgasm. "Oh n-no, shit 'm gonna cum..." You whined as you threw your head back, your nails digging into the boy's forearm. "...please can I c-cum" You waited for his answer, the coil in your stomach kicking you in the guts, begging to be let out.
"Y'wanna cum on my fingers?" You couldn't answer him, repeatedly nodding pleading for him to give you permission. "Go on then" His voice tuned out, the world going silent once again as you let go of the burning coil in your abdomen. Coating his fingers in more of your juices as he continued to pump his fingers into you, helping you ride out your high.
You felt your legs going numb, shaking as you struggled to keep yourself up. Your head spinning as you felt his fingers leaving your cunt, trailing it up your body until you were met with his fingers– slick with your orgasm, proding at your mouth "Open up" The tone in his voice completely changed into a more nurturing demeanor.
You obeyed him, leaning back onto him as you parted your lips, accepting his fingers into your mouth before sucking on them. "Good girl... didn't even need to tell you what to do" You heard him, your chest still heaving as he trailed his mouth on the side of your face.
He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving your mouth with a pop before helping you to dress. Buttoning your shirt as he turned you in your spot, finally getting a view at your flushed face. You watched him with amusement as your breath started to get back to normal, your gaze locking his as his hand moved to caress your cheeks, bringing your lips to his once more.
"Too bad Potter didn't see that"
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selenesheart · 3 months ago
astonished // d.m.
word count: 1.9k words
warnings: smut, oral sex (male receiving), innocent looking reader, best friends au, dirty talk, wet dream, praises, naughty thoughts.
summary: draco never thought the innocent y/n would give such an amazing blowjob.
a/n: thanks to @silverdelirium for telling me to write ily
“oh yeah! just like that,” draco groaned as he held your hips tightly, the side of your face pressed against the mattress harshly by his hand. his hips coming in contact with yours, clapping sounds could be heard from where the two of you connected.
heavy breathing, sweaty hands, and a very visible boner. those were the things draco woke up to. lately, he’s been having these sweet dreams that involved you getting naked at the end.
the blonde groaned as he rubbed his eyes tiredly, he couldn’t control it, the thought of shagging you until you were breathless, it always came back. even it the worst times possible.
he felt guilt swirl at the pitch of his stomach, embarrassment fulfilled his body at the many times he’d dreamed about you, on that little skirt of yours.
he felt bad, yet he could help but imagine those little innocent eyes of yours, or how you would look with your fingers going in and out of you repeatedly.
he was sure that you had little to no experience in the sexual world. considering the fact that he had watched boys and girls give you useless hints, and joked about their sex life, yet you gave no reactions to those conversations, having no clue of what any of that meant, or so he thought.
“why don’t you shag her, then?” blaise spoke shortly after draco explain his situation to his best friend. “shh! no, I’m not doing such thing.” draco shushed blaise, he wasn’t really trying to get humiliated in the middle of breakfast.
“you know y/n,” draco sighed “she’s not really into that type of stuff.” said draco, the thought of telling you rushing in his mind, but quickly waving it off as he saw you walk in the great hall, with that bright smile, and those angelic features.
“how do you know?” asked blaise.
“how do you know if she’s not into that type of stuff? I mean sure, she looks like she wouldn’t kill a soul, but again, it doesn’t mean she’s has a limited sex life.” he advised draco, who seemed to be deep in thought.
draco watched as you took sat with your friends, a few tables always from his.
blaise could be right. but he was too much of a coward to actually talk to you about such things, despite the fact that you know him like the back of your hand.
draco never imagined that his sweet, innocent best friend would even dare to be on her knees for someone. he felt his pants tighten at the thought of your beautiful body, sinking on your knees for him, glassy eyes looking up at him, mouth full of his heavy cock.
he took a deep breath as he gripped his silver spoon, he felt dizzy, and with shaky hands, he dismissed himself from breakfast. this girl would be the death of him.
“y/n!” your friend called “you’ve been staring at the same spot for more than thirty minutes,” they spoke quietly. blinking a few times, you tore your eyes from the blonde’s empty chair. wondering why would draco miss his favourite class? only if you knew.
you were worried for him. these past few weeks, he’d been avoiding you, acting a bit odd. sometimes you’d catch his eyes looking at you, analyzing every move you made. still, you would deliver him a sweet smile before returning to whatever your current task was.
sometimes, you wished those warm smiles, and the glances the two of you shared across the room meant something and the times where he would hold your hand under the table made you feel warm inside. you would be lying if you said that you didn’t think of the handsome blonde while your fingers were inside you.
often, you would think about how his mesmerizing eyes would hold eye contact while his dick would enter you roughly and fuck you senselessly until all you could do is mumble a few breaths of malfoy’s.
maybe this was wrong. yet you couldn’t help but have wild thoughts about your so-called best friend.
you took a deep breath before knocking on draco’s door, hoping that he would be alone at the moment. you played with your fingers while waiting, you bit your bottom lip slightly as you saw the dark door open with a tired draco behind it.
merlin, did he look good.
with slightly wet hair, pajama pants on, accompanied by a simple white shirt. if you didn’t know better, you would say that you could see the outline of his abs through his thin shirt. you let out a breath before speaking again.
