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#drafts in the works
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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hxdruss · 5 months ago
how they fuck.
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS. sakusa, bokuto, matsukawa, kyōtani, iwaizumi, hanamaki, kageyama, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, yachi, kenma, kuroo, goshiki, aran, osamu.
UPDATE. i was recently informed that the account some of the videos are from has been suspended, which makes me really sad because that destroys the entire point of this post lmfao. but as of 7/27, iwaizumi, hanamaki, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, kenma’s second video, kuroo, and goshiki’s videos are still accessible!! sorry for the inconvenience :(
WARNINGS. smut. f!reader mainly but some can be gn! or m!reader. individual warnings for each video.
NOTE. i had these saved from my 600 follower event and wanted to do something with them, and then i saw something like this for mha and wanted to do my own for hq. i really hope all the links work or this is gonna be awkward bc i didnt check...
Tumblr media
literally just nsfw twitter vids with short drabbles.
sakusa hovering over you with his hand around your neck, slapping your cheeks as he degrades you and tells you how much of a fucking slut you are.
tw: one face slap. choking.
bokuto after being away for almost a month because of volleyball, telling you how much he needs you as he fucks the both of you into overstimulation.
tw: overstimulation probably. a bunch of cum.
matsukawa tying you up and overstimulating you until you’re crying, begging for him to put his thick cock in you already.
tw: gag. blindfold. bondage i guess.
kyoutani holding you down as he thrusts into you, telling you to never flirt with his teammates again because you belong to him, right before he pulls out and cums all over you to mark you as his.
tw: rough sex. blindfold. face slapping.
iwaizumi teaching you a lesson for teasing him all day, rubbing up against him in front of his friends, touching him and yourself after he repeatedly told you not to. he was going to make you regret testing him, but first, he’s going to fuck you dumb until not a single thought forms in your pretty little head.
tw: rough sex. manhandling. face and pussy slapping. fingering. squirting.
hanamaki letting you ride him to your heart’s content, admiring the sight before him as he tells you how beautiful you are as you cum around his cock for the nth time.
tw: soft sex. nothing really.
kageyama taking his post-game energy out on you as he pulls on your hair and massages your tits, hoping seeing you cum for the nth time will finally tire him out.
tw: a little hair pulling, that’s it though.
kageyama feeling his face turn red at the sound of you chuckling lowly, calling him a good boy as he cums, his release dripping down your breasts.
tw: tit fucking.
yamaguchi cumming after you pull your hands away, whining and whimpering at the smile that comes over your face at how fucked out he looks from your simple touches.
tw: handjob.
yamaguchi rubbing his cock against your cunt before slowly sliding into you, listening to you praise him as he tries to hold off from cumming too soon, knowing this reward of you allowing him to set the pace would only last so long.
tw: soft sex. nothing else i don’t think.
tsukishima slowly down when you get close, running his hands all over your body as he tells you how dirty you are for liking the way his hand hits your ass, only to praise you for taking what he gives you so well.
tw: a little hair pulling. one spank.
hinata fucking his hand to the thought of you, knowing he’d be punished for it later, but traveling for volleyball and being away from you for so long is really starting to take a toll on him, and he needs some sort of release sooner or later… you understand, right?
tw: male masturbation.
sugawara surprising you by giving you permission to ride him, telling you that you can set the pace for once, but he can only keep his promise for so long before he’s thrusting up into you, praising you for being so good for him as he fucks you into overstimulation.
tw: not rough but fast (?) LMFAO. a little spank at the end (not really though).
daichi not being able to keep his hands off you when he sees you cooking in the kitchen, bending you over the counter and fucking his cock into you, letting himself use your body until he can’t anymore.
tw: rough sex. some spanking.
daichi sending you a video while you’re away on a trip for work, showing you just how much he needs you knowing you can’t do anything about it but wait patiently, his strict rule of not touching yourself without permission ringing in the back of your mind as you rub your legs together.
tw: male masturbation. a fuck ton of cum.
yachi crying underneath you as you stuff her full of your strap, spanking her ass every once in a while just to hear her cute whines about it being too much, but you know deep down this is exactly what she wants.
tw: sex toys (a strap).
kenma letting you ride him because he knows how needy you are, but making you go slow so he can focus on his game, ignoring your pleads for more as he reminds you who’s in charge.
tw: nothing i don’t think.
