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This definitely could’ve been my April Fools moveset of the year, cause of the three Pokemon movesets I’ve made this is definitely the goofiest and least likely. But, eh, I didn’t have all the ideas together in time. Whoops.

Dracovish is a glass cannon rushdown character. It excels at charging in with strong ground and aerial movement speed, and an emphasis on getting in as close as often as possible and staying in to rack up damage and go for risky, early KOs. On the flipside though, Dracovish needs to get in to be effective, as with its stubby legs and dinky flippers, it doesn’t have much in the way of solid ranged options, and lacks many recovery options as well, suffering greatly when momentum shifts against it.

And, for fun, where most pokemon pop out of pokeballs for their intros, Dracovish instead pops out of Cara Liss’s fossil resurrection machine.

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Uh... Many of the fossil Pokémon seem to be riding on their own thanks to the dynamax dens. And they’re still Frankenstein like fusions, by the way. Btw, I recently caught a dracovish myself I named after palkia. If it’s fine, maybe you could help me out with some a DC ice for caring for my new pal?

It’s never good to hear about fossil Pokemon in the wild. That means they were illegally released and wouldn’t survive for long. I’m glad you were able to find Dracovish and take them in.

The most important thing about Dracovish is helping it being able to breathe on land– Araquanid are popular choices for this, to help them get a water bubble around their gills. However with training you can teach Dracovish to do this for themselves.

Dracovish are very active Pokemon, and surprisingly great when it comes to competitive battles. Even if you aren’t a battling trainer making sure it has plenty of chances to exercise and to use its moves is critical. As a dragon type it is both very social but wary of outsiders, so keep a close eye on them when introducing them to new Pokemon.

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i really love fossil pokemon! also wodnering do you ever help the fossils like meet modern day pokemon to help get use to the new world and help support them? (For Example using Araquanid bubbles to help Dracovish breath on land)

Outside of the hybrids, fossil Pokemon actually do very well and adapt easily. They’ve never known any other world, and the most important thing is making sure their trainers can meet their very specific needs. For the hybrids though there are plenty of examples:

We have used Arcanine to help keep Arctozolts warm at the facility I’m at. They loved to cuddle, and the Arctozolts loved a way to stay warm. Arcanine’s playful nature also helped to encourage the Arctozolts to move around and stay active and not just huddle down and shiver.

Arctovish do very well when paired with Seel or Dewgong. They’re social, playful, and smart Pokemon– meaning they can be easily trained to bring food to Arctovish’s mouths to help them eat. They do well in cold waters, their horns can break apart the ice, and the Seel line will be quick to alert their caretakers if Arctovish begins to struggle with breathing.

As you mentioned, there is Dracovish with Araquanids, but any Pokemon that is experienced with water manipulation (typically those with the Water Veil ability) can help Dracovish breath, and help teach them water manipulation for themselves.

And a bit of an opposite to your question, but Dracozolts actually make very good adoptive parents and can help incubate eggs. They have strong maternal instincts and aren’t picky about who they mother, making them great choices to help care for orphaned Pokemon.

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Tired: Dracovish is a horrible, sad abomination, depressed or raging at the world that allows its horrific, painful existence and craving the release of death
Wired: In defiance of all scientific reasoning and the will of Arceus, Dracovish is inexplicably healthy and optimistic about its situation. As a fish with FEETS, it explores an entire new world above the waters it once swam in with "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" on loop in its head.
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My Four Full Main Teams!!!

Sword 1:

  • Main: Cinderace, Corviknight, Appletun, Grimmsnarl, Toxtricity, Runerigus.
  • Rotation:  Dubwool, Dracovish, Indeedee.
  • Variation: Perrserker, Sirfetch’d, Galarian Darmanitan. 

Shield 1:

  • Main: Inteleon, Obstagoon, Centiskorch, Copperajah, Dracozolt, Falinks.
  • Rotation: Orbeetle, Eldegoss, Barraskewda, Polteageist, Eiscue.  
  • Variation: Galarian Rapidash. 

Sword 2:

  • Main: Rillaboom, Dragapult, Coalossal, Alcremie, Sandaconda, Arctovish.
  • Rotation: Boltund, Thievul, Stonjourner, Duraludon.
  • Variation: Galarian Weezing, Mr. Rime.

Shield 2:

  • Main: Cinderace, Drednaw, Flapple, Hatterene, Morpeko, Frosmoth. 
  • Rotation: Greedent, Arctozolt, Grapploct, Cramorant. 
  • Variation: Galarian Stunfisk, Cursola. 
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