“can— can we talk?” you asked quietly, you watched as draco’s jaw muscles flexed. he let you in his cold dorm as he eyed you for a second, taking your appearance in.
you had a night slip covering your body, considering that it was almost curfew, you just wanted to have a small talk with him before heading to your room. it took all of him to not stare at your cleavage for more than a second.
“what do you want to talk about?” he said nervously, maybe you had used the legilimency spell on him and read of all his naughty thoughts about her getting naked with him. or perhaps…
“why are you avoiding me draco?” the way his name left your mouth was intoxicating. he furrowed his brows, walking closer to you. you felt small under his presence.
“i’m not!”
“yes, you are”
“no, i am not”
“what did i do wrong?” you questioned your best friend, maybe it had something to do with the way you treated him in the past.
“what? nothing, you did nothing wrong. it’s just that—” his voice died as he closed his eyes, he took a deep breath. he didn’t really want to tell you how he felt about you. what if you left and never came back to his life? he didn’t want to risk it.
“it’s just what? tell me draco,” you raised your voice unexpectedly “tell me what’s wrong so I can help you.” you said sweetly. he hated the way you could still be sweet even when you just finished yelling at him.
“it’s nothing, I swear!” he raised his voice immediately “how about we talk in the morning, hm?” he hummed, trying to save his embarrassment for the next day.
“just tell me what’s going on so I can go!” you yelled, anger and frustration building up in your body. your eyes looking directly at his. you were extremely close now.
“fine!” he yelled, you could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears “I’ve had wet dreams about you and… I still do, okay?” he admitted, he groaned as he rubbed his temple in frustration.
“and I know you’re not quite familiar with—” he tried to explain himself before you cut him off.
“draco” you breathed, you took his face in your hands. hesitantly, you brought your lips to his, kissing him slowly but firmly. after the two of you parted lips, he looked lost of words.
“do you trust me?” you asked with a tiny smile on your face. he nodded, still dumbfounded by the breathtaking kiss you just gave him.
soon, the two of you were devouring each other. lips, tongues connected as you took your time taking off your night slip dress. when it was off draco wasted no time on caressing one of your soft breasts, rolling your hardening nipple between his fingers. finally feeling the tits he always imagines while stroking himself at night.
you disconnected your lips from his as he took his shirt off, muscular, smooth chest on display. your hand traveled from his chest to his lower stomach. palming his growing cock through his pants.
he breathed out your name when you got on your knees, holding his long legs for support. he began telling you that you didn’t have to do this if you didn’t want to before you shushed him. you placed small kisses over his crotch, smiling slightly as you felt it twitch against your lips.
you hooked your fingers in his pants, bringing his pajama pants down along with his underwear. you observed his heavy dick with parted lips, it looked delicious. your hand came in contact with the tip as your eyes went up to his face. innocent eyes looking up at him.
the fact that you still looked innocent drove him crazy, it made the desire for you grow. he felt filthy, yet he couldn’t help but made him want to destroy you and that little innocent face.
“you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this,” you spoke so close to his dripping tip, he could feel your breath against it. he fought the urge of grabbing the back of your head and shoving his whole length down your throat.
your lips came in contact with his tip, sucking on it roughly, taking draco off guard. you were doing so good, mind-blowing good actually. he never imagined you would be so skillful with your mouth.
you took more of his cock in your mouth, your hands working on the rest of his length. then, you took all of him in, his tip pressed against your throat as his fingers made their way down your head, guiding you up and down while he threw his head back.
“you’re doing— oh— so good” he groaned lowly, one of his hands flew to his bed’s poster for support. you moaned against him at the praise, his word making you clench your thighs.
the blonde thrusted his hips, making you gag loudly, tears threatening to escape your eyes. draco caressed the side of your face lovingly like your mouth wasn’t full of his dick.
your hand made its way to his aching balls, folding them, as you hollowed your cheeks, making draco moan loudly.
“fuck! you’re so good to me,” his mouth opened, however, there was no sound coming out of it. he felt his high coming quickly.
you released a hand from him, taking it up until you were feeling his abs, you could feel how his muscles flexed against your skin from the pleasure. he was cumming soon.
you grabbed one of draco’s hands and guided it down to your chest so he could feel your desperate breasts. he saw stars the moment his fingers tips came in contact with your hard nipple, he grabbed your tit roughly as his prick twitched uncontrollably.
before you knew it, your best friend’s cum was dripping down your throat, stuffing your mouth with his warm cum as he moaned loudly from the pleasure you gave him.
your tongue collected all of the remaining liquid. draco felt like he was dreaming, his kind, innocent best friend just sucked him off like a fucking goddess. even if he was dreaming, he would surely wank off to whatever this was in the future.
with his hands still on top of your breasts, you opened your mouth to show him that you had swallowed all of his cum. his eyes grew dark.
“oh merlin,” he sighed as he felt his dick hardened once more.
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hogfarts-only · 9 months ago
*during sex*
Slytherin: Hurt me.
Ravenclaw: In 1992, scientists discovered the loneliest creature on earth.
Slytherin: What
Ravenclaw: It’s a whale that has been calling for its mate for two decades. He communicates at a frequency not used by any other whales, and hasn’t received a response.
Slytherin: Stop
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