kenma palming your tits as you let out little whimpers for more, trailing his hand down your stomach to rub your clit, telling you to ignore him and continue playing on your phone as he touches you teasingly.
tw: nothing.
kuroo making you face away from him, telling you if you make him cum that maybe, just maybe he’ll let you turn around and see his pretty face. he keeps his hand on your ass, slapping it when you slow down or get close to your orgasm, reminding you that you can’t cum until he does.
tw: mmm nothing again.
telling goshiki he can touch himself as much as he wants while you’re away at work, but he’s not allowed to cum or you’ll punish him. so he does as you say, pinching his sensitive nipples as he whines for more, hoping and praying this would be enough to satisfy him until you get home.
tw: use of toys (dildo).
goshiki humping his pillow until he gets close, whining and moaning as he fucks his hand and cums all over his stomach. he knows it’s not enough, it’s never enough, he needs you but you’re not here, so this is the best he’s going to get until you can take care of your poor little boy.
tw: male masturbation. pillow humping.
aran coming home from a game to see you touching yourself in his favorite pair of lingerie without his permission. he’s on you before you know it, quickly thrusting into you at the pace he wants, knowing it’s too much for you, but ultimately not caring—you disobeyed him, what did you expect?
tw: rough sex.
osamu holding you in his arms as you shake from the intense orgasm he just gave you before reminding you that you’re not done until he cums. he rubs his hands up and down your soft body, calming you down before he makes you ride him.
tw: rough sex. choking.
Tumblr media
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I've received some criticism for accepting commissioned posts, so I want to clarify
this blog & the content I produce is currently my only means of income
I'm saving to escape a toxic household
tumblr is notoriously difficult for content-creators to monetize
I accept ko-fi / paypal / commissions instead of reblogging 'sponsored' content (ads from fashion retailers or Adam & Eve) the way most blogs my size do. I don't want this space to feel impersonal; reader support allows me to avoid commercial advertising.
I'm doing my best. I've spent years putting in full-time hours on a blog that has only just started paying part-time wages. eventually I would like to make a living writing traditionally published content, but that's a long ways off. for now I'm just trying to get by, and trying to write fun and weird and (hopefully) surprisingly helpful content on the platform I have. please bear with me. I'm simply trying to turn an obsessive passionate hobby into something I can live (frugally) on.
#I'm a big fish in a small pond#but it turns out small ponds don't pay a living wage#which many of my fellow fish are unaware of#also...i reblog very few posts on my main#almost all the content you'll see on my blog is original#and there is a LOT of it#I enjoy this but I do bring a professional mindset to it#I work hard to stay organized. I have drafts folders and a regular schedule to help me keep on top of that and the inbox#I spend anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day on this blog#back when the inbox was open and I was constantly answering messages I averaged about 7 hours a day#it was INSANE#as my audience grows i am trying to find ways to interact in an authentic way while still maintaining a balance#and it's frustrating how much resentment i get for trying to make a living off of this#i see other larger blogs built on reposting other people's content that are thriving on sponsored posts#*side eyes certain best of twitter accounts*#and i just...i try to put in the hours and do original content and interact with people in a way that feels honest and meaningful to me#and then i receive backlash from people willing to ignore that there are plenty of larger blogs on the site#that were built specifically to be monetized and have successfully done so. and I just#sometimes it is so hard to be a person on this site#easy to be a meme account. but not a person#'you're just doing something anyone can do and most people do for free'#I'm doing something I enjoy that started as a hobby and that I am now trying to turn into something resembling a career#I don't think that is automatically unethical
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gayfrenchtoast · a month ago
There has to be a universe out there where Batman met superman, they did their hero thing, shook hands, a bit later Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent, neither of them has any idea who the other is until they shake hands and Brice immidately recognises the amazingly strong and just as amazingly careful handshake.
This is then proceed with Bruce giving Clark a look, smirking and then complimenting his handshake which Clark immidately takes as Bruce Wayne flirting with him which begins a downward spiral of Clark thinking everything Bruce does with him is flirting and not just Bruce trying to get close info about Superman. Clark dosent know what to do, complains to Lois who asks him if he dosent like the flirting which he surprises himself with a "I don't mind it" and then develops a crush on Bruce who dosent realise he's taking Clark Kent out on dates until the Keyptonian mentions that he's not used to the other person sweeping him up on dates. Bruce decides to roll with this as if it was his plan all along but uh oh! Now he's trying his best to take Clark on good dates and fucking dazzle him! Oh no Bruce has a crush on Clark Kent who he is pretty sure is superman.
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shinomiis · a month ago
hq boys as highschool crushes!
includes: atsumu miya, rintaro suna, kei tsukishima, keiji akaashi, testuro kuroo, shoyo hinata
warnings: none
notes: god i am down so bad for these drawings
part two
Tumblr media
ATSUMU!: the class clown who looks over to you after every joke he makes to make sure you’re laughing too, does that thing where he pushes his tongue to his cheek while smirking after.
SUNA!: that one kid that sits right beside you and does nothing but sleep during class. in those short moments that he is awake, however, he’s always making remarks about the teacher, making you silently giggle as he just gazes at you fondly. also the kid you accidentally end up playing ‘footsies’ with. you guys have a lifetime supply of inside jokes by the end of the year.
AKAASHI!: your english partner who doesn’t ever let you miss an annotation in the book. doesn’t even scold you for it either, just taps your shoulder and points to his page. during socratic seminars he’s looking at you straight in the eyes and when someone cuts over you he stops them, telling them off before focusing his eyes back onto you.
TSUKISHIMA!: that one table partner who doesn’t speak to anyone but you. he doesn’t even look at anyone else when they’re speaking, eyes focused on you. when you tease him about it he’ll say ‘you have something stuck in your teeth’ to throw you off.
KUROO!: he doesn’t need the notes, he already knows he’s going to ace the test. but if it means he’ll have an excuse to talk to you, he’s going to dumb himself down a bit. correction: a lot
HINATA!: he saves you a seat every single day with the brightest smile on his face as he pats your chair. refers to you guys as ‘best friends’ all the time, even if you’ve only just met.
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reptilian-rapscallion · a year ago
Tumblr media
The one where Logan reads Roman’s writing
This is my entry for terraviridi’s 2k DTIYS on instagram. Go check them out their art is AMAZING and I was really inspired by this piece. I really tried not to deviate too far from the original idea but I still ended up doing that anyway because I have no self control. But hey it has a book so close enough probably! :D
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sapnapnotfound · 2 months ago
Things that have no right being so endearing MCYT edition
Dream pronouncing wolf ‘woof’
Tommy doing the little chair wiggle thing when he’s excited
Quackity hyping everyone up all the time ever
Tubbo stimming
Tommy covering his eyes with his arm when he’s laughing/scared
When Tubbo’s talks about his special interests and everyone around him listens and partakes and :)))
When you can hear the smile in Ranboo’s voice
Ranboo’s Tubbo voice
Wilbur and George’s friendship
Karl making friends w literally any stranger in the Mr. Beast giveaway videos
Puffy’s ability to make any stream found family
Philza’s ‘ah!’ after a hiccup
Quackity and George’s friendship
Jack making an effort to make everything entertaining all the time like the time he literally called Tubbo bc he could see him and Tommy struggling on stream bc Tommy was having tech issues and Tubbo was awkward and shy so he called to entertain and I love him so much he deserves the world
Bad’s checking in on people when he’s afraid a bits going too far
Dream’s laugh
Ranboo’s “you’ve gotta be kidding me”
Niki Nihachu
When Tommy laughs and his eyebrows crease like he’s upset you know the one
Tommy bringing his feet up on his chair
When George sounds like he’s surprised by his own laughter
When sapnap goes to George first for like comfort when he’s jokingly upset in videos
Tommy’s love for Minecraft creatures
Sam and ponk having been friends for years and bringing that into the smp
Tubbo being okay w physical contact only when it’s Ranboo
Anytime Quackity is on ANY stream he still brings the same excited happy energy even when it is no benefit to himself
Wilbur being there for Tommy whenever he needs him
Tommy getting in dsmp vcs in the morning to wish people good morning and to have a good day :,((( /pos
Feel free to add more!! :,)
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lethal-desires · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When the omega he rescued goes into heat, triggering his own rut, Derek knew trouble had only begun. He walks toward the younger wolf, standing beneath the cold shower on weakened legs, masking his nose from taking in the alpha's scent. Derek takes a few steps back, fully intending to leave the house, so as not to cause the distressed young wolf anymore pain.
"Help me, please." feeble words escape the quivering lips, and Derek stops dead in his tracks.
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killuwut · a month ago
when they're sick w/ tokyo revengers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. mikey, kazutora, and chifuyu
cw: fluffy thats all
an. anon headcanon request about how annoying they are when they're sick
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ok listen. this man is a big baby. im sorry but invincible mikey??? not when he catches a cold.
- he can get wacked in the head over and over again and be fine but the second he gets a stuffy nose and a little bit of a headache its over for him ok.
- ur gonna have to literally wait on him hand and foot even more than you normally would. he was already a needy mf when he's healthy and this is literally a million times worse.
- is convinced that he's dying. "this is it. can't go on any further" -- "mikey you don't even have a fever" -- "yes I do" -- "ok"
- dont even try to play it down or tell him he's fine because ✋🏻he isn't listening to you
- uses this as an excuse to do whatever he wants. (lets be honest he already gets everything he wants)
- will sleep a lot though and demands you to be in the bed with him. straight up does not care if you have other responsibilities or if you're trying to not get sick yourself. he needs you in his bed immediately. and you have to be the big spoon this isn't up for debate
- if mikey is sick you can expect to be using whatever sick days you hopefully have saved up because no matter how mild of a cold he has his smug little ass just wants a free pass to hang out with you while you do everything for him
- lets not talk about if he's decided he's done with being sick though but his body absolutely hasn't decided that because then he'll get up as if nothing happened and just go about his daily life
- and then he gets even more sick because he overworked himself when he should have been resting and was too busy resting when he probably could have been working.
- "idk what ur talking about" he'll claim when you call him out on it.
- cycle repeats 😐
Tumblr media
- poor baby does not want you to know hes sick :(((
- he's like ?? please im fine rly its ok meanwhile he's suffering hardcore
- kaz is the type to try and pretend like he's fine until he rly can't anymore and when u catch on that he's not feeling the greatest and offer to take care of him he's like "omg pls help me ilysm please dont leave me"
- like he doesn't wanna seem needy or helpless on his own so it takes u noticing for him to be able to accept the defeat and surrender himself to you and the cold
- he's gonna feel bad bc he really doesn't wanna get you sick like "don't come any closer to me or else ur gonna get sick too and then what are we gonna do :("
- shush him and give him a kiss on the forehead pls reassure him that it's fine and you wanna help him
- watch out! he's gonna try and get up and help you do things. like kaz baby. no. the whole point is ur supposed to be resting?? more reassurance needed. put him back to bed and tell him ur here for him
- probably gonna need to frame it like "if u dont lay down and rest then ur gonna take longer to get better and im gonna have to take even more time off work to take care of you then"
- he'll be like !!!!! no !!!!! and will immediately tuck himself under the covers
- like mikey, give him lots of cuddles pls he needs it. maybe play with his hair and he'll probably shut up and fall asleep in seconds
- when he's feeling better its like it never happened. kazutora?? sick?? kazutora doesn't get and kazutora doesn't need no woman to take care of him 😡
Tumblr media
- ngl chifuyu is actually pretty capable of handling himself when he's sick
- but that doesn't mean he isn't gonna milk this as much as he can
- this sly mf is gonna try and craft the perfect sick day storyline straight out of a manga
- he's gonna try and pull off some weird sweetly romantic but kinda gross plot to rope you into because like ?? how could he pass up this opportunity?
- he'll put so much effort into trying to make things go a certain way that he wont even realizing how much sicker he's getting in the process
- shush him and tell him he's dumb and he'll probably furrow his brow at you and then realize "oh shit" he actually feels like shit :(
- poor fuyu will give up on his fantasy and curl up on the couch in defeat, moping until he falls asleep
- bonus points if he wakes up with a blanket and a glass of water beside him
- bonus bonus points if you're curled up at his feet- but not to close! he doesn't want you to get sick thats not a part of his plotting
- pls make him tea to soothe his throat he'll be so cute for you sitting curled up in a fluffy blanket watching ghibli movies with you as he sips on his lil mug of tea
- he wants you to stay over but doesn't know how to ask, so pls just assume that you're staying there no matter what he says
- pls don't tell baji he's sick. he is a tough boy. baji can't know >:( (hes also scared bc he knows baji is gonna force some gross cough medicine down his throat and laugh and he would much rather listen to your soft coos and praises while u give him spoonfuls of the best tasting stuff you could find ok)
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gaygorgon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
open mouth sobbing into my hands
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